Another Sheeple Wanders By

I'm grumpy today for various reasons so I'll let our gentle readers deal with this one.

I came here to see what all the fuss was about, and I have to say, I don't understand why everyone is SOOO anti Kate. I am married with four kids, and there are times that my husband and I are not at our best. We screw up, we are human. We get mad at each other and probably say things we shouldn't....EVERYBODY DOES. People will not cut her any slack and keep dredging up things from so long ago. She has admitted to being wrong about some things, and has tried to change (for example, she admits that fans used to irritate her, and now she realizes that she was being stupid, and appreciates what they do for her), but you won't let her. The bottom line is that people here assume they know her based on an EDITED TV show. I don't assume that tells me anything. What I can see with my own two eyes, so unfortunately, is Jon's bad behavior. THIS I believe. If people could stop hating for just a minute, it will make you feel better. Didn't anyone hear Mady say they like doing things with Mommy better? Kate loves those kids and has their best interests at heart. You might not agree with her, but they are HER children, and she needs to care for them as she sees fit. They sure don't look unhappy or neglected!!
7:13 AM