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Nov 21, Tabloids, Antics, Appearances, and other Diversions

The saga continues and continues and continues.

Kate + Kate + Kate

No, I don't know that's the name for her new show, but TLC is still talking about it.

TLC Confirms Kate Gosselin Gets New Show

Atlanta,GA 11/20/2009 06:43 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

TLC has confirmed Kate Gosselin has a new TV series. A spokesperson for the network said Thursday that Kate’s new show will launch in the spring of 2010.

Earlier this year TLC announced that Jon and Kate Plus 8, the reality show Kate shared with estranged husband Jon Gosselin, would be retitled Kate Plus 8 as Jon would no longer be appearing on the show. Jon halted production with a cease and desist order that banned TLC film crews from entering the Pennsylvania home he owns with Kate. TLC was eventually forced to end the show. They are now suing Jon, 32, for breach of contract.

TLC now denies Kate’s show is ‘Kate Plus 8.’ “Kate Plus 8 is not in production. We are focusing on the launch of Kate's new series in early spring,” said a network spokesperson.

It is unclear if Jon and Kate's 8 children will be featured on the show. Kate, 34, has not commented