Gymnastics & Baseball Recap

This recap is dedicated to Kate Gosselin’s New And Improved Breasts, without whom this episode clearly would not have been possible, given the level to which they were displayed. Well done, Ms. Gosselin! Yes, they sure are round and perky and plump, and we all noticed; how could we not? They’re a metaphor, actually, a temporary testament to what you’ve accomplished during this whole sorry debacle: spending money on frivolities for yourself that your children earned by being forced to have their childhoods broadcast for the entire planet to watch. By being forced to be a brand simply by virtue of their birth. A car commercial with cutesy names. A new brand of carpet cleaner in matching clothing. continue

Submitted by Laura Linger

Request to the Sheeple

I pulled this out of the other thread where it was out of place.

Thanks to my9cats.

Will a sheeple please take the time to write and explain the attraction of Kate, leaving out the tired stock phrases, "yer just jellus, a hater, she has 8 count 'em 8 kids, you should walk in her shoes. Blah blah blah." Take your time and THINK carefully before writing.