Kate: Her Story Recap

Thanks to a courageous volunteer, GoPoshGo, we now have an official recap!

The opening montage reminds us of the cuddles, chaos and frustrations we’ve witnessed the family face, including a clip of a beleaguered Kate on her knees moaning, “I’m so tired of dealing with poop.” [An ironic foreshadowing of the GWoPPers future battle cry?] The montage concludes with Kate and Jon on the interview couch; Kate, summing up the Hawaii trip: “We’ll always be together.” Her upward inflection at the end of the sentence should have set off bells and whistles in all of us at the time. A voiceover by Natalie Morales reveals the over-arching themes of the interview: “Always didn’t last forever;” “How did it go from love to lawsuits? And “how is she handling the most difficult time in her life with millions of Americans watching”???? continue

Submitted by GoPoshGo