Monday Oct 26 - You Ask, Kate Answers

60 minutes

Saturday Fun Time - Title the Book

I was thinking since Jon and Kate are both rumored to be writing tell all books wouldn't it be fun to try and guess what the titles might be? Here a a few of my guesses.

For example in the Non Fiction Section

My TRUTH....All the lies I have told by Kate Gosselin

My TRUTH....All the lies I have told by Jon Gosselin

Our TRUTH....All the lies we have told by Jon and Kate

The REAL TRUTH....and other Myths by TLC

You TRULY believed it was a documentary? Eileen O'neil

The TRUTH is in the lies of the Jon & Kate

In the Fiction Section:

The Simple the Gosselin Kids.

I could go on and on (and probably will) but I know you all want a chance to write the titles!

Submitted by konhasyoufooled. Thank you!