Butterflies & Water Rockets Recap

Welcome to another Zzzzzzzzzzzzepisode of Kate and Kate plus Kate!

The zzzzepisode starts out with Kate explaining that they had planned to take the kids on trips in small groups: Cara got to go skiing with Jon *cough and Deanna cough*, Mady got sent to San Diego spas with Kate, and the boy tups got dragged to Wyoming. Since school was about to start (wasn’t the school episode a few weeks ago? Say it with me people... continuity!) Kate thought she better hurry and get the girl tups on a trip, although she never seems to have a problem taking the twins out of school for various show tapings, I mean “life experiences.” Kate tells us that it’s not about where you go, it is the time you spend and invest. But this is Kate, so to “spend and invest time in her kids” it requires ignoring the five or six local butterfly exhibits and sanctuaries and making an 800 mile trip to Butterfly World in Florida. Thank goodness they didn’t make us watch them organize, pack and board the plane because this recap would be over. continue

Submitted by JenTru