About Those Truly Hazardous Doritos

I’ve been thinking about Kate’s first day on The View, and how proud she was that her kids don’t know what a Dorito is (insert rambling about Mommy, what are these triangular looking things?)

Oh, Kate. You’ve sheltered them from Doritos, but not papparazi, hurtful remarks to their father or cameras in the bathroom. I’m not going to take this opportunity to grill you about the divorce; you’re certainly not the first person to hash it out in public.

I just want you to take that Dorito comment and dare to expand your horizons. Think big. What if your kids could live in a world where they didn’t know what a stretch limo or a bodyguard was? Yes, I hear (but don’t see) your point: this is their normal, so let’s try some more attainable dreams.

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Are the Cameras Gone?

I just heard on Showbiz Tonight that they pulled the TLC cameras out of the Gosselin home today. I consider that a real success and cause for celebration. Now maybe if we go away and quit peering into the windows this family, they can work on their problems privately and redeem whatever is left of their children's childhood. I don't know how or why Jon came to his senses and pulled the plug on TLC, but I'm thankful he did.
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I'd heard a rumor earlier today that a moving van hauled all the production equipment from the house this morning. I hope it's true. Do you think that this is the end of filming the children?

Will TLC try a show with Kate alone?

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