October 5, Time to Organize

Kate has always had a love for organization, but with such a full schedule and a house full of kids, she's had less and less time to organize. With the guidance of an expert, Kate and the children attempt to give the basement some much needed order.

30 minutes

Kate Responds - Interview with Meredith Viera on Monday

Monday morning Kate keeps the drama alive as she is interviewed to respond to Jon's allegations.

How long will the American public care enough to let these two keep airing their dirty laundry? I haven't been watching it and won't be watching this one either.

How Jon and Kate Can Survive and Support the Children Without a TV Show

Since so many of the TV personalities can't see how on earth the Gosselins can support all those kids without exploiting them on TV, shall we tell them how it can be done? Do those commentators/talking heads think every family with eight or more children has a TV show or should automatically deserve one?

Production Halted Part 2

Jon stopped the filming of the children. Will it hold up?

Continuation of the previous thread. We were approaching Blogger's limit.