Life With a Sheeple

There have been a lot of comments on this site regarding Sheeple, especially a particular one with hilarious initials. But what came to my mind was their poor families. If some single chick wants to be Kate-ish then so be it -- only their co-workers will suffer.But the children and husbands of the sheeple... it must be torture. If you look up to someone on TV as a role model, then that means they are better than you at something. And when that someone is Kate Gosselin and that something is "being a wife & mother", ACK!! Do the sheeple use and neglect their children more than Kate? Do they treat their husbands worse than Kate does/did Jon?I wonder if they all make that Kate-eating-her-salad-talking-to-the-camera-ignoring-her-children face when their families interrupt JK+8?Anyone else want to speculate on Life With A Sheeple? LOL.

By CrazyK8. Thank you! The commenters are great today.

How to Be a Professional Manipulator

From Lauren:

I have been thinking about Kate and what she can do if she cannot find a talk show. I have come up with a way that she can have the attention she seeks from an audience and the money she needs to support her kids, and something that will keep her traveling! So I have come up with the idea that Kate can be a "Professional Manipulator" giving how-to speeches across the country!

Some of the things she can talk about are the following:
"The Art of Lying Effectively and How Not To Get Caught" Although she needs work on the latter part!
"Crying To Get What You Want"
"Berating and Belittling 101"
"Attention Seeking Behavior"
"The Use of a Good Coupon"
"How To Manipulate With a Wooden Spoon"
"How to Con Churches Out of Their Money"
"How to Brainwash The Sheeple Population Into Thinking That You Are a Christian"
"How To Dress Like a Fashionable Hooker"
"RoadKill Hairstyles"
"Sarcasm and Children: How To Do It Effectively"
"How to Scream at Annoying Fans Effectively So That They Do Not Bother You Again"
"Avoiding Tough Questions and How To Answer Them Without Answering Them!"
"How To Plan and Conceive A Multiple Birth"
"Grandparents, Family and Friends--When They Are No Longer Useful"
"The Love of Money-Put Your Priorities in Order"
"How To Use Words Not in the English Language to Your Advantage""
The Art Of Narcissism"
and "How To Get Everything Free"

My tiles are not as creative as some of the other posters could come up with--but you get the idea!!

Thank you, Lauren. I hope you don't mind we made your comment a post.

It's Saturday and slow. Have fun.

We haven't done one of these in awhile and it seems a slow Gosselin news day so enjoy. This one is from Anonymous - who else? This one can spell jealous correctly.

Jealous you all are, I say Hooray for Kate. Who would'nt like the money and I think the kid's are doing great, I bet if some of you had cameras following you around 24 7 you might try hiding some thing's in your closet. And Jon oh' ain't he just the little play boy now....NOT! She need's to take him through the wash, he needs to grow up and put his kid's first and stop acting like he's a teenager again. You get the feeling it's all about him, when he told one of the children oh' I'm on broadway steet, kate did'nt get pregnant by herself.When he does his part of the show you can tell he is not into it, and the fishing trip for his kids going through the cow pasture, boring!give me a break, it does'nt take a numb scull to catch a fish. You hooky wormy, casty line, catchy fishy and pully in, YUCK! Boy he's a real stud now.....But he also like's spending that money to as you can tell.