Kate's Upcoming Appearances

Kate's upcoming appearances:

Balance Expo 2009
Saturday, August 8th, 2009- Austin, Texas

Southern Women's Show
Friday, September 11 -Cleveland, OH
Thursday, September 17 - Charlotte, NC
Thursday, September 24 - Birmingham, AL
Friday, April 3 - Nashville, TN
Friday, April 24 - Raleigh, NC

The Women's Conference
Tuesday, October 27 - Long Beach, CA
No more churches. Looks like Sept. is going to be a busy month. Let's see who her bodyguard is.

Info from Ms Peach. Thanks!

September 21, Farm to Table

Kate takes the kids on a special trip to visit Henry, an Amish farmer and friend who has often supplied their family with fresh produce. After a satisfying and fresh organic meal together, it's time a family game night -- but will everyone play nicely?

30 minutes