Beach & Kitchen Reveal Recap

I must preface this recap of last night's episode by saying that this is the first J&K+8 episode I have watched since my last contribution to this site in March. When I told my (adult) children I was watching so I could write a recap, they both expressed amazement that the show was still on. "Aren't they getting a divorce?" Yes, they are, but they're still trying to keep the gravy train on track.

Kate starts off the episode by saying she is on her "stress relief beach vacation." I assume she says this so that we understand she is under a lot of stress what with she and Jon divorcing and she being a hard-working single mom and all. While she is de-stressing, Jon is 'supervising' the kitchen renovation in their new home. Really he just stands in the kitchen listening to the workmen for about thirty seconds. He tells us the kitchen was inadequate for ten people. Jon, count again. It's only nine. (continued)

Please give all thanks and credit to Moons in Leo who wrote the recap!