Beach & Kitchen Reveal, August 10

While Jon oversees the installation of new cabinets in the kitchen, Kate and the kids get into some fun in the sun at the beach. But soon enough, it's time to go home. Will the reveal of the new cabinets and kitchen meet Kate's expectations?

30 minutes

Renovations & Vacations Recap

After a brief hiatus to give the Gosselin family some time to regroup after the divorce announcement, or a break to give the editors a chance to try to make this disaster of a show a little less disastrous, which ever your take might be, it seems Jon and Kate plus Eight is picking right up where we left off. Fighting, freebies, and fame whoring, that’s the Gosselin way. continue

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Aug 8, Tabloids, Antics, Appearances, and other Diversions

Given the attention seeking behavior of late, who knows what they'll do next.

Kate Scheduled for Today Show, Monday, Aug 10

I'm wondering if Meredith Viera will ask Kate some tough questions or let Kate take over the interview as usual. Like, how could she tell Meredith back in April that their reality show was the most real on t.v. when she and Jon were separated at the time but the show was still showing the two as a loving couple?

What questions would you like Meredith to ask Kate?

Here's a few I would ask:

1. Kate, you and Jon say you do everything for your kids, Could you tell us how Jon's dating is benefitting your children?
2. You have said in the past that you would never have a nanny only a helper. How many "helpers" do you have and how many hours do they work per week?
3. Did you tell Jon back in October that the marriage was over and he could do as he pleased as long as he showed up for taping?
4.When did the show go from a way to capture family memories to a business?5.How much money have you and Jon made from the show, books, appearances, etc. and when will it be enough to support your family as you have probably made more money that most Americans will see in their lifetimes.
6.Why are you and Jon constantly on your cell phones when you should be paying attention to your children? Oh, I do see you trying to play with your children a bit more since the separation. Is that for show only? You never seemed to want to bother playing with them before.
7.Why the bodyguards? Are you afraid you might be abducted on your way to the Piggly Wiggly?
8.If you and Jon do everything for the children, why didn't you try to work things out? Since it's "all about the kids" don't you know the best thing for the children isn't $ and craziness but loving parents?
9. Why can everyone see that it's the $ that is the driving force behind the two of you wanting to continue the show and not the childrens needs but you two won't admit it? You've already made enough money to support your family a few times over.
10.How does an average family (there are a lot of large families out there earning a living and making it with as many or more children that you)end up with a McMansion, an apartment in N.Y. a perfectly good house they moved out of but haven't sold (why didn't Jon move back there?) and now a possible new place for your days off and pay for it all? It's crazy!

I have a feeling all of the interviews she does will just be to promote "Poor single mom Kate" and will just be full of fluff. What do you think? What questions would you ask Kate if you could?

Thanks to Twice as Nice.

Thoughts From Paul Petersen

Below are excerpts from an email sent from Paul Petersen to our reader BeckyQ. Mr. Petersen can be contacted at

This is an important topic, "The Principle of Disaffirmance," and it extends to all minors upon their arrival at the Age of Majority...unless the contract to be 'disaffirmed' is Court Approved.
At 17, LeeAnn Rimes tried to get a Texas court to re-examine the contract signed on her behalf and approved by a Texas Court when she was 12 years-old.
At stake was 7 million dollars of money earned by LeeAnn that had, effectively, gone into the pockets of her parents...specifically her father...who claimed to be managing her career.

This is so obviously flawed that you have to wonder who is profiting from a legal system that ensures parental theft.
The answer is as complex as the riddle of Family Law, which is underpinned by the discredited notion that parents would never cause harm to or exploit the children they bring into the world.
Here's something to read you will find chilling:
The simple fact is that children are at the mercy of the very people who should care most about their welfare. Our almost medievil view of children as chattels was based on the physical labor children could provide in an agrarian society, and their value as "providers" for their aging or infirm parents on the other side of life's journey.

To get back to your initial question as to whether a child may "disaffirm a contract" before they are adults in the eyes of the Law has no foundation. Children are presumed to be unable to provide Informed Consent or Denial due to their age. They are dependant upon the assumed rights of their parents. Yes, mechanisms exist to "rescue" a child living in horrible circumstances, but that depends on a vigilant and energetic Department of Social Services and/or policing authorities. Sadly, while every citizen of this country has a "Duty to Report" child abuse in all its forms, the simple reality is that all too often that "Duty" is observed in the breech. Formal complaints have been made in Pennsylvania, and the Department of Labor and Industry admits publicly that an "investigation is in process." Perhaps you and your pen pals in the blogosphere of "GWOP" might consider formally writing to the department just mentioned and insist that they pursue their investigation into the totality of production for the past five years. You have watched this show closely and can provide specific examples of your fears. We have to keep the heat on Pennsylvania.

Ask yourself, is there really any sympathy for the drug-addicted celebrities who appear on "Celebrity Rehab," or are people really saying to themselves, "How bad can it be? They're on television!?"

That's what famous kids have to deal with when they are discarded...and it is undeniably true that even our Courts can't see past their own noses when the plight of a famous child is brought to their attention in contractual matters such as Disaffirmance. Even Jackie Coogan, when he finally sued his own mother in an attempt to recover some of the $4 million dollars he'd earned as a child, had to deal with the underlying emotional reality of his time although his case was without blemish since the exploitation was so obvious and his parent's public pronouncements of guaranteeing their wonder-child's future so widely distributed...and that emotional environment was precisely the same then as it is in today's fundemental reality when a child challenges his own parents.
"How dare you question your own parents? They brought you into this world. The Bible itself says to Honor thy Mother and Father."
Is there a mother or father anywhere on earth who hasn't said, "If your friends told you to jump off a cliff would you do it?" Yet what is a child to do when Mom and Dad are the ones saying, "Jump?"

We must get people to see past the material things the Gosselins have acquired due to the sale of their 'management' of their children's lives. I believe that there isn't a house big enough, or a school superior enough, or a collection of possessions large enough to justify the loss of eight children's freedom and privacy. Since when are children called upon to provide their own food, clothing, shelter and education?

Let me answer my own question, Becky. The blunt fact is that children who find themselves in difficult situations have to rely on their Instinct to Survive...and it is only Survival itself that trumps that other great imperative, Becky...the biological imperative to Reproduce. Children have a very keen sense of being unloved and unwanted, of being a beast of burden rather than a blessing from beyond.

I fear there is little I can do to prevent the political exploitation by someone who should know better, Maria Schriver, who has now engaged Kate Gosselin to appear at the California woman's forum...for a price brokered by Kate's management team and accepted by political people who are hiding behind a mask of actually caring.