Famous Jabs From the Great Wife

Submitted by Rita TV

It seems to be obvious that Jon is a lazy, immature dude who is "excited about the next chapter in his life."
No doubt part of that excitement stems from not having to put up with The Wonder Nag 24/7. Despite Kate's efforts to paint herself as the victim and martyr in the breakdown of this marriage, the record shows Jon has taken quite a beating from his wife over the years. Aside from the regular jabs about his hair and weight, we've seen....

* "Where is my husband? Oh, he's absent, as usual."
* "The weird color hair ties are for home!!"
* "You're breathing too loud."
* "This (condescending clap) is how (condescending clap) we do it!" (have naptime)
* "You're either with me or against me"
* "Jon, stop playing with toys."
* "Jon, stop scratching."
* "Jon, please deal with your child. She's being ugly."
* "Don't grab the cereal like a rabid animal."
* "Don't ask questions, just do as I say."
* "Don't forget your prepositions."
* "Did you wash your hands??"
* "Don't call me your wife!" (Well, this problem is solved, now)
* "Are you just going to sit there with your arms crossed, like a ding-dong?"
* "Our life is not seasons!"
* "Did you hear what I said? Repeat back to me what I said."
* "Stop checking out your physique and help!!"
* "Do you even know your way around a kitchen?"
* "Would you stop interrupting me? Geez, by now you think you'd learn."
*(to the kids) "Don't listen to Daddy. He's mean." "Don't let Daddy ruin your day."
* (to a babysitter) "Ignore what [Jon] said. This is what I want you to do."
* And of course, CouponGate: ""I'm gonna shoot him! You're not buying anything anymore! This is annoying; beyond annoying! Where's the receipt? What is the rule about receipts? You're gonna go back to the store this afternoon!"

It is always puzzling to hear Kate correct Jon's speech, when she has given us such gems as...

* "dustilies" (glitter)
* "p-people" (paparazzi)
* "shribbled"
* ”flufferated” "Big Bird was all flufferated to see us"
*“culturize” “ We like to culturize our kids."

Then of course, there are these simple sentences...

* “Oh that is dreadfully dreadful.”
* “The new house is going to be hugely better for the kids.”“Do not come into this room, on penalty of severeness.”

Is there editing? There has to be some, or it wouldn't be a TV show. But did unfair editing "make" her appear this way ? Kate has repeatedly said that the show is accurate and that what we see is how things are. Also, one has to wonder: If a person acts a certain way when the cameras are on, how do they act when the cameras are off?
Jon, man up and get a job and an apartment closer to your kids. But, dude, enjoy the silence. ______________________________________________________________________While Jon is obviously not taking our advice at this time, we wonder if he has given any thought to the things he might have said that contributed to the present situation. Have you? Readers, can you think of things Jon has said that were disrespectful to Kate or the children, words he made up, sentences that made you say, “What?” Feel free to write them here as you are commenting on this post.