Catching Kate's Lies

I love all the posts... was thinking of starting list type thing with you guys...catching kates lies.

I'll start:lie:.."we tried for ONE more"... (on the old opening credits and in several interviews)

fact: manipulated the docs and therefore got pregnant with 7 (did she even need fertility treatments to begin with? that young? really???)... after telling a friend that she hoped for 'maybe 4 this time' (radaronline)

lie:they had always done home videos, but with 6 new babies, wouldnt have time, so TLC picked up the idea and she only wants to do it to 'capture their childhoods' (on their specials and stated in the begining of their show)

fact: she shopped home videos to networks trying to sell the show idea before the kids were even born. they are a scripted or planned show, the show as it airs is not their reality. its created. (um. obvious. and stated in articles across the web)

lie: they cant escape the incessant p-people (stated several times to several outlets)

fact:1)they make things called shrubs. plant them along the fence line. 2)dont plant the white plastic thrown in the driveway; theres acres and acres of YOUR land behind your house... isnt that part of the reason you... er.. your kids bought that house????3)dont dress like an attention wh*re out and about in town... learn to 'blend in'_______________what have you guys got to add?

I know there are thousands more... begging to be written....

By anotherthing