Celebrity Scales

"The decision to move forward with filming the Gosselin’s separation process is undeniably an exploitation of a family’s deterioration for financial gain. Many will chalk this scenario up to the whims of a free market. While Jon and Kate’s exhibitionist tendencies may give them the resolve to endure this type of exposure, their motivation to keep their children at the center of the public malaise is highly suspect. These are children who will be experiencing one of the most emotionally vulnerable periods of their lives in front of a camera simply to continue satisfying their parent’s personal and material desires. Doesn’t it seem odd that any parent would justify this form of invasiveness as a character building exercise or positive life learning experience for their young ones? That the show is the Gosselin’s primary source of income is also a feeble excuse for these actions. Just like many other devoted parents do, there are multiple ways to support a family without resorting to such crass forms of exhibitionism."

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The First Ten Years Recap... kinda

I wasn’t originally slated to recap this episode. Our recapper had a last minute schedule change and it was just not possible for her to write it this week. So I stepped in. The episode was a re-airing of scenes of the previous 100 episodes, including interviews with Jon and Kate done easily a year or more ago. After viewing the episode, it was obvious this episode was beyond recapping. Instead, I offer our readers this, an open letter to TLC, Jon, and Kate. continue