The State of Jon and Kate's Marriage

Where did it all go wrong? Jon and Kate Gosselin have filed for divorce. Was it her bitchiness? Was it his lack of enthusiasm? Was it the pressure of raising 8 kids in the spotlight? Or was it the media?

The transformation of frumpy Kate to media darling (or limelight hog) was a TV gem to millions of reality viewers. Here was a woman who could balance writing books, interviews, and finding time to reinvent herself... all the while being a caring and giving Mom to a pack of cute, but sometimes hard to distinguish between, children. She wasn't mean, she was firm. She made the reverse mullet hairdo the craze for the woman who could do it all. Except keep her husband.

The tabloids tore Jon apart. Lazy, bored and a roving eye. He was just not that into the concept of the show anymore. He was having an affair. But it was all too much for him, living in the fishbowl called media spotlight.

Now when it comes to the Gosselin Circus... don't cry for me Argentina! These people brought it onto themselves. They became media hogs who happened to have signed on the dotted line. Egos? Maybe! A quick buck? Maybe! Caught up in their own media hype? Definitely.

I was shocked when I saw all the people lining up to meet Kate at a recent home show. TLC and the Jon & Kate + 8 producers did an A+ job in selling this woman as an everyMom. While fans fawned.. I asked... where were the kids on this tour? With Jon? With show wranglers? What is she selling in these books? How to be a good mother while out on a national book tour? Was she just trying to imitate Bonnie Hunt (while Jon was playing the Steve Martin role) from the Cheaper By The Dozen remake? To me there was a certain uncertainty about a woman who could hawk books about the hardship in the day to day rearing of 8 kids all the while not being at home rearing 8 kids.

Is the show over? Not at 5 million viewers a week, it's not over by any means right now says the TLC Channel. When you find a money maker on cable TV, you milk that golden cow until its udders fall off.

I just hope that Kate's next partner will be accepted just as quick and as favorably as Kelly Ripa was when Regis divorced Kathy Lee during the run of their hit show.

As for Jon, if the show survives with him on it, it won't be from his popularity. The show's train wreck success comes from Kate's trademark whining. But dear Jon, look at it this way... Lucy didn't need Desi to appear in any of her post divorce/post I Love Lucy series either.

And yes.. let's say it in unison... At this point... It's time to look out for the kids' welfare! But really.. wasn't any concern for them thrown out the window when they were made pawns by being raised in this media circus? Quiet! It's interview time!

Reality TV gets real with the divorce of Jon and Kate... now can we watch how divorce lawyers make money milking the system? Wait! This series may just be informational (and do some good) after all.

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~ MJ Ferruzza

Divorce News Part Two

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