Divorce News

I concede defeat. Honestly this is not a post I thought I'd ever make. Now it looks like it will have to join the tabloids as a weekly topic.

Should Jon and Kate Have Aired the Breakup on TV

I had mixed feelings about a couple announcing their divorce on national TV before it aired. Now that I've seen clips of it and read comments for four hours last night, I'm pretty sure it was a very bad idea. There it is for the parents' relatives and friends to see and for them and the court to review at any time.

Then there are the children whose friends have already seen the disintegration of their family and now will know and have seen more than most kids should know about their own parents' divorce. TLC IMO should have had the decency to start the hiatus before this episode and instead wanted one more ratings grab. At least TLC is putting the show on hiatus. Story from US Weekly. The LA Times link within that story has info on piecing the episodes together.

I was surprised this morning to see that Kevin and Jodi had spoken out.

What do our readers think? Should Jon and Kate have known better than to feed the ratings? Are they as fascinated by the ratings as TLC? Was TLC ghoulish to actually announce the divorce as part of an episode?

Someone asked why I had mixed feelings. Before the episode aired, there was a chance that they could have made the announcement with some class. As in the last two minutes say we sadly must let you know that we are undergoing difficulties and will be separating. We appreciate your kind thoughts and ask that you respect our and our children's privacy at this time. The standard Hollywood comment. They didn't go that way.