Bikes & Trikes Recap

On this completely real, not at all staged or poorly acted episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8, Jon and Kate are given bikes by the nice guys at Orange County Choppers. Ignore the fact that you already were told that Jon was paying for his bike in the American Chopper episode that aired five days before this. Or that you already read about here or saw this entire episode if you watched the American Chopper episode when it first aired or the repeat right before this episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8. Tonight’s special guest stars are Paul Senior, Paul Junior, and Mikey Teutul from TLC’s American Chopper. continue

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Kate has made the entertainment news again.

Kate was caught by the paps punishing Leah. Several shows have run with it tonight.

We realize that this topic is pushing many people's buttons but we aren't here for a referendum on spanking vs non-spanking. Please keep the comments related to this particular incident or the Gosselins' discipline methods. Thanks!

Too Bad the Gosselins Don't Live in California

LOS ANGELES — California authorities slapped an online site today with four child-labor law violations for videotaping two of Nadya Suleman's octuplets without safeguards to protect their health and welfare.

State Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet said RadarOnline endangered the newborns, Noah and Isaiah Suleman, by failing to get required state permits, videotaping the infants at hours and for periods of time banned by regulations, and for failing to provide a monitor to watch over them during taping sessions.

"These babies were put at risk and exposed to conditions that violated California labor laws," Bradstreet said about the ongoing investigation. "In this case, we are dealing with premature babies."

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