Kate Sells Pictures of Her Kids

Are the kids going to have pictures from their childhood that mama sold come back to haunt them?
Thanks to Seth Poppel of Yearbook Library for the pictures, and to US Weekly and Extra TV for letting us have a "sneak preview" for our readers. You can see more in US Weekly tomorrow or Extra TV website (extratv.warnerbros.com).

Sun, Seashells, and Scrapes Recap

This recap is brought to you by the letter “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….”

So, that’s it for the drama? Are things really back to normal? Just. Like. That?

A mere one week removed from a teary-eyed, soul-baring, hour-long confessional, our favorite manufactured family returned to a calmer place, much to the chagrin of everyone who just extended their subscriptions to US Weekly.

Recapped by The Professor. Check out his blog for other funny finds. The Professor

Kate's Birthday Surprise Recap

Kate’s Konkokted Kake

You will need...

One TLC crew to make arrangements

Eight kids to pretend this is real

A husband out of town

Bakery who works for the same network

Diva to passive aggressively complain about freebie

Toss all together and film, edit, and manipulate footage into a trite 30 minutes

This week we see Kate’s birthday, March 28. This was supposedly before they even decided if there was going to be a 5th season. Good thing they went ahead and taped, just in case! This was also a month ahead of the 100 tabloid reports, affair accusations, and Kate’s wounded bird publicity tour to throw Jon under the bus. So... just your typical reality!

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Still in the Tabloids

This week's US Weekly online teaser and on last night's episode.

National Enquirer teaser.

Matt Lauer Speaks Out On Today Show

The video is here.