A spot for press about the 5/25 episode

Interesting report from Philly.

Julie writes about tomorrow on the Early Show.

Radaronline continues.

Philly Inquirer.

More radaronline.

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Recap - Turning Five and the Future!

Paparazzi and Birthdays and Confessons, Oh My.
Welcome to the season premiere recap of Kate and Kate plus Kate, introducing the newest stars of the show…the paparazzi! And there’s a new intro! A montage of the kids’ pictures, including shots of the kids at the birthday party, Mady getting braces, Kate running through a field with the kids, Jonless, and ending with a Brady Bunch-esque shot of all of them in their own little squares, Jon and Kate at opposite corners. The only shot with both of them is a forced looking posed one and the parachute picture from last season. My guess is the production people threw this together at the last minute knowing that the original intro they had filmed would have to be scrapped once the divorce papers are filed.

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