Free Discussion 5/16 - 5/22

Please use this post for discussion about the Gosselins that doesn't have a better spot elsewhere. This is where all those I don't know where to post it comments go also. Thank you.

From the peanut gallery ...

This week's post intended to educate was provided earlier in the week.

If I had a million to bet I would that if TLC or any other network approached any of you that are on here bashing Jon and Kate (btw I am not a high fan of the show) and offered you the same oppurtunity at least 80% of you would take it. Until you have walked in there shoes and lived there life - how dare any of you to judge them. Believe me if we could see into half of your lives people would be saying things about what you do to. It is human nature but to take it to the level that all of you have taken it too is crazy. Also, Christian's are not perfect they even lie - we all sin - but that does not mean that they are not doing what they feel in the themselves to be correct. There are alot of people doing alot worse to kids out here in the world physically abusing them, molesting them, homeless kids etc. Let's try putting the focus on those children, they are the one's who really need the attention.