Taking A Moment To Talk About The Kids

We received this post by e-mail from a 15 year old young lady who thought we should share a teen point-of-view. We agree.

With all of this attention on Jon and Kate and their marriage, I can’t help but wonder what their kids, especially Cara and Mady are going through. I could only imagine what pain and heartache they are enduring. I’m sure it is an awkward feeling for them to be walking into school, having all of your classmates know about your parents personal life. At my school I am known as the “Jon and Kate plus 8 freak.” Everyday I am asked about how I feel about the controversy regarding Jon and Kate. My response is always “I don’t care what happens to them, but I truly care about what will happen to their children.” I sit at home many days thinking what Mady and Cara are going through. Their parents need for fame and greed has truly ruined their lives. I also think about the sextuplets who recently turned five. What do they know? How have their lives changed? I know at the beginning Jon and Kate’s sole priorities were their children, but it has dramatically changed to money. With a few stupid and selfish decisions, Jon and Kate have ruined their and their children’s lives. I wish Cara, Mady, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel the best, and that one day they can live without cameras pointing in their face and with two dedicated and loving parents.

~From a teen’s point of view

Jodi and Kevin with Radaronline

Here is the video. A second video was added Thursday. A third segment has been posted. Part four is now up.

And here is the transcript of Radaronline video: Jon and Kate - Marriage in Shambles

[The clip is obviously several short segments from a longer interview. Ellipses in the transcript (…) indicate pauses in speech, not words left out of the transcription from the video.]

Kevin: Six months ago, um, Kate came to Jon and said, you know, "Hey, it's over." And I don't think typically I would say this, but they're showing America that it's a thriving family and it's not what they're living. Back when we used to be around when they were filming, they would fight so incredibly much that the film crew would have a hard time getting fifteen minutes worth of decent footage out of eight hours of filming. It's really…it was horrible. It…some of the production crew came to us and said how they had, like, moral problems with how they acted and…

Jodi interjects: …what they were filming…

Kevin: …what they were filming, yeah, with the kids.

Jodi: Jon is making some poor choices right now, but all the attention - all the media attention - is going to him when Jon has told us that he feels that Kate is also (whispers) a cheater.

Kevin: Jon came to our door one day and told Jodi that he suspects it's Steve the bodyguard, and he feels that he's getting the bad rap but he feels that Kate's not being faithful either.

Kevin: Although Jon has made some poor choices recently, he has talked to us about how he suspects that Kate has been unfaithful. Um, it's a horrible thing to talk about, but it paints the, uh, it just paints how bad and how different reality is from the reality show.

Kevin: Kate and Jon, I just urge you to focus on what is most important. Please, do not trade your family and your marriage for fame and fortune.

Kevin and Jodi talk to Star

A lot of viewers and readers have wondered where Aunt Jodi is or what she has to say about all of the recent news. She and Uncle Kevin have opened up to Star. The full article isn't up yet, but here is the teaser.

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