Sometimes it's the little things in life that mean the most. Free trips or matching clothes kept spotlessly clean shouldn't be that important. Grubby hands and little voices can be perfect reminders of the simple things that matter.


Thank you to mommyo3 for stating it so eloquently.

Some People Will Believe Anything

I rejected this one earlier today but was asked to go ahead and make it a discussion point. We could call it a glimpse into the mind of a follower. She thinks Kate stays home, Jon works, that we're all Christians, etc. It would interesting to know how often she actually watches the show.

For the record since some of you obviously dont know...Kate and John both had real jobs before and John still does. She is a stay at home mom for the obvious reason that putting that many kids in day care would be ridiculous. John makes very good money as a computer it guy...and kate can go back to nursing at any time...You should know your facts before you judge other people have nothing better to do with your time then to harass this poor couple who started the show to simply inform people of what it is like to have multiples...the offer was brought to them...they didnt go searching for it like others (ie..octomom). I'm sure most of you think you are good christians...yet you are spreading hate and gossip...GUESS what...thats a sin...