The Kids Need Some Fun

We all know this show isn't going to die any time soon. No matter what, Kate's going to keep churning out episodes. TLC will just use more carefully crafted shots and interviews to keep up the pretense. The kids will be forced into fake situations for another season. With that in mind, in seasons past it's been obvious the trips and activities weren't always planned with all of the children in mind. So what would you like to see the kids do?

Here's my suggestion to TLC. How about the family goes to Twins Days in Ohio? Every summer there's a town called Twinsburg that holds a Twins Days festival for a weekend. All multiples and their families are welcome, but it's mostly twins in attendance. How great would that be for Cara and Mady? I'm sure they would love it. There's a parade, contests, and activities to celebrate being a twin. Hundreds of sets of twins for Mady and Cara to get to know! A special event to celebrate being a twin sounds exactly like something the twins could use in their lives. And hey, maybe TLC could have all of their families attend, they all have twins at the very least. It could be a TLC twins reunion.

What suggestions do you have? If this show is going to continue, and you know it is, it might as well be something all the kids can enjoy. Besides the obvious no more filming or no more Jon and Kate, let's hear your ideas. The kids have been thru a lot, and look to be facing more chaos and stress. I know we could come up with some ideas to give them at least a few hours of escape.