Guess Who Had Birthdays?

Happy Birthday Kate (March 28) and Jon (April 1)! We don't know what you did to celebrate, but we would love to know what you got for birthday presents! What do you get for the couple who has everything? Did they top the trip to Hawaii with a trip to Korea?

Do any of you have any great ideas for birthday presents for Jon and Kate?

They Used to Look Happy!

This family is breaking my heart! The show and their lives have seemingly become this huge money making monster. The early episodes were so heartwarming. I have no doubt in my mind that they were exhausted at the end of the day. Kate having to deal with the children, the house, and all that goes along with that. Jon having worked all day and having to come home to a busy household at night. I am also sure finances were tight.

But they seemed to enjoy and love their life in a very real way-despite the fact they had money worries and they were beat at the end of the day. I get how wonderful it must have been when they were first offered all expense paid trips to Disney and Utah and the tummy tuck and Jon's hair replacement. I thought it was sweet when a local hair salon offered free haircuts to the children for a year.

It has now snow balled into such a different animal. Their lives have become this money making machine and it is so sad to me. Even Kate's whole way of talking about their lives is now different. I have a very financially secure life with my husband and 3 kids. We pay a big price for that. My husband’s job can be all consuming at times and we get very little family time. I would toss anything out the door for the days when our kids were small and money was tight... because in some ways those were happier days. We had family time. We were lucky to take our kids to a local amusement park once every other year. We went for long walks,went to the park and out for ice-cream. We would search drawers and pockets for enough money to get a pizza delivered once a month. I love those memories!

Some times the money and success are just not worth it. I pray Jon and Kate re-watch the early episodes and see how the new ones compare. The big house is not going to bring true happiness and the obnoxious "celebrity" status and attitudes are very unbecoming to say the least. Look at what your lives and especially the lives of your kids have become. Please remember the simple, more real pleasures of being a loving family. Stop looking to bleed every money making opportunity that is out there and expecting TLC or whomever to negotiate all the free stuff you can get.

Kate, you look more fit, tan, and your clothing is lovely, as is the house. Sadly, you have such sadness in your eyes. You look rather pleased and dare I say smug with all of your new found celebrity and all that it gives you. Look at all you have lost! Please stop it before it is to late. Enjoy those wonderful children you and your husband have been blessed with. Life is too short! I really wish you and your family the best.

Submitted by Dino3