How Was Your Sunday?

I bet you all had a fabulous day on Sunday, whether you chose to take your children to the park, visit with friends, cook some meals for the week ahead, try out a new recipe, or decided to be lazy and just chill at home with your family or with your pets.

Soooo....who is jealous of Kate? What was her day?

Was she away from the family on some business deal fighting airport delays and taxis? Was she with the family, perhaps minus Jon, just the kids and a nanny. Did she encourage the kids to finish eating lunch because she was going to play kickball with them out in the backyard when they were done?

Well we know how much she enjoys the children, so was she in bed with a headache, reading through the various blogs to see how much she is disliked? Trying to nap, but the sound of fighting and discontent giving her no peace. Yes, I really envy that. If Jon was there, did they spend a frosty day avoiding each other? What peace would they have after the multi reported rumors and gossip about his recent behavior? Was it a knockdown drag-out, or just not speaking to each other? Does he sleep in the garage apt, or still at his mom's? I am not voting for make-up sex at this point.

Did she feel bad that she didn't go for a walk with the children and the dogs (if they are still there) or did she resent the fact that any of the nuisances are there. If the dogs are still around, did Kate seek them out to give them an affectionate belly rub? Or scratch behind their ears before slipping them a doggy treat or two? Or instead did she dress as lady of the manor for her day on the laptop?

Did her phone ring with Beth and Jodi calling, eager to share some funny stories, or maybe one of her sisters to find out how her week was. More likely she was chewing out Julie May or TLC. Did she check her messages on Facebook or Hotmail and find funny messages from long lost buddies from nursing school or high school, or did she find hateful emails from viewers or idiotic sheeple postings on her lonely 6 Gosselin site.

Did she go to church or even think about updating her long lost scriptures on her site? Did any of those scriptures cross her mind at any point today, or this week? Did she encourage the older girls to help with their siblings, and then did she take Mady and Cara aside, and whisper to them conspiratorially, "Thanks for helping out today. I rented your favorite movie... as soon as your brothers and sisters go to bed, we'll pop some popcorn and you can watch it alone with just me and Dad."? Did she bathe the children, read them a favorite story and tuck them in bed with a kiss. Did she sneak in to watch their angelic faces as they slept? Or did she let the nanny have the chore and take to bed with a glass of wine to finagle, finagle.

Tomorrow morning when she wakes up, will Jon bring her the very difficult to make cup of coffee, or is that the housekeeper's job these days? So, no, I am not jealous of the lonely and difficult Ms. Gosselin. A bigger house must seem a lot emptier.

So tell us readers, how was your Sunday?