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If you have read the Jon and Kate article that appeared in the March 2009 issue of Philadelphia Magazine (see our blog entry here), please take a few moments to send your thoughts to the editor at: mail@phillymag.com.

By the way, six weeks ago when we first announced that this article was in the works, its author (Jessica Remo) heard from Laurie Goldberg - Senior VP of Communications for TLC. Goldberg's contribution? Before the article was even written, she labelled Jessica "unethical". I guess that's not surprising, coming from a network participating shamelessly in the Gosselin train wreck: it's OK to exploit children but unethical to expose it.

But hey, Laurie first got wind of the article by reading right here at GWoP, so we can always hope she'll keep reading and maybe grow a conscience one of these days.

Show Biz: Jon + Kate + 8 = $$$

As mentioned in this blog entry, here is the article. Many sincere thanks to those of you who assisted with the article by agreeing to provide Jessica with information.

Philadelphia Magazine, March 2009
Show Biz: Jon + Kate + 8 = $$$
By Jessica Remo

IT'S A CHILLY Saturday at the First Assembly of God church in upstate Marcy, New York, but the commotion seems more like Christmas morning. And from the looks of it, the turnout is better. Jon and Kate Gosselin, the darlings of Jon & Kate Plus 8 — the TLC reality show chronicling their lives raising a set of twins and sextuplets — aren’t scheduled to appear for another hour, but the parking lot is already packed.

The crowd is more than 500 strong: silver-haired matrons, stroller-pushing moms, college girls in sweatshirts, kids in tees emblazoned with photos of the Gosselins, the occasional unlucky boyfriend or husband, dragging his feet like it’s the first day of school. Many have traveled for hours, paying $10 to snap a fuzzy picture, get an autograph, and adore America’s Favorite Parents in person; many will buy up Jon and Kate’s best-selling book, Multiple Blessings: Surviving to Thriving With Twins and Sextuplets, from an impromptu Barnes & Noble kiosk.

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