Letter Writing and Boycotts

Per this comment by reader beachluvin, we have established a GWOP snail mail address:

P.O. Box 16222
St. Louis, MO 63105

The idea is for GWoP to consolidate all letters written to a particular sponsor into one envelope and send it to the sponsor via registered mail. This may have more of an impact and be less likely to be dismissed as one or two isolated complaints. It also gives each individual the advantage of being able to send multiple letters for the price of one, and to have that letter arrive via registered mail.

If you would like to participate, please take a moment to review these guidelines:

1. No swearing or name calling. Don't use nicknames such as Kon, Keight, Jane, etc.

2. Please use blue or black ink and write legibly or use a printer. Use clean white paper.

3. Include at least your [real] first name and city/state. A last name, street address, and/or phone number would all help with credibility but are not required. No screen names, please.

4. Do not ramble on with various complaints about specific incidents seen on the show or details regarding Jon and Kate. Discuss your concerns about child exploitation and the lack of laws regulating children in reality shows. Stick to points such as the lack of regulated working hours, the lack of regulated working conditions, the lack of protection of the children's income or even guaranteeing that they receive an income, etc.

We can't legislate compassion, patience, or kindness so it's not relevant to complain about Jon and Kate's crappy parenting except in the area of exploiting their children.

5. Be specific about what you are asking the sponsor to do or stop doing, and what type of boycott you will follow if your request is ignored.

6. Be courteous and professional, use a salutation (ex. Dear xxxxxx), and close it with "Sincerely" (for example) and your signature. PROOFREAD!

7. Include the sponsor's name and address on each letter, bundle the letters together in a single envelope, and send it to the address above.

8. Letters which fall out of these guidelines or are otherwise inappropriate will not be forwarded, nor can they be returned to the original author.

9. Any letter received by GWoP may be reproduced here (anonymously unless you give permission to credit you) as examples to be used by others.

Feel free to use this thread to swap information about which sponsors to write, names and addresses to address them to, things to say, etc.

Glamorizing of Large Families and their Exploitation

Here is the article.

It all seems very "Brady-Bunch" sweet, but just one problem: Kate can be a raving she-devil. Obsessive and neurotic, the woman constantly talks down to poor Jon as if he were one of the kids and berates him over the most minor of issues. (In a recent episode, she launched into a lengthy tirade after he failed to use a coupon while buying a shower nozzle.)

Ah, there’s nothing like exploiting the media, and your kids, when it suits your needs.