The Big Move, Monday, February 2

After lots of planning and preparation, the Gosselin clan finally packs up and moves to a more spacious home. Jon and Kate say goodbye to the house where their children spent most of their young lives, and the family embarks on a new chapter of life.

30 minutes

The End of Reality For This Show

Sent via email from ConfusedViewer.

I originally became enamored with "Jon & Kate Plus 8" because it was your standard American-miracle-meets-tragedy story. Here was this hard-working middle class family that simply wanted to conceive a third baby. They got 6. The miracle, clearly, was conceiving and delivering 6 completely normal, healthy, adorable babies. The tragedy was the fact that supporting that family both financially and emotionally (and physically) was such a task that it became worthy of a reality show. I loved watching the amount of work and planning that went into one day of raising 8 little kids. Everything about it was mind boggling, from that table with the 6 highchairs built in, to the laundry, and the never-ending grocery shopping.

I wondered if each kid got any personal attention from either parent. How did they buy all those carseats? Carseats can run a few hundred dollars each. Clearly, no middle-class family in America today could support such a brood. I think we all understood how the reality show made sense, as well as we smiled watching the family go from broke back to a tightly-budgeted middle-income household. No one deserves to be poor, let alone innocent little kids, but cutting coupons and having 3 kids per bedroom was part of what comes with a large family, and Jon & Kate should have been greatful to make it that far on the assistance and generosity of others. Their needs were back to being met, and we as viewers loved to watch and marvel at their day-to-day struggles and accomplishments.

However, I no longer understand the reality show. They are no longer a normal family. There is nothing more to watch that is endearing or proof that there is still philanthropy in America. Now Jon & Kate are wealthy. It is proof of American Greed...they should be on that show! We watch them tinker around their mansion, and send their twins to private school. They have luxuries that no middle-class family with even just one kid has...tummy tucks, white teeth, perfectly coiffed and newly-transplanted hair. So what is this story about now? Their lives are easier than many well-to-do families have it with 2 kids. The struggle is over. They have had more extravagent vacations in one year than my husband and I have taken (or could afford to take), and my husband works 60 hours per week in Manhattan for one of the biggest banks in the country and I am a marketing manager.

I am not jealous. I don't want 2 sets of multiples nor do I want to profit off of private tragedy or personal miracles. But I do think that this show and TLC's choice in airing what it has become is in poor taste in a country that is ailing as badly as ours. There are many people out there who are well-educated, who work hour after hour, and cannot provide even half of what Jon & Kate do for their children. We are busy paying for the greed that has slipped through the fingers of our justice system. Let's not have Jon & Kate's hoax of a show be the icing on a rotten cake. It's time that we all unite to instill values back in our society. We need to fight hard for accountability, modesty and good hearts. Take Jon & Kate off the air, please.