Mady is only living what she has learned.

There has always been a buzz about the behavior of Mady Gosselin, but even more so recently when she was seen in her finest form on Access Hollywood (youtube version) and the CBS News Early Show. However, I don't think Mady's behavior toward Kate can be viewed through the same lens as that of a healthy mother-child relationship.

In a healthy, mature mother-child relationship, the mother is respected because of how she handles the relationship with the child. She earns that respect by modeling respectful behavior toward the child and requiring respectful behavior in return. As a result, the child genuinely wants to treat the mother in the same way in which she feels treated herself. Sure there will be bumps along the way, and even the most respectful of parent will deal with rebellion as children go through the normal phases of development on their way to adulthood. But there will always be that underlying bedrock of mutual love and respect to keep their relationship intact.