Kate Presumes to Give "Advice" to Octuplet Mom Nadya Suleman

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While GWoP is a blog for discussion of the Gosselin family, Kate has alreaady given several interviews regarding the recent birth of octuplets in California. People are commenting on these interviews, and the octuplet birth in general, so we are setting up this thread for those comments. Please post your comments on the octuplets and on Kate's various interviews to this blog entry rather than to this week's "Free Discussion" blog entry.

As provided by one of our readers (Denise L):

A simple internet search reveals that the woman's name is Nadya Suleman, age 33. She does live with her parents and might be divorced as she is listed with a previous name of "Gutierrez." I looked it up on voompeople.com and confirmed it on white pages.com Her dad and mom's names are Angela and Ed Suleman and they live in Whittier. There are two addresses for them in Whittier and one must be the new palace for them, their daughter, the new high priestess of HOMs, and the poor HOMs themselves. What is this? This is like puppy mills for humans.

The link to some of the interviews are:

Access Hollywood Now on youtube.
CBS News Early Show


The Magic Fish

Blog entry created from comment submitted by boyscoutmomx5.

When I was a little girl I had read a book that reminds me of Kate and Jon. The book was about a poor fisher man and his wife. The man was fishing and had caught a magical fish that gave him wishes. I changed the names but the book might go just a little like this if it was written about KON;

One day a poor man named Jon went fishing to feed himself and his wife. After a long day with no fish to speak of and about to give up, Jon caught a beautiful fish. The fish cried out, "Please have mercy on me and let me go." Jon was surprised and did just that. When Jon got home that night he told his wife Kate about the fish that talked. "Jon you idiot, Kate screamed, that was a magic fish and he would have granted you a wish. HELLO, you are so stupid." Jon thought about this and knew it to be true, after all he was just a poor man and knew no better. Kate told him to go back the next day and recatch the magic fish and tell the fish to give them so children, twins to be exact, so they each could have a child.