TLC's Stay-at-home Mom (Kate) is in actuality never home.

In a statement last October, TLC attempted to justify the constant filming and exploitation of eight minor chidren's lives on Jon and Kate Plus 8 by saying ""Because of the show, the kids and the family have economic security and the luxury of a mom who can stay at home and raise them." GWOP's response to their statement on 10-19-08, pointed out that Kate and Jon in actuality leave the children all the time. It stated: "We believe that because of the show, Kate is spending even less time with the children than she would have if she worked a day job. Episode after episode, in addition to their speaking schedule, has confirmed that Kate, as well as Jon, leave these children on a regular basis for days at a time." Moreover in the episode All You Want to Know which aired 1-19-09, Kate tellingly described how much time she spends away from her kids working on the show, which include "the background scheduling ... interviews, the e-mails, the conference calls, the phone calls, the phone meetings, the in person meetings, the magazine article shoots ... phone interviews" which in her words add up to "horrendously more than 40 hours a week" and disturbingly, does not even include time spent "writing books, traveling and speaking." TLC insists that this show is okay because Kate gets to stay home. Regardless whether Kate stays home or not, I don't believe this show is healthy for the children. But the reality is that Kate is gone from her home and her children on a weekly, sometimes even daily basis. And even if she is home, she is obviously too busy with interviews and phone calls to pay attention to her kids. Below is a compilation of Kate's publicity schedule of just the past several months I've put together that demonstrates just how often this stay-at-home mom ISN'T home.TLC, would you like to explain how doing the show has allowed Kate to be more involved in her children's lives? Because from what I can discern here, not only are the children subjected to having their private lives put on display for millions of strangers to view, but they are also without a mother at home much of the time now.

October 6 Shilling for Kmart Layaway Program NYC (K)
October 8-11 Southern Orlando Women's Show Orlando, FL (J&K)
October 16 GMA & Fox & Friends Appearance NYC (J&K+8)
November 14-15 PA/DE Women of Purpose Conference Hershey, PA (K)
November 28 P&G Coupon Store Opening NYC (K)
December 10 Rivertown Mall, Grandville, MI (K)
December 12 Shuler Books Lansing, MI (K)
December 18 Hackman's Bible Store, Allentown, PA (K)
January 10-11 First Assembly of God Church Marcy, NY (K)
January 12? Utah Trip (J&Cara)
January 13 Coffee with Kate at Seacoast Church Mt. Pleasant, SC (K)
January 15 Northwoods Mall N. Charleston, SC (K)
January 22 Ladies' Night Out Houston, TX (K)
January 31 Sovereign Performing Arts Center Reading, PA (Jon)
January 31-Feb. 1 Willow Creek Plum Grove, IL (K)
February 4 Indianapolis Home Show (K)

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