How is Kate as a Spokesperson?

This updated opinion piece makes it officiaI. Its official: Kate Gosselin is the worst spokeperson of all time.

This is the previous article about question Kate as a spokesperson.
Opinion: Kate Gosselin, Most Polarizing Spokesperson Ever?

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Something We've Been Wanting

Hi all- It's been a pleasure reading your thoughts on the show, and I hope you'll be pleased to know that yes, the media listens.

I'm a writer on assignment to investigate many of your concerns for publication in a major magazine. This will be a longer article than others on the subject and far more in depth than those published before. I'm also in contact with Paul Petersen with A Minor Consideration and others who are also investigating this show. Serena has spoken to my editor and can confirm that I am a legitimate journalist on assignment.

Here's where you come in: I need to substantiate many claims made about the show and the Gosselins in order to publish them. I'm looking for legitimate leads who can help me do that. Please contact me at if any of these apply to you:

1. you know the Gosselins personally or have met them in some circumstance
2. you've attended any of their book signings or speaking engagements
3. you live/lived in Elizabethtown, Mt. Joy, Wernersville, the greater Reading area, etc.
4. you booked or attempted to book the Gosselins for a speaking engagement
5. you have been on the show or know someone who has been on the show

I'm looking for real human beings who can help with my reporting. You WILL NOT be quoted from (unless you choose to be).

Thank you!

Note from Serena: Yes, I did speak with the Articles Editor at this magazine to confirm the legitimacy of this request, as well as communicate with Jess. This is something we've all been wanting -- a piece by the mainstream media that is NOT the usual fluff, that is not engineered by the Gosselin PR machine, and that shifts the focus to the problem of child exploitation in the Reality TV market and the lack of legislation to protect minors working in it.

If you have any of the information being requested please contact Jess at the email address provided above. (Jess is currently working free-lance, for those of you wondering about the gmail address.) Also, we will not be revealing the name of the magazine at this time.

All Smiles Recap

What’s more exciting than watching other people’s kids at the dentist? Why, watching them a second time of course! Will someone cry? Will Kate be rude to the office staff? Will it be incredibly obvious that this episode was taped ages ago and we’re seeing it now to hide the new house? Let's find out!