Kate talks God.

We became aware of this article today in link. It sheds an interesting light on things.

The Gosselins and God

I know mentioning religion can be a very touchy subject but I have to say that people like Kate are the type who turn me off to religion.

I was watching a program once where someone made a statement I thought was so true.
They said: "people who constantly say things that happen in their life are ‘God's will’ are people who don't want to take responsibility for their actions"

This is, in my opinion, exactly what Kate is doing. Everything they have done is God's will. Since God is apparently responsible for the show that is exploiting the children then if the children are made fun of by their classmates or end up with emotional problems they have no one to blame but God.

I also feel that from here on in Jon and Kate are going to use religion to extend their income. I believe that with all the controversy going on they see that the end could be near. In order to keep things going longer they are now going to focus more on religion. They know that if they go to churches for their speaking engagements and use God in every other sentence they will have a loyal following.

I am assuming, like so many other viewers, that they are not close to family or friends any longer. In my opinion, when the show ends and the money stops coming in, they will decide that they want them back in their lives. I think they will again use religion as a means to get back the good graces of others. They will ask for forgiveness from all those they pushed aside, for example, the volunteers from the church congregation and of course, they will be forgiven, because that is what the congregation is told to do.

My comments are not meant as a discussion on religion itself but the way some people use it to their advantage.

If the show ends, don’t worry about the Gosselins. All will be forgiven!

Submitted by Annie

All Smiles, January 12

The sextuplets visit the dentist for another cleaning and check up. Will they all remain calm in the chair or will there be a repeat of prior checkups? Also, Mady and Cara visit the orthodontist for the first time to find out if they both need braces.

30 minutes