Yes, Call Me a Hater from Nova

Yes, call me a hater.

I hate reports that Kate (possibly Jon, too) sought attention for having twins, cue reports (and pictures) of Kate pushing a stroller carrying the twins, along with a sign that read "The Gosselin Twins".

I hate that it is quite possible that J&K became parents of sextuplets through devious means, and that at the time they showed no ability to care for so many children.

I hate the reports that Jon told colleagues that since he and Kate were having sextuplets, that he "would never have to work again", while searching the internet for sponsers and freebies.

I hate the reports that Kate spent much of her time while pregnant with the sextuplets also searching for sponsers and freebies.

I hate that J&K shopped around a video tape of their infants looking for a TV show.

I hate that TLC signed on to this and gleefully kept it going long after it should have been obvious that what they were doing was detrimental to the children involved.

I hate all the lies they told to the public and churches to keep the freebies coming in.

I hate that the friends and relatives that were concerned about what was happening were blocked from the lives of both the parents and the children.

I hate that Jon took so long to pull filming, and all the immature actions he has since taken.I hate that while TLC was coddling Kate and protecting her, Jon turned to people who didn't have his or his children's best interests at heart; instead of turning to the people who have loved them before the whole stupid reality thing blew up in his face.

I hate that Kate was given a pass from the media for so long.

I hate that it still seems that no one who has a direct ability to change things are still not putting the CHILDREN FIRST!

I hate that every time it seems that events are moving towards a better life for the kids, something always seems to derail it.

I PRAY that something happens very soon to turn those kids lives into a happier, more loving, enjoyable, and normal childhood.

I PRAY that they get the love, support, training, and guidance they need to divorce themselves from the toxic influences of their early years and go on to become happy, healthy adults.

So, yes, the sheeple can say I'm a hater, but not for the reasons they think.

By Nova


Farmer Joan said...

Please stop using the term "sheeple". It connotates that people are as dumb as sheep. I've been a life-long farmer and own 250 sheep. Sheep live very simple lives unlike Jon and Kate, and their supporters are definetly less wise than any of my sheep.

Just sayin'...

meem said...

Beautifully written.
Thank you very much.

PA Woman said...

Hate is the strongest of emotions. I can't honestly say I hate Jon or even Kate for any of the actions listed. I don't think I could honestly hate anyone I haven't know personally and well. I will say I have absolutely no respect for any of these actions and those that committed them. I am angry about the affect it has had on the kids and will have in the future. I have no use for these people. I'm including TLC in that also.

Jane in California said...

I agree with Meem - beautifully written.

An unforeseen side note for me: Every public person who has sided with Kate has lost my respect. For example, I used to be a huge fan of Kathy Griffin and her irreverent humor. But she's gone on talk shows and talked Kate UP and trashed Jon. After that, I completely lost interest in ever watching her show again or going to see her live.

The ladies of the View - the same, except for Whoopi.

Natalie Morales - well, I had never heard of her before she did her Kate special. Now, I'll always think of her as a complete sell out.

If Paula Deen had done a show with Kate, I was fully prepared to add her to my boycott list. I'm glad I can still watch her show on the Food Network (but that was a close one).

Oprah - this was the straw that broke the camel's back for me. I had been increasingly disillusioned with Oprah and this made me stop watching her completely.

I agree - Jon had a built in support network of trusted family members he could (and should) have turned to when this all went down. Instead, he wanted his young girlfriend (near clone of Kate in appearance), his idiot fame hungry attorney, the equally attention hungry rabbi Schmuley, and on and on. While I can have sympathy for Jon - he is only reaping what he has sown. I hold out less and less hope for him as time goes on and he still clings to whatever bits of sleazy fame he can.

Kate - she's a lost cause and always was. Whatever soul she might have once had as a child, seems to have shriveled up and floated away as dust mites long ago.

Anonymous said...

"Please stop using the term "sheeple". It connotates that people are as dumb as sheep. I've been a life-long farmer and own 250 sheep. Sheep live very simple lives unlike Jon and Kate, and their supporters are definetly less wise than any of my sheep."

Does it really connote that people are dumb, or simply that these supporters merely follow like sheep? I always thought it was the latter and never thought of sheep as stupid.

my9cats said...

Sorry Farmer Joan but IMO 'sheeple' is a very appropiate word reflecting how some people mindlessly move in herds. I think sheep are sweet and will not eat lamb. Sheeple, on the other hand, remind me of the Eloi from The Time Machine. The willing slaves and subsequently, dinner of the Morlocks.

FaLaLaLaLa said...

Sing it, Sister!
Sing it from the frickkin' ROOFtops! Can I get an Amen!?

kitnkaboodle said...

Oh, and just for the record, SHEEPLE (yes I am addressing you):
I am NOT "JELLUS." (btw that is not how you spell it but I will not waste my time attempting to teach you)
WHY would any woman be JELLUS of such a horrible creature (yes, CREATURE) as Khate? Ugly-ass hair. Uglier inner self. Weirdly-shaped body. NO husband (anymore) and it was her own fault , that one (No I do NOT believe Jon "Caused" the divorce). Kids that are ill-behaved and whiny, and most likely will grow up to have "issues" (at least a couple of them, good statistical chance). EMPTY , big, cavern of a house that is not a HOME. No animal friends. No family or friends! Bad press (but at least she doesn't realize this). Bad career history, personally-speaking. In short: An extremely UNpleasant woman who NO ONE LIKES.!
Why in the H*LL would anyone (with a right mind) be "Jellus" of THIS??
Maybe, that is the Question you should be asking yourSELVES, "Sheeple."
Just sayin'.

TVsnark said...

NOVA, You speak for many of us "haters."

Thank you.

TVsnark said...

Jane in California,
I agree. I was ready to buy Kathy Griffin's book and then I saw her kiss up to Kate and changed my mind. HOPEFULLY, New Years Eve she will "talk" and reveal why she's POSITIVE that Kate is "banging the bodyguard."

lisa k. said...

I'm a hater and proud of it! Great post!

crabbygirl said...

Nova, that was a wonderful post!! Jane in California I totally agree with everything you said except I knew who Natalie Morales was before "the interview". She has lost any respect I may have had for her. Talk about a lost opportunity!! I truly wish Lisa Ling would of interviewed Kate because I think she definitely has a good idea about what Kate is all about. Happy New Year to all!!!

Ohio Buckeye said...

I hate that TV execs apparently believe there is a lucrative audience for the crap they so proudly call 'reality' programming.

Used to be that sensationalized 'reality' was looked upon with disdain. "If it bleeds, it leads" was only for tabloid-level journalism.

Now, we can't surf channels without being bombarded by a plethora of emotionally & morally bankrupt, crass, vapid batches of caricatures, supposedly not scripted, and allegedly being filmed in their daily life routines.

The current motto seems to be, "If it lies, it flies." and TV execs keep trying to convince us that we are being 'entertained'.

Yesterday's lowest level of journalism is now a pinnacle by comparison to what TV feeds us daily as 'reality' tv.

Our standards just continue to sink lower and lower, and THIS is what I hate.

yippee gosselin free said...

I hate that everything you said is true.

But, I love that someone said so.....

Fed Up With "Reality" TV said...

Ohio Buckeye said...
I hate that TV execs apparently believe there is a lucrative audience for the crap they so proudly call 'reality' programming.

Thank you for a well-written comment about reality TV. I watched that Kardashian thing the other day and couldn't have been more bored. Maybe because times are so hard and life is serious, it just seems sinful to waste time on fluff and so much more important to instead seek substance and quality. We can still find things to watch on TV to de-stress/decompress with other than the silliness which surrounds some of this reality programming.

Maggie said...

If anyone thinks that TLC, etc. doesn't read here, you might want to check out our new forum at our sidebar)

Proof positive.

Hard to Keep Loving Jon said...

I just watched BIG HAPPY FAMILY on tlc. I expected to laugh/howl at a family who tipped the scales -- each morbidly obese.
I did not laugh at anything. They were a dear family who communicated their love and caring for each other despite their adoration of bad nutrition. With dread tlc they are working to reduce their weight in a healthy way. I do so hope they can achieve their dreams!
Let's hope tlc can vindicate itself and actually follow a family into success and good health -- mental and physical!

Melissa said...

Team Sheep! Sheep > Jon and Kate.

Maggie said...

Hard to Keep Loving Jon said...

I am posting your comment on our TLC without pity site (on our sidebar), yall can respond there please.

ChurchMouse said...

Ohio Buckeye said...
"Now, we can't surf channels without being bombarded by a plethora of emotionally & morally bankrupt, crass, vapid batches of caricatures, supposedly not scripted, and allegedly being filmed in their daily life routines."

And for all of garbage, people are willing to pay $ each and every month.

My family doesn't get cable, period. I remember when it first came out, too--and then the big marketing ploy was that since this would be a subscription and fee-based service, there would be no need for commercials. (HA!)

We use a good set of rabbit ears and live in an area where we can get at least 13 broadcast channels. The stricter rules, (no swearing, nothing too gross) still apply for good old broadcast.

You might think you can't live without cable, but you'd be surprised. Pull the plug, save some money. With radio, DVDs and the Internet, you can supplement your entertainment and news quite nicely.

Ohio Buckeye said...

FaLaLaLaLa said, "Sing it, Sister!
Sing it from the frickkin' ROOFtops! Can I get an Amen!?"

LOL and here's an Ohio AMEN for you!

Thanks for the laugh, FaLaLa!

Thanks, "Fed Up with Reality" and Church Mouse! And hats off to you, Church Mouse for being cablefree on principle!

readerlady said...

@ ChurchMouse

Wish I could give up cable. Unfortunately, where I live, I can get one NBC channel and the sound on an ABC channel with an outside antenna. Nothing with rabbit ears. Since most of what I watch (ScFy, USA, TNT, History Channel, and my beloved Cincinnati Reds games) are on cable stations, I'd be very unhappy. I rarely watch "reality" shows, even the competition ones like American Idol. I still haven't figured out how I got sucked into J&K+8.

@ Farmer Joan

Your post gave me a chuckle - of sympathy and agreement, not derision. I helped bottle raise a lamb as a kid, and I love sheep. They are so peaceful and gentle - well, unless you get crosswise of a ram. Wish we all could be that uncomplicated.

MickeyMcKean said...

Farmer Joan said...
Please stop using the term "sheeple". It connotates that people are as dumb as sheep. I've been a life-long farmer and own 250 sheep. Sheep live very simple lives unlike Jon and Kate, and their supporters are definetly less wise than any of my sheep.


Sorry Farmer Joan, as another owner of livestock including 50+ dairy goats, I happen to agree with the term "Sheeple" since the Kate followers exhibit "herd mentality" and blindly follow and/or love her without questioning anything that Kate has said or done over the years -- even on film!

Now that I have admitted I own goats I just have to add: I sell my kids each and every year but I don't see this as exploitation in any way :)

Anonymous said...


Don't worry I have been accused of being Jealous & out to get Kate Gosselin.

Jon & Kate created their own mess with the express written consent given to TLC to destroy them.

All I can hope for is that the children will not be exposed to future filming. Because Jon "could" is good enough for me.

Team 8

Texas Two Step said...

Oh yes, call me a hater, I absolutely agree.

On every point you are spot on and I thank you for so eloquently sighting these things.

Although I cannot say that I "hate", as that is such a strong word, I can say that I severely dislike kHate and even Jon and agree whole heartedly with your statements.

My prayer, as well as the prayers of many others, is for those kids.
Hopefully something will happen and change the course in the future, but unfortunately, I have to admit, I doubt things will change anytime soon.

khate will bomb out in the future on TV and jon, well, who knows what his future outcome will be.

All we can do as a collective source is band together with the best of intention and put forth postive thoughts and prayers for the children.

And folks, if you do not think that will not make a difference, there are many documented instances of the power of prayer. Please never underestimate the effects that a collective can have when they put out positive energy together.

So at that, Happy New Year Gosselin 8. Blessings and HEALING to your family. And may the spirit of love and healing be upon you.

Rose said...

Despite everything, I really don't hate Kate, either, but there are a lot of things she's done that I hate - chief among them being the way she speaks about her children as if they are the cutest, most amazing, most life-changing children in the world. If it sounds like an overexaggeration to you, then go back and listen to some of her interviews, mainly from the fifth season, and that is truly how she acts. Something about that bothered me from the very beginning, and I'll tell you why.

One of my co-workers has a 5-year-old daughter, whom she often takes to work with her. She is just about the most adorable little girl imaginable, and of course, we all fawn over her every day she's there. She's cute, she's sweet, she's funny, and she's got quite a little personality. She can entertain us for hours, and she pretty much does. But let me ask you something: does that mean her parents should quit their day jobs, put her on TV, and spend the rest of their lives living off the money she earns as a child? Kate needs to get over herself and realize that she's not the only woman who's got a cute bunch of kids.

By nature, kids are cute. Kids all over the freaking world are cute, expressive, and capable of lighting up a room. That's why it bothers me so much when Kate sounds off with stuff like "My kids are so well-rounded and adaptable", "eight of the best kids in the world", and "We need to continue this show because my kids...they brighten people's lives, they're best friends with everyone they meet in five minutes, and I love watching the fall in love process when they walk into a room". It's okay to be proud of your kids and even brag a little about them, but Kate truly behaves as if her children are God's gift to the world...and honestly, the only reason she seems to care about how cute they are is because of what it does for her. It puts the attention on her as the mother of those eight little cutie pies. She is honored as such a wonderful mom when, in reality, no loving or caring parent would put their kids in a position like this. Period.

Those children do not owe the world a single thing, and ever since the tups were born, both Kate and TLC have expected them to carry the series. They'd still be going full speed ahead with the show if it were up to Kate and the network.

rural mom said...

I hate Kate, I hate everything she does to her children in the name of doing it for them.

Mary said...

I LOVE that this show really opened my eyes to all the scripting that goes on in all reality shows, talk shows etc.

getting it real said...

To the sheeple- you are a fan of a TLC manufactured character.

The REAL Kate is *not* the "perfect" mom you see on tv.

MickeyMcKean said...

Nova and Texas Two Step ~

I totally agree with your posts.

"Hate" is a strong word, and I know I can't really hate someone I have never met in person, but yet consider me a "hater".

There is just something about Kate Gosselin that fires me up, and I can't explain it. I don't want to see her on any more magazine covers and I don't care if she has a new show because I won't be watching it.

Geez, I can't recall having this reaction to anyone I have never met. But it is what it is.

I also have some issues with Jon; whereas I have cut him a lot of slack in 09 it is time for him to grow up and get a job.

I hope that in 2010 all 10 Gosselins will eventually drop off everyone's radar which of course would be the best thing for the children. I am pretty sure this will happen, just not as quickly as I would like, but I'm willing to bet one year from today we will all be saying Kate Who? Jon Who?

NDmom said...

Amen to that. So much foolishness from Jon and Kate and TLC and so much stupidity and greed.

Hard to Keep Loving Jon said...

My children were taught they could "dilike" anyone but they could not HATE anyone.
While I'm not fond of Khate... I remember my divorce... my darling son said,
"Dad says you hate him, but I told him you said he was too pitiful to hate" and YES I regret that he even knew that!

Vanessa said...

Wow Rose! Excellent post!
"It puts all the attention on HER as the mother of 8"
That's EXACTLY why she had them!
She should have been sent to a psychiatrist LONG ago!

barbee said...

I agree with the comment about Kate feeling that her kids are the love of everyones lives. But it is natural that she would feel that way because she said she does her inspirational talks (what the...?) because it brightens her audiences lives. (what the...?) She does not realize that she is a joke and that people are not in love with her but in awe that anyone can be that dense. I don't HATE Kate but I am DISGUSTED with her and her ego and HUGE sense of entitlement.

Reading news said...

getting it real said...
To the sheeple- you are a fan of a TLC manufactured character.

The REAL Kate is *not* the "perfect" mom you see on tv.

To Getting it real:

You and I must not have seen the same show as the "manufactured" Kate was never a perfect mom nor did I ever feel that TLC wanted to portray her as such. I think once they realized what a monster she was they knew they would have a character who people would love to hate and, therefore, would watch.