Where Will They Be?

I can't wait until 5-10 years from now when someone does a "Where are they now?" about the Gosselins. What do you think? Where will Kate, Jon and the kids be in 5 years? 10 years? I think Kate will do her show on TLC. It will draw some viewers in the beginning out of curiosity and then the ratings will drop. TLC, out of principle, may keep it on their line up for 2 years but then it will be cut. The kids will be filmed but the focus will be on Kate as the single mom dynamo. Kate will come out with her tell all book, she'll recommit to her faith, she'll try and reconcile with her family (both things for appearances only) and then she'll do the talk show circuit about how resilient she is and how great the kids are doing and how she's so glad Jon's out of her life. She will hang out with her "BFF" Jamie, who will become her personal assistant.

Thnks to silimom.


Silimom said...

Once the curiosity over her tell all fades, she'll also fade into the background. When she realizes that her 15 minutes are finally done, she'll find some executive to marry who can keep her in the lifestyle to which she is accustomed and who likes the idea of marrying someone semi-famous. Meanwhile, Jon will spend his days complaining and blaming everyone else for his problems. He will agree in February or March to allow his kids to be filmed again in exchange for TLC dropping their lawsuit against him, meaning he won't owe them any money. He will blow through whatever money he's received from his divorce and then move back in with his mom or one of his brothers until he wears out his welcome and they kick him out. He will move in with a succession of younger girls who he will sponge off of until they break up with him. His kids will see him sporadically, as it becomes easier and easier to just let Kate handle them. He will eventually write his own tell all where he continues to blame everyone else for where he is in life. As Dad is AWOL and Kate is busy with her career and finding a new husband, the kids will be raised by whatever nanny happens to be around. Mady and Cara will step up to mother but will become more and more resentful. Cara will begin cutting herself and Mady will seek self esteem through her boyfriends. The tups will struggle in school and go through their own self esteem issues, manifesting in reckless and dangerous behavior. I hope I'm wrong, but that's one way I see it going down.

Diana said...

Wow. Very sad...but probably very true.

dara2K said...

It's all very sad and there are no winners here. The Original Poster has great insight. In 10 years, I predict most of the kids will be in rehab, therapy and struggling to make their lives meaningful in the aftermath after being raised by random nannies, babysitters and production assistants. We've seen signs of this already. I hope I am VERY WRONG. Kate will never recover from stardom. However, when your only talent is getting sperminated and spewing venom and your've alienated every loving person in your life, it's hard. Let's hope the staff is paid well for their emotional beatings. Jon will flounder around, learn lessons, maybe have legal and financial troubles a la Mr. Lohan. Then, he'll find a teacher type his own age and be a father again. Let's hope sooner rather than later. Jon's reward is getting out of a situation that was abusive. Kate has her house on the hill (All hers) and her little money-makers. But there's hope. It's the season of miracles. Merry Christmas Kate. Who are left with now? Let's all pray hard!

LisaNH said...

Well if Kate does marry and executive, I predict that not too long afterwards, we'll be seeing tell all books from their staff about how abusive she was towards them. I predict a Leona Helmsley type attitude from Kate.

The kids, will of course, be left to their own devices. There will be news reports about this one getting a DUI, another perhaps getting into an altercation in a public place with a bystander, maybe even one getting addicted to plastic surgery etc...

Jon will probably end up going on to different projects (TV, books and the like) and when none of them are successful he'll be like Willie Aames (Charles in Charge co-star) going on shows like Celebrity Rehab or that celebrity weight loss show. Then eventually you'll see him, like Willie Aames, having a yard sale and getting another reality show about how to get out of a financial mess.

I hate to sound pessimistic but I really don't predict a happy ending for the majority of the Gosselins. I really feel the only ones who will have a happy life will the be the few who get away from their toxic parents.

anotherthing... said...

In 10 years...

No money. No friends. No show. Still no talent. No mcmansion. Most likely, no relationship with her children. No family ties. Nothing to show for the pain and suffering of her kids and husband (and the viewing audience). But hey, thats life in the b**** business.

Might have custody of the kids. No money. Struggling to make ends meet. After a rough 10 years of screwing up, i predict he may actually become a decent guy.

The kids:
In therapy, dealing with the nightmare they lived as kids. Trying to figure out whats real and whats fake. Most will probably have significant mental/emotional problems. Will hate kate for what shes done. Will be confuse about Jon. But ultimatly ask for him to be primary caregiver. Will either go into hiding or write tell-alls.

So. Again, I must say: Brilliant parenting and life choices, Jon and Kate.

Charles said...

What man on this earth would be dumb enough to WANT to date Kate, let alone marry her. If there is such a creature, he might be after her money, but he would pay dearly for every dime.

She doesn't come alone, which would be terrifying enough, but has these 8 kids who have never known what a typical family is or how they live. This would not be an easy situation.

dustilies said...


I think you've hit the nail on the head with the Leona Helmsley comparison. There has to be some old rich guy who finds her act amusing.

I would guess that K and/or J will be spending a lot of time in court for tax evasion and/or skimming off of some dubious charity they set up (like for disabled kids on the slopes, or those pitifully "abnormal" children who wear glasses).

The kids--too sad to think about. I hope their school is as special as some PA posters here have said.

livnluv said...

Where will TLC be in 5-10 years? Will we still be allowing them (and others like them) to produce J&K type shows or shows with a circus freak show atmosphere and pawning it off as entertainment? Will there be more and more families destroyed by the greed and lies that TLC spins into weekly programming?

The majority of bloggers agree that the Gosselin children have difficult if not horrific futures ahead of them. How many more children and families will be treated as a production for our viewing pleasure?

I don't know how the Gosselin's will fare, but it's obvious Kate is emotionally ill, Jon is immature and the kids are being raised by the nannies (perhaps a blessing in disguise). I do know their life can be whatever they make of it and as with all of us, their choices will determine their successes or failures. I hope they choose wisely.

Karma said...

The scene: A sleazy, 3rd floor apartment, one block off of Bourbon Street.

A heavy set woman, 40ish, with short spiky hair in the back and odd, caramel colored stripes in the front sits alone in a dark room, taking long drags of her Marlboro reds and mumbles obscenities, agitated at what she is reading from the glow of an old laptop. The sound of weights clanking and a man grunting in slowing intervals from another room muffles the ladies colorful vent.

"Danny!, get in here..... now!" screams the woman, eyes bulging, cigarette smoke exclaiming each syllable.

A diminutive, muscular middle aged man, a former child star, appears, cautiously, at the threshold of the cluttered room.

"Do you know how big Dustin Diamond is?" the irritated lady queries her live-in boyfriend of 3 months.

The lady met the heavily freckled and randomly tattoed man 3 months earlier while they were filming the TLC reality series, "Celebrity Visitation". Danny taught the lady how to smoke and the lady taught Danny how to fear a woman for the first time in his life.

"He was Screech for God sakes!, baby I can handle him, you need to focus on Omarossa" the man replied, sheepishly, nearly forty years of chain smoking reduced his voice to sounding like bad brakes on dry gravel.

"We have to win this, Daniel!", the lady stressed each syllable as years of poor cosmetic reconstruction distorted her angry, orangish face, "the Ex has an infomercial airing, Dammit!"

The ladies ex cashed in on his diluted Asian roots and inked his name to and acted as a spokesman on a line of poorly crafted, cheap, Asian themed cookware targeted to young hip Asian Americans. His "Wok on!" (picture chop sticks in the form of that devil rock and roll sign) infomercial could be seen on 2 satellite channels at 2, 4 and 6 a.m.

Scene 2: The bowells of a sparsely filled downtown civic center in Paducah, Ky.

The contestants of a reality series "Celebrity Wrestling; On the Road!" gather for an emergency meeting with the shows executive producer, Scott Baio. The striped hair lady, in gold spandex and sweatband, is overheard chatting with 2 old friends, Star Jones and Marcia Brady.

The lady and Mrs. Jones have been friend for a year or so. They met when they were both contestants on another reality show "Celebrity Divorce, 12", also produced by Scott Baio. Marsha Brady had nowhere else to stand.

"I think your perfect" an almost sober Andy Dick interjects as his angry live in girlfriend, Kathy Griffin, looks on in disgust. The lady and Andy share a long, telling, glance into each others eyes, a wink shared.

An affair between the 2 has been brewing ever since they were house mates on another reality series "Celebrity Foreclosure", produced by......Baio.

The same Scott Baio now stands in the dusty, dimly lit corridor of the 75 year old arena that last week hosted a semi-regional traveling circus that featured a Labrador retriever that fetched an old dirty tennis ball and an ragged monkey that rocked nervously on his tricycle, moments before attacking his drunk handler.

"People, we have a problem" Baio's voice seem to squeak, almost pubescent.

"We have 317 people in the stands and we gave away 200 tickets. I hav'nt sold this episode to anybody, not even TLC! I cant guarantee the agreed winners purse of $10,000. The best I can do is $1719.00."

Spencer and Heidi looked to the rafters as Danny and his lady shared a lighter, seemingly indifferent. Silence, except for the humming of the cheap lighting and the distant smack of an inflated pop corn bag, blanketed the oddly dressed d-listers, one of the Coreys pretended to text someone from a broken i-phone.

Finally, Gary Coleman broke the pregnant silence "but we leave here tonight with that, right?

"Yea, but..." Chachi's response was quickly lost in the chatter as the group resumed their previous conversations, desperately networking.

JFS in IL said...

The kids will grow to resent their mother for what their father has gone through once they Google this mess as teenagers. Which they will do from the boarding school in which Kate parks them (twins first, then the tups once the last remnants of their cuteness is gone. I even predict the boys will be shipped off a few years before the girls!)

Kate will lurk on the edges of media notoriety as long as she can make a buck. Once her kids are grown they will have as little to do with her as possible.

Jon, as others have said, will live with relatives like the over-grown "boy" he is. The grown kids will still want to speak to and visit with their dad.

TLC will live happily ever after.

anotherthing... said...

Karma... thanks for the visuals. lol

*sigh* I think you might be the closest so far...

Ohio Buckeye said...

Kate gives off an odd vibe, sexually speaking. Hard for me to imagine any man being attracted to her, muchless be willing to date her if he's seen more than 5 minutes of J&K+8 reruns. Few men are interested in spending time with a dictator, and, as we've all observed ad nauseum, there is Kate's Way or The Wrong Way.

The kids? Well, a few may eventually find their way to relative normalcy, but my best and sad guess is that most of the 8 will end up in AT LEAST long term therapy and a few will end up with eating disorders, a few will run left of the law.

Cockroach Kate will, of course, survive, because it's really hard to hurt a person with so little genuine feelings.

Jon's on a bad road. Substance abuse? Suicide?

I hope I'm wrong on all counts.

I also hope Kate's next star opportunity will be her last one. One that dies a quick and painless (for viewers) death. Ba-Bye, Katie Irene - we knew ya' too well.

Karma said...

I had to edit to fit on this page, I cut a paragraph involving the lady talking to star jones and marsha brady about her spray on tan experience in Kentucky leads to Andy dicks come on...sorry for the poor editing.

jibberjabbers said...

Jon will live a normal live working in IT. He will probably have custody of the kids. Jon finally got the wake up call he needed and "now" should know that nice guys do finish last.

Stop trying to be friends with everyone and don't trust anyone other than close friends and family members.

Kate will start to crumble as all the assets she won in the 1 sided settlement will be gone after she pays off those nannies and baby sitters. All her 2 friends will be gone as TLC will no longer pay for Steve's babysitting service and Jamie decides she isn't a Lesbian.

She will go on more interviews blaming it all on Jon for taking away the show from her way too early.

She will continue to write books. Mostly photo albums with bible quotes and words of wisdom from Kate herself. "This is me holding Hannah in the kitchen, notice how I am holding her. This is how you're suppose to do it".

Since no publishers are willing to publish this elementary level book, Kate opens her own blog to promote her book. Gosselinsbeggingforpity.blogspot.com

She will have a lists of prayers lists and more thing she wants people to donate.

1) Looking for Asian looking men to donate their (dna) so I can have an Asian looking baby

2) Looking for doctor to donate their service for my fertility treatment.

etc etc.

Jane in California said...

Sad to say, the best thing that could happen to these kids would be that Kate marries some old rich millionaire and then she ships them off to boarding school since she doesn't need them to earn a living for her anymore.

Hopefully, they can stay at boarding school til graduation, then some of them will try to live as quietly and anonymously as possible - but every few years or so, some publication or another will want to feature them in a "where are they now?" series. Their childhood will haunt them always.

Jon - I think Silimom could well have made an accurate prediction. The man child will wander through life, never accomplishing much, still talking about how great his dad was, never getting over his lost 20's when his dad financed his wastrel lifestyle. He'll have no discrimination about any projects he might get offered and will always be the butt of jokes.

Kate -- miserable cur that she is - evil often finds its own footing and so will she, but in increasingly tawdry ways. I only hope she ends up like Tanya Harding, that ice skater, in looks as well as infamy. She'll try to latch on to some senile old rich dude, but hopefully he'll have family smart enough to foil her grubby hands from getting his money and pushing him down a staircase.

Anonymous said...

In 2010, Kate’s show will premiere and be a dud. Divorced, not penniless, and without Jon being in the tabloids, Kate won’t automatically garner the media sympathy she enjoyed in 2009. And she’ll be horrible trying to earn it herself. For awhile, her defenders will say she has the right to badmouth her ex and is entitled to as much botox as she wants. But that support will fade.

In an attempt to drum up some publicity, she’ll try accusing Jon of putting the children at risk. That’s if the paparazzi don’t capture her verbally abusing one of them first. When her show is finally cancelled she’ll try accusing TLC of using her, but TLC is prepared; and every ex-crew member with dirty secrets will pile on Kate. Joel McHale and the people over at The Soup will send Kate a fruit basket for all the material her appearances and new show provides them.

Kate will take her notorious media reputation and spend a few years being a famesque celebrity like Jessica Simpson or the Lohans. She’ll film an episode with Kathy Griffin where Kathy finds Kate some “best gays” to pal around with. She’ll make an appearance on The Soup. She’ll even appear as herself in any B-grade movie that will have her (something like Scary Movie 9). Any project or event that puts her in front of a camera, Kate will be there. She’ll be on Dancing With the Stars and be the first voted off. She’ll gain weight and once on Celebrity Fit Club she’ll talk about how she’s getting in shape for her children and trying to be the best mom she can.

On the other hand, Jon will adjust to obscurity. He’ll write a tell-all book, and TLC will sue him. For a few years, he’ll earn extra money by making appearances at the grand openings of supermarkets and stores around Pennsylvania. He’ll marry a woman more his own age and be a stepfather to her two children. He and his new wife will try vlogging and making some extra dollars through YouTube. He’ll struggle, but with Kate knocked off her throne he’ll put all the nonsense behind him and end up a wiser, better person. Not a celebrity, just a regular guy. He’ll be the better parent to his children, and his kids will appreciate him.

The kids will be okay. Some more successful than others. They’ll have nannies, an Uncle Kevin and Aunt Jodi, and their father and stepmother. One of the twins will be a handful during her teenage years but nothing tragic. One of the tups will go to film school and make a documentary about the whole Gosselin experience.

The YouTube parodies and other videos will be taken down by the people who posted them after five years. All the tabloids and magazines that covered the Gosselin gossip will be dumped into recycling bins and landfills. Ten years from now in an episode of Hoarders, a clean up team will find some person with stacks of tabloids and DVDs of Inside Edition episodes from 2009 cluttering up their home. But those too will go to the trash. When the twins are in high school they’ll be approached by a crazy woman clutching a scrapbook filled with old tabloid articles. “I made this for you! You must never forget!” The police are called and drag the crazed woman away. “But I’m a close friend of your mother! Tell her that BabyMama loves her and was only trying to help!”

Hailey will move to California and open a medicinal marijuana store.

Hard to Keep Loving Jon said...

Jon will be in the clink because there's no way in hell he could pay a five figure/month child support payment. Khate will enjoy tossing his sorry self under the bus yet again and we'll see him wearing an orange jump suit.

Savannah said...

It disgusts me how she's been selling that story about how the kids are so unhappy the film crew has been banned. She probably drills in their heads now we can't go on any trips, or see what your Dad did...However, if it is true that the kids are really sobbing about missing the "lights, camera, action" then these kids are already showing signs of instabiity. It's quite disturbing.

Anonymous said...

Who on earth would marry Kate unless they have a lobotomy!!!!

lol said...

"When she realizes that her 15 minutes are finally done, she'll find some executive to marry who can keep her in the lifestyle to which she is accustomed..."

Trust me. No one will marry Kate unless it's some loser who wants Kate to support him but Kate will not marry someone poorer than her.

No one will marry her because
A. She is not hot.
B. She is demeaning.
C. She yells and gives orders.

Knowing what she is like, no one will marry this abuser. She can't fake to be nice. Everybody knows what she is like.

lol said...

No one will marry Kate

D. She got 8 children. Who wants to help a mean ugly woman raise 8 children.

Can't See Sheep said...

livnluv said...

Where will TLC be in 5-10 years?

Trying to pass legislation so they can show executions live.

SwingsandRoundabouts said...

Holy, moly Karma:
I think you've got it right. Genius!

Ohio Buckeye said...

@ Karma: Wow! What GREAT, imaginative writing! Love your post. I think you've captured the essence of the probable Gosselin future. Thanks for a good read, Karma, nicely done!

lifeoriley said...

The original post has great insight--as are other comments here. Sadly, while the details may differ in reality, the outcomes are likely to be negative for most of the Gosselin family.
I hope, though, that some of them make it out of this mess in a positive way. It would be nice if in 10 years the twins are starting college and studying to be something other than reality "stars." Also, my wish is that the tups will be doing well in HS, playing sports, joining clubs, and having a relatively normal social life with the "normal" teenaged angst that goes along with it.
As for Jon and Kate, I don't care except that they are the parents of 8 children. Jon and Kate have made the choices and will have to live with the consequences.

"Teflon" Kate's bill WILL come due, eventually though.In 10 years, when all of the kids are teenagers--whew!

sooverit said...

Disclaimer: This post contains a passage from the Bible.

The other day I came across this passage, and my first thought was "This sounds like the Gosselins!" My second thought was, "May I see the truth here and never repeat their mistakes!" This is from Galatians 5 in The Message version:
"It is obvious what kind of life develops out of trying to get your own way all the time; repetitive, loveless, cheap sex; a stinking accumulation of mental and emotional garbage; frenzied and joyless grabs for happiness; trinket gods; magic-show religion; paranoid loneliness, cutthroat competition; all-consuming-yet-never-satisfied wants; a brutal temper; an impotence to love or be loved; divided homes and divided lives; small-minded and lopsided pursuits; the vicious habit of depersonalizing everyone into a rival; uncontrolled and uncontrollable addictions; ugly parodies of community. I could go on."
Maybe the one good thing to come out of this whole, sad Gosselin story is that it has caused others to see what happens to greedy, fame-loving, selfish people.

Maude said...

LisaNH said:
I really feel the only ones who will have a happy life will the be the few who get away from their toxic parents.


But how can they have happy lives on their own when they've been taught no life skills? No social skills? No work ethic?

Spoiled, entitled children become spoiled and entitled adults.

MickeyMcKean said...

Can't See Sheep said...
Where will TLC be in 5-10 years?

Trying to pass legislation so they can show executions live.


I totally agree except that I don't think that they will wait for 5 years, it might even be as early as 2011!

BH said...

Lisa in NH: I have always thought of Kate as a Leona wannabe. Their personalities, as well as their make-up routines, are just so very similar.

chick said...

Kate will have crashed and burned several times, but, like a cockroach, she will keep walking away from the destruction. Her only relationships will be with paid help, and those will only last as long as she can get what she wants from the people. She'll have kept "writing", and done several "redemption" tours through gullible churches, sharing with the remaining sheeple how none of her problems are actually her fault.

Jon will be in one of 2 places. He'll either be a total burnout, with no prospects and not much contact with his kids, dating yet another 22 year old and whining about his lost 20's and 30's, OR he'll have gotten the help he needs, moved on to actual adulthood, gotten a little more education, and have custody of either the boy tups or all the tups, since he is actually a more responsible parent and a better provider than Kate.

Cara will be majoring in computer science, and will secretly run a blog/website titled "Kate: The True Horror" full of clips of outtakes given to her by TLC crew members who still feel guilt over witnessing the destruction of 8 children. She'll get 1 million hits in less than 5 months.

Mady will be majoring in Drama and Creative Writing. Her therapist will suggest that she start work on an autobiography. Based on 3 chapters, a bidding war will start that ends with Mady getting a million dollar 3 book deal. Mady will use her money wisely, and will continue to refuse to take "that woman's" calls.

Aiden, Joel, and Colin will have been in "the best possible" boarding school since age 8. (If Jon decides to man up, they will spend all their holidays with him. Otherwise, they will stay with Jodi and Kevin.) Freed of their mother's emasculating presence, they will be navigating teendom with as much grace as possible. They will have been in therapy as well for a long time, and will know just how to handle mocking from classmates who find old dvd sets of "that stupid show".

Hannah will live with Kate, and will be pitied by her siblings for being the one who is loved most. Hannah will eventually seek her own reality show so she can keep getting all the love she craves.

Alexis and Leah will have been sent to boarding school at age 10. They will actually seem to be fairly well adjusted, except for the fact that the refer to their mother as "that shrew". Their school will have helped them adjust to real life, and they will have started therapy.

20 years down the road, Hannah will lead the siblings decision to sue their mother for all she has left. They win, and wind up having a sacrificial burning of all they got from Kate: 5 vials of botox, half an unfinished parenting book, 3 hooker shoes, a thong, an empty starbucks giftcard, $20 and Kate's full video collection, including her recent appearence on "I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!".

BH said...

I saw Danny (what a role model) Bonaducci on JVM last night. He was saying the kids should not be taken off camera because that "spoil their normal" and do dangerous stuff to their self-esteem. WTF?

He and Khate deserve each other.

MickeyMcKean said...

December 2009: Just a week before Christmas Kate is thrilled with the outcome of the divorce which includes according to her atty a large child support payment from her ex husband (what normal person is happy getting divorced especially when they are the abuser in the relationship and there are 8 young children?) and Jon, the passive victim in the marriage, was obviously grieving for the loss of the hope and promises after a 12 year relationship with the mother of his children.

To make Christmas extra special for Kate, just before the holiday Jon is sure to file with the court a hardship proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that due to an injunction filed by TLC he is no longer able to make an income on TV whatsoever, as well as he is too famous to get hired in a real job. So the rumored “5 figure” child support payment that Kate is counting on each and every month is ... well ... just not going to happen! Jon also gives his current landlord in NY a 30 day notice.

On a side note, as for Hailey Glassman who decided she wanted to expand her 15 minutes of fame by hosting a girl-on-girl boxing match somewhere near an airport, she has figured out that it might have been a more lucrative job for her had it been called what it really was: a HOdown

January 2010: Kate is furious, not only is Tiger Woods and all friends still stealing the spotlight from her, but she has realized that the child support payments she was counting on is just not going to happen and if TLC does not start her show soon she is going to have to dip into her savings to support the lifestyle in which she is accustomed. Meanwhile Jon moves back home to PA to live with his mother and he finds a job with the local McDonalds at minimum wage. Jon has his atty notify the court that he is employed once again and the court is welcome to figure out using the court mandated formula how much he now owes for child support.

February 14, 2010: The only guys that Kate gets a valentine card from are all under 6 years old because even her babysitter (Steve) does not think she is worth a stamp. Jon on the other had is being idolized by the girl that takes your order at the drive up window.

March 2010: TLC is having trouble finding a time slot for Kate's new show on their TV schedule.

April 2010: Because Jon stayed strong and would not be bullied by Kate and/or TLC, he could not be talked into settlement negotiations which would allow filming to continue of his children. So TLC goes forward and is able to prove that Jon did in fact breached his contract BUT Jon for all intents and purposes is unemployed so TLC has learned that whereas they were fighting for the principle of the matter, it only cost them dearly financially with all the legal costs and fees. Jon, however, is able to prove his counter claim against TLC but the judge renders that both sides walk away with nothing from the other party.

May 2010: Based upon evidence during the TLC/Jon Gosselin trial, the State of PA goes after both Jon and Kate for violating child labor laws. They fine both parents, but since Kate has all the money she will have to pay the fines by herself.

June-August 2010: TLC is still having trouble finding a time slot for Kate's new show on their TV schedule.

September 2010: Kate is dipping into her savings way too much so she decides to go out and get a real job. Interesting to note that not one hospital in her vicinity has any openings so she is now working for McDonalds as the french fry girl.

October 2010: TLC decides not to go forward with Kate’s new show because by this time Kate is no longer available to do their show since she now works full time at McDonalds.

December 2010: Kate Who? Jon Who?

MickeyMcKean said...

BH said...
I saw Danny (what a role model) Bonaducci on JVM last night. He was saying the kids should not be taken off camera because that "spoil their normal" and do dangerous stuff to their self-esteem. WTF?

He and Khate deserve each other.


Keep in mind that Danny was 10 years old when the Partridge Family show started and once it ended a few years later, he went downhill because he was no longer cute and employable in TV land. So yes, in his case it no doubt spoiled his normal and self esteem but you also need to keep in mind that his home life included abuse by his own father.

As for the Gosselin kids, since the cameras were turned off at ages 5 and 8, an age before they realized what was happening around them, hopefully they will not wind up in and out of rehabs and/or jail like Danny Bonaducci.

At least one can only hope that the cameras were turned off early enough for all the G kids.

Mona said...

I don't predict anything dramatic.
Kate will still be Kate, not finding any real happiness anywhere, but going through the motions of being happy. She will find a few major jobs in the media, but none of them will last long. Then she will settle into something that is not glamorous, but will support herself and the kids.

Jon will find someone to support him and will continue to wander through his life, doing what he needs to do for his children and no more.

Cara and Mady will make it just fine, albeit emotionally scarred for having been basically shoved aside to make room for their siblings, whom they tried to love but found it hard to get over the jealousy. I predict successful careers for both of them, and not so much interaction with Kate after they leave home.

The little kids will be
looking for attention anywhere they can find it, because they got used to having all the family attention and cameras pointing at them. This need for attention may lead them to Grandma and Grandpa's door one day, asking if they can come in and have a nice long chat.
It may also lead to some unhealthy choices along the way - you know emotionally deprived children look in all the wrong places for acceptance and love. I fear they will have a hard time making friends, and part of that will be because they will carry an entitlement attitude with them for many years to come. I think at least a couple of them will try to
chase after big dreams on TV or in modeling.

Stevie Flicks said...

Kate will be the COurtney Love of reality TV. Her kids will be suing her and appealing to a judge for release from her custody same as Francis Bean did last week, to be free of her mother.

readerlady said...

Ya know, what really scares me is there is a certain type of man who might want to marry Khate, and that is a pedophile. Marry the mom, have easy access to the kids. And, contrary to what some people think, you can't tell a pedophile just by looking at them.

kidsfirst! said...

Aaden will be elected PA state senator and work to change the child labor laws. Cara will work for UNICEF and save children from poverty and despair. Mady will champion animal rights through Peta and have her own personal rescue ranch for unwanted German Shepards. Their "mom" will live alone on the New Jersey shore, chain smoking and have cataracts, self-bleached high lights and long hairs on her chin.

Canadian Mom said...

As another poster brought up before...

Gray Gardens is the only logical answer...

Her own private looney bin...

Canadian Mom said...

When the McMansion is finally repo'd and sold...

I wonder if they'll find any sailcats under the mountain of 'freebies' Kate had...

Ohio Buckeye said...

BH said, "I saw Danny (what a role model) Bonaducci on JVM last night. He was saying the kids should not be taken off camera because that "spoil their normal" and do dangerous stuff to their self-esteem. WTF?

He and Khate deserve each other."


I agree with your last sentence!

Looking at the absolute mess D. Bonaduce has made of his life (and the lives of those close to him), his opinion serves only one purpose: listen carefully to it, then do the opposite.

Bonaduce is clueless and, also like katan, doesn't know when to just shut the H up because talking will serve only to prove just how ignorant he is.

You are right: he and katan deserve each other. They could raise 8 little future Bonaduce Messes to burden the world.

JaxMom said...

I honestly hope that Kate's TV show is successful... and Jon finds his way. Because that would be best for the kids.

If not, there's no way the Gosselins will be able to afford their day school, let alone boarding school, another year. Conservative estimate would be $20k/kid for day school... $50k/kid for boarding... so I'm not sure how anybody thinks that they'll be able to afford $160k - $400k/year for tuition alone. Additional sibling discounts are usually not that much... maybe 10%. Of course, one option would be the free Milton Hershey School...and Kate could drop them all off tomorrow. Requirement is financial or social need... and the kids already have social needs and are on their way to financial needs. Might be the best place for them.

Jon... I too see Jon living with his Mom or brothers. My hope is that he gets a regular job..and becomes a regular guy. The idea of a fireman was a good one from a previous thread. I don't think there's any future in IT for Jon... jobs are already going abroad to much more talented people for less. Perhaps teaching elementary school? He'd have to go back to college... but he's good with small kids... and we need male teachers.

The kids. Mady will write a tell-all. I actually think she's the most likely to emerge unscathed...because she's seen her parents, especially her Mom, for the hypocrites they are. Cara--not sure. If she can keep up her close relationship with her Dad, she might be O.K. The boy tups best hope for normalcy is for Kate to give them to Jon. Where they can be "yucky" boys and enjoy it. The girl tups will grow up to be divas like their Mom... and will not understand why they have absolutely zero friends.

Not a good future, sadly.

Karma said...

The funniest thing about my little story was that I wrote it over a year ago for a friends blog. slowly over a year they have been moving in the direction of the story. Last year it seemed like caricature, but now, not so much.

reality said...

lol said...
No one will marry Kate

D. She got 8 children. Who wants to help a mean ugly woman raise 8 children.
A pedophile. They are out there and they come in all shapes and sizes.

Anonymous said...

I can see Kate as Miss Havisham in Dicken's novel Great Expectations, (suitably apt) hating all men living in the dark in her mansion, no nannies...no one.. with her tattered wedding dress on the table, feebly saying "It's Mine all Mine!!"
Will anyone hear her? No!!!!

silimom said...

I hadn't considered the pedophile angle. I truly hope and pray that Kate is not SO narcissistic that she wouldn't consider that possibility in anyone she dates and/or marries.

Some wonderful insights and perspectives. It is my prayer that both of these people will grow up and rise to the challenge of being truly the best parents they can be to those kids, not just using that phrase as a sound byte.

Unfortunately, the world is populated with many people like Jon and Kate, they're just not infamous. My comfort is that, despite their parents, many children are able to overcome their childhoods and be happy, well adjusted adults. I hope it is the case for Mady, Cara, Aaden, Joel, Collin, Alexis, Hannah and Leah.

Ravello said...

The McMansion/ Konpound will be long gone, foreclosed by the lenders. The luxury cars will be gone. The hired help a distant memory. Kate will flop in TV, who will watch without Jon and the kids. Jon's NYC love pad will be long forgotten. The kids will be in public school and more than half of the kids will be living with Jon. Jon and Kate will be forced to get mainstream jobs after a couple years on the reality show, talk show circuit. Their public lives will end, their 15 minutes will finally end. I pray the kids are normal everyday kids but expect some of them will have emotional issues to deal with. Kate will realize she needs her family and hopefully reconnects with her parents- well maybe, hopefully. People magazine will do an occasional story- Where are they now. Jon and Kate will continue to hate each other which will do more damage to the kids than the TV cameras did.

Anonymous said...

@Karm: I only just read your post, that was hilarious and so well written. Reminds me of Dragnet!! :)

EnjoyYOURSELF said...

Depressing endings, but unfortunately, probably most of it fairly close to the truth.

The one thing I think of is the twins will probably end up living with dad in a couple years. I doubt Kate can handle them when they REALY start acting out as teenagers. Or as tweens.

LouAnn said...

Where will Kate, Jon and the kids be in 10 years?

Kate: Dismissed by the media as an unbankable commodity, she will take a page from Anna Nicole Smith and go back on the prowl for a wealthy old man. She'll need to find one with a pathological need to submit to female domination, and who therefore will not ask her to sign a pre-nup.

Jon: With his money and 15-minutes of fame gone, women in their 20's won't give him the time of day. Too lazy to go back to school, and too vain to accept an average job, Jon will pursue wealthy widows in their 60's, hoping to find one who will succumb to his child-like charm.

Mady: Mady will have petitioned the court for emancipated-minor status by the time she is 16. Her personal life may be rocky, including, sadly, perhaps some substance abuse, and a series of unhappy relationships with both men and women, but eventually she will be courted by publishers to write a tell-all book about her childhood, and with the encouragement of her therapist she will accept a lucrative offer. The book will be cathartic and offer her self-discovery and insight that will help her to gain closure on the past and go on to live a much happier life, although always slightly haunted by those personality traits she inherited from her mother.

Cara: Will not seek emancipation, but on her 18th birthday she will legally change her name and move far away to start a new life. Once in a while people will see the pretty young woman with asian-ish features and 1-inch fingernails and say "Aren't you Cara Gosselin?" and she'll smile politely and say "I get that all the time, but no, I'm not." She will keep in touch with her siblings and father through e-mail and 'phone calls, but she will not ever trust them not to reveal her new identity and therefore she will not tell them her new name or whereabouts. She will have no further communication with Kate after her 18th birthday.

The Tups: In their mind will always be first and foremost "The Tups" above and beyond their personal identities. Now 15, they will be signed by MiTunes, the recording and production arm of Miley Cyrus' mega-empire (which now owns Disney, Sony and a host of other former media standalones). They will be groomed, choreographed, and trained, be christened "The G-Tups", and emerge as the predominant pre-adolescent music idols of the decade, making billions from music, shows, and merchandise. Miley herself will see to it the tups get emancipated-minor status so that Jon and Kate can't touch a cent of their earnings. The first thing they will do is buy the PA estate, long since in foreclosure, and turn it into a museum highlighting the scams and exploitation of their early childhood.

Hope I am Wrong said...

I should also add a few things: Jon and Kate will be bankrupt in the next couple of years. Who knows what will happen...where they will live, how they will make any money at all. I don't see much potential in either of them to do much at all, especially now that they have tasted fame and lots of money. Crashing and burning ahead.

It seems pretty clear that Jon is not interested in any kind of full custody so he and Kate will continue to share custody but will ignore the kids when they have them.

They will both likely write tell-alls in a few years but that will not revive their "careers."

The tups and twins will write a tell all one day - that one I'd love to read. They will resent their parents.

Anonymous said...

The really sad part of all these comments about the kids reaching their teens and leaving, is that Kate will be glad for them to go. They were only cute as long as they were useful.
The Hollow Snow Queen has ice for a heart which no one has managed to even chip!!
I can only wish her five girls with P.M.S. and three boys in a band practising at home!!

anotherthing... said...

Brummygirl said...

"...I can only wish her five girls with P.M.S. and three boys in a band practising at home!!"


THAT will be priceless.

EnjoyYOURSELF said...

"...I can only wish her five girls with P.M.S. and three boys in a band practising at home!!"

LOL Just think; eight teenagers at one time, without Jon there to handle things for her. She won't survive it.

EnjoyYOURSELF said...

BTW, tonight I turned on the t.v., which happened to be tuned to TLC, and, just when I thought she was gone, there is that interview with Kate boohooing about the end of the show. Does she EVER go away?

dustilies said...

brummygirl said . . .
I can only wish her five girls with P.M.S. and three boys in a band practising at home!!


You stated it better, but I wonder if Kate doesn't scheme later for a Naked Brothers/Jonas Brothers made-for-tv gig for her "icky" boys.

And yes, females in the same house tend to synchronize their periods. So she'll need 7 heating pads (girls, her, and not-a-nanny), cases of ibubrofen, and an airlift of tampons and pads to the McMansion.

Oh, wait, by that time, she'll be out of big bucks, and either buying at CVS like the rest of us, or begging for some freebie or product placement (yes, I agree, ewwwwww!)

Did she think about THIS when she was so enamored of HOMs?

Yikes. Next stops, braces, then birth control . . .

Can we hope that there is potentially lucrative tourist attraction in an undiscovered cavern or gem mine on their property so Kate can have what she wants, and the kids will have the long range financial stability they need?

If she gets desperate, she can use the cow pies (organic! organic!) on her property left by the neighbor's herd to heat the McMansion. After all, she is "Can Doo Kate."

ChurchMouse said...

Brummygirl said...

"...I can only wish her five girls with P.M.S. and three boys in a band practising at home!!"


While I dislike what Kate G. has done, exploiting her kids and neglecting their futures, I would not wish PMS on anyone.

PMS is a very real medical condition that causes mild to severe symptoms to those who suffer from it. (See PMDD for more information.) Let's not wish ill health on any of the kids.

Also, keep in mind how well Kate "handles" illness in her children. A "vomitous boy" is left alone on a cold floor. A child with impacted bowels is waved off as an annoyance to the more important choice of furniture colors.

She does not parent. She would not help a teenager with PMS.

My heart aches for these kids. And Kate, having only wanted cute babies, will not be able to cut it as a parent to teenagers. I pray that she gets counseling and takes parenting classes to prepare for what is ahead.

But she won't do that. For her, thst would mean admitting weakness, and folks like that never reach out for help--they only reach out with an accusatory finger to place the blame on anyone else.

Please, Kate, reach out for help from some kind counselor, and leave the publicity out of it.

MissysMom said...

Um....wouldn't it be Can Doo Doo Kate?

kate go away said...

I just watched the View and they had some host from HLN issues with Jane Velez and they discussed the divorce and Baba WaWa is definitely in business with Kate & TLC. First it starts with how Kate got it all. Sherri asks how and Jane says cause he got into a huge battle with TLC and Joy says well he broke his contract. Jane then says that he turned his family into a product(yeah Like Kate didn't have anything to do with that) then they side track to Tiger Woods but Ms Walters wants to get back to the Gosselins and she said quote, "HE LEFT HER and she will continue to make money and JON LEFT HER, she is the one home with the children so don't cry for me argentina my heart is not breaking for him and that they will finish this discussion on her sirius show with Jane tonight at 6. Then Joy says no one's heart is breaking for him, he is THE PERP in this one(I will be right back I have to go throw up)
OK I am back, let's continue, Joy says, "She has another gig with Paula Deen I heard" BaBa very excitely interrupts(as she always does, Well it may not but she will have a career, then Joy asks Jane can Jon prevent her from doing that, and Jane says, she is supposely going to have a show with TLC just with Kate, I don't know who is going to watch, I personally Kate minus the 8, no, is that interesting to you(asking Joy and the ladies) and Joy says, No, No.(that's cause you only like her for your ratings not your competition!!) then Jane finishs with Not to me(about Kate's show being interesting.
So you see folks she will be saved by TLC, ABC, BaBA WaWa. There is something in the works and will find out soon. But the only and I mean the only way she will go away is NO ONE WATCH, not for curiosity, see what her hair looks like, the lighting on her face, or how many times she says, UMM!! You see it's all about the ratings, good or bad, if you watch it's money in their pocket and that is all the executives at TLC, ABC, Jay Leno, etc.. care about. If we fed into it she will never ever go way and those kids will never get back to a normal life. God bless the kids and please I beg someone step up and help Jon. He could have had it all but with the horrible friends, bad lawyers and the media eating him alive Kate looks like the sane one.

teffi said...

I can see first Mady & Cara wanting to live with Jon...after many battles between mom & twins, Kate relents and "allows" the twins to live with dad. A few months later, after not being able to handle icky boys any longer, all 3 boys go for a visit to dads & are just never picked back up by Kate. It will take a few years for the boys to grasp the fact that mommy abandoned them on their dad's doorstep.

The last 3 girls for a time, enjoy being with Kate in the McMansion...but on their visits with their dad & siblings, they realize how much happier all the other kids are...only Hannah continues to defend & want to live with Kate...

In the end 7 of the 8 move in with Jon in a small cramped but happy house...Hannah stands by Kate until the bitter end. Mady, the boys, and Hannah all write tell all books...

HW said...

Ten years from now the kids will be full of bitterness and resentment for what their parents did to them. Jon may show a little bit of regret and try to make amends in some way.

Kate? She will not regret a moment of what she's done, even if it cost her the children she supposedly wanted so badly. She doesn't have it in her to love those children or regret causing pain to anybody. She will never see her mistakes and will sit around wondering why her children hate her.

LP said...

All 8 kids are PMSing as we speak...and by PMS I mean "putting up with mom's $hit".

PMS Queen said...

PMS is a very real medical condition that causes mild to severe symptoms to those who suffer from it. (See PMDD for more information.) Let's not wish ill health on any of the kids


PMS and PMDD are different. PMDD is far more severe than PMS and does not affect that many people. Nearly all women "suffer" from PMS. It's not the same thing and the original poster clearly meant no ill-will on the children considering puberty is inevitable.

Anonymous said...

PMS Queen:
Thank you for understanding my comments re: Church Mouse's post.
I certainly did not wish ill will on the children, she took me too literally. I was referring to what most women go through.

The Big Wooden Spoon said...

LP said...
All 8 kids are PMSing as we speak...and by PMS I mean "putting up with mom's $hit".


LOL! I love your comment!

Rose said...

You know, it's funny...I just went to the theater to see "Everything's Fine" today, and at one point during the movie, I started thinking, "Man, this should be required viewing for Jon and Kate!" It really shows how detached you can become from your own grown children, and what can happen to that relationship if you don't change things in time.

I've said this many times, but it really is true...Kate needs to realize that her kids are not always going to be this little. The tups are so tiny right now - so cheerful, eager, innocent, and willing to go along with it all, but here's the kicker: they don't know anything else! It's not always going to be that way!!!! In just a few short years, they are going to be pre-teens, then adolescents, and then grown adults who are trying to find their own way in life. Those years are difficult under the best of circumstances, and once you become an adult, you really start recognizing whether your parents were there for you or not.

My feeling is that Kate wanted more for HERSELF, and ever since she had those kids, she's been using them to get what SHE wants. There's absolutely no way you can convince me that she and Jon couldn't support their family on real-world jobs...not when there are thousands upon thousands of large American families who are finding a way to make it work every single day of their lives. Kate might be able to use the excuse that her children are not being harmed in any way, but having cameras set up in your home and shoved in your face is NOT conducive to a normal or stable existence for a child. Period.

I hope for the best for all eight of the Gosselin kids, but my fear is that a LOT of trouble is on the horizon for them. Some of them may deal with anger, anxiety, depression, mistrust, and maybe even an inability to maintain healthy relationships with anybody. Some may have a very hard time separating television from reality. Kate has already told us that Mady and Cara are dealing with the "Who are my real friends?" issue. Does she honestly believe that that's ever gonna go away for her kids, now that their whole lives have been thrown in front of the world?

A few of the kids might try to embrace the spotlight as they grow older. They'll relish in being the center of attention, just as their mother has. Trouble is, none of that is real, and the problems will kick in once they realize that it's all fake, empty, and devoid of any true happiness. Certain other Gosselin kids might be desperate to hide from all of it and will have a very tough time doing so, because paparazzi will still be trying to document their every move and watch them fall on their faces. Again, I hope they are able to find happiness somehow, but it's going to be a long and difficult fight to accomplish that in the long run.

Mystical said...

Yes, Kate Go Away, I saw Baba Walters say that about Kate on the View and nearly choked. She was so excited to be in the know regarding Kate's future TV endeavors, that she nearly hyperventilated as she rudely interrupted Joy. Babs also spewed lies about Jon again, by swearing he was the one that left Kate and we all know that's not true. Sickening, & quite unreal to see the media get facts wrong time after time. The co-hosts seem to have very little respect for Barbara, as they watch her make a fool of herself nearly every day she's on that show.

jibberjabbers said...

teffi said...

only Hannah continues to defend & want to live with Kate...

I don't know about this. Hannah seems to be attached to Jon also.

She's always hugging and kissing him.

Matter of fact, every kid seems to be more attached to Jon.

And by Kate trying to distant the kids further away from Jon would only make the kids miss him even more.

Well Kate say to the media, "the kids were whaling on the ride home today asking where is daddy?"..

No. Because that serves HER no purpose.

And when we all know what happens to things that serves no purpose to her majesty the "king". (Kate on dude ranch episode - yells I king of the world)..

What happens to things or persons that serves her no purpose, will be thrown out of her life.

patty271 said...

Jon will move in with "Octomom" Nadya, who admitted in an interview a few months ago that she had "a little crush" on him. And they will exploit her 14 children and his 8 children in another TV show. Scary thought, huh?!

she is evil said...

Kids raised under horrible conditions can be resilient and turn out okay, stronger even, or they can crumble. Who knows what will become of those eight kids, but they are being raised by a bunch of nannies and by turns ignored, yelled at, and exploited by their mother. Their father appears to be the one bright spot in their lives and he is being squeezed out by the powers that be. Those kids have no example of a steadily working parent, however, and that's troublesome. Jon and Kate are both negligent in not seeking steady employment. A little money is better than none and they may very well run out. Television is a dicey place to make a living, especially if you have lack beauty, charm, intelligence and education.

LisaNH said...

Rose said...
" but here's the kicker: they don't know anything else! It's not always going to be that way!!!! "


No truer words, Rose. I so agree. The kids sense of being is so warped. Since being a "show biz" family is all that they know, it will be a miracle if they survive in the outside world once they are grown. The only chance they will have is time spent with their father because at least he interacts with them. For Kate it's just an opportunity to parade them around like circus animals.

Not only that, they live in a Konpound away from real people and real world activities. The only interaction they get with people who are not hired help are the kids at school but I wonder if since all they know is each other (because I'm sure Kate has never had play dates at their home or taken the tups over to friends houses for playdates since it doesn't appear as though they have any friends.).

When they do get out in the world, I really don't see them blossoming and being successful (I hope I'm wrong). Their lives have been so sheltered and they have essentially lived in exile thanks to Mommy's greed.

teffi said...

Kate's favorite gossip site RadarOnline is reporting that Kate was "fired" from the Paula Dean talk show for being too controversial.

At least that's one show she won't get a free pass on.

laura linger said...

Karma, that was genius.

silimom said...

Patty271 - Scary scenario. But very plausible.

I've come up with a new prediction:

I think as the attention fades and as they become poorer and poorer, the two of them will eventually stage a "reconciliation" trying to garner a new tv show at best and at worst they'll market themselves as guest speakers again (we got taken in by mean old TLC but we found our way back to God and each other). They will co-author a book together about their separation, divorce, their fall from television grace and their recommitment to God and each other which will give them some air time on the am talk shows and will put them back on the gossip sites and covers. A different network will approach them about doing a "special" about their new lives which will eventually turn into another series... and the whole mess will start again.

PMDDHereAlso said...

PMS Queen: thanks for clarifying. As a PMDD sufferer (and yes it's suffering) I can also testify that it is far to the extreme of any "run of the mill" PMS. I routinely (passively, T.G.) contemplated suicide before I got help for the PMDD (or even knew for sure that is what it was).
I also don't think that someone making a comment about teen girls in PMS at the same time or whatever, is making light of any situation. Sad but true: that in our society, people quip about someone having PMS or "PMS'ing" and they aren't meaning to be nasty or ugly about it. I think taking it that way is being too sensitive (and I am the one with PMDD! lol )

N.E. Psychologist said...

This question actually makes me unbearably sad.

Laurie said...

silimom said...
Patty271 - Scary scenario. But very plausible.

I've come up with a new prediction:

I think as the attention fades and as they become poorer and poorer, the two of them will eventually stage a "reconciliation" trying to garner a new tv show at best and at worst they'll market themselves as guest speakers again (we got taken in by mean old TLC but we found our way back to God and each other). They will co-author a book together about their separation, divorce, their fall from television grace and their recommitment to God and each other which will give them some air time on the am talk shows and will put them back on the gossip sites and covers. A different network will approach them about doing a "special" about their new lives which will eventually turn into another series... and the whole mess will start again.


Another prediction....Jon will go online and get his "degree" to become televangelist preacher - he and kHate will see the light, get back together, start their own church, preach against the evils of reality TV and bilk million$ from their followers.