Saturday Fun Time - Title the Book

I was thinking since Jon and Kate are both rumored to be writing tell all books wouldn't it be fun to try and guess what the titles might be? Here a a few of my guesses.

For example in the Non Fiction Section

My TRUTH....All the lies I have told by Kate Gosselin

My TRUTH....All the lies I have told by Jon Gosselin

Our TRUTH....All the lies we have told by Jon and Kate

The REAL TRUTH....and other Myths by TLC

You TRULY believed it was a documentary? Eileen O'neil

The TRUTH is in the lies of the Jon & Kate

In the Fiction Section:

The Simple the Gosselin Kids.

I could go on and on (and probably will) but I know you all want a chance to write the titles!

Submitted by konhasyoufooled. Thank you!


Lucy said...

Truth is powerful and it will prevail...the Gosselin 8.

MomOf4InPA said...

Me, MySelf, and I, Because I Am All That Matters...Katie Irene Kreider-Gosselin (Kate + 8, No Jon Necessary)

MINE ALL MINE...The True Story of Kate Gosselins Rise To Ultimate World-Wide Fame and Domination...(Ghost Written by Jamie Ayers)

Hooker Heels and Halter Tops, A Kate Gosselin Pictorial....Various P-People

The LabelMaker, A True Life Love Story...Kate (She no longer needs any last name)

Not a tell-all title, but...

How To Put Your Kids Thru College...The Art of Using Coupons

me,myself and I said...

"Everyone wants my hair ,and other things I would like you to believe" by Kate Gosselin

"Do you want a piece of me? because every woman out there does, the story of my womanizing" by Jon Gosselin.

Kate is the Mayor of Crazytown said...


"Ummm. In My Own Wirds." - by Kate Gosselin

"Think Only Of Yourself and Grow Pretend Rich!" - by Kate Gosselin

"A Nerd No More. How I FINALLY Got the Recognition I've Always Known I Deserve -- Without Learning Any Skills Or Developing Any Talents" - by Kate Gosselin

"Overcoming High School Hideousness. Learn My Secrets For Getting What I Need to in Order to Pretend To Myself a That I'm Not an Incredible Loser. Hint: My Technique for Using Real People (Handy Children!) Has Also Made Me Ptetend Rich!" - by Kate Gosselin

Amy2 said...

Self-Help Section

How to Alienate Friends and Family by Kate Gosselin

How to Scam the Viewers by Jon and Kate Gosselin

How to Exploit Children for Fame and Fortune by Kate Gosselin with Introduction by Jon Gosselin

KAte is the Mayor of CrazyTown said...


"Pride and Pretense" - by Kate Gosselin and Eileen O'Neil

"The Fall of America, Part TWO" - by the viewers of Jon and Kate plus 8

"A Tale of Two Sh*tties" - by Jon and Kate Gosselin

"Moby Should Let Us Have Backstage Passes" - by Kate Gosselin

"A Grape at My Table" - by Hannah Gosselin

"Grapes of Promotional Saran Wrap" - by Colin and Joel Gosselin

"The Visible Man" - by Aaden Gosselin

"Prozac Nation, TWO" - by Alexis Gosselin

"The Motherhood of the Traveling and Out-Of-Fashion Miniskirt" - by Leah Gosselin

"Along Came a Spooky Crooked House" - by Cara Gosselin

"A Star is Born" - by Mady Gosselin

Kate is the Mayor of Crazytown said...

HAHAH - "The Labelmaker"...I LOVE that one!

The Big Wooden Spoon said...

How about "The Lyin', the Bitch, and the Wardrobe" by the Gosselin Eight?

Jen said...

Trust me, I am a complete cynic , but...if by any chance Jon Gosselin actually wrote a tell all... I would not be ashamed to buy it. I would even buy it as presents for friends I know.

It doesn't even need to be completely true. I'm sure it would have a white lie here or there, but I would love to hear the whole time line of events from his perspective. He's the only one who has come out and said he has made mistakes, and I don't believe a WORD of what comes out of that woman's mouth.

TLC and she completely ran him into the gutter and he deserves a fair chance to explain himself in his own words without some interviewer who has already passed judgment on him. I mean, who knows, maybe the reason he was doing all of those bizarre appearances was to make money in order to pay for all the legal counsel he knew he was going to need in order to go up against Kate and TLC.

It would be utterly fascinating to hear what he must have been thinking at the beginning when they were asked to start touring churches to where they ended up at.

NY times bestseller. Who isn't curious?

lakelover said...

It might be a crazy truth but it's ARE truth!

Kate is the Mayor of CrazyTown said...

"The Little (and Lonely) Princess" - by Hannah Gosselin

"The Picture of Dorian, er...Kate Gosselin" - by Kate Gosselin

"The Famine-in Mystique: Craft Services and Gender Identity Constructs" - by Leah Gosselin

"Little House on the Driveway" - by Alexis Gosselin

Tangerine Tanya said...

Wuthering (I am not afraid of) Heights.

Kate is the Mayor of CrazyTown said...

OMG - this is so much fun! A few more, then I'll stop... :)

"An American Childhood Lost" - by Aaden Gosselin

"You Can't Go Home Again -- But Why Would You Want Too?" - by Colin Gosselin

"Call of the Wild, Two" - by Joel Gosselin

"She-Wolf" - by Jon Gosselin

"The Secret, Secret Garden - a Place Without Cameras" - by the Gosselin 8

" 'Compassionate Child-rearing'? " - by Kate Gosselin

"One Fish, Two Fish - DON'T SQUISH IT, DON'T SQUISH IT!!!!" - by Kate Gosselin

"Green Envy and I'm a HAM!" - by Kate Gosselin

"Hop on Pop, 'cause He's the Only Nice One" - by the Gosselin Tups

"Have You Seen My Mother, Two" - by the Gosselin 8

"Everybody Sues" - by the Gosselin 8

1momski said...

KAte is the Mayor of CrazyTown , that was so funny! What wit you have. Thanks for sharing that.

wilma said...

serious can they write tell all books. Won't they be under non-disclosure like the survivor & real world & amazing race folks. I have always wanted a book from one of those players. As well as one from the "there goes the neighborhood" cast but they never write them because they are legally bound to secrecy punishable by a huge fine.

Anonymous said...

For Kate:

"How to aspire to the Worst Dressed List"...

"Following Mommy Dearest"

"If I ruled the World...heck I do"!!!

"My Story"...comes with an intepreter!"

"Life in the organized closet!!"

"My life may be fake, but it is My life!!"

"Cooking Anyone? Ten good hints on plagiarism!!"

"The Eight Step Program..Ignore, Ignore, Ignore, Ignore, Ignore, Ignore, Ignore, Ignore and Ignore"

"Life as a Yo Yo"

"Graduating from Hell!"

Kate is the Mayor of Crazytown said...

"American Consumerism and the Lost Art of Cinema" by M. Gosselin (with forward by Peter Bogdanovich)

"Rich Dad, Poor Dogs" by Shokla and Nala Gosselin

"High Infidelity" by J. Gosselin

Miss said...

The Mad Hatter
Green Eggs and No Ham
The Kat in The Hat
Mother (Is Loose) Goose

Not exactly John Steinbeck said...

Of Swines and Jon and Kate Gosselin.

Yes, I Boinked Her! Steve Neild

Nap Buddies...By Jamie Ayers

We Came, We Saw, We Wish We Had Bitten Her in the Shoka and Nala

konhasyoufooled said...

The Grapes of MY Wrath....Kate G
the revised edition.

How to keep your 5 year old looking youthful...Kate Gosselin

sneak preview....

apply bibs when dining

place child in highchair

serve a grape, cracker, tiny block of cheese on paper plates no silverware needed

apply subtitles when children are conversing.

carry fav child hither dither and yon for amazing youthful results.

For The Moment? said...

The Truth Kate Gosselin

The Truth Shall Set You Gosselin Tups and Twins with special thank you to all those who worked so hard on our behalf (GWOP).

Just My Few Canadian Cents said...

Nonfiction section:

"Everything I have ever done, has always been for my children: why the eight lawsuits against me are without merit." by Kate Gosselin

weak attempt said...

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest subtitled: Ballooning with Kate

The complete how-to including chapters on the following:
The proper dress
The appearance of modesty while flashing those hot pink panties yet again
PR maneuvers with water bottle handoffs
Creative finger flapping

Bye Bye Kate, Time to Go said...

Love is in the Mix by Kate Gosselin and Nap Buddy

CrazyK8 said...

The Big Wooden Spoon said...
How about "The Lyin', the Bitch, and the Wardrobe" by the Gosselin Eight?


Genius! I LOVE it!!

Non Fiction Category said...

Mother of Pearl is Not a Precious Gem and Other Things Our Mother Never Taught Us by Cara and Mady Gosselin

dustilies said...

So funny--you guys really crack me up!

By Kate Gosselin:

Kate Gosselin and the Chamber of Secrets, or Why I have a Deadbolt on my Bedroom Door.

Diana and Me: The Amazing Parallels in the Lives of Two Amazing Single Moms.

Horrendously Horrendous: My Mistreatment by the Media

Helllloooooo: Tips on Interpersonal Relationships With Those You Don't Care About but Wish to Control.

The Purloined Bank Account: How to Hide Income from Your Husband Long before Discussing Divorce

Single Bless1ng: The Story of Me,and Me Only
(that's supposed to be a numeral one instead of an i in Blessing)

konhasyoufooled said...

wIthering Heights..How Kate shrunk me by J Gosselin

I blew the whistle on mommy and she spanked me by Leah Gosselin

alana said...

"Childhood Lost"

by Mady and Cara Gosselin

Tangerine Tanya said...

"He's just not that into you"
Dedicated to Kate fr.Jon

"He's into you" By Steve Neild

"She's Just Not That Into Us"
Dedicated to Kate by
her sweet children.

Duckman said...

"You'll Never Eat Lunch in This Town Again" by the populations of Wyomissing, Wernersville, Reading, and Silver Spring

"Life Underneath the Bus" by Jon Gosselin

"On the Road [Yet Again]" by the Gosselin Kids

"As I Lay Dying of Thirst" by Mady Gosselin

"American Psycho: My Life with Kate" by Jon Gosselin

"Me of Little Faith" by Kate Gosselin

"Fight Club" by Jon and Kate Gosselin

"The Kid Stays in the Picture" by Kate Gosselin

"Without Us You're Nothing" by the Gosselin Kids

"Where the Wild Things Are" by Jon Gosselin

alana said...

"My Mother, My Captor"

by Collin Gosselin

"Everybody Loves Me"

by Hannah Gosselin

"How To Help Us"

by Take Greedlin

mommadiane5 said...

"I did it all for my children's" money by: Kate Gosselin

Not Exactly John Steinbeck said...

Minding My Melons...How to Garden Organically and Successfully Raise 7 Children Without Exploiting Henry, The Amish Farmer

We Tried To Help, We Really Grandpa and Grandma Kreider

Someone Had To Do It! How I Single Handedly Brought Down TLC and The Balloon Boy

Meltdowns Don't Impress Me...By Paula D.

Paps on the Pink Cell Phone
Batter Up! The Wooden Spoon

DLCF said...

I'd like to nominate The Big Wooden Spoon for post of the day, please.

As for a book idea...

This will be the hottest new potty-training guide of 2010, ya'll--
"Everybody Poops, and I've Got Pictures To Prove It"

Not a fan of either said...

My Life in a White Plastic Chair - by Kate Gosselin

Why I Love Poop - Kate Gosselin

Hooker Heels and Hats in Review - Kate Gosselin

or she could do a children's book called, The Rat Under My Hat.

How about,

Jon Wan - by Jon Gosselin

Terri said...

"Truth-like Truthiness; The Gosselin Story" Written by a disposable ghost writer.

Another attempt said...

Bedknobs and Broomsticks
the Kate Gosselin Story

Laurie said...

The Idiot's Guide to Being, Well, Ummm, An Idiot! By Kate Gosselin

LOL! said...

The Big Wooden Spoon said...
How about "The Lyin', the Bitch, and the Wardrobe" by the Gosselin Eight?

10/24/2009 1:26 PM
oh my gosh. so clever!

Darcy said...

Okay, let's see -

Her Bite Is As Bad As Her Bark...The Kate Gosselin Story - by Nala and Shoka

Marketing Multiples for Dummies

GoPoshGo said...

Multiple Messings: Thriving to nose-diving.

By Beth Carson

crabbygirl said...

No titles to add but just had to tell you the titles so far are great!! Keep them coming.

heeheehee said...

Needed this laugh after a very hard day!
You guys are all so funny!!
I love them all.

Just Jon
by Jon Gosselin

Marketing Multiples
by Jon Gosselin

Through My Bangs
by Cara Gosselin

Travel Guide for Kids
by the Gosselin 6

Bye Bye Kate said...

Multiple Blessings, Moms Gone by the Gosselin 8

fakes said...

CZs and Mother of Pearl

(if) I DID IT! said...

"IF I Exploited My Children: Here's How It Happened"
By Kate Gosselin-Neild
Foreward By OJ Simpson

Rose said...

From Diapers to Dollars: Kate Gosselin's Race to the Millions Via Eight Little Human Piggy Banks

It's All For My Kids: The Art of Telling Lies and Repeating Worldwide for Added Effect

The True Story of Jon and Kate Gosselin's Clueless and Wimpy Child (Their Words, Not Mine) - by Joel Gosselin

My Mother's Daughter - A Scary Story by Madelyn Gosselin

If You Poop It, They'll Film It: Private Childhood Milestones Exposed for Precious College Dollars

Well-Rounded and Adaptable: Why My Kids are Better than Yours (and How Even You can Become a Supermom Like Me) - by Kate Gosselin

Get out of my face I'm not your mother said...

Happy Meals are Fun: Kate Gosselin's look at her career after show business. (Sold in the U.K. as "Would You Like Fries With That?")

A followup study gives an in depth study of the bankruptcy of McDonalds.

Lucy said...

You bloggers are amazing! What a talented group of individuals from all walks of life, all different locations, with one the Gosselin 8! So glad to be a small part of you all....THANKS for your blogs...Just frigg**n wonderful! Now to stop sides hurt already.

Gene said...

Multiple Ble$$ing$ - by Kate Gosselin

Grace J said...

Still LMAO from all the titles!

The CrotchShot Monologues....
Foreword by : Sharon Stone
by Kate Gosselin

cdnmom47 said...

The Big Wooden Spoon said:

"The Lyin, the Bitch and the Wardrobe" by the Gosselin Eight.


yeaisaidthat said...

Mother of Multiples to Single Mom.

The 'I Can Do' Guide to Exploiting Your Children For Profit.

Are You There God, It's Me, Kate Gosselin.

Ravello said...

I'm waiting for the tell all books written by the 8 kids. Mady's will be first.
My Mother went Hollywood and all I got was a lousy T shirt.

Kate's book will be titled:
It's All About ME.

Jon's book will be titled:
What Happened To All Of Are Money?

zee said...

"The View from Under the Bus" by everyone who ever knew or is related to Kate G.

AnneMarie said...

How to Exploit Children for Fame and Fortune by Kate Gosselin with Introduction by Jon Gosselin

Prologue by Richard Heene

Just My Few Canadian Cents said...

"Aldergator Pie: The Childhood that Wasn't" by Alexis Gosselin

"Two was most certainly enough" by Mady Gosselin

"Together forever: and all other lies my parents told me, before, during and after their Hawaii vow renewal ceremony" by Aaden Gosselin

"Growing up Gosselin" by Cara G.

"My Mother's Favourite" by Hannah Gosselin

"Blowing the Whistle on Child Exploitation" by Leah Gosselin

"A life that's full of s**t: My lifelong struggles with impacted bowels" by Colin Gosselin

"The Not-A-Nanny's Diaries: Life in the Gated Konpound" by the Gosselin nanny, ghost written by Joel Gosselin

we said...

Bravo to The Big Wooden Spoon.

lukebandit said...

Gosselins for Dummies

Tangerine Tanya said...

Scary Hairy Potter

A combination of both Jon and Kate

Reality Bites said...

"Lead Roles in Reality TV Programming: Today's Employment Solution For The Emotionally Unbalanced"

organizedblogroll said...

Eight Little Moneymakers by Kate Gosselin.

fidosmommy said...

"The Stick Never Came Out" by the children of Kate Gosselin

tj said...

"The English Language Butcherer"

Rose said...

I have one more...

Apologies: Why I Have None (And Why the Demise of My Family is All Your Fault...Yes, Yours! Not Mine!) by Kate Gosselin

jasmine said...

"Multi Faith Cons and Other Scams" by Jon and Kate Gosselin (encyclopedia edition)

livnluv said...

"Every Breath I Take"

Story by Jon Gosselin
Squabble interlude by "The Police"

dedicated to Kate Gosselin
The "Queen" of Con

"You Took My Breath Away"

wicked howdy said...

fidosmommy said...

"The Stick Never Came Out" by the children of Kate Gosselin

10/24/2009 7:01 PM

another crack-me-up posts always crack me UP!

karma train said...

The Lyin, the Bitch and the Wardrobe" by the Gosselin Eight.


10/24/2009 5:27 PM

brilliantly funny!

Anonymous said...

This has been so funny, you ladies are a riot!!
A couple more....

"High Heels from Lowly Places, My Rise to Infamy"!!

"I Captured The Castle...all $1.2 million dollars of it. Mine, all mine".

"Kate Gosselin's Book of Fairy Tales"....

"Mirror, Mirror on the wall..
I just know I am the fairest of them all.

Katie Muffet sat on her plastic tuffett..the whole long day.
The Paps spied..her with Neild beside her, as she hid her money away....

tami said...

Are Show is Are Lie and Are Lie is Are Show

Tami said...

Childhood? What Childhood?--by the Gosselin kids

Tami said...

My Like Life as Like the 2nd Most Popular Person in the Like World--Jon

Not Exactly John Steinbeck said...




both by Beth Carsen

SwingsandRoundabouts said...

-The Grapes of Lunch
-Katie in Wonderland
-Mad About Me
-My Heart of Darkness
-Kate's Follies
-Because I Can

all by Kate I. Gosselin

she is evil said...

The Memories...Oh God...The Frickin' Memories..... by the Gosselin Kids

Take Paws said...

Where Have All The Children Gone?
15 Years Later---- by Kate Gosselin

kate is a cocky bitch said...

if the greedy witch writes a cookbook she can title it Bitch in the Kitch

kate is a cocky bitc said...

and if she writes another book about her kids she can titled it Eight Exploited Faces

Kate the best conman said...

If she writes a book about how to scam money by manipulating the public, it will be a huge hit. She made lots money before people discovered she is a fraud. Octomom and Richard Heene hasn't gained financially yet. Their lies couldn't last a day. Bravo to Gosselins, their scam lasted for quite a while.

readerlady said...

I'm not feeling very creative tonight, but I'll give this a shot.

How Not To Win Friends and Influence People - by Kate Gosselin

Eight Little Faces and How to Exploit Them - by Kate Gosselin

Child Exploitation For Fun and Profit - by Kate Gosselin

Child Exploitation For Dummies - by Kate Gosselin

Dustilies, Thrashulaciousness and Other Vocabulary Additions: The New English - by Kate Gosselin

I'm a Celebrity, Let Me In - by Kate Gosselin

Celebrities Don't Write Thank-You Notes - by Kate Gosselin

Tyra said...

OMG! These are all so funny and quite clever!

The Good, the Bad and the Exploited
by Not a Nanny

Who's Afraid of Kate Gosselin?
by the Gosselin Eight

How to Market and Create Your Own Brand
By Jon and Kate Gosselin
Prelude by Dr.Phil

konhasyoufooled said...

My Plastic Surgeries: The Series

by Kate Gosselin

Why mom sent us to Boarding School subtitled *we didn't know how to help her* The Gosselin 8

I was a crooked *she*man....Kate
I had a crooked *spouse*....Jon
We both lived together in a little crooked house by J&K Gosselin

finalarbitrator said...

"How Not To Be a Contract Honorer Without Even Trying" by Kate Gosselin

"Target, Kinkos and Other P-People Hot Spots" by KI Gosselin

"Dressing for the Press" By Katie G

"How I Survived the Gosselin Years" by Not-A Nanny

readerlady said...

The Abusive Spouse:How To Recognize Him/Her Before You Marry - by Jon Gosselin

Stretch Limos and Other Perks: How to Scam Charities - by Kate Gosselin

ShamIAm said...

Planning Ahead for My Children's Bail and Psych Counselling - Why I Now Need Love Offerings to Start This Fund

MickeyMcKean said...

I have been enjoying reading all the above titles and then this morning the following "How To" books titles came to me, all written by Kate Gosselin:

"How To Manage A Flock of Sheeple Without German Shepards"

"How To Become The Most Hated Woman In America"

"How Princess Diana and I Became Famous Mothers"

"How To Convince Yourself You Have A Gift of Gab"

"How To Go From Sweat Pants To Stilettos"

"How To Get A Reality Show That Is Not Real"

"How To Live On TLC's Perks"

"How To Abuse A Passive Spouse In Public"

"How To Live Life Off The Backs Of Your Own Children"

"How To Train A Bodyguard To Carry Your Purse"

"How To Have A Nap Buddy"

"How To Do An Interview Without Really Answering Any Questions"

"How to Act Like A Diva Even When You Have No Talent"

"How To Hire And Fire 40 People In 40 Days"

"How Not To Allow Your Children To Have Normal Childhoods"

"How to Have Multiples And Not Have To Work To Support Them"

"How To Have Multiples Without Your Husband's Knowledge"

"How To Be A Human Incubator And Wind Up With Your Own TV Reality Show"

and I think my favorite would have to be:

"How The Balloon Boy Burst My Bubble - How A Hoax Woke Up The Public About The Exploitation of Children On Reality TV So *MY* Show Got Cancelled!!!!"

Pamela Jaye said...

I haven't read them all (but BOY I want to) that OUR Life thing on the show open, especially when it's almost all that's left... it's always sounded... I couldn't come up with it till today - defiant.

Which brings up the question - is it possible for a narcissist to care what other people think? It's sounded like she has something to prove.

Love the titles. And I would definitely read Jon's book. (didn't say I'd buy it, but if thought it would get him custody, I definitely would)

Mine, All Mine is a great title.

Not Exactly John Steinbeck said...

You Get What You Get and You Don't Throw A Judge Tilden, Montomery County Courts

Oy Vey!...By Jon Gosselin

Thank God, They Didn't Claim To Be Pope Benedict XVI

It Doesn't Pay To Be Aunt Jodie

The Big Wooden Spoon said...

Pamela Jaye said...
....that OUR Life thing on the show open, especially when it's almost all that's left... it's always sounded... I couldn't come up with it till today - defiant.

ITA! I have always suspected that she was talking to her parents. Defiant is the perfect word for her tone of voice.

The Big Wooden Spoon said...

McMansion On $5 A Day
(aka Freebies for Dummies)

Nyk said...

All I Ever Wanted was a Bagel - Alexis Gosselin

Don't Throw My Lovey Away - Colin Gosselin

I Just Want Some Water - Mady Gosselin

How Jon Took Away My Nobu - Kate Gosselin

Me and My Dogs - Jon Gosselin

Mommy Loves Me Best and It Shows - Hannah Gosselin

Gosselins please give up!! said...

Jon & His side Plus The Lies

T said...

Child Exploitation for Dummies by TLC

Are You My Mother Part Two: A tale of endless nannies By The Tups

Misery Loves Company: The Real Story of the Gosselin Eight by The Gosselin Eight

Lying With Confidence by Kate

A Uterus of Gold: How One Woman Used her Reproductive Organs to Finance The Good Life (A Tell-All Story from the Reproductive Drs involved in Kate's pitiful plan).

There's No Such Thing as a Free Tummy Tuck by Dr. Glassman (Subtitle: How A Simple Act of Kindness Turned My Life Upside Down).

jasmine said...

Free Labor! How To Make Millions Off Of Working Minors On Reality Shows - by Eileen O'Neil

How We Made Our Parents Rich and Now Our Parents Are Making Us Poor - by the Gosselin Children

The Battle Of The Brand - by Jon and Kate Gosselin and TLC

Protecting Your Client: Using A Purse As A Weapon - by Steve Neild

Niki said...

Mommie Dearest 2 - By Cara and Mady Gosselin (soon to be a major motion picture!)

mamafrog74 said...

"What a Crock!
Eggplant Parmesan and Other Meals
We Never Had: An Organic Cookbook"
by The Gosselin Children

Tangerine Tanya said...

While Kate is sitting in the interview chair she can read us the book called:

"Much Ado About Nothing"

VF is my bible said...

If I'd Only Had One More...

jibberjabbers said...

I "work" for a publication company and came across a "leaked" copy of Kate's new book that she wrote all by herself.

rural mom said...

Stolen Titles - cause Kate is nothing but a hoax, a liar, a cheater and a scam artist:

"The Bitch is Back".
"Beauty Fades, Dumb is Forever"
"Bleak House"

konhasyoufooled said...

Dumb and Dumber.........J&K Gosselin


notananny said...

'I Did It All Alone' by the Nanny

call me quasy said...

Guide to Bathroom Etiquette: "Poopular Mechanics" by Gosselin Tups

Tales from the Chicken Coop: That Kate is one "scrambled" egg by Lulu, Dude Ranch personnel and boy tups!!!!!!!

SCAMelot by Katie G. and Bernie M.

Bubblegum and Blankies by Collin Gosselin

Honey, I Shrunk the Bank Account by Jon

JJL said...

My Mullet and me - By Kate the hair Gosselin

Anonymous said...

"Alien Abduction" by Jon Gosselin

she is evil said...

I Have Never Met Any of My 26 Grandchildren by Kate Gosselin

she's gained weight said...

"My Back Hurts" by the Horse at the Dude Ranch

Look@me,I'm famous said...

Ruined...A Kate Gosselin guide to turning the happiest place on earth into the worst vacation ever

Coloring with your mind....A Crayola experience by The Gosselin 8

Frugalish...How a single mother of 8 can live on 1000 dollars by Kate

The Old man and the Sea hag by Steve Nield

101 uses for a purse by Kates bills

What the heck is Grandmawl soup? by The phantom granny

East Coast Gal said...

Wicked Witch of the EAST is Alive! a really real account of one mother's struggle to bribe a network, backstab a best friend, emasculate a husband and steal the childhoods of her eight children. (written by Beth Carson)

Katezilla said...

OMG! You guys are soooo funny! Keep it going. I'm not as creative but here's my contribution:

The Multi-functional Laundry Room: For clothes and sick children. - by Kate Gosselin

Million Dollar Babies - by Kate Gosselin

The Joy of Money - by Kate Gosselin

Bib-Burners - The Gosselin Kids Future rock band name.

call me quasy said...

Howdy Duty: The only guide you'll ever need to toilet training--no strings attached .

Kelly34 said...

Useless: How to screw up the easiest, most lucrative job on Earth. -by Jon and Kate Gosselin

Greed -by Jon and Kate Gosselin

All Women Lie: Why I'm Not Just a Huge, Whoring Tool. -by Jon Gosselin

How to Snag Jailbat -by Jon Gosselin

Vanessa said...

How to Squeeze $1000 into a $4000 Purse
How to acheive Singledom-Make sure NOBODY knows how to help you
How to fill in the prerequisite time for an interview-the power of ummmm and HELLOOOOOO??
How to ecome an ORGANIC Cosumer in one easy step-Just SAY you are!

Miss said...

"I'm NOT Ruined"-by Leah Gosselin

eileen said...

"M I L F" - Mother I'd Like To FORGET" by G8...

"From Here to Fertility ... in 4 short years"

"It May Be A Passive/Agressive Life, But it's My Life" by JGosselin

Janine said...

Is K8 still at the womens conference this week? I saw she was going to be on Ellen. I can''t help but think she won't be getting the same 'warm fuzzies' when she shows up. We will see. She is unaware of reality anyway.

Janine said...

"I like to make memories and traditions"
K8 Gosselin How I use items my kids bought (diamonds, mother of pearl, trips times 8 to show you how much I love the number 8)

Look@me,I'm famous said...

Who moved my cheese cubes? A guide to catering by Craft Services

From Heels to Eternity-An active lifestyle guide for women who only pack heels by Kate

I feel kinda bad that this is so fun:)

Vanessa said...

Oh Man!! These are pricless!
Such a smart following here! Kudos!

Pamela Jaye said...

Driving Miss Katie - Or Maybe Not, Well I Always Wanted to see DC - but Connecticut Volunteer Mom

pogo said...

I think the title should be:
Fame, Greed and Our Free Lunch, Thankyou America!

Pamela Jaye said...

If I Act Out Enough, Maybe I Can Feed The Ducks in Peace - by Mady Gosselin

Angel1 said...

You guys are so funny!! My sides hurt from laughing so hard at these.

Snickers39 said...

Our Mother Got a Nap Buddy and All We Got Were These Lousy Chewies - by the Gosselin 8.

call me quasy said...

Mom, we wanna know: Does chewing gum lose its flavor on the bedpost overnight?

Collin + the rest of us

Not Exactly John Steinbeck said...

High Road Taker, a Guide to the Underground Sewer Systems of America By Kate Gosselin

I'll Never Trust My Children's Judgement Again by Maria Shriver

I Knew They Were Idiots From The Beginning by Bob Carson

We'll Mow When We Damned Well Please by The Old E-Town Neighbors

go away.. said...

i am a contract honorer...well, except for that pesky marriage thing...

Snickers39 said...

Praying For The Day I Can't See Sheeple by Aaden Gosselin.

From Aldegators to Bagels: Surviving the Konspiracy by Alexis Gosselin.

No Longer the Last in Line by "$" (formerly known as Joel Gosselin)

East Coast Gal said...

Post it Notes and Leadership:
You too can take charge of subordinates in a few easy steps! By Kate Gosselin

theresa said...

I'm laughing so hard my tummy hurts...ok here are mine:

Mock Matrimony by J&K G

Oh even's some book titles with TLC in mind:

Say Yes To The Therapist by the +8

18 Under 18 and Counting by Jon Gosselin

American Disater: the Gosselin 8

I Didn't Know I Was Supposed To Be Mother: by KG

Masters of Deception: by the TLC Film Crew

Unhinged: A True Tale of How Our Family Fell Apart by the G8

Wedded to Perfection-I didn't know what I was getting myself into by JG

Stranger Invasion: Being raised by nannies my whole life by the Tups

oooohhhh i could go on and on...can't wait til more people post!!

Just My Few Canadian Cents said...

A book Kate could actually have written without Beth:


Books the kids could write:

Have You Seen My Mother?

Lies My Mother/Father Told Me.

What the Dogs Saw.

Tuesdays with Dr. Phil.

Eight Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

American Psycho.

Ship Of Fools said...

"The Idiot and The Odd to See" - a Greek tragedy set in rural Pennsylavania

Ship Of Fools said...

An Inconvenient Truth: A How-To Guide on What To Do When It All Hits The Fan, and the Suckers Realize You've Scammed Them

Field of Daisies said...

From Bible to Bull$#*# - A Scriptural Journey to Financial Redemption

Tyra said...

The Fall of the House of Gosselin
by Aunt Jodi

The Joy of Cooking Organic
by Kate Gosselin

Where have all the Sheeple Gone?
by Kate Gosselin

Fed Up said...

Kate's World, Kate's World! by Kate Gosselin

My Excellent Adventure! by Jon Gosselin

Wicked by Jon Gosselin

Where The Wild THINGS Are by Mady Gosselin

Fed Up said...

Our Big Fat Fake Wedding by Jon & Kate Gosselin

Calllie said...

I'm Lying As Fast As I Can.
by Kate Gosselin

tallblonde said...

A poster, Avis, who is SPOT-ON about Kate from another site put this "book cover" for Kate's next "literary work" together - I think it's genius :-)

Woodsy Girl said...

Through the Eyes of a Victim, by Kate Gosselin

All Alone, by Kate Gosselin
---Excerpt: The nights are getting more and more lonely. Its the night that are rough. The nights when the babysitter has off are especially bad. Those are the nights that I really start feeling bad for myself and am forced to talk to the housekeeper. I don't want to be alone.

Loser, by Jon Gosselin

Trend-setting: The Legend of the Reverse Mullet, by Kate Gosselin

Mommie Dearest, by the Gosselin 8
- Excerpt: Mommy didn't yell about wire hangers. Instead, she yelled about dresser drawer handles and gum stuck to our stuffed animals. It was all very confusing though since on vacation she let us roll around in chocolate pudding.

Diva, by Kate Gosselin
- Excerpt: A real diva doesn't pay for her plastic surgery procedures...

My Wife's Plastic Surgeon's Daughter: A Love Story, By Jon Gosselin

CherryCheeseKate said...

Great/Funny/ titles yous came up with my fellow-posters! :-) I saw where Kate would like to be in movies, too, now ~ I'm thinking she'd be *perfect* in these remakes of some of Alfred Hitchcock's classics:
THE BIRDS (starring just her hair)
PSYCHO I,II,III,and IV (this one is self-explanatory...*smirk*)
REAR(END)WINDOW (starring just her bikini clad behind)

Up a Lazy River said...

Cherry Cheesecake Kate: Your post is hilarious, ESPECIALLY your "Dial 'N' for Narcissism"! LOL

theirbothfullofit said...

I really would love to be Korean by Kate Gosselin

call me quasy said...

How to help our mom overcome incontinence:

Squeeze and Hold

With Luv, Your $$$$$$ DEPENDents

cathycanuck said...

"Mine Camp"
"A Tale of Two Idiots"
"Valley of the Malls"
"Book of Morons"
"Kate's Little Acre"
"What Color is Your Skin (this week)?"
"South Bitch Diet"
"Joy of Shilling"
"How Walgreen Was My Valley"

My contribution to this thread. Assign authors as you think appropriate (lol)

cathycanuck said...

oops! made a booboo. Kate shops at Target, not Walgreen. Oh well.

CherryCheeseKate said...

Up a Lazy River said...
Cherry Cheesecake Kate: Your post is hilarious, ESPECIALLY your "Dial 'N' for Narcissism"! LOL

{{*blush*}} "Thank You"...

miarng_mom said...

This is too much fun!

Kate Gosselin: From Nurse to Curse.

The Feminine Mistake

Hither Thither and Yon- A Travel Guide by the Gosselin 8

Kate Gosselin: The Edge of Non-reason.

Divine Secrets of the ME-ME Sisterhood.

The Wooden Spoon Keepers Daughter by the Gosselin Girls.

Shopaholic Unties the Knot

What to Expect When You're Expecting Moneymakers

War and Peas- Divorces and Eating Disorders

Lord of MY Rings

The Devil Wears Ann Taylor

The Good, The Dad and The Ugly

(Our money is) Gone With The Wind

The Winters of Our Discontent

For Whom the Bell Tolls? ME, ME, ME!!

The Unhappiest Babies on the Block

The Wheels on the Bus (go over me) by Jon

Sex in the City- Why I need a Bodyguard

Message in a Bottle- Why Mommy Drank.

Geri said...

Has Anyone Seen My Childhood? (Oh yeah everyone has seen it but us) - by the Gosselin 8

You Want Fries With That? - by Kate Gosselin

You're Done! - by "The Kate"

For $25k I Will Say What You Want - by past girlfriends

Outraged in Ohio said...

mia_rng mom and Geri: HILARIOUS and right on target! Thank you for finding such a funny way to convey the essence of Kate.

And isn't it odd the way Kate can somehow DEFIANTLY whine - two words generally not used together, but Spoiled Little Katie excels at this, with a multitasking feat that makes her obnoxious on not one but TWO levels.

Kate Gosselin is the best example I've EVER seen of "Familiarity Breeds Contempt". The more we see of her, the more we realize we were WAY too kind WAY too long in giving her any benefit of any doubt.

The woman is beyond obnoxious.

Geri said...

Outraged in Ohio said...
(snipped for space)
we were WAY too kind WAY too long in giving her any benefit of any doubt.
The woman is beyond obnoxious.


I totally agree!!!

Callie said...

Kate's Autobiograhy
"There's No Shame in My Game".
By Katie Irene Gosselin

marj said...

Ask me how you can help ME!
By: Kate can't lift a finger Gosselin

By: Kate Gosselin

Type A to Type Bitch
By: Jon Gosselin

Anonymous said...

"A Special for Halloween" by Kate Gosselin:

"Am Witch Will Travel!!"

lukebandit said...

"Ask not what you can do for your country, but what your country can do for kate gosselin"

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8!

Shahmeal, Shamazel, Gosselinheffer, Incorporated!
The Rise and Fall of Gosselinomics

Solitary Diamond Girl
Sure Do Shines by Steve Neild

I'd like to Sock It To The Wernersville Valley P.T.A.
by Kate Gosselin

We want our Cars and Driver's Licenses! NOW! The Gosselins Tups Sweet 16! by Joel, Hannah, Leah, Colin, Alexis and Aaden Gosselin.
Forward by Cara and Mady Gosselin

Sometime in the Ditant Future:


Cakes and Cars: jon and kate are in a quandry! how do we get 6 kids their drivers licenses on their very special day? how do we get 6 cars in the driveway without moving the plastic white chair?

Opening scene: as jon and kate unload the big blue van with the tups, kate delegates 18 yr. old mady to carry her purse while she grabs the hands of 16 yr. old, Hannah and Alexis. Jon has Joel and Aaden's hands. The not-a-nanny has Leah and Cara's while Mady has Colin. they all make their way into the DMV while the paps flurry around snapping photos just like they did over 10 years ago.

Nothing's changed.

Free the Gosselin 8!
God Bless Nana Janet! and the childen!