How Jon and Kate Can Survive and Support the Children Without a TV Show

Since so many of the TV personalities can't see how on earth the Gosselins can support all those kids without exploiting them on TV, shall we tell them how it can be done? Do those commentators/talking heads think every family with eight or more children has a TV show or should automatically deserve one?


kate is a cocky bitch said...

Maybe the bleach-blonde bitch will be back to begging for more welfare.

Mom of Two said...

I am a scrapbooker and I enjoy making cards. This morning I've been going through my supplies and ran across this quote in my stash.

"Children will not remember you for the material things you provided but for the feeling that you cherished them"... Richard L. Evans

It made me think right away of J&K.

They and all the talk shows seem to think that these two need to keep up this fame and fortune train so they can provide for ALL these kids. Like one poster pointed out, the Dilleys and the McCaughey's seem to be managing just fine.

You don't need to make millions to raise children that go on to be happy, well adjusted, self supportive adults. In fact it's probably healthier that they don't get EVERYTHING they want. Just look at a lot of the kids of celebrities, millionaires who seem to not have a purpose in their life and turn to alcohol and drugs and wild, self-destructive behaviour. Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, Redmond ONeil, the Kardashions (sp)... I could go on.

Kimberlee said...

They could both get real full time jobs. Kate could go back to nursing - it's at least a guarenteed job for her somewhere. America is practically begging for more nurses. Get the kids on PA's CHIP program so the kids have health insurance. Cut coupons. Budget their expenses and live within their means. Shop at consignment stores. Tell Kate to stop being a controlling witch and accept family help! It does take a village to raise a child and Kate has her very own personal village she can tap into for resources, but she refuses. I still think they can survive without the show and that $$. I've seen other parents do it with sextuplets and other kids documented on various tv shows....they did it without pimping out their kids. Regardless though, Jon and Kate should have thought all this thru before they had the sextuplets. They didn't have a crystal ball that would tell them TLC would come along and offer them to sell out their souls in order to help raise their large family. And I know they expected much for free even from the very beginnning before they even got onto tv, but nothing was guaranteed them. So they CAN go back to the way normal people live and raise their kids that way.Yes, it would be a huge struggle. It's a huge struggle for my husband and I and we only have 3 kids. But you've got to take advantage of the family, friends, and community help you have to succesfully make it thru in these times. Which means you've got to first HAVE a sense of family, friendship, and community - which Kate does not of course though.

Techymum said...

1 Hire a financial advisor
2 Liquidate all assets and downsize
3 Jon - get a job where you can work outdoors or something with "the guys". You seemed very content during the episdodes with the motorcycle guys.
4 Kate - get a job working with event planning. You have had a lot of experience in the last few years arriving for events. Use that knowledge on the other side and become good at that.
5 Hire a nanny. Yes. A real, trained nanny. THe cost of day care/after school care for 8 kids would be much more than hiring one person to be consistent at home.

texas two step said...

How do you do it you ask? It's called not living beyond your means.
Go back to the old house. If it't not paid off, pay it off. No Credit Cards, no debt. Go stock your house up, start staying at home as a family and don't equate family happiness with expensive vacations and multiple day trips every month..... Public School worked for the majority of Americans out there, so cut the private school. Sell off those high dollar cars and replace with mid priced reliable cars. Take whatever excess money you haven't squandered and invest after consulting with a finance professional.
Then go back to work.
And again- don't live beyond your means.

Lucy said...

My grandparents had 6 boys and 4 girls and were farmers. They lived off the land. Hard work, long hours but each child was well loved, happy, healthy and each remembered their childhood fondly. My parents had 1 boy and 4 girls. Mom stayed home and dad worked. We learned to enjoy life's blessings from our grandparents teachings. You don't need money to have a rich and rewarding life. As the Beatles said "all you need is love" and with everyone pulling together the family flourishes.

CrazyK8 said...

We have 6 children, are planning on having more, and have one income. We are doing very nicely on $60,000 salary. And this is in Canada, so lower dollar & more taxes.

If J&K would just go live in a normal house in a normal neighbourhood, they would be fine. Do a 1-hour documentary each year, sell the stupid books, and work at 7-11. The documentary alone would probably bring in more than our family's annual income.

basic thoughts said...

Let me see -

How to survive without shoving your kids on TV for all their intimate moments...

1. Go back to nursing Kate
2. Jon get a job that doesn't involve your kids.
3. Invest your money wisely
4. If there is a market for it, sign up with a ghostwriter to write more books for you and do the book tour circuit and appearances
5. Move the kids to a smaller house with less acreage
6. Send the kids to public school
7. Give up being a diva and the associated lifestyle of stretch limos, regular spa days, and numerous vacations.

Do a yearly update magazine shoot with a non-tabloid magazine, just to see how the kids are doing. No bodily functions, no putting any of the kids or the parents down... just a positive upbeat story.

Meems said...

If they never took another vacation or trip, they have expeienced far more than they could have ever dreamed of at this point. If they have saved properly, they should be able to live off the residuals of that for the rest of their lives in conjunction with a supplemental income. Get the kids in therapy, and try to get your marriage back together. Both parents may think divorce is good for them right now, but later on down the line is when the problems arise especially when it gets into the realm of step parents, etc. They have never stated if TLC gave them a residual of the reruns and DVDs, etc., but that should be a good income as well if so, along with the 2 bestsellers that have already been written. I can't believe Kate is holding on to this for dear life when in actuality, the money was not that good for the amt of work that went into it and the adverse effect it had on their lives.

Deborah said...

These are all good suggestions. But, you all are talking like they are starting with nothing! These people have probably accumulated more wealth than most people will see in their entire lifetime.

They've had income from more places than TLC. So... how to raise their family after TLC? Let's see... live off the interest of their massive wealth and downsize just a bit. They will STILL have a more extravagant lifestyle than I.

Shari said...

It's called SACRIFICE. Here are a few of the necessities Khate would have to do without:
1. Her childcare staff
2. Her personal chef
3. Her Housekeeper
4. Her Chauffeur
5. Spa Days
6. Agent Orange (so much for that 'oh so perfect' tan.)
7. Cosmetic surgery. (Seems to be a waste of time anyway.)
8. And her man whore, Steve. (Unless he's willing to sleep with her for free.) Bye Steve.

But on the bright side, she can keep doing her own hair. She already has the weed wacker and black & white spray paint isn't that expensive. See? You don't have to give up everything to support eight kids!

dara2K said...
This recent newspaper article is about a similar family living in KS. There are two parents, still married, sextuplets (age 7) and an older teenage sister. They chose NOT to exploit their family. Sondra and Eldon Headrick are not so fancy but doing just fine! If TLC is "The Learning Channel", Jon and Kate could learn a lot from this loving family! Mr. Headrick works for the small City of Wichita and Sondra keeps the modest home. They know they made the right decision NOT to exploit their family. Sondra says they learned to live without the "stuff" that notoriaty, papparazi and media attention bring. Just something to think about...This is America, people. There's always a way to feed a family if you know where the truth lies and you can live without the "stuff".....

Pamela Jaye said...

Rent out a wing of the Mansion. Or at least the apartment over the garage (and also the old house they can't sell)

readerlady said...

Get decent jobs that don't involve child exploitation.

Lower your expectations - hamburger in a loving, stable home is better than filet mignon in a home filled with hatred and conflict. Find an affordable home, or move back to the Etown home. The kids don't need 26 acres that they aren't allowed to play in anyway. A private backyard is more than adequate.

Start teaching the kids to have a sense of responsibility toward their family and their home. Give them regular chores and expect them to do them well, within a certain time frame. Set up a system of rewards and reasonable punishments for successes/failures (NOT the red wooden spoon).

Start saving for college NOW. When the kids are old enough, have them get part-time jobs - during the school year if they can handle it academically, during the summer if they can't.

Start teaching the kids NOW. They may be dependant upon college scholarships, but if they are deliberately delayed in their growth and development, their academic performance will suffer.

Learn to communicate with each other and resolve conflicts for the good of the family. Lawyers are expensive. The more you can do for yourself, the better off you and your family will be.

Shop sales, discount stores, outlet stores, resale shops and thrift shops. Use coupons, but don't freak out when one is forgotten.

Find a good,mid-price van or SUV that's big enough for the family, and get a second, reliable, used car that gets good gas milage, for use when not transporting all the kids.

Rely on friends/family to assist with childcare, rather than having a series of expensive babysitters.

Concerned for 8 said...

Like I said in my other to the Dilley's and McCoughey's. They seem to have their acts together...then again, that might be J&K's problem - they are too immature and selfish!

wont watch, you cant make me said...

Get Jobs. - this is where one shows up every day, on time or else. Sometimes there is a time clock. One then spends the 9 hours performing tasks that are centered around the employer, not are the employee. One then leaves the worksite and drives home. At the end of a week, perhaps 2, a piece of paper is given to the employee. there is a number on it. This number represents the 'Dollars' you have actually EARNED. Jon can work 'days' and you can work 'evenings' and between the 2 of you, you can watch,nurture and raise your OWN CHILDREN.

This piece of paper is a 'check'. Drive it to the bank and the nice bank manager will show you what to do next. If you are very pleasant to her/him, you will get a non-organic lollipop.

Purchase a 'home', not a studio or factory but a 'home'. you will need 4 bedrooms and a kitchen large enough to hold a 'stove', a 'refrigerator' and a dinette with 10 'chairs'. The nice clerk at Kmart will show you which ones are the 'chairs'. How much you can spend on this set is determined ONLY by how much the bank says you have in your 'account' after you pay the 'mortgage', the 'electric bill', the 'gas bill' and the 'water bill'. No no no, not the pretty square things, the wet stuff that falls out of the faucet when you turn it on.

Outside the Kmart, you might see a "Redbox". you can get a movie there for $1.00. Have Collin show you how to put it in the machine. The children will show you how to 'watch' the movie.

There are lots of ways to save money, Kate. First off, if you try real hard, you can learn to PAINT YOUR OWN TOENAILS. The list is endless. Public schools have nice activities for the family from time to time, and the public library has many nice activities for children and adults too. Sometimes they are called "Book Clubs" where the person actually reads a book. No, you dont get paid for it...

No where in all this are you demanding money for someone to ogle your children pooping, hitting, eating, sleeping, crying, stuttering, being disimpacted, puking, bathing (oh I forgot, you hose your children off instead of tub baths)and no one pays you money to laugh at you while you are rude.

During the day while you are home alone before you go to work, you can cook (hehe) clean, knit, sew, make candles...

Email me, Kate, for further tips.

The Big Waste said...

First of all, who in the world takes a stretch limo out for lunch with a bodyguard in tow. Is she some dignitary and we missed it?
Comeon, a limo to lunch? Talk about excess and waste. What, no can drive anymore with Kate, God knows they have a fleet of cars.
Waste, waste, waste.

rural mom said...

The best thing you can spend on your kids is your time.

TEAM+8 said...

10 to 1 odds that Kate has already googled 'spider monkey + sales' so she can start anew on TLC's 'My Monkey Baby'.

She can buy a dozen of them in a ploy to get herself a spin off/new reality show. Then abandon her little monkeys to promote the book that SHE *wink wink* wrote about them; '12 Hairy Faces'.

Thats just my opinion on how she should try to support herself once show production stops indefinitely, nobody will hire her, she has a complete mental breakdown & Jon gets full custody/primary caregiver status. Hey, I can dream, can't I?

Wait a minute! Now that I think on it, thats EXACTLY what shes been doing the last 6+ yrs. Her main focus was always to scheme, exploit & promote. Jon, even though hes no saint, has always been there for the kids. Like him or not, we all know hes been their primary caregiver.

My thoughts on Jon supporting the children, himself & maintaing the lifestyle that he & his children are accustomed to? ALIMONY, the reality shows 'Divorced Dads' & 'Celebrity Fit Club'. I'm sure VH1 can do show to find him love when the reality of 8 step-kids hits Hailey in the gut like a ton of marijuana bricks.

I'll watch all Jon's new shows & tell a friend to watch too if it means that the Gosselin kids never have to tape again.

Its so sad that the monkeys in this new fuc*ery brought to us by TLC (AKA; Totally Ludacris Crap) are probably better treated, loved & compensated by their 'parents' than the Gosselin children are by theirs.

juditv58 said...

Kate does not want to support her children. She wants to continue living in the style to which she has become accustomed.

I grew up with 9 brothers and sisters. Although we always had a roof over our heads, clean clothing to wear, and plenty to eat, our parents were far from wealthy. But all 10 of us have wonderful memories of a happy childhood. The biggest gift our parents gave us? The security of knowing they were in it for the long haul (for real, not fake lip service at phony Hawaiian ceremonies), and we didn't have to worry about their marriage ever breaking up and one of them deserting us.

Ravello said...

Sell the McMansion, sell the luxury SUV's, sportscars.
Go back to the house in Etown which may still be for sale.
Make peace with your families and friends, your kids need them.

Kate- go back to nursing. There is a huge nursing shortage and salaries are excellent. Nurses are in demand everywhere, not just hospitals.
Jon, brush up on your IT skills, certifications. Get a job.
Kate and Jon can work together to alternate shifts, days of the week they work.

I know there is not a snowballs chance in hell this will ever happen but I enjoyed typing it up.

Stop, Assess, Solve said...

Techymum said...
1 Hire a financial advisor
2 Liquidate all assets and downsize
3 Jon - get a job where you can work outdoors or something with "the guys". You seemed very content during the episdodes with the motorcycle guys.
4 Kate - get a job working with event planning. You have had a lot of experience in the last few years arriving for events. Use that knowledge on the other side and become good at that.
5 Hire a nanny. Yes. A real, trained nanny. THe cost of day care/after school care for 8 kids would be much more than hiring one person to be consistent at home.
This is a kind and thoughtful comment. Why can't they heed common sense? Public opinion would change in their favor!

cjmiller53 said...

Wondering about the pictures today of Kate and the twins coming out of the restaurant with their buddy Steve. Maybe this was on of Kate's special days with the kids that will be a upcoming episode. Maybe there was a crew filming inside the building to get around the no film rule at the house. If they came and went in a limo, more than likely Kate didn't pay for it. Probably it's coming out of the production budget.

ThriftySAHM said...

Turn a chunk of that 26 acre estate into an organic farm. Free veggies, plus you can get some more wear out the little straw hats you wasted money on! ;-) If Henry-the-farmer can support his family that way,so could you. Put the farm out front, and you can still pose for those pesky p-people all day long!

Hey -- you even have that barn for a cow. Free milk, and no more worrying about whether it's on sale or not.

Dump the little bitty containers of juice and yogurt -- it's waaaay cheaper in large containers (and greener), and the kids are old enough to start loading those dishwashers of yours.

Rent out the apt. over the garage.

I could go on forever!

dara2K said...

Has anyone noticed lately we haven't seen any shots of Kate doing laundry, fixing lunch (how many grapes and crackers on the plate, Kate?), or making the infamous "Monkey Munch"? I guess Kate doesn't have released to show the organic chef, the Nanny, the housekeeper, the babysitters and all the other amenities of celebrity life? I am so sick of that silly black hat and big glasses... Sometimes I really worry about Kate. She should talk about Jon's actions. At least Jon is real with his pain. She is heartless, greedy and sad. I feel for the kids. I hope they can make it through this emotional chaotic life their parents have chosen for them.

Christine said...

Jon and Kate need to sell off what they have, go back to 2 cars/vans and one reasonable house, get regular jobs and start over.

When Jon and Kate come to Utah to sell there condo and learn a few things from Utah's large families.

How do Utah's large families live, have happy kids, that go to college, on Utah's low wages?

1. Your house typical is a rambler with a daylight (walkout)basement and a 1/3 acre fenced yard on a cul-de-sac. Playroom and older kids rooms are in the basement. The upstairs is more formal.
Kids spend there afternoons outside playing , moms talking, always seems to be a neighbor willing to help watch your kids (no need for a nanny) if you need to run to the store (of course you have to be willing to do the same in return).

2. Clothes are either bought new once a year for school on sale and just basics (like 5 pairs of pants and shirts, 2 pair of shoes, pack of underwear) or yard sale/thrift store/hand me downs. or if kate really wanted the gymboree, wait for the 1.99 red balloon sale buy cheap and do neighborhood swaps or consigments.

3. Family fun can be cheap. Get a GPS and go geocaching, go to the dollar movies (with candy stuffed in her big purse), go to the library, go to home depot or lowes for those free saturday workshops for kids, or walk to the neighborhood elementray school and play on the playground.

4. School does not have to be expensive. Good parents will choose a school dictrict over a dream house. There are plenty of charter schools popping up as well. College does not have to be a huge worry. In Utah you can get a 4 year degree under 10k at almost every college. So for 8 kids that is 80k less then alot spend on one kid in college.

5. Kate can Check out pinching your pennies to see how to really save and coupon clip, many large families spend $50 or less a month on groceries for large families. Kate can also go down to the Ikea and buy some nice $1.99 a pack ( good for 6 kids) friendly kiddie plates, cups and silverware that are reusable, colorful and mircowave and dishwasher safe instead of the paper products. Ikea also carries some nice inexpensive washrags, no more paper towels.

6. Get some friends. Why go every week and get your nails/toenails done? Kate could get some girlfriends and have a night of nail painting and scrapbooking in her jammies. Plenty of us Utahans do this, and this would be the proper venue to vent about husbands (not your tv show). I'm sure the girls would love this as well.

There are plenty more ways that she could save and support her family. All I know is that the average family has almost 6 kids in my neighborhood, most moms stay home, a close estimate is that salaries are in the high 40's. With a little work, you can raise happy kids and send them to college on what J&K could make outside of reality tv.

Kelly L. said...

The only way I can see this family surviving financially, when you consider how accustomed the parents have come to a large income, is for Kate to get her own, terribly obnoxious, show. Now that she's gotten a taste of the "good life" I can't see her being satisfied going back to a more sensible lifestyle. I hope that she gets her awful talk show (which I would never watch) so she can keep the nannies and have them (hopefully) treat her kids better than she would. I have a little more faith in Jon as he has shown that he really loves his kids, not just for what they can buy him. Maybe he can work out a clothing line or something (although I really can't see anyone buying something with his name on it) and live a less opulent lifestyle while still partially supporting his kids (this is based on the assumption that Kate will be the primary wage earner). Whatever gets the kids off the air and becoming participants in their own PRIVATE lives is a positive step.

Judy said...

Get jobs, sell all the crap -- house, cars, etc. they've accumulated, write a couple of tell all books, invest wisely, don't buy new clothing. Rely on family to babysit. Take kids out of private schools.

Kelly L. said...

Would anyone really want Kate nursing them? Seriously, if she came in to my hospital room, I would fear for my life. She seems to me like one of those mothers who abuse her children for attention. Munchausen by proxy. Not saying that's necessarily what she's doing (although forcing your children to live under the constant gaze of cameras can certainly be considered abuse). She's made it clear that she would hate to be a nurse again, and I think that working in the medical profession is something people should have a calling for, much like being a teacher or a priest.

GoPoshGo said...

dara2K said...
This recent newspaper article is about a similar family living in KS. There are two parents, still married, sextuplets (age 7) and an older teenage sister. They chose NOT to exploit their family.


Can anyone post this link to one or more of the Sheeple sites?? I don't follow them (don't want to risk an esophageal ulcer from all the vomiting I'd inevitably be doing). But the story debunks their faulty argument that J&K "need" the show to support their 8 kids. See if their mental gymnastics can twist this story to fit their delusions....

[Thanks for posting this, dara2K!]

Anne said...

From what I have read the Masche (the family on WE with the sextuplets) took their money and bought rental properties, and both got masters degrees(the father has already finished his masters degree, that he was workign on during filming last year and started is starting a phd). I'm not sure if their show is coming back, but for only having a handful of episodes the Masche seem like they could do just fine financially without the show.

J&K need to take notice.
Masche have a reasonable size house in a nice family neighborhood. They still attend church and get help from the church with childcare.
They both worked hard and got masters degrees, work oppoisite shifts and make a very solid living.
They have rental properties (if done properly) are a good source of income and in 15 years could be sold to pay for college or 30 years to retire on.

What is also interesting to note is that the Masche did not seem to be to frugal. They ate take out, didn't use coupons, bought retail and still did fine because they had good jobs, good edcuation and smart decisions on big ticket spending.

SimilarIdeas said...

There's a family on TLC who survived very well with no college diplomas and many more kids by living frugally. They're called the Duggars. Ask if you can come visit to both learn how to live frugally and raise kids with values.

As previously said, Kate could go back to nursing assuming she kept up her license. Better than that would be to combine her "fame" with her RN degree and perhaps work in PR for a healthcare company. Or see if she can have a talkshow talking about "health" related tips for families (which would have to be written by others.)

I agree with whomever said that Jon seems happy working with "guys". That would be a good fit.

As previously mentioned, sell the current home and move back to the Etown home. Without the production lights and camera folks, it's perfectly livable. If you don't want to live together, then purchase two similar homes right next to each the kids have free access to both Mom and Dad.

Private school is fine for one or two kids, but you guys can't afford it for 8 kids. So, send your kids to the local school... or see if there's a more reasonably priced religious school or a charter/magnet school.

Hire a financial advisor and have one of your more financially astute friends monitor that advisor. You still need to make sure you know where your money goes, etc.

Do a yearly TV or magazine special like the Dilleys. You'll be fine.

Kittie6 said...

1. Get JOBS. Jon's IT skills may be rusty, but he seems to be good with people and might find work in a management-trainee position at any number of stores. Kate doesn't play nice with people and said she is NEVER going back to nursing, but she could put that nursing education to work in some type of medical office where her Med. Terminology classes will serve her well.
2. Sell the McMansion.They don't need it. Move back to E-Town and be nice to the neighbors.
3.Sell the sporty vehicles and drive only what is practical.
4. Put the kids in public school.
5. Have in-state vacations and trips. (Don't take the kids out of school for them.)
6. Lastly, they need to forget about their "famous friends". None of those celebrities are really their friends. But it would be nice to see the G's make peace with their OLD friends and family.

duh said...

Spend your money on your kids instead of yourselves. What a waste with all the employees, PR people, etc

Kate minus 8 said...

The fact Kate acts like she can't survive without the show proves her financial advice (coupons!!!!! ORGANIC!!!!) is worthless.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, did the Kons expect the show to go on forever??? All of the clothes, vacations and food they ate were given to them as product placement. They probably had all their expenses from the filming of the show covered. Add in all the love offerings, the books, appearance fees, and there is quite a bit of money. I am willing to bet that most of those talking heads can't even fathom all the free stuff the Kons have been given. Two grifters, neither one with any real talent or education. Go Away. Be thankful for what you have received. Get employed for what you are qualified for, unfortunately not much. But it was the Kon's decision to have kids, even two, before they could afford them.

Rockerchick said...

Katezilla needs to stop going to Target the spa. the nail salon, buying Steve Madden hooker heel(550 pr ) and stop being such a raging bitch. She is a smug narcissist wondering why she is in this mess. Well look back at the episodes and see what you did to your EX HUSBAND. YOUR a monster. Sorry its just my opinion

ErinKate said...

Seriously, they are all over the news everyday all day. You cannot turn on a TV without seeing them. Do you really think they are going to go to college or give up the lime light? They have been bitten by the fame bug. Can you imagine them giving it all up to work as nurses or at McDonalds or Walmart? The Masches are not celebrities and no one knows them. Jon and Kate, with all their media onslaught, bodyguards, etc., have chosen to make themselves super stars. The other TLC reality families have not. There is no turning back for them. The only way for them to go is down.

child labor became outlawed when? said...

All great and practical ideas. I find it truly disgusting that Kate thinks the kids can't be supported unless they (the kids) are working. Upon hearing about her multiples did she plan for them to work from day one? "Because I chose to have so many of you, you must work to support the family." These kids never had a chance.

the low road said...

I am not an expert by any means but I do have 6 kids one of whom is an insulin dependent diabetic. Because of her ongoing health problems I do not work. We survive on my husband's salary. No, he is not a high-powered exec. He is a soldier.So I know a little about stress too So here goes....

Kate- There are NEEDS and WANTS. Make a list you will see there is a difference.

Try this with your kids. They don't need a dude ranch.They may like a mud puddle. That=free. This applies to girls also.

My husband has had 3 deployments-one was 15 months. I was alone. FORGIVE ME but I was exhausted. But I wanted happiness and stability for my kids so I did not "meltdown" in front of them. I saved it for a good book and my friends Ben and Jerry. Maybe a glass of wine. Cheaper then spas.

John-I think basically you are a good guy but STOP auditioning for "Tool Academy." We get it. You got crapped on. Suck it down and move on and stop letting the crap roll down hill.Those kids are not on freeze frame. Get any job you can two if you have too but stop pimping the kids.

Let the kids know that there will not be any more $12,000 a week beach houses. Go crazy buy the kids their own boxes of markers -some are washable-and let them go crazy. Maybe even throw in some play dough. I will even send you all of my hubbies old uniforms FOR FREE-the kids can wear them over their clothes.

Lastly, I beg you please, please, please, take the kids aside and tell them IT IS NOT OKAY FOR STRANGERS TO WATCH THEM USE THE BATHROOM.EVER! ESPECIALLY NOT FOR MONEY.

LoveIt said...

Love, it "wont watch you cant' make me!"
Sounds like MY life, though...
I guess I missed the multiples train, all SEVEN of mine were born with SEPARATE pregnancies.

Twice as Nice said...

Like you said, many families of 8 children or more are doing fine and don't think they are owed anything or entitled like the Gosselin's. With as many episodes as they have made, they should have been set by now. They have made more money than most Americans will see in their life times. Could it be they were living too large?

1.It's simple, sell the mansion.

2. Fire the nannies that are now raising your children and take care of them yourselves.

3. You don't need body guards. You live in a small town and aren't Madonna for goodness sakes.

4. Jon gets an apartment in town and Kate takes the kids back to the old house. With 5 bedrooms and a full basement it wasn't exactly a starter home.

5. Get rid of all the extra cars you don't need. Two full sized vans for your kids is enough.

6. Quit spending the kids money on lawyers and grow up and get a grip. You two are celebrity want-a-be's. By the way, remind us again of just what talents you have?

7. Go back to the simple life with the money you have left and be parents and quit chasing fame. Your family needs you both so snap out of it. All of America knows your business and it's embarrassing to your children.

8. If you need money because you pissed away all that you made,get honest jobs like you had before. Work different shifts and you'll never need a baby sitter.

9. Take a good look in the mirror and be honest with yourselves. What you're selling we're not buying. Hiding behind "we do everything for the kids" is getting old. Try HONESTY for once in your lives as I'm sure when Kate goes on The Today Show Monday it will be the same ol' Poor Me crap.

10. Put your egos in check and take care of your family. You did it before Jon and Kate Plus 8 and you will do it after. You turned what started out as a way to catch family memories into a farce. Go back to simple times. At one time the show was sweet and fun to watch but you two got so money hungry, your greediness has made you the butt of many jokes. Most people are very annoyed and sick and tired of hearing you both whine.

Jon and Kate should visit familes in hospitals with children that are seriously ill, those in unemployment lines, soup kitchens, parents needing food stamps to feed their kids, mom's working two jobs to survive, and explain to them why the millions they have made isn't enough and why they deserve more. I think we'd all like to know the answer to that.

Suzi said...

The lowroad said...

I am not an expert by any means but I do have 6 kids one of whom is an insulin dependent diabetic. Because of her ongoing health problems I do not work. We survive on my husband's salary. No, he is not a high-powered exec. He is a soldier.So I know a little about stress too So here goes....

I wish there was a way to do a comparison chart on the money/time/stress between raising even one child with an illness or other special needs and eight healthy children??? I have five healthy children and there is not a single day that goes by that I don't know just how easy my life is because of that.

Tangerine Tanya said...

Kate and Baby Mama can open up a shop and sell beaded item's.

Kannie said...

Kate: see if Starbucks or Kinkos or UPS are hiring.

8POE's said...

I'll say it again. Go ask the Browns how they do it and take notes. I realize that ship has sailed so from here, here are some ideas.

Sell the Konpound for something more reasonable. Say a 1/4 mil house on maybe 5 acres. Give up some vehicles. How many do you have anyway? You're gonna need a parking lot here soon.

Stop gallavanting around the country thus eliminating your need for a servant staff. Take some money and start a business. You can do it. I know it's hard but if you think about it enough, you can come up w/something.

DO NOT move back to E-town. Huge mistake.
1)Sheeple have it "zeroed." There was too much trouble there before and your neighbors already don't like Kate.
2)K&J will be down the street again. The kids and their cousins don't need the tension that would result between you and them.
3)Once the kids do get all this in the rearview mirror, they need to make it smaller and smaller. They need a home they've never filmed in. A fresh start. That's why the Konpound and E-town have to go.

Robin said...

It's been a year.........why hasn't Etown sold?

Tami said...

Seriously, they could do it. They would start by selling off their extra homes, cars, stuff. They would downsize like everyone else. They would work either at a regular job or at some pseudo celebrity thing that does not include their children. It is very possible. Ask instead how millions of other familiies in the real world do it. Real world people do not usually get tons of cosmetic procedures, hang at the spa, eat in 5 star restaurants on a regular basis. It can be done though.

lulu said...

They made $22,500 per episode last year. This year is truly $75,000. In truly Gosselin fashion, Jon downplayed how much money they earned.

$75,000 per episode. So far they have the money of 18 or 20 episode in the bag already, it's already filmed and aired for this season.

The products, books, selling stories to tabloids also bring in millions. Even for last year, it's not just one million, you have to add products and book money.

When you have 8 children, you tax is much lower.

It's not impossible said...

If they could write legitimate books and not scrapbooks or Beth written books, they could bank some money. They could live off lots of their residuals. If Jon had pursued the business more he could have learned to design websites and the like for people and could work at home. Kate professes to like babies. She could have kept up a few shifts as a nurse in the NICU or OB wards. She is not a people person though. So many things could be done that don't pimp out kids. She might have even been able to do a regular magazine column offering her (gag) advice or something. But now they are just so full of themselves they can't think beyond the freebies.

Not the babymama said...

I was reading an article and the comments from sheeple were complaining that GWOP, which they read (!), has said that Kate must go back to nursing but that no one suggested Jon go to work. They both are capable of working! No one needs to keep up this lifestyle of the rich and infamous. Sheeple are so dense.

blonde said...

They do have lots money in the bank already. They just need to save the money and use it wisely.

Then they still need to make some money not just rely on savings.

Jon can do CELEBRITY FIT CLUB, THE BIGGEST LOSER, and any reality show that wants Jon. He can do those shows without exploiting his children. Those shows pay well. He can save more money and invest wisely.

They both can write books. The income from one book (promoted on TV) is a nurse's 10 year salary, at least. Since they have had a TV show, their books will be promoted on TV for sure. It always sells well when it's promoted on TV.

Kate will always go to church to cheat money anyway.

Maggie said...

Why hasn't the the old house sold? As a professional realtor, this is an easy question and answer.

They asked WAY too much for it. These days, prepare to lose money. They asked crazy money, and I guess they thought that some sheeple would buy it, for the love factor.

I guess sheeple don't have that much money, or even realize an overpriced dud when they see it.

just do it said...

1. Real estate--rent out the Utah condo, buy more properties, rent out the NY apt...

2. Jon likes to work with the people on Choppers. Why can't he design bikes or work in a bike shop? He could lend his "celebrity" name to it.

3. Kate could do hair. lol

4. She could pimp for Starbucks.

Maggie said...

Lulu, to be fair to Jon Gosselin, he was asked how much he made last year, and as he was prepared to answer, idiot Larry King jumped in and asked what they made per episode, and Jon gave the $22.5 answer, per episode.

Did they make $75K per episode in 2009? I have no idea. I have seen that figure bandied about. We are not backing that here on this site.

I wanted to hear their gross income for 2008, but LK shut that off.

These are questions that I want answered. Why do they have people on these news shows who have clearly not even seen the show enough to answer a question?

That journalist on LK said that they filmed two days a week for two or three hours. Anyone who reads here knows better than that.

We have known better for a long time. I wish that these news shows had better representation,i.e., someone who has followed the show for years, and really knows the truth.

Moore said...

"That journalist on LK said that they filmed two days a week for two or three hours. Anyone who reads here knows better than that."

Two days a week for just two or three hours is impossible. Anyone who has involved with TV or video productions knows that it takes a while to set things up during shooting. Especially JK+8 is obviously scripted. They do have to set things up.

It means you have to dress cast member. We do see these children wear coordinated outfits a lot. Their wardrobe is not a spontaneous choice. They have to put on sponsor's outfits and are forbidden to wrinkle the outfits. Therefore, they have to sit still when they wear clean new outfits. They are required to show how nice the outfits are. They are not allowed to roll on the floor and get the clothes all wrinkly and dirty.

Kids can't play everywhere and mess up the "set". The "set" also has to look certain way.

During shootings, sometimes you don't capture everything right, you have to reshoot.

It's very common cast members spend a lot of time waiting for production crew to set things up and change scenes. While you wait, you have to stand by. You can't really just disappear and do your thing.

It really takes whole day. These kids have to work long hours.

Maggie said...

"Moore" you would also know how long it takes just to set up lights. This is not a documentary. They are not following the children chasing lightening bugs on a June night, with the shot fading.

Everything is carefully set up and carefully filmed. What scenes have you seen filmed at dusk?

As someone pointed out here earlier, do your children wake up and say "In this episode of XXX and XXX".... as you get them ready for school? This is no documentary.

crabbygirl said...

No more daily trips to Target and Starbucks!! Get some Lee press on nails and stay away from the tanning salon.The best idea is to put the $1600 a day "Steve fee" into her kids account instead. That would be $200 each instead of Steve being paid to carry "The Artist formerly known as Kate" handbag around all day.

Katie O said...

My grandmother gave birth to 5 children, raised them on my grandfather's single salary at a telephone office in a small town, then adopted my grandfather's 2 nephews when their parents no longer wanted them. Granted, this was 50 years ago and times have changed, but shouldn't our values be the same? Living within your own means, working hard for what you get, and having the support of an entire family at your back, pushing you to succeed.

What the Gosselin children will look back on and remember is not the fancy trip to Utah, the huge house with the gated entrance, or all the toys they had to play with. They will remember fishing with their dad. They'll remember sitting on their mom's lap in the garage reading a book or singing songs. They'll remember baking with Aunt Jodi. That's the memories I hope these children come away with from their childhood. My grandparents couldn't provide much for my mom and aunts and uncles, but we're a CLOSE family. I have several cousins who are more like brothers and sisters to me, and my aunts are my best friends. My uncles were my father figures when I didn't have that strong figure in my life, and I know that if I were to call upon any of them, they would be at my door as fast as they could.

I have a three year old who would rather be playing outside in the dirt with a couple of cars than playing inside with the fanciest game system money can buy. We go to the library every Saturday to pick out books. He looks forward to it every week, and it's free. We go to the park. We have picnics outside, and my husband and I don't have to wait for their to be cameras to do any of those things. During the winter we drink hot chocolate and watch Christmas movies. We put together puzzles, and bundle up to go sledding on the hill by our house. That's the memories we are making for my son because we belive it is the simple memories children will hold dear.

So how to Jon and Kate support their children without a TV show? They show them respect, kindness, and appreciation. They tell those 8 children how much they mean to them, just for being them and not because they are their meal ticket. The tups are in school 3 days a week now, and at the hospital I work at, the nurses work 3 days at 12 hours apeice, so Kate could go back to nursing. Or she could work at an OBGYN practice. If she really enjoys writing books, she could become an author, even a children's book author who specializes in writing books about large "broken" families. Jon has many interests, including fashion, motorcycles, etc. He could go back to school and get a degree in something he actually enjoys doing.

There are many families out there who have many children to support. Work your budget, downsize, and get back to what is really important, and it'll work out.

Anonymous said...

"They asked WAY too much for it. These days, prepare to lose money. They asked crazy money, and I guess they thought that some sheeple would buy it, for the love factor."

It's not overpriced now for the area. It was, but it's been reduced. It's just that our market here is way, way off. Should be coming back a little bit by the end of the year. There are quite a few homes that have been on the market longer than that one, and still haven't sold and were priced below appraised value.

maggie said...

On Friday's "The Insider" TV tabloid show had Jon on their panel for the entire 1/2 hr. The show opened with Jon saying, "I am telling all when "The Insider" returns. During the program they asked him the following: Are you an unfit father? Are you driving your family into bankruptcy? If the show shuts down, everyone wants to know how you are going to support your family? Did you and Kate have any kind of sex life during the last several years? Did you threaten to kill yourself? Did you smoke pot when your kids were home? Can you survive your scandal? But most importantly, during the show, they showed on one the host's blackberry a twit from Hailey Glassman, it said something like: I want out of this relationship. The drama has taken over my life. It is beyond stressful.All this has made me very parnoid. On Monday's program Jon will be back with his attorney and Nancy Grace will be there to have a debate with him. I bet anything Jon has been paid big bucks for these 2 shows. Also he was on Entertainment Tonight. That show also pays big bucks. Then he was on Extra. Also, again big bucks. How can Jon say he is sick of being on 50 plus magazine covers and that he wants his life back and then continue doing TV shows that pay him and don't have his good interests at heart? Comments please?

stopthemadness said...

Find out what all the other one trick ponies do when their trick no longer impresses people, and do that. However it's likely that it won't nety you $25,000 for half an hour episode so start budgetting for the money you actually make not based on some illusion that Kate is the next Oprah.

I think it is hilarious that the press will put a photo of kate taking the kdis to the doctor and refer to her as "hands on mom Kate Gosselin" taking her kids to the doctor. Is that supposedc to impress us? It's not like she's famous for being a ballerina or brain surgeon so isn't it amazing she takes time out of her busy impactful life to take her kids to the doctor. Her kids are all she does and what she is famous for, why wouldn't she be "hands on?" the fact that she still wants anything to do with them is such a surprise now that she's a big celebrity?

Media koolaid. They must drink it, it's what they all live on and probably explains a lot of why they won't attack TLC - they are all on the same side - making money off bullsh*t like Kate Gasselin as a celebrity.

Geema said...

That people think that Jon and Kate HAVE to do the show to survive is absolutely insane! I read the posts and alot of you have large families and manage without a TV show. I only have four children and while we have had our struggles, I can only imagine what it must take to raise more. My husband was one of ten children and his father suffered from heart disease from his early thirties, when the last children were born (twins). So there were times only his mother worked and supported twelve people. I'm sure it must have been VERY difficult, but they managed to send them all to catholic school, own a home and ultimately raise all of them to be good, hardworking adults. I will say that being a part of a large family did one thing... while we have four children, every one of my husbands siblings only have one or two children. And, had it been up to my husband, we probably would have done the same. MONEY doesn't spell happiness. Jon and Kate seem to be in so deep that they have forgotten how they managed before. I've heard them say that the show didn't have any bearing on their marriage falling apart, but I think it did. Because a couple with eight kids to support through ordinary means finds a way to hold it together because they can't afford to get a divorce! How would parents of eight with ordinary jobs even try to support two seperate households? It simply couldn't be done. Not that I'm an advocate of staying together if you're miserable, but I think it would be very difficult and too expensive for regular folks. If they never did the show and encountered a few bumps in the road, they probably would have tried to work it out.

marineaunt57 said...

Kate's nursing license expires the end of October. Will she renew...hmmmm...probably not. I believe she thinks she will never have to work in nursing again. Too beneath her.

stopthemadness said...

Was or is Jon an unfit father? He seemed to be fit enough when he sat home 2 years so Kate could run
amok. You don't get considered unfit for dating or smoking, or hosting pool parties in Las Vegas. Who will the sheeple balme for the family's bankruptcy if TLC makes the decision to end the show due to ratings? Is that still going to be his fault?

I'd tell them that TLC in trying to pull their bully act went too far; THEY are trying to bankrupt him and continue to exploit the family til they've chewed al the taste out of them then will dump them. Time to do something about that is now.

Jon will never hold up under Nancy Grace - why does he need to be grilled by a prosecutor who is used to dealing with murder trials?

He should ask her when her twins' lives will be on tv daily and how safe she would feel they were if forced to have every detail known including all those who hate their mother, on tv every day.

Why didn't you pull the plug earlier if you thought it was detrimental? I was living with Kate, my abuser. She wasn't prone to let me get a word in edgewise nevermind protect the kids. In leaving her I was able to finally take some kind of stand in my own life and in their lives. Would you ask an abused wife why she didn't leave her husband earlier, trying to get the kids out of that situation, or would you applaud her for doing it when she finally gets the guts? People on both sides of the family support Jon, they have nothing to gain by the show ending except what's good for the kids.

The TV shows all feel the pressure from this. Nancy Grace has been blamed for hte suicide of one mother who she decided had killed her child rather than the child going missing. They all make a living out of putting their nose in where it doesn't belong and making money off people's private lives the more painful the better. However at least Jon will get his side out there if he can keep from being tongue tied. He should demand to be on with his lawyer however, who is less likely to be cowed down by Nancy Grace and can legitimatly say "we're not talking about those details until the case goes to trial, or until the State of PA finishes investigating whether TLC is outside the bounds of the law here, for the sake of the children."

Mady and Cara have probably asked him to end this show, he can't out them tho or they face the wrath of Khate. She would then have to have more saccharine episodes of her talking with M&C and having them tell her she's the best mommy ever and they love doing the show and daddy's trying to destroy us. I can't imagine what she'd do to them if they got between her and her career. They'd be on bread and water (or no water) because "this is all we can afford since you don't want to do the show."

earth child said...

Dorothy a/k/a earthchild
felt that I had to comment to -- "suggestions for the gosselins"
give Jon a break - he has a charity that he supports. Kate - nil. Tabloids don't comment on the expensive clothes, shoes, atc. that Kate parades [oh yes she does] around. Jon almost gets a deal w/Hardy, but TLC cuts it off at the knees by blurring the shirts. IMMHO, TLC has made it extremely difficult for Jon to pursue a career/job.
yes, I had been a working Mom long before some of you were born. I am 78+. Yet, I can sympathize Jon. I have watched episodes from the start. Initially, I was amazed at how organized Kate was. I started to question when she stated that she did two loads of laundry a day. With five of my own this seemed strange, as I did more than that per day. Anyway, I began to notice signs on the walls, fridge w/instructions to "caregiver[s]."
Somehow I came across GWoP. Thank you posters for all of your comments/research. What a sk**nk Kate became.
Well, got all of that off my chest. Even if this doesn't get posted I feel better.

Anonymous said...

WHY can't these two just stay off TV? Is anyone home with the kids, or does Mady and Kara babysit now?

Its ALWAYS the price said...

The Etown has was WAY overpriced when they first marketed it. That's the time that you NEED to price it to sell. When GREED enters into it, its priced too high for the area and No one goes near it. That, and the fact that people don't really want the stigma of living in a house that was a tv set, so the gawkers are always driving by and looking. Now, even if its priced lower, it won't sell because they missed the market, and those people don't return twice to look at it.

just wondering said...

Kate's nursing license expires on October 31. Perhaps she should dust off a book or two...

MickeyMcKean said...

Maggie said...
Lulu, to be fair to Jon Gosselin, he was asked how much he made last year, and as he was prepared to answer, idiot Larry King jumped in and asked what they made per episode, and Jon gave the $22.5 answer, per episode.

Did they make $75K per episode in 2009? I have no idea. I have seen that figure bandied about. We are not backing that here on this site.

I wanted to hear their gross income for 2008, but LK shut that off. ...


Yesterday when I was on a friend's computer I read an article about salaries for people on reality shows. I skimmed the article and came upon the Gosselins where "it is reported that they make $75,000 per episode".

The article also went on and stated percentage wise what TLC's earnings were last quarter and where this information could be found. Again this figure was stated in percentages, not the $186M figure we heard on LKL.

I will post the link to the article when I find it again, that is, if I can find it.

IMHO I believe Jon did make $22,500 per episode at one time but $75,000 is more likely, especially this season 5. I agree with Maggie, LKL screwed up.

TandLMommy28 said...

1 Hire a financial advisor
2 Liquidate all assets and downsize
3 Jon - get a job where you can work outdoors or something with "the guys". You seemed very content during the episdodes with the motorcycle guys.
4 Kate - get a job working with event planning. You have had a lot of experience in the last few years arriving for events. Use that knowledge on the other side and become good at that.
5 Hire a nanny. Yes. A real, trained nanny. THe cost of day care/after school care for 8 kids would be much more than hiring one person to be consistent at home.


Brilliant. They do not need to forget all that they have been through, they simply need to learn from it and move on.

Children do not NEED to go to schools that cost more than $10K a year. Now, I am all about private school but there are plenty that do not cost that much. Plus, many MANY church-run Christian schools only charge for the first four children and any other children go free.

Children do not need fancy vacations every month. One week a year is more than enough. And plenty of kids don't even get that and still go on to be successful adults. Imagine that.

Children do not need a house big enough that they can all be away from each other.

Cut your expenses. Dramatically. Paint your own nails. Stop remodeling rooms that are already remodeled. Sell some of the cars.

You can do it without the show. Considering how very few families have a reality show, MOST people get buy without one. Really.

Suzie said...

I wouldn't be surprised if all of this wasn't staged for ratings but one thing I do know for sure and that is this: all involved care about money first. To me, this is evident and I'm not on anyone's side except for the kids.

I feel deciding which is the better parent is not only like trying to decide which is the smaller turd but I'm sure it is TLC's idea to keep people talking and passionately taking sides. The truth is that neither is putting their kids before the almighty dollar and TLC just loves it when the public fights and takes sides and wears Team whatever t-shirts.

If you are taking EITHER parents side then you are doing just what the network wants and (I'm sorry) that makes you a "sheeple" of sorts. This is all about money including the epiphany .... MORE MONEY! Yes, Jon wants his freedom to be on other shows and to make more money and to sue TLC for more money and using the kids is just that: using the kids. Even if he is able to stop production the kids aren't safe until there are laws to protect them because neither parent will. It really amazes me how people can "love" either Jon or Kate. Their actions feed their ego's not their kids!

Disbelief said...

I don't think there is anymore that can be said...that hasn't already been said! These two people are beyond ridiculous. The fact that not one person in their life has been successful in intervening with some sanity and logic is fascinating. That CNN actually reports on this is bizarre; and that they are STILL being allowed to conduct their circus on TV for all of us to watch is beyond comprehension.
They are both sick disgusting greedy losers. If I had to pick one I would have to go with Jon since he appears to have genuine repore with his children. Kate is so fake I don't think she knows what a genuine feeling is anymore.

Anonymous said...

"That's the memories we are making for my son because we belive it is the simple memories children will hold dear."


Years from now your son is going to look back on this time as the happiest in his life because of the choices you made. Good for you, and good for your family. Thanks for sharing.

Disbelief said...

I forgot one other thing!! The other unbelievably chilling thing about this is how blind these people seem to be to their own follies? Does Kate not wonder about the fact that she has no friends? That the world is calling her a bitch and making fun of her? Does it not occur to Jon that people think he is a big fat loser and an opportunistic sleazebag? Do neither of these people question whether there might just be a bit of truth to the countless amount of editorial on them? Strange...

Anonymous said...

For those who tell Kate to go back to nursing..have you considered the poor patients? I would not want her within a mile ministering to me!!
Jon I would hold out a little more hope for in securing a job and I do emphasise little, but Kate will not give up her lifestyle without a fight.
If she considers her own boys *icky*, what would she consider patients?
They have had more than enough money to keep them in a comfortable lifestyle forever, just sell the large house and vehicles (although I suspect these are leased).
I presume they receive royalties for any of their episodes run, but there again, if they did not have a competent lawyer in the first place, maybe not.
Kate will not go back to being the coupon Queen and admit she actually *failed*!!!

tj said...

Kate has taken all of the great advice posted here and is working on providing safe fun times for the kids without spending thousands of dollars.

Here is her first great new toy for the kids:

ErinKate said...

Real Simple: They cannot survive without a TV show.

I am not a fan of Rosie, but she has repeatedly written about fame being like a "drug". They are so far gone.

EnzoPenzo said...

On LKL (or the "Cryptkeeper", as I like to think of ole Larry) Jon was asked if they had set aside money for the kids....he made a point of saying they had money in a revocable trust. He also then admitted that if money got tight they would have to dip into the kids trusts to live......that just shows how they are already thinking about robbing the kids.

The kids will have no money to show from this fiasco when they are older.....well, except from the tell-all books they will eventuallty write.

NewWester said...

Maybe the rabid possum on Kate's head and Ed Hardy can design a line of t-shirts? They can gear it towards irresponsible parents

juni said...

* stop getting nails done, plastic surgery, botox, hair highlighted, spay tanned, Starbucks and spa treatments...

* sell that ridiculous home- move back to the old home- they should have enough money to have ZERO MORTGAGE! The old home would be far less expensive to maintain.

* Maybe eating only "organic" isn't in their budget anymore

*if they actually got back in contact with family I am sure they would be there to help out with childcare

* get real jobs!

* Public school for the children

UsedtolikeTLC said...

Considering how Kate gets when under pressure and how much of the public can't stand her and are aware of her via the media.
a) What hospital or health care facilty would hire Kate as a nurse?

b) Who would actually want Kate as their own nurse or as a nurse to a member of their family?

just wondering said...

When all the shit hits the fan Kate will change sides and sue the holy hell out of TLC. Nobody smells money like Kate. Won't it be a cosmic anti-karma event if Kate actually makes millions from a lawsuit against the people she allowed to help her exploit her own children? I'm having a difficult time wrapping my brain around the idea, but I keep coming back to the possibility of it all.

stopthemadness said...

I feel deciding which is the better parent is not only like trying to decide which is the smaller turd but I'm sure it is TLC's idea to keep people talking and passionately taking sides. The truth is that neither is putting their kids before the almighty dollar and TLC just loves it when the public fights and takes sides and wears Team whatever t-shirts.
Exactly Suzie!!

The only legitimate team there can be is Team 8, and what is good for them. kate can have all the reality shows she wants and so can Jon and sign all the contracts in the world, it doesn't bother me if those two get rich doing weekly "mud wrestling with the Stars: shows.

Everyone who takes sides and buys into the garbage of who is the BETTER parent is just throwing more chum in the water and TLC thrives on it. As long as the fosuc stays on the battling parents and off the illegal and immoral exploitation of the children, TLC wins - and so does kate if that's the "side" she is on.

Where they really don't want to go is to the actual issue of this case which is the legality and psychology of having the kids on this show. Other networks are run by the same group of sharks with the same bottom line concerns and the same morals, ie, don't start looking at US - the networks - we all make money off this shit. Once you start questioning how legal or moral or even how INTERESTING it is, you start to involve ABC, CNN and everyone else who has subsituted info-tainment for real news, reality "shows" where greedy parents interests outweight that of their children, and they are all tarred with the same brush.

They will do what is in the interest of the payer of their paychecks. Jon vs TLC will indeed be David vs Goliath - do we start to get smart, get moral, and get interested in the pablum that is being forced down our throats or will we buy into the hogwash that this isn't about the SHOW it is about who is more unfit Jon or Kate.

I'd like to believe firmly that American viewers are too smart to fall for that but alas as TLC and other networks know you won't go broke underestimating the viewing public's basic sense or sensibility.

I'm actually very impressed that Entertainment Tonight has come out on the side of ending the show. They need to be jerked back into line with the networks' idea that we need to get rid of Jon in order to continue the exploitation; otherwise all these shows are at risk - can the US economy handle REAL news and REAL entertainment, and really caring about real people? It's been out of vogue for some years now, the trend on even shows like CNN has been to highlight, repeatedly, on show after show the same ugly situations night after night not because they are news or news worthy but because they're entertainment.

let Jon and Kate plus 8 be the beginning of a trend in the other direction!

if I were the Duggars, the Little People cast, or anyone else on TLC shows I would be vehemently objecting to having this show be put up together with other shows (which they are now doing) on joint TLC adverts. In saying they (TLC) aren't a one trick pony or a one show wonder they are making it an all or none scenario - love me love ALL my shows - which simply isn't true.

Truly family oriented families should be refusing to have further contracts with TLC unti lthis is resolved, because putting their show together with this one as typical TLC fare pulls the others down and calls their reality into question as well as their motives.

I can only wonder what Michelle Duggar thinks of Kate and the way things are going in that family. I see Duggars have a renewal of vows ceremony coming up - how gullible or greedy are they, they have to know their family and values and marriage will be compared to Jon and Kate's just as with the sound guy whose girls were on comparing Duggars to Gosselins.
I'm ready to ban TLC from our family viewing in total, not just Jon and Kate and Toddlers in Tiaras which are now off limits for us.

PoorKateTheSingleMom said...

I'm so glad this is a topic. It grates me to here the View Chicks and whomever else start in on "Well you have mouths to feed" kind of thing.

No one NEEDS a giant mansion of a house. Or a pretty pink iPhone or Botox or stilettos in which to grocery-shop. So how about we start with Kate deciding what's important and doing away with the fluff, if we are to feel so sorry for her "single mom" dilemma (cough--bodyguard--cough-cough--nannies--cough-cough---cameracrew, etc)

Auntie Mip said...

I am so over this topic but still check in to see what the news is. I agree with all posts that these two should get jobs like the rest of us and support their family. I only have two things to add.

1. The current economic state of affairs has hit the healthcare industry...I am a nurse manager of a large pediatric oncology program...I have 4 open positions for RNs and we have a hiring freeze...just like every other hospital and clinic in my large metropolitan city. And
2. Seriously folks...if you or your loved one God forbid required hospitalization or any medical care for that Kate Gosselin the nurse you want taking care of you or them? She can't even manage two germand shepards for God's sake. I will take my chances on an understaffed unit thank you very much!

LORI IN OHIO said...

Humm... I don't know.. how about they pull out all of the tricks we were SUPPOSED to be seeing when the show first started. Feeding a large family on a budget-- finding no cost activities for 8 kids --etc,etc,etc...

I didin't sign up for the Gosselin world tour of freebies and smut when I first started watching.

Shameful said...

duh said...
Spend your money on your kids instead of yourselves. What a waste with all the employees, PR people, etc."
That's for sure. Even now, with loads of money coming in, the kids are wearing the same clothes over & over again. Notice how Kate is showing off new dresses, shoes, etc., everytime we see her in the tabloids or on the show. The kids stopped getting new clothes when they were no longer FREE from Gymboree.

UsedtolikeTLC said...

Jon and Kate are both losers to be honest they both saw dollar signs when the sextuplets were born and now it has pretty much ruined their family. The both of them are so spoiled from all the money coming in from the show that there are very few career options open to them except maybe starring in another reality show or writing a tell all book( there are rumours that Kate has a special project set for 2010. I would not be surprised if it is a tell all book about her marriage and the show)
The one good thing we may see from this disaster called Jon& Kate is that we may be near to or at the end of the popularity of reality shows. It has gone beyond crazy as to what they will put on television now. Tonite TLC is advertising a show called " My Monkey Baby"!!! What next? A show about watching paint dry? or how about something with a bit more action like watching grass grow?

Addiction Is Tough To Overcome said...

ErinKate said...
Real Simple: They cannot survive without a TV show.

I am not a fan of Rosie, but she has repeatedly written about fame being like a "drug". They are so far gone.
I think Jodi kind of hinted at this, too, on one of the radar interviews. But stuff keeps getting thrown to the left, then thrown to the right...changing opinions, changing events. Maybe we have to allow for changes of heart. Maybe I'm just naive. I don't know.

wkh said...

in lovely twist, my grandmother, single mom to 8, as in her husband was DEAD and left them nothing not simply in NY a phone call away when needed...

was a nurse. Started as a LPN actually. She then worked her way up to be an administrator of a long term care facility. Retired worth a pretty penny just last month, with the love honour and respect of her children. None of them were ever on tv.

wkh said...

Oh and she also kept a clean and neat home without forcing everyone to dress alike or being a total bitch to everyone.

TarjaytheFancyFrenchStore said...

hat's for sure. Even now, with loads of money coming in, the kids are wearing the same clothes over & over again. Notice how Kate is showing off new dresses, shoes, etc., everytime we see her in the tabloids or on the show. The kids stopped getting new clothes when they were no longer FREE from Gymboree.

10/04/2009 2:31 PM
Yes, Shameful, I agree with this .
From what I read here , and see in tabloid pics (I do NOT watch show"), the girls esp. the older ones, seem to be in the same stuff. Not the school uni's I am talking about...but Casual clothes. There was one pair of particularly homely darker pull-on shorts one of the twins wore in almost EVERY tabloid pic I saw, all summer. Did no one change? Or maybe the laundry is just done everyday..(by the Minions, of course)
My daughters live with pauper parents, but at least they have plenty of clothes btwn. hand-me-downs from a friend , and whatever I can get on sale at JCP or Tarjay.
Yes, Khate, TARJAY: they have a GIRLs' ((and Icky Boys') dept!! Imagine that!

Shameful said...

So true, TarjaytheFancyFrenchStore. The kids are wearing the same clothing ever since the free outfits came to a halt. Maybe Kate is still getting her clothing free from Ann Taylor? Last I heard, after she abused that right by leaving the store with arm loads of clothing, the store gave her a flat $1000 to spend a month. That's still an unbelievably HUGE amount!

mirele said...

marineaunt57 wrote:

Kate's nursing license expires the end of October. Will she renew...hmmmm...probably not. I believe she thinks she will never have to work in nursing again. Too beneath her.


I'm thinking Jon's attorney should go to court for an order asking that Kate be compelled to renew her license. After all, she's going to have to support her children as well.

stopthemadness said...

Maybe if they did not spend all their time fighting each other over this BS fiasco of a show and divorce and all the other broken promises, they could do some stuff with their kids.

My OH coaches the boys' soccer team - he's not the head coach but the assistant,but he's there, he does the drills and skill stuff, and spends those times with the kids. how can Jon ever do anything like this - off again, on again, every two weeks? Would TLC even allow the kids, any of them, to be involved in a sport or activity, that could prevent filming whenever they see fit? The little girls as well, have any of them ever been in soccer, ballet, T ball, Brownies, or anything that would not involve them pretending to play while TLC pretends to film a reality?

How much are these parents and kids going to have to give up for this show? A trip to a Dude Ranch once a year or a trip to the beach doesn't make up for the learnings kids get from being part of a team or learning a sport or a skill.

Yes, I know they don't have time, Kate doesn't have time, She has EIGHT KIDS if we haven't heard. However she seems to have time to do anything she wants to do, tanning and nails and hair require a weekly commitment - there seems to be time for that.

When I think of how important their activities are to my kids and how happy it makes them, and how they grow from it, in all kiinds of ways, it makes me sick that these kids' JOB keeps them from being able to have a single other acitivity or friend, outside their own home, and even their pets taken away - too much work.


stopthemadness said...

If Jon makes them stop filming you know Kate will be in the kids' faces saying, no, you can't have this or do that, because Daddy won't let us work. If Daddy would contribute or at least let us do the show we could have nice thing but because of him we have no paycheck. daddy is such a meanie.

I don't know how Cara will react to this but I have a feeling Mady at least would point out that their clothes were all FREE and mommy seems to have a closet full.

And yes, you can get a nice little girl dress at TarjaytheFancyFrenchStore for about $18 if it bothers them so that the freebies have dried up. One interview on GMA or LKL would fill those kids' closets and possibly even support a pair of Nike's or two instead of those hideous Crocs, I don't care how old you are, those things make you look like a dumb ass! Big ugly plastic boots - why doesn't she just make the boys carve a shoe out of a tree trunk or something!

of course the priority is getting them all the SAME and getting them for FREE. I don't see Nike, Vans, Converse or any of the $40 shoes I get my boys a couple times a year, on these kids. ONE pair of the shoes she wears would pay for all 6 little ones to have something cute comfortable and stylish that you can actually run in, not that they would be allowed to do any sports, but how about being able to just play and climb, run and kick a ball? Do the kids have to go barefoot if someone won't donate the footwear so TLC can show it?

Play clothes are OK said...

Shameful said...
Even now, with loads of money coming in, the kids are wearing the same clothes over & over again. Notice how Kate is showing off new dresses, shoes, etc., everytime we see her in the tabloids or on the show. The kids stopped getting new clothes when they were no longer FREE from Gymboree.

10/04/2009 2:31 PM

I have seen the kids in new and nice clothes, but I think in the day-to-day errands, playing at home, they are ok with old play clothes. I certainly had my son in play clothes a lot in the summer, but he had nice clothes too.

fidosmommy said...

Kate will expect America to support her by purchasing tabloid magazines, by tuning into whatever
talk show she's visiting/hosting,
buying tickets to her appearances, and buying her books.

If her kids can't be her meal ticket anymore, we're next in line
to pad her wallet.

Problem is, she has nothing worthwhile to peddle. She is

fidosmommy said...

EnzoPenzo said...
On LKL ... Jon was asked if they had set aside money for the kids....he made a point of saying they had money in a revocable trust. He also then admitted that if money got tight they would have to dip into the kids trusts to live......that just shows how they are already thinking about robbing the kids.


I must have missed that part.

But, I can attest that when money is known to exist, the greed will come out. Case in point, the executor of my sister's estate started small, but he kept taking money out of her estate account, and then cashed in small stocks, then eventually wiped the entire estate out, spending it on himself and improving his house. I got copies of the receipts from the businesses. He was trusted to manage her estate, but when he knew he had access, he just whittled it all away on TV's, lots of personal items and the clincher:
his own cemetery plot.

I can definitely see that same thing happening to the Gosselin children at the hands of their parents. I need a new $47,000 sports car. A little from each child's account won't be noticed... and as the parent, I have the power to decide how this money is spent.... Now I need a
remodel of the den.... a little from each account isn't much.....

Yep, too easy to do.

stopthemadness said...

There's a thought Kate - to survive and support your kids, go back to your family and apologize, and give these kids some of that love they are missing out on, you might actually get some FREE STUFF too.
And aside from that, there might be an extra lap for a kid to crawl into and get read a book. Someone with time to tie an apron around their waist and put them on a kitchen chair and make cookies. When I think of my kids lives, and the times someone in my family has taken them to the Natural History Museum, read them a book, had a catch with them in the front yard, listened to them - to take that all away would be so impoverishing it literally takes my breath away to think of their lives without those extra people giving them unconditional love, attention - and not a wooden spoon in sight, unless it's being used to mix a batch of spaghetti and meatballs.

Shame on you, girl.

duh. said...

...isnt that something they should have considered PRIOR to seeking a fertility Dr. and going through with fertility treatments that usually result in mult. births????

since being responsible adults didnt occur BEFORE the tups were born why would people think that NOW they would be???

what the SHOULD do is what the rest of us do: take responsiblity and make a good life.

gets jobs. live in homes they can afford. drive cars they can afford. live within their means.

common sense....

besides... shouldnt they have money saved from exploiting their kids to live on? oh-wait... i forgot... NOT responsible adults.

Claire said...

Last I heard, after she abused that right by leaving the store with arm loads of clothing, the store gave her a flat $1000to spend a month.
She could have a $10,000 a month clothing allowance and still look like a hooker. She has NO style.

she is evil said...

No matter what Jon and Kate do, they are too stupid to survive financially with or without the show. They will not take any good advice until the money is all gone. And all this parading on tv is turning into laughingstocks

Claire said...

EnzoPenzo said...
On LKL ... Jon was asked if they had set aside money for the kids....he made a point of saying they had money in a revocable trust. He also then admitted that if money got tight they would have to dip into the kids trusts to live......that just shows how they are already thinking about robbing the kids.
Where does this stuff come from? Here's the transcript of the interview. Please show me where he said any of that. Thanks in advance.

Target for Kate said...

When I see people calling Target
Tarjay, I hope they are kidding, as the symbol is a bulls eye, or another term a "Target", I'm sure they are only being funny.

MickeyMcKean said...

Re Etwon House

I admit I'm now curious ~

Does anybody know what they paid for it a few years ago and how much they initially listed the house for a year ago?

tar-jay for Kate said...

Target for Kate said...
When I see people calling Target
Tarjay, I hope they are kidding, as the symbol is a bulls eye, or another term a "Target", I'm sure they are only being funny.

The reason people say "tar-jay", or at least the way it started here in Chicago, is that it's the French pronunciation for the name. Nobody really wanted to admit initially that they shopped at a discount store, so they gave it a fancier name. Nothing to do with Kate!
BTW, I agree she deserves one.

Ohio Mom said...

Maybe Kate could hang her cloths out to dry to save money. The kids are old enough she should not need a maid every week to clean. They can all pitch in. Also plant a garden. Go back to the cheaper way of living. I have never ever had my nails done, and I am 42. I survived.

go to work said...

They need to figure this out immediately, the fools. Kate is whining on Today that she can't support her kids and can't feed them. Here she goes again looking for handouts. They need to work more, spend less, quit whining

Pilgrim Soul said...

I hate the way Kate acts like she was some victim of Fate and her eight children just fell out of the sky. If selective reduction was not a choice for her (and I respect that), then she should not have tried to get pregnant in a Clomid cycle that resulted in (at least) six mature follicles. She should have waited. Any reputable fertility doctor would have advised her of this.

I am really interested to hear any evidence about Kate Gosselin's PCOS story. If she really suffered from PCOS, why didn't she become a spokeswoman for the disease, offering hope to millions of women who are told they may never have children, etc... I really am not convinced that she had PCOS. I know people who do, all of whom have children using fertility drugs, and NONE of whom have multiples, not even twins.

Pilgrim Soul said...

That event planner idea for Kate is not a bad idea... Control freaks are great at that kid of job. And it would be drawing on her own skills - not media whoring on the backs of her kids, or rewarding her behaviour (manipulating fertility treatments, exploiting kids, fleecing public, etc...) with a vanity TV slot.

samcarter said...

It's called living within your means, Jon and Kate. Go back to the old house--plenty of families live in houses where the kids need to share rooms, and don't have huge areas of empty, echoing space like your McMansion.

It's called recognizing the distinction between "wants" and "needs". Kids need food, clothing, shelter. They do NOT need fancy clothing that matches, P.F. Chang's for dinner, or a swimming pool.

Adults need food, clothing, shelter. They do NOT need fancy hairdos, Ed Hardy clothing, or Starbucks every day.

Figure it out, move back to the old house, make it work. maybe if you taught your children to get along and not fight all the time, there would have been less noise in the old house. OR--maybe you should have considered the fact that children are going to make noise and accept that fact.

The Dilleys did just fine with a yearly magazine article, or a yearly tv "update" special. They did not need a reality show to support their family. Neither did the McCaugheys. The Duggars really shouldn't have gone down that road, either; their credibility has kind of flown out the window at this point.

You could scale back, dial it down, and teach your children the value of REAL work, for an honest dollar. Kate, you could go back to nursing part time now that the kids are entering school. Jon could do IT work from home, or heck, even working as a garbageman. I've always told my kids i don't care what job they hold when they grow up; if they want to do manual labor for a living that is FINE. As long as they are honest, decent, God-fearing men, their work will be honorable.

Kate, neither you nor Jon are honorable. How are your kids going to learn to honor you as their parents?

Erin said...

I am by no means defending Jon or Kate..but, they are not unlike millions of people in this country. They want it all and don't think of the "what ifs".

Jon and Kate will never go back to nursing or IT work. They see how the other side lives and want to hold on to it forever. They are legends in their own minds.
They will do personal appearances, failed tv shows, "tell all" books and eventually will end up on the Surreal Life, Celebrity Re-hab or maybe Jon can do some type of dating show..ex: Rock of Love?

Kittie6 said...

I think Kate is overly worried about being able to "feed her kids". Has the cost of crackers, grapes, and yogurt (all organic, of course) gone up?

stopthemadness said...

Yes, we are kidding with the Tarjay the Fancy French Store. Like Jacques Pennyay.

There was a Time Kate would have been thrilled ot have a $100 gift certificate to go into Tarjay and get diapers - doesn't she still freque3nt that fine establishment? I mean, we go all the time but you rarely see the Lexus SUVs in the parking lot there or at Wallmart.

It's good though, you can get a lot of things there and she should investigate Cherokee brand for herself and her kids. Ross too has nice things, brand names, I've gotten Adrienne Vitadini sweaters and Doll House pumps, lots of Ralph Lauren, Nine West, etc at a huge discount. Of course you have to hold your nose at the other poor people in there looking for bargains but I'm sure they'd rope off a dressing room for you while you try to find jeans that don't make your ass look big.

Will be hard I know for one who LOVES fashion and only so recently came to embrace it (badly) but there's a sacrifice you can make to support your kids.

Two kids.. said...

Their old house is still for sale, listed at $299,900.

By next year at this time, not only will their family be broken but so will their finances. Money can be a blessing or a curse. You can try to buy happiness but not if you aren't complete inside.

Kelly34 said...

Kate's nursing license expires the end of October. Will she renew...hmmmm...probably not. I believe she thinks she will never have to work in nursing again. Too beneath her.


I'm thinking Jon's attorney should go to court for an order asking that Kate be compelled to renew her license. After all, she's going to have to support her children as well.

Shouldn't Jon be forced to get a job too? And pay equally for his kids?

Joanne said...

MANY people support their kids on normal jobs! (Look at all the families with multiples)
Not only that, the Gosselins have a million dollar cushion that most do not have.
If Kate stops living like she is a celeb (not) then they will be just fine.
I applaud Jon for taking a stand and wanting the kids off of TV.

Duh said...

Target for Kate said...
When I see people calling Target
Tarjay, I hope they are kidding, as the symbol is a bulls eye, or another term a "Target", I'm sure they are only being funny.
They are just using the faux-french pronunciation of Target. It would not really bd spelled Tarjay, but if you want to convey that pronunciation you really have to spell it like that.

Peter's Wifey :) said...

I don't know if anyone has read the article on today, but apparently Kate has been crying (literally) about not being able to pay the bills. I'm sure anyone with sense can see this, but still:

1. Does she NEED that monstrosity of a mansion? I mean, really? Several years ago I babysat for a family that had seven children, aged 7 to newborn. Mother stayed at home, dad was a volunteer firefighter. They lived in a 3-bedroom home. It was a little insane, but they stuck it out & now they are doing very, very well. Kids are happy & well adjusted, etc. Not saying I support that kind of childbearing with such a limited income, but the idea is still applicable that you don't necessarily need all that darn square footage to house a large family.

2. Does she NEED all of her own personal extra's, like manicures, pedicures, massages, traveling hairstylist, physical trainer, etc? One could argue that she doesn't even need the nannies. There are plenty of large families with children close in age (mutliples is a little different, but still) - and know what they do? They delegate. If you give a child responsibility & let them know what is expected of them, they will deliver. And as far as Steve, we all know Kate doesn't NEED him around. What tripe.

3. All the 'toys' she & Jon had accumulated - is any of that necessary for living, will it benefit their children, are they wise purchases? NO, NO, NO!!!

I've never been a fan of theirs, but that article today just got my blood pressure up WAY past healthy and I just had to let off some steam. It really does just make you gasp - you get to a point where you think for sure this is it, they've hit rock bottom & they're going to realize that they are acting totally irresponsible (the BOTH of them) with their money & their God-given job of parenting their children. Unbelievable.

polly said...

Just watched the beginning of The View where Kate called in to comment on Jon taking $200,000 from their account. Acted like it was all the money thay had and said she was up at night stressing about how she will pay the bills just like the old days. Says she will work at McDonalds if she has to in order to support her children.

Come on - this cannot be all of their money!

My hat off to Lisa Ling who questioned why Kate had her children on TV during this nasty divorce, how she had to live with her parent's divorce at the age of 7 and how she couldn't imagine it being on TV. She also told Kate she could do other things for income besides the show but instead of letting Kate repond to this Barbara Walters cut it off. They finally have a true journalist on their show and she is silenced!


Did anyone notice when she was on Today(2nd part)she was asked if she still wears her wedding ring. She said she was wearing the Hawaii ring now(of course it's FOR THE KIDS). Then, she preceeded to say there is a ring "she might BUY with 8 little diamonds and a mother of pearl".MSNBC has the story written as if she already was wearing this ring. But, she said she MIGHT buy it. Wait, wasn't she on there to discuss how she can't pay her bills since Jon stole THEIR money???? Why are you discussing a new ring purchase. Oh yeah, for the kids. I understand now. Your poor children won't have the household bills paid, yet, keeping mommy in diamonds makes sense. I have never felt so disgusted by a human being in my life! I live in Pa, which means I helped pay to bring these kids into the world. TLC doesn't care about you Kate! You are an employee. That's all. Whenever you are no longer an asset to them, you will be left behind,while they laugh all the way to the bank. They are not your friends. As soon as the media is no longer instructed to protect you,you are going to have hell to pay. They will pick you apart for the "Kate+8 poor me tour". They have photos of you and Steve that will be made to look suspicious.Just like you, they need the money. Showbiz should be left to those who choose acting as their profession. It's sad that you have no idea what you are doing. It's sad that underneath all the make-up and clothes,you are still that frumpy lady who told PA you deserved a second year of FREE nursing care for your children. You are being manipulated. I still have hope for your kids. They can become wealthy off of all the "MOMMY DEAREST" books they can write about you. Believe that they will remember what you've done. You have made your family a statistic by your greed. Congratulations,Mommy Dearest.You've reached Joan Crawford status!

moi said...

When I see people calling Target
Tarjay, I hope they are kidding, as the symbol is a bulls eye, or another term a "Target", I'm sure they are only being funny.

Uh, yeah, we're aware that the logo is an actual target. The idea is to act like it is a fancy-shmancy place because it's got so much awesome stuff and you always end up buying more than you need there, and spending so much time there. It's an affectionate nickname. Hope this clears things up (but you never know!).

KateminusJonmaybe8 said...

Sorry I don't have time to read all the comments, but I do have to say to those that say that they need to move back to E-town....

We don't want them back. We said good riddance to them a year ago. Would you like them living in your neighborhood/community? I didn't think so. It's now quiet again since they are gone, don't take that away from us.

Yes, the house is still on the market and they dropped it down to $299,900, but it is still overpriced for the area. They are still competing with brand new construction that has more square footage and is cheaper, by about $50k. Besides who would want to live in that house? It has a worse stigma than the Amityville Horror house.

For the one that said, put them on CHIP...again, I've already paid for their Medicaid before the show came along, I think they should have to pay that back since they had the money at one point instead of blowing it on the roadkill hair and the day-glo tanning. We won't go into the higher prices from the companies that gave them freebies.

For all the money they made on the show, there should be more than enough to sustain a normal lifestyle. None of the E-celebrity status things.

All in all we really shouldn't know about the Gosselins. No one forced them to do the show, they wanted it, they got greedy, they should deal with the consequences, not the residents of PA, not the residents of Wernersville, not the residents of E-town.

Deborah said...

That doesn't surprise me at all about Lisa Ling asking real questions. Nor does it surprise me that Barbara Walters would cut off the answers. I can't stand those women.

Team 8 said...

I was over at Radaronline where GWOP is constantly being bashed. All they see is Jon's wrongdoing. Kate is like a Goddess to them (and to herself).

The saddest part is their was a pic of the kids being escorted to school by their not-a-nanny. At least she put sweaters on them.

Fear of Abandonment is one big fear among any child much less kids going thru a divorce. These kids really lack stability, love and guidance. Not that I would trust either Jon or Kate for that!

Jon, Kate its never been about your 8 little goldmines. Its all about living in the style you've become accustomed to because kids don't mind going without stretch limos and spa days if they can only have the love and acceptance of their parents.

1momski said...

It is so obvious to me that Kate is back at it again, asking for "love offerings" to feed her kids while he clothes, makeup and hair allowance for one month would probably pay for groceries for a year for most families. One thing is for sure,she makes me loose my appetite

organizedblogroll said...

Kate has already said she'd work at McDonald's.

I'd pay to see that!!!!!

KateminusJonmaybe8 said...


The houses in their development go from $180K-$250K.

I have a friend that was outbid on a house a block away in the same development, on Andrew St, and the house sold for $223K and it was on a corner lot and had a pool. The house was about the same size and it had updates and not 15 year old developer special.

The median home value is $233,091 according to AOL.

Our home values here in E-town haven't really gone down. I bought my house a few months after J+K and my house is still appraised about $25K more than what I paid for it back in 2006 during the bubble. Lancaster County wasn't really hit by the sub-prime mortgage crisis due to lending practices being so conservative, E-town was hit even less than that. I've seen homes in my neighborhood get sold within a week or two, some even before the sign gets placed in the yard if it is priced right.

I live in E-town, I drive past that house almost daily. My opinions are based on what I know from living here. Take it for what it's worth.

tallblonde said...

Jon and Kate - You "won the lottery" - and now you've blown it.

Regarding the ring - 8 diamonds a a Mother of Pearl? "Mother of Pearl" isn't a single Pearl (representing her I'm assuming) - mother of pearl is "the iridescent substance that forms the lining of the shells of some fresh-water and some salt-water mollusks."

It's a good sound-bite Kate - but, once again, your "assumation" is wrong.

organizedblogroll said...


for standing up to Kate on The View.

She was a refreshing view, as I'm sick of Sherri kissing Kate's arse.

Lisa Ling Tells It said...

Lisa Ling to Kate: "There have to be better ways to make money than to put your kids on T.V."

YOU ROCK, Lisa Ling! Finally, a woman with brains is on The View!

organizedblogroll said...

These two are going to end up back in the welfare line after they pay their respective lawyers, and the kids will end up with nothing.


Christian_N_Daniel_Mommy said...

Hmmm... my thoughts are maybe Jon & Kate should you know... get JOBS to support their children. Right? And hey, maybe if you go and beg forgiveness from Jodi, your parents, friends you've alienated - some people may not mind helping you with childcare while you actually GO TO WORK. Besides, it's not like you can use the "We can't put our kids in daycare because it costs too much" excuse anymore - they're all school-aged so the only thing you 2 losers have to worry about is some after school programs or a baby-sitter to pick them up and watch them for a few hours while you WORK a normal J-O-B to support and provide for your family. Ever thought about that before? Bet not.

Besides all of this, I'm sure (or at least I HOPE) there is enough in savings (if you even have a savings account and hopefully you're investing this money wisely for the kids) for you and possibly even YOUR CHILDREN TO RETIRE!

Oh NO how in the world can we take care of 8 kids without having a t.v. show?!?! People do it every day, learn how to work for your food and earn what you have. Geez, what losers.

organizedblogroll said...

No one can tell me that the ONLY account these baboons have is the one with $200,000.

hahaha. That's just for incidental

Two kids.. said...

I have another question...who would have over $200K in a bank account when they are only FDIC insured for $100K per person?

I should have such problems!

XYZed said...

Kate sure turned the tables quickly on the discussion about ceasing production of the show. Apparently, those who want the show to end are essentially taking food out of her children's mouths.

She's nothing more than a grifter with an inflated sense of entitlement. No matter what her situation, she manages to turn it into another opporunity for a hand-out.

Pilgrim Soul said...

I can't help but think of all the lottery winners who wind up penniless after they blow their winnings. No doubt Jon and Kate Gosselin will go down this road. Poor kids.

PA Woman said...

Two kids.. said...
I have another question...who would have over $200K in a bank account when they are only FDIC insured for $100K per person?

I should have such problems!


Although I agree with the spirit of your comment, just an FYI, the FDIC insurance limits were raised to $250,000 until 2014 in response to the banking crisis.

Just the FAT girl said...

I ONLY have 5 kids ages 5 and under, including a set of triplets....but



Kate has explaining to do said...

Jon just stated on the air that Kate's claims are all lies. That she has 3 million dollars in 11 bank accounts and that she is going through it like water. He took $22,000 last week for expenses and had the withdrawl slip to prove it.
He said she made millions on the book and he's never seen a dime of it and she won't tell where it is.
His yearly salary is $171,000.
Wow, is she just peddling lies to the world, and is really wealthy?

Pity Pennsylvanians! said...

All in all we really shouldn't know about the Gosselins. No one forced them to do the show, they wanted it, they got greedy, they should deal with the consequences, not the residents of PA, not the residents of Wernersville, not the residents of E-town.
KateminusJonmaybe8: I feel for you! What a no-frills, say-it-like-it-is, GREAT comment. You are are SO right. The Gosselins...we shouldn't even know who they are! And I've helped make them who they are because I can't let go of their stupid saga as I keep waiting for THE END...except that it never ends.

Jon and Kate have made enough money off their kids to reorganize their lives. They can solve their OWN problems, like other adults! Have some personal responsibility, Jon and Kate...ENOUGH with the whah-whah-whahs.

Joyhawk said...

Now that Khate's played the:

"He only left me with $1,000 to buy food for my children!" Card -

- let's look at all the things the poor dear will have to AVOID being seen with or doing so the rest of the world won't see all the REST of the cards we know she holds, like the "Controlling Bitch" card, the "Negligent, Uncaring Mom" card, the "Self-Centered ME!-ME!-ME!" card, the "If You're Not My Worshiping, Cow-Towing Friend, You're My Enemy" card etc:

* Her daily, ever-pesent Starbucks
* Going into/coming out of tanning salons, or spas with fresh mani/pedicures
* Limo rides ANYWHERE
* All the nannies and daycare help
seen around the KONpound

- Unless she wants to come out and admit that TLC pays for those last two things...

And I'm sure all you silver-tongued, er -keyboarded GWOPers can add to my list....

holy epiphany! said...

i think kate needs to peddle joan crawford hangers on a shopping network.

Joyhawk said...

Disbelief said...

I don't think there is anymore that can be said...that hasn't already been said! These two people are beyond ridiculous. The fact that not one person in their life has been successful in intervening with some sanity and logic is fascinating. That CNN actually reports on this is bizarre; and that they are STILL being allowed to conduct their circus on TV for all of us to watch is beyond comprehension.

* * * * * *

I couldn't agree more! Perfectly said, Disbelief

KateFakeCries said...

How Kate Can Survive and Support the Children Without A TV Show?
I know! Khate can be adopted by Meredith Pansy Pushover Vieira, Barbara Wussy Walters, Joy ButtHead Behar, Baldy Bill Geddes and Sherri DumbAsShit Sheppard! They can all be her fairy godmothers and send her monthly checks.

If they want to give her a public arena where she can sling her fake crying b.s. around, then let them help pay for that 8 diamond ring that Khatie wants so badly!

I hope that GMA has finally gotten some sense and will be ignoring the Gossellins. Any media talk show/morning show that continues to give J&K a stage where they can fling their poo publically are MORONS and the show should be cancelled due to stupidity.

Kate made an ass out of herself said...

Kate made a big lying ASS out of herself this morning, and now Jon has gone on tonight to disprove every single thing she said, AND had the withdrawl slip from last week showing he took out $22,000, not the $230,000 she said.
He said to the camera "so where's all the money KATE, HUH?" "She has 11 different accounts with 3 million dollars. and got 2 million alone from her book, that I never saw. Where's that money!"

Just My Two Canadian Cents said...

So, Jon takes steps to cancel the show and stop the exploitation of his children, and then days later Kate cries poor! Not buying it.
Have a newfound respect for Lisa was nice that someone has the insight and courage to challenge Kate, even if she was cut off...Nancy Grace's attack on Jon (which I had the misfortune of watching earlier tonight)... she was out of line. Too bad we'll never see her interview Kate. I'm sure Kate is too scared of her considering how she treated Jon on the Insider.

Momof2boys said...

Watching the panel on Larry King live and I have to say that once a fan, I have lost ALL respect for Dr. Drew. His whole argument that you have to be pro-Kate as a parent of multiples whose husband's whole job is to support her. How 1950's!!! I think Kevin Federline's lawyer (Mark Vincent Kaplan) is far more level headed and asks the tough questions.

AnotherLisa said...

Don't they receive royalties every time a show is rebroadcast on TLC?

They have way more in investments and other accounts. Kate makes it sound as though she is destitute with on $1000 left in the bank.

Remember this is just the "liquid" account. Just sell some other investments Kate. You know you have millions.

Enough with the Multiples said...

I don't understand how anyone can say "how will Kate survive without the show?" these people that say that not watch the show? First, she can sell that million dollar home and go back to the modest one that she felt wasn't big enough (sorry Kate, it was big enough). Then she can sell her designer wardrobe. She won't need them anyways when she goes back to her job as a nurse. Bad economy or not, nurses are always in demand and what I wouldn't give to see nurse Kate in a retirement home, wiping old men's butts! The kids are in school all day, there's no reason now why both of them can't get real jobs. (And I don't qualify reality TV as a real job). She can also give up the spa treatments and fancy vacations and outings every week. Really, the kids won't be that fact, they might actually have a chance to be normal kids.

I'm also sure that Kate has plenty of money stashed away from her book deals and appearances. She's just keeping that for herself so she doesn't have to give it to the kids, who by now should have college and trust funds if they would have used the money from the show wisely.

Mona said...

Don't you know the kid's food money is just fine. Kate has "bills" in her purse - $20's,
$10's and $5's - to pay for their
meager lunch supplies, gas, heat,
water, doctor visits and socks.

It's the $200,000 she needs for her nail tips, her hair lightenings, her Anne Loft Taylor clothes, her shoe purchases and
of course, her addiction to chewing gum.

Rose said...

"CrazyK8" left a comment that I agree with 100%. If Jon and Kate quit the show now, resumed normal lives and just did a 1-hour documentary update each year, that alone would probably bring in more money than most working families earn in a year. And the public interest would be greater, instead of splashing the Gosselin family across every TV and magazine cover on a daily basis and making everyone get sick of them.

And if Kate loves writing as much as she says she does, she could continue doing that. She could go back to being a nurse. Someone else mentioned event planning, which seems right up her alley. Maybe she could even be a "professional organizer," like one of those people she hired for last night's episode.

Above all, though, I think the Gosselins could have EASILY managed staying in their old house...and if we were to be completely and totally honest, they probably could have survived in their very first house--the one they had in the "Surviving Sextuplets and Twins" documentary that launched the show. How do you think people used to do it way back in the day? Yeah, it might feel nicer to be in a huge mansion like yours, but trust me, you don't NEED it. Maybe the kids would be better off if they had to share two or three to a room and live in a home half the size of what they have now. Maybe it would teach them more about reality, and that the house they currently owned isn't vital to survival, as Kate wants us to believe.

Joanne said...

Let them get jobs. like everyone else. Not every one is on TV to support their kids. What a joke. Kate just wants to be a celeb and is useing those kids to live like she is one. NOT.

SuzieO said...

I remember reading this on aunt Jodi's sisters blog after Jon's father passed away and they inherited a huge amount of money, aunt Jodi made a comment to Kate about are they going to take down the begging for money to pay for the tups needs now that they have come into all this money? Kate responded: no, why should we support the kids with OUR money? This leads me to think that she has HER money and THEIR money and then money received from donations to support the kids.

In other words, she believes the inherited money and the money she makes from the show, etc. is considered HER money and should not be used to support her kids.

JenJoy said...

Because of what these two have done to themselves, big time self destruction, I think they both realize they will have a hard time finding gainful employment. I know that Nurses are in short supply, but Kate hasn't been a nurse in years. You have to keep up with things and I don't think she has.

I don't think John was ever motivated and was very lucky to have that job with the state at one time. They are screwed.

mamafrog74 said...

I know what Kate can do--Kate can get up at 4:30am and do a paper route, then she can go straight to McDonald's to work the morning and lunch shifts until the local teens take over after school. After that she can go to the local home for the disabled and work until early evening, after which she can go do inventory at local stores until midnight or later. Do this four days a week and attend school to brush up on your nursing skills at least two more days a week. This is what I did when both my ex-husband and husband lost their jobs right around the same time 3 years ago. No more child support; no more income from the primary bread-winner in our family. I did this for 5 months while my husband looked for a new job. Of course I only had to support four kids, not eight. UGH! Not to toot my own horn, but I worked damn hard to keep my family afloat in tough times and without whining on every talk show that would give me the time of day. I don't think Kate's worked that hard in her life! She makes me want to puke with her mansion, free stuff, staff of helpers, and her variety of brand new vehicles! Broke my a$$, and if you are, shame on you for squandering what your babies earned! I'm sobbing for you, Kate, really I am.

season 5? said...

This is from a March 23, 2009 Sports Illustrated Article:

•" By the time they have been retired for two years, 78% of former NFL players have gone bankrupt or are under financial stress because of joblessness or divorce.

• Within five years of retirement, an estimated 60% of former NBA players are broke."

This just reminded me of Jon and Kate.

Hard to adjust to reality after the show's over.

Tommorrow is another day said...

Ways Kate can make money because she can not pay her bills: Beg. Borrow or Steal. Oh, wait a minute, she's done that. She begged from churches and companies everywhere. She borrowed our hearts for a brief moment. She stole her children's innocence. Well. she can always sell her soul to the devil......hmmmmmmm......never mind.

Mom of 5 said...

People continually comment to my husband "you can raise a family of 5 kids and you don't make $100K per year?" (dropped jaw...)

Yeah. But it takes being humble enough to go to the local consignment sale and purchase 70 pieces of clothing for $170.

And they are darned nice clothes, thank you very much. That cause my kids to say "thank you mommy!" (unprompted) when they get get them.

such idiots said...

They could try paying for things themselves

Vanessa said...

All this talk about wasteful spending, I truly believe TLC foots the bill for all the extravagence. The hair, spa, mani/pedi, wardrobe, shoes, etc. I can bet are all paid with an expense card. If she's the star of the show, those are legitimate expenses (not that she deserves it)
Jon just admitted TLC is paying for his NY apt., these people have NO expenses! Their electric/heating also are an "expense". They can write off sooo many things that you or I have to pay out of pocket. They are still getting tons and tons of free supplies, so tell me, where is all the money that they/kids have earned? Where are the paychecks they are still collecting going?

Anonymous said...

Kate Gosselin keeps claiming she needs to continue the television program as a way to support her family, and implies that she has no other option to support so many children. Other parents of multiples have found ways to support and nurture their children without weekly media exposure. For example:

• The Dilley sextuplets (born on May 25, 1993 in Indianapolis) were the first surviving sextuplets to be born in the United States

• The McCaughey septuplets (born on November 19, 1997 in Des Moines, Iowa) were the world's first surviving set of septuplets.

The Dilley and McCaughey families have granted media interviews from time to time, but they don't use their children's celebrity status to support their respective families. Moreover, the Dilley and McCaughey parents don't use their children to become famous themselves.

Raising multiples is definitely challenging, but it can be done with dignity and respect for the children.

- Lee

Zayna said...

The sense of entitlement that these two boobs display is mind boggling.

How they get away with claiming that being away from their kids for weeks at a time to pursue pseudo celebrity "careers" as a necessity is beyond me.

If they really were putting their kids first they would TALK TO EACH OTHER instead of airing their dirty laundry to any media outlet that will listen.

As to how they can survive and support their children without a TV show...

How about investing some of their earnings in educating themselves in careers that will enable THEM to earn money while NOT BEING AWAY from their 8 children?

The simple fact that they don't choose this option only proves that they are more interested in the pursuit of their own happiness (the limelight), kids be damned.

I so feel for those kids and can only imagine the trials and tribulations that will follow them as they try to make sense of their childhoods and their parents actions.

Christine said...

I look at the family that has deteriorated because of the greed of the parents, then I look at the Duggers, who don't buy anything on credit, shop the thrift stores and took three years to build their own house themselves with little outside help. Although I don't share their beliefs regarding birth control, these are loving parents and beautiful, sweet, well-behaved children. Do you ever hear one of them berating the other or hitting each other? No. I'm not naive - I know TLC pays the Duggers, but they were a family for 20 years before they got their TV show. The comparison in the atmosphere of these two houses is daylight and dark. Its too bad that when Kate was looking for advice on raising a large family that she didn't contact them first. She did contact the Dilleys and other families of multiples to find out how to get free stuff. Shame on Kate for not accepting the generous donations by her father's church. No wonder they decided to "not participate" (her words) in her children's lives. I'm sure these grandparents are heartbroken over what they have missed.

bbeau said...

Anonymous said...

Raising multiples is definitely challenging, but it can be done with dignity and respect for the children.

- Lee

Well said!!!

Enuf! said...

To "Enough with the Multiples" (LOVE the name): I agree. Personally? If you SEEK OUT to have multiples, you should HUMBLY ask (in a polite way) for help from your FAMILY, your CHURCH, whatever. NOT expect Taxpayers (who did NOT choose to have YOUR mullitples) to pay for them!
If high order multiples occur as a total "surprise!", that is one thing. But jeesh for the rest! You have plenty of $dough$ to GET pregnant with advanced technology (no insurance covers this "benefit", that I have ever heard of), you should then SAVE some of that $$ for the births and afterward! Come on, is that so DIFFICULT to undrstand? Or to accept?
Khate and Jon had no business messing with another risky pregnancy, imo. Since they DID (she did?), they should have taken care of the rest THEMSELVES and privately. And been GRATEFUL for ANY help, money or otherwise!
I feel for the taxpayers of Pennsylvania, and would not move there just BECAUSE I would not want to think that ANY of my hard-earned money goes to those ungrateful, kooky, self absorbed GRIFTERS!
They should have to pay BACK the hospital and the taxpayers too, now that they are rich! At the very least, a LARGE DONATION to the hospital. Yeah, I know : "How do I know they havent ALREADY done this?" Yeah, yeah. Khate and Jon are REAL GOOD with charity.

emmasmommy said...

I am happy to announce that I was at my local Wal-Mart this morning. When I was at the kids dept. Kate's children's line was not out on display. It is is a a corner and marked down. I go to that Wal-Mart often and can verify that it was not a hit. Same clothes still on hangers. Not to be rude but it lacks creativity and if she would of been smarter on her marketing skills shouldn't the G8 be photographed in them. Or in her mind Wal-Mart is not to her standards. Just a thought.

They just didn't sell said...

You are right about Walmart and "Kate's brand" The few things that had her 'tag' were all on a "clearance rack" and marked down to a couple dollars each. I asked the sales girl and she said "oh, that line just didn't do well for some reason, we returned a lot of it that didn't sell, and those are the remainder on the clearance rack." Kate again, a super designer.

No Drama Mama said...

Here is a novel concept: GET JOBS!

How did they plan on supporting these children BEFORE you were offered a reality show?

bite me Kate said...

I say, Kate guess what? Jon knows how to write checks and pay bills too, he has just as many rights as you do to pay the bills. Don't be nervous now about Jon wanting an accounting. We all know you did the right thing, right? Get off your high horse and have faith in something besides yourself. Jon is not a challenge to you and never has been, get over it, you can't make him look bad he does a fine job of that by himself. Now go to your room and finish your homework without your husband, lover, nanny, cooks, and production company.

Nova said...

I think the problem with Kate being an event planner is two fold: I don't think she has any originality and I don't think she could stand to let the attention be on the event - Kate must have the attention on her!

Free the Gosselin 8!


Anonymous said...

"NOT expect Taxpayers (who did NOT choose to have YOUR mullitples) to pay for them!"

I'm not holding my breath. We'll never hear, "Your rebate is in the mail!"