Kate Scheduled for Today Show, Monday, Aug 10

I'm wondering if Meredith Viera will ask Kate some tough questions or let Kate take over the interview as usual. Like, how could she tell Meredith back in April that their reality show was the most real on t.v. when she and Jon were separated at the time but the show was still showing the two as a loving couple?

What questions would you like Meredith to ask Kate?

Here's a few I would ask:

1. Kate, you and Jon say you do everything for your kids, Could you tell us how Jon's dating is benefitting your children?
2. You have said in the past that you would never have a nanny only a helper. How many "helpers" do you have and how many hours do they work per week?
3. Did you tell Jon back in October that the marriage was over and he could do as he pleased as long as he showed up for taping?
4.When did the show go from a way to capture family memories to a business?5.How much money have you and Jon made from the show, books, appearances, etc. and when will it be enough to support your family as you have probably made more money that most Americans will see in their lifetimes.
6.Why are you and Jon constantly on your cell phones when you should be paying attention to your children? Oh, I do see you trying to play with your children a bit more since the separation. Is that for show only? You never seemed to want to bother playing with them before.
7.Why the bodyguards? Are you afraid you might be abducted on your way to the Piggly Wiggly?
8.If you and Jon do everything for the children, why didn't you try to work things out? Since it's "all about the kids" don't you know the best thing for the children isn't $ and craziness but loving parents?
9. Why can everyone see that it's the $ that is the driving force behind the two of you wanting to continue the show and not the childrens needs but you two won't admit it? You've already made enough money to support your family a few times over.
10.How does an average family (there are a lot of large families out there earning a living and making it with as many or more children that you)end up with a McMansion, an apartment in N.Y. a perfectly good house they moved out of but haven't sold (why didn't Jon move back there?) and now a possible new place for your days off and pay for it all? It's crazy!

I have a feeling all of the interviews she does will just be to promote "Poor single mom Kate" and will just be full of fluff. What do you think? What questions would you ask Kate if you could?

Thanks to Twice as Nice.


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Jana said...

Sadly, I agree with you that Meredith Viera will not ask any truly tough questions, and this will be a forum for Kate to continue to play the "poor single mom me" role.

Meredith will pretend to ask a hard hitting question, then she'll let Kate lie through her teeth and not call her on it. That will be how the interview goes. I have no faith in The Today Show to actually do a truly insightful, balanced, piece.

There are no questions I would ask Kate, as I already know she's a pathological liar and wouldn't know the truth if it stared her in the face. I will continue to hope for the best for those eight children, knowing that at least as time goes by, they approach adulthood and hopefully freedom from their terrible parents.

Ohio Buckeye said...

Another few questions:
1)Please explain your logic of renewing your wedding vows 'to show the kids we will be together forever' in August, then purchasing the mansion in October, the same month you decided to bail from the marriage...
2) If your "P people" make life for you and your children SO horrible, why do you continue signing contracts for more 'reality' seasons????!!!
3) Why do you continue to introduce your children to such a wide viewing audience while more seasoned 'celebrities' do all they can to protect their kids from the glare of public life???!
4) When will you seek professional help for your narcissism & mean spiritedness?

shrews are cute, not k8 said...

Ooh, I'm one of the first ones!

Here's a few I would ask:
1. Why did you speak so harshly to Jon? Were you angry about something that he did the public didn't know about (drinking, flirting, etc.) or was the anger really over sock colors and coupons?)

2.If it really was about socks and coupons--was it worth it? Couldn't you have put up with a few little imperfections to keep a basically good husband? Do you think men are that easy to get for a woman with eight kids?

3. When your marriage broke up, did you ask to be released from your contract or at least to have the format of the show changed so your children's distress would not be broadcast on television? When Mady tells you and your ex off (which will happen, I think, soon), do you want the world to see that? (Yes, I know a lot of people want to see them told off, but give the kid some privacy.)

4. What expensive things have you bought for the kids? I know you and the ex purchased adult-only luxuries like tiny apartments and sportscars. What have you bought for one or more of the kids that you can't enjoy, that's only for them? Where are Hannah's pony, Colin's train set, Leah's swim lessons, Cara's ski lessons, etc? Don't tell me you're waiting for them to get donated.

5. How do you do it? You are so organized, and you soldier on with a broken heart. And you look great. I have three cats and a dog and I can't keep my house as neat. you go girl! (OK, I probably wouldn't ask that last one--but I want at least one of my questions to really get asked!)

mommytutres said...

I'm going to have hope that Meredith isn't going to allow Kate to play the "poor single mom" card, which is insulting to all the REAL single moms who are busting their rumps to make a life for their children. As a child of divorce, she makes my skin crawl how she plays the poor, pitiful me card. Perhaps Al Roker will join Meredith for the interview. Back in June, he gave Speidi the "what for" in an interview and they nearly came apart at the seams. Would everyone just love to see Kate get nailed from out of nowhere and get up and walk off of set mid-interview?? It makes me giggle thinking about it!

uneasy said...

I would like to ask (not that I think any of her answers would be truthful) the following:
1. Are there any times that you wonder if the kids will suffer any ill-effects from their life of celebrity that you are imposing on them?
2. Since Jon and you are listed as co-authors of the Multiple Blessings book, even though it seems as if the only person who could actually write was Beth Carson, why isn't Jon bragging that he is a best selling author, as he probably is as entitled to that label as you are?
3. Is money being put away in each child's name, for their future, whether it be for education purposes or otherwise?

Calgary7 said...

Do you have any response to the news article by Reuters that states

"the show is somehow bad for the kids could become an issue, however. The Gosselin parents appear to guard much of their own privacy from the cameras, while their kids remain onstage through a difficult period."

Your comments?

Follow-up question: are there any plans to decrease the amount of time these really young children are on camera? Let this reality series focus on the grown ups, Jon and Kate, who are getting paid.

source for the article:

canitbe said...

The questions will be pre-determined. They will all be softball. Kate or TLC would not let her appear unless she comes out looking good. Expect tear-swelled eyes, lots of "I'm being strong for my kids", and this is the "real-est reality show out there".

Next week I'm sure Jon will be on some other morning show saying that "he does everything for his kids" and..... "she's just a friend", "and she is too", "so is she", "yep, her too."

Blah blah blah blah blah

Calgary7 said...

What is the greatest regret that you have?

just wondering said...

I want to know the real deal with the rest of her family, just how long it's been since any of them have spoken to her, and what she did to make them all shun her.

I want to see an interview with her parents.

Rebecca said...

One of the things I'd like to ask is, "If you hate the 'p-people' so much, why don't you encourage the kids to play in their huge back/side yards or in the pool more often, rather than on the driveway and in the front of the house where everyone can see them?"

Oh, also, "Why do you not take seriously any of the concerns that Paul Petersen, a former child star, has raised about your kids being the focus of such intense public scrutiny?"

SwingsandRoundabouts said...

I would like to ask Kate "What planet are you from?"

konGOaway said...

I just read an article from the Washington Post about Paul McCartney - the biggest rock star in the world. It spoke of how he regularly goes out without bodyguards, goes grocery shopping and to the movies - without security. Once he got on a bus in NYCity and everyone was looking at him. Finally one passenger said "are you Paul McCartney". His response - yes, but please don't yell across the aisles to me - come and sit next to me. Of course when there are concerts, he has the appropriate rock star security necessary but when he is just living his life he doesn't feel it's necessary.

NOW why in the world would any woman whose only claim to fame is the attention she received for conceiving 8 children with her unemployed husband feel that they are so important to need constant security, especially when going to Party City? They claim their show is just about them living their life. REALLY?? They are legends in their own mind!!!!

Let's go Meredith - ask WHY Kate feels they are so special?

Tangerine Tanya said...

SwingsandRoundabouts said:

I would like to ask Kate "What planet are you from?"
Good one Swings!

I would like to ask her what is REALLY in that Starbucks coffee cup?

Anonymous said...

I have faith in M.V. This morning she asked a tough question to the hubby of the woman who drove the wrong way on the highway concerning alcohol. (A very big story here in NY)

Unknown said...

Not sure what I would ask Kate....maybe how much do you make an episode? or why won't your family really have anything to do with you? Just to hear her stumble thru the answers.

Today is making out like Kate is breaking her silence, but what about all the interviews she did & what was said on the show? Kate has been a lot of things, but silent isn't one of them. Meredith won't ask any tough questions either. The
"interview" will be a phony as J&K+8.

Sweetp said...

I would like to know.....
Kate, you once said that you had no sense of fashion and that Jon picked out your clothes. Now we see that you have a very put together look (alway wearing heels). To what do you contribute your new sense of style to?

mom-of-one said...

I agree, that MV probably can't ask any tough questions. Khate's PR machine is way too strict. Questions will be pre-planned, probably written BY the PR machine and MV may have one small chance to ask one hard question, at the very end, Khate won't answer it and the interview will be over. The Today Show is just as guilty as every other company who is using this joke of a family for ratings/money/success.

Sorry, this upcoming interview has my feathers ruffled b/c I know the fakeness will be at the forefront.

Beach Lover said...

How do you figure, Kate, that getting yourself larger breasts is "for your kids"? Is it because when you feel better about yourself then you are a better mom? No, don't use that one because we've seen you in action since the lipo and the breasts.

Whether your family "knows how to help us" or not, at this point it seems you hire your help and so wouldn't it be fabulous for your kids to get to know the relatives on both sides of the family as they do also live in PA?

Why did you continue to sit on a couch browsing at leisure through a furniture catalogue when your son, Collin, was clearly in great pain, sweating and crying with constipation that Jon admitted he had been suffering with for days? Why would you even force a child to go to a store when he was clearly not feeling well?

Since you are not a nuturing person as you've allowed all of us to see, why did you want to become an associate degree nurse?

Ohio Buckeye said...

Ok, just 1 more query: Kate, to what do you attribute your absolute and complete lack of ability to play well with others?

Daner said...

Kate, Why do you act like you are doing things alone (like camping) when in reality you had PAs and camera crews to help you and food already prepared?

Daner said...

Kate - Why do you act like you hate the P People when in reality we know that you or TLC tips them off?

Sara said...

Kate, when did you decide that stalking Steve would be easier if you moved within 40 feet of his office in Maryland? And Kate, what does Gina Nield REALLY think about you?

Daner said...

Kate - What is the real deal with your parents and why aren't they allowed in the kids lives? Same question regarding your old BFF Beth

ihatethisshow said...

two questions:

1. the owner listed on the house deed...is it really the kids?

2. how much money do you deposit into each child's bank account each week, and what are the balances of those accounts?

Momof2 said...

Kate...what exactly will it take for you to take this train wreck of a "show" off the air? What PRICE?

TUNDRA said...

I wish Meredith would ask Kate to explain how selling pictures of her children does not constitute exploitation?

TUNDRA said...

Kate, have you heard of the Truman Show?

ihatethisshow said...

just wondering.....

i think SHE shunned them. they didn't know 'how to help them'.
i have a soon-to-be ex sister-in-law, and she has the same character defects kate does. kate will never change. her world revolves around her. it is ALL about her. ALWAYS will be. those people should be pitied, and the people around them(her children) need lots of empathy. so sad.

Anonymous said...

most likely the truth lies somewhere in the middle of jon and kate's accounts of the facts. No one is that powerful (kate) and no one is that weak (jon). They were both at fault for the failure of their marriage. Although, I believe kate is acting smarter now, at least she is covering it up if she is with steve. Jon is doing all this out in the open for everyone to see, most importantly his children. I will continue to watch I cant help it I love dramatic bad tv, its my vice.

~db~ said...

More pics of Jon and Hailey out on Thursday night at the bar. Jon looks toasted.
He really needs to start acting his age..

~db~ said...

Woops, not sure if I mentioned those pics are on radaronline.

stop the show said...

Kate I see that you are much happier now in the past two episodes than you where towards the end of season 4. That is great and I am happy for you. But now- why did you still film a show during a "horrendous" time in your life? Why did you still act like a perfect family when you knew everything was falling apart? Why did we have to watch you scream at Hannah to "get out of there!!!" when you went back to the old house? Why did we have to see Jon whip sticks when they went for a walk in the woods? We would have supported a break and even a stop to the show. So why did you continue? Are these the memories you wanted your kids to have just so badly?

Oh and where is your green dress from? I am being you for Halloween. I have purchased the wig. I have my starbucks cup, my pink iphone, and a water bottle which I will not give to mady. But I am still in need of a dress. Let me know! Thanks Kate! Your the best!

Disgusted said...

one question for kate:
"why are you such a bitch?"

~db~ said...

Kate, if you feel the need to have a body guard around you just about 24/7 to protect you (and your kids I assume), then don't you think you should take yourself and your children out of harms way and stop filming and get the kids out of the lime light? You DO have control over that, just STOP THE SHOW!

~db~ said...

stop the show said...
Oh and where is your green dress from? I am being you for Halloween. I have purchased the wig. I have my starbucks cup, my pink iphone, and a water bottle which I will not give to mady. But I am still in need of a dress. Let me know! Thanks Kate! Your the best!

To funny! Awesome Halloween Costume! LOL!

Geri said...

Kate, do you feel you have any psychological disorders? And if so, are you receiving any medical help for them?

EtownMom2 said...

When you lived in Elizabethtown for the last 3 years - how many days did your children film and how many hours a day? (I want it on record as we know the truth)

Jon has a place to escape filming in New York, you have a place to escape filming. Since your new house (just like your old house) is a filmset for the children, where do the children go to escape filming and to get a break from the two of you?

What is your date of separation from Jon, did you tell him the marriage was over and you wouldn't go to counseling? If so, why did you throw him under the bus on your last Today interview? He will always be your children's father. He may be acting like an idiot but if you knew the truth, smells like a manipulative set up against him . . .don't get me wrong-- I agree he isn't helping his situation with his actions but I will give him this -- when he lived over here -- he worked chores like a dog and he was the ONLY one we saw playing with the children WITHOUT the film crew filming it.

Were you and Jon already checked out of your marriage when TLC had you renew your vows in Hawaii? If yes, followup question - If your show is the "realest of reality shows", don't you think that is fraudulent?

When you spoke to churches and took only CASH was that reported to the IRS?

Do you think you can set aside your differences with your brother and sister-in-law so the children can have a relationship with their 4 cousins? All of the children involved didn't ask for this mess, did they? Do you have problems with your feelings of "I do it all for the children" yet they aren't allowed to be with their cousins who love them and don't understand?

At what point did you decide to turn away from your promoted spiritual beliefs?

Friend in New Mexico said...

T.L.C. says that they will show Jon and Kate date. Well we all know that Jon doesn't have any trouble finding a date but who will Kate date?

Also will Kate change her name back to her maiden name Kreider once the BIG D is final?

Geri said...

Now that you don't have Jon to vent and yell at, do you feel like you are going to explode?

Dianew said...

Why don't you ever play with your children?

goawayJandK said...

one question for kate:
"why are you such a bitch?"



That's really the only question that needs to be asked - it pretty much covers all others.

Melissa said...

I think it is totally worth compiling these and sending them to the Today show:
or here

Dear Today Show,

As a loyal viewer of your program, here is what I would like to see you ask Kate Gosselin....

Dianew said...

Please tell me this isn't true...

Quoting Radar Online:
"But before you say Jon should have been home with his other children, RadarOnline.com has heard through the grapevine that he and Kate have an agreement that prevents him from going to the Pennsylvania house when it’s her designated time with the kids. So even though Kate was out of town, Jon still wasn’t allowed to be home"
-- No! Thats just mean and sick if that is true!

mom22teens said...

Here are the questions that I would love to ask Kate.


What kind of childhood did you have? Did something bad happen to you to cause you to have so much anger inside and treat others so cruelly?

Why don't you want to get the psychological help you so desperately need.

Do you know how to tell the truth?

If you love your kids as you say you do, why not stop the show?

A.L. said...

Hi, I'm a long-time reader of this blog and have only written a comment once. I would probably be considered at the target age demographic for this show, but I sm not supposed to give out any details due to privacy.

Here are my questions:

Kate, why are boys, in your words, "icky"? Why is Hannah considered the favorite? Why do you enstill stereotypes in your young girls? Because of you, they will probably grow up to be abusive wives, by no fault of their own. They will most likely live sheltered lives, never be able to find a self-respecting husband because they have been branded with the reality show status.

(If this offends anyone then I am truly sorry)

Lisa said...

I would not ask Kate anything, I would, however, ask Meredith V why she is buying into this crapola when she knows it is just for ratings since the show is tanking lately.

Willow #1 said...

Uneasy: I loved your question #2!!!!!

ratherbkayaking said...

When did you have your breast augmentation? When you had your plastic surgery consult, why didn't you ask to have the white plastic chair removed from your ass?

Why was Beth not acknowledged on your book tour of Multiple Blessings?

When was the last time you went to church. How much did you put into the collection plate?

Would you consider repaying the state for food stamps, nursing care and other subsidies when you were not so affluent?

Kate - you are disliked by many and have cut your family out of your life. Who do you think would cry at your funeral? Who would give the eulogy and would they have nice things to say about you?

How can you consider yourself green when you use paper plates, paper Starbucks cups, drive a huge SUV, run back and forth to UPS etc, etc.

Unknown said...

mom22teens said "What kind of childhood did you have? Did something bad happen to you to cause you to have so much anger inside and treat others so cruelly?"
That is SO something I'd like to find out.....

organizedblogroll said...

Have you reported to the IRS the cash you have earned from fans who purchase pictures from you????

fidosmommy said...

My question would be:

Kate, can you speak to America for 3 full minutes on something new about each of your 8 children without once making it about you? Tell us about THEM as individual people. We already know Aaden is the professor and Collin is organized. Tell us something new.

Bored Teen said...

When you and Jon professed your fakey fake weddening vows in Hawaii didn't you feel bad lying to God all for the sake of ratings/money?

I'll answer that question for you.

Ohio Buckeye said...

Ratherbkyacking said, "while you were getting plastic surgery, why didn't you ask to have the white plastic chair removed from your ass?

Would you consider repaying the state for food stamps, nursing care and other subsidies when you were not so affluent?"

Enjoyed your whole post, but these two are especially valid!

Meredith Viera: do not sell out and play up to TLC's Poor Pitiful (But Brave and Can Do!) Kate sham.

Anonymous said...

simply, knowing what you know now would you do it again?

Grand Rapids said...


How does it feel to live a completely soulless existence, feeling nothing but totally unjustifiable self-satsifaction that borders on sociopathic hallucination, as well as the endless burning rage and violent contempt of nearly every decent parent in the modern world directed at you and that half-full bag of doorknobs you call your soon-to-be ex-husband?

Because we really want to know.

ncgirl said...

Why did you discuss your children's reactions to the divorce in People? Don't you care about your children's privacy at all?

Emmy said...

~db~ said...
stop the show said...
Oh and where is your green dress from? I am being you for Halloween. I have purchased the wig. I have my starbucks cup, my pink iphone, and a water bottle which I will not give to mady. But I am still in need of a dress. Let me know! Thanks Kate! Your the best!

To funny! Awesome Halloween Costume! LOL!


Don't forget to get some REALLY big "girls" to hang out of that dress!

goawayfools said...

Kate, may we conduct this interview while monitoring you with a lie detector?

Your parents "don't know how to help you". Do you know how to help YOUR children?

How many of your children do you think will still have a relationship with you in the future?

Does it bother you that Jon is viewed as the better parent despite his idiotic behavior of late?

Do the kids like you?

Are you mad at your hairstylist?

Aunt_Nette said...

my question is why the role reversal? When Jon was the money maker and you were the homemaker the reality was really true with middle America.
Now that you have shown America that you can hen peck your husband on national TV, you have put on the "the pants" and become the bread winner. Traveling with extrordinary women, and having all sorts of special "attention" given to you.
You are not in your childrens lives enough to raise them anymore. Now every other week you have your time away from the children.
So when you get back from your week away from the childrens home do you interogate the children, asking them all sorts of questions about their daddy?

Anonymous said...

How do you explain to your children that the only way you can support them is to exploit them? That you don't buy stuff but hint that you can endorse it?

Are the children still allowed to watch the show?

What happened to the family mandate?

Ann said...

Now that Kate is trying to be a mom again, I would like her to be asked "Why now that all your kids will be going to school don't you volunteer at the school?"
Also I would liek to know the story behind the Pre-K we have all discussed here. Why are they going to Pre-K? Will they start K in 2010 and be 7 in Kindergarten? If they are starting PreK because of delays, are they getting outisde help, speech, PT, OT etc?

Judy said...

Do you honestly, truly believe the show is not affecting your kids negatively at all?

Not a fan of either said...

1. Kate, why does your upcoming schedule suddenly NOT include any churches? You spoke at churches as recently as last spring so what happened? Are they on to you?

2. Just one other thing. (I think all I want to know has been covered in other questions.) With all the money you're making, why don't you buy a nice lawn chair??? I am so sick of that plastic piece of junk.

3. Sorry, one more thing. Why do you think it's o.k. to show the bottom of your nasty feet on national television?

O.K., I know these are silly questions, but you guys covered the big stuff.

momto5 said...

I would ask:
Hey Kate, do you have your nursing home picked out?? Because if you leave it up to the kids.........they'll probably send you to one in Siberia and forget you ever existed. Being known as the children of the world's greatest child pimper will eventually wear on them!

fiddler's wife said...

goawayfools said...

Are you mad at your hairstylist?

This is hilarious. But I think the question REALLY is, "Kate, is your hairstylist mad at you?!?


You have all come up with some really great questions, by the way. I would love to see her squirm if any of them were actually posed to her.

TUNDRA said...

At the very least MV needs to address the issues raised by Kate's brother and sister-in-law.

Grand Rapids said...


Which expression do you feel best describes the feelings of most of America towards you:

"Seething disgust burning with the intensity of a thousand suns"


"Absolute moral revulsion coupled with a single-minded determination to see karma play out fully to its obvious -- and most gratifying -- end"


"An inexplicable longing to see footage of a Naomi Campbell in full Heathrow attack mode leaping out from behind an '03 Pontiac Montana in the Wernersville Bed Bath and Beyond parking lot and armed with a rhinestone-encrusted Blackberry capable of inflicting a personalized beat down of biblical proportions"

Which one, Kate?


qtrfan said...

One question I would like to ask:
Do you know now which of your children are left-handed and which are right handed?

In one eposide she stated that she didn't know.

I found that absolutely amazing.

CJP-GA said...

I would like to ask Kate if she has pulled the stick out yet.

Willow #1 said...

You guys are all just great and clever. This is the most entertaining blog thread ever!! You all rock. I am not worthy but am LMAO.

Barb Gilman said...

I'm getting kind of discouraged. I think Meredith can ask some really good questions, but it's up to Kate to really, really give a good answer. She'll have some pat answer prepared for her by her PR firm and that will be that.....

The only way Kate will face the truth is if she does some deep moral introspection and I don't think she's capable of that. That takes a lot of hard work and we all know she's not capable of that either.

marypoppins said...

db~ said...
stop the show said...
Oh and where is your green dress from? I am being you for Halloween. I have purchased the wig. I have my starbucks cup, my pink iphone, and a water bottle which I will not give to mady. But I am still in need of a dress. Let me know! Thanks Kate! Your the best!

To funny! Awesome Halloween Costume! LOL!
Dont forget a basket for love offerings.

marypoppins said...

Did you even stand in a church and tell the audience that there is no college fund and then passed a basket?

Did you ever do this while collecting $ 25,000 to 75,000 per episode

Didi you ever do this while closing on a mansion.

marypoppins said...

I expect this interview to be full of "look at me doing it on my own."

Kate does NOT represent a typical SINGLE MOM.

Does anyone remember when they did the last round of interviews and they told everyone they were going to adopt and she had the middle names picked out. All fabrication, all staged, all lies.

marypoppins said...

tallblonde said...
mom22teens said "What kind of childhood did you have? Did something bad happen to you to cause you to have so much anger inside and treat others so cruelly?"
That is SO something I'd like to find out.....
I wonder if she was teased because of her eyes. Kids can be very cruel.

khatre said...

If you don't want "p people" taking pics, why do you hang out in your driveway when you've got a ginormous, private backyard?

Kannie said...

The Today interview will be a commercial for the "Kate Gosselin Brand".

The message track will be: 1) everything I do is for the kids, 2) I'm strong and capable and moving forward.

Not one of the infotainers on any of those breakfast shows is capable of conducting a tough, but fair, interview. They're lightweights.

I'd love to see Harper's Rick MacArthur or The New Yorker's Sy Hersh have a go at Kate. They're real journalists. An interview conducted by either of them would be an interview worth watching.

fidosmommy said...

I would really like to hear her tell what she would have done differently if she had it to do all over again. An honest answer, that is.

I can think of so much.....

Lordy bee said...

I will be thoroughly disgusted if hard questions are fair game in an interview with a grieving father and husband, whilst Katie Irene gets the sunshine and marshmallows.

My question: Do you consider yourself to be the pot or the kettle? And why did you have to ruin ATL for me?

laura said...

We GWOP'ers know it's going to be a fluff interview but we can all dream that Meredith Viera would ask her some hard-hitting questions...Here is mine.

Questions: Kate, why do you feel the need to air your family's divorce drama in front of the camera?

Shouldn't it be a private matter between you and Jon?

What about the privacy and dignity of your family?

I'm sure Julie May will be prepping Kate ALL weekend.

readerlady said...

1). Kate, now that you have to "do it all by myself", are you willing to admit that Jon did do a lot of the day-to-day work with the kids?

2). Why do you always treat the boys like second class citizens?

3). When is the last time that you actually cooked a full meal AND ate with your children (picnics and grill-outs don't count)?

4). When are you going to recognize that your children are individuals with their own feelings, needs and abilities and stop treating them like matched sets?

Mia said...


I cant stop laughing at your reference to Naomi Campbell..hilarious!

~Sassy~ said...

Calgary7 asked: What is the greatest regret you have?

Kate's answer would be: Whenever the show goes on hiatus .... it keeps me awake at night thinking of the money we're losing when they make us do that.

cossysmom said...

Since the fake wedding vows have already been addressed and the issue of whether the children will be getting their share of their earnings, I'd like to ask Kate what she sees each day in her children that reminds her of what a blessing each and every one of them are. Since she is such a devoted mother and everything she does is for the children, this should be a piece of cake!

Unknown said...

A new Kitchen! Was it free?

TUNDRA said...

IMO, Meredith Viera would be very wise to balance her interview with child psychology experts who can counter Kate's claim that the show is not hurting her kids. How would Kate know? She's not qualified to answer one way or the other.

Second, it seems to me in watching the youtube ugly moments videos that Kate Gosselin is at her core, a bitter, unhappy person. Be interesting if MV could explore Kate's early childhood to possibly gain some insight into her personality.

Not Meredith's Mother :) said...

Just for the record, Meredith's last name is "Vieira." Some of you are writing it as "Viera," but it's not a Spanish name, it's Portuguese and has that "ei" diphthong.

Krazy Karma said...

Kate, Have you purchased anything with your own money?

HBailey said...

One question...

what color is the sky in your world?

SwingsandRoundabouts said...

OMG You guys are fantastic. I love all the questions but esp. those from Ohio Buckeye, stop the show, Geri and Grand Rapids. I am killing myself laughing. We desperately need a humor break here now and again. Thanks to all of you for lowering my blood pressure.

khatre said...

If you don't want "p people" taking pics, why do you hang out in your driveway and not the ginormous, private backyard?

cdnmsmom said...

CJP-GA said:
I would like to ask Kate if she has pulled the stick out yet.

OMG...lol!!! I was lying in bed this morning at 7 a.m. reading GWOP on my laptop with hubby snoring comfortably beside me when I read this...and my coffee came out my nose. EXCELLENT!! LOL!!!! Thanks for starting my day off with a good belly laugh. :)

TodayShrew said...

I know Meredith will introduce Kate as a best selling author and loving mother, maybe struggling single mother, but I wish she'd toss those dishonest cue cards aside and just go with "now up is one of the vilest reality tv characters in history, a woman who feigned fertility issues to bring multiples into the world so she could get on tv and take life easy profiting off their precious childhoods,. Kate Gosselin, you call yourself a Mom and claim everything you do is for your kids,just what the hell are thinking and are you presently under psychiatric care? Would you agree to pyschiatric evaluation? How about relieving custody ofy our kids? I know you are here to promote your show and sponsors but seriously, bitch, I could slap you. You give all mothers a bad name. In fact, Al and Matt are outside waiting to unleash the angry mob of mothers on you but TLC says you need 24 hour protection, are you sleeping with the body guard? And what is up with the tits, do you really need those to complete the dumb bottle blonde personality? Shut up about Kmart layaway and Coleman tents, we know you shop online and caterers deliver your meals and TLC production assistants set up the tents - why does lying come so easily to you? Sorry, we are out of time, too bad you were not here to announce you were ending your show and giving your kids back their lives, don't let the door his your mullet on the way out.

Marva725 said...

Tell Today the questions you want to hear her answer.


wickedsmart said...

Get real,
Kate's handlers would never allow her to go on if tough questions were to be asked.

Twice as Nice said...

Wow, I have only commented a few times on this blog and never thought I would make the front page! Thank you.

I am one of those people who had been watching Jon and Kate Plus 8 from the beginning. I loved it, told all of my friends to watch, and my family knew it was "Mom's show." Then the most real reality show became more like The Twilight Zone. Who would have thought what seemed like an ordinary family with a few more kids then the rest of us would end up like this? Even the best screen writers could never have written anything close to this block buster.

Kate was willing to give up her privacy, husband and kids childhoods for fame and fortune. The transformation from a family struggling to make ends meet and work as a team to raise 8 to the best of their abilities, has been replaced by a mom that wants to be a celebrity at any cost. She has left behind sweats and casual wear for 4 inch heals and a body guard. Jon is going thru his mid life crisis early and thinks he's a player. He's only 32 people! He's excited about his future. In the last two months, how many days do you think he has spent with his meal tickets?

They still want to convince us that everything they do is for the children when nothing could be further from the truth. Their expense account just keeps growing. Extra cars, multiple homes and apartments, chef, nannies, body guards, etc. The kids need none of it. They just need their parents to grow up and quite making it all about them. I know it's just going to get worse and not better and it saddens me. They have 8 wonderful, funny, and thankfully~HEALTHY children that God has blessed them with and why wasn't that enough?

Sugar Booger said...

I don't understand why the media asked Michael Jackson intensely personal questions under the guise of "journalistic integrity" but no one can seem to call these two idiots out on their bull... Sadly I don't think anyone will ask them anything of substance... It will be more, "I don't know HOW you do it..." and add to that "and now you're SINGLE..." I know excatly how she does it.... With bodyguards and nannys and chefs... And even if she didn't have these perks, she would be like the rest of us... We do it because we have to...

Unknown said...

Krazy Karma said...
Kate, Have you purchased anything with your own money?

Kate has no money of her "own"....so I would say that would be impossible for her to answer.

Geri said...

marypoppins said...
db~ said...
stop the show said...
Oh and where is your green dress from? I am being you for Halloween. I have purchased the wig. I have my starbucks cup, my pink iphone, and a water bottle which I will not give to mady. But I am still in need of a dress. Let me know! Thanks Kate! Your the best!

To funny! Awesome Halloween Costume! LOL!
Dont forget a basket for love offerings.

Make sure your bare feet are good and dirty and glue a white plastic lawn chair to your behind tee hee!!

Sugar Booger said...

I have a response to my own question... When Michael Jackson was interviewed he usually made it known that he would answer any question and that nothing was off limits... I have a feeling a lot of questions will be off limits for Kate...

That's the way it is said...

1. Without your large fanbase, this show would only have lasted a season or two. Why then have there been numerous reports of you lashing out at fans who simply want to speak with you for a moment or give you a gift for the kids? The most recent report of this happening was last week in FL. Many say this is the main reason you use a bodyguard at all times in public. To protect you from the very people who have brought you prosperity. This seems rather cold and a refusal to accept the consequences of making your family's life public. Fans have been making these same allegations for a few years now, they can't all be lying. Can you explain this?

2. Who ultimately decides the slant and tone of the show, you or TLC? Because the initial charm of the show was showing an everyday American couple raising twins and sextuplets. Your lifestyle now is far from everyday or even relatable. Face it Kate, many Americans could not afford a vacation this year, let alone a two-week vacation while the kitchen of their new mansion was being gutted and renovated. And there seems to be an attempt to gather sympathy for you in your new single mom role. When in fact, you have quite a bit of help in that department. Why should America feel sorry for you because you put a screen in yourself or now have to take the trash out. These are things that millions of women do everyday, married or not. By saying you never did these things before is like saying you were above mundane, everyday chores. This seems like it would alienate you even further from your fans.

3. Of the people who still watch the show, how many do you feel are still the actual fans who watched from the beginning? Because the show has taken such a sharp turn from it's origin, and because your life is now daily fodder for the tabloids, do you feel the only people left watching are the scandal-watchers? While you complain about the paparazzi, you seem to make yourself and the children available to them, especially at your home. Is this to keep yourself in the tabloids and in turn to keep people watching? Jon, as we all know, does his fair share in this dept. as well. A good deal of the paparazzi shots are taken in your driveway, why not have a private play area built for the children out of the view of the camera's lens? I must say Kate, when I watched the show about the Crooked Houses being assembled, I found it profoundly sad that the discussion of their placement revolved around if the paparazzi could see them or not. At some point, the money has to not be worth what these eight children are being subjected to on a daily basis. What is that threshold? Is there any behavior or amount of sadness that your child or children could exhibit to end this show and return to private life?

P.S. Meredith, you have my permission to use all these questions :)

Meredithnotarealjournalist said...

Kate, do you think your children will grow up to have the same kind of relationship that you have with your parents?

~db~ said...

ratherbkayaking said...
When did you have your breast augmentation? When you had your plastic surgery consult, why didn't you ask to have the white plastic chair removed from your ass?

Hehehe! Love it!

Carla said...

Ohio Buckeye said...
Another few questions:
1)Please explain your logic of renewing your wedding vows 'to show the kids we will be together forever' in August, then purchasing the mansion in October, the same month you decided to bail from the marriage...

This is MOST interesting to me. We know they closed on that house around the 22nd of October. So when in October did she tell Jon the marriage was over? Say the 10th....before the closing? Or did she wait until October 25th or so, after the mansion, and all that was 'hers, ALL HERS' was secured???

SCAM ARTIST, and she knows it.

Ruthie said...

Kate, don't you think that it is hypocritical of you to get mad at the P People when they are doing the same thing you and Jon are doing: taking pictures and exploiting your children for financial gain. Think about it...your just as guilty as they are.

meem said...

Which child told you that getting breast implants was best for all the children? Which child told you that they needed for you to spend $700K on a condo too small for them? Which child told you that they couldn't tolerate riding in a car that wasn't brand new?

It never was "all for the kids" and it's high time both J and K admit it.

And the biggie- When were the kids at church/Sunday School last? Is not attending best for them?

Geri said...

MYOB said...
Most of those questions really aren't anyone's business except the G's. If YOU were in the middle of a divorce would you like people asking you those questions?

If *I* was in the middle of a divorce I would not be broadcasting it all on a reality TV show. They have made their lives an open book. Comes with the territory.

I feel sorry for the kids said...

I would like to ask...

How can you continue to exploit your children the way you do?

How can you continue to be on a tv show while your family is being stalked by paparazzi and your kids do not have a normal life which they deserve? (ok, it's probably run-on sentence but she makes me mad!)

Do you have the college funds set aside yet?

Don't you feel bad making your kids' lives like the Truman Show?

Did you do everything you could to save your marriage, including counseling?

Do you speak to any of your relatives?

Do you know that thousands, if not millions, of people feel sorry for your children because of what you have exposed them to?

Have you been blinded by fame and money?

I wish the Gosselins all the best because I think the kids deserve a better life than they have now. Living in a mansion and being famous does not guarantee a happy childhood. Just ask Tori Spelling.

Next Question said...


Why wouldn't it be anyone's business? The Gosselins are publicizing their divorce and have shown many private moments of their children's lives. I'm afraid Kate cannot have it both ways..she has sold out her family's privacy for profit and insists on putting their lives on display. If she does not want personal questions asked then maybe she should disappear and start thinking of her kids well being instead of her own!

Ohio Buckeye said...

Carla said....
Hey, Carla, BINGO!! We are on the same page on this one!

The entire timeline of the happy, happy Gosselin family timeline makes absolutely zero sense - TLC & J+K are entirely bogus.

"We are the REALEST reality show there is," says Kate every chance she gets and this lie is inevitably followed with her next scripted fiction, "Everything I do, I do for my children" - puhleeze, woman.

sayitisntso33 said...

Most of those questions really aren't anyone's business except the G's. If YOU were in the middle of a divorce would you like people asking you those questions?

No offense, but if I was going through a divorce, the entire country would not know my business because I would not be on national TV. This is one of the major points people have been making. Kate chose to go on filming the show, knowing her marriage was ending. So if she want privacy, as the kids probably do, why keep filming? The answer is clear, keep the gravy train going, keep putting your kids on camera, but demand privacy when it suits you, all while blaming your husband, acting annoyed you are being asked any questions, lying when you answer them, and having absolutely no concern how this will affect your 8 kids!

If you want privacy, get off TV, and stop running to Book Signings, Speaking Engagements, other TV shows etc.. You don't seem to understand that the Narcisstic One wants to tell everyone her version, as evidenced by her upcoming appearances on TV. She gets attention regarding her divorce because SHE keeps discussing her divorce on national TV. Boo Hoo for poor Kate.

Never mind this "model mom" reportedly ended the marriage, refused counseling, and is now seeking sympathy in a national forum. People don't like liars, nor do they like people who are hypocrites. Nor do they like people who only think of themselves when they are the mother of 8 kids.

mind YOUR own business said...

MYOB said...
Most of those questions really aren't anyone's business except the G's. If YOU were in the middle of a divorce would you like people asking you those questions?

The Gosselin's sold their privacy to the highest bidder, TLC. If they don't like their dirty laundry being aired, then by all means they can stop the show. I find it breathtakingly ignorant that neither they nor you sheeple get this concept. Other people have raised high order multiplies/large families on regular jobs and the Gosselins could have as well. They chose instead to televise their children's lives. Therefore, they forfeit the right to privacy the rest of us enjoy

But no. They want to be on TV with *ALL* the $ and perks, but be private citizens and left alone when it suits. Sorry, it doesn't work that way and never will.

Another example of wanting it both ways is Jon's new oft used quote "Married at 22, twins at 24, sextuplets at 27. I lost my 20s." Boo frickin' hoo buddy! Your 20s *are* long gone. You willingly made these poor, immature choices now you have to deal with it. You're a father to 8 and you owe it to these kids to be an example and role model. Not on the cover of every ragmag with your latest skank. Really, have you no shame?

Amy said...

@ Sayitisntso33

No, I doubt most people would like to be asked such questions in the midst of a divorce but then again most people are not greedy fame seekers who have no problem airing their personal lives for $$$$. If they choose to live their life in the public eye then yes personal questions are going to be asked! They SOLD their privacy..it is truly that simple.

Lisbeth said...

Uneasy said: "Is money being put away in each child's name, for their future, whether it be for education purposes or otherwise?"

And I would like to add to that, what percentage of the money your family makes is put aside for each child to have access to once they turn 18? Do you have legal papers protecting the children's earnings so they are secure until they reach 18?

~db~ said...

Geri said...
MYOB said...
Most of those questions really aren't anyone's business except the G's. If YOU were in the middle of a divorce would you like people asking you those questions?

If *I* was in the middle of a divorce I would not be broadcasting it all on a reality TV show. They have made their lives an open book. Comes with the territory.

DITTO! Being on a reality show (if you want to call it that) has given the public the right to ask certain questions. If they wanted their privacy then they should not have sold their privacy to the devil himself.

Disgusted said...

I agree with you that a lot of the questions we ask here are generally private and personal family matters that are not openly discussed with strangers. However, having beenshown these children in their most private moments--going to the bathroom, going to the doctor, being disciplined, and beyond, we too as viewers have lost the sense of boundaries that their parents never had.

We too are warped in our thinking we are entitled to the answers and to contribute to the decision making of these children, just as their idiots for parents believe they are entitled to steal from everyone to support their lives. After all--if the public and viewers are going to put them on pedestals, subsidize their lavish living, and essentially make them who they are, should we not feel entitled to ask or think about these questions?

Would I personally ask some of these questions, particularly about the money? I wouldn't ask any of my friends or family about it? Never have and never cared to. Do I want to ask these idiots this question? Yes--and why? Because they went on national television and addressed it, planned their will with a lawyer (which is generally another highly confidential matter) and told America that their kids were better off financially if their parents were dead.

That is a sure sign that up until that point they had no financial planning whatsoever for them. They did not even have wills in place for 8 children. It was actually pretty pathetic watching them receive that legal advise, because (1) it further revealed their ignorance, (2) Jon's lack of ambition and willingness to be and accept mediocrity, and (3) it confirmed their inability to think maturely and responsibly. Clearly, until that point they were living and thinking day by day. This suggests to me lack of clarity and thoughtfulness about what those children's future.

The bottom line is--they say the kids are not working, to justify keeping this farce going. So that suggests to the rest of us that if they don't consider the kids to be working, and J&K insist that SHOW is their job, then they are keeping the money for themselves. We can call that theft, abuse, exploitation etc. Whatever we call it--it is just plain WRONG.

Disgusted said...

How about this for a discussion: Does anyone here feel as viewers (former and otherwise) that we are being abused?

I think we are. I think the Gosselins and TLC have perpetrated abuse on us, and that is the source of the anger, disdain, and outrage that is being talked about here on this blog. Why are we abused? Because TLC and their favorite Gosselin family are pathological and habitual liars. They are attempting to force their crap down our throats and expecting us to say thank you for it. They insult our intelligence every time they put that show on the air and ask people to watch it. They take for granted that without the viewers, they would not succeed. And so, years after they have started the show, the whole premise has changed, and the family's circumstances have changed even more. Yet they continue to lie.

We feel abused further because despite our efforts to stand up and speak out against them, we feel we are ignored, neglected, and treated like their kids. Kate is shooing us away with her hands saying "Shut up. I don't care what you say or who you are as long as you keep talking about me, watching my show, or you give me free stuff." Like their kids, our opinions do not seem to matter. If our opinions did matter, then the show would not be around any more. Kon would have to both get jobs and finally enter the REAL world like the rest of us. THAT would be a REALITY show.

When we started out watching this show, we consented because we assumed certain truths about them. Now those truths are unacceptable lies. We cannot be treated in any way that we do not consent to, or accept. We are the ones who determine how other people will treat us. So we must continue to speak out against them, and say NO, we will not be abused. And you CANNOT abuse those children any longer.

We want Kon to stop treating their kids like a side show to be silently observed in exchange for money. We want them to also stop receiving the freebies because they do not deserve handouts anymore. I don't care if they think they need them. A lot of people are in need, but that does not mean they get their needs filled. Make them apply for jobs and actually go to them. They would finally learn what it takes to raise a family of 8 kids. THAT would be a show--no freebies, no advertising, and these degenerates going into the workforce after these years of abusing the public. TLC--try that for a new angle--forcing those two buffoons to assimilate into society and having to be normal like the rest of us. let them pay for day care for 8 and everything else that comes along with raising a family without TLC's crew--just like the rest of America and the world does it. Let's see how they handle that, and whether they would get what is due to them.

Vanessa said...

Kate, why did you go ahead and "DO IT" when your fertility specialist told you NOT to since you were over stimulated?
Why did you not accept the gracious offers from your neighbours in E-town, why did you not wave to them or invite them in for coffee?
Why did you not allow the twins to have any friends over?
Why did you feel the need to lie about your financial situation when you/Jon had just received a substantial inheritance from his dad?
Why did you refuse donated cribs because they didn't match?
Why do you sell all the freebies you get at consignment instead of donating them to a women's shelter or goodwill?
Why did you FREAK out over a coupon?
Why do you say you you don't hate Jon, but you clearly have hated him, actually DESPISED him for some time now?
Why do you feel so entitled?

too exhausted to write said...

i have only one question, which can be asked about anything in her life (her hair, the show, her treatment of her husband, snuggling up to the bodyguard, the exploitation of her kids):


Ms.Peach said...

If it turns out to be a fluff interview, I plan on emailing (again) to blast whoever does it for not asking the hard questions. Today Show needs to know that we're tired of this type of interviewing on the Gosselins and they need to stop having that stupid Kate Coyne from People on.

Allergic2K8 said...

Don't even think for one second The Today Show is going to ask Kate any hard hitting questions.

That's not the mandate of the program. Breakfast TV is meant to deliver a feel good, get-your-day-started-on-a-positive note experience.

Since Jon's horrendously bad behavior of late is making Kate look like a saint to the ignorant masses, there's no way a media interviewer is going to risk alienating the viewing audience (the ignorant masses) by
putting the jackboots to her.

It will be a love in. Kate, the wronged but courageous supermom, soldiers on despite adversity.

Don't watch. Get on Facebook and tell your friends to tell their friends not to watch Today or J+K8.

Unknown said...

Disgusted....I agree with your post 100%!!!!

I sneezed said...

You say the show has no negative impact on the kids---so, how is school for Mady and Cara? Are they teased by what is shown on TV?

Do they ever get to make "new" friends--kids that don't feel like they already know them?

ImFrancie said...

My questions to Kate would be:

You realize, of course, that most of America thinks that you lack intelligence, common sense, good taste, and a moral compass, right?


When will this godawful show end?

TUNDRA said...

Ms.Peach said...
If it turns out to be a fluff interview, I plan on emailing (again) to blast whoever does it for not asking the hard questions. Today Show needs to know that we're tired of this type of interviewing on the Gosselins and they need to stop having that stupid Kate Coyne from People on.


I could not agree more. I hope MV's producers take the time to prep her on all the issues not just what they read in the tabloids (especially PEOPLE). It would be nice if a children's psychologist was also on the program. I'm tired of non-experts including Jon and Kate claiming the show is not harming the children. How would any of them know when they have no qualifications in the field of child development and psychology? Blows my mind ...

justpage said...

I would love to see Meredith introduce "Our Special Guest, Kate Gosselin" and then say "and a big welcome to our Surprise Guest...............
Mr. Paul Peterson".
(I can dream can't I?)

No. I definitely will not be watching the Today & Kate episode. But thanks for the warning that "She" will be on it.

SickoftheDooDoo said...

I get really peeved every time I hear Jon say "I lost my 20s." He had a wife he chose to marry, and he went along with Kate's getting pregnant twice. He may have lost the frat-boy lifestyle, but, hey, that was his choice! And why does he have to sound as though something was "done" to him?

And, sure, he lost his 20s. We all do. We grow older, Jon, and some of us grow up!


imaamy said...

"Frat boy" suggests going to college and that wasn't in his future. For the son of a dentist, he really isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Disgusted said...

Sickofthedoodoo: ITA....what does he think he missed doing because of the kids? It's not like he skipped college because of them, or a successful career either. He had neither. But for the kids, he would be an even bigger loser than he is now. The only difference is he is now a loser getting paid to be a loser. If nothing else, those poor kids elevated his lifestyle. He should be ashamed of himself for constantly blaming them for the "lost 20's". Who does he think he is fooling? He didn't lose them; he just made his own poor choices and now the kids (who did not ask to be born) are being blamed.

qtrfan said...

Well, it has been pretty much been confirmed that it will be a "poor poor Kate, look how brave she is" interview.

I just saw a commercial for the the Today Show. "Kate LIVE and on her own".

Gag me with a spoon.

Plumet ratings plumet said...

Where do you get a coupon for a boob job?

Jennifer D said...

SickoftheDooDoo said...
I get really peeved every time I hear Jon say "I lost my 20s."


You are COMPLETELY on the mark about that!! I too get irritated by his whining regarding his CHOICES he made. He did not "lose" anything. He had VERY FULL 20's!

I understand that he might wish he had married someone different...or not married at all...but he now has eight GREAT kids! What does he think he is saying about his children when he claims to have lost his twenties?

In the interview he said many things that made my blood boil. He said something about Hailey wanting children at a certain age and he knows that women want things at certain ages. WTH? Did Jon find the long lost instruction manual for the female gender? He knows how we are- huh?

How on earth could he even consider bringing another child into the world when he can't provide for the children he has? He can barely...if at all...provide for the emotional needs of the children he has. He would consider another child? REALLY?

And then bringing that "babysitter" over....are his kids confused enough? They barely see Dad as it is and then he brings a guest to focus on instead of focusing on the kids??

Lauren said...

OMG...lol!!! I was lying in bed this morning at 7 a.m. reading GWOP on my laptop with hubby snoring comfortably beside me when I read this...and my coffee came out my nose. EXCELLENT!! LOL!!!! Thanks for starting my day off with a good belly laugh.


I was in a bad mood today until I read this! Thanks for the laugh--I needed it!

Mu questions would be:

Jon said the marriage was over in October 2008 and you spoke at a Houston church in January 2009, how do you justify the money given to you as a love offering, knowing that you were lying to them the whole time? And this goes for all the other churches you spoke at since then. Are you going to give the hard working people who gave from their hearts their money back?
What did you use that money for? They have a right to know. Why did you lie to them, in God's house? Are you afraid of lightening? You should be!

TUNDRA said...

Kate and Jon have stated repeatedly that they do not believe the show is harmful to their kids. It's their "normal" to be followed around by videographers and boom mike operators recording and listening to them.

This may be true in the twisted world of reality television but that's just it, this isn't reality TV - it's the REAL WORLD.

A child psychologist could/would provide more insight into the challenges the Gosselin Eight face now and in the future as a result of being raised in an environment where even a comforting hug (or drink of water) may be denied for the sake of the "show" or an "interview".

The kids are safe, healthy and loved may sound good but the parents are still collecting a lucrative paycheck from TLC.

An unbiased opinion is what Viera should be striving for if the Gosselin kids are to get a fair shake.

Two clueless idiots said...

Can you tell me the names of the children at your kids' 5th birthday party? Can you tell me their parents' names?

Can you tell me the names of 10 children in Mady and Cara's 2nd grade class? Can you tell me their parents' names?

Can you tell me the name of Mady and Cara's PE teacher? School nurse? School librarian?

Please name each of your kids' favorite book.

The answers to these questions would tell me a lot about how involved Kate is with her kids' day to day lives!

UGH! said...

Can you tell me the names of the children at your kids' 5th birthday party? Can you tell me their parents' names?

Can you tell me the names of 10 children in Mady and Cara's 2nd grade class? Can you tell me their parents' names?

Can you tell me the name of Mady and Cara's PE teacher? School nurse? School librarian?

Please name each of your kids' favorite book.

The answers to these questions would tell me a lot about how involved Kate is with her kids' day to day lives!


K8 didn't even know which of her children was right or left handed at their last well-child check up ! She also "couldn't remember" if Aaden was near or far sighted.

~db~ said...

SickoftheDooDoo said...
I get really peeved every time I hear Jon say "I lost my 20s."

I hear you on this one!! Since when does having kids equal losing part of your life??
My children ARE my life.
If he wasn't ready for children at that particular point in his life, he could of said no, ever hear of a condom Jon? My husband and I got married right after I graduated high school, I was 18 and he almost 21 and we started a family almost 2 years later at the age of 20 and 22 1/2, because we CHOSE to and we didn't lose anything. It was awesome growing along with our children. We had our last when our first two kids were 14 and 11, again by CHOICE, so we have pretty much been raising kids most of our 25 years of marriage and still have quite a few left with our youngest and we still love having our two older ones around as does our 9 year old.
Jon's lame a$$ comment of "losing his 20's" is just plain ignorant and makes NO sense at all.

~db~ said...

Jennifer D said...
In the interview he said many things that made my blood boil. He said something about Hailey wanting children at a certain age and he knows that women want things at certain ages. WTH? Did Jon find the long lost instruction manual for the female gender? He knows how we are- huh?

How on earth could he even consider bringing another child into the world when he can't provide for the children he has?

Ahh, but he has his other children to support his new family as well. Why not, they are buying all these gifts for his girlfriends and drinks for his bar buddies.

NewWester said...

Here are some questions for Kate: If and when Jon decides to remarry or settle down with another woman. How would you handle your children calling this person "Mom"?
Also why do you seem to be so insulting to your children on camera?
Have you ever read "Mommie Dearest" ? or seen the movie?
You have written a book, so how would you feel if one of your children wrote a book about their upbringing?

SickoftheDooDoo said...

Imaamy said:

"Frat boy" suggests going to college and that wasn't in his future. For the son of a dentist, he really isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer.

I didn't mean to imply that Jon wanted to go to college, just that he missed out on the "frat-boy" lifestyle. God forbid that he should study as well as play!

imaamy said...

On justjared today (I think it was that or radar) there was a picture of him with some other Bubba type in the yard. One of his frat friends or security do you think?

connie said...

my questionfor Khate would be "what did your parents do to you that got you so screwed up?"

Jayley said...

Connie, my guess is she didn't get enough attention.

alsoamomtotwins said...

Have you asked a child psychologist if being constantly filmed is harmful to your children or if having their parents' divorce played out on television is a good idea? Have you consulted any professionals about their well-being?

Do you want full custody of your children? If not, do you then condone Jon's behavior? Are you OK with the bimbo-of-the-day being around your children when it's his turn to be at the house?

Do you plan to date? Do you plan to re-marry someday?

Why did you tell your kids that you'd be "married forever" when you had to have clearly known in Hawaii that your marriage was anything but on solid ground? Do you regularly lie to your children?

Don't you feel just a little slimy selling pictures of your kids for $20?

Did you feel at all guilty, shameful or deceitful when you accepted "love offerings" while pretending that you were struggling to make ends meet?

Is there ever a freebie that you turn down or do you happily take everything you're offered?

Why would any mother who loved her children allow the most intimate moments of their lives to be played out on TV, especially when their parents are getting divorced?

And what I most want to know is why, oh why, do you wear your hair in a style that is universally ridiculed and mocked? When they make a Halloween wig out of your hairstyle, it's time to get a new do!

organizedblogroll said...

And the um, ah, um, OSCAR goes to


Anonymous said...

Aimee in WV

Just watched the "Today Show" - otherwise known as "Please take Pity on Me" Show.

What a mess - trying to cry, but no tears, no responsibility taken over her actions, etc.....

You mean to tell me that you're "not sure" when your husband moves out????? /you expect us to buy that???!?!?!?!

savethekids said...

Ok, so I just watched the first part of Kate's appearance on the Today show. Meredith asked her about Jon's claim she told him she was done with the marrige in Oct "08. She of course said that was not correct. But when Meredith asked her for a timeline for the seperation she would not say. Meredith asked her when Jon moved out and she didn't know. After 9+ years of marrige how do you not know when your husband moves out?
They are going to have a second interview with her coming up.

She's such a phony said...

I sent the following to TODAY@nbcuni.com:

I watch the Today show every morning - however, this coming Monday I will not watch the show because Kate Gosselin will be on. She is not a truthful person, is very nasty and only wants to keep her show going so as to continue to get freebies and money. The money which should be going to her children's trust accounts, if any. Both she and her husband have spent their children's money on cars, motorbikes, plastic surgery and other homes.

She does not appear to have good hands on parenting skills (kept her son on the laundry room floor because he was sick with a stomach flu and denied her daughter water, yet drank some in front of her) to name a few. Despite what she says, has alot of behind the scenes help. As far as a cookbook or a cooking show - the woman does not cook! She reads recipes off the back of boxes and makes up new names for them!

The Gosselins have gotten extremely rich because of their children who are in front of the cameras constantly and are in a scripted environment. Its not normal for someone to say that their children are comfortable with the cameras and hot lights (Kate says the lights are uncomfortable for her) and that they "love" their camera crews. Its exploitation at it finest. Go ahead - interview her, but this time, be more critical.

Just to let you know I did get the following response. If enough are sent between now and Monday - well then perhaps Meridith Vierra will be tougher with Kate and the interview will be much harder on her.

Thank you for contacting TODAY.

We receive hundreds of email messages a day, and while we read them
all, we might not be able to reply to each one directly. We do want
you to know that we appreciate the mail you have sent and the
comments you are making about our show. We created this automated
response to answer many of the frequently-asked-questions as quickly
as possible. We will try to answer all other questions directly when
we can. For immediate help you can always call us at (212) 664-4249.
For information regarding the WEEKEND TODAY show, please call (212)

MayDay said...

Before I forgot, Meridith asked Kate about Jodi and Kevin. Kate said that Jody and Kevin are making thousands of dollars off their the Gosselin kids by going to TV speaking engagement and interviews on line. What the heck does Kate think her and Jon are doing? They make money the same way. It is alright for the goose but not for the gander. Give me a break!!!

Lauren said...

Well, I watched the Today show. Kate seemed solemn and sad (faker!) She denied the condo purchase and the affair with Steve. She also denied Jon's claims that the marriage was over last October. She basically said he lied and their memories on what happened and when it happened are very different. I personally believe that Jon is telling the truth on this one! Kate said that she was very hurt by Kevin and Jodi's claims and that Kevin was just jealous and is trying to make money off of her children! Now isn't that the pot calling the kettle black! MV seemed sympathetic toward Kate so it was not the interview I had hoped for. No tough questions. I was very disappointed in the interview.

jenn said...

Most worthless interview ever.
"Uh, um, uh, pause, um, pause, uh..."
She reminds me of a bad politician -- fake voice to make her sound meek and small, and dancing around every question to avoid answering anything. She told MV that Jon dating other women directly affects their kids in a negative way, and that's why she's upset about it. When MV asked her how it affected the kids she said, "It, um, well, it just isn't the decision I would make." What?? MV also asked what role, if any, she played in the divorce, and Kate said, "Um, no one is perfect. I'm really not sure." Oh, and she keeps her ring on for the kids because she thinks once she takes it off, they're going to freak out. Yeah, okay. Like the fact that Jon doesn't live there anymore isn't a glaring signal that something is wrong.

umm....ummm...ummm said...

umm, just watched the first of 2 parts of the today interview and ummm,tears were shed,umm katie irene denied jons claim she ended it back in october..ummm, she wears her wedding ring for the kids[like everything else] and umm...she sure couldnt pull off a talk show

jonandkatewho? said...

The first two stories on Today deal with horrible accidents in which people actually lost their lives. Then we have a stupidly smiling Kate Gosselin, famewhore extraordinaire, waiting her turn to be asked silly questions about her stupid fake marriage and how she is managing on her own.

This just disgusts me so much. I hope Matt Lauer (sp?) is there and takes at least a couple of pokes at her about exploiting her kids.

Ugg. She has the stupidest look on her face. I can't even look at this woman without becoming angry.

I'm going to watch and then write them a letter afterwards if they go easy on her and present her as a mere "fluff" piece after reporting such tragic events.

Doubt I will make it through the whole thing, though, as I usually can't tolerate hearing her talk and seeing her face.

FreeMaDY said...

Somebody please! I just can't help feeling mortified for those twins. It must be hell to have asshole parents who have THEIR OWN TV SHOW.

Unknown said...

Watch the video on today.com. It is unbelievable the amount of lies and spin that come out Kate's mouth. She is one sick woman.

Disgusted said...

Wow--so she is basically calling Jon a liar about his statement that she ended things in October of last year. AND she claims not to remember when he moved out or whether he was living with her in May when she want on the talk show to talk about that.

In my opinion, when someone starts out a sentence saying 'To be very honest....", it means to me you have not been honest and are about to tell me another lie. She started several statements with "To be very honest....". Is there any other way to be honest? I don't know what the difference between "honest" and "very honest" is. Neither does Kate--it's all a lie.

And how do you like that she claims to still wear her wedding ring for the kids! So as not to upset them! lol...is there nothing they do for themselves? (Oh yeah..moving out and buying a bunch of houses and stuff;)

Disgusted said...

Watching the Today interview:
She's claiming outrage that her brother and Jodi made money off the back of her children!!! OMG

Oh Meredith--you missed the hypocrisy and opportunity to call her out on this, among other things. What a waste of an existence!

Clearly, she did this interview to respond to the comments on this board--so many of them--one by one. She is speaking to this board very intimately. And if you don't read this board, you may be confused about what she is talking about.

Frenetic said...

Link to an article about the interview.

Disturbed! said...

A LOT of disturbing comments by Kate on the Today interview. NUMBER ONE: "My kids brighten lives!" and "this is their favorite show; they love to watch mommy and daddy."

Seriously? Her overvalued sense of self-importance extends to her kids as well. SICK. And that they enjoying "watching mommy and daddy." What they are watching is FAKE and what they love is the pretend parents they have when the cameras roll. WAKE UP WOMAN! YOU ARE FOOLING NO ONE.

Running away said...

This liar says she does not want her kids to see the sacrifices she/jon have made??? Well, she wanted America to believe they made sacrifices when they were begging for money. She wants her kids to live the same delusional fiction she wants us to now believe too. Seriously--she has admitted to wanting her kids to live and see a different world than they really do have around them. Someone should have her committed. She is certifiably a sociopath.

Maybe that is the learning on this stupid show: here is a narcissistic sociopath up close and personal. now RUN!

FoodNetworkFan said...

Oh, wah wah wah, Khate Gosselin. You expect people to believe you? Whatev. Whatev. You're so transparent. I can see through you because I'm educated and I'm smarter than you. Keep that wedding ring on, bimbo. Keep it on and love it. Look at it and realize it's the demise of your marriage because you're money hungry. Nana would roll over in her grave. Nana was a great judge of character, and I am forunate enough to have that characteristic passed onto me. So go back to your expensive condo with your bodyguard and do yo' thing. In the name of nana, I am no longer watching your awful show.

jonandkatewho? said...

The bitch lied about going to Jon and telling him it was over. She denied it.

Other than that, they are actually coming back in a half hour to talk to her even more, about the kids and the future of her "show".

I bet there were the sounds of repeated clicks all over the world today of people just turning the channel. There just isn't much she can say anymore that she hasn't already said, and it's all lies.

It's all getting rather boring.

Pattypanda said...

Did anyone count the number times Kate said UM during that waste of 15 minutes? She is still living in a dream that her children are not being damaged. Oh right, Kevin is jealous and out making thousands of dollars, talking about them. I don't believe it for a second. What about the millions they continue to make off the backs of their children cuz they are too lazy to get actual JOBS.

Willow #1 said...

I'm surprised no one is on talking about Khate's appearance on the Today show this morning. I TRIED not to watch and did not turn it on until after 8 or so, but I saw a little bit of what must have been a second part of the interview. I am sure there was more at the beginning of the show. My biggest question was why was Khate frowning so much? I know she has a lot of problems, but it was very weird, like she was mad. The only hard question I caught was if she regretted doing the show for the kids' sake and she said "NO" of course!

Jaden's Mom said...

Did they actually do the interview? I've been watching the TODAY show since just before 9:00 this morning, and there has not been one word about Katie Irene. Seems odd, given all the hype about the interview.

Nevermind...Kathie Lee and Hoda are doing a recap, and showing an "emotional" moment during the interview, where Kate asserts again that the show must continue "for them".

Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

Virginia Girl said...

I don't post often, but just had to say after watching Kate on the Today show, that it was the most irritating interview - if I had the patience, I would go back and rewatch to count how many UMs Kate said. She said so much nothing it amazed me. When Meredith asked her when John moved out, Kate didn't know? HUH? You don't know when your husband moved out???

franky said...

well..I watched it..as expected no blame for Saint Khate. Meredith did ask her if she thought she had contributed to the end of the marriage..answer..um, difficult to say, looking back..we are not perfect...everything but an answer.

So yup..it's all Jon's fault, she never told him it was over, Kevin and Jody sold her out for money, there is no affair...everything she does is for the kids, this is still the realest reality show ever...the kids are normal, and insert any other Khate catch phrase and you have the sum of the interview.

Only weird part, I mean one weird part..she couldn't remember when exactly Jon moved out. HMMM.

She did wear a black dress that covered the girls and sat demurely, legs together...so we know she is capable when it benefits her image.

Librareladi said...

Just finished watching the two segments on the Today Show featuring Kate. Here's my take:
1. Someone told her to "tone it down" in a navy blue dress which was a little too small and pulled across her "new girls." Make-up was pale; no tan evident. The mistake were the hooker shoes evident in one brief shot only.
Clearly, she was trying to look like a proper "mom".

2. Kate could not remember the timeline for the collapse of the marriage, but was sure that Jon's October date was "not true." She could only "remember" that Jon was not at the house at lot after "awhile." She had no opinion about Jon's social life as it does not concern her.

3. She did not buy a condo in Maryland, never looked for one, and was having lunch with Steve's wife who is a VERY GOOD friend.
In fact, Steve and his family are very close to her and they are great friends. She lives at the mansion with "her children." She wasnted to correct all those rumors and lies.

4. She wears her wedding ring ( covers her hand so there is not a clear shot of it) to not upset the children and has removed it several times just to ease the children into the transition gradually. Has already been given a Kleenex due to tears when divorce was mentioned early in the interview. Quickly does not need it any more.

5. States that Jody and Kevin travel, speak, give interviews about them and have made "large amounts of money" doing so and that is very, very hurtful to her since she was close to her brother.
That their interest is all about the money. "This is a huge source of income for them".

6. She can not reveal where she goes on her "off duty" week-ends because she is in hiding from the P-People.

7.Isn't concerned that the children dont's see " all the sacrifices we have made for them" and that, yes, all the children have college funds.

Charlie Rose said...

Kate makes me speechless. Does she really believe people are falling for her story. She lies so much she doesn't even know the truth anymore.

How dare she blast Kevin and Jodi for using her children to gain "fame." She is the biggest fame whore to reach reality status EVER and she is mad because Kevin and Jodi speak the truth.

No one is buying it Kate, give your lips a rest for a change.

Rebecca said...

I counted 58 'umms' in her interview and I'm sure I missed a few.

Geri said...

So....did Kate get on the Today Show today? I had to work until late then slept until 10 so I missed her if she was on. Would love to read a transcript of the interview...thanks...

CherryCheeseKate said...

*NO co-incidence that “FAKE” and “KATE” sound so much alike!*. Where was her ‘hussy’ dress–aka ~ short skirt and low neckline/overly spiked hairdo/gaudy jewelry & over done makeup/etc…this morning!? AND what was with that “little girl voice” in answering the questions and dabbing at her eyes!?! THEATRICS…ALL OF IT ~ SHE DESERVES AN OSCAR!! I’ll tell you where ~ her “handlers” told her to dress more like a “Pastor’s Wife” to come across like THE SELF-SACRIFICING MOTHER / DISCARDED PITIFUL WIFE OF THE YEAR! She doesn’t fool me..or a lot of people! We’ve seen her in action over the last few years!! And how DARE she talk about her brother / his wife trying to make $$$ off her children…**~POT MEET KETTLE!!~**. For someone that insists ALL that she’s done she’s done for her children, she sure mentions “I / ME/MY/MINE” a lot!!! She is what she’s always been to me no matter how many tearful interviews she gives: GREEDY/OVER-INDULGENT/POMPOUS/CHILD EXPLOITING *FAKE* (ohhh–hhh and I’m on no one’s “TEAM”…I despise JON’S behavior/attitude just as much). AGAIN ~ THE *ONLY* INNOCENT ONES IN THIS WHOLE RIDICULOUS CIRCUS (that the media–both tabloids and reputable new’s outlets / and TLC keep “selling” and some of us keep “buying”)—ARE THE POOR CHILDREN! In My Opinion: *BOTH* JON/KATE SOLD OUT THEIR FAMILY/MARRIAGE/HOME-LIFE/CHILDREN for their selfish motives/desires. I have absolutely NO respect for them...SO SHE CAN 'CRY ME A RIVER'...her tears have *NO* affect on me!

Shih tzu Lover said...

I watched Kate on the Today Show this morning. I wanted to comment on a few things. Do I think she's hurting....yes, but I feel personally that it is actually more embarrassment than hurt. Do I think it's "odd" that she doesn't remember exactly WHEN Jon moved out, absolutely! Was I made keenly aware that I would not want to be on her bad side, you betcha! Her obvious disdain for her brother and sister-in-law is frightening. I found it interesting that she made the comment that they've made "tens of thousands of dollars off my kids". Isn't that exactly what Kate herself has done? I too have mixed emotions on Kevin and Jodi going on public interviews. I have to admit that I've questionned their real "credibility" when they state that they are just concerned about the welfare of the children. They certainly could have handled this in a non-public forum and probably have done just as good of a job, but there would be no money involved then. The people I feel the most sorry for are Kate's parents. As the parent of grown children, I could not imagine anything worse then dissention among my loved ones. I think that the people who are reaping benefits from these children should all be questionned. That includes, Kate, Jon,Kevin and Jodi. Shame on all of them!

Pauper Princess said...

I was reading about this interview on CNN.com.

OMG. She's so full of it.

If I watch the video, I may hurl.

Kathryn&Jonathan's Mom said...

Stop the show
LOL!! You crack me up! The part about not giving the water bottle to Mady is PRICELESS!!!

ratherbkayaking said...

Saw only a part of the first segment and stuck around to watch the entire second segment. I am so sorry that I'll never get that time back. I should know better by now.

I tried to count Kate's "ums" during her responses. I lost count. There were at least 49, and the interview was only 5 minutes. She even was rubbing off on Meredith, who had a few 'ums' of her own. Kate is an inarticulate waste of time and skin, and I cannot for the life of me understand how any woman with a grain of intelligence wants to emulate her. YUCCCKKKKKK.

I also listened to Meredith ask some of the questions that were listed in this thread. Good on her. However, it strikes me that asking Kate if she thinks filming this show is harming the kids is sort of like asking Hitler if he thought it was wrong to harm the Jews. OF COURSE SHE SAYS NO. She has lost any moral compass she may ever had and needs some distance from the situation to realize how damaging the constant filming is to the healthy rearing of children in their formative years.

Kate did say each of the kids has enough money to put them through college. Hmm. What about the other millions they have made???

I cannot believe how much I dislike seeing pictures or tape of Kate. It must be everything that I hate in myself wrapped up in one funny haired lady that I am mirroring. Any psychologists out there?

Enough, already, Jon and Kate. Keep your promise to keep the marital dissolution out of the media so I don't have to look at it. There are real issues that I would like to have occupy my TV watching hours.

Save the Gosselin 8. They do not deserve the parents they have.

NoUse4Kate said...

After seeing that interview online, all I can say is, what a load of sh*t fell out of her mouth this morning. She is delusional. Few people disgust me like she does, heck, I don't think anyone disgusts me as much as she does. How can she look in the mirror and like what she sees is beyond me. Wow.

Moira said...

I read this comment just now and it seems spot-on with what my take was:


I watched in HD on 65″ TV. Her eyes did not redden or fill with tears and nothing trickled down her cheek. She faked the breaking voice and dabbed at dry eyes. Also watch her eyes very carefully, how they shift around to the left, a subliminal tell for when someone is lying, frequently.

Even though Jon has come out against his former SIL and BIL on the issue of stopping the show (and hence, Jon’s lavish lifestyle), he substantiated the same story re: the marriage breakup and the timeline. So it’s 3 to 1 against Kate’s version. Not to mention Kate was the one who threw her brother and SIL off the show two seasons ago, yet now implies that their estrangement is something new.

The woman is either a pathological liar or been coached to say what she said and didn’t stop to think through how easily the world can spot the lies.

Finally, about Viera not giving her a pass, I disagree. Her “tough” questions were scripted to allow Kate to deliver her prepared answers. Obviously Kate knew ahead of time what the questions would be, and stipulated what questions were off-limits. The proof is the last thing Viera did was promote tonight’s new episode. It was all a PR-engineered plug designed to drum up viewership. Each time TLC has manufactured scandals and fed the tabloids to boost ratings it worked for one show, and then dropped like a stone the next week. Last week’s resumption after hiatus generated less than half the viewers of the divorce-announcement show. People tuning in to the show now are looking to see these two dysfunctional tabloid stars in action, not a litter of screaming kids running amok in mundane scenarios. This is not the same audience that came back faithfully week after week back when they still believed Jon and Kate had faith-based values."

Parisjasmal said...

She was totally ridiculous and pathetic on The Today Show. Sadly Meredith handles her with kid gloves and I am guessing Meredith has NEVER seen more than a few fleeting moments of the show. If she had, she would quit treating Kate like such a poor poor victim.
I heard Matt REFUSED to do the interview. Way to go Matt.

Kate totally skirted most questions. I think she has SERIOUS personality disorders. She is a total sociopath. She makes me sick and I feel SO SORRY for her poor little children.

Parisjasmal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bcsurvivor2001 said...

.......and another thing .........
This wasn't even a live interview. If I recall (from memory) this was a "taped interview". So everything could once again be controlled - and nothing could "slip up" as in an actual live interview.

TooSadToWatch said...

The lack of eye contact and question dodging was very telling, Kate. The only time you were direct and adamant was when you discussed the relationship with Steve and his family, so I'll give you that one. The rest--notsomuch!! Love how you played the "I would like to keep that private" card when asked about ending the relationship with Jon.

I'm sure Jodi and Kevin have steam coming out of their ears after the "they're doing it for the money" comment. At least you confirmed that you didn't want anyone else making money off of your kids, and hey, that's why they're out of your lives and off the show, no?

Moons in Leo said...

I could only stomach half the interview when I watched it on-line. Oh, Lordy be, the crocodile tears had me lurching for my barf bag.

The Today Show has become television's National Enquirer. No wait. I have more respect for the Enquirer.

Mommy Dearest said...

Kate on the Today show reminds me of Joan Crawford.

Longuyland Girl said...


Meredith interviews St. Kate! I could barely get through the first half much less watch the 2nd - I'll watch that after the nausea passes...

First - regarding the "separation", St. Kate says she was not "fond of the idea" - um, didn't SHE file the paperwork and, at that, it was DIVORCE papers from what I understand! (Unless someone out there knows differently...)

What killed me was a voiceover by Meredith saying "for now, life, and the show, must go on...) WHY, for GOD'S SAKES, someone tell us WHY!!!!!

And just as the interview begins, Meredith says how they "announced their separation in June and filed for divorce - both of you..." No, Meredith, St. Kate did that all by herself - Miss Can-Do Kate! St. Kate says again her "focus is, and always will be, the health and well-being of her children as well as herself". Liar, liar, pants on fire!

Later, she says she wants her children to see "a mother who is committed to her children, who is determined, who has INTEGRITY (yea, the pink sundress worn sans bra, breast augmentation and countless bikini shots SCREAMS integrity!), perserverence and who never gives up..." Kate, you're gonna have a TOUGH time finding that person 'cause it's not YOU!

I could go on, but my brain hurts just from watching the half of the interview I did see and the barrage of promos for tonight's show. I'll have to watch the other half later and see what damage control St. Kate spins regarding bodyguard/boytoy Steve.

Carezee said...

Okay in all fairness maybe Kate didn't know when Jon moved out. Don't forget how she was on the road so much and never home she wouldn't have the foggiest idea if he was home or not.
As far as her ring goes. Wasn't that a replacement ring? I thought I remember back around the time of the Hawaiian wedding hearing that she got a bigger and better ring. I don't think that was the original one she is wearing.That would be why she hid it from the camera.
She came off sounding like the jealous one when she was talking about her brother and SIL.She kept emphasizing the tens of thousands of dollars they were making.

Also I did not see one tear shed just a feeble attempt to make it look like she was crying.

I was so disgusted by the many lies that were told all in the name of "to be very honest."

I also loved the part where what Jon does, does not effect her. Oh please. If it effects your children it should effect you.Also I can't believe she lets her kids watch the show. It has to be very heartbreaking for them. I am sure I could go on and on but the more I write the madder I get.

ManicNarcissism said...

The wedding ring...

Her kids are not the real reason she keeps it on. My DD is 8 like the twins and I could go weeks without wearing my ring and she would never notice. And if I told her me and her dad were getting a divorce that is what she would be unhappy about not a darn ring.

We know she is not nostalgic or worried about getting back with Jon ap I'm wondering could it be for editing? Maybe she doesn't want to be shooting chair scenes and have ring off when they are showing old footage with the ring on. And then eveyone knowing exactly when they did the chair interviews. I could see her doing it for continuity. Then when they have shown all the footage they had prior to the hiatus then she'll say the kids are ready! Just a thought.

IndianaMommy said...

WOW! You would think her PR firm would spring for some acting lessons.
It is clear that Jon is telling the truth about Kate ending the marriage in October.....she has to "pretend" not to remember the timeline for the sake of her contract with TLC--- this was the same time they renewed vows, moved into the mansion, etc...they even had an appearance on oprah back in March or April ??? (via satellite- the one where she went and bought the kids pastel colored outfits). If she admits the timeline then there would be ALOT of explaining to do on the part of both Jon and Kate and TLC about how they were lying to the public on the show.
And what is with that VOICE she used throughout the interview???
It was obvious to me that Merideth Viera CAN'T STAND Kate--- she can't attack her, obviously-- but I think MV did an awesome job of asking questions that made Kate contradict herself. Merideth didn't have to make Kate look like an ass....Kate did a fine job of doing it to herself !

TooSadToWatch said...

Wanted to add, I was enraged when she began telling what Cara had said to her in regards to them "being okay". Is there NOTHING private? How can these kids possibly trust her and confide in her if she goes on national television and shares what they say?! Do they watch the interviews, too?!

My first thought when she said, "The kids love to watch Mommy and Daddy" (in reference to them watching the show over and over) was that's because they wouldn't get to see you otherwise!

Also, loved how she worked in the "I meant those vows I said in Hawaii". Really? Didn't that include not speaking harshly to Jon anymore?

I smell pants burning. Or maybe it can't be called "lies" when you have so convinced yourself that it's the truth?

jonandkatewho? said...

There's just so much to say in disagreement and horror at this interview.

She claims Jodi and Kevin are making money off her kids? OMG I couldn't even believe she said that! I screamed at the Tv "that's what YOU do, bitch!" lol... never for one second have I believed that Jodi and Kevin are lying or motivated by money. I think their last interview in which they call out for a politician to become involved speaks clearly, and I highly doubt they have made very much money for their interviews.

She didn't cry. No tears, just a whiny voice breaking in the right places and a slightly reddening nose. Nose reddening must be the strain of trying to look like one is crying, when one clearly is not.

It's not important, but her stupid hair looked like a cone up on her stupid head from certain angles, lol.

She dodges the questions in places by giving an answer which did not correspond with the question actually asked. Neat trick but I doubt anybody was fooled.

No responsibility taken at all for her years of making fun of Jon and all the abuse he took from her. The woman could make herself alot more believable if she would just take a little bit of the blame here by saying she regrets how hard and mean she was to Jon. (don't get me wrong, he is an asshat too).

She says that her kids instantly love people five minutes after they meet them. She further says that she likes to see the "falling in love" thing happen when people meet her kids, whom she says light up people's lives. WHAT THE FUCK??? I'm sorry, but these are mere mortal kids. It is not normal for children to just like everybody they meet within minutes. It is not normal to state that everybody falls right in love with your kids and that they light up lives. These are not magical creatures here, Kate...they are HUMAN BEINGS!!! I wish she would treat them as such and give them some damn privacy!

She states that her whereabouts when not at home are secret because she is hiding from the paps. Oh that's just rich...she doesn't hide from them when she is at home, but arranges things so she and the kids are clearly in view for pictures. What a friggin hypocrite!

She states the kids have college funds. I don't think I believe her.

She denies she ended the marriage when Jon claims she did. She also says that the details of this are private information that won't be shared for the sake of her kids. Sorry, another WTF? moment here. Since when has the privacy of her kids mattered to this blatant famewhore and exploiter? If millions of people were privy to her kids being potty trained and constipated, among other things, then why the need for privacy about this one subject? She's truly twisted.

Now what I would like to know is if she is really beginning to believe her own lies, or if she absolutely knows she is lying and does it anyhow. I'm really curious about that for some reason.

I just wish the paps would go away and stop writing and posting pics of this couple and their poor children. I almost wish there were no blogs, although I love this one. I'm really starting to understand that until we all go away and leave them alone, they won't go away and leave us alone...or those children in peace for a change.

I'm going to try to watch tonight to see what Jon says. These interviews are both happening today to generate higher ratings for this show, and I wish that the bigger networks would stop pandering to this woman by basically advertising for her show the day it comes on. I wish I did not care what Jon says, and in a way I don't, but I just can't resist watching him this time. I won't be watching the show because my body has a built-in sort of a babysitter which doesn't allow me to stay awake while watching that drivel.

Finally, these two are worse than Speidi. At least they were on a reality show which everybody sort of knew was scripted, and they were not exploiting kids.

SoOverKate said...

Two questions:

1) Why does she keep repeating how everything she does,she does for the kids - that everything is done out of love for her kids - that she loves her kids......I mean, isn't that, like, natural. It is like saying Why should she be sainted for loving her kids and why is she so damned intent on having us believe it?

2) WHEN IS SOMEONE GOING TO HOLD HER FEET TO THE FIRE AND DEMAND HER TO ANSWER REAL QUESTIONS AND NOT LET HER SKIRT THE ISSUE????? I'm so puking sick of the passes she's allowed. Come ON, there must be someone out there who can grow a pair and force her to answer questions in return for airtime.

bcsurvivor2001 said...

SoOverKate said...
Two questions:

1) Why does she keep repeating how everything she does,she does for the kids - that everything is done out of love for her kids - that she loves her kids......I mean, isn't that, like, natural. It is like saying Why should she be sainted for loving her kids and why is she so damned intent on having us believe it?

2) WHEN IS SOMEONE GOING TO HOLD HER FEET TO THE FIRE AND DEMAND HER TO ANSWER REAL QUESTIONS AND NOT LET HER SKIRT THE ISSUE????? I'm so puking sick of the passes she's allowed. Come ON, there must be someone out there who can grow a pair and force her to answer questions in return for airtime.

8/10/2009 11:01 AM


Touche - well said - especially that last paragraph.

nancy said...

1) Why does she keep repeating how everything she does,she does for the kids - that everything is done out of love for her kids - that she loves her kids......I mean, isn't that, like, natural. It is like saying Why should she be sainted for loving her kids and why is she so damned intent on having us believe it?

Exactly, just like how she repeated over and over to her kids, "daddy and mommy will be together forever" right before the Hawaii extravaganza...I think she is seriously delusional, thinks whatever she says people will believe. Someone needs to lock her up for a psych exam...

Andrea Murdock said...

Integrity??? LOL! She doesn't even know the meaning of the word let alone the actions that come into play to have it!

Sukie said...

I caught the 2nd segment of the Today Show interview and found it pretty sad that while she is able to avoid and hide from the paparazzi while she is alone (not with the kids at home), but those poor kids are never able to get away from them and are constantly being photographed (and filmed).

Also, if she hates the paps so much, then why at the end of the segment does she allow the Today Show to plaster up a pap photo (from SplashNews?) of the 4th of July family get-together (aka photo-op) in the driveway?

The entire interview was full of vague answers and more lies. If my husband was cheating on me or if we ended up separated/divorced - I sure as heck would remember the timeline and/or dates - especially if it all went down in the past 6 months to a year! Puh-lease - she may be able to delude herself - but the general public is not that stupid!

Barb Gilman said...

The first interview was unbearable! All the ums, and the subdued looks she gave just unnerved me.

The second interview, she got a little more animated. I wonder if she felt she had to save her 'brand'. "I live at home with 'MY' children" A story she shared about her children, that everyone loves her children and are best friends with them with in 5 minutes. Also that 'my kids brighten people's lives' just skeeved me out.

It doesn't surprise me that her children have speech delays and Kate won't attend to it. She won't attend to her own 'umms'! One good thing about this interview, it really has caused me to watch my own 'umms'. I'm really conscience of them now!

Also, what happens if her children don't want to go to college? All the children's work will be unpaid.

By the way, how much do you suppose those shoes cost?!

Barb in Nebraska

readerlady said...

Didn't watch the interview, had other things I had to do, but when I logged onto my homepage "news", one of the headlines read "Kate still wears wedding ring". Of course, I clicked on the headline to read the article. Puff piece, but one quote really got my blood boiling: "everybody has to work. Everybody has a job. Ours is a very (sic) unique job . . . "I still feel like this is a good thing. It's healthy. And the kids would agree". Wonder if someone asked Mady, she would agree?

Re Jodi and Kevin - if they're going all over with speaking engagements, etc. and making tons of money off "my kids" how come the only ones we've heard about are the Star interview and the couple of times they've been on morning "news" shows, which DON'T pay!

Lauren said...

It will be interesting what Jon has to say tonight on E! I am no fan of his, but I do believe him when he said Kate said it was over back in October of 2008. Giving her personality, it just seems like something she would do. Those few fake tears this morning did not impress me at all. The "real" Kate is the one who is mean to others (like the Florida Fans this past week), not this soft-spoken person that was on this morning. I think most people knew she was lying-she could not even look at MV in the eyes. She was well-rehearsed with her answers, but I am not buying it. Not watching tonight either!

Twice as Nice said...

Kate said a whole lot of nothing...She has a gift of avoiding questions. She throws around the word, "honestly." I'm not sure of how many times she said it but it seemed she would say it when she wasn't being honest. I feel most of us just want honesty. If you don't want to share with the people who watch your show or use to watch your show, then don't. If you're going to be interveiwed then just be honest. It's o.k. to admit you screwed up along the way. In fact it's refreshing to hear truth no matter how unflattering it is. I for one, would have a lot more sympathy for her if she were just honest and would quit hiding behind "Everything we do is for our kids." If I hear that one more time... I've never heard her talk more about her kids than I have since all of this started. It's like she and Jon are in a competition as to who loves and does more for them.

Why is it that most of the hosts or guest commenters on t.v. shows such as Show Biz Tonight, or Entertainment Tonight have something to say or advice to give when they have never watched Jon and Kate Plus 8 or have seen few episodes? That should be part of the job requirement to do a little homework on the subject and know what they are talking about.

I like Meredith Viera but I don't think she has a clue about Jon and Kate and isn't informed enough to ask questions and be the leader of the interview. Kate could have sent a statement thru TLC for all we got out of it.

She still claims it's the most real reality show there is when the truth is the marriage was pretty much over for months and they continued to sell us a happy family.

Even when asked what she did to help with the demise of her marriage if anything, she could only repeat her favorite line...nobody's perfect. No wonder the marriage didn't work, you can't change what you don't aknowledge and Kate will never admit fault. She gave up a lot just to be right.

grannyoftwo said...

I don't mean to demean any one on this board...but I have noticed throughout my 52 years of experience dealing with car salesmen, that the shady ones, who you know full well are telling you a bald face lie, always start out their sentences with, " can I be very honest with you"? Just something I have noticed. I guess it just goes with the territory.

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