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The following were both posted originally as comments. It was requested to make them both main posts and since one works off the other, a joint post was born. Thank you to LA TV industry insider and Advice From Someone in Marketing for their thought provoking comments. continue


fostersmom said...

LA TV industry insider said...
I've worked in the tv industry (NOT at TLC/Discovery) for 20 years and am embarrassed by the J&K show. We are not all like this. Let me offer some info and advice.
--Smart comment made earlier by someone that the window to affect the show's status is right now. But you must have impact in front of the people who are making advertising, merchandising, investment decisions. That means posting your comments in places they read. Not People, TMZ or Access Hollywood. You need to post in places that reach the entertainment business industry such as that Flackback column about the Discovery ceo at (linked in several places in these comments); the New York Times Media Decoder column (also linked earlier);
Advertising Age; Broadcasting & Cable magazine. Contact your cable or satellite company's main office - remember that they pay Discovery a fee to carry their channels, which comes from your monthly bill. Write the discovery board. Go to and write to the business partners mentioned in their press releases.
--And remember that Discovery also owns/programs Discovery Channel, Military Channel, Animal Planet, Oprah's coming network, etc. Mention them. Expand your focus.
--The show is on hiatus in terms of airing new episodes ONLY. That doesn't mean they are on hiatus in regard to filming. I believe they are probably still in production now, filming everything imaginable as they try to figure out how to continue the show without alienating viewers. The 6 weeks between today and the return of new episodes is very little time to try and sort out what this new animal will be.
--And finally, if you can tolerate it, watch the J&K episode again and pay attention to the frequent discrepancies in their stated timelines about problems and plans. Note that all they really say during the show is that they've decided to separate. And realize that due to routine TV post-production, scheduling and network review steps, this episode has to have been fully completed at least a week earlier than its airdate. And K's filing of divorce papers was done AFTER the episode was completed. She seems to have only given the producers enough information and advance warning for them to add the small written update at the end. Did K do it, and time it, to win the publicity war? Probably. But the "big announcement" that TLC planned on seems to have been just the separation.
And to bring this all full-circle, K's filing successfully threw the entire series into a level of chaos and uncertainty that Discovery could never have imagined. What it does is open the door wider for people to have more influence on its future.

Advice From Someone In Marketing said...
Hello All:

I have been a long-time reader of this site but this is my first time posting. I work in marketing (unrelated to TLC/Discovery) and I wanted to follow up on "LA TV Insider's" advice.

This person's advice is dead on. The trade publications (AdAge, PRWeek, Media Decoder et al) are where you want to go if you want to get the ear of those who make decisions. NOT, TMZ, Just Jared, People, Us etc...

You also want them to know something about you when you post so they can quantify the market they are losing. You don't have to tell them too much, but just a little something. Without this information they are likely to write you off as a "crazy," or a "nut."

Your comment/reply should tell them 1.) What type of consumer you are 2.) You are unhappy with the situation 3.) You have taken actions because of your dissatisfaction.

For Example:

"I am a 32 year old divorced mother of 2 with a household income of $45k/yr. I am outraged by the continued exploitation of these 8 children and can no longer tolerate it. I was once a loyal [viewer/shopper] of [show/channel/store/product] but due to the [show/channel/store/product] role in this situation I no longer [view/buy.]"

I hope this helps.

Buff Power said...

thank you so much mods!!

Charlie Rose said...

Brilliant posts and excellent information.

Brooke said...

Genius. Both.
*thumbs up*

A Mother's Walk said...

I get it. I can put a dent by making them know who I am and what I buy. I really need some links as to whom I need to be writing and telling this too. If anyone comes up with these links please post them.

Mods, a new posting where these links could be placed would be great, or maybe just right here? I will be back in order to find them.

Thank you to both commenter's for the avid advice!

Michelle said...

Thank you for sharing your expertise with this advice. Now, it is important that all of us with strong feelings about the show act on it. We have a short window of opportunity to do something to, hopefully, help get the cameras out of these kids' lives.

And, most of all, we need to stop watching the show once and for all.

Jacsamic said...

Thank You so very much, Mods.

If we are going to stand behind what we all say our goal is here, this is a very strong beginning to have a place to send our concerns to people who just may make a differnce.

Again, Thank You Mods.

Now, GWOP friends, let's get to typing and pressing send!

TooSadToWatch said...

THIS is going to the top of my To-Do list! Thank you so much for the extremely helpful advice!!

Sidney said...

Very worthwhile posts! Thanks!

This site just gets more and more professional!

doubleD said...

I had a feeling the hiatus was just code for "not showing episodes, but still filming".

SaNdY said...

Excellent advice, thank you both!

sueshe said...

Most useful advice that we certainly will follow. Thank you!

susan said...

Done - I've made my thoughts known at:

I urge everyone else to do so as well.

I will no longer allow any TLC program to be watched in my home. I am through with that morally bankrupt channel.

Moons in Leo said...

Excellent advice, but please remember it will all be for naught if you keep watching the show!

beachluvin said...

Excellent advice but can you post links where we can send our emails and leave our comments?

Erin said...

Thank you! I've been contacting their sponsors, my local cable company (COX), Juicy Juice and Gymboree.

Here is the response I've received from Gymboree (within the HOUR I contacted them):

"Hello Erin,

Thanks for taking the time to write. Gymboree is not a sponsor of the Gosselins, nor do we sponsor the show. The products that are purchased in our stores are exactly that - purchases, and not free merchandise. While at one time our company did focus on celebrity gifting, our giving emphasis has since completely shifted to the sponsorship of organizations that improve the lives of children. The emphasis of the giving is in 1) health & wellness, 2) education & development, and 3) children in need. I'd be happy to give you more information on those activities if you're interested.

Again, I do appreciate that you took the time to express your opinions.

What is interesting? The GALL of TLC. When visiting their page, they have new BLOG: Helping Children Deal with Divorce!

Does it include exploiting children and plastering their emotions for millions to watch?

What a bunch of D-bags.

A Mother's Walk said...

Erin said:

What is interesting? The GALL of TLC. When visiting their page, they have new BLOG: Helping Children Deal with Divorce!

I didn't see that, I need to go back because I would like to voice my opinion on that.

FedUp said...


I thought when dubious behavior on Kate's part towards her kids and John were the only footage available to cut together to make episodes, Sheeple would pick up on the vibe and start to stray. They didn't. Magazines and Talk Shows just booked her harder for her popularity.

I thought when investigations turned up Jon & Kate's questionable off-air activities, that would open Sheeple and Advertisers' eyes. It didn't. Magazines and Talk Shows staaaaarted to come around but only just so.

I thought after this seasons opening episode and the 1 hour divorce special, FINALLY Sheeple and Advertisers could no longer intentionally blind themselves to the OBVIOUS FARCE being perpetrated as Jon & Kate -

I have no idea what the general consensus of the Sheeple are at this point but i'm incredibly P'OD that Crooked Houses is reporting a 500% jump in sales after their airing. SERIOUSLY - WHAT IS IT GOING TO TAKE TO GET PEOPLE TO OPEN THEIR STUPID EYES AND BRAINS TO THIS REAL-LIFE TRUMAN SHOW?

(sorry for yelling but i'm FedUp)

Sal said...

Thank you so much Mods! I will write each and every one of these organizations. I see most have online sites.

MBach said...

All right! Some real insight in how to derail the Gosselin gravy train.
I have been writing both email and real mail letters to every advertiser mentioned. I have been calling phone numbers listed by other posters. I WILL NOT WATCH, but I am sure glad I found this website.
When I write to various companies, I promise not to buy their products while they are supporting the exploitation of children. Most of the email protest letters I have sent then receive answers within 48 hours, however, most answers are completely lame form letters. "Thanks for your interest," yada yada.

I don't want any company to go out of business, but it sure makes me sick to hear of the huge sales for Crooked Houses after the airing of the latest J&K. Just what will it take for America to get sick of the Gosselins? Isn't 10 million in the bank enough to raise their kids? Lots of families have done it on less.

The way to stop poison ivy is to kill the root. Here the root of the evil is money.

TUNDRA said...

This is great advice, thanks to the Mods for creating a separate thread. I will do my best to follow up on the suggestions.

I very much agree with the points made by the Baltimore Sun TV Critic who in addition to taking TLC to task, also takes aim at the media for the irresponsible way in which they have behaved (no facts, just inuendo, etc.).

David Zurawek said it best ...

"You can't fix what TLC helped break by turning off the cameras for a few weeks in the summer."


Is anyone listening?

Jon? Kate?

ctkat1 said...

I sent a message to i went to and wrote a message similar to the one suggested above. I would like to write to more, but I'm unsure who else is financially in a position to exert pressure on Discovery/TLC. Are there other corporate sponsors of the network/show?

my real name said...

When you go to the company or magazine's websites, there is always a "contact us" section.

When you click on it, there will often be the names of the editors/marketing people/presidents/departments, usually with a direct link to their email.

You can write your letters to a real person (Dear Mr/Ms ______)and send emails to all the appropriate people.

I have tried this, blasting off emails to multiple people at the same company (slightly tailored to each department) and usually hear back from at least one of them.

Today I heard they will publish one about TLC/J&K in Advertising Age letters to the Editor.

So thank you again for this industry inside info, GWOP, LA Tv insider and Someone in Marketing.

The Gosselin kids should not have to be on tv and J&K plus 8 is not appropriate tv for kids (of all ages) to be watching.

AeroSpice said...

Here's a list of commercials ran during the "Big Announcement" episode:

EA Sports Active
Motts Apple Juice
All State Insurance
Arby's Restaraunt
State Farm Insurance
Crest White Strips
Nationwide Insurance
Ocean Spray
Centrum Vitamins
Best Buy
Bounty Paper Towels
Geico Insurance

motorcitymama said...

500% jump in sales may mean they went from selling 2 crooked houses last week to 10 yesterday. I haven't seen real numbers, but percentages are a way of a company to tell you they had an increase which really isn't all that impressive when you put it into real numbers.

Of course I could be wrong, if someone has real numbers please post them!

Pamela Jaye said...

I just read this over at Julie?s blog and thought it should be here - so thanks for posting!
I especially liked the sample letter listing out your demographics. I've done this in the past, for shows I was trying to save, so you would think that the reverse would also work. All networks care about is eyeballs to sell to their sponsors, after all.

I've also written in support of some of the *less* offensive programming. Hoping they will see they have something else they could air.

AnotherLisa said...

I have emailed Gymboree and Dish Network with the form letter provided. Thank you for posting this on the main page. There is so much activity on the comments section that sometimes I miss really helpful ones like this. I will do more emails tomorrow!

Beejcctx said...

This is definitely the PLAN to go by! We also should still keep bugging the sponsors as well.

THANKS to both of you!

Jimmy said...
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capslock said...


How great to get an immediate response from Gymboree! Glad to know they are not a part of this freebie fiasco!

To FedUp,

I totally agree with you. However, it is important to note that in the Truman Show, Jim Carrey's character did NOT know his life was on camera and on display for all the world to see.

I think the better analogy is EdTV with Matthew McConaghey -- he knew cameras were following him 24/7 and the world was watching with corporate sponsorship. He wanted it to end, and couldn't get out -- UNTIL someone from the INSIDE could not bear to see the madness go on any longer and DID SOMETHING TO BRING ABOUT THE END OF THE SHOW.

If ONLY someone on the inside of TLC, etc. could expose something or someone to make this all go away and give the Gosselin 8 a chance in REAL LIFE!!

capslock said...

Also, Can anyone post to who Jon & Kate plus 8's sponsors are?

Now that we know Gymboree is not one of them, I would like to know who is and have no way of finding out.

This will be a very helpful blog!!

Mother of Two(couldn't afford more...) said...

It's interesting that Kathie Lee Gifford of the Today Show offered to watch the Gosselin children. If I remember correctly, Kathie Lee's clothing line at Wal-Mart was scandalized in the 1990's when it was discovered that child labor was being used in the production of her Wal-Mart garments overseas. Gulity conscious perhaps? Incidentally, child labor is being used by TLC in the production of a multi-million dollar empire here in this country (the Gosselin children's labor). How is this any different, and why is it permitted here on U.S. soil?

Anne said...

Variety, a big industry publication, recently posted an article on Monday regarding Jon & Kate Plus 8. I am starting my campaign there!

theshowmustend said...

This is some great info! I am going to be sending some emails tonight and tomorrow!!

I am from the Reading area and actually live 5 minutes down the road from the resturant they ate at for their "Mother's Day" brunch. What a sham that was because it was NOT raining here in Reading on Mother's Day!! It was a bit cool and windy, but a very sunny day indeed! When I saw TLC trying to pass that off as Mother's Day, I had enough. They couldn't label it as "The Gosselin Mother's Day celebration" instead of proclaiming it to actually BE Mother's Day. Its all lies, all the time! Disgusting!

Roxie said...

DON'T FORGET ZONDERVAN! (They have always especially galled me. As a fellow Christian, I'd like to reccommend to Zondervan a nice Christian quality called DISCERNMENT. They might ought to try it.)

I just e-mailed the following to them:

I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on Zondervan published items in my lifetime. But I did not buy "Multiple Blessings" or "Eight Little Faces." I will not buy "Love Is In The Mix". I have always believed the Gosselins were exploiting their children. I have always questioned their legitimacy as "Christian" speakers. But in light of recent events, I am even more convinced that innocent children are being exploited.

Therefore, I am no longer only boycotting Gosselin books, I am boycotting all Zondervan books until Ms. Gosselin is no longer promoted by this company.

I am also copying this letter to my blog, where I will urge all my readers to follow suit.

For demographic puposes, I am a 44-year-old Christian mother and avid reader.

B in Lee said...

You go, Roxie! That'll show 'em, alright!

SuzanneDeAZ said...

I want to personally thank them as well.

HappyMommyAndWife said...

Thank your for the sound advice on how to make our voices heard so we can collectively influence the "decision makers" to do the right thing. I will absolutely be sending letters and emails.

Concerned Viewer said...

These are all great ideas....and I have another one.

Paul Petersen's group A MINOR CONSIDERATION has a lot of credibility and he is often called on to comment on this situation...and boy, does he!

I went to their website today and made a small contribution. I think AMC can do a lot to put national pressure on TLC....

mommytutres said...

I, too, contacted Gymboree today regarding my concern about the assumed support of J&K+8. As a Gymboree consumer (please don't crucify me), I explained I was, as many others, boycotting their brand until their support of J&K+8 ended. I was immediately transferred to a PR rep, who gave me the exact same information as the previous post listed. I was completely shocked that they weren't still actively doing product placement on the show. I, however, did express to them that it is still PERCEIVED that their brand was endorsing/advertising on the show. I suggested that they issue a statement regarding this b/c many, many people are boycotting brands/stores/ products that are featured on the show. I explained that by publicizing their position on this, it would in turn set a GREAT precedent for other corporations and allow them to make a clear statement that they are not endorsing the exploitation of the Gosselin children. I would suggest to all of us to keep the pressure on all companies...even Gymboree, despite their new policy and non-endorsement. Get the companies to verbally, publicly distance themselves from TLC/ J&K+8. If this is done, it could just turn the tide to where companies/products don't want to be associated with the show b/c of the public backlash. Unite for the Gosselin 8...GET THE SHOW OFF THE AIR!!!

GWBF said...

ou people need to read past the head line. She is not saying that they've been living apart for 2 years. She checked that box off to try an expedite the divorce.

There are two grounds for a no fault divorce in Pennsylvania -- the first is waiting 90 days after the papers have been served. Then, if both Jon and Kate agree the marriage is "irretrievably broken" ... the divorce can proceed.

And there's a second option -- that they have lived separate and apart for 2 years. But that doesn't mean they've actually been separated for that long. It means she must wait 2 years from the moment she considered the marriage kaput and began living separately (if only in different bedrooms). The real separation between Jon and Kate is very recent and Kate checked the box just to get the clock ticking.

Kate checked both boxes, and here's why. Jon may not agree that the marriage is irretrievably broken. If that's the case she has to wait the two years. So by checking both boxes, Kate is hedging her bets.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these 2 posts. I just came from and one of the posters named Johnson & Johnson and Gap/Banana Republic as sponsors of this Sham of a show.

I just wrote to both of these companies that they have lost me as a long time customer and that I will boycott all stores and products that continue to sponsor TLC and Jon and Kate show.

I am going to those links and spew my disgust.

Cherier1 said...

Thanks for the great posts. I have already started emailing using my own version of your form letter.

Thank for the great advice.

A list of sponsors/sites would be helpful, mods, if that is allowed.

themediaguy said...

Discovery Communications is a publicly traded company. Discovery is controlled by Liberty Media, another public traded holding company. Liberty Media is controlled by a well known media and cable investor. The only thing these companies care about are profits and stock price. So, there is another avenue to consider, flood the investor relations departments with calls. These companies have people whose sole job is to take calls and speak with investors (usually larger institutions but theoretically individuals as well). This might likely lead to a dead end but the IR dept has direct contact with the senior execs of the companies. At the very least it will be a major annoyance for these executives. BTW, Discovery also controls OWN (oprah winfrey network). You can look at that avenue as well since O has technically cross promoted by having the family on the show. Good luck.

Ann said...

I got the same response from gymboree over 2 months ago. They did admit they let J&K film in the gymboree store (during the season 4 finale) so even though they do not admit to giving away freebies anymore, they still got free advertising by allowing Kate to film herself shopping in the store (same with ann taylor loft). Sadly these were 2 of my favorite stores.

HappyMommyAndWife said...


You suggested a number of sources we should post our comments on. However, Advertising Age and PR Week do not have any articles written or posted about the J&K+8 issues, so there is nowhere for us to place a response. Any suggestions?

For everyone else's convenience, here are links to the articles you can comment on currently...


NY Times Media Decoder

Broadcasting and Cable

HappyMommyAndWife said...

Contact information to reach Zondervan the PUBLISHER of Kate's books:

OH Mom said...

Thank you for these posts.
I have been writing TLC (probably falling on deaf ears...drowned out by the sound of their cash flow) - however - I have said this before.

Just because they had two big nights of ratings does NOT necessarily translate into increased advertising revenue. Those mondo ratings mean NOTHING, if they cannot increase the price of an ad/sponsorship for the show.

We need to let TLC/Discovery and these publications, cable companies, industry sites, etc. know that we will NOT watch those channels nor purchase products from any of their sponsors as long as they continue to exploit the gosselin children.
What does exploit mean?
Televising them.

The ONLY remedy is to stop filming the children, stop the show and give them privacy.
Kate talked about peace?
The ONLY peace they will get is if the cameras and TLC go away.

That is their ONLY option and chance, at this point.

(ps...and Erin, I wouldn't let gymboree off the hook just yet. There have been plenty of posts about the folks at the store where Kate goes to say she merely walks in and picks out what she wants. Someone is paying - but it is NOT her - and I still believe their is a sponsorship arrangement. Everyone else associated with them has been lying for years - why would gymboree be any different.

CarrieB said...

Thanks for the advice - I posted this on the Discovery CEO article.

I don't know if it will do any good, but I'd like to add my voice to the masses here in the hopes that it just might appeal to Mr. Zaslav.

I have long been a fan of the Discovery networks, especially the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet. I was only recently introduced to Jon and Kate Plus Eight, as the show aired on the same night as a show my husband and I love to watch, which is Little People, Big World. We used to appreciate the wholesome and educational programming offered by the Discovery channels.

While J&K may have started out in a positive place, with two loving, struggling parents trying to take care of their overwhelming new brood, I have to say, TLC has made a huge mistake in following this family to where they are today. Yes, the channel probably has more notoriety and a bigger following than it ever has, but at what cost? You've alienated your previous viewers who turned to these networks because they fulfilled a niche for offering an alternative to the usual smut that can be expected with most cable programming. After this show runs its course--and it will, make no mistake, as even the most die-hard viewers that I know have become disenchanted--where will that leave TLC? Those who turn in for the soap-opera-y, dramatic, smut aspect will go back to their regular programming, and people who once were your loyal viewers will be long gone. I think TLC is really taking the short-sighted view here, unless this is the new arena where you hope to compete. If so, I will only say "good luck to you" because you'll be giving up a valuable niche to be just another in a long line of reality TV smut channels.

I know that I probably cannot appeal to you on an emotional level, which is why I began my plea coming from a marketing standpoint. However, the reason that my husband, my friends, my family and I have begun boycotting your networks is because of these poor children, who are the real victims here. They will long suffer the consequences of having their lives ripped apart for public entertainment, the emotional scars will be with them well into their adulthood. It's just appalling that their parents and TLC would allow airing of the Gosselins' private business to continue. If J&K have so little self-respect that they would sacrifice their privacy for some quick cash, they let them have a show--ALONE. Leave the kids out of it. They are not old enough, nor do they have developed enough minds, to make the decision for themselves whether they want their private lives to be documented for eternity and viewed by millions, and even if they do say they agree, they are far too young and immature to understand the implications that this show will have on their lives forever. Jon has already voiced his displeasure at his loss of anonymity and a normal life for the show, and he even signed up for it. These children did NOT; they did not agree to have every tantrum, illness, and bad day immortalized for entertainment but that is what they get.

I am 20-something, childless, married graduate student with a household income $40,000/year, probably pretty close to your (former) average viewer, and I beg you to please pull the plug on J&K and make a return to your roots. Money and ratings are not everything, and this situation will probably be a liability in the long-term, especially the longer it goes on. Take a lesson from what greed and money have done to these individuals - it's not too late.

Boycott Betty... said...

One of their big sponsors lately has been EA Sports.
(they do all the interactive video games. tiger woods, too, boo hoo - my favorite!!)

Their ads run about every commercial break.

But they seriously need to be boycotted and written to, to let them know why.

I also agree with the poster about a list of sponsors/email addresses.
I've asked for this before, but perhaps it's too time-consuming for someone to do.
If there is anyone up to the challenge - please help us! :)

MrsKimF said...

so, any odds on how long until the "exclusive oprah interview" happens?

HapaLiz said...

We all forget that in the Truman Show, though many viewers wanted Truman to figure his way out of the dome and to figure out that he was on TV, many still watched the channel. They rooted for him, but they could not take their eyes off the program. I believe this is the case in real life as well. Although many, many of us view Jon and Kate as negligent parents, many of us still watch because we want to see this resolve in a way that benefits the children and not the parents. Even if that means we have to wait ten years for a Today show interview with the kids. Also, shame on anyone who poo poos watching Jon and Kate Plus 8 and yet still slows down when they see an accident on the highway, or spreads office gossip, or talks trash about a neighbor or friend. We are all guilty of doing these things to some degree.

Some Smart People Here! said...

Hey, (the) media guy! You show up every so often with some good insight. Thanks for your comments; it helps the rest of us non-media people to understand.

It's refreshing to be able to blog on a site where so many intelligent people leave interesting observations, with good language and grammar and points to ponder. Hats off to the mods for keeping GWoP credible and informative. This is one active site!

TLC is a disgrace said...

I posted this in the comment section of this online NY Times article. I has to be approved before they post it, but I don't see why they wouldn't. I posted the link to the article below in case anyone here has not read it. TLC is a disgrace to our society.

"I am shocked by Ms. O’Neill's statement saying it is hard to walk away from such large ratings for this show. How is it hard to stop filming the turmoil and decline of a family with young children for all of America to see? Can you put yourself in their shoes and honestly say that you would do the same, that you would want to be filmed and have your family displayed on national tv while going through the same situation? Would you feel comfortable with this, Ms. O'Neill, if it was your own family?

Ms. O'Neill, it is clear to me that after reading your statements above, you are a woman with absolutely no moral and ethical values. Therefore, my household must continue to not only boycott 'Jon & Kate Plus 8', but now boycott the entire Discovery communications network, including any and all channels that fall under this umbrella.

I am a 28 yr old married woman, without kids and hold a Bachelor's degree from a brick university, currently studying for my Master's degree at another brick university. My household earns $80K/yr in the southeastern region of the U.S."

Jon get a good lawyer said...

Can someone explain to me why Kate is telling the media she did not want a divorce or was not ready for one and yet SHE filed? I'm a little confused.

Canuck77 said...

First time poster...
Is it possible for us Canadians to lobby our cable networks to ban such an UNCANADIAN show and Station? Does anyone know how we can even remove TLC from up north here. Is it the CRTC we have to go through. TLC is no longer a station I watch since all of this went down I even stopped watching What not to Wear because of that Khate. Any thoughts or ideas on this?

lagne said...

I know this article's been posted already, but I'm interested to see that of the 4-5 pages of comments I've read here, there are perhaps two comments who are NOT screaming for TLC to pull the plug. :) I love it.

If you haven't commented already, I URGE you to do so.. So far there are only around 110 comments, which is hardly a big amount. Make yourselves heard! This is one of the venues of which the big-wigs supposedly take notice.

met said...


*The GAP/Kids GAP/Baby GAP, which includes Banana Republic, Old Navy and Piperlime shoes (which carry the kid Crocs):

Gap Inc.
Two Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
United States - Map
Phone: 650-952-4400
Fax: 650-952-4407
Web Site:

If you are an investor: Email:

Customer Service Relations:

Banana Republic
(888) BR-STYLE

Old Navy
(800) OLD-NAVY


* Juicy Juice~ Owned by Nestle USA

Nestle is a large corporation that manufactures and distributes many brands (you will be surprised!)

Main contact through this site:

Juicy Juice site contact:

Investor relations: 1-800-225-2270, Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST.

met said...

And it continues

* Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson
One Johnson & Johnson Plaza
New Brunswick, NJ 08933
United States - Map
Phone: 732-524-0400
Fax: 732-214-0332
Main Web Site:

Investor relations:


* Newell Rubbermaid Owns Sharpie Pens and a world of other products.

Newell Rubbermaid Inc.
10B Glenlake Parkway
Suite 300
Atlanta, GA 30328
United States - Map
Phone: 770-407-3800
Fax: 815-233-8060
Web Site:

Investor relations:

* Sharpie

Customer Contact:

* Emtanner Designs: (plates, calendars, clothes)

Emily G. Tanner-Owner/designer
1929 North Hills Blvd.
Knoxville, TN 37917

Customer email:

Customer service phone line (865)964-2545 fax (865)688-3856

*Gymboree (Clothes, toys and play center)

Gymboree Corp.
500 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
United States - Map
Phone: 415-278-7000
Fax: 415-278-7100
Web Site:

Investor Relations: Tel: 415/278-7933

Customer Service: Tel: 877/449-6932

Play Centers:
Phone Customer Service

Web contact form:

* Little Tikes Toys: Little Tikes is owned by MGA Entertainment

MGA Entertainment
MGA Entertainment, Inc.
Attn: Customer Service
16300 Roscoe Blvd.
Suite 150
Van Nuys, CA 91406
(800) 222-4685
Customer Relations via email:

Little Tikes Customer Relations Contact:

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met said...



* Red Robin Restaurant

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As I stated, the network producers and film companies couldn’t care less whether you complain about programing. “The more controversy the better” could be their motto. They do, however, care about their sponsor’s money. Please feel free to contact them to relate that you are contacting the sponsors of Jon and Kate Plus Eight and boycotting their products. That should give them a smile on Monday morning


The new address is:
10717 Adams St. Suite 200
Holland, MI 49423
Phone: 888.788.3285
Fax 616.393.0953

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AND FINALLY Proctor and Gamble!

I got this information off another website. Please start the ball rolling (like a snow ball....getting bigger, and bigger and bigger!)

we'll see said...

I submitted my complaint to the Discovery viewer's relations online yesterday and got this response:

"Dear Viewer:

Thank you for contacting TLC. We appreciate your correspondence and for
taking the time to share your thoughts and concerns with us about Jon &
Kate Plus 8.

In an effort to ensure the highest quality programming, comments such as
these are taken very seriously. Each and every comment is forwarded on to
our programming executives for review and consideration. Maintaining the
integrity of all of our networks is our primary goal. It is these types of
comments that contribute to creating change and improving our programming.

Again, thank you for contacting TLC.


Viewer Relations

Today Show said...

I sent that NY Times link to the Today Show. I remember Matt Lauer was pretty much against all of this weeks ago, and that was before the divorce episode aired.

I know it's probably not going to work, but I told the producers they might want to bring Ms. O'Neill's statements into the forefront and talk about how wrong it is for her to want to continue with the show for ratings.

Trying to stop the Kon said...

This is the response I got from Juicy Juice:
June 25, 2009
Dear Ms. Palen,
Thank you for taking the time to contact NestlĂ©® Juicy Juice® Website regarding Jon and Kate Plus 8. We welcome questions and comments from loyal consumers and appreciate this opportunity to assist you.
Juicy Juice advertises on many shows, one of which has included "Jon & Kate Plus 8". We understand your position and will report your comments to our Marketing department.
We would like to assure you that we have reported your comments to our Marketing department. We are committed to providing you with products that live up to your high standards for taste, quality, nutrition and enjoyment - in short, "the very best."
We appreciate your interest in our products and hope you will visit our website often for the latest information on our products and promotions.
Beverly Watson
Consumer Response Representative

I got the standard response that everyone else has been getting from Gymboree.

Cherier1 said...

Zondervan's response:

Kate Gosselin

Discussion Thread
Response (Carrie Colter) 06/25/2009 10:49 AM
"We are saddened by the news of the Gosselins' plan to divorce and will continue to lift both Jon and Kate and their children up in prayer. We respect their need for time to focus on their family during this difficult chapter of their lives and will work with Kate to reassess the schedule for her next book with us."

Sasha222 said...

This is what I'm writing to all of these places mentioned

I used to watch Jon and Kate + 8 because as a young, exhausted mother of just ONE child it used to encourage me that if this woman could do it with 8 then I could do it with one. After realizing she wasn't really doing anything at all, had tons of help, and was a greedy as they come it kind of ruined it for me. Yes she is a horrible person, but I honestly don't care about jon and Kate and their stupid drama. As a mother I am concerned about those poor kids. They didn't ask for any of this, they didn't have a choice, and they have no voice to stop it. The evidence is right there before our eyes with little Madeline. If you can't see the obvious signs of her upcoming problems with having a camera in her face all her life then you are blind!! Please stop this madness before it permanently ruins all these children's future hopes of maintaining a decent normal adulthood and adolescence. it's obvious EVERYONE is over this show. It's obvious that EVERYONE has caught on to Jon and Kate's scam. So just save face and end it all please.

GTStroller said...

Is Fiji water a Kate sponsor? She seems to prefer that brand.

Geri said...

Jon get a good lawyer said...

Can someone explain to me why Kate is telling the media she did not want a divorce or was not ready for one and yet SHE filed? I'm a little confused.

Kate has no problem with lying. In fact, I think she even lies habitually often. She will say whatever benefits her at the moment whether it be true or not, and doesn't seem to understand that it ruins her credibility. It's like she's not connected to reality in this regard. Her biggest lie was at her vow renewal in Hawaii: "Mommy and Daddy will be together FOREVER".......ugh! Someone was compiling a list of her lies to post in the future. That will be interesting reading.

Virginia said...

Thank you for your advice and thank you, mods, for giving us the names of sponsors and venues to boycott and so we can write them with our opinions. TLC will NOT be watched on any TV in our house until this show is pulled. And even though it was a hardship not to buy P&G products at first, I'm determined not to put a penny into that system. I also wrote to Kate's (gag me) publisher and begged them to reconsider any and all appearances and to reassess whether they want their Christian name in publishing smeared by this one take all family.

Roxie said...

cherier1, I got the same response from Zondervan--and quite promptly, too. While at first glance, it seems a bit mealy-mouthed, that last sentence, "and will work with Kate to reassess the schedule for her next book with us." is a bit hopeful. Sounds like maybe they might like to leave themselves an out, doesn't it?

READ posts here from met! said...

to met: thanx for all the legwork and for sharing the info with the rest of us!

TooSadToWatch said...

Here's my letter going out to the network and it's sponsors.

I am a 46 year old early childhood educator, with a Master's degree in early childhood development. I am deeply disturbed at the ongoing exploitation of the 8 Gosselin children in terms of the reality show, and the lasting effects this display will have on the lives of these young children. I have often encouraged parents and my students to watch shows on your channels, and have integrated them in my classroom, as well. Because of the issue at hand, I will no longer do so, nor will I continue to view the channels associated with this tragic situation as long as it continues.

Thank you for your time.

Boycott TLC & Sponsors.... said...

TLC is a disgrace said...

I posted this in the comment section of this online NY Times article. I has to be approved before they post it, but I don't see why they wouldn't. I posted the link to the article below in case anyone here has not read it. TLC is a disgrace to our society.

I agree wholeheartedly with your statements and comments directed at Eileen O'Neill.

EVERYONE needs to keep the pressure on Eileen "Evil" O'Neill - I think she is despicable for continuing this scam, charade, horrific exploitation.
Please keep speaking out about and against her!!!

Also -- please remember in your comments to LET THEM KNOW -- you KNOW who the sponsors are and will be boycotting their products, as well.

That part is VERY important!!

emmasmommy said...

To whom it may concern,

I am a 28 year old married mother of 3 with a household income of $84k/yr. I was once a loyal viewer of the Jon and Kate plus 8 show but due to the continued exploitation of these 8 children I can no longer tolerate it. I am witnessing the mental and emotional instability in these children that I have the moral obligation to speak up. As a mother my role is to protect my children from the filth Jon and Kate represent. They have lied and misrepresented family values. I no longer view this program and I am outraged that TLC is contributing to support and witness the obstruction of innocence being lost right before their eyes.

I hope and pray that as a paying customer of Comcast my thoughts and concerns are taken into consideration.

Best Regards,
Brissa L Flores

Did my part and encourage yall to do the same.

Kristen said...

Season One of j&k had just 8 episodes. Very innocent. The next season had 12, the next had 31, then 41!!! Season 5 is scheduled to have 40 (not a big improvement), but they are being divorced,they have enough stress!!!

I know they need the show to feed the kids, but they make enough per episode where 20 episodes should suffice a comfortable lifestyle. They get up to 75,000 dollars per episode. Fifteen episodes will earn One million, one-hundred twenty-five thousand dollars! ($1,125,000)

Lies and Fabrications said...

Geri said, "Kate has no problem with lying. In fact, I think she even lies habitually often. She will say whatever benefits her at the moment whether it be true or not, and doesn't seem to understand that it ruins her credibility. It's like she's not connected to reality in this regard."
Geri, your comment is an important one. One that people need to be aware of, especially as they read Kate's interviews with the media/magazines. More will be coming in her effort to bury Jon's good name. Kate has no regard for her childrens' feelings now or into the future, only for herself and her next money making venture. Her image is paramount as her that is.

Carley said...

Dear Kate,

I watched several of the older episodes when the last marathon ran, and it is evident that you have changed. Fame and fortune have made you much more self-involved. You dress differently,
talk differently,
walk differently,
act differently,
and most importantly...
you parent differently.

The priorities and behaviors that you are modeling for your children are askew from what you and Jon originally set out to do.

Every day, as you brush your kids aside and continue to be bothered by what used to be their cutesy, kid "antics" and talk to the cameras about how hard your celebrity lifestyle is (while there's a crew of employees cooking, cleaning, and mothering your 8 children)...your kids are learning what a family is.

The message you are sending to them and to a lot of America does not paint a positive picture of what a family really is.

You've always been hateful towards Jon and now that he is gone, that same venom is poisoning your attitude towards your kids.

I'm disgusted that TLC allows your show to continue as it has.

I don't believe all the media coverage and tabloid claims, but I know that I see a family in crisis when I watch your show.

You and your family are paying quite a price for this attention, and someday you will realize when all the lights, cameras and paparazzi are gone...that none of it ever really mattered.

Take care of your FAMILY--they are the only ones who will be around in a few years when this is all over.

Please, be careful. It is a terrible thing to ruin your children's lives.

TooSadToWatch said...

I got the standard reply from TLC. I did find it quite humorous that this is in the signature line:

TLC heats up the summer with returning favorites and new series sure to melt your heart. Tune in each week for new episodes of JON & KATE PLUS 8 and WHAT NOT TO WEAR and the premieres of CAKE BOSS and THE LITTLE COUPLE. Check out fan sites for videos, photos and more.

I feel heard all right. :-|

jayley said...

Great post Carley, Her brushing her kids off is so hard to watch. The worst was her recently complaining about being "alone". From day one when those 6 kids came home she has not EVER been alone. She may have bonded with her children better if she was actually forced from the beginning to take some responsibility for the 6 children she chose to bring into the world all at once. She is more like a house manager now than a mother. How very telling that she said they only wanted 1 more. It seems that out of the 6 that came after Mady and Cara, she really only relished attention and love to 1 child. Her current falseness with the boys is laughable. Five years of emotional abuse will have a lifelong impact on her children. Yes, Joan Crawford in the flesh. she sucks. I'm off to write letters, thanks for the information everyone!

Cherier1 said...

Roxie said...
cherier1, I got the same response from Zondervan--and quite promptly, too. While at first glance, it seems a bit mealy-mouthed, that last sentence, "and will work with Kate to reassess the schedule for her next book with us." is a bit hopeful. Sounds like maybe they might like to leave themselves an out, doesn't it?

I thought so too. We can hope, right?

brennie said...

I applaud the idea of asking sponsors not to advertise on J&K, but not the plan to buoycott products. Some sponsors, like Weightwatchers, make a real positive difference in people's lives. All sponsors provide jobs in a time when people really need them (like my nephew who works a second job a Lowe's and my niece who works for State Farm). The show is destroying itself; it doesn't need our help.

UGH! said...

I know they need the show to feed the kids


They do NOT need the show to feed the kids. They can get jobs that do not rely on exploiting their own children.

Gail said...

I wrote to TLC and Ms ONeill, but have yet to hear back. Let's hope this letter writing campaign actually DOES something to help these poor kids. I noticed that many of us are asking K8 to pay attention to the sad life of Michael Jackson as a cautionary tale. Perhaps because of his death, the sponsors will also begin to realize that they're harming the children, and take the decision away from Khate.

over the top said...

Whoever is saying that Kate NEEDS the show to feed the kids is totally off base. If she'd stop spending money like a drunkin sailor, there would be millions that would last for years and years if invested correctly. Its more money that 20 families would see in a lifetime, plus all the money from residuals from the re-runnng of the show. She has a 1.3 million dollar home, plus multiple cars and trucks, a fully furnished house, and is now re-doing the kitchen, plus she's at the stores DAILY spending money. If she lived normal, and like the rest of us, she'd NEVER need to work again.

lurline said...

Is it too late to save the Gosselin
children from this media circus?
I don't know but I wish the
show would finish production!

Snarkygirl said...

I just posted a comment on the crooked house web site letting them know how disgusted I was to hear that they were featured on J&K. I told them that every chance I get i will discourage purchase of their product.