Should Jon and Kate Have Aired the Breakup on TV

I had mixed feelings about a couple announcing their divorce on national TV before it aired. Now that I've seen clips of it and read comments for four hours last night, I'm pretty sure it was a very bad idea. There it is for the parents' relatives and friends to see and for them and the court to review at any time.

Then there are the children whose friends have already seen the disintegration of their family and now will know and have seen more than most kids should know about their own parents' divorce. TLC IMO should have had the decency to start the hiatus before this episode and instead wanted one more ratings grab. At least TLC is putting the show on hiatus. Story from US Weekly. The LA Times link within that story has info on piecing the episodes together.

I was surprised this morning to see that Kevin and Jodi had spoken out.

What do our readers think? Should Jon and Kate have known better than to feed the ratings? Are they as fascinated by the ratings as TLC? Was TLC ghoulish to actually announce the divorce as part of an episode?

Someone asked why I had mixed feelings. Before the episode aired, there was a chance that they could have made the announcement with some class. As in the last two minutes say we sadly must let you know that we are undergoing difficulties and will be separating. We appreciate your kind thoughts and ask that you respect our and our children's privacy at this time. The standard Hollywood comment. They didn't go that way.


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honeybee said...

I agree with Kevin and Jodie in that I am APPALLED that they made a "teaser" out of it to boost ratings. I feel so helpless as a citizen that I cannot help those sweet children.

Geri said...

I do not think they should have aired the break up on TV...that's too much reality. And to entertwine it with a show about children's playhouses was totally classless. Those poor kids.
Can someone please do a recap of the Keven and Jodi radarline video? My dialup computer won't play the thing. Thanks in advance!

Unknown said...

The show is on hiatus!

TN_Mamato4 said...

Dispicable. Disgusting. Nauseating.

Even a fool is thought silent by keeping his mouth shut.

I grieve for the children who receive zero privacy, even when their family is in the midst of a crisis!

TLC now has a MORAL obligation to step up, and pull the plug. It is NO longer about money or ratings, but standing up to these two clearly disturbed money greedy, stop at nothing to continue the show parents. Katie Irene actually used that phrase "the show must go on" in a nervous laugh last night.

PULL THE PLUG!!!!!!!!!!!

Susan said...

I do NOT think J&K should have aired their breakup on TV for the world to see including their kids when they get old enough to Google.

Divorce is hard enough without the cameras.

TUNDRA said...

Jon and Kate Gosselin made a huge error in judgment when they agreed to reveal the terms and conditions of their pending divorce to the public vis a vis their cable show.

I am truly shocked at The Gosselins and TLC.

Not a good day for the Gosselin children no matter how many times Kate or Jon claim everything they do, including this god-awful divorce announcement, is for their kids.

Steph said...

I think it was a bad idea. Those poor kids are going to have lasting effects because of this and I won't be at all surprised if 5 or 10 years from now we're hearing reports of the kids being in trouble with the law.

I too was suprised to see Kevin and Jodi speak out. They want us to stop watching and yet they watched it. I realize they're family but why not watch the rerun instead of live when there's less ratings if you really need to see it?

teach n twins said...

It would be out for the public eye one way or another, either tabloids, blogs etc. At least with TLC you are getting it straight "from the horses mouth". Also why strictly fault TLC, what about Jon and Kate themselves, this is an extrememly dificult and painful time for this family, I have been there and completely empathize with them all!!!!

Bonnie said...

I think it will cull out families that watch with their kids. I can't imagine young kids being interested in this.

Nope, this is not a show for kids, no matter how often J&K say it is.

Karee Orellana said...

This is appalling. Shame on Jon and Kate and Shame on TLC.... I'll even go so far as to say, shame on anyone who continues to watch this.

Thank you Kevin and Jodi for speaking up. I know you get a lot of bad press, but I am supportive and proud of you.

GAmom said...

It's ALL about ratings. I just saw an E News rerun from last night where Jon was outside the home on Father's day talking to the Paps and signing autographs, and smiling. To the questions about the announcement, he replied "you'll have to watch and see".

NoUse4Kate said...

What do our readers think?

After some thought today, I am completely sickened by this whole situation. Jon & Kate make me ill. For a while I have tried to give Jon the benefit of the doubt and thought that just *maybe* he would man up and put an end to this sham, but after last night it is apparent that he is with Kate from what I have read, and the show must go on. He is now as repulsive in my book as she is.

Should Jon and Kate have known better than to feed the ratings?

Jon and Kate are oblivious as to what is morally right or wrong at this point in their lives. Their wants and desires are their only concern and they could care less that their children will be the ones who ultimately pay the price for their parents and TLC's selfishness.

Are they as fascinated by the ratings as TLC?


Was TLC ghoulish to actually announce the divorce as part of an episode?

Without a doubt. They could care less about the Gosselins, about the children or anyone. The bottom line and how much money they can make off of these fools is all they care about. When (not if) Jon and Kate hit their bottom and the consequences to all of these years of abuse, neglect, exploitation come to an end, TLC will not be able to be found anywhere.

BoyMom said...

Gross, disgusting, fame-seeking....nothing new for Jon and Kate.

LetTheTruthBeTold said...

Kevin and Jodi are right....Jon, Kate and TLC won't do the right thing and pull the plug on the NEEDS to stop NOW so these kids can have a chance at a normal life. Shame on everyone at TLC that let this play out on National TV....all for ratings and the almighty dollar !It's disgusting!

Fed Up In Fort Worth said...

What they SHOULD have done is this- announce that as the world already knows, they have decided to divorce, and that this will be the LAST show. But wait, there's no mney in that, right? That would have taken CLASS, something these fame mongering, money ob$$ed idiots don't have.

Jon's 'actions' of this past weekend that have incensed Katie are clearly that he went Apt. hunting, in TRUMP tower! That's not cheap. So what that statement translates to is this- Don't spend MY hard earned money, Jon! I had to dress our cash cows, er, kids, feed them, and even spend TIME with them to make it.

Next stop? restraining order to stop him from spending it. Watch, that'll be next.

They've come a looong way, baby, since the early days of Medicaid, and standing in utility assistance lines.

Amazes me that that PIG Kate spends more on her personal grooming in a year than I spend on my twins clothes.

They disgust me.

JFaye said...

I guess if the show is on hiatus TLC must have finally gotten the message that no one is going to watch this train wreck anymore --- or maybe the lawyers have told both Jon and Kate that they can't be on tv until the divorce is over. I wonder if Jon has the balls to sue for custody. I also wonder if Jon & Kate Plus 8 is on permanent hiatus.

overwithKON******* said...

I am still in shock, I knew that this announcement was coming, I didnt watch. It was much more *entertaining* to come here and read about it. But I still cannot believe that any human could do anything like this to a relative, let alone innicent children. I second Kevin and Jodi's plea,*DONT WATCH*. Dont watch thes kids deserve so much more. And I have never been on team jon or team kate, and not jon & Kate, but now am on team jodie and Kevin plus 12! They deserve so much credit for doing what they can and what they thing will help, and I really think when all this is said and done that I would love to see Jodi and Kevin get custody of these kids. Jodi has proven to the world that she can handle it all, it woul dbe hard, but I bet much easier than having no control over these awesome kids. Our kids are OUR future, all of our future, and if *WE* screw them up, think aboutt he congressmen, and bussiness owners, doctors etc that will be taking care of us one day! UGH!

ANyway, again, DONT WATCH. Let these kids be. Let them have a life. Let them know by not giving them attention that society does care, does want the best for them, does love them. I cannot get over the fact that their parents(loosly termed) can even think about doing this.

Mods? Can we send Jodi and Kevin letters again, or find another way to contact them. They need emotional support and I really do think this isgoing to take a village if not a country to finish this!

I am crying for these innocent chilldren. Please do not watch!

Ashley said...

I'm honestly torn about the situation. On the one hand, my husband and I have done counseling and it has brought such healing and closeness, but on the other hand, it takes so much transparency for it to work properly and I'm not sure Kate and Jon are willing to be that transparent, or if the gulf between them is too wide at this point. In any event, I'm disgusted that they televised it. I don't even remember my parents' divorce (I was 2) and thinking about it still saddens me...I can't even imagine having a visual record of my parents fighting, talking about the divorce, and a flood of commentary on the situation from other parties. I did watch the episode--morbid curiosity got the better of me--and watching Cara and Mady chat about the crooked houses gave me hope. Those kids have so much personality and I truly believe that in spite of all that has happened to them, they will rally and emerge stronger and wiser. Kate proclaimed "I Will Survive" there on the couch, but I believe that every moment of connection between two or more of the kids is their way of silently proclaiming, "Together, we will survive."

JFS in IL said...

I hope some judge with a lick of sense in PA gives custody to Kevin and Jodi...Jon and Kate can have visitation rights (supervised in Kate's place?).

Chris said...

They should not have put this on tv. TLC easily could have made a statement saying they were divorcing and to respect the family's privacy. TLC could have showed some other program or some re-runs in place of the show. What is telling is most "real" celebrites beg for privacy during a divorce.

Divorce (and I am divorced so I know first hand) is hard enough and things can be said too quickly. I would certainly not want a video public record of anything to do with my divorce for my kids to see in the future. As much as I dislike some of Kate's choices, Jon is at fault just as much for partciapating. Makes me wonder if during that Utah interview months ago, Jon knew this was all going to happen. He seemed to talk so savy about marketing the show and that some bigs changes would be happening. They were obviously already seperated and probably trying to figure out how to keep the gravy train rolling!

Gillian said...

If you think the show should have ended years ago, or should have never existed, then the answer is easy.

However, I also think that Jodie and Kevin agreeing to be interviewed on television about Jon and Kate's television announcement, and expressing outrage, is hypocritical and only adds to the spectacle.

If Jon and Kate airing their dirty laundry for all the world to see and hear is harmful to the children, then how do we explain Jodie and Kevin's airing of Jon and Kate's dirty laundry for all the world to see and hear?

I'm so tired of the double standard applied to this family and the extended family. Jon is not a good dad by default because Kate is a horrible mother. There are plenty of rumors about him and extramarital affairs, drug use, and pictures of him seemingly yelling at the kids. He plays with them, too, but it's not all sunshine and roses. Jodie and Kevin go to the news outlets to reveal very intimate details of Jon and Kate's sham relationship, and are hailed as heroes, but when Jon and Kate finally put an end to the sham, they're criticized for that, too.

This show should never have existed, and Jon and Kate are both horrible people that have profited off the existence of their children, but there is plenty of culpability to go around, too.

lagne said...

What do our readers think? Should Jon and Kate have known better than to feed the ratings?

I think that was their goal.

Are they as fascinated by the ratings as TLC?


Was TLC ghoulish to actually announce the divorce as part of an episode?

I'm horrified that JK would do this, but sometimes when you're close to a situation, you can't see it for what it is. So I am TEN THOUSAND TIMES MORE HORRIFIED at TLC and Figure 8 for airing this atrocity. THIS IS NOT A PRECEDENT YOU WANT TO SET, TLC AND FIGURE 8. Ghoulish? That's putting it mildly. Though my opinion of TLC has declined steadily with this mess, last night was the kicker for me. TLC/Figure 8 are beyond redemption.

I am heartbroken for those kids and as others have said also, I feel helpless to help.

Karee Orellana said...

The show is on hiatus!

Yes, but only until August. This gives them just enough time to tell the kids... let them cry their eyes out and have a few temper tantrums (can't put that on tv), and get their legal crap in order.

Eight minus Kate said...

Before the paparazzi, TLC could manufacture episodes without most of the public noticing that the episode was filmed months before or that Kate was gone during times the show places her at an event. I don't give TLC credit for putting the show on hiatus, because I don't believe they would have if they could make a show the public wouldn't debunk or if the ratings were higher. They're probably afraid of having to edit every episode at the last minute.

I don't think much of Kate or Jon, but I hope Jon does what would bother Kate the most and lets the kids have a relationship with their extended family.

Fed Up In Fort Worth said...

Here's another sad aspect to all of this- Let's pretend that TLC has some feeling and dignity. (a stretch, but humor me for a moment...) and pull the plug. A year goes by. Guess what? Katie will surfae again, with a new book! How she survived her 'ordeal', has a new outlook, and is a kinder, gentler person because of it. More book tours. Talk shows. MONEY. Fame. It just won't end...

How I'd LOVE to be a fly on the wall at her Attorney's office, hearing her scream about how Jon ruined everything, and is going to get $$$...

eleveneleven said...

I think we are all in agreeance that The BIG ANNOUNCEMENT should have been - 'We are stopping the show'.

Wow that takes balls to do that on TV. Guess Jon finally grew a pair or borrowed Kate's.

Seriously, these two are crazy to think the best interest of the kids is to continue filming this downward spiral.

Get those beautiful dogs out of that house now.

txteacher said...

The show is on hiatus! TLC finally sees the light! It's hilarious though, that it was TLC, not J&K, who halted production. It's also hilarious that it is mentioned that they don't have any footage usable for airing! So that's why they stuck the Mother's day stuff in this episode!

RememberMe said...

Is this another April Fool's Joke?

Thank the Lord. I hope there's enough backlash that they end it forever.

Eight Minus Kate said...

"TLC says next Monday's episode will feature a clip package with some new footage, but the next all-new episode won't air until August 3, the Los Angeles Times reports. The Times says the decision came from the network -- not the family.

Only six episodes of the 40-episode season have aired. Through tears on Monday's show, Kate declared "the show must go on!"

It occurs to me that this doesn't mean filming is on hiatus. They're just rapidly filming 34 new episodes.

I hope the judge blasts them with questions about the kids' well-being and the finances. The kids need a guardian ad litem, for sure.

Ann said...

I'm sure the Hiatus was not Kate's idea. I bet she has some way to still get paid!
Makes you wonder how bad things are if they don't have enough footage for an episode.

A 6 week break does not seem very long. Most regular tv shows get a 12-14 week summer break. It still means they have to be taping to get new shows for august 3rd.

Jana said...

I think the only way they should have discussed their impending divorce on last night's episode, was if they were also announcing that they would no longer be filming their show, and seeking the public's respect for their desire for (real, true) privacy.

But to basically announce that they will be televising their divorce and the fall out for the children - it's reality tv at its very lowest ebb.

Shame on you TLC for your greed.

TooSadToWatch said...

Hallelujah for the hiatus!! Now's the time to step up the letters to TLC and the sponsors. We have until August to make our thoughts known.

We now see that Jon and Kate won't pull the plug on their own, so the only way to end this trainwreck is to boycott the sponsors, mail TLC, and never, ever, ever watch again. Only low ratings will end this nightmare.

Mother of Two(couldn't afford more...) said...

They obviously aired it to garner sympathy for Kate as a single-mother who supposedly has no idea what went wrong. Everyone else in the world knows what went wrong: they were greedy for money at any cost, Jon doesn't want to hold down a job, Kate is mean.

Unknown said...

For quite some time I felt sorry for Jon, but after last night I have really lost respect for both of them.

As much as they want to 'spin' that they are doing this for their kids, they really want the money train to keep coming in.

While I'm guessing they are saving for their children, the house, motorcycles, tractor, vehicles, and now expensive divorce attorneys are all being funded by this show.

For some reason I think they are fearful of having to go back to their simple life of the small house.

Secondly to air their separation on TV was just a ratings grabber and nothing else. Who in their right mind would want to air something so personal and so difficult publicly except to gain attention?

Pure and simply disgusting. I feel sorry for the kids and the hell they will be going through for many years to come. Now not only do they get invasive cameras 24/7 they get to see their parents split up. How insensitive and selfish of the parents.

I would have at least had some inkling of respect had they agreed to try counseling or what have you, but apparently that doesn't produce ratings like a divorce would.

ScarySkierNewJersey said...

TLC and Figure 8 are all about the $$$$$. What brings that in is what they will film and show to the public. Jon and Kate are just part of the whoring process. It is clear to me that Kate wants to keep going. Kate wants to travel, have the cash to buy what she wants and I got the feeling from her saying she HAS to be away from home, that being a part time mom is fine with her! Jon was saying he was happy to be able to use the program to say what they want to say because other people are "telling what they want to say," and I guess in a sense "we are hearing it from the horses's (ass) mouth. Jon says he doesn't want the public lifestyle, but truth is both he and Kate only wanted it when it all sweet and when the warts began to show, the scams were being caught and people from way back when were coming forward and stating they were going to use the six as a meal tickets, well than things changed. Now they are boo hooing about the media interfering with their lives and making it difficult to deal with. Jon also struck me with his "I am 32 years old and had kids at a young age" as a man who isn't interested in being a full time father. He'll be happy to be there 3/4 days a week and than have his freedom the rest of the time. This way, if they split custody like this neither will have to pay child support and can live off the money they have banked. Must be nice as they both have brand new vehicles, Jon has his motorcycle to get away on, the kids have "helpers". I would bet each will also have an alternate housing so when the other is with the kids they can have their freedom. What caring, giving, loving christian parents they both are.

I am hoping down the road, someone from the film/production crew REALLY gives us an insight to what was going on. More and more is coming to light about the filming process and I would just love to hear it first hand and see just how long this sham has been going on!!!

Anyway, the answer to your question is NO, they should not have aired this on TV. Let the crooked house episode stand alone and since everything was reported as soon as they stepped up to the county courthouse anyway, there was no need to air this. The only point, was to have each "plead their case" to the American public and try to keep the show going.

Jana said...

Michie said...

The show is on hiatus!


"The Times says the decision came from the network -- not the family."

Wow! So did network execs finally hear enough disgust from viewers (or more likely, advertisers) that they realized their particular brand is sinking fast? You know the only way they made this decision was based on the bottom line, and not on any moral grounds. I guess that enough advertisers finally goaded them into at least putting the show on hiatus.

Kate must be in an absolute frenzy.

jen said...

"Stop airing family dirty laundry in public" Kevin and Jodie cry again to Radar Online, Good Morning America, Us Magazine, et al.

The show has fed the media beast and the announcement would have been necessary in some form or another since the public/paps are doggedly insatiable. Thank god for the hiatus, hopefully the show will be cancelled and disappear into the abyss, and no more carnage (is it possible to have more?!) will be had.

Fed Up In Fort Worth said...

SOMEONE AT TLC LISTENED! Tis might be a sign of the Apocolypse, (More like the advertisers PULLED out on them,) but, maybe they will go away for a while. Until, Kate comes out with a new book, as I mentioned earlier, about 'surviving AND thriving after divorce...

Has the Smoking Gun got a hold of Kate's divorce filing, yet? It'll be inneresting to see what their finances actually are...

WorkerBee said...

I got the standard 'blah, blah, blah' e-mail reply from TLC. Boy I really feel like I was heard. *rolleyes*

sueshe said...

I am not sure what you call this kind of tv, but it sure is heartbreaking to see all this come down.
I am very disappointed in the way TLC has marketed this so called reality show. It is amazing that they are crass enough to go ahead and announce a divorce on national tv. A REAL DIVORCE that is going to have a huge impact on those poor kids.
What bothers me the most, is that TLC will market this on DVD. The kids don't deserve their life being sold all over the U.S.
Kate wants to continue the show. The money is obviously the most important factor in her life, not the health and welfare of the kids. I hope this will have an effect on the judge that will be handling the divorce.
She claims she had to proceed with the divorce to protect her and the kids. LMAO....Boy you have turned into such a vicious greedy villain.
Now they are advertising an "encore" presentation tonight. If the first showing wasn't enough. I just don't understand why they feel they have to market this crap. This is between Jon and Kate, not Jon, Kate and TLC.
It isn't going to change. TLC will hammer this until the ratings are no more. I hope that it is sooner than later. And I have feeling with where they have taken this, it won't be long. Sorely disappointed in TLC, not at all surprised at Kate!
UNBELIEVABLE TV in the year 2009!

Lee Ann said...

I have to agree that last nights episode was in very bad taste. I think I was the most bothered by Kate saying that they were doing the show to document the kids lives.

I know they have said in the past they want to have video footage of the kids for the future, but what kind of sick person wants a video diary of their divorce?

In my heart I believe that someday one or both of them will regret what they have allowed to be shared with the public. I know I already regret my contribution to the downfall of this family by continuing to watch and read about this mess.

The best thing we can all do is try to contain our own personal curiousity and voyuerism and quit watching, quit buying magazines with them on the cover and ignore these horrible people.

Danielle said...

There was absolutely NO REASON to air last nights show!! We all know the "new" arrangement that was discussed, has already been in place for awhile now. It was all old news with the exception of yesterdays timing of the divorce filing.
TLC needed to eventually have an explaination for the future episodes that show J&K living seperate lives. Heck it wouldn't surprise me if last nights tell-alls were shot a month ago!

As far as the "hiatus" that was announced today by TLC, that is also bullshit! We all know that the already filmed episodes will not be wasted by TLC. They will be back unfortunately! The question is, how many of the viewers will return?
Is TLC hoping that the absence, of this trinwreck of a show, will make the viewers hearts grow fonder??

The children were NOT part of any of the recent decisions made by their parents nor TLC.

I pray that the PA authorities STOP this maddness that will otherwise continue.

Unknown said...

I'm appalled.
To use a breakup as a lean-in to lure in viewers.
To use the dissolution of a marriage as a teaser-is disgusting. They obviously TIMED the paperwork to be filed on that same date to coincide with the "announcement". I find the actions of Jon & Kate reprehensible, with a complete and total lack of TACT for their children's privacy.
Kate is ALREADY throwing Jon under the bus, and riding the "I will do this on my own" gravy train.
That woman is DISGUSTINGLY greedy, and her desperate desire for fame is creepy.
Shame on BOTH OF YOU.

Katie said...

The show should not have been aired. This show should have taken off the air long ago. Responsible parents of EIGHT children should know that when marital troubles begin to appear, the thing to do is to step back and try to deal with them -- for the sake of the family. J+K do have an obligation to the eight children they willingly had.
But these two money-grubbing fame whores are so in love with the gravy-train they're on, that that is all they can think of. "How can we milk these marital problems for more money?" And that is what they've done.
TLC needs to kill this show permanently. It is no longer a show about children and sadly the children have been forgotten.

Jess K. said...

I don't watch the show. It's not entertaining to see a set of broken adults talking about how their marriage is no longer. it doesn't seem like good tv to me when 8 young REAL children are involved in this type of drama.

it is sickening that they did this. SICKENING.

it'sNotCheatingWhenYoureSeparated said...

hopefully hiatus will lead to cancellation! Maybe TLC got a conscience (not likely) and will pull it. They state it was a network decision not a Gosselin decision. We know Kate would film anything. She probably had it in mind to line the children up at the kitchen table and announce the front of cameras. Shameful. World's WORST mom, hands down.

Jake said...

Ripping these kids out of there home and giving them to another family to raise (even an aunt and uncle) is not the answer. The most important thing kids need in a divorce is the knowledge that neither parent is abandoning them. The right thing is for the parents to have a shared custody arrangement with each parent with the kids part of the week. This gives the kids the stability of being with each parent on a regular on-going basis.

As much as anyone may hate Kate and/or Jon, their kids do not hate them. I have known children totally abandoned and or abused parents who still love those parents.

I don't understand advocating that these children be yanked from their parents at this time. However, I do think it is good that TLC is stopping filming. Maybe Jon will go get a job.


I think the "hiatus" BS is just another BS line of TLC to give the Gosselins time to work with their respective attorneys during the divorce attorneys. Do you really think TLC is doing this for the children and out of the kindness of their hearts??? PLEEEEEEEAZE!

Unknown said...

They should have just released a statement saying their marraige was ending and their family needed time to deal with the change. End of story. Leave them be.

There was really no need to air it on TV, especially with a teaser to entice people to watch.

What were the numbers for last nights show anyway?

Kath said...

TLC just announced they are halting anymore filming until possibly August!!!

TLCjust_as_guilty said...

What I want to know is if TLC felt there were moral issues from season ago due to Kate's behavior, I guess they set their own squeamishness aside to get ratings for their network.

They are all Reality-Hos' and my only hope is that their ratings plummet and the backlash against them so huge that it puts their sponsors at risk to continue.

Since I am not a Neilsons' family, I can only contact sponsors and places Kate has been asked to speak for money. If this blog can keep posting who we can contact to do this, it would be a great help.

Thanks to the mods etc...

Debbie0608 said...

Jon and Kate are as low as bottom feeders. Why didn't they do what Bradley Whitford (West Wing) and Jane Kaczmarek (Malcolm in the Middle) did yesterday. They're getting divorced after 16 years of marriage and they issued a short statement through their reps.

Jon and Kate are disgusting and have no business being parents. They should have made a brief announcement! Not an hour long pity-fest! Do these two greedy, selfish pigs have any idea what they are doing to their children? It's beyond disgusting.

NCMom said...

Does anyone know what the ratings were for last nights show?

I wonder if TLC was disappointed in the ratings and wants more drama to occur to try to boost the ratings for after the hiatus.

WomanMother said...

I'm pretty certain that the readers here (we're all pretty much on the same page)agree that it was grossly disastrous and quite honestly should be viewed as borderline criminal and definitely negligent to create purposelful and willing unnecessary emotional turmoil to minors.

HOWEVER, what really, really got to me was not just the fact that these two immature parents decided at the expense of their children's well being to tell their childrens classmates parents, their neighbors and the whole world that they're divorcing but that this message was conveyed in SUCH A DEVIL MAY CARE WAY, the woman had her little black dress exposing her new tanned twins dressed to the nines and she actually had the gall to convey a kicked back, bare feet up, fashionable appearance. WTF!!!!!

Honestly folks, I feel at this point that some type of child endangerment charges should apply. Does anyone agree?!?! What of the PA police dept, or will hush money work on them too?

Lily said...

I am really confused...
Kate released a statement with this as the first sentence:
"Over the course of this weekend, Jon's activities have left me no choice but to file legal procedures in order to protect myself and our children."
On the show, there was a screencap saying something along the lines of "On Monday, July 22nd 2009, Jon and Kate started legal proceedings to dissolve their marriage."
Obviously, with the promotion of a "big announcement" on the show starting last week, and the ability to include the screencap with this information, TLC knew they were filing for divorce before this weekend. Kate obviously knew too.
Why did she release that statement? It makes her look like an idiot who is trying to make Jon look like the bad guy.

Paige @ Little Nostalgia said...

I was even more disappointed in them than usual for pulling that crap and using their divorce as a ratings ploy. I'm not surprised they did it, just disappointed. And I'm even more appalled at them after reading the Us Weekly article that said the hiatus was the network's idea--not the family's. These two have lost their damn minds.

Terry K. said...

Absolutely agree, Sharla. The Gosselin's should have announced their own hiatus or termination of the show, rather than TLC putting them on hiatus. Jon and Kate should have asked for some privacy in this difficult time, etc. You are right on!

Kevin and Jodi's comments were also right on the mark. TLC did encourage that this episode is a teaser.

What I am hoping, but sadly think it will never happen, is that TLC will take the hiatus time out to realize that the hiatus should become a termination. Instead, I think they're now scrambling to get Jon set up in his bachelor digs in Trump Tower in NYC, and Kate set up in something comparable.

I really really hope I'm wrong. I think I'm going to be sick now.

Tired of it all said...

I think it was a Terrible Idea.
I have been on Jon's side...but...he's looking bad.

Would someone PLEASE clarify for me, the money? I kno there's been a lot of talk about it, but is there nothing in trust for the kids??
You know, there are kids worlds over in worse divorce situations....with NO money!

minnow said...

question, do the kids know the parents are divorcing?? what are they going to do? just let the kids watch the show instead of telling them themselves??

it is really dispicable to know that they had to PLAN to shoot about this announcement. i can understand that if the show was REALLY a documentary and they showed the couple talking about their issues then it came out that way, but they had to plan sit down interviews, what they would say, how they would say it, etc.

they had plenty of time to THINK about announcing it but did they ever stop to think about how it would affect their children?? They always TALK about their kids and that they want what's best for them and we ALL know that divorce is never good on a kid's emotional state but it's like they dont even CARE!

how can you sit in front of a camera with the intention of raking in the ratings for your show wit total disregard to your children's emotional needs???

this has got to be the WORST reality tv show EVER. i'd rather watch BIG BROTHER (and that's a pretty terrible show).

Melissa P. Gentry said...

Kate cried for half a day not because she was divorcing Jon but that HER show was going on hiatus. It all makes sense now!

Maria said...

I hope they cancel this show! TLC should be ashamed of themselves, they have stooped to a new low. Jon and Kate both make me sick, I feel so bad for the kids.

Alli said...

This is heartbreaking.

Not only will these children have a broken home, they will have recorded for them, and all of their friends and family
- them with their pants down
- them potty training
- them having temper tantrums
- their mother "spanking" Leah
- their mother hitting their father
- their mother and father yelling at each other, and fighting
- their mother making mean comments about the children
- their father making mean comments about the children
- their parents separation
- their mother denying Mady water
- their mother ridiculing public gifts
- their mother and father engaging in at best questionable activities with people to whom they are not married

And in addition to all of this, I have to wonder how much time they get to actually spend being nurtured by their parents.

Especially given that we know that these children aren't being nurtured by their extended family.

I hope the money is being saved for them so they can afford to get the help they will need when they are older. They have my utmost respect for enduring what they have in their lives, and my hopes that they will see better days somehow as a result of this show eventually being canceled.


season 5? said...

As I already rather forcefully protested on the recap thread, last night was an epic bad move on the parent's part, but what else is new?

Also, I'm not that excited about the "hiatis." The way it's worded sounds like they will be busily filming more footage in the next few weeks so they will have enough material for the upcoming episodes in August.

What, did they have to scrap all the NC beach footage? That was an expensive write-off.

I would love it if "A Minor Consideration" received enough donations to air a commercial about the need for child labor laws during re-runs of J & K plus 8.

MomofFour said...

I think Jon and Kate are as caught up and obssessed in this hype and "unreality" as we are. In fact..I think the situation is so fluid that TLC has no idea what is going to happen, thus they decided to take a break from it to regroup and study the implications of what is happening. I don't think any of them know what is going to happen. In my opinion...Kate Gosselin has some serious mental issues going on and most of this is caused by her. I pray that the family (Jodi, Kevin, etc.) can pull together to remove these children and help Jon. If they stand with Jon and rescue the kids...maybe they can force her to get help for herself. Otherwise, she is single handedly going to destroy the lives of those children.

samcarter said...

No, it should not have been aired. For crying out loud, everybody knows if you're on TV or even a quasi-celebrity, and you're going to divorce, you release a press statement through a representative, and ask for privacy as you and your children work through this time in your lives.

You DON'T dangle the announcement like a carrot on a stick for your sheeple viewers. You DON'T play it for ratings. They're no better than people who put children in freak shows and go traveling around to make people pay to look at them. They are sick, sick people. Nobody who is going through a true breakup of a family--one in which emotions are raw--wants to televise it.

shel said...

WorkerBee said..
I got the standard 'blah, blah, blah' e-mail reply from TLC. Boy I really feel like I was heard. *rolleyes*

What does the "standard email reply" say? I'm guessing it's just a generic form letter, right? just curious

Shame on TLC said...

TLC is not putting the show on hiatus in concern for the family. They are putting it on hold out of concern for the ratings. They worry that the ratings have been dropping. It's going to take them till August to spin another storyline about the Gosselins. A storyline similar to the one that tricked America into thinking the Jon and Kate got along.

They want to wait till America is done talking about the divorce and come up with a big announcement for ratings in August.

thisshowissad said...

Gillian said...
If you think the show should have ended years ago, or should have never existed, then the answer is easy.

However, I also think that Jodie and Kevin agreeing to be interviewed on television about Jon and Kate's television announcement, and expressing outrage, is hypocritical and only adds to the spectacle
I understand your point, but at the same time someone needs to speak out. Had they not said anything we would not have known they split up a long time ago. And someone needs to help the kids. I wish there was something I could do.

Karee Orellana said...

"As far as the "hiatus" that was announced today by TLC, that is also bullshit! We all know that the already filmed episodes will not be wasted by TLC. They will be back unfortunately! The question is, how many of the viewers will return?
Is TLC hoping that the absence, of this trinwreck of a show, will make the viewers hearts grow fonder??"

-Unfortunately, I suspect they are only on hiatus so that they can re-vamp the show. Edit out Jon from all previous footage. Change the name. Make it all about Kate... Disgusting!!!

Carolyn said...

I am mixed....

They have been so public about everything why not with this too?

Then I flip and say "you know certain things you just don't need to air."

I feel for Jon. Waking up and seeing how poorly you have allowed youreslf to be treated just has to have him feeling like a total clod.

I feel for Kate. Reading all the truth out there (comments on news stories, message boards, blogs) and seeing all the hate and negative spewed towards her that at some point she has had to step back and realize what the rest of America has been seeing in her... that she's just not a good person. It hurts to self reflect and come to that point. No matter now deserved it is it still hurts.

Then I feel for the kids. To have mom and dad so out there in the media and with in 5 minutes of leaving divorce court for the initial filings have it plastered all over the internet for the world to see. Plain and simple it sucks.

Thank you TLC for halting production. Let them get things settled in their lives, well as settled as they can get. This is a time they don't need cameras in their face and up their butt filming. The kids need time to go to their new little crooked houses and cry their eyes out in privacy.

I feel for Kate in a sense. Watching her last night reminded me of my own divorces (I had two husbands who were cheaters). When she talked about curling up in a ball and crying her eyes out I felt for her. No matter how crappy you have been, no matter what you've done the break up of a marriage is awful to go through and having been there I felt her pain and heart break. I don't think in a million years she ever thought she'd loose her marriage over this and I honestly think it broke her heart. I also think she's embarrassed by it. It's hard to say "yeah I failed at marriage."

My prayer is that they don't get greedy, they are able to sit down and work things out with their lawyers outside of the public eye. Please don't drag it out into a long drawn out battle. Sit down work it out and be done. Don't do it for you, do it for your children. Divorce is hard enough with out them but adding 8 children into it... ugh!

I think they didn't have enough footage to show a full hour last night and the crooked houses was the last large event that took place so they just filled it in with couch clips of their seperation. We didn't learn anything new that's for sure.

So yeah I'm mixed on the airing of their seperation. I can see why they did it, and can understand it, but it just left me feeling... empty. And not a "wanting more" kind of empty either. It's more of a "sad" empty.

I wish the best to all of them as they try to recover from the divorce and work through everything that they need to work through both as divorcing spouses, parents and as a family unit.

Terry K. said...

Bonnie said it would cull all family viewing because families will no longer be interested in this stuff.

I agree.

I am also concerned, being a big time You Tube viewer, and sometimes poster, about the effect this has on all the twelve year olds who watch and idolize Jon and Kate. I'm serious!

I've been blogging on YouTube about Jon and Kate and their weaknesses for sometime, and I was initially shocked, and then appalled, that I was getting responses back from 12 year old girls (I am a forty four year old mom of a six year old son). These 12 year old girls LOVED LOVED LOVED Jon and Kate and were defending them right and left. Their YouTube sites are decorated with Jon and Kate wallpaper--and they have videos of themselves saying how much they love Jon and Kate, etc.

First off, what type of parent allows their 12 year old daughter to publish videos of themselves on a public website? Ever heard of stalkers? Secondly, how sad is it that now all of their dreams have been crushed? I hated that 12 year olds were responding to my statement of truths with comments like "You don't know what you're talking about! Jon and Kate are great and you're a loser" or "you're just a hater because you're jealous"

To me, this is a warning. So to all parents out there, watch how your kids use their computer. Check their sites. Monitor their behavior. You don't have to be a policeman, just be a friend.

And to TLC, up your butt Jo-Bu.

Rebecca said...

The things they were saying- especially her- were things that you would only discuss with a close friend, or mother. How...crude? tacky? weird? sad?... I don't know what word would explain the how odd this was.

UGH! said...

Apologies if this has been mentioned:

The View ladies were discussing this and , just like TLC planned all along, K8 is seen as the victim in all of this, how will she do everything by herself, etc.

Please send your comments to the show telling them the real scoop !

Kimmie said...

Not sure if this has been posted, but US Weekly has just posted that the show has been put on hiatus until August. This is a decision made by TLC, not the family.


Unknown said...

Hiatus doesn't necessarily mean they will stop taping to give the kids some space; just that new episodes won't air until the August date. Since the LA Times article said they were sometimes editing the show down to the day of airing, maybe this is to allow them to get back to a regular schedule of having the show in the can weeks or a month before airing.

TLC should pull the show completely so that the children won't have to adjust during this difficult time with cameras in their faces; how will they feel years later when they view tape of the worst days of their young lives.

TLC, give the children the privacy they need to cope with this horrible tragedy. Don't exploit them for ratings or their parent's need to maintain their new lifestyle.

It all over said...

Actually the show IS over.
Pretending to resume is just a ploy to make the public think that all is well. Its not. TLC wants to ease it off slowly and then in August they'll announce that they are not going ahead with the show.
Did you notice it was NOT Jon and Kate that suspended filming for now, it was TLC.

capslock said...

Should Jon and Kate have aired the breakup on TV? NO. I don't know anyone who could possibly say Yes.

I am shocked that the show will and in Kate's words: "MUST GO ON."

I was hoping beyond words that at the end of the show Kate (or Jon) would say: "Due to our current situation and for the sake of our kids we have decided to not continue the show. We appreciate our fans and their support and hope you will respect our decision and privacy."

Now, I cannot and will not watch the show any longer.

I have finally come to the realization that the show is a compilation of tricky editing and shows the viewers only what we may want to see (as Aunt Jodi has been saying all along). We do not see how the kids are reacting and how they are actually doing.

In last night's episode, the kids had THREE changes of clothing in the Crooked Houses segment alone: Crooked House T-Shirts to Tops and Shorts and a quick blurb of the three younger girls wearing blue gingham dresses. How many parents ask their kids to change your clothes three times in a short period of time? Was it to promote the sponsors in order to continue to receive free clothing?

This is why I am convinced without a doubt now that these children are indeed exploited and are being used for financial gain and corporate sponsorship.

I am paraphrasing another blogger who last night wrote that she can no longer watch the show and have a clear conscience knowing the inevitable long term damage these kids will experience.

Flavia said...

i agree they are just filming more episodes so that the show is more current.

did kate really say, through tears, 'the show must go on'? it's not broadway! she is such a self serving goofball. she really does see herself a a victim eh? I guess you really have to internalize your lies when you are using your children to make money.

also, doesnt tlc do shows on you know...learning??? they should change their name to the LEERING channel.

SickOfThem said...

Jon, Kate, TLC, Discovery and employees therein are ALL LOWER THAN BOTTOM FEEDERS. If I were an employee of these companies, I surely wouldn't want anybody to know it! Shame on all of them and yes, they will get theirs in the end.

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to those precious children. They should not have their parents' marital problems and divorce details broadcast week after week on national television. What happened to moral family values? TLC should put the show on permanent hiatus unless there is reconciliation obtained. The children are a gift from God....have Jon and Kate forgotten that? They say they care about the children and giving them peace. There is nothing peaceful about having your parents' marital problems and divorce details broadcast on national television week after week.

emptynester said...

If you really think about it, the only thing hiatus means is that there will be no new episodes shown on television for the next 5-6 weeks. This doesn't mean that they won't be filming for 5-6 weeks. In realilty, TLC is buying time to begin a filming frenzy. Remember, they have to shoot hours and hours of tape in order to get the 22 minutes for an episode ... and they have no credible episodes in the bank right now. Don't kid yourselves ... the kids will be working harder than ever in the next 5-6 weeks.

Fed Up In Fort Worth said...

Funny, but scary thought...

Kate, in her best Ann Taylor, screaming, by the light of the moon, chopping down the new houses, railing at LTC for pulling the plug.

Much like Joan Crawford in Mommie Dearest.

Baltika_gal said...

I think it's awful for the kids. My parents were like J&K in that they were horribly mis-matched and not a good couple together. Still, when they divorced, it sucked for me and my sister. I can't imagine what it would be like if it had been caught on tape and was a trending topic on twitter the next day. Maybe the tups are still somewhat out of it, but you can be sure that Mady and Cara know exactly what is going on with respect to the entire country talking about their parents' divorce.

MyThree Girls said...

I just heard the TLC has stopped production until August because they can't get enough footage! Hopefully this is the beginning of the end!

Jacsamic said...

I am not even remotely suprised that they took the route of the public announcement. They failed keeping the secret of the separation/divorce that started many months ago. They had to fix it and the show last eveing was their attempt to do so.
They are so deluded they think we would respond to this public 'Kate the victim' (are you kidding me?) to set us up for future episodes. Shame on them.

I am appalled and disgusted at Kate and TLC. Have been for a long time. Nothing new here for me.

Jon mentioned at one point in the the tune of......that's why I was two hours late...I did not know what to say...a small glimpse of a conscience...

That we, as a society, can allow such exploitation of eight innocent children for financial gain is simply wrong. NONE of the episodes should ever have been televised, much less, documenting for millions that the children have to live with their entire lives, the very private, painful, tragic dissoultion of their family.

Just shame on you TLC and Kate Gosselin.

Aside from that: I love the photos of her today (celebrity gossip) sitting on a stool that looks like the back entrance of the UPS/Post Office, big sun glasses, big hat, frumpy clothes...opening her mail...while I can see Mr. Black holding the car door open for the twit to get in....had to sit long enough for her P People to snap a few pics...who, in their right mind, has to leave by the back door, has a stool to conveiently stop and sit on to open their mail when their car is three feet away? Why Katie Irene that's who! Bleh.

Wilifred said...

The network didn't listen to any of our voices, they just realized that the public knew the truth and that they could not continue the charade any more. The hiatus allows them to come up with more material.

I tried to leave a comment on the discovery site saying that I would not watch any shows on any of their networks as long as they continues to air any shows with any members of the Gosselin family.

I was also going to point out their exploitation of the children, the lasting damage that all this would leave, and end with the thought that if John and Kate are prostituing their children, then what did that make TLC and the discovery channel.

Sadly the page to send them comments didn't load. Hopefully because their system is overloaded with comments from people who are outraged that this show continues to air. I will try again later.

annie_a said...

from the LA Times article:
"Because of all the turmoil in the Gosselin's marriage, TLC does not have enough footage to put together new episodes right now as its production schedule had become very last minute. Episodes this season were often completed as late as the day of airing".

so, it's NOT because of moral issues that TLC is taking a break. It's simply for production reasons - they need more time for editing.

don't congratulate TLC for the hiatus - there is not an ounce of moral high ground in their decision.

they will keep filming this summer, they just won't air the episodes.

the children have not gained anything. these poor children will have cameras in their face all summer long.

To answer the post's question, NO they should not have aired this episode the way they did. In this situation, the least offensive way to get the message out would have been to do a clip show of previous episodes, with a written statement at the end.

Baker said...

I think it was awful to announce a break-up on TV. They (J&K and TLC) are grown adults, therefore, they should have known better. They never once said "respect our privacy" or anything like that. It was all for RATINGS and that's just greedy. IMO, they were not putting the kids first and going about it in a classy way, but then again, look who you are talking about.

Those Poor Kids! said...

I'm old enough to remember when I was a child I used to watch "The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour". Like Jon & Kate, Sonny & Cher were a married couple but their series was a variety show instead of a reality show. Each episode would start off with Sonny saying something goofy while Cher would act as the Put Down Queen and say something that would crack the audience up. The rest of the show was a mix of comedy sketches interspersed with some singing by either Sonny & Cher together or Cher alone (she had quite a few solo hit singles back in the 1970s like "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves" and "Half-Breed") interspersed with guest acts performing. At the end of each episode, Sonny & Cher would get together on stage with their young daughter Chastity while the parents sang "I Got You Babe" together.

I really loved that show and there was nothing to indicate that anything was wrong. I was totally shocked when the news broke that Sonny and Cher were getting a divorce. CBS canceled the show immediately afterwards despite the fact that it was still a hit at the time. (The executives probably realized that a divorcing couple would not make for an entertaining show.)

That's because Sonny & Cher tried to keep their marital problems away from the media. It wasn't until the marriage was beyond repair when they made the announcement.

In contrast, Jon & Kate's divorce announcement was not a big shock since they seemed to be openly flaunting the fact that they were seeing other people in front of the paparazzi for some time. It's too bad they didn't use discretion unlike Sonny & Cher since there are children involved.

I'm also not surprised that they handled the announcement with a lack of tact. They could've had a PR flack at TLC announce it for them while saying "No comment" to the media. They could've kept a lower profile. But no, they had to milk their break-up for huge ratings.

With parents like them, it's no wonder I feel sorry for the kids. I sincerely hope that, in the future, they will have other adults in their lives (neighbors, aunts, uncles, grandparents, teachers, etc.) to set better examples for them than their parents.

Arinda said...

People, the excuses TLC gives for putting the show on hiatus is BS. There's only one reason they would do that: if the sponsors have bailed or threatened to.

AndyW said...

I don't know the ins & outs of divorce/custody proceedings but I have to assume that Jon's attorney will subpoena TLC to get the unaired footage.

If Kate is as tyrannical in it as Jodi & Kevin claim, it could be a BIG problem for her when seen by a judge.

Anonymous said...

I have been a fan of this show since the beginning and I too felt that Kate was overbearing and disrespectful to Jon. At this point, I think they are both irresponsible; Jon says he doesn't like the cameras and yet he was out signing autographs on Father's Day. Clearly, he was too young to be married at 22 and now he is going to relive his youth. Hopefully, this show will end and we will not have to hear anything else about their lives. Kate may have to go back to nursing and Jon may have to finally get a job that he will keep.

Momof2 said...

Michie said...

The show is on hiatus!

..yea...for a whole flippin month...give me a break! This show should be off for GOOD. God Forbid this family takes 6 months or a year to get through this. TLC can't lose a dime on these people...sick sick sick.

Danielle said...

"They want to wait till America is done talking about the divorce and come up with a big announcement for ratings in August."

That is exactly what TLC will do. This show is a cash cow for them.

I am disappointed this "big announcement" took the focus off of Kate spanking Leah. The focus really needs to be put back on to issues like that & labor law violations.
Unfortunately, I believe we will all be bogged down with the usual J&K sightings, divorce agreement squabbles, tabloid rumors, etc.

Debi said...

If any of this was "for the kids", they (Kon) would have ended this long ago. As we all know, it's about MONEY...always has been, always will be.

I have absolutely NO respect for TLC for continuing this show...they seem to be enjoying watching a family explode right there on national tv. TLC should do a special on how reality t.v. can destroy a family.

As long as there is an audience...this show and many like it will continue. TLC has become nothing more than a circus sideshow.

Flavia said...

If Kate is as tyrannical in it as Jodi & Kevin claim, it could be a BIG problem for her when seen by a judge

the voyeur in my would love to see it. and oh the backlash....linda tripp would have nothing on K8.

WomanMother said...

"The show must go on" the deranged mother with a permanent mental hiccup said.

This is my second post here because I'm so appalled.

Can you believe it. Man, if I were to interview Kate, here are my questions:

1. Kate, why MUST the show go on? Why do u find it a poor decision to cancel this show in light of the circumstances of the breakdown of your marriage?

2. In what way (other than monetary) will the airing of last nights show benefit your children?

3. When your children are old enough to question your motives for continuing to air the deteriorating state of your marriage and inwardly hoping it wasn't just money (they'd be in severe denial) how will you respond?

If I were Oprah, I'd pretend to invite her for a "friendly" chat and lay these questions on her. I'm so upset I'll be back to post some more!!

Tammy said...

I honestly do not think they had a choice but to air it publically.

Their life has turned into a tabloid frenzey and it is NOT going away. Whether they are on TV or not.

The divorce filing would have been discovered and then more speculation and conjecture by every tabloid and blog site.

They were able to *tell* their story and reasons on most likely their terms.

No offense to this blog or anyother but we all hold blame in this situation. People have become obsessed with them regardless of if the opinion is good or bad. When it is the lead story on news reports, gossip TV and websites, blogs, you know that it has become an obsession.

I see more info on Jon and Kate than the situation in Iran. How sad is that.

I feel bad for all the family. Blame can be shared by both Jon and Kate. The kids will suffer but it is no different than any other divorce regardless if it was played out on TV or not. Divorce is just not fun.

The only difference is that almost everyone in America has an opinion and feels the need to share it.

Avenmomma said...

This show needs to be cancelled now. It sickens me that these children will have to deal with their parents' divorce in the full spotlight of a nation-wide cable television audience.

I do not believe for one second that this "hiatus" means the cancelling of the show. TLC has a cash cow here; they are a corporate entity and they are going to milk this one for all it's worth. Rather, I think the "hiatus" is merely a way for them to retool the show to reflect the changes in this family. Show Dad's bachelor digs. Show how hard life is for Mom now that she's a single mother. Show how special Dad's time with the kids is since he only gets to see them on weekends and every other Wednesday, etc. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

I didn't watch last night (was too busy being a real-life mom and taking care of my kids). But when I read the news online, all I could think was "those poor kids." This announcement does not bring them the "peace" talked about in the commercials. It brings them continued pain, uncertainty, and confusion. I've helped counsel divorcing couples before and by and large can tell you that no matter how amicable the divorce, no matter the age of the children, the kids always suffer to some extent. In a family where these kids lives are already in a certain amount of turmoil, this divorce will bring them no peace. If anything, I see the acrimony between Jon and Kate increasing.

Those poor kids.

Momof2 said...

Michie said...

The show is on hiatus!

..yea...for a whole flippin month...give me a break! This show should be off for GOOD. God Forbid this family takes 6 months or a year to get through this. TLC can't lose a dime on these people...sick sick sick.

Laurie said...

As I said in another thread, production hiatus is only TLC speak for - "if we keep the show off the air for a couple of months everyone will forget about this debacle." Yes it was a debacle and TLC should never have aired it and J&K should never have agreed to do it. TLC is probably hoping to come back with Kate +8, assuming that we will forgive and forget. The whole situation is sad and nothing more than a ratings grab on the part of TLC. They should be ashamed of themselves - but they're not because the bottom line is always the almighty dollar.

Philly Hockey Mom said...

MyThree Girls said...
I just heard the TLC has stopped production until August because they can't get enough footage! Hopefully this is the beginning of the end!

It is also on radaronline that Jon isn't being very attainable during filming. He wants nothing to do with Kate and disappears and they have to track him down and TLC isn't happy. He is also shown talking on a cell phone while he has a Blackberry in his other hand. Geez,I guess with two girlfriends he needs two numbers to keep them straight!

Hopefully, the show will go off the air, but I agree with those posters that say Kate wants it to keep going so it will. Sad.

tynicksam1 said...

I agree with Jody and Kevin!Jon and Kate, get the show off the air and take care of your family! I hope that at least one of them(and only with the help of a counselor) acts like a truly caring and sacrifiing parent for the sake of their kids.They both need a good dose of growing up!!Kate,you haven't even come close to really
doing the right thing for your eight!Jon,you just truly need to put some effort into communicating as an adult.I hope the show is cancelled and the reality check begins and the gravy train ends!

dianam17 said...

they were showing commercials last night and early this morning (before 9am) that they are running an encore tonight on last nights episode.

im at work now, so im not in front of the TV (ha, Jeff!). does anyone know if they are planning on airing it still? does anyone, especially the kids need to see this again?

totally sickens me.

Tammy said...

Those Poor Kids! said...

I too remember the Sonny and Cher show and divorce.

The big difference is back then, the tabloids were minimal and there was no internet.

They were not hounded day and night. They were not followed to bars, grocery stores and photographed in and near their home.

If that would have happened in today's media frenzey world, I do not believe it would have been the same. We would have known about the marital issues during the show.

Debi said...

Mother of two said:

Everyone else in the world knows what went wrong: they were greedy for money at any cost, Jon doesn't want to hold down a job, Kate is mean.


Who says it HAS to be the father that is the bread winner? You would think that who ever had more earning potential would be the one working (Kate was a nurse and probably made a lot more than Jon).

Calgary7 said...

What can you do?

Please file a complaint with your broadcasting regulatory agency (Canada - CRTC, US - FCC)

1) about the content of the show,

2) specifically that it contained adult themes and disturbing content was not suitable for younger children

3) TLC failed to properly rate the show with the adult themes and disturbing content.

4) TLC advertised the Crooked Houses episode so many children were attracted to see these play houses yet intermixed with this was disturbing adult content not suitable for children.

5) TLC failed to chapter the show to contain the adult themes and disturbing content so that younger children could be sent from the room.

6) Finally, when returning from commercial break, TLC failed to indicate that with the rating and voice over that the show contained disturbing adult content not suitable for younger children.

Note: your complaint will be visible on the website: don't swear, use proper English and grammar; your complaint will be visible on the web

I realize that the show doesn't fall under the traditional categories of violence or pornography yet, when there is disturbing content even on news broadcasts, they warn the parents.

TLC failed to do this.

Jenna-na-na said...

They are so selfish.

Goldengirl said...

I think we're all assuming that Jon WANTS full custody. After reading the recaps, I don't think that is the case (I hope I'm wrong. They need one stable parent in their lives, and he's been the primary caregiver).

With the show going on hiatus, I think I'm done here. GWOP has accomplished what they set out to do: make the world aware of the truth behind the show. Thank you for that.

I'll lurk every once in a while, but I need to take a break from all this.

Take care all

Lexie said...


Momof2 said...

The KIDS are the bread winners.

Kate Irene just plays their mother on TV.

DeeJay said...


"TLC has temporarily halted production on ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8,’ reports The Los Angeles Times."

This wasn't up an hour ago; late-breaking news?

theirlifeisanightmare said...

Go Figure 8 kids lives are sacrificed for $$$$$.

DeeJay said...

Hiatus? Good time for ALL of us to write to TLC and ask them PLEASE DON'T BRING THIS SHOW BACK. Enough is enough.

Unknown said...

Just saw update that TLC has halted production of the show.

Tired said...

I read somewhere that Jon is being hard to get for taping.

Unknown said...

It's not very classy to announce the break-up the day after Father's Day.
Clearly TLC, had them hold on until this episode could air.
It's pretty sleazy all the way around.

Monica A said...

I just read an article at about how much $$ is at stake. Some of the 'freebies' they list towards the bottom are trips and stuff we already knew about but some things such as the following I was sure I had heard Khate say 'they had saved and sacrificed in other areas' because it was worth it to them for their family......(speaking of the organic cow)

1/2 an organic cow from Natural Acres Farm: $1,395.00

Trip to Florida Key's for Jon's 30th birthday

And last night she dared say...'the show must go on.....' seriously?? I'm glad to hear that TLC is putting them on hiatus....hopefully they will soon get cancelled.


mac said...

They have sold their souls and their kids childhoods to TLC. TLC is the puppetmaster for them until their contract ends. You'll never see or hear them talk about anything candidly or honestly without first having to get approval from TLC on what to say - that is if TLC allows them to talk to anyone else other than TLC approved entities.

The month long haitus is only happening because they don't have enough footage.


Jake said...

AndyW said...
I don't know the ins & outs of divorce/custody proceedings but I have to assume that Jon's attorney will subpoena TLC to get the unaired footage.

If Kate is as tyrannical in it as Jodi & Kevin claim, it could be a BIG problem for her when seen by a judge.

Jon will only do this if he is above reapproach on all of the unaired footage. But if they have caught him on tape spanking any of the kids or screaming at them or anything like this, then I am sure his lawyer will recommend against this strategy.

just wondering said...

Where did Kate actually file the papers? I have seen Bucks County and I have seen Montgomery County.

They live in Berks County. Don't you have to file in the county in which you live?

And what did Jon do over the weekend that made Kate rush to file? Or is this just a ploy for pity? Makes her sound like she is trying to save the children from their horrible father.

My take is that something is going on with the lawyers right now and that TLC had no choice but to pull back and wait it out. This is not going to be a civil divorce as nothing about Kate is civil. She will not be granted all of the (filming) holidays that she is demanding, either.

Airing the show last night will garner big numbers, but I believe there will be a backlash from the public and a hiatus of filming may give that backlash time to build.

I'm interested to see if the Cleveland Womens Show will still be giving Kate a platform to spin her parenting tips.

Right now, Kate is not in control of anything and you can bet your last snarfully dollar that she is seething inside. I'm betting that she is going to focus in on this divorce like a laser beam and will go for both blood and money. She is nothing if not ruthless.

I'm hoping that the paparazzi will stick to Kate's heels like the bubblegum she both loves and hates this summer because I want her to know that people are watching her every move.

I'm hoping that the kids have a wonderful camera-free summer and that they will be allowed to choose their own clothing each and every day.

I also hope they wrap some foam weather stripping around the doors of those silly crooked houses so they don't get their little fingers smashed. Seems to me that one larger clubhouse and one tree house would have been a lot more fun and would have lasted much longer, but I guess the tree house people haven't called to set that appointment, yet.

BeckyQ in PA said...

Call me cynical, but I think this "unplanned hiatus" was planned all along to appease viewers and let things die down a little.

Didn't someone on here say that after next week, there's no program info for the J&K time slot?

Besides, how much of a hiatus can it be if they'll have all new episodes ready to air by early August? Nice try, TLC.

Lisa6Kids said...

Hoping this hiatus is permanent!

NahnCee said...

"The show is on hiatus!

Yes, but only until August. This gives them just enough time to tell the kids... let them cry their eyes out and have a few temper tantrums (can't put that on tv), and get their legal crap in order."

* * *

Disagree. I think the hiatus will stretch until forever. If TLC cancelled the show now they would be admitting culpability and an error in judgement. Much better to put it on hiatus to "let the participants sort things out", and then neglect to ever start it back up again. Then TLC can claim to be warm and caring and not responsible for whatever has or wil lhappened.

I wonder if Kate (and to a lesser extent, Jon) has figured that out yet.

Laura said...

It was a last minute ratings grab. Kate sat on that interview couch and lied her a$$ off. I hope Jon uses the "secret marriage contract" as leverage in settlement negotiations.

Seriously, I know that Kate and Jon lie about "not so serious" things on the show (i.e. family mission statement) but I was appalled at the bald face lies she was telling last night.

I really hope Jon wakes up and gets an aggressive divorce lawyer and uses Kate's statements against her. I'm just so tired of Kate playing the "wounded dove" like she did last night.

Everyone can see that she beats the soup out of Jon.

Joanne said...

The parents and TLC are either TOO STUPID, or just plain GREEDY, because NONE of them thought about the kids in all this.
I hope the ratings were worth it! IDIOTS...All of them.

I hope Jodi and Kevin and others who care, can get this farce cancelled.

Anonymous said...

I just read on radaronline that the show has been halted by TLC not John and Kate until at least Aug. 3rd....

just wondering said...

Calgary7 said...

What can you do?

Please file a complaint with your broadcasting regulatory agency (Canada - CRTC, US - FCC)


I am composing my letter at this moment! Thank you for a concrete and timely piece of information!!

Susan said...

I dont care if the show is on Hiatus for WOW, A WHOLE MONTH! (note the sarcasm). TLC sucks and so do Jon and Kate.
This needs to be CANCELLED.

Lexie said...

I'm hoping that the temporary hiatus will lead to a permanet one. After all the negitive press lately, I wouldn't be suprised if that was TLC's plan but the didn't want for all of us "naysayers" to think we had actually accomplished anything.

BarbMae said...

No Jon and Kate and TLC should not have aired the break-up. We all knew it was coming, all they had to do is air the Crooked House episode and then the next day(as it happened anyway) the tabloids find out that divorce has been filed. TLC is not taking the high road and putting the show on hiatis. Come on we all know advertisers threatened to take their money away because of the diaster of last night's show. But will the time away from filming help this family? I highly doubt it. Kate has a cookbook coming out in the fall so August will be the perfect time to reinvent Kate and get her ready to invade all the talk shows, and go on a brand new book tour. Will the media stop following J&K, NO, will Kate still do what she wants YES, will Jon be able to play and be a "kid" again after all he is only 32..YES...will Kate marvel in her job YES, Will 8 kids be going through an emotional roller coaster this summer, YES. Oh and Kate your children were 5 and 8 when you and Jon divorced. Oh that is right you lied again...I left a comment on the TLC website and it wasn't mean or anything and I still have not seen it posted so we will see.

Calgary7 said...

The Times says the decision (to put the show on hiatus) came from the network -- not the family.

I imagine there were a lot of very negative comments sent to JK+8 blog, twitter and myspace sites. Even if it too early for the TLC executives to have received the results from focus groups and polling that this went over very very poorly.

Unfortunately, TLC has chosen to leave full length episodes of JK+8 including last nights program up on the JK+8 corporate website.

So even if the children were sheltered from the life shattering announcement, TLC has made it very easy for them to see it.

Corporate Greed

bcsurvivor2001 said...

Like some others have stated - I don't know if they really had any choice but to air their decision. So much has been in the tabloids on a daily (hourly sometimes) basis - that to do anything less than come on and tell their version would never have been accepted.

However, after having said that - the WAY they choose to do it is appalling. Intermixing it with a cute Crooked Houses episode is totally selfish and tacky. - Then to top it all off - AFTER the big ole black screen with the bomb in it - they quickly slip to the fake/pretend Mother's Day formal meal snippet? What in the world?

And as far as the haitis....again, another ploy for additional ratings. They'll get their episode next week and then have 5 additional weeks to figure out how to best proceed. You KNOW they have been constantly filiming at the ranch - we've seen the cameras in the past several weeks - they have the 2 week NC workcation, the 10th anniversary blow up party. All the trips into town to the post office, starbucks, blah blah.

And now they'll get their summer vacation at home. come back fresh in August.

It's not like they are taking 6 months - they're barely taking 6 weeks.

Momof2 said...

I DO hope the paparazzi turn their backs on Kate and pack up and go home. Continuing to photograph her is going to keep feeding her ego.

Maybe if the paps go away the kids will be able to use the back yard and won't be constantly on display in the front yard.

I hope when Katie Irene walks into Target or BBB we all turn our backs at her, or better yet, hiss under our breath. She is low. Nothing to look at here folks.

capslock said...

In the movie industry, most everyone is paid in advance for their work regardless of how well the movie fairs at the box office.

I am curious if Kate and Jon have been paid in advance for the remaining 34 episodes regardless if the episodes will air or not.

I really don't care either way -- I just want the madness to end and do not want the remaining 34 episodes to see the light of day.

Contracts CAN be broken. Hiatus is NOT good enough for me. I want these kids to live a normal life, or at least have a chance to without cameras and the world watching.

Blue said...

A couple of thoughts.

First, it is not at all clear to me that Jon agrees with continuing the show in any way. He states that he was "two hours late" for the couch interview...and that interview was heavily, heavily edited (go back and look at all of the changes in camera shots occuring during what was supposedly a single "sentence"). If they are splitting custody 50/50 then TLC cannot be certain of filming access during Jon's time (and the split may be even more in his favor depending on how much travelling Kate will be doing).

Second, this divorce is going to be very, very nasty. A film record of single parent custody will NEVER help that parent and can only hurt them. If Kate and Jon have competent counsel they are being advised to not allow cameras until the divorce is finalized.

Shun Them! said...

Call me a wonky-eyed optimist, but maybe, just maybe, the "hiatus" is because of the child labor law investigation. Even if it's not, last night's show was the tipping point. It was so despicable of these "parents", TLC, and the sponsors, to air this intensely private drama that even sheeple can't condone this. I think sponsors are running away from the Gosselin brand as fast as they can.

Everyone should write their congressmen about passing a "Gosselin Law" to prohibit the exploitation of children in reality shows.

momoffour said...

So this is why they filed in Montgomery County, from

"And, this may finally be one part of their life that remains private: The divorce papers – filed individually in Montgomery County, Pa., Monday – are sealed, PEOPLE has learned.

The reality TV couple is not getting special consideration since it varies from county to county in Pennsylvania whether divorce records are public, and Montgomery County is one that keeps them sealed to everyone except the parties themselves and their attorneys, a clerk tells PEOPLE. The only thing available for public consumption is the name of each party, the type of complaint they filed (divorce, in this case) and the date they filed. "

**County shopping

lindahoyt said...

I believe that halting production is different than a hiatus.

I guess they are not going to film the divorce. That is about how long it will take.

I hope the "p-people" find Steve, and hunt down the truth about his marriage or reported divorce.

Debi said...

I'm sure the "hiatus" is to let things "cool" down and that it won't be the "end" of the show. I don't think it's a matter of "if" they will be back, but when.

I'm sure when they come back we'll see a "nicer" Kate and will now be about the struggles of being a single parent (like it's a new concept...try being a single parent WITHOUT all their money, then let's hear about it).

Once again, as long as there is an audience...there will be a show. Now people will want to watch just to see the drama of what's going on with KON and it will become less about the children. What was once "family entertainment" will evolve into a prime time adult soap opera. This could also be a way to get the people like Paul Peterson off their a$$e$ about taping the kids so much.

mac said...

It was Kate who actually filed for divorce on Monday, Montgomery County.

Unknown said...

It's not very classy to announce the break-up the day after Father's Day.
Clearly TLC, had them hold on until this episode could air.
It's pretty sleazy all the way around.

Its just me 123 said...

Well of course Kate wants the show to go on. How else would she be able to afford her high maintenance lifestyle. You think as a nurse she would be able to support 8 kids plus pay the mortgage on the mansion (if there is 1) and the mortgage on the old house (I read somewhere that it has not been sold yet). I feel so bad for the kids. They need parents to raise them not parents who are basking in the money that their children made for them. The money should have been put on a trust fund or college fund because heaven knows how much it will take to send 8 kids to college. Jon needs to grow up and step up as a dad. I was on Jon's side before, but now I'm not. Whats the deal with buying an apartment in NYC in the Trump tower? I thought he was all for the kids, but instead he chose to be far away from them. He wants to live his bachelor life he never had. Newsflash Jon, you have 8 kids raise them. Many people in this world have missed out on certain things, but you can't turn back time. Geez, what a trainwreck. Kate and Jon are the perfect example of the saying"money does not buy you happiness".

NahnCee said...

"Hiatus is NOT good enough for me. I want these kids to live a normal life, or at least have a chance to without cameras and the world watching."

Agree. I want these kids to live a normal life without Kate beating on them, hissing at them, and putting them down. Is that possible?

mrat said...

Kate was probably mad that TLC made the decision to place the show on hiatus and that set her off on the divorce filing. I think that's behind her statement about "Jon's actions over the weekend" crap. Maybe it's her way of holding out for more $ from TLC so that the new episodes will be about them reconciling/getting therapy/free vacations to put the family back together kind of stuff.

caknj said...

I couldn't believe Jon used the word"excited" even if he really felt that. How could anyone be so callous and stupid to say that out loud?

organizedblogroll said...

I STOPPED WATCHING. Good for you, Kevin & Jodi. It's the ONLY way the kids will get their childhood back.

I myself, am glad I do NOT have small children who watch this show.
You would have a lot of explaining to do. This show has been promoted as much for children, as adults. Showing it during the 5 PM hour so mom can cook dinner, surely a precursor to the kids having their own shows.


B said...

I'm curious if they'll have a backlash from their sponsors and be sued? A lot of the trips, etc., there would have to be an agreement stating something to the affect that if the freebie isn't shown in some way the giver gets restitution. For instance, let's say the agreement on the crooked houses was that they could have the houses for free so long as the product was shown and mentioned. But they halted production before that ep. would crooked take the houses back or send a bill... just an example. I'm thinking out loud so this prolly reads horrendously.

TUNDRA said...

The week before Jon & Kate announced their divorce, Jon & Kate Plus 8 lost over 1.3 million viewers to fall to #68 with but 2.92 million average viewers.

It will be interesting to see how far they pop back up this week with the divorce news boost. If we get any press release numbers early I will post them.

konGOaway said...

Don't forget to write to the Cleveland show Kate is booked at. I wonder how they feel having such a wonderful role model to talk about raising healthy kids.

I cannot believe the two of them, who have complained about media coverage and said they would handle this privately, went on TV to announce their divorce.

Hurting for the 8 victims said...

Imagine how difficult it was for the twins to go to school today. How did Jon and Kate prepare the kids for are announcing the divorce tonight after presumably acting for months playing happy family. Now the girl knew...they saw the time sharing but up until now something private and painful was just that without impute it is being brought out of speculation and exposed. The happiness of the children (a rarity in Cara) was wiped with the sadness that the life has been a sham and ALL of them smile for the camera because the show goes on. Kate is the ultimate stage mom gone mad.

Kelly said...

Jon and Kate plus 8 is being renamed "Gone with the Wind"
No epidodes are planned.

zoey said...

maybe the divorce judge will have Harsh comments for Jon and Kate regarding the children.
i hope their finances are made public. not that i care how much they have, but i would love to know whats in all this for the kids.

SammysMom said...

TLC has stopped production on the show until August!!!!!!

I can only hope this means the end of it all and they can TRULY work together, without all the hoopla and cameras, to reinforce the family unit and help the KIDS through this difficult time.

Chris said...

Remember Kate's orginal Plea, Society needs to help me, I can;t take care of six kids emitional and physical needs. Now think about how this divorce situtaion is ideal for both J & K . The kids have the big house and there are helpers/nannies. Then Jon and Kate will both have seperate places. What a struggle it is that they will be part time parents. Jon stays with the kids for a few days while Kate spends time at the spa and tanning salon. Kate spends time with the kids while Jon regains his youth and other times the kids get the nannies/helpers. Seems very convinent for both or them and not much different then what we have all seen over the past 4 months, Kate travels, Jon with the kids, Kate films, Jon is at his moms etc.

How ideal for Kate she can be a part time mom now without being critized for traveling/spa days. She will just say she is giving Jon time with the kids because the kids need their dad and she can have her time off.

zoey said...

i wonder how the Crooked house guys feel that their product was featured on the Divorce episode.

Calgary7 said...

From this afternoon's Toronto Star

Parenting experts worry for Jon and Kate brood

With a divorce imminent between reality TV parents Jon and Kate Gosselin, parenting experts say it's time to put the interests of the children – a pair of fraternal twins and sextuplets – before anything else.

"I'm concerned that the parents' love of the media and the dollars that are being generated from this (show) is going to supercede the children's emotional interests," said psychotherapist and parenting expert Alyson Schäfer.....

"I'd want to make sure that there was representation for the kids, both from a counselling point of view and probably from a legal point of view," Schafer added.

Ann Douglas, an author who blogs for the Star on parenting issues, said it's also vital that the estranged parents not engage in a campaign to win over the hearts of their children at the expense of the other.

"First of all, when you're getting divorced, don't bash the other parent and undercut their credibility. That's really important," Douglas said. .....

Both parents must also ensure that they "co-parent" their children and make decisions together, Douglas said.

"You have to make joint decisions or else the kids will divide and conquer. And they have a lot of kids who can divide and conquer, so they'll look for any opportunity to say, `dad said this' or `mom said this' and you lose. So no matter what, you have to be a team," Douglas said....

Douglas said both parents should consider ending the program, which is in its fifth season, or risk damaging their children.

"If the cameras keep rolling and they capture these kids at their most vulnerable, think about when they're 10 or 20 years older and they look back on this," Douglas said, citing the example of the Dionne Quintuplets, who were expressed their anger at being raised decades earlier in the media spotlight.

"If these kids look back on the footage and say, `What were my parents thinking? Why did they raise me on reality TV?' and especially when things got bad, `Why did they keep the cameras rolling?' this could end up being very damaging to the children," Douglas said.

"So I think now is the time to turn off the cameras," she added.


Ms.Peach said...

They are classless. However, their scheme worked because it's got everyone buzzing today. I am hopeful, though, that this will all backfire on these two because in the past six months a debate has opened up regarding reality shows and children.

In my humble opinion, the hiatus is total BS. They filmed in DC and NC already. What will be accomplished over the summer? A retooling of the show and a revamping of Kate's image. I fear in August it will be ramped up again. Don't forget, Kate still has to pimp her cookbook so I guess she and the Silver Fox will be at the bookstores. Oh yes, the demand will be for them to be on TV shows---Oprah, Dr. Phil, etc. They aren't going away. They are TLC's #1 show and they are worth tens of millions, not just 10 million.

What gets me, the hiatus claim is coming from TLC, not the Gosselins. This is telling me that Kate would film no matter what. She is one sick cookie.

Kris said...

Once again, another ratings ploy.

I can very well imagine the hype that will happen from mid-July until the first of August.

I still cannot believe that the people in authority in Pennsylvania are continuing to look the other way when it comes to the welfare of these poor kids.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that the announcement was really the worst thing that they have ever done. I mean, sine the cat was out fo the bag regarding their relationship deteriorating, I think they had to speak to it.

I mean, the worst thing is that Kate continues to stand behind the mantra of doing it all for her kids, when she is clearly not.

Whenever Kate says the books are for the kids to see how much she loves the...I just think they will see the truth on the show-that the books were for money and for Kate's ego, and she was willing to let it kill her relationship with teh kids' father.

Calgary7 said...

Feedback from the owners of the "Crooked House" company

Owned by Glen Halliday, 38, and Jeff Leighton, 34, Kids Crooked Houses has been "inundated" with phone calls and catalog requests since the episode aired Monday evening.

"Within 60 seconds of Kate saying the phrase 'crooked houses' on TV last night there were 170,000 visitors to our Web site," said Halliday.

Halliday said his Web developers are still scrambling to process the influx of requests the company has received since last night, but said that so far they are estimating that half a million people logged on to the site Monday and nearly 7,000 people have requested catalogs as of 10 a.m. today.


Terry K. said...

Agreeance. LOL! It's like the losers who use the word "conversate" on blind date!

Also, I'm thinking boarding school for the kiddos in a couple years. It might just be their salvation.

Yuck said...


So,we'll never know how much bank they made off those photos or 'love offerings'

AnnieD said...

I don’t think the hiatus was planned, but that it all got too intense for both TLC and Jon and Kate – they are both under fire and that will get worse after last evening. I also suspect Jon is trying to get out, while Kate is trying to negotiate more per episode. And my prediction is this – Kate will get an offer to do Playboy…and she’ll do it.

Violette said...

A poll on Entertainment Weekly asks:
"Should TLC continue with 'Jon and Kate Plus Eight' now that the Gosselins are divorcing?"

I'm not sure if I should be pleased that 84% of those polled say the show should end, or worried about the 16% that say it should continue.

In any case, if majority were to rule, this show would be over - today.

country_girl_at_heart said...

I found it distasteful for them to exploit their children as well as to do such a private matter for the whole world to see. ( well for whats left that watch it ).

It's truly heart-wrenching to know they used their divorce, the falling apart of their family as a teaser to last nights show ( which I did not watch). I can't stand Kate, matter of fact I like my nasty druggy ex sister in law better then i like her, and thats saying alot!

I spend a good amount of time in the religious section of Barns and Noble all the time. I can't look at the Christian books section without having to see her book there in all it's gross glory. For someone who is or claims to be so in to God, and how God helped and has helped her to keep her family together, she sure ripped that one right out!

These two are truly greedy, have no morals, and definately no respect for themselves, or more importantly their children.

Beana said...

No way. It's just gross for all the reason Sharla wrote and more. I don't even want to think about my parents divorce - and for the kids to have it on DVD is just heinous. I've stopped watching the show during it's time slot and started watching them on my DVR when I had the time. Mainly because I wanted to see the show after reading the hilarious recaps. Now, forget it. I don't want any part of it - DVR or not.

I think TLC is hoping the hiatus will help make people forget the craziness of this last episode.

Anna said...

@caknj - EXACTLY, I was so frustrated with Jon and his blinged out earlobes (1 carat at least in each ear!) talking about how he's ONLY 32 yrs old, and He's EXCITED?? A new chapter?? How long before he knocks up his 23 yr old girlfriend? You just know she wants a piece of the Gosselin bank.

MTx said...

I wonder if Jon had something to do with the hiatus, which in turn infuriated Kate to go and file for divorce. "Jons actions this weekend" then the hiatus. She has to protect her cash cow is what she meant by protecting herself and the children

Marie said...

you know, for as much snark as we gave them, I felt really sad. I wa sorry for the children, and I felt like it all happened so quickly. I still don't know exactly what to believe.

jill said...

Don't be fooled! TLC pulled the show for a while because they know they will never be able to top the past few episodes in ratings. They did not do it to help their family.

What more could they announce at this point?

They (TLC) know the cash cow known as J&K is OVER!!!!

(Also, maybe a judge ordered the show to be put on hold until further notice?)

Willow said...

Survey about the show.

You have to register.

ForeverHopeful said...

I think that it was a good idea to have an episode where Jon got to tell his side of the story, and Kate got to tell hers.

For weeks now, the tabloids and newspapers and TV shows have been producing stories that tell many aspects of the family's life. Why shouldn't Jon and Kate have a forum on their own show to tell their side of the story?

As for announcing the breakup on TV on their own show I say that they MUST have decided to do this. At least it gave them some control over how the news was presented and when.

country_girl_at_heart said...

I think TLC is hoping the hiatus will help make people forget the craziness of this last episode.

Yeah, I agree, however, TLC is diluting themselves to think that. Seriously. WE are not going to get any peace from this, neither will those children. The daily bombardment at the store will be right at eye level of every person checking out, not just them but at the eye level of every child in a shopping buggy, or who is tall enough to see the rags on the checkout counter. Who can read.

Leslie110 said...

Is there any documentation that Jon was looking at apartments in New York or that he bought one? I see a lot of posts about it but no proof.

KateStinks said...

By stopping production TLC is just trying to revamp the show, make Kate look better. I bet they are going to make her appear as the hard working single mom, raising 8 kids by herself. Please! It is just yet another ploy to get viewers and make Kate more likeable.

That or they are going to have Jon and Kate reconcile. Maybe it all just a big lie...

Melicity said...

I totally agree that it must have been hard for their family and friends to hear about their decision to separate on national television..but let's face it the media and the tabloids have been speculating about their "possible" break up for the past 2 months. What Jon & Kate did was speak directly to their fans (all of us) and tell us the exact truth. As viewers, we always wonder what the actual truth is and I think as normal people, just like us, they decided to be open and honest with us. I commend them for doing that, despite how difficult it must have been. That's probably why Jon stated plenty of times that it was the hardest episode he's ever done. On the other hand, it's unfortunate that their children will look back at that episode and become saddened by their parents decision. However, they were both very kind and civil towards each other and stated that they don't hate each other and will always come together as one for the sake of their children. As a mother of 2, who is currently going through her own divorce there is no "perfect" or "idealistic" way to separate or divorce. I think they handled themselves in a dignified and well mannered way about their decision.

Roberta said...

Those Poor Kids! said...

I'm old enough to remember when I was a child I used to watch "The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour". Babe" together.

I really loved that show and there was nothing to indicate that anything was wrong. I was totally shocked when the news broke that Sonny and Cher were getting a divorce. CBS canceled the show immediately afterwards despite the fact that it was still a hit at the time. (The executives probably realized that a divorcing couple would not make for an entertaining show.)

That's because Sonny & Cher tried to keep their marital problems away from the media. It wasn't until the marriage was beyond repair when they made the announcement.

There was no internet in those days. Sonny and Cher lived in their Bel Air mansion for a full year, in separate wings, him with his girlfriend and her with Gregg Allman, before the news of their separation broke and the show was cancelled. Today it just isn't possible for a celeb to spit on the sidewalk without word spreading around the world over the internet in a matter of minutes. As for the effect of Sonny and Cher's doings on their children...well, if you don't know what Chastity's up to, just google her/him.

TUNDRA said...

So do the bodyguards still need to guard Kate and Jon or will they take a hiatus too?

Arieslikekate said...

No, this should have been a private matter.... I felt horrible watching matter what she has done, this should have been private.

And for TLC to "announce" that they went and filed for divorce as of yesterday, well.. just plain creepy.

Crooked houses, indeed.

truu03 said...

To air the destruction of the family on national television and then announce a hiatus so that they could work out a "modified" shooting schedule to support the family's transition. Yes, folks the show must go on and all the new adventures of "Jon & Kate Disintegrate" will be beamed to your homes as soon as TLC (and Jon & Kate, since they didn't even want the hiatus) can make it happen.

TLC has become nothing better than a modern day circus side show. I find little of value left of their "brand." If you want to see the latest in medical oddities, unusual people with unusual lifestyles, mega families, and mega families ripping apart, set your Tivo to TLC. TLC isn't just ghoulish, it is encouraging the viewing public to indulge in this ghoulishness too. What next, "Real Stories of the Highway Patrol: The Un-pixilated Truth"???

As for me, I am finally done. Last night left me feeling physically ill and creeped out.

How sad for those kids, who really did nothing wrong and didn't ask for any of this- not to be born to these self-centered lunatics, not to live their lives for the entertainment of millions, and certainly not to have the most painful chapter of their short lives broadcast for the world to see and discuss.

Glenn said...

It's ironic,in last nights show, how Kate described herself as taking a half a day to "sob uncontrollably" over what has happened to the marriage. she should have realized that this day was inevitable. This woman beat this poor guy verbally and mentally into submission for ten years and now we are supposed to see her emotions as her being the victim in all of it? It would have been less painful for Jon if she cut off his privates instead of ten years of bullying him and reducing the man to a muted and depressed soul trying to figure out what brought of of this on to begin with. He can now be free of that prison from hell. If I was married to someone like that I would have ran off years ago and never looked back. Feel sorry for those children, they didn't ask for any of this to happen. Kate just loves fame and money and she sold her family bliss down the river for it all.

Wise Observer said...

I think TLC chould continue the show. 50% of all marriages end in divorce. This just happens to be one that involves reality tv and 8 kids. It might give observers some insight as to the tragedy of a broken family. God forbid viewers are only interested in sea shells and balloons. Guess what people, most of our lives involve trying times.

In the end, Jon and Kate will continue to document their kids lives....wasn't that the purpose of the show in the first place??!!

Not to mention upgrade and increase the number of homes, vehicles, production company paid vacations, etc, etc, etc.

The disappointment comes when Jon and Kate sold the viewers a bill of goods with regards to being happily married, devoted to eachother, God, and their children.

My wife and I went through marriage counseling 8 years ago. The biggest reason for doing so was to better understand the other person, determine if each individual was willing and wanting of the "death do us part" portion of our vows, and to come up with a game plan to make our marriage not only work, but flourish.

One would think that 2 people so devoted to their children should be devoted to eachother as well. Obviously this is not the case. The kids are roadkill to this accident.

I have one question for Jon and Kate, have you established trust funds for each child that are funded from money right off the top of each episode's payment from TLC?

Arieslikekate said...

Some "doctors" are saying that this, being aired in public, is going to help other young children whose parents are divorcing.

Really? how so?

Salamster said...

I remember watching a past episode (not this season) where Jon & Kate were answering viewer questions. Someone asked when they thought they would end the show. One of them answered that they would end the show when it started to harm their children in any way. It seems to me that this situation has occured...paparazzi everywhere, divorcing parents, figthing all the time...this is not the same family we fell in love with when the show started. It is sad and the people who are losing out are the kids. It has become a money-hungry situation instead of a family friendly show.

JFaye said...

I hope that not only is the file sealed but that the judge issues a gag order for the duration. Remember OJ Simpson? Now, picture that nonsense being played out with eight little children smack in the middle. Divorces are seldom civil. From what I've seen of Jon and Kate this one will make the War of the Roses look tame.

Momof2inMD said...

I did not watch the show last night and instead waited to read the recap here today.

Anyways.... I am just appalled by the fact that these two want to continue the show and share their family disaster with the rest of the world.

I do feel sorry for the children. My parents had a horrible arguing relationship with lots of separation and getting back together until they finally decided to divorce for good. It was a long road and I remember how I felt as a child.

Especially Cara and Mady are old enough to realize what is going on. And I can imagine how insecure and probably scared they must feel. Mady is acting out as we all saw for quite some time. Cara, instead of acting out I believe she pulled back and became somewhat withdrawn. Her way I guess of dealing with this situation.
I am not sure about the other six. They are young enough to not fully realize what is going on, but old enough to realize that something is going on.

I just can't believe that these two are so greedy about the money, that they would air their dirty laundry for all to see and later in life for all of their children.
I am happy to hear that TLC put the show on hiatus. Maybe someone can talk some sense into these parents in the meantime... though, I don't have much hope. There is too much money at stake for them. How sad!

Midwest Teacher said...

It was disgusting to see. I hope to god they plan on some counseling for the kids, but I doubt it.

If they are on hiatus does that mean they are not taping currently? Or just not airing? Could they still have the cameras rolling until Aug? I really hope TLC has come to their senses and will officially pull the plug!

How disgusting to see them plug those stupid houses. All those kids running around with those t-shirts on and then squeeze in the divorce announcement. Jon and Kate are really dumb. They will never realize what they did to their kids until they're all older and then they'll see how they screwed up their development and childhood. What a mess!

Jon's dad probably turned over in his grave last night.

VillageMom said...

TLC may plan on the show returning in August but audiences are fickle. There's a good chance that when it returns as Kate Plus 8 the public will go, "Eh" and ratings will plummet. Out of sight is out of mind. That truism has got to be driving Kate crazy right about now.

Lisa said...

I think they did the best they could and they were trying to just announce and limit media attention. TLC cashed in on their worst moment...I see an E True Hollywood Story on the way.

2badsosad said...

I wonder if the Gosselin children even know that their parents are seeking a divorce? I would like to see a media interview asking J or K how they informed the children of the divorce. Not that I would believe their response to be the actual 'truth'.

Calgary7 said...

What happened over the weekend that "forced" Kate to file? has published that Kate filed in Montgomery County (where the documents are sealed).

My assessment is that Jon had planned on filing this week in Berks where they live. Anyone, then, could have seen the divorce papers and allegations.

Kate chose to preempt this step by filing in a county where the documentation and allegations would be sealed.

Any casual reader of GWoP have a some idea what the allegations would have been.

Yet, I'm sure that the public has only seen the tip of the iceberg with more allegations that would have posed a very serious threat to Kate's brand.

People says " The divorce papers – filed individually in Montgomery County, Pa., Monday – are sealed, PEOPLE has learned.

The reality TV couple is not getting special consideration since it varies from county to county in Pennsylvania whether divorce records are public, and Montgomery County is one that keeps them sealed to everyone except the parties themselves and their attorneys ...


Ana said...

I watched the show... I was saddened by the turn of events. Even though the dysfunction in the Gosselin marriage was not news, I was hoping that somehow they would have aired not a "breakup" but a "makeup" episode. I had imagined that Jon and Kate would have said that they decided to enter counseling in order to try and make an earnest go of it. In defense of Kate: She has for quite sometime now lost her way. I see her behaving in an upbeat, theatrical, dissembled manner. I don't think she is aware of her true self. Otherwise she would not be angry, shrill, rageful, inflamed, unpleasant, all those things that she appears to be. There are a lot of unresolved issues and there's a lot of pain behind such a facade. Jon is not to blame for her behavior as she has infered. Jon can run away, but the children are stuck. He seems to have nurturing capabilities as a parent and as a person. I hope he doesn't give up on the chance to remain a constant and a calm in his children's lives. Those kids have become a business. I hope it's not the public that has more tender feelings for them than do their parents.

nolongerafan said...

anyone predict that 10 years from now when they air a "where are they now?" that the gosselin kids will be a mess all due to this divorce? i'm so friggin disappointed--both in the divorce and the fact that they chose to allow the media to exploit this most harrowing time in their lives...blech. i'm done w/the show.

bcsurvivor2001 said...

Momof2 said...
I DO hope the paparazzi turn their backs on Kate and pack up and go home. Continuing to photograph her is going to keep feeding her ego.

Maybe if the paps go away the kids will be able to use the back yard and won't be constantly on display in the front yard.

I hope when Katie Irene walks into Target or BBB we all turn our backs at her, or better yet, hiss under our breath. She is low. Nothing to look at here folks.

6/23/2009 11:10 AM
I TOTALLY agree. This would actually probably do her in quicker than anything else. To be ignored and NOT watched. She has become so accustomed to the attention - it would be fun(ny) to see her reaction when she got NO REACTION.

Anonymous said...

Tonight TLC is showing an "ENCORE" presentation of last night's episode. Sickening. I don't know why ANYTHING about this situation surprises me anymore. Every time I think TLC has sunk to it's lowest, they manage to dig a little deeper. It's obvious to me that Kate is just nuts and lacks a moral compass or mothering instinct, but to think of the number of people who are accomplices in this fiasco, who are perpetuating the abuse of these kids and lining their pockets with the childrens' current and future anguish, is simply horrific.

TUNDRA said...

GWOP makes US Weekly!(see below)


Jon and Kate Slammed for Announcing Split on Show

Friends and family of Jon and Kate Gosselin are slamming the couple for revealing their split on their reality show Monday.

"We're just so heartbroken and sad about the announcement that they made -- an announcement that could be so life-shattering to a young child," Kate's brother, Kevin Kreider, tells "And it was used as a teaser, used to gain ratings, without any regards for my nieces and nephews. It was really hurtful. We were really sad to see that."

Find out how much money is at stake if they leave the show.

Adds their onetime neighorbod, Denis: "I do feel bad for the children. Hopefully they will be civil and everything for the kids sake. He needs to get away from her and run as fast as he can. The kids are the ones who will suffer, and that is the sad part."

Jon's former Wyomissing Area Junior/Senior High School classmate Dominick Fabrizio tells "Jon thinks 'it is a shame what the world has come to' with the paparazzi surrounding his $1.1-million home that he would not even have without that very public attention. Now that the charade is over, maybe the remaining 30 percent of the viewers still watching will realize no one should be taking life advice from Jon or Kate. I won't be lining up for an autographed book anytime soon."

Critics echo similar sentiments.

Maggie, from the Gosselins Without Pity Web site, tells Us: "I cannot see how announcing your divorce on national television and continuing with the show is in any way putting your children first. I feel sorry for the family, but the parents seem very immature and selfish and far more concerned about their own personal needs than what eight little confused children require emotionally. I can't believe TLC will keep running the show, but they will!"

Adds the Baltimore Sun's David Zurawik: "I wonder if [viewers] feel exploited by TLC selling ads and making millions of dollars out of a show announcing a divorce that will not only leave eight kids with a shattered family -- but a video record of their family coming undone that will define them for the rest of their lives. I'm done with this sick carnival side show."

See what Kate looked like in high school.

The Los Angeles Times' Jon Caramanica sarcastically wonders if the show will be renamed Jon Plus 8 when he's in charge, and Kate Plus 8 when she has custody.

The show will never be the same, he goes on.

"Now that the Gosselins have formally initiated divorce proceedings, never again will the show's title trigger a sense of optimism and possibility, only a burden that was probably impossible all along," Caramanica writes.

Tell Us: What did you think of Jon and Kate announcing their split on TV?

met said...

Halliday said his Web developers are still scrambling to process the influx of requests the company has received since last night, but said that so far they are estimating that half a million people logged on to the site Monday and nearly 7,000 people have requested catalogs as of 10 a.m. today.

Say what? I tried to have them process my request (well it really was a complaint) and it failed! Give me a break...Who are these 7,000 people that can afford a $2,500 playhouse in this economy?

Crooked Houses sounds just as bad as TLC.

Calgary7 said...

It starting ....

Exclusive: Kate's Holding Off From Asking For Custody...For Now!

After filing for divorce against husband Jon on Monday, Kate Gosselin released a dramatic and cryptic statement that evening saying that over the course of the previous weekend, "Jon's activities have left me no choice but to file legal procedures in order to protect myself and our children."

Kate has yet to explain what Jon's troubling "activities" were that their eight children needed protection from — but Star has learned that she didn't ask for custody of their kids in her divorce filing!

"The filing does not contain a custody count at this time," Kate's Norristown, Penn.-based divorce attorney, Cheryl Young, tells Star in an exclusive interview. "Both parties are trying to work this out together behind the scenes as amicably as possible."

There was some mystery — and legal questions — as to why Kate, who lives with Jon in the Berks County town of Wernersville, filed her divorce forty miles away in Norristown, the county seat of Montgomery County. While Pennsylvania law states that a divorce action must be filed in the petitioner's county of residence, "the action can be filed in a different county if both parties agree to it beforehand," says Young. "That was the case in this action."

The attorney adds that Montgomery County was chosen for convenience because both Jon and Kate's divorce attorneys are based there. And given the media scrutiny of the couple, "we felt that filing in a different county might make for a calmer environment," admits Young, who was referred to Kate by another attorney.

Jon's attorney is not yet named on the court records listing of the divorce action (below), which shows that Kate and Jon listed a Sinking Springs, Penn., address — "possibly a business address," says Young — rather than their home address in Wernersville. Per Montgomery County law, the actual divorce file is sealed and not available to the public.


Jake said...

Calgary7 said...
Feedback from the owners of the "Crooked House" company

Owned by Glen Halliday, 38, and Jeff Leighton, 34, Kids Crooked Houses has been "inundated" with phone calls and catalog requests since the episode aired Monday evening.

"Within 60 seconds of Kate saying the phrase 'crooked houses' on TV last night there were 170,000 visitors to our Web site," said Halliday.

Halliday said his Web developers are still scrambling to process the influx of requests the company has received since last night, but said that so far they are estimating that half a million people logged on to the site Monday and nearly 7,000 people have requested catalogs as of 10 a.m. today.


If Crooked Houses got 7000 requests for catalogs, they would have paid a lot more for that kind of advertising success in any other forum than they did by donating 4 houses to the tune of $10,000.

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