Celebrity Scales

"The decision to move forward with filming the Gosselin’s separation process is undeniably an exploitation of a family’s deterioration for financial gain. Many will chalk this scenario up to the whims of a free market. While Jon and Kate’s exhibitionist tendencies may give them the resolve to endure this type of exposure, their motivation to keep their children at the center of the public malaise is highly suspect. These are children who will be experiencing one of the most emotionally vulnerable periods of their lives in front of a camera simply to continue satisfying their parent’s personal and material desires. Doesn’t it seem odd that any parent would justify this form of invasiveness as a character building exercise or positive life learning experience for their young ones? That the show is the Gosselin’s primary source of income is also a feeble excuse for these actions. Just like many other devoted parents do, there are multiple ways to support a family without resorting to such crass forms of exhibitionism."

Entire article.

The First Ten Years Recap... kinda

I wasn’t originally slated to recap this episode. Our recapper had a last minute schedule change and it was just not possible for her to write it this week. So I stepped in. The episode was a re-airing of scenes of the previous 100 episodes, including interviews with Jon and Kate done easily a year or more ago. After viewing the episode, it was obvious this episode was beyond recapping. Instead, I offer our readers this, an open letter to TLC, Jon, and Kate. continue

Jon & Kate Plus 8: The First Ten Years - June 29

We re-visit the story of Jon and Kate Gosselin and their two sets of multiples. How did they end up where they are today? Newly discovered home video footage of Jon and Kate enlightens viewers on the struggles and triumphs of this entertaining family.

60 minutes

Tabloids and Websites - June 29

With last week's sad deaths and news, here's hoping we won't have much Gosselin news for this section this week.

The State of Jon and Kate's Marriage

Where did it all go wrong? Jon and Kate Gosselin have filed for divorce. Was it her bitchiness? Was it his lack of enthusiasm? Was it the pressure of raising 8 kids in the spotlight? Or was it the media?

The transformation of frumpy Kate to media darling (or limelight hog) was a TV gem to millions of reality viewers. Here was a woman who could balance writing books, interviews, and finding time to reinvent herself... all the while being a caring and giving Mom to a pack of cute, but sometimes hard to distinguish between, children. She wasn't mean, she was firm. She made the reverse mullet hairdo the craze for the woman who could do it all. Except keep her husband.

The tabloids tore Jon apart. Lazy, bored and a roving eye. He was just not that into the concept of the show anymore. He was having an affair. But it was all too much for him, living in the fishbowl called media spotlight.

Now when it comes to the Gosselin Circus... don't cry for me Argentina! These people brought it onto themselves. They became media hogs who happened to have signed on the dotted line. Egos? Maybe! A quick buck? Maybe! Caught up in their own media hype? Definitely.

I was shocked when I saw all the people lining up to meet Kate at a recent home show. TLC and the Jon & Kate + 8 producers did an A+ job in selling this woman as an everyMom. While fans fawned.. I asked... where were the kids on this tour? With Jon? With show wranglers? What is she selling in these books? How to be a good mother while out on a national book tour? Was she just trying to imitate Bonnie Hunt (while Jon was playing the Steve Martin role) from the Cheaper By The Dozen remake? To me there was a certain uncertainty about a woman who could hawk books about the hardship in the day to day rearing of 8 kids all the while not being at home rearing 8 kids.

Is the show over? Not at 5 million viewers a week, it's not over by any means right now says the TLC Channel. When you find a money maker on cable TV, you milk that golden cow until its udders fall off.

I just hope that Kate's next partner will be accepted just as quick and as favorably as Kelly Ripa was when Regis divorced Kathy Lee during the run of their hit show.

As for Jon, if the show survives with him on it, it won't be from his popularity. The show's train wreck success comes from Kate's trademark whining. But dear Jon, look at it this way... Lucy didn't need Desi to appear in any of her post divorce/post I Love Lucy series either.

And yes.. let's say it in unison... At this point... It's time to look out for the kids' welfare! But really.. wasn't any concern for them thrown out the window when they were made pawns by being raised in this media circus? Quiet! It's interview time!

Reality TV gets real with the divorce of Jon and Kate... now can we watch how divorce lawyers make money milking the system? Wait! This series may just be informational (and do some good) after all.

And be sure to check out How I Sawz It!

~ MJ Ferruzza

Divorce News Part Two

Since Blogger starts having fits if we approach or go over 1000 comments per post, I'm starting a new one for the divorce discussion.

Free Discussion 6/27 - 7/3

Please use this post for discussion about the Gosselins that doesn't have a better spot elsewhere. This is where all those I don't know where to post it comments go also. Thank you.

A Publicists Take

The following was sent to us by a reader. She said that as the owner of a publicist/media relations/crisis communications firm, she had been thinking about what she would say to Kate if she had the chance. She sat down and put it all on paper and wanted to share it with the readers here. She does not, and says she will not, work for Kate.

Submitted by Gosslip Girl

Two Requested Comments...

The following were both posted originally as comments. It was requested to make them both main posts and since one works off the other, a joint post was born. Thank you to LA TV industry insider and Advice From Someone in Marketing for their thought provoking comments. continue

Divorce News

I concede defeat. Honestly this is not a post I thought I'd ever make. Now it looks like it will have to join the tabloids as a weekly topic.

Should Jon and Kate Have Aired the Breakup on TV

I had mixed feelings about a couple announcing their divorce on national TV before it aired. Now that I've seen clips of it and read comments for four hours last night, I'm pretty sure it was a very bad idea. There it is for the parents' relatives and friends to see and for them and the court to review at any time.

Then there are the children whose friends have already seen the disintegration of their family and now will know and have seen more than most kids should know about their own parents' divorce. TLC IMO should have had the decency to start the hiatus before this episode and instead wanted one more ratings grab. At least TLC is putting the show on hiatus. Story from US Weekly. The LA Times link within that story has info on piecing the episodes together.

I was surprised this morning to see that Kevin and Jodi had spoken out.

What do our readers think? Should Jon and Kate have known better than to feed the ratings? Are they as fascinated by the ratings as TLC? Was TLC ghoulish to actually announce the divorce as part of an episode?

Someone asked why I had mixed feelings. Before the episode aired, there was a chance that they could have made the announcement with some class. As in the last two minutes say we sadly must let you know that we are undergoing difficulties and will be separating. We appreciate your kind thoughts and ask that you respect our and our children's privacy at this time. The standard Hollywood comment. They didn't go that way.

Houses and Big Changes Recap

This is the show where Jon and Kate will be making a huge announcement! I can hardly wait!

Jon warns us that this is the hardest episode ever. I appreciate his warning and prop toothpicks into my eyelids to keep from dozing off.

There it comes! The big reveal is that Kate's "goal is peace for the kids". OMG! I had no idea! continue

Submitted by guest recapper Marinka. Check out mouthyhousewives.com for more snarky goodness!

Houses and Big Changes - June 22

Changes are happening at the Gosselin home. Not only are the kids getting new play houses, but bigger changes are happening in their lives. After much discussion, Jon & Kate are ready to make an announcement about the future.

60 minutes

Tabloids and Websites - June 22

Just go to People.com, TMZ, etc to read about it.

Here's a spot to try to keep them together this week. You can also put the TV shows talking about the Gosselins here.

Julie Speaks About the Big Announcement

Her new blog post is here.

This Would Be Closer to the Truth

Fake tears and dramatic announcements aside, this is closer to reality! Enjoy this video and while there, check out their previous work.

Speculation for Jon & Kate Plus 8: The First Ten Years

Currently set to air on June 29.

We re-visit the story of Jon and Kate Gosselin and their two sets of multiples. How did they end up where they are today? Newly discovered home video footage of Jon and Kate enlightens viewers on the struggles and triumphs of this entertaining family.

We Have a Saturday Karazee Komment Winner

You haven't deleted a single anonymous comment that I have seen...there are at least 30 up right now.

First of all, Kate and Jon have nothing to do with TLC's trying to gain ratings.

Thinking that the subjects of the show run it is foolish.

And now, to the three that run this post: Hello Busy Bodies with Nothing Better To Do But Judge: I read your blog. What a piece of crap that is. Not content with your own lives, you decide to meddle in the lives of TV reality characters under the auspices that you are helping the children?


Thank you, Jeff. There is so much here that I'm not sure where to begin. Perhaps asking why he thinks having a blog requires that we also be on Twitter and Facebook? He seems to have missed that we are now on Facebook. Enjoy.

Free Discussion 6/20 - 6/26

Please use this post for discussion about the Gosselins that doesn't have a better spot elsewhere. This is where all those I don't know where to post it comments go also. Thank you.

Monday June 22 - The Big Announcement Speculation

To centralize the discussion, here's a spot. We'll have an official episode post on Monday afternoon.

Changes are happening at the Gosselin home. Not only are the kids getting new play houses, but bigger changes are happening in their lives. After much discussion, Jon & Kate are ready to make an announcement about the future.

In Touch Weekly Scans

Here is the full article for the June 29, 2009, In Touch.

Please remember, just like the other post, to keep discussion to this particular incident and family. Thank you.

Cover, page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4, page 5, page 6.

Bikes & Trikes Recap

On this completely real, not at all staged or poorly acted episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8, Jon and Kate are given bikes by the nice guys at Orange County Choppers. Ignore the fact that you already were told that Jon was paying for his bike in the American Chopper episode that aired five days before this. Or that you already read about here or saw this entire episode if you watched the American Chopper episode when it first aired or the repeat right before this episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8. Tonight’s special guest stars are Paul Senior, Paul Junior, and Mikey Teutul from TLC’s American Chopper. continue

Note... This recap includes embeded links. You will need to use your browsers back button to return to the recap.

Kate has made the entertainment news again.

Kate was caught by the paps punishing Leah. Several shows have run with it tonight.

We realize that this topic is pushing many people's buttons but we aren't here for a referendum on spanking vs non-spanking. Please keep the comments related to this particular incident or the Gosselins' discipline methods. Thanks!

Too Bad the Gosselins Don't Live in California

LOS ANGELES — California authorities slapped an online site today with four child-labor law violations for videotaping two of Nadya Suleman's octuplets without safeguards to protect their health and welfare.

State Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet said RadarOnline endangered the newborns, Noah and Isaiah Suleman, by failing to get required state permits, videotaping the infants at hours and for periods of time banned by regulations, and for failing to provide a monitor to watch over them during taping sessions.

"These babies were put at risk and exposed to conditions that violated California labor laws," Bradstreet said about the ongoing investigation. "In this case, we are dealing with premature babies."

Click here for the entire article.

Mission Accomplished?

The Gosselin Family Mission Statement

As featured in Games Gosselins Play
Season 3, Episode 24


We the people of the Gosselin Family
do dedicate ourselves to
telling others about God's love.

We establish these two basic principles:
1. Love and honor God and others.
2. Be thankful for our blessings.

"The one that I knew had to be on there was we have always said,
although it hasn't been on a mission statement, we will never put
other things before our family. That is very important to us."

- Kate Gosselin, 04/21/2008

"To read that every so often as a family is what we plan
to do just to remind us of what we need to be doing."

- Kate Gosselin, 04/21/2008

The Tabloids and Websites - June 15

It seems that there is still no end in sight so here is the spot for this week.

How to Write to Kevin and Jodi Kreider

NEW! Click here to watch the video of Kevin and Jodi on the CBS Early Show, 05/27/2009.

Over the past several weeks we have received numerous requests for assistance in contacting Kevin and Jodi Kreider with notes, letters, cards, etc. After obtaining their permission, we are pleased to be able to offer our readers this chance.

Those who would like to send notes of gratitude or words of support and encouragement to the Kreiders may now do so by using the following mailing address:

P.O. Box 16222
St. Louis, MO 63105

All appropriate mail received will be bundled into one package and forwarded directly to Kevin and Jodi. Mail must be postmarked no later than Monday June 15, 2009. Questions regarding this message may be emailed to serenaleighbell@yahoo.com.

Monday, June 15 - Bikes and Trikes

The guys from Orange County Chopper (of TLC's, American Chopper) arrive at the Gosselin home. How will the kids react when the gruff motorcycle moguls - Senior, Junior and Mikey - stop by to hang out and plan the design for Jon's custom chopper?

30 minutes

Free Discussion 6/13 - 6/19

Please use this post for discussion about the Gosselins that doesn't have a better spot elsewhere. This is where all those I don't know where to post it comments go also. Thank you.

Comments Regarding Kate's Pretend Blog

Please use this blog entry to post your comments regarding the site created, written, and moderated by Kate's PR people.

Guidelines for getting your comment published:
  • You may quote from her blog but please leave others' names out of it.

  • Remember that GWoP is also a moderated forum so it's kind of pointless to object to the same thing on Kate's "blog".

  • No, we won't publish the link to her "blog". It's easy to find and frankly we don't want to contribute to its hit counter but our comment queue is filling up with comments regarding it and we want to at least establish this as a place for them to go.

  • As of now, comments regarding her "blog" that are submitted under any other blog entry will not be published.

  • All other publishing guidelines as outlined here apply as well.

OCC - Jon and Kate Plus 8 Bike

Jon Gosselin, of the hit TLC series Jon & Kate +8, has commissioned the guys at OCC to build him a bike. To get a better idea of how the father of 8 wants his bike to look, the Teutuls take a trip to Jon and Kate's house to see how the family of 10 live.

Crossover episode.

Kate Denies Water to Mady

Listen very carefully to everything Mady says here so you won't miss what is really going on:

Tabloid Stories June 11

Here's a space for this week's "news" so the regular discussion thread doesn't get any more overloaded and start dumping comments.

Bam! 100th Episode Recap


This episode of The Kate Gosselin Show opens with Kate sitting on the couch. She tells the camera that “whoever lands in the interview chair” is the person who will provide the commentary. Thanks for that, Kate. We probably couldn’t have figured that out on our own. “It’s called Rolling With Life,” she sighs. That’s funny. Now see, I would have called it Being A Shrew Will Drive Your Husband Into The Arms Of A Twenty-Three Year Old.

It’s a crazy life, but it’s are life.


Submitted by Laura Linger

Bam! 100th Episode - Monday, June 8

To celebrate the 100th episode, Emeril Lagasse stops by the Gosselin home for cooking lessons with the entire family. The kids lend a hand and help create a delicious meal that everyone can enjoy.

30 minutes

Free Discussion 6/6 - 6/12

Please use this post for discussion about the Gosselins that doesn't have a better spot elsewhere. This is where all those I don't know where to post it comments go also. Thank you.

Just a Reminder

Just a quick reminder to read this blog entry for information regarding how to write to Jodi and Kevin Kreider (Kate's brother and sister-in-law). We've had an excellent response so far and the deadline for getting your mail out is coming up in ten days.

Kate Sells Pictures of Her Kids

Are the kids going to have pictures from their childhood that mama sold come back to haunt them?
Thanks to Seth Poppel of Yearbook Library for the pictures, and to US Weekly and Extra TV for letting us have a "sneak preview" for our readers. You can see more in US Weekly tomorrow or Extra TV website (extratv.warnerbros.com).

Sun, Seashells, and Scrapes Recap

This recap is brought to you by the letter “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….”

So, that’s it for the drama? Are things really back to normal? Just. Like. That?

A mere one week removed from a teary-eyed, soul-baring, hour-long confessional, our favorite manufactured family returned to a calmer place, much to the chagrin of everyone who just extended their subscriptions to US Weekly.

Recapped by The Professor. Check out his blog for other funny finds. The Professor

Kate's Birthday Surprise Recap

Kate’s Konkokted Kake

You will need...

One TLC crew to make arrangements

Eight kids to pretend this is real

A husband out of town

Bakery who works for the same network

Diva to passive aggressively complain about freebie

Toss all together and film, edit, and manipulate footage into a trite 30 minutes

This week we see Kate’s birthday, March 28. This was supposedly before they even decided if there was going to be a 5th season. Good thing they went ahead and taped, just in case! This was also a month ahead of the 100 tabloid reports, affair accusations, and Kate’s wounded bird publicity tour to throw Jon under the bus. So... just your typical reality!

continued in comments

Still in the Tabloids

This week's US Weekly online teaser and on last night's episode.

National Enquirer teaser.

Matt Lauer Speaks Out On Today Show

The video is here.

Sun, Seashells, and Scrapes - Monday, June 1

While Kate and Mady share some relaxing mother-daugher time in San Diego, Jon hangs with the other seven children back at home. The little kids are full of energy, but is the excitement too much when one of the sextuplets has to be rushed to the doctor?

30 minutes

Kate's Birthday Surprise - Monday, June 1

The kids have a special surprise in store for Kate's birthday and they're soliciting the help of professional baker Duff Goldman! Will Kate enjoy this tasty, messy surprise? How will Duff handle the chaos of having eight little helpers join his bakery?

30 minutes

Christianity Today Speaks Out

The full article with an excerpt below.

"As fellow Christians, we should have reminded the Gosselins that life is a gift to be received in gratitude, not something to be grasped, purchased, or sold. In many ways, the last four seasons of Jon & Kate Plus Eight is the story of a family that seemed to progressively lose sight of this truth. Of course, they had help along the way from TLC, from the show's producers, and not least of all, from their Christian viewers.When the first few episodes revealed the earning potential of this "everyday family," Jon & Kate Plus Eight became a brand name that was packaged and sold. And many Christians were happy to comply by opening up their wallets and their fellowship halls. When the network and the couple were not satisfied with the money generated through high ratings and book sales, the Gosselin home was filled with product placements and the children were filmed for long hours each week. All the while many (though not all) evangelicals watched with undiscerning eyes. Somewhere along the line we, like Jon and Kate, seemed to forget the warnings of 1 Timothy 6:9-10:But those who want to be rich fall into temptation and are trapped by many senseless and harmful desires that plunge people into ruin and destruction. For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, and in their eagerness to be rich some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pains. (NRSV)It was not until the recent allegations of sexual impropriety arose that a significant number of Christians began to question whether Jon and Kate were indeed the examples of faithful living that we had imagined. Somehow most of us missed the long trajectory that was, day by day, moving them farther from a life of Christian virtue. Sexual immorality—whether actual or merely suspected—caught our attention, but the materialism, narcissism, and exploitation of children that preceded it was largely overlooked."