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This week's post intended to educate was provided earlier in the week.

If I had a million to bet I would that if TLC or any other network approached any of you that are on here bashing Jon and Kate (btw I am not a high fan of the show) and offered you the same oppurtunity at least 80% of you would take it. Until you have walked in there shoes and lived there life - how dare any of you to judge them. Believe me if we could see into half of your lives people would be saying things about what you do to. It is human nature but to take it to the level that all of you have taken it too is crazy. Also, Christian's are not perfect they even lie - we all sin - but that does not mean that they are not doing what they feel in the themselves to be correct. There are alot of people doing alot worse to kids out here in the world physically abusing them, molesting them, homeless kids etc. Let's try putting the focus on those children, they are the one's who really need the attention.


Amy said...

As has been said before in this debate, you cannot evaluate a child's life by the lowest common denominator. Just because they are fed and clothed does not mean they are properly cared for. Just a few issues these children are facing:
-Being required to live a double life
-Living in isolation from the outside world, family, friends, interaction with other normal everyday people
-Not having the ability to refuse to participate in activities due to contractual obligations
-Being surrounded only by adults that personally benefit from their exploitation
-being unable to speak openly about their true feelings about what is going on in their lives

Children are mistreated in a variety of ways. There are many of us out here whose physical needs were provided for, but mentally and emotionally we were neglected or abused. That is why so many of us feel for these kids. You cannot be satisified with a childhood simply because it was free from molestation or other extreme abuses.

Anonymous said...

This is called freedom of speech.
If Kate can dish it out;She can take it!

BostonBean said...

Have you watched this charade from the beginning?

met said...

Well you would lose your money if you bet on my family. NO way in hell would we go on national tv for the money. Actually money is not that important when it comes to my children. They come first. No, I don't think people would say the same things about me (or us) Sure I have my rough days with the kids. I yell and complain at times. I with homework, wake and help dress my children, read to them, take them to scouts/sporting event, go on hikes, bike rides, teach them about nature. We have never been to disney world (can't afford it) instead we go camping, surf fishing, day tripping etc. I'm not even going to get into how great my husband is.

Kate is not the worst mother out there. Though she is in the upper percentage. There is no physical abuse of those childre. It's all mental and emotional. Which can be just as bad as physical abuse. Will taking this show off the air stop the emotional abuse? Probably not, unless Kate gets some mental help.

Yes there is a lot of worse things happening to children everywhere. They do need help. All I can do is give money to charities that help those children. I'm not trained to know how to do what is right by them.

Sharla, I honestly don't know what the answer is. I don't consider Kate a Christian. I am Christian and I try to live my life like one. My motto is "do unto others as you would have them do onto you" (i'm sure that is not the exact bible quote..i'm Catholic, we read the bulletin...LOL) I try my best in life for all those around me. Kate tries only for herself. She doesn't care about others.

M. said...

If TLC or another network offered me money to make a tv show, the writer assumes I'd take it.

No. I wouldn't.


Because thanks to the Gosselins, I can see what the love of money can do to a life and the lives around you. It destroys them.

You see. I'm different from Kate. Yes, I am a Christian like her. But, I live my faith. She doesn't. I am a religion teacher (among other subjects) at a Catholic School in Ontario, Canada. I take my role seriously.

My job is to work diligently to teach wonderful kids how to be moral, productive, positive people in our society (no matter what their personal beliefs are or what subject I happen to be teaching).

I teach five days a week. I see the same great kids every day. I see my 250 separate little souls every two days. I try my best to give every kid individual attention (but it's difficult sometimes!).

The kids can count on me being there from Monday to Friday - which, sadly is more than the Gosselin children can count on.

Jen K said...

Nope...I'm a mom who values my son's privacy and dignity more than a $1.2 million dollar mansion. Guess I'm crazy...or just a good, responsible parent. Take your pick.

It's my job and my husband's job to figure out how to pay for things. It's not my son's job to sell his childhood for the sake of the family. Bottom line, these are crappy excuses for parents who were too stupid or too lazy to provide for their own family without jeopardizing their children's emotional health. Lots of people have as many kids and much less help. They aren't that unique. They have the dim-witted of the population snowed.

Why r they still 2gether? said...

If the Gosselin's had chosen to live their lives in private- I
would agree with you- but they welcomed us into their lives- into
their relationship.
Kate loves showing her flaws to
us- she loves all the attention
and this is why she says Jon is
not handling this as well as her.
Kate thrives on attention- positive or negative.
Jon is finding it hard to be in the center of it all and seems to want out.
If you don't want us to see your life-stay home and quit the show!!

Megan said...

was this written by a 4th grader?

so irritated said...

Again, someone else who thinks that the splendor the Gosselin children live in (which THEY earned) is the answer to a happy life. That all that money makes it ok to be raised mostly by nannies and their father, since their mother is jet setting around the country like Posh Spice.

This is wrong. No kid should have to live like this. Just because these kids live in a mansion and get 3 squares a day- it's assumed they must be happy. The posters here are looking way past that. To their teenage years, to their young adult years. They are not being shown a strong work ethic. How will they be motivated to go to college and earn a living when they see how much easy money comes from simply putting yourself in the public eye? It's frightening that people are seeing this and starting to come out of the woodwork (Octomom) with hopes of scoring the same deal for themselves. There needs to be laws in all 50 states to prevent this from happening anymore.

Patty said...

How can Kate say that her kids are well rounded when they are isolated from other kids their age? When Mady is made fun of at her school? When Mady always throw tantrums? Obviously the kids need affection because Kate is cold and always call Jon or the invisible nanny to take care of them.

On a lighter side, I've read the Just Jared posts about Kate Gosselin and there are lots of pictures there. She is stating that everyone loves her hairstyle which she calls "her work" coz it works for her thick hair and busy schedule. She claims her hairdesser gets calls from all over the country. I'd call too and tell the hairstylist to make sure Kate gets a decent haircut on her appointment!

I think her face looks nice but her neck needs some work. And she wears a lot of mini skirts and 4" heels. My what nice legs, but her knees need some botox and the veins are just popping out of her feet. She needs to start wearing flats again.

poetrystruth said...

I don't understand all these people who are defending this couple. Jon is guilty, Kate is guilty. We are speaking our peace, because these people CHOSE to put themselves in the public eye.

It's just amazing that people are willing to overlook the harm that is being done, because they see themselves in Kate or they themselves are Christians.

Kate isn't a practicing Christian, she is a lukewarm Christian, she ain't hot for Jesus.
Don't know why people can't see that. Probably the same reason they couldn't see they were being snowed by Jim Baker and those like him.

I don't understand why using the word God can be so blinding to so many.

Tyler said...

I, like many others, watched in amusement at a big familly struggling with day to day activites. How cute to see six little ones getting dressed at the same time. I only watched occasionally. It is when it became apparent that the "old" house wasn't good enough and they were going to move into the huge new house that I began to notice all the product placement and schilling of these children. That is when a concerned parent would have called it quits. I agree that it would have been tempting to be in their place, but a concerned involved parent would put their children first.

SueM said...

You know what...I can honestly say that if I were in their shoes 4 or 5 years ago with 8 babies to support I would have taken the same opportunity. But, I would have pulled the plug on it when:

-it goes beyond a few shots of my babies being cute.

-lights would have to be installed to film the show.

-twins started acting out in frustration.

-there was no one in our lives except film crews.

-it interfered with my marriage.

Sure, the money would be nice. But you end up paying the price. So yes, I probably would have done the same thing, but I would have corrected the decision before it went too far. The signs were all there that it was getting out of control. This was not a normal life for these kids. If that were my life, I would've seen that and drawn the line. They didn't need to buy a million dollar home. They could have sent the film crew away, had a block party to apologize and make amends with their neighbors and friends and started over. It wasn't too late. That's what their kids needed.

I am one of 8 (no multiples) and I often ask my mother if she would have taken this opportunity. (She likes the show and is very similar to Kate in a lot of ways. My Dad was like Jon). She says that she wouldn't have taken this no matter what. She would have paid a price that was too high for her. Even the chance to pay for colleges and anything else we needed wasn't worth it for her. She says she would never want strangers in our home filming our daily lives. Too intrusive.

babeeberry said...

I think anyone with half a brain would avoid any kind of "reality" show. There are enough broken families and broken marriages due in some part to starring in a reality based tv show.

As far as walking in the G's thanks. First I could NEVER beg for money the way they did way back before the tups were born. Our first child was born very sick and we had no medical insurance because we could not afford it. We both worked 2 and 3 jobs to feed, cloth and eventually insure our family. I could never dream of having my hand out to the community looking for freebies and sitting on my butt at home like Jon and Kate do. If Kate needed to be home with her kids then fine..she had plenty of help and Jon should have been working his ass off at as many jobs as possible.

Jon and Kate are the worst example of Christian people I've ever seen. The way they berate and embarrass each other as well as their children turns my stomach. It is their JOB as parents to set good examples to their children...kindness, empathy and respect are some of the things I've rarely seen them practice. A child's home should be a place of comfort and peace, a place were they can express their feelings without it being broadcast all over the world. The G's have used their children's meltdowns for ratings...exploiting poor Mady the most. Have we ever seen Jon or Kate trying to help Mady deal with her feelings...not really. Have we seen them laugh at her, call her names and belittle her because she was stressed to the point of tears and screaming...yep, we've all seen that. Great parenting on Kon's part for sure.

They have crisscrossed the country with their tale of woe and collected money from many Americans who most likely were struggling more then them. What kind of soul less person/persons does that?? They are both able bodied and taking the easy way out by selling their children to the American public. Ever heard of the Hayes family?? They are raising more kids then the Gosselins...and have they ever had to hit churches up for "love offerings" to support their brood?? Probably not. Watch their show and you'll see how they came to live in their nice big house....I'll give you a hint, they didn't sell their children's childhoods to the highest bidder, they did most of the work themselves...piece by piece.

I'm so sick of people sticking up for Jon and Kate using the "you are jealous" card or "walk in their shoes." Most people work hard for their families and don't take the easy way out when earning money. I believe Jon and Kate were lazy and greedy wayyy before they had kids. Jon was bumming around Europe and living w/his mother and Kate was busy looking for a sperm donor to fill her "need" to be a mommy. It's been common knowledge that Jon's father helped them out financially so they were accustomed to taking and taking before they were parents.

If Kon were doing their jobs protecting their children and keeping their little lives private none of this mess would have happened in the first place. I hope that other families who are currently riding the multiple wave pay close attention to all of Jon and Kate's mistakes and end their shows ASAP.

As far as my family ever taking money to exploit my gorgeous children...never...their peaceful and precious childhoods are NOT for sale.


Anonymous said...

I love irony. But, not this type of irony. The type where someone does the exact thing they are admonishing you about!

This person says that we have no right to judge...then goes on to judge us all as hypocrits who would do the exact same thing as the Gosselins!

As a Christian, I would also like to tell you that a Christian doesn't do what they "feel in themselves to be correct"...that is the whole point of the Bible and having a relationship with Jesus; to reign in our human nature, which wants to do these greedy, prideful things; but which in the end are hurtful to us and those around us.

Yes, there are many abused children in the world. Physically abused, and much more abused emotionally, than are the Gosselin children. That is true. But, just because there are worse, does that mean that we must not help these?

And how do you know if many of us commenting, writing letters and advocating for the Gosselin children, perhaps MAY also be helping those children around us that are hurting similarly, or in 'worse ways'? Again...another judgement by you...


Let me tell you something. Some of us here have been emotionally scarred by our parents, and that is why we feel so strongly about what is happening to these precious children. Indeed, all children.

And this family is held up as and example to the world. So many people who watch want to be like Kate, and WILL imitate her behaviors; because a "famous mom" did them, and made tons of money doing so.

So you see, getting this show off the air, will in fact help those other children you are talking about.

Personally your letter struck a chord, because this is exactly what my Dad would say to my siblings and I after being cruel to us. He would be horrible, "teasing" us saying we were "worthless", "losers", "stupid", and back it up by ignoring us, or making fun of us in front of others. Then if we protested to him, he would say, "STOP THAT CRYING! YOUR NOT HURT! SHOW ME YOUR SCARS--YOUR BRUISES! YOUR SUCH A BABY! YOU NEED TO TOUGHEN UP."...and then the real taunting would begin. We were not allowed to cough, when we were sick, because it disturbed him....

My siblings and I have had a long road to recovery. People who devalue their children, making them a commodity which brings them fame and fortune; then ignore them and scream at them; are building horrific memories; ruining self esteem and destroying little souls.

Everyone, keep up the fight. March on!

NyMomof1 said...

Is this person serious?

irateb/cofkate said...

I find it hard to respect someone's opinion when they make judgments about the rest of us and do not even respect their own writing enough to read it over for corrections.

Lisa Rider said...

The children need the attention of their parents, not any of us. That is what caused all of this to begin with. The parents are too busy being on talk shows to be there for the the kids so who will be there for them??

kim said...

I had a difficult time reading this due to the amount of grammatical errors. Posters should take the time to edit their comments. I think it diminishes their message if it's not clearly written.

No Drama Mama said...

Kate is what I like to call a "Sunday Christian". She feels that whatever sins committed Mon-Sat are forgiven when she shows up to church on Sunday. Just because you go to church on a Sunday does not make you a better Christian than others.

Wendy said...

"There are alot of people doing alot worse to kids out here in the world physically abusing them, molesting them, homeless kids etc. Let's try putting the focus on those children, they are the one's who really need the attention."

Are those children on national television? Are those children the soul income source for their parents? While I agree that we should care about the abuse of "all" children, I don't see their abuse first hand on tv or in the media. I would speak out for them as well, if I saw them being exploited on television. No one is saying that those other abused children don't matter. I think you are missing the point. Do you think that because you can't physically "see" the abuse that Kate Gosselin is causing, it isn't real? You will not be able to bully me into not speaking out against Kate Gosselin. She has said on numerous occasions that she thinks that it is okay for her to make money off of her children. She has even said that it is her "job." Perhaps you and the rest of the Kate Gosselin followers will eat your words in the future when the truth comes out. And I guess even then you will say it's okay cause we all sin. Knowingly doing wrong is different then making a mistake. People in her own family and those that were close to the children have questioned Kate and she has pushed them away and refused to listen to them. Her only supporters are people she pays to agree with her (managers, pr, bodyguard etc). I don't feel bad for my opinion. I honestly think it's disturbing that you support Kate and her vicious ways.

pretty is as pretty does said...

I have made my own money using my brain, talents and hard work. I have a beautiful life I am proud of. I would never sell myself or my family for one cent. I am not an attention wh*** . I do not have any personality disorders that need to be fed 24/7 by constantly causing a scene and emasculating my husband, and pimping out my family. Kate is the bad seed everything she spews from her mouth is poison. It is all in the best interest of Kate. Every thought action is about Kate she does not even make an effort to conceal it the way some abuser do. In my book she is as low as you get. No poster you are profoundly wrong!!!!!!!!

PhillyHockeyMom said...

I can answer this from a little bit of experiance. I have a son in his late 20's and when he was 4 we were in a grocery store, My son was singing the jingles of the food items he saw. He was a little ham, and loved to perform. Anyway, a talent scout saw him and gave me her card. After talking it over with my husband, we took him and got some pictures and gave them to the agent the scount recommended. My son was in 15 commercials and many were national. Anyway, it is a grueling day, especially for young kids. By the time he was 6 he was over it. He didn't think it was fun. He was sullen and grumpy. He use to love the train ride from Philly to NYC and even that held no appeal. So, we stopped. Even after we stopped he had gotten asked to audition for a movie and two different tv shows. Would it have been nice? Sure, but HE didn't want to do it. Could we have forced him to some extent? Probably, but what would be the point? He just moved on with his life, and when he was dating and getting ready to go to the prom it was fun to pull out the VHS tapes with his commercials on them. The upside? He went into the Marines for 6 years and when he came out he got married and the money that was saved and accured interest was enough to buy his first house cash and furnish most of it. The only money he ever used was when he turned 18 and bought himself a new car.

In anwser to the question, I would have to say I would at least give it heavy thought and weigh the pros and cons, but you are right, I may have given it a try if asked. I would hope however, that i would have never become a "diva" and EXPECTED everything Kate has expected. I would hope I would still have my network of family and freinds, unlike Kate.

HannaBelleLechter said...

Oh man. First things first -- Let us pray: Please do not tell us that the email-author homeschools her children.

The spelling, grammar, syntax and punctuation are around 4th-grade level, though that might be insulting to the average 4th-grader.

That said, I have no problem with people expressing their opinions. While I think the email shows a naivete and a gullibility on the part of its author, she's entitled to speak her mind.

The only problem I have with the Gosselin-supporters, in general, is that while they come out swinging, and their heat of passion is often fire-hot in their defense of J&K, they become incensed and enraged when others point out the hypocrisies we might see in the Gosselins' very public lives.

If the supporters want to have the opportunity to preserve, protect and defend the Gosselins at any cost -- even in the face of the newest revelations -- then those supporters should be prepared to hear counterarguments, which will be made just as vociferously.

Freedom of expression is never one-sided. It's just not the American way.

Look at Kate. She felt perfectly comfortable sitting down with People magazine to mock and to demean her husband's contributions to the family. Fine. But if Jon decides to respond in kind, then the rabid Kate-lovers would do well to remember that he has a right to set his own record straight.

So far, I'm impressed that Jon has not counterattacked Kate's self-serving People piece. Who would have thought that Jon would be the mature and sensible one in the household?

RNmomin CA said...

I'm a L&D nurse in Calif. Kate can make plenty of money here. With overtime I can get around $75,000 a year. It's not "per episode but it is plenty to live on. (unfortunately (TOO BAD)they could not carry on with the filming of the kids because the laws here would prevent it!)

The more I see of Kate's true colors. The more I know that these kids are better off with her gone all the time. The less they are exposed to her the better. Hopefully they are with caregivers who know about child development.

I worked with CPS when I was a Public Health Nurse and I saw many moms like Kate. Not that I can diagnose her but from seeing her actions as reported by the media narcissistic personality disorder". certainly fits. The parents made unwise choices that were based on the inability to see how their actions affected their children, which brough them to the attention of CPS.

These parents needed medication, therapy and parenting classes to be able to relate to their kids and care for them properly. Kate needs all of this.

TLC will not shop filming while they can make mega bucks off this family. I am sure their lawyers have carefully worked the contracts so that they cannot be held liable for the damage the filming may cause the kids.

Also they must be thrilled that the laws in PA do not prevent the children from working on camera for such extended periods of time at such a young age.

Reality- TLC does NOT care about the long term damage to the kids. That is the responsibility of the parents who sign the contract and the lawmakers in the state who do not act to create a law to protect them.

I have not heard a peep that anyone in PA has tried to create a "Gosselin law" like the Coogan law)
Why not? It would protect ALL children in PA.

Would I have chosen to sell my children's rights for a million dollars? NO. Never. Because in the long run the money doesn't matter. In CA I get to see many kids messed up because of money and unthinking parents.

Money does not buy happy and successful children.

Jo Ann said...

Sharla (or any moderator)! Thanks for posting this!!! LOL I've had my laugh of the week! More please! I love reading these ignoramus's letters - I just love it!

No way would I have subjected my family to this.

Laura said...

You bet I'd do it, but I would never subject my children to constant filming, and I wouldn't turn my family into a franchise.

This is about GREED. The Gosselins have made enough money to live happily ever after. If two best selling books and DVD and rerun $ isn't enough- nothing will be. They just want more more more.

Tami said...

I've never been of the parenting philosophy that something is ok to do 'because there are other people doing worse things to kids out there'. Nope, not for me. I am not a fame whore or starved for attention so I would NOT be shopping out my family story to begin with. I never held a belief that it is everyone else's responsibility to get me out of a tough situation and that I could just sit back, choose not to work again and let the freebies pour in. When I get all sorts of gifts, attention, or when I got some help from church and squadron members after having a preemie, I felt extremely grateful but a little uncomfortable to seem "needy" and as soon as we didn't need help we never begged for more. We didn't have to ask for help to begin with, but if we were the greedy Gosselins we would be begging for more before the baby was even born. If Disney called now and asked if we want the trip we are going on next month for free, would I take it? Probably. But I would never sell my kids out to live off of them, have no desire for mass attention and would have stopped at maybe a couple of documentaries. I get so tired of sheeple and teenage girls (sometimes one and the same) saying everyone would act like KON and take whatever is given. It's not true at all. And personally, I would be humiliated to be that family. Even before the scandal, I would feel like an idiot to have my family herded around getting VIP treatment constantly while people stared.

Nikki said...

They put their family out there in the spotlight to be watched and judged. If any of us did the same we would be naive to think that would come without judgement. No, I don't know what I would do in their situation, but I'd like to think I have learned something from seeing what has become of them and what they have put their children through.

Yes there are children in the world going through much worse, but that doesn't mean that what these children are going through is okay. Imagine if we ignored everyone in need of help just because someone else was worse off. How horrible that would be.

Jenniie said...

I watch the show-- I'm not obsessed -- i dont track their every movment.
Neither do i think it's necessary, alot of the bloggers here mention how they are not a fan of the show and disagree but they know EVERYTHING up to the last couple of weeks.
Lets watch their show and leave it at that, it's the media spreading lies and romours that will cause emotinal harm and additional stress to the family.
Whether they did it for the money is neither here nor their--- i'm finding it hard to see what you guys are trying to prove?
It's eveident that they love their children, the money would improve the lives of their children, so what the issue here?
There is NO proof theese kids are suffering what so ever.

Lindsay said...

Ummm.... nice spelling, punctuation and grammar. I'm sorry, I could not convey the meaning of this message for all the mistakes! Seriously!

wramblinwreck said...

I suspect the author of this message is very young, not just because of the writing style, but also the assumption that most people would sell out their personal lives for a TV show and $$$. Very naive.

In the real world, most parents value their privacy as a couple, and their children's right to grow up privately and with dignity, without being filmed on the toilet or in the bath as entertainment for an audience of millions. Most parents prefer the satisfaction of providing for their family through their own efforts, rather than allowing their children to become the source of their income.

It's sad that the youthful author of this message will probably grow up believing that life is all about the $$$, any way you can get it, even if it means selling out your family to get it.

June said...

you know I will admit that I may have taken the opportunity had I been in the situation of having twins and sextuplets.

I believe I would have banked the money for each child's college/wedding and house down payment fund. I believe I would have payed off the house we lived in and then we would have been done.

No books, no speaking engagements, no magazine photo shoots, no fake Christmas, no making fun of my own kids, no belittling father of my children, no cutting out family members, no million dollar mansion, no plastic surgery etc.

so yes you are right that we have no idea what we would do in a situation like the Gosselin's were in ( although I believe they made POOR choices that led them to be in that situation!). It is what the Gosselins did with their opportunity that makes them bad.

Nothing is ever enough for them

Jen K said...

Like a previous poster, people have mentioned that my little boy should be a model or act in commercials. In fact, I had to fight off family members (sorry, Mom...she reads this site too) who couldn't imagine WHY I didn't want to take my son to the open call for a BabyGap contest where the winner won clothing and a Gap modeling contract.

Could he have won? Maybe. I'll never know though because I didn't want to go down that road. I didn't want to open the door to something that had the potential for great harm to him later. I'm happy to hear that a previous poster was able to recognize that her son was no longer interested in it and stopped modeling and acting. Some parents aren't as able to do that, or give up the "rewards", i.e. money that comes with it.

In our case, I overruled everyone, including my husband, and said that under no circumstances would we put him in any modeling contests because his privacy and his image were not something that we as parents owned or had the right to sell. He is too young to make these decisions, and considering the potential ramifications (not to mention that these days there are weirdos everywhere who can take an innocent image and see it differently) I would not make that decision for him.

He's my son...not my possession to sell.

There are very responsible parents who are able to get their kids involved in this type of thing, much like the previous poster. I just didn't even want to entertain the idea.

When he is older, and capable of making a decision and thinking it through, he can make that choice if he wants. That's what adulthood is for. Money or no's not worth it to me.

I should mention that this thought process comes from someone who as a teenager thought fame and fortune was something to aspire to. I was a star-struck teenager who saw teen idols living what I thought were amazing lives, only to grow up and be chewed up and spit out by the industry. That type of perspective comes from experience, age and wisdom. Something that Jon and Kate clearly have in short supply.

konimploding said...

You may be right in terms of people doing a show to make great money for their family. However, there are positive ways and negative ways to do this.

Did they need to allow their potty training to be filmed? No.

Did they need to show continuous tantrums by older children who should not be having them? No.

Does she need to be away all the time for press? Probably not as much as she is.

I live in LA and am around entertainment families quite a lot. There are healthy ways to go about it, and there are unhealthy ways. I believe they got caught up in the fame (at least Kate did) and now she may be, in a sense, trapped. Trapped by a lifestyle that they couldn't afford to keep up without the show. Trapped by the feelings that public adoration gives you. Trapped by her marriage falling apart.

That said, I wonder what it will take to make her realize what she should do.

Personally I think Jon is just immature and had enough. Look, he was married at age 22! I know I for one was not mature enough at that age and now, due to immaturity and a wife who publicly embarassed and berated him, he is regressing to the life he should have been living at age 22. I am not saying he is right in what he is doing, but I can see how it happens.

I read the people article and I started to sympathize with Kate for a bit, but when she said his behavior is absolutely not her fault? I saw that she is still blind to her own behavior and hasn't hit the bottom that will wake her up.

goawayJandK said...

Kate is what I like to call a "Sunday Christian". She feels that whatever sins committed Mon-Sat are forgiven when she shows up to church on Sunday. Just because you go to church on a Sunday does not make you a better Christian than others.


K8's isn't even a Sunday Christian, not sure if she ever was. This past Sunday, Jon took the kids to church, K8 took herself to the tanning salon.

As for the original post: count me as part of the 20% minority.

Star Power said...

Until you have walked in there shoes and lived there life - how dare any of you to judge them.
Jon and Kate made the decision to gain financially by exposing their family to the public. They are public figures, period. They will be judged.

You have judged them as have others. Your writing is simple hypocrisy.

SueM said...

If we are going to go down the "Christian" road let's think about it. I believe that God gives you signs when things aren't going the right way and you need to make changes. The signs were all there for the Gosselins. I'm sure I don't need to list them. But, when you miss or ignore the signs, He puts up major billboards. (I've had it happen in my own life). That's what has happened here. They ignored that this wasn't working for their family, especially the kids and now they are in tabloid hell. Kate's boo-hooing that she is caught in this show and has no choice is BS. This is just the next step up from begging at churches. Now, she's begging to the entire public through People Magazine. Boo-Hoo!!

As I said before, she and Jon made a decision that changed their life. It's not too late to correct it. If she really wants what's best for the kids she needs to go home,be quiet and listen to what they all need,not just listen to herself boo-hooing!

She has been misleading her audience for a long time now. This is the price you pay.

If any of us would, or would not take this opportunity is not the point. The point is what we would or would not have done with that opportunity. I would like to think that I would not allow this opportunity to destroy my family.

j said...

I guess I'm a stickler for proper English, but I just can't seem to take any piece of "literature" seriously when the author is incapable of differentiating between "there" and "their". Not only that, but this piece lacked proper punctuation. Not only do I disagree with the author in general but I have no ability to take this piece seriously when it looks like it was written by a second grader.

RealMom said...

Obviously the writer does not have children. My kids don't like me discussing them with their other family members, let alone filming them for the world to see. Heck, I am not even "allowed" to ask their friends too many questions. Plus, everything we parents do seems to humiliate and embarrass them anyway so why have mom and dad acting the fool on TV? When they get to a certain age, you have to allow them their privacy even if it kills you. I think the older two have gotten to that point, plus being female, they get there a lot faster than boys! I know what our life is like, we are just as crazy as everyone else, and that is why I would never allow anyone to see into even "half of our lives" so that we are fodder for blogs and magazines. I don't care who you are, there will always be someone out there who thinks everything you do is wrong, and will always judge you anyway.Sheesh, the in-laws are bad enough I don't need the whole blogosphere. By the way, GWOP was mentioned in "" entertainment section in a little fluff piece about the recent media blitz.

Damage Control said...

One word...CLUELESS!

Janet said...

The saddest thing is...they could have had it all.

It's they way they used their good fortune that has us the most upset. Would I pass up a chance to make that kind of money? I honestly don't know. The Gosselins proceeded in a genre that we really haven't seen before; kids as the focus of a reality series. There was no precendent of the effects and damage it could do.

But I do know that if I did proceed to film my family and make that much money, I would do things much, much differently.

My first priority would be getting out of debt. That would be about one episode. (Think about that one for a moment.) The next priority would be to provide college plans and trusts for my kids when they became adults. That would be maybe the rest of ONE season. Then, some nice fat IRA's for us.

Then, as the money kept rolling in, I would be thrilled to not have my husband have to work on his days off or double shifts. He could work normal hours - that would be a thrill to the kids as well to have Daddy home more and able to do things with all of us.

Would I take a free trip here and there? Probably. And I would do it for the kids. I have to concede on that one. But I honestly would not be comfortable with ALL the little trips to events and parks with all the special treatment. That I would not do. The guilt would kill me as I was now very financially secure, even well- off.

Would I move...maybe. If not, I would definitely do some home improvements. No on would fault the Gosselins for that. But to move to a million plus home that size on that acreage was really just greed and overkill. They don't NEED it. Kate wanted it.

Think how differently their lives would be if:

Jon, with the financial freedom they now had, pursued his dream job, or go back to school with no pressure. He could have done ANYTHING with his life.

Kate had remained a SAHM till the kids were in school full time and then she too could go back to school, do some nursing shifts, or ANYTHING she wanted to - that would allow her to remain a MOM to the kids.

By Jon quitting all "outside" work, he lost his position as provider. He had no drive, no ambition, no goals. That was the start of the downhill spiral, imo.

They could have remained normal parents, good role models and provided the best possible family life for their children.

THINK about it, to have all you NEED in a home, that large yard, outside toys, even a pool. That in itself would be heaven for most families. To have no worries each month about the bills, no worries about your kids' education, to not have to work 70+ hours a week, to have time with your family....

They could have had it ALL.

I think that is what is killing most of us, they had a chance to improve their lives and they WASTED it all. They blew their whole family to hell with the greed and the lies and the desire to be famous.

And now there are 8 little lost kids whose whole world is turning upside down.

They could have had it all, and now they will still have the THINGS they so desperatly sought, but not what matters most.

They will have nothing.

quincy mackenzie said...

To be a true Christian means to live, and be as Christ-like as possible. <--in simpleton terms

That being said, what is Christian about collecting "love offerings" from well-meaning fans when you're already wealthy, or hooking up with bodyguards, or ignoring your children for a self-professed "career" of scripted speeches to try and sell more books (that were not even written by yourself, but by either Beth Carson or borrowing bible quotes)?

Give me a break.

(And if you really want to be taken seriously as a poster, a little correct spelling and grammar would go a long way. Seriously.)

english teacher said...

Lived their life -- not "lived there life". I'm sorry, but people who use incorrect....

Well, you get it.

MorganfromWV said...

I, currently do not have any children. But I can tell you this much right now, if i did, I would not exploit my children for my own personal gain. I'm sure Jon and Kate were afraid when the sextuplets were born about how they were going to make the money to raise them and this opportunity was given too them..but they took it too far and still are! You do not need millions of dollars to raise your children right and give them what they need to be good citizens and adults when they grow up. Children need love, attention and guidance..none of which cost a penny!
I do not claim to be Christian in any way shape or form, and I do not believe I have ever heard anyone on this blog state that Christians ARE perfect. We are all just saying, PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH! If you are going to go on National TV and claim to be a christian and live by christian values..well by god you better!
Yes there are tons of people out there harming children by abusing and molesting them..but that's not the point here at all!! The point here is people are worried about the emotional impact this crap is having on these kids. Why everytime parenting is questioned to we have to bring up stuff like molestation. I WAS molested as a child and NOT by my parents...and I hate it when people start throwing stuff around like that when it has absolutely nothing to do with this situation!

Jana said...

I will be honest. If TLC or another network approached me and said they wanted to do a show about my life as a single mother, I would be tempted by the money. However, having seen what happens to people who put their lives under the spotlight, I would not jump at the chance. I would consider a one-time show, with a one-time check -- sure, because that money would come in handy to put into a trust fund for my son's college education. Or I might even consider a twice a year special.

Of course, this all would depend on how my son felt about the whole thing. If my son was like Mady, always having meltdowns and clearly frustrated by the whole thing -- I wouldn't do it. It really is as simple as that.

Finally, to presume that because I am here advocating for the Gosselin children means that I am NOT advocating for children in abusive homes, is illogical and mistaken. I donate regularly to a local women's shelter - a place that provides a safe haven for battered women and their children. No, I am not out in the frontlines fighting against abuse, as a district attorney prosecuting those crimes, or as a police investigator putting abusers in jail -- but I do what I can with my own resources.

Fortunately, my heart can hold concern for both the most terribly abused and those who are considered merely "neglected," or in the Gosselins case, forced to work to earn their keep, unloved by their mother, pinched, frightened, made to feel icky, dirty or nasty, left to fend for themselves on a cold laundry room floor, dragged hither and yon for the cameras, and given headaches by the bright lights installed in their home for filming purposes.

Ian said...

I'd love it if Jon got the kids and Kate had to pay him support.

Stacy said...

I agree with the original poster.

Even though many of you are claiming you would not do it, I dont believe you. Not trying to be mean, but seriously, its easy to SAY you are above it.

I believe I would not do it. I am saying I would not do it. But then I have not been offered the opportunity to be on my high horse and turn it down.

Look, nobody intentionally plans this kind of destruction. It started with one special show.

Then two.

Then a series.

Then destruction.

Nobody plans to fall into sin and destruction. The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy and he does it one baby step at a time.

I almost always agree with the comments on this forum, but I disagree with people on this point. Two many folks looking down their noses saying they wouldnt do it....I wonder what you ARE doing that we could judge.

The poster made grammar errors but the point remains.

Kate never set out to destroy her family. Nobody does. Its called a mistake. HOWEVER, her continued behavior is what I am now judging. I understand how this all could have started and got out of control, but to continue the destruction out of greed is the point.

I have to question people who can say what they would do for sure in ANY given situation with such tenacity because its not possible until you are actually faced with it. The best we can do is say what we BELIEVE we would do.

I wish people could be more honest with themselves and others.

nosheeple said...

"It's eveident that they love their children, the money would improve the lives of their children, so what the issue here?
There is NO proof theese kids are suffering what so ever."

I will go out on a limb here. Everyone always says it's clear they love the kids. I disagree. I have not seen any love shown, especially by Kate. Even the smothering she does to Hannie is not love. Exactly how is it apparent? What is the definition of love--is it putting the parent's needs and wants first? Letting the kids support them and saying they can make their own money when they grow up? Not giving them basic affection and understanding or even letting them do simple things like get messy or eat their own birthday treats? Let them lie on cold floors then they are sick? WHERE is the love?? Hello?! There IS evidence the kids are suffering! Only someone who saw the first one or two seasons would say otherwise.

Cherier1 said...

Amy - Well Said!

Sulmith said...

"Until you have walked in there shoes and lived there life - how dare any of you to judge them."

I have never understood why people believe this is a valid argument against judgment.

I don't have to walk in the shoes of a murderer or a rapist to know that murderers and rapists are evil.

I also don't have to walk in Jon and Kate's shoes to know that they are perpetrating evil on their children while laughing all the way to the bank with their blood money.

And no, I would never do such a thing to my children or my husband because I love THEM, not money.

Expositor said...

Personally, I wouldn't expose my self or my children and all our flaws to the world for money.

And it just seems wrong to me to exploit your children so you do not have to work at a job.

Fathers are to provide for their children, the Bible says, or they are "worse than an infidel."

So I do not see Jon's refusal to work as a Christian trait.

The Bible also says that the mothers are to be "keepers at home."

So I do not see Kate's abandonment of her 8 children as a Christian trait.

If you compare the Duggar family and how they treat and respect each other, and live their faith to the Gosselins and how Kate abandons her kids and denigrates their father at every opportunity I believe that anyone could see that IF Kate is saved, she is sure out of fellowship with the God she claims to believe in.

I don't say that to "judge" her, I say that out of concern for her soul.

And it is wrong to exploit those children. It is as abusive as any other kind of abuse.

KatesNoMom said...

Am I the only one who thinks KATE wrote the original post?! Sounds just like her grasp of the English language to me....

ps: Pet peeves: THERE vs THEIR and ALOT vs A LOT LOL

Just Sayin' said...

Megan said...was this written by a 4th grader?I don't think so. Fourth graders have usually been taught the difference between "to" and "too," or "their" and "there." They learn that apostrophes are used to indicate possession or contractions, not to make a plural. And that "a lot" is two words.

As for the message of the "lesson," I dare to judge anything that someone puts out into the public. I didn't seek out the Gosselins, peek into their windows, follow them around in the grocery store to put my nose in their private business. They made their private business a public display. Something I'd never do.

I love the, "people do a lot worse to kids." Hey, Gosselin kids. Suck it up. Lots of other kids get treated much worse than you. So what if you're lonely. If you have no friends. If your parents are too busy with their own interests to spend any time with you. So what if your birthdays and vacations aren't for you, but for the strangers paying the bills. So what if nannies and helpers fill your lives. So what if you can't have friends, and your family has all been cut out of your lives.

Suck it up. Only homeless, molested, or beaten kids are allowed to hurt. Right?

Barb said...

Where there is smoke there is fire. JandK need to change their names and move somewhere away from this all. China maybe? lol

Glenda said...

Ok I'm not sure where to put this so moderators you can decide I guess. I am watching TLC today *LOVE what not to wear* and there's a commercial that there is a marathon of Jon and Kate plus 8 next weekend. It starts with the first epidode. I thought how odd. Then there was a commercial for the season premiere and it says 'Jon and Kate face each other and talk openly for the first time' Does this mean it won't be a 'taped' episode with the kids or what? I know we won't get the truth from them but I find that odd I guess. I just feel so sorry for the kids that they have to live in this mess. I say let's have a sit down interview with Cara and Mady that would be more interesting than Jon and Kate.

Gotcha said...

You know, I might do it for a season or two at max.

Kate intends to keep the series for as long as the public would like... at any cost. That's where the harm to the kids comes from. This ruthless "the world owes me" attitude.

Megan said...

to Just Sayin:

you're right - it looks like a first grader wrote it!

As another poster mentioned - it was probably the Queen Bee herself.


BostonBean said...

Also, I'd like to point out that we know for sure that the kids have suffered emotionally; but we can't rule out the physical part.
We didn't see it on film; but we did see the red spoon and the we can't rule that out.

Dunwoody Mom said...

I don't have to walk in Kate Gosselins $300 heels (which, btw, were paid for by her children) to know that what she is doing to her children is wrong!!!

Yes, I agree this post was most likely written by a young woman with no children of her own. A real mother goes out of her way to protect her children - not allow every movement to be filmed for national television.

Molly said...

Enough about them paying for really ticks me off..."I", and the rest of my state of Pennsylvania is paying for their college and I want to scream everytime people, including the Gosselins, themselves, speak of that. PA is paying in FULL for them to go to college...and besides, I went to the top school in PA (UPENN) and am paying lots of loans, like most americans...if the Gosselin kids have to take out loans, the earth will still rotate...sorry, it just ticks me off, they tick me off...

Rap541 said...

"Also, Christian's are not perfect they even lie - we all sin - but that does not mean that they are not doing what they feel in the themselves to be correct."

So in other words, "being Christian" in no way means Kate and Jon are better people and their religious nature has NO bearing on how we should view them, correct?

Because part of the problem here is that the Gosselins being Christian is held up as a badge of honor. They're CHRISTIAN aka they're good people - that is what people mean when they play the Christian card, correct? I'm not attempting to offend those of you here who are Christian - and this includes Sharla - but I respectfully point out that you can't have it both ways. Either being Christian has a bearing on morality or it doesn't. Jon and Kate seem to portray themselves as Christians in order to take advantage of the "Christian = morally decent" view that a lot of us hold. I mean, does anyone think that Kate and Jon portray themselves as *struggling with faith*? Or do they portray themselves as good people who God has blessed? They seem to harp on "we were good Christians and prayed and put our faith in the Lord and cha-ching! The Lord came thru for us because we're good Christians". I mean, I don't see Kate and Jon pandering to any other religious groups with how they're awesome Jews. They have worked the "we're good Christians and look how the lord has blessed our faith" story since they concieved the sextuplets. So I think yes, their morality needs to be looked at.

Is it Evangelical Christian now to pump out a bunch of kids and then have an open marriage?Is that good for the kids? Are Jon and Kate good Christian parents for having the family AND seperate girl and boy friends? Is it loving your kids and teaching them Christian decency to show them you love Mommy and Daddy's friend? And Mommy loves Daddy and Uncle Steve? (in fairness I think the allegations against Kate are more ambigious than the ones against Jon)

It always seems like the Christians who spout the most about how decent and Christian they are, are the first ones to cry "we're all sinners" when they get caught. It's one of those things that makes the Christian religion a lot less palatable to me - there's a lot of looking down on others, and no personal responsibility. All you have to do is whine how we're all sinners, and you get to disregard your own mess.

Personally I don't think this marriage is salvagable, and I think the ugly reality that Kate's family seems to be taking the adulterer's side and not Kate's says a great deal about the nature of her mental issues.

Kelly said...

if TLC or any other network approached any of you ... and offered you the same oppurtunity at least 80% of you would take it.

I have to say, I would be tempted at first, but after thinking about it for a little while, I'd remember that:
1. I value my privacy.
2. My child is his own person and not mine to exploit.
3. There are a lot of perverts out there and I, in no way, would want to bring my precious child to their attention.

As for the assumption that these children aren't being abused, I completely agree with other posters who say that emotional abuse can be just as, if not more so, damaging than physical abuse. It's clear that these kids are becoming messed up. They're bonding with near strangers, having emotional outbursts, and are showing delayed development.

The fact that there is actually a Facebook group out there that is dedicated to hating Maddy is sickening. And that would have been all it took for me, as a parent, to take the show off the air. Jon and Kate are exposing their children to this kind of scrutiny? Disgusting. And I do judge them, they are adults and responsible for their own decisions.

imcallingitlikeiseeit. said...

Honey, abuse is abuse.. Some just hide it better than others and some just refuse to see it happening. Why would you take pleasure in watching it? You have just contributed to their demise.

Your voyeuristic nature is evident by your extreme un-natural attraction to the show that features children under 10. Do you even watch Nancy Grace.
It's nasty and unseemly for a grown person to watch that show and have any kind of good opinion about it or why it's happening unless they have some sick need deep down inside to satisfy. So stop trying to justify a sick obsession and go get some help.

CeeElleDub said...

If the Jon and Kate saga gets to divorce court it could benefit the kids financially. In theory, a judge could have access to all the finances and assets of the couple and see where the kids needed to be looked out for financially by insisting both parties put money into a trust for the kids. Frankly, neither "adult" seems to be able to be mature enough to handle money. Once the current resources of the association with TLC and her "celebrity" status fades, Kate is likely to become even more foolhardy and desperate to hang onto the "fame" and be more gullible to people ready to take advantage of her and her financial resources. She will continue to feel entitled to the money and justify spending it for what is best for her. She will use the money to control the kids, just as she uses favoritism and manipulation of affection now. Although I feel Jon is the stronger nurturing parent, I think is judgment is not great and I look at his career path as means of gauging his ability to make sound decisions in areas like finances.

It's going to take a great deal of money to pay for the counseling and therapy those kids are in need of now and in the future.

kim said...

Jenniie said...
I watch the show-- I'm not obsessed -- i dont track their every movment.
Neither do i think it's necessary, alot of the bloggers here mention how they are not a fan of the show and disagree but they know EVERYTHING up to the last couple of weeks.
Lets watch their show and leave it at that, it's the media spreading lies and romours that will cause emotinal harm and additional stress to the family.
Whether they did it for the money is neither here nor their--- i'm finding it hard to see what you guys are trying to prove?
It's eveident that they love their children, the money would improve the lives of their children, so what the issue here?
There is NO proof theese kids are suffering what so ever.

Doesn't it seem that the majority of those who speak out in support of KON have the literary skills of elementary children? In my opinion, they sound foolish and cannot be taken seriously.

wramblinwreck said...

"Two many folks looking down their noses saying they wouldnt do it...."

Er, that would be "too" not "two" many folks.

"I wonder what you ARE doing that we could judge."

Unless you've sold your family's life to a TV show for public entertainment, and become a media whore to promote yourself, no one would be interested in what you're doing.

"I have to question people who can say what they would do for sure in ANY given situation with such tenacity because its not possible until you are actually faced with it."

Of course it's possible to say (and believe) that you wouldn't sell out your family for public entertainment. You may choose not to believe it, but that's your issue. I think the "you would do it too" mentality is all about dragging people down to the lowest common demoninator; i.e., when there's money involved, there's nothing anyone wouldn't do to get it. And it's sad there are people who believe it isn't possible to know with certainty that some choices just aren't worth it.

SwingsandRoundabouts said...

First of all. when one describes oneself as Christian it is not a character reference. True Christians live their beliefs and don't need to tell anyone what they are; their behaviours should speak for themselves.

Secondly, no I would never sell out my family to this extent. I understand the facination of HOM families, but a couple of specials a year should have sufficed to secure their financial futures.

Additionally one's home should be a refuge from the world, a place of peace and serenity. Bringing the world into one's home destroys that refuge for all concerned, adults as well as children.

Your home, your parents and your extended family should be there to cushion your falls, not to exploit them for the entertainment of strangers.

So yes, put the focus on the children and get all of the chaos and disruption and the strangers out of their lives. Jon and Kate, if it is not too late, start to protect these kids and give them a safe haven, a soft place to fall.

Endersmom said...

My family and I were approached to be on a reality TV show. I won't say which one. At first, the idea of the money payout was enticing but the application to be on the show was ridiculous. We were basically giving them access to all of our life including past relationships and all our finances. I was totally uncomfortable with that. The more I thought about it the more I couldn't do that to my kids. I don't want fame or notoriety that bad. Thank you very much. I don't understand some people's desire to be on TV, but it is their choice. If they sign everything and give up their lives for the payout then they can't turn around and blame the TV show for ruining their lives. They signed up for it. They knew there would be consequences. I didn't want those consequences so I threw the application away.

I teach grammar said...

This week's post intended to educate was provided earlier in the week.
Exactly who is the one trying to educate us? FYI we are the educated ones as we called it along time ago about Jon and Kate and the tragedy that they are in.
Also it is THEIR not THERE when you are speaking about people. THEIR-people
THERE- over there. I think the writer needs to be educated.

Jennifer D said...

You have to question the mentality of the people who still support this travesty.

They need to fit in one of these categories:

1) uninformed and only casually watch the show.

2) behave like Kate or worse and appreciate the validation

3) gullible beyond belief.

Am I missing anything?

nofanofthem said...

in regard to KON being "christian," they certainly don't act like any Christians I know. It it my personal opinion, that they claimed to be Christians as part of an agenda to get a foot in the door at churches to rob decent god-fearing folks, who were highly likely to donate money to a "worthy cause."

Bridget said... has photos of Kate, all the kids and Steve the bodyguard leaving Party City with balloons, pinatas and other party things. They were filming and Jon wasn't with them. They say it was today.

bowtiejess said...

Lets watch their show and leave it at that, it's the media spreading lies and romours that will cause emotinal harm and additional stress to the family.

I have to disagree with this. First of all, I think it's the parents causing emotional harm to the children and each other. And let's not forget that Kate has been running to the media for a variety or reasons, most self serving. So it's ok for her to go plug her book but not ok for anyone to question what she is doing?
No, I can say with utmost certainty I would not do the show. I don't like being the center of attention, for any reason. I also believe that your special private moments are just that- private.
My husband was in Iraq for 15 months and during that time he made about twice the money that he does while stateside. He could volunteer to be deployed again. We would have a lot more money. Money can't buy happiness though, it can't buy peace of mind (especially when you are worried about you husband being killed) and though it can buy more clothes, toys, books etc. for our 2 children, it does not make our lives better. What does is having our family all under one roof to spend time together and love each other. I wish this family could find a way to do just that. No cameras or books to sell. No product placements. No not-a-nanny taking care of the children while Mommy feeds her ego and Daddy is out at the bar. Just a family. Together. Loving each other and treating each other with respect. It makes me so sad to think this may be impossible for the Gosselins.

DeeB said...

Wow. What a poorly written post. Well I guess that old saying is true. Ignorance is bliss.

sueshe said...

She claims her hairdesser gets calls from all over the country......How does anyone know who Kate's stylist is?
I think it is just an over inflated ego speaking!

Shari said...

I have no idea who posted this or why a name wasn't attached as they usually are, but here are a few things I took away from it and would like to address:

1. TLC didn't approach Kon .... they were farming their children out while still in the womb.

2. Opportunity is spelled like this.

3. True, we shouldn't be judging them. However, by choosing this high profile life, they are inviting, nay welcoming, the public opinions. ("The good the bad and the ugly" as Kate enjoys saying.) They need to start to consider what those same public opinions are doing to their children.

4. Commas are our friends. Please use them. (Notice the different spellings of 'are' and 'our' even though they sound similar.) BTW, so are periods. (That little dot at the end of a sentence.)

5. Yes, there are things that go on in our family that I would never want to be aired on television. That's why we choose not to.

6. 'There' is used when you're discussing something 'over there.' 'Their' is used when you're referring to a personal possession. While we're at it, I may as well inform you that 'They're' is used when abbreviating 'They are'.

7. Christian is not a label. It is a relationship and lifestyle. This wouldn't even be brought up if it weren't for Kate 'labeling' herself as one for the purpose of love offerings.

8. 'To' is used as in 'I'm going to the store.' 'Too' means also. For future reference, 'Two' is used when referring to the number.

9. I mourn the abuse of any kind to any child. Physical and / or mental. So, add the Gosselin children to that list.

10. A lot is separated into two words. (Notice the spelling of 'two' I used.)

Finally, when you're typing, a red line will appear under the word if it is wrong. Thus, the red line that is staring at me right now under the name Gosselin. Why? Because they are WRONG.

PS. Your & You're can also be confusing. Please be careful.

LovinMyRugrats said...

The issue that I have with Kate isn't that she wants a career for herself or that she hires nannies to watch the kids. Plenty of working mothers have raised well-adjusted kids using childcare, whether it's daycare or private nannies.

The biggest problem I have with her is that her chosen "career" requires her and Jon to strip their kids of their privacy, which thereby, erodes their dignity, self worth and any sense of fairness and safety in the world. And yes, this constitutes emotionally neglectful parenting, and it will affect the kids in the long-run.

The other big problem I have with her is that she's been shoving in the public's face the patently false image that she's a hands-on, stay-at-home Christian mother. And that's because it's what the church folks — the people she's been duping into giving her "love offerings" — want to hear. They want a certain model of Christian motherhood — the stay-at-home mom with conservative values who talks Jesus and cooks, cleans and handles the kids' day-to-day care.

I have a problem with any and all reality shows that feature children (Supernanny, Little People Big World, 18 Kids and Counting). Some of the most humiliating moments of their lives are right there - on display for millions to see. That is not a normal, healthy way to live out a childhood. And Jon and Kate Plus 8 has been among the most egregious of them all.

I just don't understand how people can't bring themselves SEE this.

Whitney said...

Teryn said...

It CRACKS ME UP when people decide to go on the defensive and use the excuse they are Christian. As soon as they say that, everything else is just blah blah blah to me.

Teryn said...

Being invited into their home via cameras for years now, we are in a sense walking in their shoes and seeing how they live their life.

Judge On!!!!!!

I know more about each Gosselin kid from watching the show, than I do my own nephew. How weird is that?

Kelly said...

I would NEVER take the money! My family is worth more to me than any amount of money to trade for our privacy and their childhood. As for the comment about not judging till you walked a mile in their shoes, I mean are you kidding??? They put themselves on tv, when you do that, you open yourself up to criticism. Kate says all the time you see the good, bad & ugly. What also highly pisses me off is that Kate had all these Bible verses plastered all over mirrors & cabinets, yet she would offer a contract to her husband to allow him to have girlfriends on the side?? It's crazy!! I saw through the fraud like most of us here have, and it's painful to know what those children have to endure. According to the Star article, Kate has tight rein on that money, those kids will never see a dime of it.

At Last said...

She claims her hairdesser gets calls from all over the country......How does anyone know who Kate's stylist is?

Yes just like all the e-mails she gets from people saying Kate INSPIRES them. When in fact, her e-mail box has been full for months. Another lie from ol' Mrs. Kate.

BMWoP said...

sueshe said...
She claims her hairdesser gets calls from all over the country......

Yeah, from people looking for a dog groomer or someone to pluck their chickens.

jen in pa said...

This is the GWOP board. I'm always open to intelligent discussion, but there are quite a few obvious sheeple posts being made.

Just a side note, this board was never about being Christian or not. It's only brought up in regards to Kate because of her proclamations of being "Christian".

I stopped watching the show after the "vow renewal" episode. Personally, I don't think Kate has changed. I saw the same person in that episode as I did in the very beginning. The same person who from the start would yell a self-serving "HELLLOOO!" across a crowded area and think nothing of it. The same person who slapped her husband and constantly sulks about "MEN!". She just has a different look and different clothes, but the same nasty things come out of her mouth.

As for the children, they haven't had a choice in whether or not they want their most private moments filmed for an audience from infancy onward. They haven't had a say in covering up their nakedness. They haven't been able to tell the cameras to go away when they've had the flu. Yet the whole premise of the show is made possible because of the children. The money rolling into the Gosselin machine is only made possible because of the children. No one would have signed up to watch a show about Kate whining about everything wrong with Jon and her life.

You can tell a lot about a person by the people they choose to surround themselves with. When GWOP was stating that the children were being kept away from family members and former friends, the sheeple called it all lies. However, Kate confirms this as fact in her People interview. She states that the only "friends" she has are the people involved with the show. If this is true, then the children have been cut off from their grandparents, certain other relatives, helpers, and friends. No, we don’t know the whole story. But Kate let those people around her children in the past and waxed poetic about how “they love us“. Are we to seriously believe every one of them is a danger in some way?

I am tired of the sheeple throwing "you would do the same thing" or "you are all jealous haters" at anyone who dares question what Jon and Kate have done. If they had earned their living, no one would be saying a word. The whole issue at hand is that they haven't worked for any of it. The money has been made from the exploitation of their children. I just don't understand how you can spin that into anything else.

Staci said...

I'm curious if anyone has ever tried talking to Kate about any of this. I know she probably wouldn't have listened to just anyone but if someone she respected, like say Beth, sat her down and just talked to her. I'm probably just naive but maybe she honestly doesn't see what she is doing is wrong.
I'm just putting this out here as another point of view.
Okay, I'm ready for the backlash now. LOL

Hambone said...

About the pics today on Just Jared...

they were probably getting party supplies now because their birthday was shoved to this Sunday since Mother's Day was last Sunday.
Because Kate comes first, of course.

Also, the dude in the brown coat is one of the men seen photographed recently with Jon in his driveway ( where Jon was looking at the photographer through binoculars ).

Seems to me they are going to blow through their fortune by spending it all on hunky bodyguards.

Jen K said...

I just love how people who claim some of us are sanctimonius about saying we wouldn't do what the G's did, then get all sanctimonius and say we would.

Answer the question for yourself but don't even attempt to speak for me. If I say I have an objection to something, I do and I don't need to justify it or couch it in hypotheticals. If you would do it, just say you would...but don't then spout off and tell us all we would too just because it makes you uncomfortable that people disagree with the concept.

Own it.

Wendy Bird said...

RNmominCA said...

I have not heard a peep that anyone in PA has tried to create a "Gosselin law" like the Coogan law)
Why not? It would protect ALL children in PA.

I agree! This is where I think that Jon could find a calling and help bring national attention to the cause. He could become part of a drive that works on enacting national legislation following the guidelines of the existing CA Coogan's Law.

Jon should continue to remain silent and work on gaining full legal custody of the children(he and Kate can still work out shared physical custody if Kate wants to share in that aspect.) If he has full legal custody, I believe that he could refuse to allow the cameras to film.

As I said in another post; the public will forgive Jon if admits he didn't understand the damage that it could cause his children to have them on national TV. If he takes up a "Gosselin Law" cause, he will become a hero.

Sheree said...

Just because people are concerned about the Gosselin children, that doesn't mean they aren't putting focus on other world problems. Crazily enough, it is possible to care about more than one thing.

abc said...

Bridget said... has photos of Kate, all the kids and Steve the bodyguard leaving Party City with balloons, pinatas and other party things. They were filming and Jon wasn't with them. They say it was today.

That is most likely the Tups birthday episode, which someone posted on another thread was being filmed this weekend at an undisclosed location.

Pretty sad when a simple party has to involve travel.
I firmly believe that Kate demands everything filmed away from home.
If you think LPBW went on a lot of trips just wait until you see where these kids end up.

BMWoP said...

Kate was spotted being a mom again today at Party City...since the cameras were rolling.

Funny how there are never paparazzi pics of her and the kids out and about unless the cameras are there filming. Guess the kiddos were let out of the konpound kennel for a while so mom could try to salvage her image.

dgvmartin said...

i don't even want my husband to consider entering local politics bec i don't want people to think that our family is fair game. just imagining my children overhearing someone saying anything negative about their father is enough reason to be adamant on not letting my spouse do such a thing.

jon & kate should really start being good parents and end this madness. get out while there's still hope that your family could be salvaged.

jen in pa said...

Since it appears a sheeple is posing a redundant question to us, I would like to bring up one more issue that I feel is relevant to this entire issue. Kate supporters love to point out that she and Jon have eight children. Eight! What would you do to provide for EIGHT children? Many of our GWOP posters have shared exactly how it can be done from personal experience. EIGHT is not a justification for exploitation.

But this brings me back to what I like to call The Original Lie. GWOPers, please correct me if my reasoning if faulty. It has always been assumed when they (the Gosselins) “tried for just one more, we got six”. However, doesn’t the sextuplets birth at 29 weeks coincide with a conception the same month as Kate’s hospitalization the prior fall for “overstimulation” of her ovaries? If so, either Kate and her doctor went through with IUI knowing the high probability of HOM, or Kate actually conceived the old fashioned way knowing the high probability of HOM. Either way, Kate knew the odds from the start.

Why is this anyone’s business? Because Kate used her story to cry poor mouth from the moment the HOM pregnancy was confirmed. Because Kate then parlayed her successful church donation domination to (surprise!) a television show whose success was based on the private moments of her (unexpected) children. All the while, Kate claimed it was a “fertility nightmare”.

I don’t believe a word that comes forth from her mouth.

PattyWithNoPity said...

Well; you don't know me or my family..I would never subject us to this for any amount of money. Too invasive; I don't even like getting my picture taken and I'm considered "attractive""!
Our family would not enjoy this at all; could NOT imagine all those people in my house at any given time.. Boom mikes and lights on the ceilings! Yikes.
Kids (and some adults) have a hard enough time in social situations, making friends, school/work, etc..Nobody (in their right mind) would think that subjecting their family to this fishbowl existence would make these things easier. I guess they just thought the MONEY would make things easier and didn't think beyond that. Money is isn't everything.
Right now; work in our household has slowed down; my 21 yr old daughter has been looking for work for 5 months; my brother is working with my husband in his SIDE job(when there is enough work) because HE can't find work; I sell on ebay (when someone BUYS!) and would love to find a PT job as soon to be 16 yr old son will be looking soon.
But ya know what..this isn't fovever..things will get better..and I STILL wouldn't do it if an offer came out way TODAY.
But that's us.

dobzy said...

Hey sheeple, take an English class and learn how to write and spell. You sound like Kate!

Annies said...

K8's isn't even a Sunday Christian, not sure if she ever was. This past Sunday, Jon took the kids to church, K8 took herself to the tanning salon.

Hmm that's funny as my friend's daughter is in the twins Sunday School class and she said they were not there Sunday-Mother's day..Like to know where you got your info????

Wendy Bird said... has photos of Kate, all the kids and Steve the bodyguard leaving Party City with balloons, pinatas and other party things. They were filming and Jon wasn't with them. They say it was today.------------------------------------------------------------

Go Jon! He was not with them while they were filming!

I hope that the "face off" is Jon sitting down with Kate and telling her and the production company that he is DONE!

I wonder if she yelled at Steve Neild in Party City the way she yelled at Jon while they were at Toys R Us?

my9cats said...

Saw the Part City pictures. The poor twins do not look happy.
Why was it necessary to take all 8 to get party supplies?
Oh silly me. It was a Kodak moment for the world press.

Rap541 said...

Just for the record, my harping on howJon and Kate portray themselves as Christians is not meant as an attack on Christianity but an attack on people who use the Christian Faith to advance themselves.It seems like the sheeple tend to throw the Christian card when people start to question how Jon and Kate do things - they are Christian and therefore while yes, God has blessed them, its somehow the responsibility of Christendom to support them as they prat about how they didn't abort their babies.

Point - as a non christian,I don't pretend to know what being a good christian really means to those of the faith - I am a universal unitarian and I understand that means I am not a Christian in most eyes - but I am amazed at how reality show families who act decidedly unchristian in my opinion(roloffs, duggars,and gosselins inclusive) get the "YOU HATER THEY ARE A CHRISTIAN FAMILY BEING CHRISTIAN ONLY SATAN WOULD CRITICISE THEM YOU HATER" defense

SundayRose said...

Sheree said...
"Just because people are concerned about the Gosselin children, that doesn't mean they aren't putting focus on other world problems. Crazily enough, it is possible to care about more than one thing."
Exactly, Sheree! I get tired of reading the same old come-back/accusation from people, so I wanted to note that your comment is RIGHT ON! :-)

my9cats said...

Ever notice the well-written, thoughful, witty comments are all on the 'hater' blogs while the illiterate comments are on the 'we love them ur jest jellus' blogs.

IrishGal said...

I agree with SueM, I mean, it probably isn't unrealistic for someone with sextuplets to consider taking such an offer. However though, if it starts effecting your personal life, stop. You have to be very careful about the amount of filming time and constantly be talking to all of the family members if they are okay with it. The Gosselins are the first class example for how not to deal with such a situation.

Reading news said...

Just looked over the pics at the Reading Party City. Do these kids ever smile? I was going to hit that store today and now I am sorry that I didn't. I noticed the boom mic in several of the pictures - hope Mady got a chance to speak.

Also, who is letting the pararazzi know when Kate is planning a photo session?

She is such a piece of work - with all that is going on why in the world would Steve go along to Party City?

ROFL said...

Save me from the lecture, idiot.

Expositor said...

Annies said
Hmm that's funny as my friend's daughter is in the twins Sunday School class and she said they were not there Sunday-Mother's day..Like to know where you got your info????

My understanding is that they attended the church service but not the earlier SS class.

Robin said...

Well, Steve is obviously not carrying her purse for her in the justjared she's got Mady to do it for her. Can't this woman carry her own purse ever?

LovinMyRugrats said...

Oh snap, Jen K! Nicely put.

WallyWinnie said...

Did Jon or Deanna write this!!!???

John and Sara plus 1 said...

How come people think it is ok for the Hayes, the Rolloffs and the Duggers to do shows but not the Gosselins? The Hayes even do commercials!! I just don't understand why people defend those families just because the marriages are better. It just seems like it's all child exploitation.

DeeB said...

Shari, your post was too funny! Notice how I used the word too. I am still laughing. Loved it!

a voice for the children said...

Would I put my family on a reality show if offered the m

Absolutely 100% no way!

I would never have people I don't even know watching my child as she plays, sings songs, eats lunch, goes to a park, etc. It's so creepy and wrong! The thought of it disgusts me. No amount of money in the world would make me put her on tv.

and also Amy said "Just a few issues these children are facing:
-Being required to live a double life
-Living in isolation from the outside world, family, friends, interaction with other normal everyday people
-Not having the ability to refuse to participate in activities due to contractual obligations
-Being surrounded only by adults that personally benefit from their exploitation
-being unable to speak openly about their true feelings about what is going on in their lives"

Well put, I completely agree!

The people on this blog are looking out for the well-being of these children. That's where the focus always has been here.

teffi said...

How come people think it is ok for the Hayes, the Rolloffs and the Duggers to do shows but not the Gosselins? The Hayes even do commercials!! I just don't understand why people defend those families just because the marriages are better. It just seems like it's all child exploitation.


I asked myself this question the other night while enjoying the Hayes family on tv.

I've noticed with the Roloff's they give back in a way that I can relate to and have tried to teach my son. You don't talk about helping, you get your hands dirty and you help. Watching the Roloff's help clean up after the floods and then help work on a Habitat for Humanity house makes me feel like Amy Roloff (and I give the credit to her, not Matt) is teaching her kids something right and teaching them that it's not all about just them. IMO, teenagers tend to live in their own little bubble and it never hurts to make them do a little something for someone else to see what's outside their bubble.

The Duggars, for all their weirdness that makes me shake my head and go WTF?, their kids are happy, rambunctious, and interact/play with each other and their parents with ease.

The Hayes are new, but so far, again, for me, it's watching the kids and how they act and react. The older ones could teach the meltdown twins (mady & cara) how to deal with their siblings in a nicer more loving way. Not to say that all brothers & sisters don't pick at each other every now and then, but there's definately a kinder, gentler, more caring side shown with the Hayes kids than with the Gosselin kids.

And while all the families have enjoyed trips, the Roloff's (haven't seen the Hayes on a trip yet) let the kids enjoy themselves and try to do things to include everyone. Kate gears things for the tups, leaving Mady & Cara nothing to do & bored (leading to the meltdowns IMO).

For ME (and it's just MY opinion), the Gosselin kids don't look happy. They don't seem to enjoy the outings and don't seem to get to just be messy little kids.

Just to make this longer than necessary.... my favorite memory of my grampa is when my cousin and I asked him if we could dig a hole and make mud pies. He said he had a better idea. He got the backhoe and dug us a waist deep "pond", handed us a waterhose and sat back and watched with a big grin. My gramma freaked over it, but I'll never forget that grin my grampa had watching us caked head to toe with mud.

jen in pa said...

John and Sara plus 1 said...
How come people think it is ok for the Hayes, the Rolloffs and the Duggers to do shows but not the Gosselins? The Hayes even do commercials!! I just don't understand why people defend those families just because the marriages are better. It just seems like it's all child exploitation.


There are separate boards for discussing these families and their shows.

My5blessings said...

She is such a piece of work - with all that is going on why in the world would Steve go along to Party City?
haven't seen the pics.

But, you know........ he's with her in case she falls, he can hold her hand:)

Sorry....... walked right into that one:):):)

isolde said...

In response to this post, all I can say is that people don't like being lied to. I think we are all tired of the hypocrisy. Kate continually claims to be a Christian but acts in such an unChrist-like manner. She might be able to fool some people, but you can't fool God.
And yes, I am judging her, not proud of it but at least I will admit my faults. Kate says she is not perfect but have you ever heard her admit to being at fault for anything?
Anyway, I believe their marriage and family is salvagable. But it is going to take A LOT of work. It will require things that Kate (& Jon) do not possess-patience, faith, selflessness, and humility. These things are learned and cannot be bought, not even with a coupon.

My5blessings said...

Pattywithnopitty wrote:
But ya know what..this isn't fovever..things will get better..and I STILL wouldn't do it if an offer came out way TODAY.
But that's us.
God, what a great post.

I completely agree.

And boy, your life compares with many here. I am sure.
It certainly does mine.

Life can be tough. There isn't enough tea in China to make me say yes to such a "deal"

Sorry...... we've always maintained we would live in a box as long as we were together.
Still maintain that thought.
So, no....... not everyone would jump at a buck being waived in the air......

Rap541 said...

Also why assume that people who don't like the Gosselins embraces the Duggars, the Roloffs, and the Hayes?

This is a Gosselin orientated board. Am I required to state "I also feel the children in all TLC family shows are exploited" in order to have credibility? Because if that helps, I will. Frankly TLC has disgusted me in it's efforts to exploit children. The Duggars clearly are presented in a fantasy presentation, all of their crazy Gothardite religion is stripped from the show (which rather belays their insistence that they do the show to show their faith). The Roloffs are crappy permissive parents who pander their supposed Christian values to Focus on the Family while completely *ignoring* the tenets that FOTF professes - seriously, read thru the website and ask yourself if the Roloffs discipline their children in accordance with the Christian values of Focus on the Family, or if they are just raising the kids like feral animals for money.

The Hayes? Seem like nice people and thats why I fear for them, but I sense that the difficulties surrounding filming Rebecca mean that this show won't last anyway.

Thats before I get into how exploitive "Half Ton Teen" and "Tree Man" are. Now that I have conceded that most TLC shows are freakshows exploiting for money, is it ok to say that Jon and Kate plus 8 is also an exploitive freakshow? Because really, at last check parading a litter of children seems a tad more exploitive than parental.

Anonymomma said...

You are SUUPOSED to feed, clothe, bath, and care for your children. You are SUPPOSED to take them to the doctor. You are SUPPOSED to keep them safe. And as a parent, it is your God given DUTY to advocate for them. Jon and Kate DO NOT advocate for those kids. Unless it involves a paycheck, those children are on their own.

Stop crying a river about how so many other kids have it worse. Yes, it's true, they do. But that doesn't make it okay for KON to emtionally abuse and neglect their kids. Stop passing the buck. The minute the last critic looks away and say "Oh it could be worse" s the minute you can bet that sweet million that it WILL become worse.

I really hope that twenty years from now, one or all of those kids don't come out with a tell all book. Because if they do, it just goes to show that it WAS as bad as we all think it might be. Or maybe even worse.

letthe children go said...

first sentence: a mish mash wihout a single comma
second sentence:Their not "there" X 2
third sentence:too, not "to"
fourth sentence: define "it"
fifth sentence: Christians is plural, not possesive in this case
sixth sentence: not too bad but some will argue that "alot" should actually be two words "a lot" and you missed punctuation between world and the list of abuses.
last sentence: one's is not possesive either

Tell you what, I would not take the money because I would rather be home to help correct my child's homework so they don't write like you do.

Milehimama said...

I have 8 children, and we manage to provide for them without a reality TV show. I am a SAHM, and our family makes around 50k a year - somehow, we're fed, clothed, and live in a nice house.

Interestingly enough, one way that I did help provide for them was to cover and recap reality TV shows for a website.

I've seen enough to know that the I would NEVER go on one of these shows. The shows (the documentary style ones) are distilled down from hours and hours of footage to fit a preconceived storyline - the editors make the show.

One reason there has been so much talk of unionizing the RTV editors with the WGA (Writer's Guild).

Several families on WifeSwap have had their lives ruined from this selective editing.

With JK8 in its fifth season, they should know better. They should be savvy enough to know how it works. I wonder if ratings were falling off, then there was an explosion of interest and speculation after Jon's comment at the end of the season, and TLC ran with it.

Quite honestly, I liked the JK8 specials but never liked Kate on the show. As a mother of a big family, I spent most episodes in "MST3K" mode, kind of rubbernecking for normal moms.

die reality shows said...

The Hayes are new, but so far, again, for me, it's watching the kids and how they act and react.}}}}}

Who really cares how they act or react? It's just another family reality show selling out kids. Who needs it?

Tami said...

Finally, when you're typing, a red line will appear under the word if it is wrong. Thus, the red line that is staring at me right now under the name Gosselin. Why? Because they are WRONG.

PS. Your & You're can also be confusing. Please be careful.
I was ignoring the grammar and spelling since there is always so much of that it just seems useless. However, since we are doing this, WHY don't people learn the proper use of apostrophes? For instance, look at the author's sentence:
"Let's try putting the focus on those children, they are the one's who really need the attention."

I am so tired of the misuse of apostrophes. Hint: every time there is an 's' on the end of a sentence, you do not need to use one!

maria said...

I wouldn't take the offer. I value my own privacy too much. I wouldn't want to open myself up to so much criticism because I KNOW I'm not perfect.

And this paragraph we are discussing, was it written by a child? Misspelled words, omitted words, extra words, horrible sentence structure. I can't take an argument seriously when it is so difficult to read in the first place.

Donna said...

The issue is not that they chose to go on TV. It's how they chose to drastically change their ideals, personalities, looks, and overall parenting when they became "celebrities." Maybe I would go on TV if I was really struggling and needed the money. But in that process, I would NEVER lose my self.

christy said...

This is my first post here. I have been reading GWOP for a short time and thought I would chime in.

If I am perfectly honest, I may have done a show if we were in their situation. However, I am pretty sure I would not have had so much of our lives on display. Maybe we would have done a few episodes and not for years on end. Or maybe an update yearly or something. I am speaking in the past tense because knowing what I know now from what has unfolded with the Gosselins, I would not do anything similar. I think it has gotten out of control. The first season had 8 episodes and season 4 had 41 episodes(correct me if I am wrong). It was a slippery slope.

As far as being a Christian or not, I don't believe anyone can say she is or isn't. Only God knows the her heart or motives. BUT, I do believe Christians show evidence of faith. One being the fruit of the spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. I am not so sure I see those fruits in Kate's life. I know we all sin. Believe me, I struggle everyday to have patience with my children, to speak gently, act kindly, and show self-control. What disappoints me in her behavior is that she always says that she is not perfect, but does she ever say to jon or her children, "I was wrong, my behavior was wrong, I am sorry, do you forgive me?" Now that would show the character of a christian mom and also show her children examples of how to correctly deal with their own frustrations, etc.

As far as judgment goes, we are not to judge one's motives or condemn them (so to speak), but we certainly can evaluate one's actions or "fruit" and are called to keep one another accountable. The problem is, those in her life that were in place to keep her accountable, are now all gone.

I am not convinced she set out to "get rich", but I do think her judgment has become cloudy, to say the least.

To me it is very simple: where your treasure is, there your heart is. So, where you spend your time, energy, and money... that is what you are going to treasure the most.

I do believe their family can be restored (not sure if that is the right word to use) and healing can happen, but there is a great deal that would have to change. I hope they make some good choices. We will see.

Anyway, that was a long first post!

Concerned Thinking Parent said...

As has been said before in this debate, you cannot evaluate a child's life by the lowest common denominator. Just because they are fed and clothed does not mean they are properly cared for. Just a few issues these children are facing:
-Being required to live a double life
-Living in isolation from the outside world, family, friends, interaction with other normal everyday people
-Not having the ability to refuse to participate in activities due to contractual obligations
-Being surrounded only by adults that personally benefit from their exploitation
-being unable to speak openly about their true feelings about what is going on in their lives

Children are mistreated in a variety of ways. There are many of us out here whose physical needs were provided for, but mentally and emotionally we were neglected or abused. That is why so many of us feel for these kids. You cannot be satisified with a childhood simply because it was free from molestation or other extreme abuses.

5/16/2009 5:04 AM

Donna said...

Tami, I just wanted to let you know that on a regular PC, the red line does not appear under misspelled words. At least on mine it doesn't. I BELIEVE that only happens with Macs, but don't take my word for it. Just wanted to clarify that.

HOWEVER, I get as angry as you about grammar and spelling. It's like, have you people graduated elementary school??

Donna said...

Sorry, Tami, I didn't realize Shari had written that. So my last comment was meant to be addressed to Shari. :)

AngelOfDecay said...

If I was actually facing poverty, loosing my home, not being able to pay for food for my children, then I would probably do the same. But that was never Kate's situation. And it is not even a situation she got into by mistake.

I think there should be a separate thread about Gosselins compared to other similar reality shows. Many posters here have either not commented on the topic or expressed concern towards other shows featuring children. But many have also actually clearly expressed their preference for other families, as far as I understand because they appear nicer. I think that is confusing and I wouldn't mind a topic getting further into this.

Cathy said...

I'm a long time lurker who feels the need to respond to this because I have been approached to do this type of show. I was approached to do a trading places type reality show for far less money and a one time thing. I do admit that the original thought of it was exciting. After less than an hour of discussion about it (and before the paperwork was sent to me) I had decided that it was NOT a good idea. Please place me in your estimated 20% minority who would choose another path.

I subscribe to 2 of the weekly magazines (People is one of them). I have already sent my comments about the situtation to them.

I stopped watching this train wreck long ago. I will certainly be tempted to watch the new episodes, but I will purposely change the channel. There is no "entertainment" in watching these children be miserable.

Midwest Mom said...

The author of the post said, "If I had a million to bet I would that if TLC...offered you the same oppurtunity at least 80% of you would take it."

Count me in as part of the 20% that would never sell their children lives or my marriage for money.

I believe in living the old-fashioned way...perhaps you've heard of working hard at a real job, and honoring your spouse in your words and actions !

SwingsandRoundabouts said...

Christy: "where your treasure is, there your heart is"...absolutely right!

Now take a look at where Kate's heart is. It's on the money, the fame (or notoriety), her whole appearance, her "career", her million dollar estate etc.etc.

Where do her husband and children fit in? I wonder if they are even on her radar anymore.

Ivan said...

If you think we have taken things to the extreme, I think that Kate Irene is the one who has taken things to the extreme. She's looking like a greedy, foolish, cheating woman with her priorities in all the wrong places.

I pity her "bodyguard's" wife more than anyone else. She didn't sign up for this CRAP.

karma said...

"The accusations -- and Kate's comments about her husband -- are likely affecting the kids dramatically. Instead of going on talk shows and speaking out, Jon and Kate should be trying to keep life at home as normal as possible, advises Vicki Panaccione, a child psychologist who does not treat the Gosselins. "Whatever the kids are used to in terms of day-to-day structure, that should be kept up as much as possible," Panaccione tells Life & Style. "Otherwise, their foundation is going to be rocked."

Exactly, but yet Kate is running around the country getting on any talk show that will have her and bragging about the covers she made. She's more concerned how the country is receiving her haircut than how her children are coping at home. Shame on TLC for exploiting it all.

karma said...

It all depends on what is the truth with Mr. Gray and Kate. Personally, I think the bodyguard's business is a small one and all VPs like Mr. Gray do duel duties. Otherwise, the company would have sent another guard to save face and considering there are children on both sides along with spouses. If Mr. Gray is innocent and the company is small--if it is true that he makes $1600 a day. Whoa! He truly is between a rock and hard place. I wonder why that one magazine said Neild's wife, Gina, used to be close to Kate and babysat but they are no longer close friends. Something going on or just Kate over-using a friend as usual?

CountMeOut said...

Ok, so maybe I would be tempted, and perhaps even go ahead and film my family if I was looking down the barrel of 8 kids and all the expenses that entails. Maybe I would ignore the criticism of my parenting - as we all know, different families have different values and ways of doing things.

However, I would have absolutely pulled the plug the second that people started creating My Space Pages about "Mady Gosselin is a brat" and "I hate Mady" pages and all that rubbish.

How could the writing on the wall get any clearer, that you are sacrificing your family's happiness?

mirele said...

It's not like we haven't known for over 35 years that the presence of cameras in a home is nothing less than intrusive. I was a young teenager when PBS (!) showed "An American Family," which is largely believed to be the first "reality" show on TV. Basically, it chronicled the breakup of a marriage as well as the coming out (in 1971, shown in 1973) of one of the sons, among other things. You can't tell me that we didn't know after 1973 that having the camera (and by extension, a camera crew, director, producer, etc.) isn't like having a huge disturbance in the home. We've known this for decades.

Even in the short attention span of many viewers, people know what happened to Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey's relationship and marriage (I never watched the show, so just going by what I read after the fact). Is this something you *really* want to expose your kids to on a regular basis so you can get a fat paycheck? Worse yet, is it something that you MAKE your kids "perform" in for YOUR benefit? Where everything FUN (or what your mother considers FUN) is done with a TV camera watching your every move?

I feel so bad for the kids. I remember very well my sixth birthday, when the party had to be canceled because I had gotten the mumps. (Now there's a childhood disease nobody gets anymore!) If you don't think those tups know that their birthday was given the heave-ho so that Kate could spend time at the spa or whatever she did, then you're deceiving yourselves.

For the sake of the kids, this needs to stop. Children should not be turned into performing animals for the benefit of television audiences everywhere. And I say this also about the Duggars, Little People Big World, etc. Adults can do what they want, but leave the kids out of it!

Anonymous said...

Actuallt, I wouldnt. Maybe that would be true when the show first came out and later when I realized how much money they are making but not now. Not now that it seems Jon and Kate marriage is ruined, the kids are exploited, Maddie an care are old enough to read headlines in the grocery store...I realize its not worth it at all. We can all learn an old, valuable lesson from the Gosselins, that money isnt everything. With money comes greed, more money more problems..

Lawfrog said...

I could be offered a billion dollars and I would not take it to appear on TV and sell out the privacy of myself and my family.

I feel the same way about this that I do about posing for Playboy. I would not do that for any amount of money because it's against my principles.

As hard as it might be to believe, not everyone is lured by money. Kate and Jon CHOSE to have eight children and they should be required to support them the way any other couple with children supports their family - BY WORKING. They should not be making their children work in their own home to support the family.

Kate claims she has a "career." She doesn't have a career. She has one book written by someone else and another book that is essentially a tossed together scrapbook of her children.

She does nothing in her life that she can build her so-called career on. She has none of her own talent at play in this "career" she claims she has. It's all built on the backs of others who continue to toil in the shadows while Kate collects more and more money.

It's very telling to me that Kate's marriage has gone down the tubes and the children are clearly unhappy. That's the price of selling out your family for fame and fortune. It's too high a price for me.

Not Lured said...

As hard as it might be to believe, not everyone is lured by money.

So true. DH and I recently came into a large sum of money (inheritance). A pittance by Gosselin standards, but a fortune to us.

The first thing we did was sit down and make a "dream list" of what we would love to SPEND it on. Just to get that out of our system.

What we've actually done is bought two of those items (a dishwasher and a used car to replace our 13-year-old 145K mile car).

We'll take the kids on a 5-day vacation in August. We'll drive (not fly), and it's within the same state we are and fun but not extravagant.)

We loaned healthy amounts to and donated to a couple of other charities that are meaningful to us.

The rest we've saved/invested for future financial security. We know the danger of how that much money could corrupt and distract us from our family values.

So no, not everyone is "changed" by money... actually what I think is that wealth simply reveals who you really are rather than changes you in any fundamental way.

Kate has always been greedy and narcissistic; money and fame didn't make it her that way, it simply highlighted that about her.

baska said...

Um...this subject has officially derailed. Really. If anybody thinks Kon invented the act of cashing in on multiples they need only seek information on the Dionne quints. It was even more pathetic since it was their doctor who corralled that cash cow. He refused to relinquish control of the children until dragged into court by the parents, and by the time the five little ones tried to find their places within the larger family there was so much resentment and bad feelings built up that any chance of a normal life was shot. Kon is in some good company.

These kids are seriously damaged. Problem is the parents are so basically incompatible that it wouldn't matter if they were in the public eye or not. Given that there are so many of them, the sheer amount of resources that they will use up in their community is stunning. I predict that there might well be issues with teenage pregnancy, drug use, truancy, GLBT acceptance and anger management, along with heaven knows what else.

Unfortunately, since their mother is a raging harpy and their father is a master at passive aggressive retaliation, this can't end well. Whether the trainwreck is offered as a weekly program or not probably won't make any difference to these children. They're doomed. Especially since they are used to the attention and adoration of their public. None of them possesses anything extraordinary appearance wise and Kate seems to be going out of her way to suppress any natural talents they might have. Going for anonymity might be a relief, but it's too late for that. Unfortunate all around.

Annies said...

Expositor said:

My understanding is that they attended the church service but not the earlier SS class.

This was in my response to they did not attend church as posted by someone else on here. Guess what, the Sunday School is not earlier than the service. It goes on at the same time as all services as the children are not in the sanctuary during the service. Only way they get in is if they arrive really late then the Sunday school rule is you cannot get in class and must go to the church service with your parent. If ya don't believe it come and see or call the church.

Miranda said...

I know I'm going to be jumped on for this but, to those of you who dismissed the writer's comments on the grounds that their grammar and punctuation made them sound like "a 4th grader" or "a 2nd grader"...that sounds a lot like something Queen Kate might say to/about one of her kids. It's hypocritical to claim you love children and then shame someone for (innocently and harmlessly) reminding you of one.

BOYCOTT TLC!!! said...

letthe children go said...
first sentence: a mish mash wihout a single comma
second sentence:Their not "there" X 2
third sentence:too, not "to"
fourth sentence: define "it"
fifth sentence: Christians is plural, not possesive in this case
sixth sentence: not too bad but some will argue that "alot" should actually be two words "a lot" and you missed punctuation between world and the list of abuses.
last sentence: one's is not possesive either

Tell you what, I would not take the money because I would rather be home to help correct my child's homework so they don't write like you do.

Before you correct others, correct yourself! Possessive NOT possesive. I'm embarrassed for you. *giggle*

Now, back to the GROSSlins . . .

elizabeth said...

Jon and Kate invited the judgment of others when they chose to do the show. This was a choice they made to invite people to view their daily lives. They can't have their metaphorical cake and eat it too (have a show and not expect to be judged by their audience). I would certainly enjoy having some of the things they have, but I wouldn't want them if they came from "dirty money" from exploiting kids.

I do agree that there are much bigger problems in the world then the lack of quality parenting on Jon and Kate Plus Eight, though.

Dallas Rose said...

I'm extremely protective of my child's privacy and my family's privacy. So is my husband. She's a high school cheerleader and we don't have the sticker on our car with her name and activity on it (she agrees with this, in fact, she insisted on it). We don't feel the need to sell our family's private life for money and mass public consumption. In fact, we feel that's an extremely poor choice to make as a parent.

Just the fact that she signs and charges $20 for pictures of her kids, then gives them to strangers is creepy, let alone the four seasons of hundreds of hours of footage of her babies' lives.

The biggest point here, though, that you are missing by a country mile, is that the Gosselins AGREED to put their family's life OUT THERE. For ALL to see. For ALL to judge. That's part and parcel. It's part of the deal. If you don't want the entire world judging your parenting, your choices, even things down to dressing your multiples in matching clothing, how you feed them, your marriage, everything, then I have some advice: don't sell your family for a buck, ok?

They brought this upon themselves, and willingly. Just last season, season four, they made $3 million dollars in exchange for their children's privacy.

That's sick. And it's not something I would do in a million years, sorry. Your theory is busted.

If nothing else, I really think the Gosselins need to FINALLY be the cautionary tale that is needed in a world in which you can sell your kids' private moments for money. It needs to stop, period. Not just with the Gosselins, but all of it.

If the only way you can support your ten tons of kids you insisted on having is through doing this? You need to not have those ten tons of children. It's WRONG.

Dallas Rose said...

And just to add on here: not only do I value my family's privacy too much to do this, but I didn't have SO MANY KIDS that I would be tempted by it in the first place!

My husband and I have been married for 18 years this December and our daughter is 14 years old. We made the deliberate choice to have one child and one child only because were very happy with one, our family felt complete with one, and most of all, we knew we would have the resources (not just money but time and attention) to do a good job raising her.

In other words, where kids are concerned, we were more focused on quality rather than quantity.

As for money and freebies, together my husband and I make right at six figures. We didn't start off there, but we've worked hard and gotten there. Our only debt is the house and we only owe $90,000 on it. We will have it paid off early. There is $40,000 in our daughter's college fund. We have short-term and long-term savings, as well. Retirement accounts, etc. We're fortunate. Not wealthy, but fortunate.

So why in the WORLD would I trade our happiness and peace as a family for wealth? I still clip coupons (an old habit), but we have enough to pay our bills and enjoy ourselves a bit. Neither one of us has ever been people who want to wear $500 shoes or $300 sunglasses or jet around the world eating in overpriced restaurants. Sitting in my backyard admiring the flowers and watching the birds while sipping coffee in the morning before work THRILLS me. Someone like that is not ever going to chase after the spotlight and dollar signs.

RealMom said...

Maggie, I don't think it was me writing since I was on the "free discussion" section today but I will apologize for whoever used my "handle". I am a little too old to call people names, although I have been known to chew people out, but it was not the "real" RealMom.

Maggie said...

Sorry real Realmom, must have been a troll!

gmu said...

to be honest if I had 8 kids (which iwouldn't because i would not have processed knowing the chances of over stimulated overies was likely) I might have to consider the show. The thing about that is that after the special and maybe 1 season I would have enough money to afford the children and not go on with the show more then that.

Now if they came to me now with us only having children we can afford with our current income I wouldn't do the show. Even if we had identical triplets we still can afford to support that situation and so no show for us.

The gosslins had two beautiful girls, knew the chance of multiples, and went for it anyway. Nw they ae money hungry and using their children to gain access to a lifestyle that isn't worth the issues the children will face in the future.

Joanne said...

Its not the things or opportunities that people object too.
Its the entitlement.
Its wanting more and more.
Its the greediness.
Its the nastiness.
Its the lying.

They are con artists and useing their kids for fame and fortune and the kids are being raised by nannies, instead of a nurturing mom, dad, and extended family.

Jon and Kate are just unlikeable people.

THAT is the issue here.
IF a couple puts their lives on TV for everyone to see, we have a right to an opinion.
Maybe many people would sign up if given the chance, but hopefully many people would draw the line and not let it damage their family.

momof3inohio said...

To the person that wrote this, do not presume to know what choices people would make for the almightly dollar. My husband has been offered a substantial promation twice in the past 11 years. Both would have required us to move our 3 children across the country, but with the promise of great wealth. We declined. We have committed ourselves to raising our children in the town where our oldest started kindergarten and will stay here until our youngest has graduated from high school. Financially, we are making ends meet. Could I have had a bigger house and/or that new kitchen I've been dreaming about? Yes. Could my daughter, maybe, have had that brand new car she was dreaming of on her 16th birthday? Yes. The list of what we "could have had" could go on and on. However, what we have is so much more important. My kids are thriving in a town they love and benefiting greatly from the stability of staying in one place. Their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins are just a short drive away. We have a very close knit church family. I'm not saying our choices would be for everyone. The point is that happiness cannot be measured in material objects and the amount of money you possess. Happiness comes from within and as my children become adults I am confident that they will have happy memories of family and friends and not be missing that "bigger house" that they never had.

grannyoftwo said...

grannyoftwo...I read an article recently( can't remember which magazine) from a B actor who said that all of these reality shows are made up of out of work B-list actors. It would not surprise me in the least if the tups b-party was made up of child actor-want-a-bes hoping to be seen on tv and get a REAL job from it. Just as long as they were not paid! Right Kate????

Jen K said...

I agree with Dallas Rose...I'm fiercely protective of my son as well. I have never been able to get my head around why:

A. A grown adult would want to purchase a photo or a book of photos of other people's children.

B. How a responsible mother could allow "A" to happen.

Any adult who is willing to spend good money on a photo or book of photos of someone else's children has issues...sorry, but it's just entirely too creepy for words.

Now, let's look at the fact that actual real celebrities, many with talent and who have worked hard to get where they are very, very rarely charge for autographs. Kate lives in her own little "Me Universe" if you ask me. The fact that there are wackos buying pictures of her kids means nothing to her.

All of this is psychologically abusive...and a terrible gamble. Why would anyone risk their kids' psyches for money? There are regular kids, not on television, who have dealt with terrible emotional scars from their parents divorce and now she decides to compound the problems by letting them live their parents relationship problems out in the national spotlight?

"Pancakes and Potties" seems downright tame now by comparison.

polly said...

Kate wants to be "Famous" - Betty wants to be "Mom" When I watch Kate Gosselin talk about her family, she seems like she's relieved to have "survived" another day... Betty Hayes seems happy to have "lived" another day with her family!

I seen this written among some comments about the Hayes and Gosselin families. Seems like this comment gets it right.

Molly said...

If my family was approached to do a reality show, we may take them up on the offer. The only difference is that hopefully we would know when to cancel the show if it were ruining our lives!

I honestly liked this show back in the early episodes. I think much of us could relate to the trials and tribulations they faced. However, something switched shortly before or after the Hawaii trip. There wasn't that family bond that they all shared in the earlier shows. Something has been off.

I find it really hard to believe they are not able to look at themselves and realize that they need to take time away from the public eye to fix their issues.

Did they not see any of the reality MTV shows featuring married couples? Yeah, those didn't work out.

Paige said...

For crying out loud. Not every family would volunteer to be on TV! Having watched the stuff since childhood, I can tell you that I never would. Every problem is magnified because the whole country gets to see it.

Also, we know that Christians aren't perfect, but that doesn't mean they can act however they want because "everybody sins." Christianity, from what I gather, is about holding yourself and others accountable for their actions. Kon are doing neither.

Third, just because the Gosselin kids aren't locked in cages, wearing rags, and chewing on chicken bones doesn't mean they aren't mistreated.

Art said...

I'm not a Christian or anyone of any fate. I have a progressive out look on life, if I were to give it a label. I don't see many things in black and white and I'm not one for traditions for the sake of traditions.

If you think about it that way, I would be a prime target for reality tv. I don't have any special book telling me to put my family first or to be good to people or to be the best person I can be.

But I would NEVER in a million years put my family through the horrors that the Gosselin children have gone through. I would rather be poor with a bunch of friends and family helping me out and loving my children than be rich, isolated and bitter.

And don't think for a second that just because those children don't end up in the ER with broken bones doesn't mean they aren't being hurt.

I wonder if you've ever heard that twisted saying, "Never raise a hand to your children. Emotional scars last longer."

When people come on here and say that there are children worse off than the Gosselins and that we should pay attention to them, those people are assuming that we DON'T. Just because we're on this site, advicating the betterment of these children, doesn't mean that's our only priority.

And if you believe that these children don't need help, I want you to say that to them. Imagine going up to Joel or Mady or Hanna and say, "Your childhoods are being taken away and broadcast to millions of viewers, but sense you've got nice clothes and a big house, we're going to ignore the balant abuse and the many times you kids cry for some attention and privacy and normalcy. Have a fun life!"

Okay, maybe not in those exact words, but you get my point, right? Just because there are kids worse off in the world, doesn't make their pain any less real or valid.

Sarah said...

I was emotionally abused as a child, but I was always fed, had clothes to wear and the like.

I can tell you for sure, I would have rather gone without regular then to have been treated the way I was.

As far as physical abuse goes. I always said i would have rather been hit, then screamed at all the time. At least outside bruises fade. When you're suffering emotional abuse, you live with the words that you've heard forever!

Tami said...

Before you correct others, correct yourself! Possessive NOT possesive. I'm embarrassed for you. *giggle*
That's the best you can do? A person can leave of an 's' and it can be a TYPO, not a misspelling. What is so embarrassing about that? Clearly the original comment went way beyond a typo. lol.

Ice Angel said...

This question reminds me of an episode of Mad About You. It was just after Indecent Proposal came out and was really popular and controversial. Well, Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser were in a bar in Las Vegas and this guy in a tux comes up and says "I'll give you a million dollars to sleep with your wife." They looked at each other for about 2 seconds, shrugged their shoulders and said "Sure! You bet!" It was hilarious!!!

The question really is a moral one. I do not think reality shows are necessarily exploiting children. There are several famous kids, actors and reality kids as well, who grow up to be just fine in the spotlight.

Do I think this show has gone its run? Yes! I think if they plan to continue, they should definitely taper off on the children's screen time and focus more on their separate lives, if they feel like continuing on.

Oh...and my kids will agree with me 100% that if someone offered us a beautiful new house, lots of money and free trips to Disney World and all over, they would beat me to death if I turned it down!

NahnCee said...

"A person can leave of ..."



Kathryn said...

Ice Angel: Would your kids still 'beat you to death' if cameras were invading your home, recording your life?
Those free trips, $$$, etc. would wear pretty thin awfully quick, I'm sure.
If my husband were to stick a camera in my face before my first cup of coffee in the morning I would kill him....

Jan from PA said...

I hope I'm not repeating something already mentioned. I just opened the Patriot News (Harrisburg, PA - 1 1/2 hours from KONpound)

Hate was scheduled to speak at a fund raiser for Ronald McDonald House in Hershey, where they lived while tups were in Hershey Med Center. Tickets were $ 45. The explanation given was "the confirmation of Gosselin's appearance came too late to give the organization a chance to properly promote the event." Yeah right. Hate would hurt the fund raising efforts of Ronald McDonald House. Who would want to support anything that woman stood for?

Jan from PA said...

Apologies, everyone. I forgot to mention that Hate's picture was in the paper with a big headline saying the event was cancelled. I imagine more and more people are going to back away from Hate and her growing controversy. Good!

There is a song that goes, "Shut de door, keep out de devil. Shut de do, keep de devil in de night" I think that is a good song for Hate.

Wise people will keep their distance from her.

Lisa said...

When they made the choice to place their lives on camera for all to see, they opened themselves up to the critical eye of others. You can't have your cake and eat it to.

Child abuse isn't only about molesting or beating them. What about emotional? You *honestly* think these kids are going to grow up perfectly normal? Stop lying to yourself because the odds are not in their favor. How many child "stars" can you think of that actually didn't turn to deugs, alcohol, rehab, suicide, etc?

Hope she puts enough money aside to help pay for their shrinks.

Amy said...

Oh GOD, I can promise you I would not take this offer. 100% sure. I am a super private, introverted person and I hate attention. The thought of having a high number of multiples scares me because of the media attention you can get and I desperately do not want that. I won't give up my anonymous life.

Sandy said...

I have to admit, if I were in Kate's position, having 6 babies at one time, and was offered a show...I'd jump on it. Now, *I* would selectively reduce to ensure the health of my babies, but for the sake of the argument, let's say I did have a moment of stupidity and went ahead with the full pregnancy.

Children cost money to raise. it's a fact of life. I would likely be put on disability earlier on in the pregnancy that usual. Disability payments would help a little during that time. But once they were born, and I quit my job to stay home with them, there'd be no income from me.

I'd have to be the one to stay home because there is no way in heck that my DH would be able to handle 6 babies. LOL Plus, I'd want to breastfeed as much as possible. So that means, we'd have to live on his income. There is no way we'd be able to support 8 kids on my income and he makes 1/2 as much as me, so imagine what *that* would be like?! We'd need some kind of income.

However, I'd not do it in the way that Kate did. I'd only do it until we paid off our debts and put away enough $$ to last a while. DH would continue to work. We would not be going to Mr Chow or buying designer clothes or fancy cars or go to the spa every other day. We would still live minimally in order to save as much as we could.

There would also be rules on what was filmed. Film crews would not be able to alter our house for their purposes. They would not be in the bathroom during bathtime or in the room during a diaper change. I would not allow them to portray one child as the monster and others as angels.

We would only do it until they were 3 or 4. And even that is pushing it a little. I wouldn't want my kids to think that kind of living is normal. I would try and negotiate the pay so that we would reach whatever $$ goal we set by that time. If not, ah well. We quit anyway and figure something else out.

These are just some of the ways I'd do things differently.

I don't begrudge them for buying the larger house. They are going to need it! Larger houses cost a larger amount of money. It's a fact of life. At least they got it during a housing slump so hopefully they got a good deal on it.

I also don't begrudge her having a career. Altho she should choose one that doesn't ride on the backs of her children.

I think they started out with the best intentions for their family. But Kate spiraled out of control. it's innate in her personality. I think maybe she's a bit of a horder. Never thinking that what she has in the bank is enough. SHe always thinks she needs more. It's a sickness. My grandmother was like that. She died 2 years ago and we are *still* trying to clear out her house. For example, we found over 50 pairs of gloves thruout the house! And we aren't even done yet!

Anyway, I just wanted to post that I would be realistic about the situation if it were me and how I would do things differently. As much as we would love to idealize it, we cannot raise kids on love alone. Love doesn't buy food or put a roof over their head or clothes on their backs. And 60K a year in a small 3 bedroom house is not enough to raise 8 small children. Parents are going to do what they have to do to raise their children.

The key is to figure out where to draw the line. Kate hasn't figured that out yet. And I doubt she ever will. :-(

Pamela Jaye said...

Christian's are not supposed to do "what you feel is correct" they are supposed to do what God says is correct. Otherwise they would be called "Selfians."

Now, granted, we may fail often, but we don't say "oh, we're human" - we say 'that was wrong, and I'm sorry I did that."
Has Kate ever admitted to being wrong?
In her quiet moments on an interview couch with nothing to "get done" but sit and discuss her family, does she apologize to Jon for the way she treats him, or does she just berate him more - proving that she has either never discussed with him in private her issues with him, or if she has, she has not "gotten her way"?

This woman is going to end up either alone, or only surrounded by people who can monetarily benefit from enduring her presence.

Christians aren't perfect. And Kate is far from the most terrible "example" the Christian community has had to endure, giving them a bad name, but... right now, for me, she's up there.

And if I were truly a Christian, I would pray for her (sincerely) (and probably, some here do). But at least I can pray for her kids.