Sometimes it's the little things in life that mean the most. Free trips or matching clothes kept spotlessly clean shouldn't be that important. Grubby hands and little voices can be perfect reminders of the simple things that matter.


Thank you to mommyo3 for stating it so eloquently.


fostersmom said...

"I might be able to meet their physical needs, but not the emotional needs. It is very difficult. I'm talking about time to talk about feelings, read books and the absolute bare necessities to get done. I cannot do it five days a week."

--Kate Gosselin, Tribune-Review May 15, 2005

"Because of the show, the kids and the family have economic security and the luxury of a mom who can stay at home and raise them."

--TLC’s Statement to CNN

This past week of scandal for KON has really gotten me thinking about their life, their lies, and their future (especially that of their children). It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to connect the dots: whether or not the tabloids are one hundred percent accurate, there is trouble in that household, and it didn’t materialize overnight. I keep thinking about it from my perspective (I am a SAHM of three whose husband works five to six days a week to support us), and I’ve come to the conclusion (as many of you already have) that my definition of the luxury of stay-at-home-motherhood is vastly different than that of KON’s or TLC’s. So for all of you “regular parents” out there, I thought I’d explain:

*This week, my husband was out of town on business, so I had the luxury of being with my three kids solo 24/7 for five days. This meant that I was Mommy and Daddy, and after the kids went to bed, I had the luxury of sitting on the couch watching pre-recorded shows on my DVR.

*Every morning I have the luxury of feeding and dressing my brood and taking my oldest to school. I have the luxury of knowing his friends and their parents, as well as conversing with his teacher so that I know how he’s doing in school.

*This week (and every week) I had the luxury of being with my youngest from waking to bedtime, and noticed abnormally cranky behavior. I then had the luxury of my very PT family helper (a.k.a. Grandma) to stay with my middle child for an hour while I took my youngest to the doctor to be diagnosed with an ear infection. (We also then had the luxury of a second outing to the pharmacy and waiting for a prescription.)

*Speaking of Grandma (truly my not-nanny!), I have the luxury of talking to her on the phone almost every day to receive love, support, and encouragement. And even though Grandma still works four days a week, she makes time for her kids and her grandkids, and we love the luxury of having her in our lives.

*I had the luxury the other night of staying up to bake cupcakes for my child’s preschool class so he could celebrate his birthday with his friends. I had the luxury of seeing the joy on his face when I picked him up that day, telling me how delicious they were and how much the class and his teachers enjoyed them.

*I had the luxury today of reading stories to my child’s kindergarten class. I have the luxury of knowing what the inside of my child’s school and classroom look like, knowing where my child sits, and knowing what my child is studying in school. I have the luxury of being a homeroom parent and getting to plan parties, and the luxury of being involved with the school in general.

*I have the luxury of a husband who takes parenting seriously, partners with me even though he works FT, and knows what’s going on with each child because he talks to them and to me on a daily basis. He does not have to be tied down to a loveseat to get details about the week —he lives them each and every day. I also have the luxury of knowing that when he gets home from a business trip I don’t have to recap the week; he calls twice a day (breakfast and bedtime) to know what’s going on.

*I have the luxury of planting flowers and vegetables with my children, and the luxury to know that when they get dirty, we have one washer and one dryer that I can put their clothes in to get them clean again. We also have the luxury of one bathroom with a tub and a shower to clean them off.

*I had the luxury last week to purchase 3 tops and 2 pairs of shorts online from a discount retailer for summer. I also had the luxury of three of the items fitting properly. And I will now have the luxury of returning the other two.

*And finally, I have the luxury of being able to drop everything for my three precious children, since nothing in my life is worth more than they. I have the luxury of hearing, “I love you, Mommy,” many times a day, the luxury of chubby arms around my neck in an embrace, the luxury of tiny kisses all over my face, and the luxury of snuggly, blanket-clad bodies in my lap. And at the end of the day, I have the luxury of sitting on the couch with my husband, sans camera, and talking to each other, both knowing that if we had to do it all over again, we wouldn’t want it any other way. THAT’S Luxury.

Submitted by mommyo3

Rachel said...

Thanks, fostersmom. Your beautiful sentiments remind me what a great life I have as well and how important it is to appreciate my husband as much as possible. Thanks.

fostersmom said...

Rachel, I didn't write it. I just posted it. Mommyo3 wrote it. And she did a beautiful job.

Great post mommyo3!

Happy Mother's Day to all.

Tangerine Tanya said...

Luxury is:

Holding your kids in your arms and feeling their little/big body close to you. They arll have their own scent.

Stopping what you are doing and LISTEN to him/her and look into their eyes while doing it. We after all are their guides.

Say you are full even though you are still hungry and letting them have that last slice of meatloaf.

Cover them up at night when they have kicked off the covers.

Nurse them back to health when they are sick not only with medicine but with your T.L.C.(Mine not the program)

Ohhh the list is endless.

My children asked me what I want for Mother's Day and I said ......JUST YOU..... Just to be with you......You are my gift!

isolde said...

mommyo3-that was an awesome post! And totally spot on! Parenting should be looked at as a luxury and a privilege. As a parent, you are in charge of raising and teaching another human being. It is the most challenging and rewarding of all jobs. I love being a SAHM and watching my kids grow up and learn and discover new things. Some days are better than others, but hey, that's life. J & K in their greedy, selfish world are missing it! How sad. I hope they get their act together.
And one last thing...what's up with Kate's quote about not being able to meet her kids emotional needs 5 days a week? Last time I checked there were 7 days in a week. She talks like parenting is some 9-5 job or something. Helllooooo! Parenting is 24/7.

craftycorner said...

Kate strikes me as a woman who would be happier being child free as does Jon.

isolde said...

I know I just posted, but I wanted to add one more thing. The big difference I see between my children and the Gosselin's is that my kids are secure in the knowledge that they are loved. I tell my kids everyday that I love them. I hug and kiss them everyday. In the past season or so of J & K + 8, I have seen very little affection between the parents and kids. What I have seen was a lot of "managing" of the children.
Kate's statement of not being able to meet her kids emotional needs, really got to me. How sad that she can't spend even a few precious moments with each of her kids everyday. Seriously, if she spent just 5 minutes with each child talking about their day and snuggling with them, that would only be 40 minutes out of her entire day. How long does it take to give your child a hug and a kiss? She can't spare 40 minutes out of 24 hours? That says a lot.

dolphinfoxx said...

Thank You mommyo3 for that amazing post. I want to say Happy Mother's Day to all of you Mommy's here. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Alexis, Leah, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, & Joel. May God Bless you children and keep you safe.

sueshe said...

Thanks mommyo3, well said. When my children were very young, before school entered their lives, I spent as much time as I possible could with them because I knew that once school started, my children would start a new era in their lives and that the special time we had together would be no more. When my last daughter entered kindergarten, after her half day of school, I would pick her up and we would go some where almost everyday. Just mommy and me outings, just to be with her. Selfish as some may look at that, I knew that once she went on to full time school, her teachers, her friends would take over where I was forced to let go.
The after school activities consisted of running 3 kids daily to their sports, dance, religious classes, etc. And there were countless times where my time had to be split watching the basketball games, baseball games, dance lessons, recitals, and the list goes on. One time, in rounds of picking up the kids from their activities, I thought I had picked up my son. It wasn't until I entered the garage that I noticed he was missing. We did then and still do to this day, have a good laugh about that.
And then the classroom help, I wouldn't trade that for anything. I really enjoyed all those kids with the huge smiles on their faces as they were having a blast and so was I.
I never, ever had any help. My mother in-law was too sick, and my parents didn't want to be bothered. (That really, really hurt). At times, it was very difficult. But I got through it...
Oh and the pets we have had. Bunnies, hamsters, guinea pigs, skink (reptile), fish, dogs. To this day, we have 4 dogs, chinchilla, 2 fish tanks, and a Severe Macaw. We love them all. (We lost our 5th dog last week to old age).
And then the school trips. The museums, the fairs, countless rides on the yellow school bus....
Then the graduation ceremonies. I can't tell you how many I have attended, because they celebrated every time they entered a new school. Next year I will have 3 graduating at the same time.
Now my kids are 17, 19 and 23. I am in their lives in a much different way. My oldest is my best friend. My 19 yr old for the last 2 years has been into drugs, and arrested a few times. and can't tell you how much stress we have had with him. But he is slowly changing and for the best. And the 17 yr old is busy with her boyfriend. Boy, how the times have changed....
The best and riches gift I have are the precious memories of their lives. There isn't a damn thing in this world I would trade for that, not even money. I am so blessed to have had great, great times with my kids.


Diane said...

What a fabulous post mommyo3! And so appropriate for Mother's Day. I'm not a mother yet, however your eloquent post has made that desire a little bit stronger now! Happy Mother's Day to all!

met said...

That was a wonderful post! It sounds a lot like my life.

Wendy said...

If a mother and a father are parenting 8 children under the age of 10, they wouldn't have time for lazy sunny afternoons alone, nights out partying or multiple out of town trips.

How are J&K inspirational?? Who is raising these children anyway?

Ava's Mommy said...

mommyo3 truly inspirational. What you said is what many mothers accomplish every day.Being a mother is putting your self to the side and putting your child needs ahead.

Silly Mom said...

This is mostly a nice Mother's Day post, even though some of it is sarcastic. I really don't consider it a luxury to have an absentee father in the chidren's lives. Far better to take a smaller paycheck and be home at night with your children than to travel so mom can afford a dvr. I can't afford a dvr but my husband doesn't have to phone it in either, IMO. He is present. THAT is my luxury.

tallblonde said...

"I might be able to meet their physical needs, but not the emotional needs. It is very difficult. I'm talking about time to talk about feelings, read books and the absolute bare necessities to get done. I cannot do it five days a week."

--Kate Gosselin, Tribune-Review May 15, 2005


If Kate "can't meet their emotional needs" - they might as well be raised by wolves.

.....and Kate - why CAN'T you do it - as TLC has so eloquently explained - the shows provides a way for you to be a "stay-at-home Mom" ??? *cough*

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to those that provide physical as well as emotional needs a FULL SEVEN DAYS a week !!!!!!!!!

Jo Ann said...

I'm a "not-a-mom" :) but I am here to give all of you wishes for a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! :)

Miranda said...

Imagine all the moms, all over america, enjoying "pancakes with gummy worms" or maybe "waffles with sour patch kids" bed, even!

Sadly, Kate wouldn't enjoy such a "luxury". She won't eat food her kids have touched, because it's "gross". And the little ones aren't allowed in HER ROOM.Pitiful. What a great "ROLE MODEL". NOT!

Casey and Smudge said...

Happy Mother's Day, Moms! Enjoy your day and the fabulous riches that are your children :)

Lou in UK said...

You are so right! I am a SAHM to 6 children and I have no help whatsoever, though they might drive me round the bend from time to time I wouldn't change a single second of it! DH works 7 days a week to support us but still spends as much time as he possibly can with his children. There is nothing better than playing with your children, talking about their day, spending time together. That is priceless and irreplaceable time and is truly an honour and priveledge to have.
I pity KON. They have 8 beautiful children they cant be bothered with.
You reap what you sow, those poor children will grow up sad, lonely and insecure, unable to cope with life, unable to fend for themselves or to trust anyone, with no friends or family to call on in times of need.
Shame on you both, you were given a wonderful gift and you squandered it.

WorkerBee said...

You have to be present in your children's lives. That's what they want. At their age they don't care about:

25 acres of land
Matching outfits from the Gap
Daddy's sports car
Solar Panels
Organic Food
Marriage Vow Renewals
Box Seats at events
TV cameras at their home 3-4 days a week

They want story time, play time, snuggle time. It's so simple.

Mommy in PA said...

Perfectly written :)

And I'd like to add: The luxury of motherhood being paid in hugs, kisses, smiles, and love :)

Happy Mother's Day!
(Hmm... I'm sure Kate is much more interested in today being all about her & not the sextuplets who are turning 5 today!)

Anonymous said...

That was beautifully said. After reading this, I am now going to turn off my computer and spend the rest of my Mother's Day with my husband and children. Thank you!

AnneMarie said...


SHARING LIFE, not things, is the luxury.

met said...

I'm sure most of the mother's who have posted here probably went into school this week and were treated to a Mother's Day Bonanza that their grade school children planned. My daughter's 4th grade class father's made us a wonderful brunch and the children each wrote a poem for us mom's (in front of the class!) My daughter was so happy, excited, thankful etc..that I came in (as were all the students) KON's kids will see their mom today. That's it. They will see her for filming (in all her fakery) and she will board a plane for another week of "stardom". I truly feel the most sorry for the twins. I can't imagine what school is like for them. The tups will soon dissasociate (if not already) from their mom.

Kate actually reminds me of the Queen of England. She has in no way raised her son. He was a heir and an accessory. There is no love there. I do not think Kate loves any of her children. I don't think Kate loves anyone but herself. This all will come back to haunt her.

BobDylansPosterboard said...

Luxury is:

Having children and grandchildren who are still alive.

Some of us have this single wish today.

Jen K said...

What a great post! This is my second Mother's Day and when my husband asked me what I wanted, I just said that I wanted to spend the day with "my guys". My son is sick, I'm just getting over it and now my husband is sick too, so I am truly getting what I asked for! :)

But that's cool...Mother's Day is nice and all, but I really don't think of it as a day that's all about me. It's about my son, because without him, I wouldn't be "Mom" and that's the best job and best name I've ever had.

I also have days where I feel like I'm going to lose my mind, but it's worth it. I complain and sigh and do all of that stuff when things are tough, but at the end of the day it's really ok. Small prices to pay for what I get in return...arms outstretched in the air for me to pick him up, his goofy smile, his crazy head of hair, the way he smells, the way he dances when there is music on tv, and of course...his laugh which is the best sound in the world.

I pity Kate. I really do. She has no idea what she has available to her. She's immature and selfish and I fear there is no remedy for that. It's a loss she will feel probably much too late, when all of these moments are over and done with.

In the meantime, I'm going to wipe a runny nose today, calm a tantrum or two and read some books with my kiddo today. Not a bad Mother's Day after all.

RobandKimplus1 said...

For me the "Luxury" of being a mom is just the simple fact that I got to be one at all. I really do have PCOS and when my hubby and I came to a crossroads of whether to have fertility treatments or adopt we chose to adopt. We adopted a precious little baby boy from Korea. I thank God everyday for him and for the HONOR of getting to be a mommy.

Since Kate supposedly had fertility issues I would think she would be a little more grateful for the plain, simple fact that she has any children at all!

So, Happy mother's day to all of us moms. May we all embrace our kids and hubbys and know that they are the best mother's day gifts of all!!!!!! God Bless...

CJP said...

I am so glad we allow my kids in our room. Otherwise we couldn't have been served the lovely breakfast in bed that our 8 & 10 YOs made us this morning. Honeycomb cereal, cantaloupe slices and a chocolate chip cookie are now my favorite breakfast!

What did you have Kate? A cold, organic bagel from the craft service cart, or maybe a dried up scone from an airport vendor?

I'm looking around my tiny house. The living room needs to be vacuumed, my daughter really needs to wash her face and my son has spilled chocolate milk (non-organic) on his shirt. I wouldn't change a thing! My imperfect life is the most perfect life I could have ever imagined!!!

Happy Mother's Day to you all! Let's us all ignore the vacuum cleaner today!

mommyo3 said...

Happy Mother's Day, everyone! So glad you're enjoying reading the post as much as I did writing it.

Silly mom--just to clarify, my husband is a very PRESENT father. (As stated in my post.) He was away for one week for business training and my point was that he still connected with us. So I have not, as you so hastily concluded, traded in an absentee father for a DVR (which came free with our TV service, BTW.)

Today's all about encouraging mothers who are in the trenches every day, doing what counts for our kids. And with that, I'm back to spending the day with my precious three!

homeschoolin' mom said...

Happy Mother's Day Everyone! Said by a mom who is still in her jammies, with a big coffee stain on the front! I got a big mother's day hug from my little guy while I was drinking it... I didn't even freak out once! :-) That's what Oxyclean is for!

Tangerine Tanya said...


I agree with you! Some of us have lost a child so when they are here on this earth they need us.

Peace/love you all of you on this day!

Lisa K said...

That was a wonderful post, and so very true.
Happy Mothers Day to all GWOP mods and fellow posters. You all are wonderful people!

TN_Mamato4 said...

Being raised by a single mom w/ 4 daughters, I did NOT have many physical luxuries as a child...

However, I remember ALWAYS being allowed to sleep w/ my mom if I had a scary dream!

I remember a hug and kiss every night, and many "I love yous" spoken to me.

Thank you MOMS for giving your children the LUXURIES of life.. kisses, hugs, a bed to share after a scary dream, and lots of praise.

FOSTERSMOM, I loved your LUXURY list, it made me cry!!!!!

I too enjoy the FINE life!!!!!!

Every Sunday (the 1 day out of the week where I actually shower, do my hair and make up) my little boys exclaim, "WOW MOMMY! You're a PRINCESS!"

My husband lovingly made me french toast for Mother's Day.. I love that the kitchen is a mess! It makes me smile!

TO all of the other FINE living, and luxuriously SPOILED Mamas, Happy Mother's Day. We are all truly blessed!

Melibee said...

I am a mother of 3 myself (soon to be 4!) and enjoy the same luxuries. How lucky am I! And so blessed to recognize how lucky I am to have them and to APPRECIATE them and look forward to my time spent with them!

I pity Kate. She is so full of herSELF that she can't even see the treasures she has right there in her children as she toils away racing after dollars.

Friend in New Mexico said...

I agree with Lisa K that there are so many wonderful people here!

My mom was a REAL SAHM when I was a little girl. She would make us kids drink a cup of hot atole(a kind of cream of wheat but made out of blue corn meal with honey and milk)before walking to school in the winter and bundle us up like we lived in Syberia. She made us barbie clothes, helped us make a snow man/snow forts outside,made us girls our Easter outfits on her sewing machine,was there for me when I freaked out when I got my monthly,gave me hot soup,rubbed vicks on my chest and put a vaporizer(there weren't humidifiers back then) by my bed.
when I was sick. The list goes on and on. My dad was a school teacher for over 32 years and mom took on babysitting in our home on top of raising us 6 kids just so she could be a REAL SAHM!

Anonymous said...

That was very good Foster's mom.

When my kids were little, I had a husband who had a job in the military, so that I could have the economic security and the "luxury" of being a stay at home mom of 4.

Like most military moms, I lived far away from my family, and didn't even have a grandma who could help out. My husband's job didn't pay much, and he was often gone, so I ran a day care, and worked nights in a gym, scrubbing toilets and 'luxurious' things like that; so that I could bring my kids with me, and have the 'luxury' of raising them myself.

When my kids were sick, they went to my bed; not my laundry room. Because frankly, I was often sick too, and had no one else there to do the laundry or bathe the children, or clean the house. I HAD to do it all myself.

Since my husband was gone all the time, and I was left alone, and yes, felt lonely and often times useless and insignificant; I had to find constructive ways of building up my self esteem. Self esteem comes from inside yourself, from doing things that make you feel proud of yourself....not from having another person lust after you! Accomplishments improve your character. So, I began to study. I took classes, learned new skills---got involved in community projects, and school projects--with my kids. I Studied child developement; and bought a preschool curriculum, and learned how to teach my kids. I taught sunday school, and helped with the Christmas programs. We did science projects, and sunday school projects--things that interested me, as well as them. My husband also became a scout leader, and I filled in, when he couldn't make it. I grew, and so did my kids.

95% of what kids learn, is CAUGHT not taught. They see how you handle life, and how you deal with things, and they mimic what you do.

All you Mother's out there...

Happy Mother's day!

Anonymous said...

This morning, my husband rolled over and kissed me, and said, "happy mother's day!".

I kissed him back, tried to be very serious and romantic, I took his face in my hand, and thanked him for making me a mother.

He just sighed, put his hands behind his head and matter of factly said, "Oh, that's okay. You know, it really wasn't that hard."


Shoka's Snoot. said...

Please tell me this woman isn't that stupid. Please tell me she's just inarticulate. Maybe she meant that she couldn't meet their needs if she was working 5 days a week at the hospital? Or she was explaining that she needed a nanny or helper five days a week, and she couldn't do it alone five days a week when Jon was still working? Please tell me this woman isn't that dumb that she doesn't know there are 7 days in a week. And please tell me that Penn State isn't giving

AnneMarie said...

He just sighed, put his hands behind his head and matter of factly said, "Oh, that's okay. You know, it really wasn't that hard."

LOL! Best bit of the day !!!!

"wasn't that hard" so to speak. BWAHAHAAAAA

Friend in New Mexico said...

Thanks for your story about you and your hubby. Romantic and humorous at the same time.

Mother of Two(couldn't afford more,so we stopped, unlike Kate) said...

Thank you for the wonderful gift of your sincere and touching words on this Mother's Day, mommy03. It is humbling to read. You should write a book about what a blessing children are. That's the book people should be buying.

Just me said...

Happy Mother's Day AUNT JODI and BETH!

Mother of Two(couldn't afford more, so we stopped, lunlike Kate) said...

I must repeat, I have been humbled by all these sincere comments about what it really means to be a mother. It has made me reflect on my own life. I'm sometimes a hypocrite, certainly not a perfect mother or wife, imperfect in many ways. I thought " Maybe I better stop making all these comments about Kate" .......NAH.... there's still work to be done to FREE THE GOSSELIN 8 !!!

Laura said...

I'm not a mom so I don't get to experience being a mom. However, I do have a nephew.

Last mother's day my mom and I spent the day with my nephew and his parents.

It was the best day. My little nephew and I watched Star Wars movies and he cuddled up next to me. It was wonderful.

I would feel priviledged to be a mom.

That makes me wonder what the H E L L is wrong with Kate Gosselin. Kids are wonderful. Why can't she just relax and enjoy her kids? Something is really twisted with that woman.

Connie said...

Dear Linda Hoyt,

What a wonderful letter, and what a wonderful person you are!

I want to be you "when I grow up!"

Way to go, girl!

msrylee said...

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms, grandmas and "chosen moms and grandmas". I have been so blessed in that I was able to have two daughters, and they each have two little ones. There isn't a day that passes that I don't thank God for these blessings. Life can change in a heart-beat, and we only have this moment to live.

I only hope that Kate will realize this before it's too late.

Old Flower Child said...

Most of us can share our stories about our children on this Mother's Day. However we need to be mindful of those mom's who's chilren are not present in their life. Some are off to,some are incarcerated,some lay sick on hospitl beds,some are to far away to come home, there may be issues/conflicts between mother's/sons/daughters that prevent a relationship or perhaps death has taken a mothers child away from this earth. Whatever the case may be I do wish PEACE to broken hearts on this day.

Robin said...

I realize this is not about the Gosselins specifically, but I read it today and thought it was an example of a large family, and a mother, from whom Kate could really learn something.

I've been sitting here watching her talk this week about how "the tabloid thing comes with the territory." Umm no Kate, it doesn't. You don't see the other large families on TLC shows plastered across the tabloids. and you don't see the other large families in the country, many of whom have a much larger burden than you do, plastered across the tabloids (with the exception of octomom, of course.) So stop using your familily and your show as the reason you're in this current pickle. YOU have created it. I suggest you look out there for families like the one above and learn from them.

TinyDancer said...

I just want to remind everyone that the quote from Kate was in 2005, when the babies were just born. I think some of us may be taking it out of context. It would be a whole new ballgame for me if she said that recently. But I dont think she was ill intentioned when she initially said it.

Abby said...

God Bless all of you Moms!

You sound alot like the Mom I was blessed with. I posted in another thread that my Mom raised 7 kids (only 1 less than you Kate!) and ran our household with NO HELP. Mom and Dad sacrificed alot for so many years.

Then we have Kate who never makes sacrifices but rather sacrificed her children so she could live in luxury. Remember the Mother's Day episode where Kate said we should have this holiday every month? Kate, thanks to your kids, EVERY DAY is a holiday for you honey.

freethetwins said...

Wonderful post, and I love that everyone is sharing their experiences.

I guess you could say my husband is an "absentee dad"--but not really. I don't think of the dads (and moms!) who serve in the military overseas as absentee parents, I think parents who do have to be away for work try harder. . .or should I say "most" try harder.

here's what my "absentee husband" did for me this weekend. He sent me off for a luncheon with my mom and my daughters, then cleaned the entire house--deep cleaning, including taking all the furniture out of the living room and steam vacuuming the carpet. He even rearranged the furniture according to my directions!

When I got home we relaxed, and he drew me a bath--he does this almost every night when he's home.

When I woke up this morning, he sat in bed with me and the girls while we watched 80's movies on HBO. Then we went to brunch. Then he took me to the local nursery to pick out new perennials for my garden. . .then he watched the girls for me while I worked out.

No Tiffany jewelry, no expensive spa getaway, just quality time with my family. That's all I needed to feel honored. This is what I work for every day.

I just hope that whatever Katie Irene is doing that it's worth it. People do what they have to do, I get that, but at the end of the day, you have to look at yourself in the mirror and know that you tried your best for your family. Just hope she can say the same.

Ice Angel said...

I know you all hate Kate and all and certainly appreciate the sentiments of being a SAHM. But ya know what? I am a working mom and my DH is a SAHD. I make more than he did, so it was a simple math solution. I stayed home when the kids were really little for about 6 months each, but we work a very good balance for the kids.

You may hate Kate for various and possible valid reasons, but please don't bash parents who feel they need to work, or even travel, for their jobs. Now many of you may feel her travel is excessive and she doesn't need a "big house" and "fancy clothes" and all, but I guarantee you that most of you wouldn't be bashing on a dad who traveled for his job.

Hate on her if you all will, which is just fine by me, but I think the SAHM self-righteousness is a bit overdone.

Oh...and by the way...I'm snuggling my kids in my bed right now and watching Hannah Montana and just hanging together after a long day of fun together.

Tomorrow, I get the luxery of getting all three up, dressed for school, off to school, then I get the luxery of sitting at my desk working all day. Once home, I will get the luxery of assisting with homework, dinner, cleaning up, bathtime, storytime, prayers and then bed.

I would love to win the lottery and not have to work, but in the meantime, I refuse to feel bad for not wanting my children to be raised in a nice home, in a nice neighborhood, attend private school, play sports, play musical instruments, have decent clothes to wear and all of their other gadgets and play things that they have fun with.

We have a blast as a family, though, and support each other, love one another and simply cannot live without one another.

So like I said-bash Kate for being a hypocrite, for exploiting her kids, or whatever you want. But I think bashing her for being a working, traveling parent is unfair.

Snerk said...

Kate is not taken to task for working per se. She is taken to task for lying and saying the show allows them to both be home with the kids when in reality she seems to be gone half or more of the time lately. If Kate claimed she was a working mother with a hectic schedule, it would different than Kate trying to minimize to the public how much time she is away.

girl whos used to like the show said...

what episode did kate berate jon for breathing too loudly? so many of you mention that in your posts, but i don't recall ever watching that on their show.i would love to watch that clip if i knew which episode that was and when it aired. thanks so much.

Tangerine Tanya said...

Ice Angel said:
Please don't bash parents who feel they need to work,or even travel,for their jobs.

I guarantee that most of you wouldn't be bashing on a dad who traveled for his job.
Ice Angel let me start off by saying that I commend you for what you do if that works for your family and it sounds as if it does.

But there are a few things that makes your sitution different from the Gosselins.

#1. It was Kate who desperatly
wanted "just one more" so
then one would assume that
she would have the desire
to stay home and raise her
children and not various

#2. Jon does not like the fact that
Kate is away from her family
so much of the time.

#3. Traveling all over for fame
and fortune doesn't constitute
as a job.

#4. Kate doesn't "NEED" to work
as she calls it. She already
rakes in a bundle from the

She contradicts herself time and time again. Oh I don't care if the book ever sold one copy says Kate.I wrote it so my children would have it in writting how much I love them. Yet we have heard of her going to book signings every chance she gets.

She is fooling no one.But I can say that she is THE FOOL!

timetogokon said...

#3. Traveling all over for fame
and fortune doesn't constitute
as a job.


A little more elaboration is needed on this one:


MomOfThree said...

This original post was wonderful! My luxury today was having my husband come home from a long night shift to wake my three year old twins and send them downstairs to me. They promptly came running downstairs with their handmade cards and a store bought card from hubby, screaming "Happy Mudder's Day!!" I was swarmed with little hugs and kisses. They then tried, with my help, to make me breakfast. We then went to Nana's and greeted our five year old who had been sleeping over. I again received cards and hugs!
I am utterly exhausted from cleaning,cooking and chasing my munchkins all day. My feet hurt, my clothes are dirty and laundry is piled was the best Mother's Day ever!
I wonder if Kate spent a single second with those eight darlings today? And if she did I am sure she'd be complaining about all the mess...

MilitaryMom said...

Linda Hoyt - I too was a military wife and a military mom. When my son was 1 1/2 we moved to Germany. As military wives we learn to do it alone because our husbands are so often TDY or "out in the field". I have always worked full time but that doesn't make me less of a mom because I was home every night. Even though my husband was gone alot with his job he was still there for us. We've been married 33 years and our son is grown. He works with at risk girls and one of the best presents he ever gave us was when he wrote us a note saying "Dear Mom and Dad - I just want to thank you for always being there for me. I wasn't always the best kid, but you made me what I am and I couldn't have asked for better role models. It's too bad that the kids that I work with don't have the same advantage of great parents."


Cherier1 said...

Lovely, Mommyo3!

And lovely sentiments from the other mothers as well.

Happy Mothers' Day!

Buster Brown said...

hanging out with Sheeple Kelly Ripa doesn't consitute being a good parent.

bowtiejess said...

Thanks MilitaryMom. I had my first daugher when my husband was deployed to Iraq and it is hard to do it alone. I wish a Happy Mother's Day to all the moms especially those whose husbands are deployed or those who happen to be deployed themselves!

down south said...

I wonder if Kate spent a single second with those eight darlings today? And if she did I am sure she'd be complaining about all the mess...

5/10/2009 8:10 PM

complaining again.

alana said...

Old Flower Child,

Thank you for your compassionate and eloquent post.

Happy Mother's Day to the moderators of GWoP and all of those on this site who do any kind of mothering. You ARE loved!

Jane in California said...

Mommyo3 - that was beautifully written. :)

I have the luxury of being a single mom of one child. I work full time outside the home to support us, as I get just a minor amount of child support each month. I have had this luxury of momhood for 11 wonderful years.

I have the luxury of getting up at 6:00 on weekday mornings to shower, prepare breakfast, lunch for my son, get him up, get myself dressed, make sure he gets dressed and then take him to school before heading to work.

I have the luxury of helping him with his homework. I have the luxury of watching him figure out math problems, and sometimes being able to help him by approaching the problem from a different direction.

I had the luxury of rocking him to sleep when he was an infant into toddlerhood. Yes, I rocked my son to sleep every night until he was two and I can still feel the warmth of his little body snuggled against me and hear his breathing drop into deep contented sleep.

I had the luxury of receiving a small plant for Mother's Day this year, one he picked out at a school plant sale. It is beautiful to me, in its 2" plastic pot :)

I have the luxury of help when I bake chocolate chip cookies for his lunches. He likes to mix the butter and sugar, and then get a taste before I add the eggs.

I get the luxury of listening to him talk about whatever is on his mind as I drive him home from school each day. Usually, it's complaints - he got in trouble for talking too much, a boy in his class argued with him over a playground game. Other times, he talks about some new Dragonball Z thing that he and his friends love. I have little clue what he's talking about, but that's not important. It's just important to listen.

We have our struggles; sometimes he wishes I didn't have to work long hours (so do I!); or we both certainly wish we had more money for extras. But I wouldn't trade my life for what Kate has - no way! I could not be away from my child 20 days a month; nor ten; nor even 5. He spends two Saturdays away from me with his dad -- and while I enjoy my quiet time, I am also missing his presence in our home.

All the luxuries that money can buy pale in comparison to spending time with my son. Time that is so precious because it's fleeting. He was a baby yesterday, today he's 11, and tomorrow he'll be off in college embarked on a separate life of his own.

We said...

Buster Brown can you elaborate more about Kelly Ripa being a sheeple? I had no idea that she was one.

organizedblogroll said...

Mommyo3, what an eloquent description of "Luxury".

I'll never forget picking up my daughter at a friends house. Her mom was redoing her kitchen, extremely top of the line,
Subzero fridge, etc.

When her daughter asked for money to go to McDonald's, she offered to make her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to bring there. Her daughter was mortified (Jr. High Age) and I told her I had money to pay her way, no problem.
After my offer, I believe she gave her daughter the $, maybe because I was in the house.

I thought to myself,
sheesh, Sub Zero for mommie, but
daughter has to be humiliated in front of her friends and told to bring a sandwich in a bag to McDonald's.

People need to straighten out their priorities.

PAmama said...

I too work full time, as does my husband. Believe me it's not because we want to but have to. Would I want to go back and be a SAHM, prob not. It's awesome for the mom's that do it, I have done it in the past! Maybe I'd feel different if my kids weren't in school full time. I would not want to be a "working" mom like Kate who is never home though. How could you not want to see your kids everyday? I just don't get it.

shawna said...

I thought I had seen it written somewhere that Kelly Ripa didn't like Kate. I think Kate snubbed her at some event in New York.

AngelOfDecay said...

It's not mother's day in my country now, but this thread still makes me think of my mother and how many things I love about her. I love that she never was a SAHM, she had a life of her own beyond being a mother. Daycare was awesome. I love her for reading to me every night and encouraging me to study. For always caring and never judging. If I ever got into conflict in school I knew she had my back.

But my grandmother reminds me of Kate and I'm glad my mother made a conscious effort to break the cycle. My grandmother is old now but she had one hell of a life and always did exactly what she wanted no matter who got hurt along the way. I can't help seeing Kate in that too, that he children will be desperate to please her even as adults and there will be no reckoning for her emotional abuse whatsoever. Life is unfair. I hope her kids at least sue her if she waste their money.

PhillyHockeyMom said...

This is what makes our country what it is. People can have their own opinions and speak out however warped they may be.

I was in a situation not to long ago with a couple of seniors that love Jon and Kate and feel even Kate's tone and actions with Jon are that of a "real marriage". They have stated to me it is "gutsy" to put it out there. They didn't "get" that the kids are out there for everyone to see and their feelings were that it was like showing "home movies". To each their own.

This weekend I was listening to a repeat of the Howard Stern Show on my way home from the shore and Robin brought J&K up as a news topic, and they almost all agreed since it is a high rated show, it would bring in more ratings from all this behavior. People will tune in to hear more about what has been going. They will look for clues that J&K are indeed living apart. All this will lead to an increase in views which equals higher ratings, which may mean more $$$$ for J&K.

In response to the quotes from Fostersmom, I come from a family of six girls, all within 10 years of each other. My parents did a great job of rasining us, but they never really had time for us one on one. They rarely if ever came to the sporting events I was in as a child and teenager. My two sisters were in plays and I think my mom may have gone to a play, maybe two. Two sisters were in the band and my parents never attended their events. My youngest sister was a debater and I doubt my parents even knew that! I never thought anything of it to be honest until I had my own three and felt guilty when two of them clashed events on the same date and hubby and I had to split up. I would have loved more kids, but I knew emotionally and $$$ wise it would be hard to accomandate more children. I believe Jon knew this as he has stated he was happy and content with just the twins, but I believe Kate got attention when she had the twins and did treatments in hopes of having another set of multiples, maybe not 6, but she knew she would have twins and maybe more. After the tups, there was media coverage glalore, I live in Philly and it was all over the news here, and than the TV show helped revamp their house and that was her first taste of TV glory, whether she liked the house or not! Jon's former boss stated he was developing a wish list for his family on work time and no doubt when they had the tups, they shopped them around in home videos. Just like Kate to think she was the only person to have 2 plus 6 when in September of the same year the Hayes two upped her! The coverage in North Jersey was covered here in Philly as well. Both families are within two hours of Philly.

I would hate to think the TV show broke up J&K marriage, but in reality I think it may have just sped things along. I refrain from making judgements until the truth comes out, if it ever does. For now, I wish J&K would end the greed and take their kids and just go away..........

cdnmom47 said...

I'm a SAHM with Multiple Sclerosis. I'm in my late 40's now and my kids are teenagers. Yesterday was an emotional day for kids, though they don't have alot of money, gave me the happiest Mother's Day I can remember.

My 19 yr old daughter worked all day, but when she came home she snuggled with me on the bed for a long while, just to chat. She gave me the most lovely card and a certificate to have a manicure. She knows that's something I enjoy alot as I can't take care of my hands myself. She thanked me for being a good mom and for always being there when she needed me...I cried, of course. Lately I've been feeling so guilty because I can't physically do the things I used to do...but you know what she said? "You were constantly there for us when we were raised us good, mom"...yeah, I guess we did. (I do have to give some credit to hubby!) :)

My son, just turned 16 and who is such a sweet, gentle kid, gave me a big hug and a kiss and brought me a coffee in bed. He's a poor teenager, lol, and apologized for not having a gift for me...I laughed and said that the hug and kiss were perfectly fine...the best gift I could get. I'm lucky that this 16 year old still gives me those gifts every day...the hug and the kiss. He never leaves home without bestowing them on me.

Some of the best memories I have of when my kids were little are the times when they were covered with mud, having proudly made a 'mudcake' for me...decorated with rocks and flowers, or when they tried to bake cookies by themselves (with dad's help, of course) and brought me a plate of those cookies made with those precious little hands. It might have taken me all day to clean up the kitchen afterward, but those cookies were SO worth it.

All of those 'little' moments in my kids' lives made them the amazing teenagers they are today. I'm so proud of them.

I can't help but feel sad for the Gosselin kids...they'll have plenty of memories of fancy trips and t.v. appearances, but have they ever gotten dirty and had fun? Have they ever made a mess and not gotten yelled at? It breaks my heart that they'll never experience those 'little joys' in life that make childhood (and motherhood)so special.

cdnmom47 said...

Oh, and I have to say after reading just about all of the posts here...the posters here are amazing's because of you that we know we can leave our world in good hands after we're've sacrificed many things to give your children an amazing, wonderful childhood. I commend you all.

KonNoMore said...

My luxury was having my 2 grown boys over yesterday, them bringing pizza for dinner, a card, and a box of chocolates. I told them the last thing I need is chocolates and my youngest (19) said oh Mom its Mother's Day you can eat a chocolate. I then with them watched a NHL hockey game because I know they love hockey and them laughing at me because I acted like I knew what was happening.
Plus I had the luxury of a Gosselin-free gossip weekend, thank goodness.

tallblonde said...

Speaking of Kelly Ripa.....Kate - THIS is what you do when a tabloid prints a story that's not true:

See? You don't say you're "hesitant to believe" the story.....

Kelly Ripa - 1
Kate Gosselin - 0

KonNoMore said...

Well it is official. There 5th season premiere episode is the tups celebrating their 5th b-day. According to TLC it is going to be a huge bash w/friends attending. Was this episode filmed before the scandal came out or after? TLC should be ashamed of themselves.

Denise said...

cdnmom47, your message hit home. I also have MS and it has changed my life.I appreciate the things I CAN do much more.
I spent the day with my Mom and daughter. It was quiet but nice.

realitybites said...

Speaking of Kelly Ripa.....Kate - THIS is what you do when a tabloid prints a story that's not true:

See? You don't say you're "hesitant to believe" the story.....

Kelly Ripa - 1
Kate Gosselin - 0

As much as I dislike Kelly Ripa, I will defend the fact that, unlike Ms. Kate Gosselin, Kelly does NOT require or rely on tabloid rumor and the media fall out of said to further boost her career, marketability and a reality tv ratings.

Ms.Peach said...

KonNoMore said...
Well it is official. There 5th season premiere episode is the tups celebrating their 5th b-day. According to TLC it is going to be a huge bash w/friends attending. Was this episode filmed before the scandal came out or after? TLC should be ashamed of themselves.


Like I said in a previous post, TWO birthdays for the tups. Obviously they didn't film it this past Sunday on the tups b-day.

Taylor said...

I guess "LUXURY" means going to the tanning salon on your children's birthday even thought you've been gone all month!

loriinlancaster said...

Longtime lurker first time poster. Just reminding everyone that you dont have to be a christian in order to be a good person. There are plenty of good people who know right from wrong that are Hindus, Jews or Muslims for example. There are Atheists out there that are good people. Kate calls herself a Christian but is very far from practicing the beliefs. I am myself Christian but no matter what religious beliefs you have you can still be a good person and listen to your conscience. The Christian offense and defense tactics should be left out. We all inherently have a conscious that tells us right from wrong. On another note-1. Child exploitation is the number one issue regarding this show for myself and I believe everyone else on Gwop. It is a VERY serious problem. Not just for this show but for all "reality shows" with children. 2Commenting on Kate herself is a seperate entity altogether. She is a annoying person. Its a great outlet to have a place like this to be able to snark on someone that is a completely irritating, confused, delusional, hateful, joyless human being. She puts her on tv and that is her choice. Why cant we make personal comments about her? She chose to introduce herself to the nation via national/internationel tv. In return everyone in that has seen her through the media has every right to have a personal opinion of her and talk about her skunkopine hair if they want to! P.S. Yes I live in Lancaster and we are all happy she's outta here!

Holly said...

I bet when the show gets cancelled Kate will become cast in one of the "Real Housewives" shows. It would suit her so much better anyhow and she wouldn't have to share as much of the attention. Ha Ha.

Mommy in PA said...

KonNoMore said...
Well it is official. There 5th season premiere episode is the tups celebrating their 5th b-day. According to TLC it is going to be a huge bash w/friends attending. Was this episode filmed before the scandal came out or after? TLC should be ashamed of themselves.


I wonder what friends they have left....
Perhaps Jodi and/or Beth will return?

PAmama said...

KonNoMore said...
Well it is official. There 5th season premiere episode is the tups celebrating their 5th b-day. According to TLC it is going to be a huge bash w/friends attending. Was this episode filmed before the scandal came out or after? TLC should be ashamed of themselves.


I wonder what friends they have left....
Perhaps Jodi and/or Beth will return?

$10 says they use hired actors/actresses as friends. Or just the crew! How sad for those kids.

curiouser said...

This morning Kate was on The 700 Club. I don't know if it was new or a rerun. But in response to the media attention and rumors about Jon, she said something that people are going to fail you, but God never will.

Did she just imply he cheated?

Jane in California said...

I wonder what friends they have left....
Perhaps Jodi and/or Beth will return?
I'll bet it's a bunch of paid "help" who will mingle around and make it look like Jon & Kate have any real friends. I'll be looking for Mr. Grey in the background!

Cherier1 said...

People are starting to get it:

In the JustJared photos: how sad that Kate was out shopping for the 'tups cake the day of the party - and even had time to get sprayed orange b4 going home.

Maybe that will be in her cookbook. "Stop at Giant and pick up a cake. Remove from box. Place on Table. Cut on diagonal. Enjoy."

Doggonit said...

They still have the dogs! That goes to prove you cant believe everything you read/hear. I thought I read somewhere here that they had gotten rid of them??

tina said...

It ssems to me that Kate does her job so well that she has turned her 8 children into a well-oiled machine or a business through "managing" them.......these kids don't feel love and fun, silly moments, they will have lasting, scarring memories of a childhood of working so their parents could live the life of luxury.....someone needs to rescue these kids nad save whatever is left of their chldhood!

iggy726 said...

How do we know that all of those photos were taken on Mother's Day? Jon is wearing two differnt outfits. Kate is wearing two different outfits. It's possible that the back yard photos were taken in the early a.m. Was it very warm in the p.m.? It still does not explain Kate's second outfit as she is picking up her "organic" takeout food.

anotherPAmom said...

This is in response to the Mother's Day photos. Who in the hell did Kate plan on serving a cake that size to? Is it just me or did it look awfully small for a family of 10 let alone a big party with family and friends! Is that another one of her bodyguards in the pic or her private driver? Apparently Kate-not-a-celebrity has her own chauffeur complete with undercover car....or did I miss something?

jill said...

TLC added this on the 7th. Looks like they are eating the frenzy up!

Aron said...

Is it just me or does her upper lip look snarly on her left side? Kind of like injections gone wrong. Or wearing off.
Yeah, I didn't now tanning beds sold cakes.

She Who Knits said...

Great Post.

Side note: It's ironic the birthday of the "lottery" KON lost fell on Mother's day. I bet those kids will love to hear the Today show soundbite when they are older. Such loving words from such a nice woman...

SCCubfan said...

RobandKimplus1 said...

For me the "Luxury" of being a mom is just the simple fact that I got to be one at all. I really do have PCOS and when my hubby and I came to a crossroads of whether to have fertility treatments or adopt we chose to adopt. We adopted a precious little baby boy from Korea. I thank God everyday for him and for the HONOR of getting to be a mommy.

Since Kate supposedly had fertility issues I would think she would be a little more grateful for the plain, simple fact that she has any children at all!

- I totally agree, RobandKim. I am another grateful mother who actually has PCOS. My husband has issues as well. We were quite the depressed, infertile couple a few years ago. We did IVF and were ecstatic to find out we were having twin boys. Unfortunately, one of our sons passed away after 10 days, they were born at 27 weeks.

Kate has NO IDEA how good she has it. We work a lot of hours to make sure the bills get paid (most of them were from the birth, which was 1 1/2 years ago). Kate, you have enough money. You don't need any more fame. It is all hollow. Spend this time with your children, you CAN'T GET THIS TIME BACK!!

Why Kate doesn't seem to appreciate what she has, I don't know. Coming from a woman who always wanted children and then found out that she may never have any, when you do get them, you have a different perspective and are grateful for every day you have with them.

I hope Kate realizes in time what she has. Whether she's with Jon or not (I do hope they can repair their relationship), she needs to be there more for her kids.

This is belated, but happy late Mother's Day to all the other Mom's out there.


Angie said...
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mainemom said...

When I kissed my 6 year old goodnight on Mother's Day, I thanked her for a great day - breakfast in bed (yes she's allowed in our bedroom!), sweet kisses, homemade cards, pictures, etc. She took my face in her hands, looked me straight in the eyes and said "Thanks for having me, without you I wouldn't be here". THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE MISSING KATE.

TandLMommy28 said...

I don't think anyone is bashing Kate for being a working parent. People bash Kate because TLC still insists that Kate is a SAHM but she simply is NOT. And Jon doesn't work, yet he is never home. I don't care which parent has more time with the kids as long as ONE parent does. They are certainly NOT in a position where they both NEED to work to scrape by, yet it appears that the children are being raised by strangers who Jon and Kate deny even exist. Hmm... if Jon's out with his girlfriend, Kate's out on her tour and they DON'T have a nanny, who exactly is watching the children at night? THAT is why people bash Kate for traveling on her book tour.

As for me, we had an awesome Mother's Day. I decided that for Mother's Day I wanted to spoil my kids a little, since as a mom that is a luxury I can choose! So I took the kids to the zoo and when they asked to stop for ice cream, I didn't say no (I usually say no, ice cream at the zoo is expensive!). And we took our time and saw every single animal and when they asked to play in the "what's it like to be a wombat?" tunnel just ONE MORE TIME, I said yes. And when they wanted to stop and feed the ducks, I said yes. When they wanted just one more cookie, I said yes. To me, that is what Mother's Day is all about - doing all those things you want to do for your kids that you usually don't. I'm usually a pretty strict momma but for Mother's Day we tossed the rules and I let the kids do whatever they pleased. It was great! A true luxury!

Bridget said...

Quote from Kate:
"The next story coming out from the animals that stalk us is about our security person and his family," she tells the magazine. "Already the allegations they're making about me are disgusting, unthinkable, unfathomable, and I am horrified." She also blames the paparazzi for making them alone and friendless.

Full article here:

Bridget said...

People article:

Kate blames paparazzi for driving away friends and family. She says she's panicking and trying to keep her last set of friends - by friends she means manager, publicist, security team. She's upset because they are the only people left and now they are coming "under fire.",,20278340,00.html

overwithKON said...

Silly Mom said...
This is mostly a nice Mother's Day post, even though some of it is sarcastic. I really don't consider it a luxury to have an absentee father in the chidren's lives. Far better to take a smaller paycheck and be home at night with your children than to travel so mom can afford a dvr. I can't afford a dvr but my husband doesn't have to phone it in either, IMO. He is present. THAT is my luxury.
Geez, kind of harsh dont you think? I think the point of the post is not the fact of her actual *luxuries* but the fact that she considers her children to be the end all in her life, and not vacations or matching clothes. Sometimes reading between the lines is what is called for, and I dont like it when people attack on this site. One reason I come here is because I can say what I feel, and usually not get personally attacked. Respect is the word, one that J&K lack also.

Like you 2 years ago I could not afford DVR, but that is my deal, it is what I choose. Now my kids are in middle school so I work full time and yes can afford more, we also payed off a car, so that helps too. I can afford DVR but I still cant and wont afford spa vacations, I would much rather go camping and find all the hidden treassures in our state parks! But it all is personal choice. Mommyo3's husbands job is not for us to judge, he may not be able to work a different job and be home all the time. Especially in this economy, a job is a job! Also just because he travels does not mean he makes a huge salary.

Anyway.......Its about what we choose, and J&K are telling lie after lie about how they work thier life and raise their kids and then do the opposite. Not ok! Karma is a BITCH!

overwithKON said...

So if the kids ahve not-a-nanny and not-a-mom or not-a-dad, then who do they have? Cuz we know they do not have not-a-grandparents and not-a-Aunt Jodie! SAD!

OneofFiveGirls said...

I've been reading posts by moms here about what raising their kids has been like and the rewards of being there for their kids. They've all tugged at my heartstrings, and I am not even a mom.
I am the oldest of five daughters. My mom is a nurse and my dad was a military dentist. They had all five of us (all girls) in a ten year time span. Both did their very best, my mom especially, considering she was on her own a lot our childhoods. (My dad went through a residency and a year long TDY in Korea). More often than not, my mom was home alone juggling a newborn, a toddler, and young school aged children all demanding her attention and needing care. She lost a baby to SIDS at two months old, with three little girls to care for. How she did it I still don't know. But SHE DID. Our parents may have done their fair share of yelling at us and arguing with each other, but, we knew they loved us. They told us, they showed us. They read us stories at night. Our mom left us little handwritten notes in our lunchboxes. She sewed us matching Easter dresses. Christmas mornings were a blast, everyone in their PJs tearing into gifts (our parents MADE us keep track of them and write our own thank-you notes).
My parents didn't exactly have the easiest five kids. Being all girls, we were a handful, especially as we went through our teens (the youngest sister is now 18!). The teenage years were very tough, we all had a tendency to be a bit rebellious, melodramatic and emotional. All of us struggled with self-esteem issues and still do. There were some times we got into such arguements with our parents I am sure they were scratching their heads, thinking, "Why did we do this again?".
There were more good times than rough times, though. Our family vacations, though often frought with squabbles (with five kids it's inevitable) were the best trips I've ever been on. We went fresh and saltwater fishing together. My dad saved for a few years before we took our trip to Disney World, and that was with the military discount. We had a ball. We liked to (and still do) play board games together in the dining room, our favorites are Scattergories, Trivial Pursuit, and Balderdash. My parents had at home parties with homemade cakes for our birthdays, first communions, confirmations, and graduations, and not once did I feel like I was slighted. My dad put away for our college tuitions since the day each of us were born, and we are all VERY grateful for it. He worked his tail off to do it and is STILL working his tail off. He's about to have two in college at the same time this Fall, for the second time in his life.
We five knew our grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, and loved them. Going to Grandma's is still one of the biggest thrills for me, and I am 28! (I feel for those Gosselin kids who don't know that pleasure. It's one of the best joys as a kid to see grandparents).
My parents job as parents is beginning to wind down. Though one is in her sophomore year of nursing school and one is starting college this fall, they will no longer have any children at home. The second eldest is getting married this October. This is really affecting them. My dad isn't always forward with his emotions, but it's clearly obvious now that he misses his daughters. He's mildly depressed over it, so's my mom.
As I mentioned, I am not a parent. But my question is this: Why have the kids if you don't want to be there for them? What is more important than being present for their special milestones, listening to them, setting an example? No amount of money can be worth that. I am so grateful to my parents for being there for us. No, it wasn't all rosey and fun at times, we weren't like the constantly smiling Duggars. But about 80% of the time, we were happy. We love each other. My sisters are my best friends and always will be.
Jon and Kate have made enough money. They will get royalties off the show for life. Financial security is no longer an issue. TLC needs to call this charade off already.
Thanks for indulging me. Now I have to work on my thesis!

"I know the Lord won't give me anything I can't handle. I just wish he didn't trust me so much." - Mother Theresa

Robin said...

What makes Kate look like a bold face liar is that she is giving the public a "heads up" about what scandal is going to break next.

Lies, lies and more lies

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is the most telling article by Kate yet.

She is in total panic that she may lose her bodyguard....not that she has lost her husband!

Anonymous said...

Also, Kate. You willingly opened yourselves up to this.

YOUR KIDS DIDN'T!! Gosh it hurts when it is you losing friends, and loved ones...WHAT ABOUT HELPLESS LITTLE KIDS?!!

Oh, what blindness greed can bring.

Elizabeth said...

watched the Hayes family last night. how refreshing that he went to Home Depot(with the kids) actually paid for materials and went home and did projects around the house by himself(didn't have a TV home improvement celebrity pay for and do the work. that family is a "real" family!

Robin said...

lindahoyt said...
Wow, that is the most telling article by Kate yet.
She is in total panic that she may lose her bodyguard....not that she has lost her husband!

You hit the nail on the head for sure!

Anonymous said...

Kate you keep saying that you "can't go back' you can't. But, you can stop going forward on the wrong road! You are going the wrong way. Instead of hoping that there will be a loop in the road; turn around, and go back to the place where the road split, and take the other way. The road less traveled. The narrow road.

Get on your knees. Right now. Ask the Lord to lead you and guide you in the way you should go. Ask for the strength to turn your back on fame and fortune, and to resurrect your marriage. Ask forgiveness for your greed, and selfishness. Ask God to "change you"---to make you a brand new person, in the Holy Spirit. Ask Him to deliver you from selfcenteredness and selfrighteousness. Ask him to make you able to forgive others, and for others to forgive you.

Cancel the show. Get the cameras and the flunkies out of your house. Put the house on the market and buy a more realistic, affordable large home---a farm, where you can grow your own organic meat and veggies! Yipee!

The kids are now in school, you and Jon can go back to work at real jobs, that don't depend on you selling your family memories....and your children's childhoods.

Call up all your family and friends, and apologise for your greedy, selfish behavior towards them. Apologise to your husband, for humiliating him every chance you got. Apologise to your parents for dishonoring them; and apologise to the church that helped you out, for not being a graceful recipient of their kindness.

GIVE your used clothing to poor families. Volunteer at school and church, and since you are a nurse, volunteer your time as a nurse as well.

Ask your children for forgiveness. especially your boys. Tell them you are sorry for ignoring them so much, and favoring the girls. Take them out on special days, just you and each of them at a time.

Do all that, and you will really be a much happier person. So will your family. You have the power. No one else does. You make your life.

Your kids deserve this.

B.MO said...

mommyo3 said...
Happy Mother's Day, everyone! So glad you're enjoying reading the post as much as I did writing it.

Silly mom--just to clarify, my husband is a very PRESENT father. (As stated in my post.) He was away for one week for business training and my point was that he still connected with us. So I have not, as you so hastily concluded, traded in an absentee father for a DVR (which came free with our TV service, BTW.)

Today's all about encouraging mothers who are in the trenches every day, doing what counts for our kids. And with that, I'm back to spending the day with my precious three!

Mommyo3, EVEN IF your trading your "absentee" husband in for an "expensive dvr" (like another poster suggested), it still doesn't compare to all the mess Kon is causing these kids. That poster made no sense to me and made me roll my eyes. Only comes to show you cant please ANYONE no matter who you are. I loved your poster so much and made me realize how fortunate I am. I'm going through pregnancy depression (I'm 9 mos.)and my mothers day I felt wasnt so great. I only spent half the day w/my son (he wanted to spend the night at his grandparents) and although my husband was w/me the whole day, I couldnt help being detached from the world crying all day long for no apparent reason. I regret not enjoying it more. I do know one thing though, fathers day will come around and I will enjoy it a million times more because I will make certain its such a positive/joyful day for my husband. Watching him enjoy his kids that day, will be truly rewarding for me. I just cant wait! I'm beating myself up for one day that I considered ruined, I can't imagine what Kate SHOULD feel. Then again we're 2 completely different people.

PhillyHockeyMom said...

Cherier1 said: Maybe that will be in her cookbook. "Stop at Giant and pick up a cake. Remove from box. Place on Table. Cut on diagonal. Enjoy."

Unless your the icky boys and then you can spend another birthday watching the girls eat cake!

momto5 said...

Great post mommyo3,
Kate lost the meaning of what a sahm mom really is. I have been a sahm to 5 kids ages 20, 19, 16, 7, and 3 for 17 yrs and it has been some of the most wonderful and also some of the most toughest times in my life, but I would not have it any other way. None of Kate's "luxuries" are worth her extreme, on purpose absences from her kids, she insults the meaning of the SAHM.

readerlady said...

I'm just now getting caught up with all the posts on the blog, but I just had to comment on this thread. I haven't had the luxury of being a mom to a human child. Wanted kids, just never found the right man to have them with. I have, in the past, bred cats and, although there is no comparison, one of the first things a responsible breeder realizes, is that when you choose to bring little lives into this world, they are your responsibility from that day onward. They come first, no matter what. That's even more important when it applies to human children. Unfortunately, then there comes along a person like Kate, who puts her children second, or third, or are not even considered at all. Happy belated Mothers Day to all the mothers on here who are getting it right, one day at a time.

IrishGal said...

Personally I think it's fantastic to be able to have nice things. However that doesn't make it right considering the circumstance; it's not really Jon & Kate's money! Remember Beth's nice house? Funny how nobody cared that she had nice things as the parents clearly worked for it. I guess the main issue here is that Kon doesn't really seem to deserve it, after all, has either of them worked a job in the past two years?

jamester36 said...

So I guess it's safe to assume that she also left her hairdresser.. {the one who started that ridiculously ugly thing that sits on top of her head}.
Now what I want to know is, who in their right mind continued cutting "it" like that??

SuzanneDeAZ said...

"I might be able to meet their physical needs, but not the emotional needs. It is very difficult. I'm talking about time to talk about feelings, read books and the absolute bare necessities to get done. I cannot do it five days a week."

This was said 3 years ago. I believe she may have less time now that she is on the road so much. Poor kids.