It's all about the choices you make.

Submitted for publication via email by Elizabeth.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever gone through a tough moment in your life. Not just a little bump, but a huge crater in the road, complete with “danger, do not enter signs.” I know I have.

When I’ve had the type of events in life where I just can’t even fathom how I’m going to get through this, the last thing I think about doing is going to New York to give an interview with People Magazine about the issue that is causing me so much strife.



Serena said...

Submitted for publication via email by Elizabeth.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever gone through a tough moment in your life. Not just a little bump, but a huge crater in the road, complete with “danger, do not enter signs.” I know I have.

When I’ve had the type of events in life where I just can’t even fathom how I’m going to get through this, the last thing I think about doing is going to New York to give an interview with People Magazine about the issue that is causing me so much strife.

Kate claims she is hurting, that this whole ordeal is unfathomable, that she loves her family... but why is she away from them giving interviews? She was away on “Mothers Day Weekend,” but many of these articles fail to mention that it meant she was also away on the weekend of her children’s fifth birthdays.

She wasn’t away for “work,” no, she made the decision to leave their house and yet, again, go out to promote herself and her show, books and lifestyle. Who is watching the children? Probably the same person who was with them when Jon and his “friend” were outside doing a little “sunbathing.”

Hopefully the Nanny got the kids nice birthday presents…they worked awfully hard this year.

She claims she is “caught” because their show is their job, that she needs to provide for the children, but how many people reading this website alone make less in a year than they do for one or two shows? Perhaps not buying a million-dollar house and new vehicles (plus the money spent on hairstyles and tanning) is the best idea when it is that same money that is driving your family apart.

Every step in this potholed road they are leading is taken by Jon and Kate on their own. From choosing to live their life in the spotlight, undergoing fertility treatments, cutting out family, living extremely wealthy lifestyles and not watching their own children all the way to choosing to give interviews in New York rather than staying home with their children is their decision.

Jon and Kate could sell the house, the cars and everything else. They could tell the TV people where to shove it. They could put that money in the bank, find a nice little quiet life to lead and hopefully work on their marriage and their relationships with their children.

But they won’t. Why? Because in that nice little quiet life, US Weekly, Oprah and the Today Show won’t be there to document it.

Submitted for publication via email by Elizabeth.

AnneMarie said...

Hit the Nail on teh head with that one !

rachel said...

I thought her last comment in the People article was telling. She said something about Jon's priorities changing, not hers. EXACTLY. They were both on the Money Train, enjoying the fame, the freebies, etc. But then Jon started to realize that there was a price to pay and Kate was only too willing to keep it up, no matter the cost.

In no way do I condone his behavior; no matter how terrible she is/can be, it does not give him license to cheat or even raise suspicions of such. However, seeing as fame has brought them to this "chapter" (since Kate likes to talk about their relationship in book/library terms) you would THINK that maybe it would be time to try staying home, working on your marriage, going to counseling, getting your lives back to how they were BEFORE you were famous. But apparently fame and fortune are more important and somehow she has deluded herself into thinking that she HAS to do this to provide for her family. Provide what? Misery? Resentment? Bitterness? Maybe she is providing financially (in excess) but what is she providing them emotionally?

kathy said...

I am truly frightened for the children. Not only are they missing out on their childhoods, working like a sweatshop, and not getting any nurturing from their parents who are busy being selfish with affairs and luxuries, there is a large chance that they will be penniless at the end of their forced tenure as the gosselin money makers and laden with emotional scars and issues that will last a lifetime.

I can't believe Jon let it get to this level. He enabled Kate and gave her so much power over him and his kids and now we find out that Kate has an iron grip over the finances and he has nothing and the kids have nothing. Not only that, she has ammunition and evidence of a likely affair on his part. I remember her cavalierly saying on an episode about her kids "Let them make their OWN money when they grow up!". So much as she tries to claim it all goes into the same pot, she is LYING yet again, just appeasing an angry public with what they want to hear.

Jom, time to get serious, lawyer up and grow up. Stop this machine while you still can. Ensure that your kids get a trust fund for what they have had to endure. Do this before Kate becomes too big to stop. You know enough to bring the machine crashing to a halt. Do it for your children.

Jana said...

Very well said Elizabeth!

As you pointed out, most of us who read and blog here, probably earn less per year than J&K make on one episode of their show.

I am a single mom, I earn under $50K per year, yet I am able to provide for my son and myself. Of course, it's not lavish, but it's a home, safe and secure and filled mostly with harmony and happiness. I'm not a perfect parent, but I will say this much for myself - I truly do put my child first and me a distant second.

Children, and family, are blessings. The way Kate squanders the very real blessings in her life, in pursuit of materialistic things, is sad and desperate. She seems a soulless creature to me, all facade and nothing inside but "gimme, gimme, gimme!"

Again, my thoughts and prayers go for the children in this family. I truly hope that they do not remain isolated from those who truly love them. It's sad to think of them holed up in that McMansion, practically locked away until trotted out for the cameras, all the loving presences in their young lives now gone.

May Kate reap what she sows.

Sue said...

Kate won't return home because she has no intention of reconciling with Jon. She is at war and the media is her weapon of choice.

Chevy_45 said...

As a man, I would NEVER, EVER, EVER let my wife exploit my children. I would have taken her tanned butt into court DOUBLE QUICK.

I've known weak men in my life before, but Jon Boy takes the cake.

Jon and Kate Plus 8, I watched with my wife from the start, loved it, then discovered after the Disney trip, that this woman was sick.

She seems sociopathic in many ways, and I don't believe, from what I see, that she loves those children at all.

Poor Kids said...

Yes, Jon, should lawyer up immediately. Sad to say, I don't think he has been looking after his best interest in this farce of a marriage or, even sadder, the kids' best interest.

I agree that Kate should reap exactly what she has sown (sewn?) here and end up alone in very, very clean and quiet house with lots of mirrors.

Those children earned all that money and it infuriates me to see both of these adults throwing it away on themselves as quickly as it is coming in. Shame on them.

Step up, Jon, and you better make it quick because you know that Kate is spending her time gathering the gold.

GRY said...

I really wonder if Jon was asked to sign a secret contract allowing him to have gf's on the side after Kate informed him the marriage was over and done with but that the show should continue with him in it.

He may or may not have cheated, she may or may not have cheated, nothing is truly verifiable (unless their is a million dollar sex tape floating around our there, you never know).

But it's beginning to sound like Jon has had reservations about this whole thing almost from the very beginning. For anyone who's seen the series, he's had no say in the direction of the series, nor over how the children are portrayed, he's treated as just another cast member by Kate and I figure he was willing to go along with it for a while because of their financial situation.

But you can see as each season went by that he was becoming more and more irritated by the presence of the cameras. She on the other hand couldn't get enough air time! I really wonder if Jon was setup because he raised objections to having a 5th season with 40 episodes in it!

I mean he really didn't get a chance to live like a single man and get much life experience; being married at 20 and having kids soon after limits that chance to mature and discover life before being tied down with responsibility, he even stated early on that he was happy with 2 kids and a modest lifestyle and it was Kate's idea to go for broke.
You can see he still has the mindset of a collage boy but you can see he has a good heart as well where his kids are concerned, you can see that he enjoys playing with them instead of setting them up like chess pieces where Kate is concerned.

I don't think Jon is as stupid as some people make him out to be, quiet and reserved doesn't equal lack of intelligence. And for all those critics out there who says he has no balls, watch carefully, he does blow up at times and really pushes back, but men here will understand that men don't constantly emote. The pressure builds like a volcano, then bam!

I think Jon is being setup to be "written out" and discarded like Aunt Jodi, Uncle Kevin and the rest of the family. I think Kate knows that the only person who can put the brakes on the gravy train, legally, is the children's father, so he need to be disposed of one way or another.

I think Jon is shrewd enough to see he's being setup, she's out there playing the victim in all this and is getting ready to clobber him legally in divorce court. Maybe he wanted to get caught as the only way to let the whole situation out. And talking to the other family members and through them is the only way he figures he'll be heard.

So no I don't paint Jon as cause of all this, he's the fall guy and when he's legally out of the picture, she'll get the kids, the profits and really begin to make the $$$ off them while they will live like golden geese, at least till they outlive their usefulness, then Kate will pack them off to boarding school and forget about them.
Jon will be "offered" a nice golden parachute to just disappear(my guess would be around $1-2 million and no CS if he signs over all claims to the kids) or else face being roasted in family court, where fathers traditionally have limited rights.

Anonymous said...

Excellent Post. Thank you.

You are right. Most of us live on what they make in one or two episodes.

I think if they got rid of all their paid help; stopped buying expensive things, like $400 purses for girlfriends....sports cars and the like; they could live very well---even in their current home; which really should be paid for, with the kind of money they make.

Publishers usually pay a hefty advance for books they publish. Hillary Clinton go 8 million dollars. I would imagine Kate would get at least 2 million. They should not have a mortgage.

Anyway, Jon and Kate should be set for life. They will get book royalties...well probably not many now that the truth about them has come out...and they will get re-run royalties. They should be investing that money in a business besides the exploiting business. Some sort of farm business would be good for everyone. The kids get work experience, and feel good about it; and Jon and Kate would too.

Anyway, they do not need to keep doing all the stuff they are doing, "for the kids". They and the kids are nicely positioned now.

Time to draw up that backup plan!

Anonymous said...

Did you ever see the movie, 'overboard'?

How Goldie Hawn's character wasn't happy with her useless, rich witch, life? She had tons of money and no job, and a husband who doted on her; but secretly hated her, because she was a shrew.

She found happiness and love with a man who didn't take her crap, and made her work hard. While the sappy husband went off and partied with "painted ladies" for months at a time.

I think the movie was prophetic!

Jennifer D said...

Don't be so quick to assume that Jon would not get the kids. It's not always the mother anymore. Jon has been documented as the "stable" caregiver. (he is not jet setting around begging for donations) I personally believe that Jon would lose that big house and find something midway between where they are and the Etown house. He would downsize and let the kids have a (dirty) fun childhood. No more worry about grass stains or dirty hands.

I have been through a custody battle. They spend a lot of time talking to the kids. We all know what Maddie would say! It will come out during those interviews that Jon is the one that offers the nurturing. The court doesn't care about Kates organic nonsense. They side with sanity.

pretty is as pretty does said...

Very well said, anyone who has gone through a heart wreching life event knows you just want to curl up in a ball and cry. You can't speak to people without crying. Your face is red and and eyes swollen from lack of sleep or nightmares that haunt you during the event. You lose weight because you do not have the desire to eat. You try and pull it together for your kids and keep them close for comfort. I have been there and know the pain. I saw none of that in Kates face or actions. Thanks Elizabeth for a great post.

kathy said...

I am sure they are set for life now. Neither of them has to work again. They have enough money for their house and the college educations ten times OVER. Don't people get this? And it's all in the hands of KATE who is clearly troubled and has been from the beginning!

Even if she stopped the show and stopped working she has enough to sit on the couch in luxury and does not have to go back to work. What is driving her now is her mental illness and GREED. She uses people and throws them away. That is her pattern. Wake up Jon! She can't get further if you put a stop to it!

The Hermit said...

Let's say you've been living in a cave somewhere and have never heard of Jon and Kate but are given a list of things about them (or said about them) and it's your task to connect the dots.

*two very young parents
*8 kids under age of 5
*lose one income to childcaring
*other income is spotty
*make money by doing TV show
*lose privacy; put camera on kids
*mom can't cope on many levels
*daddy has job probs
*daddy decides to "work" from home
*mom lets dad do HER work at home
*mom's the one people want to talk to in person or on other TV shows
*so dad stays home with kids, dogs and house
*mom becomes glamorous traveler
*dad becomes bored house-husband
*mom gets a lot of attention
*dad is isolated in the country
*mom's friend on the road is her bodyguard; goes with her everywhere
*mom's bodyguard is fit & strong
*dad's gotten a little tubby sitting around home all day
*mom looks good for the TV, dressed & makeup; nice bling
*mom gets to stay in nice hotels and eat at nice restaurants, no doubt with the bodyguard, because it's lonely on the road and she must be guarded at all times
*dad eats in with the kids and maybe catches some reruns of TLC so he can remember what his wife looks like
*mom loves her career; she's on a roll
*dad's feeling aimless and grumpy
*mom and dad aren't spending much time together
*mom gets out, talks to interesting people and has many changes of scenery
*dad is tied down with kids, he forgets how to talk to adults because he hardly sees any adults since he never goes anywhere or does anything because the kids take up all his time as a single parent
*mom feels invigorated and empowered; she thinks she's a star
*dad feels stale and stuck, kind of like a servant
*mom falls for the bodyguard with whom she's thrown together on any occasion outside of homebase (so that's a lot of togetherness, because she's rarely at the homebase)
*dad has a suspicion and confronts her about it
*mom's already past "go"...wants out; so much for the happy family photos and memories she was intent on creating for her kids
*dad tries to catch up to mom's momentum but is left reeling
*mom warns to not ruin their deal with the reality show; says do the pretend and you can see girlfriends on the side
*dad complies due to contractural issues and, realizing she won't work on the marriage, decides to find some girlfriends because he needs some validation
*dad gets "caught" with a girl, which was okay with mom (if he'd kept it under the radar), but not okay with fans
*dad gets blasted from all sides with charges of infidelity
*dad thinks, "Hey, wait a darn minute; she cheated first!"
*mom does the woe-is-me on the rounds of TV interview shows
*dad is starting to look real bad to a lot of people
*dad says to himself, "two can play at this game" but lets the cat out of the bag via mom's relatives, and stays in background
*fans don't know what to think
*non-fans already had it figured out
*everybody's worried about the children
*show and future branding of the family now in jeopardy due to distortion of reality on a reality show
*eight kids hanging in the balance

Sorry. Too complicated!! Those dots are spinning in front of my eyes before I can ever begin to try to connect them! Don't mind me if I go back to my cave now!

maria said...

Kathy said:

I can't believe Jon let it get to this level. He enabled Kate and gave her so much power over him and his kids and now we find out that Kate has an iron grip over the finances and he has nothing and the kids have nothing.


Where did you see/hear/read this? I've never heard before that Kate has all the money, and I doubt she does since Jon seems to spend a lot, too. I think they BOTH have the money, although I also agree that I think the kids have none (nothing saved in their name).

As for their 5th birthday, does anyone remember during the 4th birthday that Kate said the kids did not want a big party, even though Kate was going to throw another carnival themed party for them? So she said she didn't do the big party but that she WAS going to do another big carnival party for their 5th birthday. And now according to posters on here, she wasn't even HOME for their 5th birthday. And she will NEVER get that day back. What is she thinking????

Milehimama said...

I thought the 4th birthday party episode was terrible. I felt so sad that she never let the boys eat their OWN BIRTHDAY cakes, then said they didn't care anyway.

kathy said...

Kathy said:

I can't believe Jon let it get to this level. He enabled Kate and gave her so much power over him and his kids and now we find out that Kate has an iron grip over the finances and he has nothing and the kids have nothing.

Maria asked
Where did you see/hear/read this? I've never heard before that Kate has all the money, and I doubt she does since Jon seems to spend a lot, too. I think they BOTH have the money, although I also agree that I think the kids have none (nothing saved in their name).

In the STAR magazine article Kevin said that Jon told him that KAte has an iron grip on the money coming in and he had to empty out his 401K to survive. I tend to believe this knowing how controlling Kate is. She made mention to this when she said she makes most of the money (then added it all goes in the same pot which I seriously doubt is true).

She's probably hiding assets as we speak.

Aunty Kim KIm said...

Unfortunately I've gone through a couple of TOUGH moments in my life...and there's no WAY I'd ever go public..

The only thing I did was go to my church and created prayer circles!

Even when I went through a terrible abuse from a "minister", I kept private.

Only the counselors knew any details..not my parents/ they wouldn't of completely understood, and I felt the less they knew the less they'd hurt.

anyways, Even though the "minister" only got relocated, and demoted, (Mind you, this was in the late 1980's, so if I had gone to the papers, people would have taken sides..." as you know, he's so nice..."). ..There's NO WAY I could of coped with those people!..way to emotional..(and it probably would have put me over the edge).

So, NO, my "do not enter signs" were up, I would never expose my family to such PUBLIC scutiny!! The hurt would have so much deeper..We came together as a family..My parents always taught us that 'certain things were private" and not to be made public!

Why r they still 2gether? said...

I'm thinking with Kate gone
pursuing her "career" the kids
might actually be happier- not
because their Mom is gone but
all the drama she brought to
their everyday life is gone.
They might be getting a bit of
their childhood back.
Jon was seen with them picking wild flowers- can you imagine
Kate doing this?
She would think it was horrendously horrendous....

RealMom said...

I don't think Kate actually went to NYC on Mother's Day for the interview, I think she did it sometime that week while she was there and the article was worded that way to coincide with the holiday and release of the magazine. A real sympathy getter. Poor Kate all alone in a hotel room on Mother's Day boo hoo. But, if she really did, why would she give up her Mother's Day in exchange for an interview with a magazine? What mother of 8 would do that? What did she gain by doing it? Was she held at gunpoint? Did they kidnap her and threaten her life or that of her family? Or did she do it willingly? She acts like she had no choice in the matter. That tells you what her priorities are these days. She doesn't need the kids anymore to make her famous. She now has People. I wonder if all those fans who call Kate their role model would have done the same thing, or would condone this type of behavior. This is exactly the opposite of what they expect from Super Mom Kate, yet they will never admit it. I read their blogs last week and they were all wondering what Kate would be doing for the kids' birthday weekend. Well now they all know what a shit she is. If I were Kate (and her publicity people) I would be embarrassed to have it out there that I left my family on Mother's Day for a stupid article. I also think these articles did not mention that it was the 5th birthday because that would be even more damaging to Kate.They didn't count on so many of us knowing that fact.

Go Home Kate said...

Calling all concerned parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Its time to send Kate back home to be with her kids. BOYCOTT any book signings or interviews or any special appearances by Kate Gosselin. Go Home Kate! Go Home Kate! Go Home Kate while you still have one to go to. Talk to the man that you exchanged vows with recently and that you committed to stay together forever with. You said there were four magazines and only one was right. Well there is only one book that is right and its in the nightstand of your hotel room. It is called the Bible, I am sure you remember it and believe it or not it is the one you need to read more than anything else right now.

sad viewer said...


You summed that up rather well, imo. Kate grew up a pastor's daughter, didn't she? She must have learned well how the pastor gets the flock to open their wallets and give to the church. She's using what she learned as a child, but in a bad way. Kate needs help in more ways than we can count.

Amy said...

The doors of opportunities need to slam in Kate's face. She has made alot of money on the back's of her children and enough is enough. Interesting that the only outrage she has shown is at the allegations of an affair with her bodyguard, yet she hasn't said a word about Kevin and Jodi's comments. If I was the bodyguard's wife I can assure you he would never lay eyes on Kate Greedlin ever again. I want Kate to realize that she will not get everything she wants and that there are consequences to her obsessive greed. There are photos on US magazine's website of Kate and Jon years ago and Kate is almost unrecognizable to who she was then and the monster she has become

SaNdY said...

sad viewer said...

You summed that up rather well, imo. Kate grew up a pastor's daughter, didn't she? She must have learned well how the pastor gets the flock to open their wallets and give to the church. She's using what she learned as a child, but in a bad way. Kate needs help in more ways than we can count.

ITA! Hermit, your summary was right on target!

letthechildren go said...

Is there anyone out there who thinks like I do that it is a good thing for Kate to be on the road. I cant help but think of The Great Santini and those kids must have loved to have their dad deployed. Just think about it the 'not-a-nanny' probably doesnt yell at them, probably lets them play, definately does the girls hair (implies nurturing) I must be heaven to have Kate gone. At the same time though I do see that no matter how bad they are for some reason kids still crave having a parent around.

*~*Nicole*~* said...

I must have missed something...where was Kate on the kids' birthday? Did she just have something scheduled at that time or was it confirmed that she was away from them? Sorry if this has been posted...I looked but couldn't find it. Thanks!

GagMeWithASpoon! said...

Reading these posts gives me such a lump in my throat, and I do not even know these people!
Such Overwhelming Sadness for us; yet the Mother of the family does not seem to notice, or feel.
It just occurred to me that Jon has been living with 'her' for nine+ years? It must be that he doesn't know what is real and what is lies. He has been completely trusting Boss-Kate(talk about AlphaFemale)to act in the family's best interest even down to the $$$.
I was married to a person like this...I even believed that his first wife was dead when he married me and fathered two children. It was only two years later, when I left him and started to investigate that I found out the truth about many, many things, and had to "march ahead through it" by myself and raise our sons. I also found his *dead wife alive and well. Only then did other people start telling me the truths they knew. Perhaps Jon finds himself in this situation? Perhaps he WILL take control and raise the children, and perhaps we should all cut him some slack...he is, at least, with the children, it appears. Just my current thoughts.

Mary said...

Elizabeth mentioned people making less in a year than the Gosselins do in one episode. I am a first year teacher and take care of 26 kids everyday. I get paid $29,000 for the entire year. Kate can stick that in her pipe and smoke it.

just wondering said...

I couldn't sleep so I got up to look up "narcissistic personality disorder" on line. I stopped here first and found that many of us must be telepathic tonight.

I had been thinking that it was sort of a banket term to describe Kate to one degree or another, but what I found is that it is Kate in every single aspect of the term. It's positively scary how she fits each and every descriptive element of this disease. It didn't matter which site I googled.

She is going to obliterate these children if someone does not get some professional help for her and I am for the first time really and truly frightened for them.

isolde said...

Thanks for the great post! One question I keep asking myself is why is Kate still traveling and doing book signings and interviews when her family is clearly in crisis? She seems to be everywhere. Jon has wisely decided to stay mum, for now.
This reminds me of the Britney Spears meltdown. Everyday, her behavior became more erratic. Reporters were having a field day-so much drama! K-Fed laid low for a while and voila, he gets custody of the kids.
Jon may be doing the same thing. He's letting Kate dig her own grave, thinking that eventually her lies will catch up with her. But who knows, it's just my opinion. : )

Therapy101 said...

What are the traits of a sociopath?
They are intensely selfish, self seeking and have no problem with being manipulative in order to get what they want. They are extremely dishonest and are very good liars. A lack of remorse, guilt or empathy. Also, they are irresponsible, impulsive and don't plan ahead. They often don't care about the consequences of their actions. When punished, they behave as they are pathetic victims. They are callous and may be promiscuous.

Go away GREEDlins said...

Good post Isolde..maybe Kate will do the world a favor and shave her head like Britney did:)

Maelstrom said...

Imagine in 20 years, one or several of the kids might be on a show like "daisy of love" or "keeping up with the kardashians".

Why study, go to college, or work when the reality shows will film and give lucrative deals???

Most of the Brady Bunch kids had issues growing up. Even Marsha had a drug problem.

Diane said...

She seems sociopathic in many ways, and I don't believe, from what I see, that she loves those children at all.-------

I agree with this. I've read so many posts lately that say 'Kate loves her children, but'...etc. Honestly I find it hard to believe that she actually loves them anymore. When they were babies? Absolutely. When they were toddlers? You bet. But now? apparently can't even stand being around them, she is gone so much. If she truly loved her kids the way most mothers do, she wouldn't be doing the things she does.

Diana said...

I read the People magazine article this morning. She kept saying she "has" to do this for her children's future. You're an RN, do that for your children's future and let them try to grow up to see what it's like to live a normal life.

tallblonde said...

lindahoyt said "Anyway, Jon and Kate should be set for life."
So should the kids ....... and that's a horrible situation that we just don't know....yet....

Babs said...

Just sent my letter to People magazine blasting them for continuing to make Hate out as the victim. The real victims are those children.

Send an e-mail to:

I have an inkling that they will receive a hugely huge amount of feedback regarding Her Highness.

BOYCOTT TLC!!! said...

Last night's "Showbiz Tonight" had AJ Hammer listing the 5 worst celebrity Mom's --> Kate Gosselin received an 'honorable mention'. WOW! TLC best be talking with the infamous Momma of 8.

Grosse Pointe Mom said...

How little confidence Kate shows in her ability to raise eight children for a successful and happy adulthood. The sextuplets will never have the opportunity to achieve goals solely based on their unique ability and gifts. They will not be able to try out for sports teams, or participate in debate society, or even apply for membership in their college sorority or fraternity, without this show and family tragedy flashing through the minds of others.
What a luxury they will see when their friends succeed and fail at school and life just for who they are, not for who they were at such a young age that choice wasn't yet an option.
We trust as well adjusted adults that we can make the best decisions possible to guide the precious children God gifts to us. We evaluate carefully the values and choices we give to the children as they mature, with the goal of moral, sound minded, confident adults sent into the next generation to begin the process again.
None of this has been demonstrated by the Gosselin parents through this difficult time.
I pray that caring adult mentors come forward into the childrens' lives, whether in the personage of caregiver, teacher, counselor, friend, or relative, and give the children the love, hope and confidence they will need in the coming years.

2badsosad said...

"I read the People magazine article this morning. She kept saying she "has" to do this for her children's future. You're an RN, do that for your children's future and let them try to grow up to see what it's like to live a normal life."

What Kate fails to realize in that delusional mind of hers is that; as a PARENT, she must love her children , UNCONDITIONALLY. If she has NOT done that, she has accomplished nothing!!!

Connie said...

Linda, what you don't seem to realize is, feedback, good or bad, is the lifeblood of the magazines. For them, there is no such thing as bad letters----it's just support for their magazine.
So, in essence, you just supported their reasoning to write about Jon and Kate.

ramblin...on said...

Therapy101 I agree...

I originally sent this via e-mail to one of the mods as I couldn't post previously...

Anyway, the more I read and hear the scarier it gets...

My friend's late sister's husband (after his wife passed away, nice right) spread such rumors and lies in her community and made her life miserable. That was his agenda. This has ocurred many times, he craves attention and pity in a major way and he's very good at it.

It was about CONTROL and MANIPULATION. People like this do not like to be outed for who they really are. Trust me.

I'm a little nervous for Jon, this to her, must be the ultimate betrayal.

I hope he has a lock on that apartment which he only has a key.

Gigi said...

I think Hermit's comment should be a stand-alone post on the main page. It's pure genius and sums everything up so succinctly. Great job, Hermit.

Pink said...

Why r they still 2together said, "Jon was seen with them picking wild flowers- can you imagine
Kate doing this?"
No Never! The kids were NEVER allowed to play in the grass because they might get grass-stains. I'll never forget Hannah trying to stick a little flag in the cement driveway, and Jon said so patiently, "It works better on the grass". This was sad, and yet funny at the same time.

What a terrible childhood Kate has demanded from her children. And it ALWAYS relates back to money. They couldn't get dirty because she was selling the FREE clothes back on consignment.

Anonymous said...

I think both Jon and Kate are in the wrong here. The only innocent people are the kids. I hate that people want them to split up. It makes me sad. I want Kate to decide to be a mom, they need to stop the show(even though I'd miss seeing them) and Jon and Kate need to find the love they once had for one another.

Anonymous said...


Enough is enough. Bottom line...if Kate for even one second cared about her kids, the plug would be pulled on the show and she would be home with Jon trying to save 8 children's lives. Yes, their lives...because on the path they are going now, Lord help what the future holds for them. And I'm sure this is the one and only reason Kevin and Aunt Jodi are stepping in. Hey Kate and not walk to your local book store and buy the book..."Tug of War... A Judge's Verdict on Separation, Custody Battles, and the Bitter Realitities of Family Court". Let this wake you up. But honestly, anyone who thinks being on the front cover of every gossip magazine is being successful, probably could care less about reading something that actually may help them.

samcarter said...

I was watching TLC last night (not Jon and Kate, obviously), and I saw a commercial for the new season of KON. It was all, "As they reach a new chapter in their lives, where do they go from here...blah de blah, Jon and Kate address their marriage in the season premiere..." With misty special effects and somber music.

I think I threw up a little in my mouth. I wonder how much of the current brouhaha was engineered by TLC's higher ups--maybe they wanted some controversy to try to grab more viewers. Sickos.

itcoudlhappen said...

Has anyone noticed the ad around page 81 in the People magazine with the Kate article? It's a full page ad for TLC's summer season featuring none other than the Gosselins. How much does an ad like that cost in People? Do you think the magazine would piss off a good advertiser by printing something bad about Kate?

PhillyHockeyMom said...

Great post. Kate has "faked" Christmas and moved it to another day for the benefit of the cameras, so we shall see what this year brings. Maybe, hopefully, she was away on Saturday and returned home for Sunday, and down played Mothers Day for the benefit of those six little 5 year olds! That is a milestone for kids as for most Kindergarten is just around the corner!

The part in the interview that showed me Jon may have a set is when they mentioned the coupon incident and than mentioned Jon bought a car. Made it sound as if he did it on his own. Maybe, that is why he dumped his 401K, for a new toy! Anyway, I guess with kate getting and going he felt he was entitled.

Kate is so selfish and so desperate not to lose her lifestyle, she will say and do whatever she has to to keep the train on the tracks. The sad part, is I think when the show airs next week it will easily double in ratings because people that didn't know or remotely know who they were are now paying attention.

karma said...

"page 81 in the People magazine with the Kate article? It's a full page ad for TLC's summer season featuring none other than the Gosselins."

Hmm. And "summer season" has been used in the "Jon and Kate Plus 8" ads running on TLC. Wonder if TLC and "People" have the same parent company or are some how related?

NahnCee said...

"He enabled Kate and gave her so much power over him and his kids ..."

OK, 50% of people posting think that Jon should have stood up to her, while the other 50% cite the off-camera screaming and yelling between Jon and Kate as being seriously harmful to the children.

If Jon is fighting with Kate off-camera, doesn't that mean he's trying to stand up to her?

Really, people, let's get our story(s) straight: Jon the enabler (and bad), or Jon the screamer (and bad). Leaving out for the moment Jon the slackard who can't hold a job (and bad).

Personally, I think Jon's caught in a terrible situation and is *trying* to work through it and I'm not going to hold the cheating thing against him given the she-witch he found himself shackled to.

Judy said...

I was thinking about the whole Kate as a working mother in the "business" aspect of things this morning.
I know it's been mentioned that Kate and Kelly Rippa were sort of "buddies". I can see how some of these conversations go with Kate:

Kate: It's so hard. I'm trying to juggle it all and it's just so hard. I'm the only breadwinner right now. I finally am doing something that I love and it's so hard. I love my kids and I know I'm not there a lot right now but I'm doing this all for ME errr them. Jon is so lazy. Jon doesn't get it. My family doesn't want me to be happy.

Kelly: Oh Kate, I know it's hard. I juggle my kids and work too. It will be hard in the beginning while you're building up your recognition and talent. The kids will benefit from this in the long run (meanwhile Kelly is oblivious of the TRUTH behind Kate).

Kate: I's just so hard on me. I know I'm not perfect but I love my kids and am trying to do what's best for ME errr....them.

Kelly: It will get better...just ignore the negativity....stay close to friends in the business who understand you.

Kate: you're right. To hell with everyone. I'm doing this for ME errr my kids anyway.


Jennifer D said...

People magazine is owned my Time which is owned by Time-Warner. Sooo..there is no connection between TLC and People that I can see. I am sure TLC bought the ad space for a pretty penny and of course they would want to feature Kate since there is so much public interest in her drama. It's all about the Benajamins....right?

on another topic:
If you read between the lines it's clear that Kate has been running the show since the beginning. She is the one that pushed for the pregnancies. She is the one that claimed to have infertility issues. She is the one that found both Dr's. She is the one that worked the deal with TLC for the first specials. She was the one that worked out the book deal. She has always been in the drivers seat.

Jon has gone along with her and he is guilty of letting it get this far. In the early shows he was trying to fight against her...remember when he told her how "horrible" she made herself look in the Toys R Us episode? He was trying. He slowly gave up.

When Kate had her tummy tuck Jon held her and prayed for her. He took on the role of protector and husband. She has since stripped him of that role.

K8H8R said...

so if they need to support their kids by doing tv, fine. Do 2 shows a year, make a couple hundred grand and stay home and enjoy watching their kids grow up. Just a suggestion. For me, watching J&K+8 twice is year would be more than enough!

Arieslikekate said...

as others have said, she is a media whore.

She wants people to look at her, past that gow awful hairdo, and say POOR POOR KATE.

Too bad the public is looking away from her and laughing their asses off.. saying "about time, bitch ".

Arieslikekate said...

to be away from those children on a milestone Birthday is horrible. I am sure she could have blocked that day off of her "social calendar" and said NO to all offers.

Well, guess it shows her true colors.. and it isn't orange.

organizedblogroll said...

Anyone else who was TRULY as broken up as she CLAIMED to be, even though she claims to be thick skinned, would have closed down shop under those circumstances, looked HORRIFIC and would NOT have had the stamina to go through that many interviews and book signings as Kate did.

Jaden's Mom said...

I am pretty new to this blog, but people are expressing what I've been thinking for awhile. While Jon was not right to cheat, no matter what a battle axe Kate is, there is no denying that Kate has very publicly stripped him of his dignity, his masculinity, his position of authority in the home, and every other aspect of his manhood.

I am very sad for the kids. I have seen Jon and Kate grow more and more distant in the last couple of seasons, and it is clearly having an impact on the children. In the "Go Green" episode, Kate was so horrible toward the children that it was difficult to watch. And Jon...well, it looked to me like he had just checked out on Kate, and his only concern was maintaining his shaky connection with the kids.

I believe he loves the kids, but can't stand their mother anymore. Like the rest of us, he's grown tired of her domineering, bullying way of running the household. I am sick of watching her. I can't imagine what it would be like to live with her.

That said, they both need to grow up and truly do what is best for the kids. They need to get the film crews out of their house, cancel their show, stay out of the public eye for awhile, and let their family heal. Those kids don't have a chance in hell for a normal life as it is. If Jon and Kate truly love their kids, they will stop all of this before it gets any worse.

I have a question...Why aren't their families involved? I know there has to be a story behind it. Can anyone fill me in? The only thing I know is that Kate once said that neither her nor Jon's parents are part of their kids' lives. How sad. :(

VillageMom said...

If Jon is fighting with Kate off-camera, doesn't that mean he's trying to stand up to her?But it does not necessarily follow that he was trying to stand up to her about the children.

Maybe he was arguing with her about his desire for a sport's car. Maybe he was saying that he will, indeed, keep going out to the bars at night.

I think he is a spineless, selfish excuse for a man who has never put his foot down for the sake of his children in any significant way, so I don't expect him to start doing so now.

In fact, I'll go so far as to say that I think he's a worse parent than Kate. He, at least, has shown signs that he recognizes that Kate's parenting philosophies and the constant filming of the children aren't a good thing. Kate is so delusional that she might truly believe that she's acting appropriately.

But Jon seems to know deep down that this is harming his children and yet he allows it to continue... for his own financial gain.

Mother of Two(couldn't afford more...) said...

Go to to add to the posts about today's photo of Jon taking care of the kids without Kate....very sad photo....(also I need to apologize for all the spelling errors in my one post yesterday...I promise I will take the time to correct my spelling from now on...)

NahnCee said...

"Well, guess it shows her true colors.. and it isn't orange..."

Wait until she gets one of those oompah-loompah spray-on tans. THEN it'll be orange.

STLmom said...

Just say the TMZ video.
Kate who is never at a loss for words and at times even makes words up can't even complete a sentence about her family or kids. She can't even say I love my kids. She says they are loved and cared whom?

nanb said...

There's a new post at just jared apparently there filming the the birthday prep! With Kate, no Jon but the boom mike is in the pixs!! Wouldn't it be lovely if she saw the children without the TLC cameras rolling!!!!!

Kathy said...

I have to wonder what Mady and Cara are hearing from their classmates?

Even if they are being kept in the dark at home about these affairs and all this talk of the marriage being over they have got to be hearing things from kids at school.

It must be awful for them.

Tazznum1 said...

We need a topic for the previews of the upcoming season teasers. Jon and Kate first face to face. Kate alone goes to Duff's Bakery etc. So much to comment on just regarding the previews.

Karen Whateveh said...


I've had many life changing 'tragic' things happen in the past year. Not once could I have picked up a camera to document the horrible events that have plagued me and my family this year.

1. Husband left.

2. Diagnosed with cancer,
now enjoying chemo treatments.

3. Lost job because employers don't like 'sick' employees.

4. Process of losing my home.

No would not want to have picture taken and interviewed, thank you.

HereinCT said...

I also looked at this site:

Two things: First, Mady looks miserable in those pictures of her in the van, with the boom mike in front of her face. Second, in the close-up of Kate's right hand, she is sporting some sort of diamond ring (anniversary ring) but also a nice French manicure. How can she possibly say she does *any* kind of childcare with those perfect nails (well, I couldn't do it, anyway).

I wish that instead of filing for a guardian to take custody of Octomom's kids (although I totally see why that's happening), Gloria Allred would try to get a court guardianship of the Gosselin children! They could use a parent who cares right about now.

STLmom said...

Am I reading this right? There is going to be another season? Are the changing the theme of the show from "family at home" to "not how to run a family". I can not believe they are going on with the show. What is TLC thinking? And on a side note who takes 8 kids to run a errand? Does this make for good TV?

Do the kids a favor and ban TLC from your television.

PKinAZ said...

sad viewer I have to take exception to you comments about her learning this becasue she is a pastor's daughter. I'm a PK and in our church we don't "pass the hat" - we have Sunday collection PERIOD. My dad never begged his congrigation for money. He and my mom (SAHM) raised 7 of us and we are all productive members of society.

TandLMommy28 said...

She really wasn't home for their birthdays? That breaks my heart. I can't even imagine. I plan to keep my kids home from school on their birthdays every year so I can spend every second with them. That sickens me. I didn't even think that Kate was that pathetic. I really thought that she still had a little tiny bit of motherly love left in her.

Scoops said...

The Hermit is my hero! You make the most sense and sum up everything so perfectly. If I may, I would like to add a few bullet points to the beginning your already perfect summary.

*Future Mom sees compliant victim at a friend’s work party. Demands to be introduced
*Future dad has never met a praying mantis before
*Future mom insures that he breaks up with current girlfriend the next day
*Future dad is so taken he complies
*Future mom is as sweet as pie during the courting stage, when she is proposed to, and during the wedding ceremony. Her voice is as soft as silk and she is as wide-eyed and as innocent as a lamb.
*Now-married Future mom panics because she isnt pregnant immediately.
*Future mom is only in her 20's but goes to drastic measures and has twins
*Future dad is a tad overwhelmed but happy
*Future mom isnt satisfied with twins and wants to try for "one more" against Future dad's better judgement
Future mom has 6 buns in the oven
*Future mom says "Jackpot"
*Future dad says "I'm F'ed"

The Hermit said...

Good to see other posters trying to connect the dots right along with me...makes your eyes cross, doesn't it.

Scoops, you've got me grinning (otherwise, I'd be crying). If you did the beginning and I did the middle, maybe somebody else can do the end.

Just please try to come up with a HAPPY ending...for the eight. They deserve some 'happy.'

Because, kidding aside...they are all that matters in this sad, complicated tale.

debi said...

I wonder how many times Kate made the homemade ice-cream and the boat craft she did on Rachael Ray's show? I never once saw her crafting with the kids. I really hated watching Kate on the segment. Rachel Ray all but had her head up....well, you get the picture.

Andrea said...

Elizabeth mentioned people making less in a year than the Gosselins do in one episode. I am a first year teacher and take care of 26 kids everyday. I get paid $29,000 for the entire year. Kate can stick that in her pipe and smoke it.

AMEN SISTA!! I'm a teacher as well and am in charge of 26 kids everyday too! But the thing about us teachers is, WE'RE NOT IN IT FOR THE MONEY!!!! Kate saw 8 kids and her eyes turned into $$ signs.

octomomwearsitonhersleeve said...

Second, in the close-up of Kate's right hand, she is sporting some sort of diamond ring (anniversary ring) but also a nice French manicure. How can she possibly say she does *any* kind of childcare with those perfect nails (well, I couldn't do it, anyway) Because Octomom got the French manicure and well, Kate wasn't getting her nails done then. She will not be outdone!

Scoops said...

The Hermit is my hero! You make the most sense and sum up everything so perfectly. If I may, I would like to add a few bullet points to the beginning your already perfect summary.

*Future Mom sees compliant victim at a friend’s work party, demands to be introduced
*Future dad never met a praying mantis before
*Future mom insures that he breaks up with current girlfriend the next day
*Future dad is so taken and naïve he complies
*Future mom is as sweet as pie during the courting stage, when she is proposed to, and during the wedding ceremony. Her voice is as soft as silk and she is as wide-eyed and as innocent as a lamb.
*Now-married Future mom panics because she isn’t pregnant immediately.
*Future mom is only in her 20's but goes to drastic measures and has twins
*Future dad is a tad overwhelmed but happy
*Future mom isn’t satisfied with twins and wants to try for "one more" against Future dad's better judgement

Bev said...

As soon as the crap hit the fan you notice Kate runs home and grabs all the kids to make public appearances with them all in matching clothes...presumably the happy family. Is it not obvious to all that she was advised to do this from her "manager" for PR purposes? She looks miserable... the kids look miserable... and Jon is nowhere to be found. So instead of going home off her book tour to save her marriage and family she goes home, kicks Jon to the curb, and is trying to save whatever she can for her own career. This truly makes me ill. I hope TMZ follows her every move and I hope TLC realizes that the gig is up and there's no future for this fake program.

Renee said...

The hardest thing I think we all need to come to grips with, is we are fueling Kates little ego fire, even if a boycott were done, all press (good or bad) is good press. We are making this monster bigger than what she is! Maybe people NOT being there to take a shot of her with her spikes will start to make this camera hog check herself. All in all I do wish Kate would come and check out some of these boards and see what people really do honestly think of what she's doing to her family.

If I could give Kate a message I would tell her that I think she's jealous of her children and the attention theyve gotten, I believe she loves them, but people love there stocks too when the markets good.
Shes going to lose everything, and then when this does all die down (because it will, it ALWAYS does Kate, you haven't invented the wheel, I'm sorry if that's harsh, but another "big" story will come along and you'll wonder where everyone is (remember celeb types worry when the paps aren't following them, they may say it's sooo intrusive, but there a brand, and this is how they're marketed)) Jon and Kate will probably be alone....without each other, and without there kids, because shes not giving them advantages by doing this, shes taking it away....its sad to see earlier episodes and the laughs and smiles, you could see love, now all you see is dollar signs, at least in her eyes.

I honestly think Jon is trying to say look over here Kate, look at me and see what I'm doing, this is what will happen if it doesnt end, and she continues to go....its not for the kids, theres an underlying issue there.

One more point, I think its funny that a show that was started to benefit the children and there future has helped to keep Kate groomed, tan and manicured. What happened to the days Jon would have to drag her out to get something that was stylish for her??? The old Kate was a nag, yes...but as a wife, I am not always a great friend to my husband and we only have 5 kids, all different ages.

Shoka's Snoot. said...

Here's where I think this story will go, with a happy ending, sort of. (Even I don't think they can possibly stay together now)
*Jon refuses to do the show anymore;
*TLC gives Kate a show with a sarcastic gay co-host, "Kate and James (or whatever his name will be) Organize Your Life." America's Most Organized Mom and America's Coolest Lifestyle Consultant take over your life, your wardrobe and your children's diets.
*The show is a minor hit, not at the level of J and K. To increase ratings, TLC plans a big wedding of James and Jeremy, the sarcastic gay co-host of their other new show.
*Kate gets ordained on line, as she plans to conduct the ceremony. "That way, as minister,
I'll be the only person facing the audience!"
*The Christian publisher threatens to drop her. Kate becomes a martyr of the Religious Right (like the Dixie Chicks) and becomes the darling of Hollywood.
*Kate is offered a position on the View the day of the wedding. She leaves the grooms at the altar to fly to Los Angeles.
*Looking for a quote from Jon, who has disappeared, reporters find him running a sporting goods store, specializing in snowboards and tents. "I wish she had left me at the altar," he says.
*Kate finally files for divorce and tries to take the kids to LA with her. Jon fights back, and with the two grooms as character witnesses, wins full custody of the kids. They stay in PA and lead a boring, but pleasant life. Kate sends child support and sees them in her spare time.
*Jon remarries the tups first grade teacher, a very maternal young woman. They have one baby boy.
*Kate goes on the cover of People, talking about her loneliness with no children. She travels to China and finds an orphaned figure skating prodigy. Finally, the "China Doll" (her words in MB) little girl she has always dreamed of--neat, prissy, and about to become famous.
*In the 2022 Olympics, Cara wins the Super G skiing gold medal, and her adopted sister wins the gold in figure skating. J and K sit together in the stands and kid around, on good terms at last.
*Kate writes a book about how to raise a famous athlete. Jon does not. Mady has a fit over not winning a medal herself, but it doesn't last that long. Hannah and Leah go to UCLA and live with Kate for a few years. They become talk show hostesses like her.Everyone else goes to Penn State. Joel becomes a caterer, Colin an engineer, Aaden and Alexis zookeepers. Mady goes to law school and becomes a tv judge. She throws a fit whenever she gets a particularly annoying plaintiff or defendent, but that's why the show is so funny.

eves said...

The first time I ever watched this show, I thought to myself that this woman was in it for the money.
It was all about "they love US" when speaking of her friends and family. I never heard WE love them, but THEY love US. It was always what somebody could or would do for HER while she stood still with her hands clasped barking orders. She consistantly berated her husband and corrected his grammar. (Most usually, she was wrong.) She always tried to kiss up to Maddy, who doesn't seem to me to care a lot for her mother, and Hannah could do no wrong. She treats her sons the same way she treats her husband. A man will only put up with that for so long. She happened, through her own fault to have two sets of multiples. Do you think that we as taxpayers haven't footed some of that bill? If you think you haven't you are dead wrong. She has alienated her family, her friends and probably countless others of whom we will never know. She has gotten countless gifts, money, etc because she opted to have a litter of children. So then, someone says, "TV show" and here we some other mother out here having a litter of kids believing that they will probably be bestow upon her the same treatment. If there is anyone who couldn't see this from day one, i have oceanfront property in Arizona. If you couldn't see from day one that these two were headed for divorce, i have more oceanfront property. You can only treat people like sh&%$t for so long, including her children before they begin to think that they'd be better off without this maniac.....and from what i have watched of this show, it seems to me that Jon is the better parent. He doesn't scream at them for wanting something to eat...boys are ALWAYS hungry....he doesn't tell them that they are nasty and dirty. He doesn't play favorites to Hannah or just the girls. I think that if this couple were to stay together, Kate needs some serious time to stop and reflect on the way she treats all people in general, and maybe one of the drug companies will fork over some free prozac. Frankly, I'm kinda glad
Jon finally went to the shelf in the garage where Kate kept his cojones sealed in a mason jar. Looks like he finally took the lid off and got wise to her. The thing she needs to realize is all of this berating, yelling, fits of anger were viewed before millions of people....what DIDN'T they air? What DIDN'T we see?
What if these people were asked to testify to that? Looks like Ole Kate might have to give up her engagements and put those hospital scrubs to use again. That would be my worst wake up in a hospital knowing that thing was MY nurse. She is not hurting over a damned thing except the money and vacations she'll be losing. And Serena put it exactly's all in the choices we make......she made them all, she reaped it all from these people who couldn't see past her, and now she's about to lose it all.
Easy come, easy go. I don't think it could happen to a better person.
I do feel sorry for the children, in a way. If they have to live with her, other than maybe Hannah, i will feel really sorry for them. If they get to live with Jon, I think they will be much better off.
Ialso think the reality show would be better without her....just Jon plus least he'll walk outside and play with them and treat them like they are humans and not money machines.

phylly3 said...

I hope that if they do separate or divorce Kate does not have custody of those little boys. Her attitude toward them would be so damaging to them. She comes across as not liking them much less loving them.

The Hermit said...

Shoka's snoot:

I'm speechless!

The tale is told.

The End.

gmu said...

I think the problem is that as fast as they are making money they are blowing it also. Body guards and nanny's aren't cheap. The house is another expense to keep up and maintain with the maids and cooks.

They are living like superstars yet their income after taxes (while still great) is probably just enopugh to maintain the current status.

Also Kate seems like many other PA women. They controll the money. That are is really weird and so many women are like her up there.

Blessed Mama of 5 said...

Elizabeth, thank you for expressing so eloquently what I and so many others are feeling. You got it perfect!

Lindahoyt mentioned a movie called "Overboard", and I remember it, too. Good analogy!

I thought of another one, from way back. Does anybody remember that episode of The Flintstones, in which Pebbles and Bam Bam can sing as babies? The two families are quickly swept away in fame and fortune, and for a short time, Fred and Barney think they're dreams of being millionaires have come true. But then the story shows the sad parts of their children's fame, and the dads soon realize that they'd give anything to have their kids and their private lives back. The story has a happy ending, as it was only a dream in the end....

Whenever I see that episode, my heart breaks for the Gosselin kids. I'm afraid that our culture has become so desensitized to these reality shows. People seem to enjoy watching the private moments of others, and do not seem to care if it is to the harm of those being filmed. It is one thing if a person decides as an adult to want to be on "The Real World" or any other reality is quite a different thing if it is a child who has no choice. That is just plain wrong.

Just as a p.s., I would love for an interviewer to ask Kate how she feels about that Jim Carey movie "The Truman Show".

Dylan Saint-Saëns said...

The 'Overboard' movie analogy is spot-on! Kate could do her own solo show (which is what she wants, any way!), where she does a Paris Hilton/Nicole Richie 'The Simple Life' show... only, she couldn't cut it; unlike Paris & Nicole. Hilton and Richie at least have a good sense of humour and willing to be a good sport. The ANTI-Keight!

The "Open Up Your Heart (And Let The Sun Shine In)" is _also_ a great analogy. Probably more so.

The 'Overboard' would be required to give Keight a much-deserved wakeup call-- if not for OUR sake, for the sake of her innocent and exploited kids! 'The Flinstones' final scene would be the desired realization outcome to get her to stop doing the show!

IrishGal said...

The trouble with their house is that I will actually buy that it is an investment. If this real estate market gets a little kick soon, I'd like to believe they'd make more money through the property than they would if it all sat in a bank account for thriteen more years. Also, I'm sure as the kids age, the extra space will be nice.

I'd like to see them sell their big house when the sextuplets turn eighteen, with most of the money going to the eight kids. (Perhaps the twins would have to wait? I do't know; this is just my thought.) Rather than waiting for their parents' passing, I wish the kids would get all of their "show" money on their eighteenth birthdays. I'm sure Kon's 20% is plenty enough to live on. Unfortunately this would not be so easy with the divorce I am seeing on their horizon.

Having said that, there's a lot of unnecessary extra stuff they bought in which the price will deplinish (ie: Jon's new car) that could either be invested or put away. This really is what we hear about in all of those child star horror stories: Parents spending their child's rightful money. Now I don't much along the lines of finances, but I feel like they need a good accountant or financial advisor something so the kids get their money once they've come of age. Just greedy on Kon's part.

Katie said...

Anyone who has experienced stressful situations knows it is incredibly difficult to predict how you will react. Who knows why Kate is giving interviews, but everyone deals in different ways. And come on, Jon is allowed to buy a new car!!

Susan Reynolds said...

The only time you think of going to NY to give an interview after you make bad choices or you run into a bumpy road in your personal ife is if your decisions are guided by your manager and your publicist - and if those folks are living with a pre social media mindset like the dinosaurs who watch NBC news or read TV guide and think that's in depth coverage.

Without friends Kate has nobody to tell her the truth. She thinks her employees are her friends. And it's all very sad indeed.

emmy said...

This is why I LOOOVE

"Why do I find Kate so hilarious?! An even better question is, does anybody ever fight back? It wouldn't be hard. All you have to do is all the ASPCA on her tortured possum hair, so they can throw a net over her head and drag her into a cage. Or better yet, just sprinkle some holy water on her and watch as she shrivels down into the sidewalk cracks"

Pamela Jaye said...

here's a thought. perhaps the kids are happy when she goes away, cause then she's not there to scream at them. (I was a lot happier before my father quit his second job)

Wish U Well said...

Look - I've never even seen this show until last night,(and even that was an accident)from everything I am reading though it seems like not too long ago most people liked J&K; thought they were a good family with a 'normal' life and cute kids. No-one realy gave thier lifestyle a second thought until the pics suggesting an affair. Now you all can't get enough of them.

I don't agree with their choice to live on reality TV - but be realistic. Eight kids would strain the temper and strength of any marriage. Kate does not have to be a 'monster' to snap at her children, Jon does not have to be p-whipped to let his wife handle finances and you do not have to be on TV to become greedy and narsasistic, to divorce, put your kids through a difficult childhood or for your kids to act out!

Look around you! It does not take a camera crew in the house for these things to happen. People make this sort of money as bankers, builders and sales people. They travel for jobs as writers or soldiers. They hire nannies for 1 or two kids, outspend their saleries, and divoce. Heck, even children who grow up with intact and perfect families become lazy, drunken, mall-rat brats. Jon and Kates lives are not realy so different from many of us.

It can happen to anyone, count your blessings if it isn't you because there are so many others in the same circumstance. Does it realy matter if it is a result of TV success or a tracic loss? If you have a problem with their public behavior - stop publicaly condeming it. Focus on supporting your own families and friends. I for one am done with this show and the blogs it generates. I have my own troubles - I wish Jon and Kate the best with theirs.

stepcindy said...

I think everyone here agrees that the victims in the Jon and Kate saga are those 8 kids. I have watched the show from the beginning, but tonight I realized that is part of the problem. So long as we all watch, the madness continues. So, I am not going to be watching the show anymore. It wont save the marriage, but at least I will not be contributing to the problem that (in my opinion) is torturing that family. If enough people stay away, TLC will drop the show. We dont really know the issues between Jon and Kate, but I am confidant that they have a better chance of working things out without four million observers.

Laura said...

I think the Gosselins are NOT selfish. There I said it. I think both Kate and Jon at the beginning did the shows to let people know about their children and to make a few extra bucks with their new 6 mouths to feed.(I don't blame her!)
I think it just got out of hand when public facination became public obsession and now, while they did initially choose this route, could not foresee the roadblocks ahead. I myself have 2 year old triplets, and I can say without a doubt that I would have taken help and money if TLC wanted our family. Im not saying she should have been more careful and cautious, but that I do feel for her because she can no longer live her life without paparatzzi followering her and making alligations that have no clue about.