Trip to the Vet Recap

Welcome to another episode of Kate and Kate plus Kate!

The Gosselins have been in their new house for three months. Kate says it is actually starting to look like a house! Well, at least she didn't say home, because we all know that would be a big, fat lie. Now that they're out of their teeny, tiny old house, sometimes this new house actually has moments of quiet! But Kate is still annoyed when the kids want to be around her while she places their snacks-disguised-as-lunch on plates and pretends like she is actually doing things in the kitchen. more

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Lorist said...

Great recap. Poor children poor dogs :(

Anonymous said...

Cheryl B said...I would love to know the real reason Scott and Jen are gone.

I don't know about Jen but
Scott seems to have moved on to the Duggars. He even brought along his wife and children to their home and the Christmas parade; Michelle said his kids were even IN the parade with hers, riding on the float. They were on their way to visit family for the holidays and stopped in to meet the Duggars....who, I'm certain, welcomed them with open arms.

I'm sure the difference between the G's and the D's is unbelievable and if Scott ever decides to write his memoirs (years from now, when the "gag order" of his contract runs out), it'll be a best-seller. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I usually like the recaps, but there's always something in the recaps that really gets me, there are certain comments that just seem completely judgemental and off point of the whole purpose of gwop. For example: kate applying "stripper" highlights. I just don't see any correlation between her highlights and strippers. That really made no sence to me, and totally threw me off with giving credibility to this recap. But disregarding the slightly non relevant quirks thrown in it, it was good.

Grace said...

I wonder where the girls got that chemical cleaner to clean up the dog pee? Do they have access to all the household cleaners? That's a recipe for disaster.

Unknown said...

You know, this episode didn't have much for me to be annoyed by. The kids at home is what drew me in to the series in the first place and this episode seemed to get back to a certain amount of "normality" compared to their trips/special treatment and Kate being a huge buzzkill.
-of course, the fact that Kate was in LA during the vet visit made me roll my eyes.

The kids are just kids- in general they seem to be funny and rambunctious- so long as Kate isn't there to lord over them (I know I'm a heretic to the whole "they're always unsupervised" argument.)

Jon could have done better with Nala after the operation, but overall this episode was an improvement over the previous few.

Anonymous said...

why did they keep showing the plates of food over and over again? and they specifically mentioned hummus. that means one thing: it will be in her cookbook! it's like on soaps when someone says, 'oh I feel faint' or 'I feel nauseous' it means they ARE pregnant! they don't just point out that stuff for nothing.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure everyone caught her complaining about the size of the laundry room and wanting to fix it. Oh freebie people! Please come and knock out a wall and give Take some more space! She is so in-your-face now. The bad press is killing her. The way she makes sarcastic comments like "Poor Hannah. It's always Hannah" and so many other pointed remarks. She is fooling no one!

Anonymous said...

Kate strikes me as a bottomless well of need, greed and want. I don't think she knows what true happiness is. She certainly doesn't seem to know what contentment is.

Kate wants what she wants when she wants it. Until, that is, she wants the next big thing. A terrific example of Kate's pattern of discontent was the laundry-room vignette in this episode.

A couple of shows ago, when we first saw the family moving into their new home, Kate seemed ecstatic over her laundry room. The huge washers and driers, the detergent pedestals, the rolling, compartmentalized hampers. It's a large, comfortable workroom for anyone. And Kate was thrilled with it.

Suddenly, after a mere two or three months, she announces the laundry is too small, but she's "working on that." Which can mean only that she's working on having a structural change made to the room to enlarge it. More workers in the house, more chaos. More money to lay out. When does it end?

If so many little children weren't involved in this maelstrom, I'd feel sorry for Kate. It must be difficult to have covetousness as a way of life. It must be maddening to never have that psychic emptiness filled.

Twins = Kate's happiness; leading to Kate's boredom. Time for tups, which = Kate's happiness; but again leading to Kate's boredom. The trips and vacations, the new house, the dogs, the nannies. Kate's happiness-span is short.

It's no wonder we started seeing her dissatisfaction with Jon expressed so openly. She probably wanted to trade up -- you know, like tups for twins and mansions for modest homes -- but one can't do that with a spouse so easily.

My theory is, fwiw, that Kate really wanted to get the twins working in show business, followed later by the tups. When she brought Mady and Cara to that talent agent, Kate was deadly serious. Those girls were supposed to be her big ticket. I'm glad the agent set her straight.

But once show biz slipped through Kate's fingers, she simply changed tactics and plans. I feel for those children; they're adorable and lovely and healthy. What gifts they are to Kate and Jon! Lately though the kids seem very much like a burden to both parents.

Now, there is an alternate theory about the acknowledgements of "trouble in our marriage" made separately by Kate, then Jon. That theory says they're playing us big time. With OctoMom getting so much play and publicity -- not to mention TLC finding new, huge families like grains of sand on the beach -- perhaps J&K are nervous that America may be losing interest in them. What better plot device than a temporary separation? Trips to marriage counselors; weekends away to Cancun for the couple to "reconnect"; tearful confessions and apologies. All that angst would fill up at least one season, maybe two, right? The children could still be used effectively as props and backdrop. After all, we the audience will be told, the couple's reconciliation is all about the kids. Everything they do is for the kids. Isn't that right? ;)

I'm not sure K&J are smart enough to think of divorce as a diversionary tactic but they are conniving enough to go into survival mode.

Whatever the truth, I think it's a certainty that we're going to get many Mommie Dearest and Daddie Dearest books in the years to come. Then the talk show appearances to promote the books or to debate the books or to deny the charges. IOW, the Gosselin family will be with us for a very, very long time to come.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about Jen but
Scott seems to have moved on to the Duggars. He even brought along his wife and children to their home and the Christmas parade; Michelle said his kids were even IN the parade with hers, riding on the float. They were on their way to visit family for the holidays and stopped in to meet the Duggars....who, I'm certain, welcomed them with open arms.

I am sure the crew is treated like hired help at the Gosselins. Look at the way she treats them with all her rules that seem to apply to everyone but her. The constant complaining about feelings closed in, the lights, to many people etc etc. The Duggars are all about family, treated Scott and his family as an extension of theirs. I would love to know if the crew was reassigned on by Figure 8 or if they opted to bail out before their heads exploded! Count me on on wishing one of the them would write a behind the scenes.

Anonymous said...

I haven't watched the show for 3 months and look forward to the weekly recaps. This one is especially well done and very funny!! Although it is difficult to pick my favorite part, one of the highest points was when you dozed off ;) and had your dream!! This show has SO outgrown its original concept of giving us an insight on what it is like for a struggling young couple to be raising multiples--that's the show I used to like. It has become a three ring circus of greed, entitlement and laziness. Jon & Kate need to go out and get REAL jobs to support their family and stop earning their living off the backs of their children. My 33 yr. old married niece was here for a visit a couple weeks ago, and I asked her if she'd ever watched J&K+8. She said she'd watched it once and it didn't really appeal to her because she thought Kate was pretty much a big b****. This was before I had said anything about my feelings towards the show. Smart girl!!

Taryn said...

OK, someone uploaded this moronic episode on YouTube and I watched it. I'm sorry I did because as Alice from Dilbert likes to say, I "must control the fist of death".

There are so many things wrong with this episode that I don't know where to begin.

First, as the owner of a dog that has had past aggression issues, what you learn first in their rehabilitation is that you need to learn to read the body language of the dog and respect his space. That does not mean kissing the dog on his muzzle like that boy did (sorry, I don't know which one is which). I really think if they continue to do that, one of them is going to end up with a nasty bite on their face. Are these people so stinking stupid that they can't see that?

These puppies are jumping on the kids and it's clear they haven't been trained at all at this point. This is going to become a big problem down the road.

And Kate...where to begin with awful Kate. "I liked them at first". WTH does that mean? Because now you have to care for them? What did you think what would happen? That you could throw them in the toy box when the kids were finished chasing them for the day?

These people leave me speechless. Jon and his idiotic "Yeah, right about the jumping. They're outdoor dogs!" You're going to see that one of these days, if those dogs continue to live there, they'll wind up dead on the road or lost because they apparently have no fence.

I am hoping and praying the breeder took those pups back and placed them with a RESPONSIBLE person. You know, someone who actually buys a book and reads up on the subject of what it means to own a pet.

And then the comments on YouTube...where to begin? The average IQ of these idiot fans has got to be in the single or double digits. Gotta love this one:

"those dogs hav the best life
they hav eachother
acres of land all the time
and 8 kids to play with"

Whew...from what I can gather, most of the big fans of this show seem to be under 15.

The Gosselins should be banned from even owning a hamster. And send Jon and Kate to an island somewhere where they don't continue to infect the human population.

I am seething. Just seething. What an irresponsible breeder to place those innocent animals with two numb***s who don't know the first thing about animals. They couldn't keep a fish alive if they tried.

Anonymous said...

On the way into the vet they are all walking in and Jon realizes that they have left Alexis in the car. She appears to be asleep but Jon tells her she has to quit eating so much candy(?) and drags her out.

I thought he said quit being so handy.


Cameo said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again; you guys make a much more entertaining read than the Gosselins make for TV viewing. I cracked up out loud at the "organic Kate toss paper plates" line. I'm soooooo not earth friendly and even I quit using paper plates, you'd think someone who vows to do right by Mother Earth (who is seconc only to herself) would at least try to put on a good show. Oh, there I go forgetting who I'm talking about again! Thanks for the laugh GWOP!!!!

Unknown said...

And Kate...where to begin with awful Kate. "I liked them at first". WTH does that mean? Because now you have to care for them? What did you think what would happen? That you could throw them in the toy box when the kids were finished chasing them for the day?

Kind of like the kids, huh?

Kiki said...

No Sandy, it was after talking about the pups doing their business inside!She acknowledged that it was stinking downstairs.

That will of course prompt future discussion about how much easier hardwood, laminate or tile is easier to keep clean.

Anonymous said...

As far as the cleaning chemicals, I thought that they had just grabbed the soap and paper towels from the bathroom. It foamed like soap and came in a soap-like bottle. I'm sorry, Jon and Kate might not always be supervising them, but I'm pretty sure that they're smart enough to keep the chemicals away from the kids. Plus, I doubt the nanny that was hiding in the background (you can see her hand at one point in that scene) would let them do that.

And someone really needs to tell them that those dogs need to be trained. I agree, I was terrified when I saw Collin so close to a male Shepard's face-- yea, they're loyal dogs, but they can get aggressive too. Then he was jumping on the children, if the dogs do that later on when they are much, much bigger there are going to be problems....

Hopewell said...

I can barely watch this show any more. When I see really old shows I like Kate & Jon. Now they are bigger spoiled brats than most of their kids. "I'm ready for my close-up now," I can hear Kate saying as she shoves Jon and kids out of the way. Any bets on how soon the puppies go to "friends with a farm?"

beckyn3kids said...

I forgot to mention the "kids cant get up before the sun comes through a certain window". We have a similar rule and I wonder if maybe the rule was misunderstood or if they are really basket cases that have children watching this window every morning waiting for breakfast (which of course comes after mommy takes a shower, does her hair, applies make-up, and get dressed for her "fashion show" by the stove). I ask my kids to not wake up before the sun which means no 3a.m. morning calls. They arent required to wait for the sun exactly and they ususally play with their toys and such from 6 to 6:30 when the rest of us get up. I wonder if their rule is similar or if they are really supposed to wait for the sun, regardless of the weather

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