How Was Your Sunday?

I bet you all had a fabulous day on Sunday, whether you chose to take your children to the park, visit with friends, cook some meals for the week ahead, try out a new recipe, or decided to be lazy and just chill at home with your family or with your pets.

Soooo....who is jealous of Kate? What was her day?

Was she away from the family on some business deal fighting airport delays and taxis? Was she with the family, perhaps minus Jon, just the kids and a nanny. Did she encourage the kids to finish eating lunch because she was going to play kickball with them out in the backyard when they were done?

Well we know how much she enjoys the children, so was she in bed with a headache, reading through the various blogs to see how much she is disliked? Trying to nap, but the sound of fighting and discontent giving her no peace. Yes, I really envy that. If Jon was there, did they spend a frosty day avoiding each other? What peace would they have after the multi reported rumors and gossip about his recent behavior? Was it a knockdown drag-out, or just not speaking to each other? Does he sleep in the garage apt, or still at his mom's? I am not voting for make-up sex at this point.

Did she feel bad that she didn't go for a walk with the children and the dogs (if they are still there) or did she resent the fact that any of the nuisances are there. If the dogs are still around, did Kate seek them out to give them an affectionate belly rub? Or scratch behind their ears before slipping them a doggy treat or two? Or instead did she dress as lady of the manor for her day on the laptop?

Did her phone ring with Beth and Jodi calling, eager to share some funny stories, or maybe one of her sisters to find out how her week was. More likely she was chewing out Julie May or TLC. Did she check her messages on Facebook or Hotmail and find funny messages from long lost buddies from nursing school or high school, or did she find hateful emails from viewers or idiotic sheeple postings on her lonely 6 Gosselin site.

Did she go to church or even think about updating her long lost scriptures on her site? Did any of those scriptures cross her mind at any point today, or this week? Did she encourage the older girls to help with their siblings, and then did she take Mady and Cara aside, and whisper to them conspiratorially, "Thanks for helping out today. I rented your favorite movie... as soon as your brothers and sisters go to bed, we'll pop some popcorn and you can watch it alone with just me and Dad."? Did she bathe the children, read them a favorite story and tuck them in bed with a kiss. Did she sneak in to watch their angelic faces as they slept? Or did she let the nanny have the chore and take to bed with a glass of wine to finagle, finagle.

Tomorrow morning when she wakes up, will Jon bring her the very difficult to make cup of coffee, or is that the housekeeper's job these days? So, no, I am not jealous of the lonely and difficult Ms. Gosselin. A bigger house must seem a lot emptier.

So tell us readers, how was your Sunday?


LovesMyLife said...

My Sunday was GREAT! Thanks for asking! I made a Japanese dish called chicken and egg donburi for the first time and my notoriously picky boyfriend ate it and LOVED it! Then he helped me with my French and Arabic skills...such a patient teacher he is. Then we visited his niece and nephews to watch movies and have traditional Moroccan treats. Now we're back home trying to decide what to order for dinner and which movie to watch. We'll probably bake cookies, too and then fall asleep watching TV. I feel refreshed and ready to face the work week where I teach kindergarten. Yes, I look forward to spending the week with 18 5-year-olds...that's 3 times more than Ms. Gosselin, but I feel blessed to be with those kids. So, anyway, I hope you all had great Sundays too!

Marie France said...

This was an outstanding post. It cut to the very core of what Kate Gosselin's world is like. The contrast between her world and most of our Sunday worlds was beyond striking!!! As for me, it was a cold and mixed snow and rain Sunday. I stayed in, took a shower, put on clean sweat pants, a big t-shirt and my fleece slippers and puttered all day long. I picked up around the house, hung out with the dog and got my taxes done. Made a few calls to family and friends and answered emails. It was a day to chill and I needed it! I may watch the History channel later (if there is something interesting to me)and then I am going to bed early since the week ahead at work will be an insane one. I simply CANNOT imagine Sundays like Kate's. She is such a bitch. Thanks again, Maggie for a very insightful and incisive post!!!

Miranda said...

I for one spent the day at work, I work retail, I never get the weekend off.

So maybe Kate and I have something in common, I'm sure she was working too, although I would never say she was "AT work". No, she was probably getting a massage while she spent the day in a hotel in preparation for a "speaking event" tomorrow or something. Yeah Kate, that is TOTALLY working...

Little Miss NASCAR said...

My Sunday was awesome,thanks for asking. Got up and had some coffee with the fam. Went to church then came home and watched the NASCAR race. Had a great dinner and now I'm relaxing and recharging for the week.Its really yucky snowy/rainy here in NW Ohio, so its cozy inside watching TV with the fam.
I hope y'all had a great Sunday too!

Lee said...

I made hummus for the first time! Never go back to expensive store-bought again! My husband got back from a trip to NY to see his mother for her 88th birthday. My 24 year old daughter and I listened to Bill Joel songs together on Friday night and realized that we BOTH love him! It really was a great weekend.....

Katie said...

I did something that I'm not sure Ms. Gosselin could fathom.

After going out for a family breakfast and coming home early we realized that our little one was sick.

So I have spent the day holding and cuddling and watching little mermaid movies, making drinks with special straws in them, and doing whatever I can to make her feel just a little better. My heart is broken watching her sick little face.

No, I didn't banish her to the cold bathroom or laundry room floor to be miserable all by herself. I didn't have a heartattack when she had an accident in her panties. I haven't gotten annoyed with her, and perhaps the BIGGEST difference between the two of us is that the thought NEVER CROSSED MY MIND TO LEAVE HER.

So, I spent my Sunday at home, enjoying a rare day off that both my husband and I were home, and continued to embrace the day even as our angel got sick. We changed our plans for the day and have just spent the day at home relaxing, ordered pizza for dinner, and I guess going to make it an early night (since I have a feeling its going to be a long one!).

I'm SURE my Sunday was NOTHING like what Her Royal Highness's day must've been like.

JShine said...

I spent my Sunday working hard in the city, earning my own money, to make my own way. And unlike Kate's definition of culturing, I was actually culturing myself, as I was working in a kosher grocery store, learning all about a different way of life. :)

homeschoolin' mom said...

I spent my Sunday helping my boys make projects for the world knowledge fair at the charter school we turn our work in to. Then we played with the neighbor's puppy while he was away. My boys love to do this because we can't get a dog. Since we can't be on a hit reality show, exploiting their personal lives, we don't have the money to pay our mortgage anymore. And since we don't know where we are going to live, we can't get a dog until this mess gets straightened out. I guess we can vicariously enjoy the Gosselin dogs, until they join Beth and Aunt Jody in the "discard pile".

KatesNoMom said...

Great post. Would be nice if Kate read it and meditated on it a few moments...

My Sunday was very nice, thanks for asking. ;-) Since we went to church last evening, we decided to sleep in this morning. Hubby snuck out to our favorite bakery and brought home "real" donuts. (read: NOT "dunkin donuts". LOL) Our daughter slept in for the first time in WEEKS - taking a break from mega-homework assignments and play rehearsals..

As Hubby helped her study for those dreaded Chemistry and Geometry tests this week, I dusted a bit, sorted through all the VHS and DVD's in the house, boxed for storage or donations, made a really nice dinner of pork loin and roasted potatoes, and am now getting ready to enjoy a cup of tea with my family.

Boring, some might say, but we were all together and I call it a happy family life. Something Kate seems to be missing.

Anonymomma said...

What a thoughtful thread!

I hope everyone had a great day today.

I spent the morning awaiting my oldest three boys to return from their weekend at Grammy's. Yes, I anxiously awaited their arrival, because I missed them. Since Friday evening it was only me, the hubby, and our two daughters. And I am used to much more shenanigans than that. I did some writing, and a few loads of laundry before they got back. Then we finished homework, ate dinner (homemade veggie beef soup, no old grandmas's in ours!), shuffled all of the kids into the shower, and now we are all just chilling out, eating ice cream and watching tv. We had our first real thunderstorm of the season this afternoon, power went out for a few minutes and everything : ) But it was good.

Come to think of it, I'm still in my pyjamas and my 'mom' sweater lol.

Anonymomma said...

homeschoolin' mom, keep the faith : ) things will get better. you know what they say about dawn, right?


Anonymous said...

My Sunday has been spent worrying about our local school and my job.

I live in a very rural area were there are lots of old coal mines. It's not unusual for the ground here to shift and sink due to mine subsidence. Yesterday afternoon, the ground underneath our school district's new (5 years old) elementary school began to sink. A huge crack formed in the ground (about 7 inches wide) that ran under the school, through the parking lot, and through several nearby homes. People around the school could hear the building cracking as the ground moved under it.

Engineers from the State of Illinois have said that the damage is catastrophic. Classes throughout the district have been canceled until administrators can figure out where to put the 700 students (grades pre-k through 5) that attended that school.

Our community waited for years for that school to be built and it was a real jewel for the town.

I've been substitute teaching for the last couple of years. Will have to look to other districts to see if I can drum up some work while the situation gets resolved.

I'm grateful that this happened on the weekend. I don't want to think about what would have happened if classes had been in session.

I'm sad for our school and our community.

Jane in California said...

My entire week-end was very good, thank you -- my son and I spent some quality time together on both days :)

On Saturday, we lazed on the couch in the morning; me sipping my coffee leisurely, he with his cereal and milk (side note - I've let my son, now age 10, eat breakfast on the couch on week-end mornings since he was very young. And he stopped wearing a bib before he was age 2, and started drinking out of a small plastic lidless cup by age 3. Maybe Kate won't believe this, but he's actually rather neat, besides leaving cracker crumbs). We later worked in the yard together, pulling weeds and transplanting some plants, then we visited our local Humane Society because we're getting a rabbit soon.

Today, we took his bike to our favorite biking/walking path. He rode while I walked, for almost an hour.

Each night, as we have done since he was a baby, I read him a bedtime story. Now, we take turns, he reads some then I read some and he drifts off to sleep.

We shut off all lights and TV on Saturday from 8:30 to 9:30 in celebrate Earth Hour, and lit candles. We talked about how people lived before there was electricity.

I wore tennis shoes or flat sandals all week-end long, plus my favorite pair of capri jeans and a simple t-shirt. It was the week-end, so I just put on a little mascara and lipgloss. I did not look glamorous at all I'm sure. All in all, it was a very good week-end.

ImFrancie said...

Happy Sunday all!

This morning, I made "French toast waffles" for my kids. (Frozen waffles defrosted in the toaster and used instead of bread, very yummilicious! Note to Kate: please feel free to steal this recipe. I'm sure your kids would love them, and I think you already have the main ingredient in your freezer.) Then, I raked the lawn to clear out the winter debris with my son helping, while my husband was sanding the new wallboard in our back entrance that he put up by himself. This afternoon, I took my daughter to buy a new swimsuit at T.J. Maxx's for our upcoming trip to Florida to visit Grandpa. She got to pick it out the swimsuit she liked best all by herself! We ordered non-organic pizza for supper, which we ate together at the kitchen table.

Oh, and I snuck in some time here to read and post. : )

Joelle :) said...

Wonderful post! My Sunday was wonderful, and thank you for asking.

I woke up early, did a yoga DVD, ate a yummy breakfast, enjoyed a cup of tea, and read the newspaper. Then I went to church to thank the Lord for all He provided me with this week. Since it was so pretty outside, I took my grading (I teach school) to the park this afternoon. While I worked, I watched a family with 3 young kids fly kites. This evening, I've talked with my mom, dad, and grandmother on the phone. A peaceful, relaxing day.

Thanks for the great post. It really makes you think...

Emily said...

I have the same number of kids as Kate, but I bet our Sundays were nothing alike.

I woke up and got my children ready. No screaming necessary! They pick out their own clothes once they are two, so there's no fuss about making everyone match. My dh and I then took our children to church. We don't use a church daycare--we like our little ones with us, even the baby. Especially the baby!

After, my husband took the boys home while I took the girls shopping for Easter shoes. My girls get more excitement at Payless Shoe Source picking out a ten dollar pair of flats than the Gosselins do at Disneyland. That's generally one of the real joys of living in a large family--you learn to enjoy the little things.

We then went to Michael's and bought some craft supplies. It's next door to the shoe store. We love to paint, so why not?

We then went home and did our chores. I think it's important for children to have some chores starting at about 1 1/2 or 2. When those were over, my younger kids played (together, with no hitting or screaming) and the older ones went to visit neighborhood kids and play.

We just ate dinner, and it's healthy and organic. I don't just pay that lip service and then stuff my kids with fluffer-nutter sandwiches on white bread. We had baked chicken, baked fries, whole wheat rolls, and asparagus.

To be honest, I would do a reality show if asked, but there would be much stricter parameters than I see on J&K+8. I would never let a lousy job interfere with our happiness or privacy. But I'm not a "Kate" type of mommy, so there wouldn't be a lot of entertainment. Just a big, hippie family, ya know?

3ts said...

My Sunday was great until I seen my cell phone carrier sponsoring a "Jon and Kate Plus 8" classic. I complained to T-Mobile since they are always reminding me that I'm a "loyal" customer *thanks to my college kids needing phones.
I am thankful we didn't get as much snow as the weatherman predicted and that icy tree didn't drop heavy branches on the roof that we didn't get trimmed during spring break. (I'm very thankful for my son and his college friends helping to paint my house during break while their "pay" was plenty of my cooking and praise.) My sons said winter was over, they forgot we get late ice storms every year in March, last year they did 5 days without power at their college town. Silly kids.
I also chatted a bit with my brother and sister, something we wonder if Kate even does with hers anymore.
Thank you for this post.

Ronda said...

It is fun reading how we spent our Sunday!

I slept in, really really late (almost noon!) When I got up, I ate some carrot cake. Loves me some dessert for breakfast on Sunday!

I watched the Nascar race (WOO HOO Jimmy Johnson, most exciting maneuver I've seen lately!) and actually laid on the floor with my three tiny dogs, soaking up sunshine. We played with doggy toys, pawed at each other, etc. It was fantastic fun.

I also clipped their nails and cleaned their ears. Caring for dogs can be fun and rewarding, they love you just for being "you".

Mommy in PA said...

My Sunday started at 6:30 am when my (almost) 2year old son came in my bed. He fell back to sleep snuggled in my lap, and I dozed off again too. My 3year old daughter was sitting on the floor next to the bed an hour later when we woke up again. We all went downstairs to have breakfast (except my hubby who worked late last night so slept in today). After hubby woke up he played with them so I could take a shower. Then the kids jumped in my lap while they were watching Disney channel this morning. We played for awhile until lunch (they asked for cheesy eggs today!). My daughter took a nap after lunch but my son refused. So he had some milk and cookies with me while she slept :) Later we were listening to a kids music CD & singing along (well mostly I was the one singing along), and the kids were dancing all around. We had stuffed peppers & ziti for dinner, and the kids had some canned pears after dinner. I straightened up the kids rooms and got them ready for bed. My daughter went to bed easily as always, and my son sat in my lap nursing for a bit before going to sleep. Now I'm hanging out online (my "me" time is usually in the evening) & waiting for my hubby to come home from another late shift (a little over an hour to go!).

My day certainly wasn't perfect though - I did have to break up a few arguments over toys, deal with my daughter's constipation issues, clean up milk my son got all over the floor, change my clothes when my son's diaper leaked poop out, and deal with a few tantrums. Even with these minor issues, it was a good day. I'm sure any mom will tell you every day has its ups and its downs...

I wonder if Kate Gosselin ever bothers to spend a day like this with her kids.... They need the same kind of attention that other stay at home moms give to their kids. I feel so bad for those kids, when was the last time they had real quality time instead of something staged for TLC so Kate could get more $$$...

Amy said...

I had a wonderful Sunday. I picked up my 17 year old daughter at the airport at 3:00am this morning returning from a 10 day educational trip from France. (Saved for the trip for two years) After she woke up we spent the day talking about the trip. We held hands and just spent time with each other. My 16 year old daughter made us scones from scratch. Gave us warm scones with cold milk. Awesome. Wonderful, wonderful day with my daughters. As I type my house is somewhat messy and the clothes are washed. I could care less. Having these times with my girls is everything. Making memories. A perfect Sunday.

gidget said...

Well, Lordy Be, thank you for asking, honey.
I spent 3 hours shopping today, and it was exhaustingly exhausting. We bought manure and mulch at Rona in the pouring rain. Good thing I didn't wear 3-inch heels and stainable clothes. Oh no, my undyed hair was clipped up with a barrette, no makeup - but I did have cute sneakers on (white with sparkles).
Hit 6 stores looking for rubber "mucking" boots. Rainboots for those who are stylish. I wanted stylish but Wal-Mart and Zellers don't carry cheap and cheerful in my size. Spent $15 and had to take the X-acto knife to the front so my not-so-dainty foot would fit the size 10.
Then my honey and I started a Lasagna Garden - both of us in our not-stylish boots. There was the 2 of us, digging with our hands in sheep poo and peat.
Might I add? The sheep poo is ORGANIC! Good healthy sheep, but still, they poop - at $5.49 a bag too. My honey took pictures of the hard work with the stupid, stupid, I hate this camera (hint, hint, needa new one).
It's late now and we haven't had supper yet, but I'm trying a new recipe with spicy sausage, tomatoes, cream and pasta. It'll be great, if we can stay awake.
Oh damn, I still have to do laundry before work on Monday in my Sears TOP loading washer. If it would've been sunny today, I would've hung it outside to dry.
All in all, it was a great day

Why r they still 2gether? said...

Great post- I had a great Sunday-
I spent time with my husband while
my teens slept in-
My sister and nephew came over for the afternoon-
The teens jammed in the basement
while my sister and I talked-
I brought the kids to booster juice
and to pick up a pizza-
I actually watched the new Simpsons with my teens-
I also scrubbed my sons new white runners that were so dirty from the day he spent on a farm yesterday- and I didn't say one
negative thing about it- no
'gumgate' like reactions in
my house!!
Nothing too exciting but alot of talking sharing and a few hugs-
Imagine making family memories and
not having them filmed or
getting paid for them!!!
That is what makes happy and healthy kids and teens!

flowergirl said...

My Sunday was pretty nice.I brought my husband coffee in bed, & we read the paper.
I made breakfast for my hubby & daughter.Then I talked to my mom & sister.
Husband and I went to the grocery.
Daughter went to work(Great kid). I worked on a Double Wedding Ring quilt for my sons wedding.My darling husband did the laundry.
I cooked dinner while we brainstormed ways to make some money.Husband has lost his job.
Really a good day as we ARE in this together.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have had a great Sunday! At my house, it is a blizzardy, cold snowy day.

I started the day with a freshly ground cup of coffee, and reading my Bible and going over my Sunday School lesson, because it was my week to teach the pre-schoolers Sunday school. The house was quiet, and I listened to the wind blow the snow up against the windows. The cold outside, made the inside seem all the more warm and cozy.

My husband and my children soon began to stir. They had to leave their warm beds to go out and feed their horses, their cat and their dogs.

I put a roast in the crock pot, and we went to church, where they have a morning breakfast and coffee hour. We visited, with our friends there, and then one of my daughters and I went in to teach Sunday School. My daughter was my helper. We soon noticed that the nursery worker failed to show up, and so I went and asked my husband and my daughter if they would mind filling in, and they did! So, my family and I spent the morning playing games, praying, putting on a puppet show, providing a snack and singing songs with 15 toddlers and babies. We had a wonderful time! We even ate candy with the kids! YIPEE!

Then, we came home, ate a lunch of Non organic Pizza...took a nap, and one daughter went to a friends house, and one sat and watched some TV with me. We puttered around the house, talked and laughed. We took the dogs for a short walk, organised our recycling items to take to the recycle center tomorrow, we folded laundry together, while my husband was building something in his wood shop.

We talked to my parents on the phone; we went to dinner with his parents last night. We are traveling to their house, out of state for Easter. Our 2 older children called. We checked on some friends by phone. My sister called from Disneyland, she was there with her grown children. The other sister called to arrange a summer stay for her daughter at our house. My niece called to tell me the latest cute things her 18 month old is doing.

My DH and I read the paper, discussed the news; then the girls and the two of us, debated the issues...he leans left, and I lean right, and we like to present both our views to the children, and talk about everything...then we teased and flirted, and did a little kissing...(not always how that ends!)

Then it was time to do the evening chores with our horses. We ate our roast for dinner, cleaned up, and now the girls are doing their homework, DH is wordworking, and I am on the computer.

I have been married to my boyfriend for 26 years. We have everything we want and need. 3 of our kids are doing great, one is in the military and the one who has problems, is still a nice person; but she keeps us humble and on our knees. I love and respect my husband, and he loves and respects me. We share our faith, as well as our problems...We work hard, take care of our own kids and contribute to our community. We are surrounded by friends and family. We have travelled all over the world...and didn't owe anyone for our accomodations. And we have the nicest teenage daughters that I have ever met...truly!

I wouldn't trade one minute of my life for 6 million dollars! I certainly am NOT jealous of the Gosselins.

MissLissa said...

Maggie, great post. I think you pinned down a day in the life of Katie Irene.

My Sunday was great as well...woke up, went to church, and met 3 girlfriends at Marshall's for a "play date" - just us - no kids, no men...and then lunch at Cheeseburger in Paradise. Came home to take a nap during a thunderstorm. Did grad school work and now watching my favorite comedian on TV! I'd take this any day over Kate's life (except those gorgeous kids, of course - we'd do some fun, messy craft project together without the hysterics)

Anonymous said...

JShine....a Kosher Grocery store!

Isn't that fun? I have jewish friends, who are so nice to explain everything to me. One even bought me a Torah, and a book that explains everything.

We always go to a special Passover meal on "Maundy Thursday"...the Thursday before Easter.

I love to culture our family...glad to see you doing the same!

Anonymomma said...

Ya know, I really wish I knew you ladies IRL. Just reading about how everyone's day was, and how similar we all seem, is very interesting.

3F, I'm so sorry about your school. Thank God it happened on a day when it was closed and everyone is okay. But still, that's really crappy, and I'm sorry : ( Here's to better days, Lady.

lindahoyt said...

Homeschoolin Mom---I just said a little prayer for you. I would be happy to pray more specifically, if you want to go on my blog and leave a comment on a specific prayer, I would love to do so for you.

Three Farmers---my heart and prayers, goes out to your community! Like you said, praise the Lord that it happened on the weekend. As a former School Board President, I understand how devastating this is for a community! And the financial devastation this could be for, I assume, an already strapped populace. How horrible! I am sure the other school districts will be needing your services. And this district will probably still need you, as they will probably have to hold classes in other buildings around town.

4thekids said...

ThreeFarmers, I am pretty sure I read about your town's story online this morning (unless that happened in another town, too!)...I'm really sorry to hear it. Positive thoughts coming to your town's way!

As for my Sunday, well, I work on Sundays, but nevertheless I worked out after work then came home, curled up on the couch with a blanket while listening to the thunderstorm outside. I drank a cup of coffee, read a book, did some homework, and had a wonderful phone conversation with my mother.

I can't imagine not being on speaking terms with my parents, especially my mother. And I can't even begin to fathom withholding my (future) children from their grandparents all because I was too greedy to graciously accept used, mismatching baby supplies.

Mikemom said...

Thanks for asking. I spent the day with my son who is returning to college after spring break. We spent the day talking, having lunch together. While he finished some last minute paper, I went grocery shopping to three different stores to shop the sales because I cant find a coupon for everything. Oh Lordy bee! I shopped for my mom also because she is living on Social Security, and also for my brother who cant find construction work. In fact, the whole family and we have 8 siblings, have chipped in to help each other in these hard times. I talked to my neice who is throwing a surprise party for my sister's birthday. I can't wait. I will get to see my whole family. Could not imagine life without them.

linda said...

We had a great Sunday, it got off to a rocky start.. Our 6 year old son that has High Functioning Autism and ADHD decided that we wanted to start his day at 4 a.m. So I got up with him and we watched a movie..

Once everyone was up we went out to breakfast, then headed to church.. After church we played board games, I worked on laundry while my guys headed outside to play soccer with my husband.. We found out last week that our son is also allergic to Peanuts, so I spent some time researching safe foods and resteraunts for him..

Now my guys are tucked in bed for the night, and I am getting ready to watch a movie with my husband..

jayley said...

Our Sunday was typical in a great sort of way. We all slept in after a tough day yesterday attempting to hang some insulating fabric off the back patio door. (on sale at JCP with coupons - 45% off) We can't afford a new door,and had hoped better insulation might lower the heat bill. Blizzardly here also. Salads for lunch, unfortunatly not entirely organic though because, oh wait, we can't afford it. The bright point was our daughter returning from a Peace Jam conference. She came home with such an exuberant attitude about accepting others from different cultures/countries/religions/points of view. We are so very proud of her. She seemed very thrilled to be the person who showed the Nobel Peace Laureate the way to the bathroom. (in my head i'm like huh?) but THAT is her, and we told her how very cool that must have been.
Dinner was pizza from last night. A good day. Fun to see others nice day as well!

NCLindsey said...

ImFrancie - thanks for the tip on French toast waffles... what a great idea! :)

I love that a LOT of people do pizza on Sundays (or maybe this particular Sunday...), as we had pizza for dinner tonight too!

What an interesting thread topic! It is neat to hear how everyone spent it.

We had a very lazy Sunday today. Did a little light cleaning around the house (next weekend is our BIG spring clean/reorganization of closets, drawers, etc in anticipation of our three older children coming to stay with us for the summer - so excited!) My dear husband took our youngest daughter swimming at the Y so I could work on my college coursework in peace (only a couple more years to go!) I wish I would've taken college more seriously right out of high school, but I needed to do a lot of growing up and gain some perspective. One of these days I will get that bachelors (and hopefully even a masters!)

Little jellybean was tuckered out after two hours of swimming, so after a little lunch, she conked out for a nap. I took advantage of the alone time with my hubby (so hard to connect during the busy week sometimes!)

Tonight we did the Wal-mart run, and then it was home to a pizza dinner, bathtime and bedtime for the little one. I just wanted to jump on the computer for a few minutes to check email, Facebook, this blog, Craigslist (in search of outside toys for the daycare kids since spring is coming)... and then it is off to bed to prepare for another crazy week!

Can you believe it is nearly APRIL? Where does the time go?! My thoughts and prayers are with you 3F and Homeschoolin Mom! Hang in there!

I wish all of you a fabulous Monday tomorrow! :)

kim said...

My Sunday began at 12:30 a.m. when I awoke to hear my five year old son crying in his room. He had a sore throat and a barking cough. After giving him Motrin and cuddling him to reassure him he would be OK, he laid down in our bed between my husband and I. Good thing I never banned him from ever setting foot in our bedroom under the threat of "severe punishment". Later this morning I took him to the pediatrician, got his prescription filled, came home and took a nap with him on the couch. It was a rainy day - perfect for napping. I did everything I could for him to make him feel better. I wonder if the nanny/helper lives with KON. I'm sure their cries in the middle of the night would sadly go unanswered.

Anonymous said...

I had a wonderful Sunday for the most part. I spent time with my son while my husband and daughter visited a dying cousin (my son has a cold so we couldn't go to the hospital). I worked on my scrapbooks and we had Sonic for dinner.
The only, only thing I am jealous of Kate for is the house they have. We could use more room, but if it comes with what her life is like now, I really don't want it.

I love my son! said...

I had a great Sunday! And Maggie, thank you so much for asking! I slept in while my son had a sleep over at his friends last night. I missed going to church, but my son went with his friend. I'll have to make more of an effort next Sunday. When he came home we cleaned up the house and invited his friend to come over and stay the night with us tonight (no school tomorrow). I took the boys to McDonalds, and we went to the park to eat it. They played for a little at the play ground and then we returned home. The boys got in to their pj's and then we played Monopoly for an hour together. Now the house is quiet and I'm a bit lonely, but thankfully I get to do it all again tomorrow! It's the little everyday things that make memories that can never be bought or replaced and will last a life time.

kate is a cocky bitch said...

I am not envious of The Queen Bee in the least. It is apparent that she is such a miserable person. It seems to me that the more money and the more fame that KON receives the more nasty and mean-spirited Kuntie, I mean Katie gets.

commonsensicalblogger said...

My twin brother is moving across the country this week for a job promotion. So I spent lots of time with him, helped him pack and just talked about all the things going through his mind. Someday Kate's kids will move out of the house too. At this rate, I doubt it will be done in a supportive way but more likely with bad feelings and grudges. The kids will probably be running away from home rather then chasing after dreams.

liza said...

I got up early and went grocery shopping while my husband kept an eye on our beautiful six month old baby girl.

Later, my daughter and I went to high tea with a dozen other girlfriends, and had a fabulous time chatting, laughing and catching up.

Then my husband and I bundled her up in her stroller and walked over to my in-laws for dinner, where we spent a nice evening and the grandparents had a fantastic time playing with their granddaughter and talking about all the fun she'll have going to the park, etc. when she is older.

I look forward to spending time with my daughter doing all those things Kate hates - fingerpainting, baking, gardening, etc.

maria said...

ThreeFarmers, I know where you live (or work at least), but I won't name the city. I live very close to you and read that in the paper. I just don't understand, though, why they chose to rebuild a 6.8 million school on that site when they KNEW there was a very old mine under it. I would think they would have chosen a more structurally sound area to build the school. Hopefully the kids won't miss more than a day or two of school. Are there some churches that could donate space for the classes to be held?

miatachick said...

I got an email from People Mag Fri that they are publishing a note I sent them regarding Jon's article

Anonymous said...

ThreeFarmers, I know where you live (or work at least), but I won't name the city. I live very close to you and read that in the paper. I just don't understand, though, why they chose to rebuild a 6.8 million school on that site when they KNEW there was a very old mine under it. I would think they would have chosen a more structurally sound area to build the school. Hopefully the kids won't miss more than a day or two of school. Are there some churches that could donate space for the classes to be held?

Mines aren't just in one place. You can't just put your finger on a map and say there's a mine right here.

Within our school district, there were at least 6 old coal mines, some dating back 100 years and more. While the mines are long gone, there are miles and miles of old (undocumented) coal shafts snaking under this entire area. Mine subsidence is just a fact of life here. We never know when it will happen or where it will happen. It might happen to your house and your neighbors will be unscathed. Predicting where there will be subsidence is impossible because those old mine shafts run under all the towns and farm land around here. Most of those old mines were closed more than 50 years ago, but those shafts are, literally, everywhere.

That school was built where the old school stood. It was built there because the property was already owned by the school district. There had never been any mine subsidence there previously and the old school stood there for about 80 years or so.

What they will likely do is move the elementary kids in the high school and split the schedule. Little kids in the morning and high school kids in the afternoon. That way the bus routes will stay the same and the kids will still have access to the cafeteria and gym.

Sort of ironic that our high school teams are known as the MINERS.

Andi said...

I spent my Sunday with my wonderful family enjoying every bit of it, unlike some people. We spent the afternoon playing in the snow/mud (snow melted pretty quick!) with our new 4 wheeler - oh wait, it's not a BRAND new 4 wheeler - we don't have a TV show to buy us expensive things like that. It's just new to us, a 23 year old fixer-upper we bought on Ebay with our hard-earned money. (I felt my husband deserved a toy since he works 60-70 hours a week just so I can stay home with our 20 month old son). It's old but runs. We took turns taking it out in the fields and returning muddy, then we took our son on some VVEERRRY slow rides around the driveway - no mudding for him, but by that time my husband, myself and the 4 wheeler were muddy enough to rub off on him. He LOVED it!!! Then I let him play in a puddle for a few minutes, which he loved even more! He loves puddles - a couple of weeks ago when it was warm he spent the better part of 20 minutes stopping and splashing in a puddle.

Then we came inside and visited with MIL via our webcam (I highly recommend this for people with family far away - he loves seeing and interacting with her, even though they've only met a couple of times). Then we went to my parent's house to visit them. Just a great day with family, overall (and a little mud/snow).

I find it a shame that their kids aren't ever allowed to get dirty. Kids are quite washable. And even my little beat-up squeaky top-loading washer gets his clothes clean.

maria said...

ThreeFarmers, to give you an idea of where I am at, our team is the Redbirds.

Tony said...


So sorry to hear about your school. We hope things work out and the best to you. Yes, thank goodness it happened on the weekend.

We had a quiet Sunday. It is still quite chilly here but we did take the dog for a walk. I made a stew in the crockpot, a casserole and a chocolate cherry cake. My husband was splitting wood and the oil filter broke and sprayed him with about a quart of hydraulic fluid. He cleaned up pretty well. He replaced the filter and some fluid and got it all working again. I worked on a baby afghan and wrote out Easter cards for my Mom, siblings and some close friends--for a change I am ahead of the game. Wonder if Kate ever sends cards but then she would have to have someone to send them to. Our kids called and I got caught up on some email. It was just a nice relaxed day after a busy Saturday of buying bridesmaids gowns and searching for more yarn to make baby things.

What a contrast to how the G's spend their Sundays.

Hope you all have a great week!

Heidi said...

I liked this topic!
Hubby and I slept in this past Sunday with the dog under the blankets. After the usual family interactions during the day, I took hubby to work and went to my best friend`s house. We talked about her grand daughter`s 1st birthday party that I attended the day before. I helped her fold laundry while we drank coffee. Later on I took my daughters to the art supply store and walked around with them for about an hour. We came home and had dinner together. Then I watched a two hour movie and drove out to pick up hubby from work. We talked about our days and eventually fell blissfully to sleep..with the dog!

mt said...

My husband took the children to church and he taught Sunday School (I was sick. So my husband told me to take a 3 hour nap). Then when I woke up the kids (neighbors kids also) went to the creek to play, then played hockey for awhile, I took pictures of my youngest climbing a tree and running around. Then we had dinner (neighbor kid included)

We ended the night watching Planet Earth with the kids and explaining to them more information about some of the animals and places shown. All in all a good day.

SueM said...

On Saturday we had such nice weather that we were outside all day. We had dinner at my sister's w/my brother and his family too. We were out late and happily exhausted so we all slept in on Sunday. My husband made pancakes for the kids as he does every Sunday. The weather was bad so we decided to have a "PJ Day". We stayed in our pj's and watched movies/played board games all day. We had popcorn and hot chocolate (yes, I bent the rules and let them eat in the family room). It was a great day!

Thanks for asking!! And, no, I am in no way jealous of Kate. She would be jealous of me if she knew me! I think I have a great thing here.

Annie A said...

thank you for this post. It really captures the essence of how valuable ordinary life is.

my sunday started by enjoying delicious pancakes and fruit, made by my 8-year old daughter. she loves to cook, and we are amazed by her talent every time. Of course, flour ended up on the floor, walls, even in her hair. who cares? I sure don't. she says it herself: A messy cook is a good cook! lol

this was followed by my husband horsing around with the children, who then decided to play Star wars while I was vaccumming (for 20 minutes, not 4 hours!).

Both kids had plans to play with friends for the afternoon, so we dropped them off and suddenly, it was just my husband and I. we went on a "hot date" purchasing flooring for the basement we are currently renovating. we managed to squeeze in a coffee and a piece of cake at the local coffee shop. we hardly ever go out just the two of us, so this afternoon was nice and really appreciated.

I felt blessed and really lucky to have this time with him, and to have beautiful, healthy children that are building rich lives for themselves.

I wonder when was the last time Kate stopped to realize how lucky she is. not wondering what more could she get, but how much she appreciates what she's got. for her sake, I hope shes does.

Darcy said...

On Sunday I visited my oldest daughter in the hospital, spent the morning with my 2 youngest...we hung around in bed and watched Noggin together.

nancy019 said...

I went to work for 4 hours, came home, put my jammies back on, did my nails and read a book! Didn't even have to cook, had gift cards for Outback, it was wonderful!

I don't think Kate knows how much she is missing, she is too self-absorbed. I really think she looks down on the "little" people...she is just SO much more cultured than us...GAG

Scruffy's Mom said...

My Sunday:
I helped my daughter deliver her newspapers. They need to be on doorsteps by 8 a.m.

We went to church, where I am a greeter ... I welcomed two new families to our church. My daughter passed out bulletins.

We had a potluck after service, and then a mini workshop on how our greeting ministry can welcome our visitors and minister to our regulars. We were reminded there are a lot of hurting people out there.

Came home, was exhausted (papers need to be delivered by 8 a.m. Saturdays, too, so there is no sleeping in in our household. (We are up by 6 a.m. M-F for school and work.)

Watched the end of the MSU-Louisville game (go MSU!) and the NASCAR race (go Mark Martin!)

Made tacos for supper. Helped my daughter with homework.

Called my mom.

Took out the trash.

Watched Apprentice.

And then to bed.

ScarySkierNewJersey said...

Three Farmers, I am also sending positive thoughts your way. In our area we had the National Guard accidently shoot up one of our schools in a mock training session, luckily when it wasn't in session!!! We weren't put out that long, but it was scary incident. Hopefully, a fast and safe method to rectify it is in the works.

Sunday, we worked on our sail boat down the shore. She goes int he water next week and starting in May we will live on her until September. It's a cheaper than a shore house in jersey these days. Since I am still on crutches from a skiing accident, we went to wegmans where they have little scooters and did grocery shopping. When we got home hubby made pizza and some pasta. we than laid on the couch and watched NatGeo about hunting bibical relics for a good few hours.

I envy you guys with smaller kids. Cherish the time because it goes by so fast. One of mine is in the military, one is a police officer in the next state and my daughter is away at college. In reading your postings I miss those weekends, although busy, with the little faces and busy little hands.

Andrea said...

Thanks for asking! my oldest child is battling the stomach bug so I changed a lot of pants, cleaned a lot of puke and tried to keep him from infecting the other 2 kids. Never once did I make him sleep in the laundry room though. I took advantage of nap time (for the little ones) to snuggle the sick one and play candyland. When my husband got home from his 14 hour day at the restaurant he works for I went to the grocery store. I did save $14 in coupons but didn't buy any Juicy Juice (no coupon! lol) and very little of my produce was organic (I just don't have the endorsement offers that the G's do to afford it!). I talked to my mom, my sister, and my MIL.
After helping my husband bath and bed everyone we settled down to watch some TV on the couch with big bowls of ice cream.
Minus the illness a great day!

Its A Good Thing said...

Wow, that was a great post. It effectively portrayed how lonely and awful the Gosselin life must be.

didew said...

I don't envy a single thing in Kate Gosselin's life, but I will admit I am a bit envious of many of the posts here. I envy the love, respect and tenderness I hear when you all talk about your husbands. Even though many of you are going through tough times, you are able to count your blessings and it sounds like much of that is a result of the support you feel from your spouses.
I've been with my husband for 28 years and in the last few I've come to realize we are no longer partners, lovers, or even friends. He's always had a hard time being supportive, (I just thought it was a "guy thing"), but in the last few years it has become really hurtful. He has an uncanny knack for not being there when I need him. We've had many fights and discussions, but nothing has changed and I realize it never will. I've been alone in my marriage for many years. We can't afford to spit and I have a pre-existing medical condition that would prevent me from obtaining my own health insurance, so I don't see any way out. I tried going back to school, but between finances and his inability to help me when I need it, it was too stressful and I didn't want it to effect my boys.
Yesterday I had to take my son to track practice and go shopping for lunch stuff even though I could barely get around my back hurt so bad. He had to put in a hot water tank for his brother, and of course, couldn't be bothered to help me out. Anything I want or need has always come second to everything else in his life. He would do something, (actually has done things) for people we hardly know, and left me hanging.
His way of helping me? Telling me to tell one of our boys to do it. His way of showing emotional support? Shrugging his shoulders, telling me HE wouldn't worry about it and walking away.
I guess this is why I'm so interested with the whole J&K sage. Better them than me.
I realize most of you will get a quarter of the way through this post and move on to another(like you don't have your own problems), but thanks for giving a gal the chance to vent a little.
I wish you all continue blessings in every part of your lives, but especially in your marriages because when that union is strong I believe you can handle anything that comes along.

singlemomw2kids said...

Thanks for asking!

We all slept in on Sunday morning but I made sure my son got up early enough to finish his English essay on 1984 before we went to church. "Hey Mom, do you remember such and such from the story?" "Well no, why don't you let me read the chapter and we can discuss it." Glad I had read it already in high school also. Essay came out wonderful and off to church we went. Son and I served communion today, its so nice to be a contributing member of a faithful community. More homework for my son at a friend's house after church so daughter and I went to see a house for sale in the neighborhood. 3 bed and 1 bath and about $200,000 more than we can afford. "Mom, we can't even afford a house with 1 bathroom?" "No, but we will keep saving and one day we will." So off to Target we go (we never shop at department stores) and I splurge and buy her a necklace on sale for $7.00. She in turn spends her birthday money to buy her brother a T-shirt for his birthday. A nice one so that he can look nice at school she says.
Then its off to Soupplatation for my son's birthday dinner with my parents, sisters, brother in laws, neice and nephews. We all have our 2 for one coupons so its a good deal for us. We don't have to catch up much since we have all had dinner together 2 weeks ago, but still so much to talk about, so many kids involved in so many things, hugs and congratulations all around.
"Mom its getting late and the animals have been home alone alot today." Back at home the cats and the dog are greeted like we have been gone for a week, then all to bed, daughter and cat, son and cat and Mom with dog at her feet and cat on her head. Sweet dreams.

Ava2 said...

We went to Church in the morning, came home and had a leisurely breakfast and then watched a rented DVD of the movie "Fireproof", a faith-based movie on how to save your marriage or relationship.

I highly recommend this movie to the Gosselins. Matter of fact, the actual book used in the movie is available at Barnes & Noble. The Gosselins could even do a spin-off based on this exercise.

MichelleS said...

How nice of you to ask! How was yours?
I got a much needed break actually. My husband took our toddler son with him to visit grandma and do some things for her. Not only did he want to give me a break but he was spending much needed time with our son(he has been overwhelmed at work).
In the meantime as well, my husband and i really connected this weekend, first time in a while. The weather was great too. Everything just came together this weekend, affecting each one of us in a great way and bringing us closer. Such a blessing. I hope for more weekends like this..may everyone have a wonderful week ahead :)

canadianpuppy said...

Linda said- "We had a great Sunday, it got off to a rocky start.. Our 6 year old son that has High Functioning Autism and ADHD decided that we wanted to start his day at 4 a.m. So I got up with him and we watched a movie."

Hey Linda, my son also has ASD and ADHD. Hes 4 1/2 and quite a handful! I can relate...Ive spent many early mornings watching cartoons with him while the rest of the house sleeps. Some of my best thinking (and our best cuddling) is done during those times :)

This is a great post! Im fascinated and inspired by everyone's stories.

My Sunday was pretty good. Hubby, son and I {along with our 3 dogs)spent the first half of the day out in the yard doing some spring clean up, and hubby and I whispered about where we were going to put the big trampoline that the Easter Bunny was bringing my son. I came in and cooked a nice big Sunday dinner. After a yummy supper we hung out and played a couple games of Bookworm. Then I cuddled in bed with my son and read him a Thomas Train book until he feel asleep. Then hubby and I cuddled on the couch and watched a movie and stayed up way too late.

A pretty good Sunday in my book. :)

Annie A said...

didew, I read your whole post. I am very sorry to hear that you cannot count on your husband for emotional support. I hope you have family or friends you can count on.

I also felt trapped in my marriage, for many years. I did not want to leave, and I relied heavily on other people to find my balance. I even had an affair because I thought it was the only way I was going to survive the pain I was feeling at home.

eventually, things turned around, time passed, and it got better with my husband. Now it's going great, but I always keep in mind that it can become painful again.

stay strong, and good luck.

Anna said...

Sounds like everyone had great weekends! My fiance has bad poison ivy from his job (can't complain, though - he just got work last week after being unemployed since before Christmas), so instead of the day out we had planned, we rented movies and ate leftovers. Our cats were delighted to have human throw pillows to nap on. It was good to have that time with my fiance - he's out of town for work for the next week and I miss him already. I wonder if Jon and Kate are as sad to spend time apart?

momof3kidsand3dogsinohio said...

I, too, had a wonderful Sunday. Thank-you for asking. Your post made me really appreciate it all the more. It was the last day of spring break for the kids. My son (10) and husband were up early and off to a rugby match (hubby coaches). My girls (14 and 16) were finishing up homework in the kitchen while I made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. My oldest baked cookies for dessert. I talked to my mother on the phone for awhile. The boys came home and we all enjoyed a wonderful family dinner and then some tv together. No, our family isn't perfect. There was some bickering between the children and I know we should have gone to church, but we didn't quite get there. Am I jealous of Kate Gosselin? No way. I so enjoy the somewhat mundane life I share with my husband, 3 children, 3 dogs and cat. Do we have everthing we want? No, but we have everything we NEED and then some. We have 3 wonderful, healthy children, we have a roof over our heads, we have a caring extended family, food on the table,and our church. No, I'm not jealous of Kate Gosselin. I feel so sorry for her. She doesn't know what she is missing.

Dodgergal09 said...

That was a great and very sad story. I remember when they were just this nice young couple trying desparetly to deal with all the stresses and strains of 8 children. I respected their decision to have all 6 babies. I understood how much it took to keep a family together and how hard they tried. I looked forward to their show. It lifted me up and felt close to them and their kids. I even defended them to some friends when Paul Peterson's article first came out.

But now, oh my is just awful. I feel so sorry for those kids, especially Mady and Cara-they are in for a lot of therapy. How can something go so wrong...I guess it is true that "absolute power corrupts absolutely", KON is a true and very depressing example of that. The Allstate fiasco took away the last shread of diginity that they had. Not to mention that ridiculous "confession" at the end of the last show. Those poor dogs, those poor kids, those people who were duped into the free stuff and the free laundry folding. We all have learned a lesson as sad as it is, nothing is what it seems and let the buyer truly truly beware!

LovingMotherof2boys said...

My family had a wonderful Sunday, thanks for asking! We took our kids to see Disney Live that came to our home town (YES WE PAID FOR IT WITH OUR HARD EARNED MONEY). My kids enjoyed it so much! We didn't sit in box seats or the front row like K8 would demand, but we had a wonderful time as a family anyways.

Anonymous said...

Kim, you are SO wrong, when you hint that Kate threatened her children with severe punishment if they set foot in their parent's room.

She actually threatened them with

Why would that be a threat anyway? She is always gives everyone especially her husband, severeness! She was severe in telling those precious kids to stay out!

AnnieA--I love it that you ATE your child's food; for as you know Kate and Jon agree that they do not ever eat food prepared by children---again, not in the Bible! The Bible says to eat what is in front of you, and be thankful for it. YOU did that, and YOU were a true mother...a good mother, making a true memorie and sharing love with your child.

Kate has no idea what that is like. To put the true best of her family before her own likes, dislikes and convenience!

I love this thread, because we can all see our own blessings, and be thankful for them. Isn't nice to appreciate what you have?

nancy19 said...


I read your post and just wanted to let you know you are not alone! I had the same feelings with my husband of 20 years, it got to the point I could not stand to look at him. He was useless, didn't want to work, did nothing around the house, drank all the time...finally in 2003 I had enough. Wasn't sure I could survive on 1 income (both kids were just starting college)but survive I did and I have never been
happier in my life. Sure there were tough times (got laid off twice in the past 6 years) but now I am so much more self confident and calm. All my bills are paid on time (that never happened with him around) and I have a job I really like.
So, hang in there and remember, YOU will be fine no matter what you choose to do!

Good luck...

Anonymous said...

I read through a lot of the posts. I think this should be a weekly thing.

My Sunday was busy with a capital B. My husband has spent the past week helping my dad renovate his kitchen, so yesterday was the final day. He was with dad all day while I waited for my husband's uncle to come over- I cleaned the house so it was spotless- come on, they're in-laws ya know. Can't have the house a mess. When they came over I served snacks and drinks and we all chatted a bit. By the time the evening rolled around, my mom came upstairs to cook (her kitchen was still being worked on and we live in the same building) and I washed dishes. The baby took a late nap, but I was able to do the rice portion of dinner while mom did the chicken part. We all had dinner when we got another phone call from my cousin saying she was coming over too! More company! They ended up coming and they sat for a long time. It was nice catching up and what not. By the time 10pm came mom called me downstairs to look at her kitchen. It was done! Before then I had given the baby a bath and got her dressed for bed. 11pm came and husband was finally done. But not the baby- she wanted to play with dadddy! So they played for a little while, then we all got in bed. My husband hugged me and apologized for not spending time with me on his day off. I didn't care really, I was busy myself.

Now I have to do laundry today. Husband is tired from yesterday though, it is 1:11pm eastern time and is sleeping.

didew said...

Annie A, Thanks for your kind words. So glad things have turned around for you. Although it seems unlikely, maybe the same will happen for us. I will stay strong, for myself and for my kids.

Anonymous said...

didew---I must chime in here. Like Annie A, my husband and I didn't always have a great relationship. He was not always supportive. It is a "guy thing" to an extent. I have chronic health problems, and I am unable to "be there" for my family at times. My husband is not there to help me. Once, years ago, I lost a baby, and was depressed, he actually told me to "snap out of it, because you are dragging me down with you."! How cold is that?

We have worked hard on this marriage. And it is constant. We continue to work on it. And when he doesn't want to work on it, I work on it. I work on ME.

The best advice I can give you, is to change your own attitude. Try as you might, you can never ever change another person, you can only change yourself. DECIDE that you are going to appreciate and be thankful for those things that you do have; and stop grieving for those things that you don't! No one else in this world can change your attitude, but you. Make a decision to be happy! Work with what you have, and don't count on your husband. It is what it is.

I am sorry that you are going through this, I do know how hard it is. Your husband actually sounds exactly like mine! A hard worker who is generous with his time, always willing to help other people. You will not believe what a difference it made in our marriage, when I stood back and realised that I admired a man who did that. Even though I felt personally let down, I really am glad that my husband works hard, and that he wants to help other people. There are so many deadbeat husbands who allow their wives to do all the work, and never get out of the lounge chair long enough to wipe their butts, much less help a family member. So, I told my husband, how I appreciated what he did. I left myself out of it. And just kissed his cheek, and told him what a great guy he was. You may not believe this, but I actually got what I was looking for, without asking for it. He in turn complimented me; and hours later, paid more attention to ME! And yes, I have a chronic, often debilitating disease that leaves me incapacitated much of the time, too. I have felt the same resentment that you have, in having to do it all on my own, most of the time.

If you have no objection to Christian principals, could I recommend the "Love Dare" book to you? I used these principles in my own life, to become a happier, person. I decided if I was divorced, and lived alone, I wouldn't have anyone to help me anyway...might as well, be thankful for whatever help I can get out of my DH, and do what I would do if I were alone---make the best of it. I have sat in severe pain, at ice skating...because, guess what...NOT because my husband is a rotten person...but because I AM A GREAT MOM! It hurt, but made me feel good about myself. that was the pay off.

You ARE A GOOD MOM! Be happy by choice. You can do it. YOU are a strong woman! You can handle what ever comes along too. You already have, haven't you?

God Bless you!

Home Owner turned Renter said...

I woke up Sunday morning worrying about bills and praying that my dh's back would get better because at this point another bill and we will be pushed over the edge financially.

Then this a.m., I read everyones post. I wondered if I had only found a way to scam innocent generous people of their money...if only.

I wouldn't have any worries except which spa to visit today. Then I realized I just didn't have the address to pray to Kates God. If only I had her 'in' with God perhaps my life would have been better years ago. Stupid me I pray and go to church on Sundays...I'm just doing everything wrong.


Unemployed Teacher said...

My Sunday sucked. I was laid off from my job on Thursday. Spent all weekend crying. My husband spent the whole weekend going over our budget trying to figure out how we were going to pay our bills.

My brother in law also lost his job last week. Must be catching.

Good news is the Gosselins and Wall Street Bankers are doing fine, thanks to us taxpayers!

Martina said...

Oooh! Great topic! I couldn't resist posting my fantabulous Sunday. No, fantabulous is *not* a word, but hey I gotta fit in somehow, right? ;-)

My in-laws shared their last day with us before heading back home. We woke up early, got ready for church, listened to an amazing homily by Fr. Joel. Then we listened to a missionary from Bethlehem who was trying to raise money for the Catholic churches in Bethlehem. The hand-carved woodwork was GORGEOUS!! We then had breakfast in the parish hall afterward, came home and lazied around. My mil and I perused message boards and discussed religion, the guys watched basketball. Then, after our little guy got up from his nap, we headed over to the MS track to do some walking, tricycle riding, scooter riding, football throwing and stroller pushing. We finished that outing by laying on the high jump mats and sunning like turtles. With the warm sun and cool breeze it was sincerely like a small slice of heaven. The small things really make your day special.

As if our day wasn't special enough, my FIL and husband banded together to make my MIL a birthday meal (her b-day was Thursday). We had surf & turf; prime rib and salmon, steamed veggies, baked potatoes (including sweet) with all the 'fixins'. Everyone helped clear the table and clean up the kitchen, to Kate's standards. I do believe in having clean kitchens but it's more fun when everyone helps! Then we had death by chocolate in the form of a triple chocolate cake with ice cream!! I broke my almost ten week stringent Atkins diet to celebrate my MIL's birthday b/c it was *that* important to me - and I enjoyed EVERY BITE! :)

After that, my oldest and my husband peppered the volleyball a bit outside before we had a jammies for marbles contest and then all settled in with our favorite rosary to celebrate the mystery's of Christs' life. We said evening prayers and when the kids were down the adults all sat down to three hands of Euchre. We won one!!

There is absolutely not *one* single thing that I envy about the Gosselin household. I look to them as the example in why I enjoy the small things with my family and I pray they will soon see the material mistake they are making and change their lives to be more complete and fulfilling. As they are now, they are devoid of the things that most of us find enriching.

I love my husband and my kids and I would rather be lazy at home with them than traveling without them. Nope. Not enough money in the world to make me do it. :D

Steff said...

didew said...
I don't envy a single thing in Kate Gosselin's life, but I will admit I am a bit envious of many of the posts here. I envy the love, respect and tenderness I hear when you all talk about your husbands. ...
I've been with my husband for 28 years and in the last few I've come to realize we are no longer partners, lovers, or even friends. He's always had a hard time being supportive, (I just thought it was a "guy thing"), but in the last few years it has become really hurtful. He has an uncanny knack for not being there when I need him. We've had many fights and discussions, but nothing has changed and I realize it never will. I've been alone in my marriage for many years. We can't afford to spit and I have a pre-existing medical condition that would prevent me from obtaining my own health insurance, so I don't see any way out. ...
Anything I want or need has always come second to everything else in his life. ... His way of showing emotional support? Shrugging his shoulders, telling me HE wouldn't worry about it and walking away.


I'm so sorry. I could have written much of what you posted, but I've only been married 11 years.

My husband spent the weekend out of town with his new girlfriend. Our divorce has been dragging on for over a year, and he still lives in the house.

BUT, in spite of him, I had a great Sunday! My kids and I watched a few shows we had TiVo'd from Food Network while I did a few loads of laundry. My kids played in the snow and my 10-year-old daughter shoveled the driveway.

We went to a "meet & greet" at the t-ball coach's house in the afternoon. We got to meet the other 9 kids and their parents. Practice starts Wednesday, weather permitting.

When we got home from our meeting, my daughter and I made a big pot of soup, and while that cooked, I taught my son how to catch with his mitt in the living room, using a hackey sack!

After our dinner, we got backpacks ready for school today, and got tucked in early, since Spring Break was ending.

While I watched tv in the evening, I did some paperwork for the cheerleading program I help coordinate. The season doesn't start until July, but there's a lot of "behind the scenes" work that gets done ahead of time.

My daughter couldn't fall asleep, so at about 11:00, she came into my bed and slept with me.

I've decided that my husband, much like Kate Gosselin, is the one that's missing out. My kids know how important they are to me. We talk about their activities, friends, interests, fears and hopes. My living room & kitchen were a mess this morning, but I came to work with a smile on my face. I feel blessed to still have my job, having survived three rounds of layoffs; and I feel lucky almost every single day that I get to be my kids' mom.

My daughter told me a few weeks ago, "Mom, you're just my go-to person." That makes it all worth it.

MidWest Mom said...

A late-spring snow storm left us here in Kansas City with enough snow to have a wonderful romp with our 7-year-old daughter on Sunday.

Then we came inside and had hot chocolate, played the board game of "Life" and talked about Girl Scouts Brownies day camp for a few days this summer.

You know, the normal stuff.

Too bad the Gosselins will never know that kind of joy.

Denise said...

didew, I read and understood your post as well. I lasted 33 years in an empty marriage. I finally realized I deserved more and left when my youngest son graduated from High school. My daughter was 11.
We have had some tough but happy times. I tried not to malign her dad but she learned for herself what a jerk he was.
She went off to college this fall and wrote one of her first papers on "How my parents' divorce SAVED my life".
I knew then, I had done the right thing in leaving. We all have to decide for ourselves and I wish you courage in what ever you do.

Anonymous said...


Everyone's marriage is different. And just as people don't always marry for 'love' the glue that holds many together is sometimes the 'fear of the unknown'.

Your comment about feeling trapped is not the way anyone should live. I hope things brighten up for you. Research your options.

You said:
"We can't afford to split and I have a pre-existing medical condition that would prevent me from obtaining my own health insurance, so I don't see any way out."

Some information that may be of help:

1) If medical condition is not ongoing like some types of diabetes -- but something like having had cancer in the past that hasn't returned in so many years. Then after a time that doesn't count as a pre-ex. Also if you can be lucky enough to get a job that has group insurance -- Group Insurance has no pre-exes.

2) Many times spouses have to pay their ex-spouses health insurance and also their retirement benefits are part of the settlement -- considering how long married.

3) If you ever face losing your present insurance, and can't get insurance due to pre-existing conditions. Check this site to see if you live in a state with a "Risk Pool".

FYI - Call a professional agent, never apply online, because the Medical Insurance Bureau (MIB)keeps track of you.


twins241 said...

I had a wonderful sunday. Woke up late with my lil ones snuggled right beside me, went to mass, stopped and had brunch, we colored and painted, snacked, read stories and finished the day with a nice warm bubble bath. Thanks for asking!

Art said...

I spent my Sunday driving for eight hours. I had a friend of mine over for the weekend and it was either drive him or have him take the Greyhound (high prices and for nine to sixteen hours, depending on how many stops they make).

I'm not use to driving eight hours a day. I used to go on a lot of camping trips and visiting relatives as a kid, so I know what it's like to sit in a car for that long. But driving is another thing.

It was worth it in the end, when my friend gave me the gas money. He said, "Fourty for the gas and twenty because DAMN." That "damn" conveyed his graditute for me spending most of my weekend in a car just so we could hang out for a day. And just before this, he and I had stopped for lunch before I took him home. Already tired and sore and stiff from tension, I was dreading the ride home. I don't how he did it, but he got me laughing so much I cried.

The four hours back home flew by with the memory of my friend's kindness. When I got home, I got to pet and love my dog and enjoy a night of talking with my mom. At one point, my sister called me up to tell me a joke she had heard. Mom called it a night and I got online to find my boyfriend (long-distance) waiting for one of our treasured chats. Before I headed off to bed, I checked my e-mails and found a message from my dad. He misses me and wants to know what was happening in my life sense the last time we had talked.

Today, I read your post and nearly cried. I knew I had it good, but thinking about the kind of weekend Kate would most likely have really helped put it in a sharper light.

I can't help but feel sorry for the woman. I know she made this mess herself (along with Jon and TLC, of course) but that's a harsh way to live your life. At one point, she had close friends and family who were more than happy to help her take care of the children and show love, support, and friendship. Jon, for all his faults, did his best to be a father, partner, and husband.

And now?

Hail Queen Kate, up in her glass house, sitting on her lonely throne.

talklesssaymore said...

My Sunday was great! I started off the morning with a big breakfast of eggs, bacon and hashbrowns that my fiance cooked when he got home from work (he works nights). I thanked him for cooking and cleaned up afterward when he headed to bed. {I realize that in Kate's world this would be expected, no thanks would be given and she would harp on him for everything done wrong but yeah, I don't roll like that ;-)}

I went back to sleep for a few hours, sat outside on the porch and read in the wonderful warm weather for a few hours. Then I headed out to have lunch with a friend that I've had for over 10 years, talked to my mom in the car (I talk to her for at least 5 minutes almost every day), did a few hours of work and then went to church where I *gasp* spoke to other people and wished them a great week.

I picked up some easter eggs to stuff with candy for our church easter egg hunt next weekend, looked up some photographers for our wedding and then ate dinner with my fiance before he had to go to work. During dinner we were somehow able to speak to each other nicely, not interrupt and genuinely care what the other person has to say.

My night ended with taking care of the ferret we are petsitting for another friend of ours on a month long business trip (who is petsitting our two cats for us during our honeymoon) {Kate: see this is how it's done, people do nice things for you, you reciprocate}, doing a load of laundry and watched Food Network- I love the Sunday night lineup.

muchsmartermom said...

On Sunday night my 2 little ones snuggled in bed with us for popcorn and movies!!!
Yep, in Mom and Dad's bed with loads of pillows and fluffy blankets and tons of love and "memories"
The 2 big sister's are in NY for a school trip--so we were answering text's from them the whole time. We are a family who communicates!

nomorekonartists said...

Thanks so much for asking! So sorry about the school 3 F's that is absolutely horrible. To the woman having martial problems I am so sorry that you are going through this. Marriages can be a lot of work, and no marriage is perfect. I will pray that God is able to bring to peace to your life. Although God does not control the actions of man because he grants us the freedom to do as we please, he can help bring peace and serenity to our hearts and minds.

Our Sunday was spent doing absolutely nothing! We woke up and my husband and the kids made pancakes and some turkey bacon (try to be as Kosher as possible). It was very yummy and so cute watching the kids stirring the pancake batter and my husband helping them along the way. I then scrapbooked some Hanukkah pages that I just found some embellishments for, while my husband and the kids spent time together. Then I took the kiddos to the store, and did some things with them.

Overall it was just a very lazy Sunday for us, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I think what mattered most is that we were together at home, under the same roof enjoying each others company. Fun times.

DeeB said...

What a beautiful Sunday commendary and how nice to hear of all your Sundays. My husband and I went to church yesterday which is normal for us. We had breakfast at church surrounded by our loving, kind friends and Pastor. Then Sunday School, then Worship Service.

Afterward we went home and made plans to drive to another city this coming Saturday to pick up our grandaughter so she can attend an Easter egg hunt next Sunday at our church. We made a list of her favorite foods and got out her little table and chair that she uses when with us. She will stay the whole week that she is out of school. We are so happy and look forward to her visit. BTW. She was born the exact same day and year as the tups. And Yes, she speaks better than they, spells her entire name, writes, and hasn't used a bib in more than 2 years. I do like to put a top and straw on her cup though just because I have a lot of carpet (wish I had hardwood).

Later we napped, then he worked in the garden while I read. Last night we watched a little TV. We know we are getting older and have been saddened beyond imagining by the loss of our 40 year old son last year, but I would not trade places with Kate (or Jon) for all the ill gotten money they have ever received or ever will receive. We love and respect each other and we love our lives.

Umm's the Word said...

Well, we're not jetting across the country to have dinner at Mr. Chow's, but I'd take my Sunday over a Gosselin Sunday any day. We started off the day by attending Mass. Later, we dumped a 1,000 piece puzzle on the dining room table, and we all worked on it together, my husband, me, and our 10 year old son and 6 year old daughter. Later, we cooked some steaks on the grill. After watching "America's Funniest Videos" together, we gave the kids baths, read them stories, and tucked them into bed. The evening ended with my husband and me enjoying a nice glass of wine and a movie together. It was a nice "family" Sunday! Thanks for asking!

Mommyof3 said...

My Sunday was spent with my parents, helping them complete the remodel on my laundry/pantry room. No- I did not get any new appliances, but we did get some new inexpensive flooring and a can of paint and some new baseboards. This remodel was completed on the "cheap" and was certainly done out of love and need! Thanks to my wonderful parents!
My children were with their father (I am divorced), but they were all too excited to see the changes when they arrived home Sunday evening! We all ordered pizza and sat around a laughed and enjoyed ourselves - myself, my children and their grandparents! It was a great weekend!

thehazlettfamily said...

My Sunday was awesome. It was spent doing laundry and recovering from a trip to the National Museum of the USAF with my husband and son on Saturday. We decided at the last minute to travel there instead of a dinner for our anniversary. We just wanted to put a smile on our son's face. In between loads of laundry, we went to the mall to get some clothes for my son as he'll need them when we travel west for Christmas. Then we had lunch and a quick trip to the grocery store. Doesn't seem like much, but, it was a great weekend hanging with my boys. I wouldn't want it any other way.

babygirlhk11 said...

I loved this post.

I had a good Sunday thanks for asking.

I was doing all of the things that the Gluttons "gosselins" were not doing I am sure.

My three little ones were all sick so I spent the weekend in my sweats and my stained mommy t shirt. There may have even been a cheerio in my hair. Lol...

My twins were sick with colds and ear infections (dr appoint today) And my son has a nasty cold too...because despite my cleaning efforts Preschool brings lots of bugs home. (as K8 will have to learn someday) Amazingly I managed to keep my kids cozy and warm with me and not the laundry room floor. Sure it meant I had to bring out my carpet cleaner after one of my twins had an upset tummy...but it was worth it because I knew they were as comfortable as possible...poor lil things.

We snuggled and ate warm soup together although it wasn't organic it help them oh so much. I didn't get my dusting done or my floor mopped on sunday but was worth it because i was with my kids when they needed comforting that only a mother could give.

My husband was at work where he is six days a week and lots of times for sixteen hours at a time so that we can pay the mortgage on our modest little home. And in todays economy clipping coupons helps but never enough it seems. But when he came home from his long day at work he came right in got changed and went right to playing and comforting our kids. Because we realize as parents that it is not what you do to spend time with you kids but how you do it. Sometimes it is more important to spend time with your kids and enjoy it, even if it is just a day at the park, than to take then to some huge event and stress the whole time. I am sure when they look back they will cherish our little park picnics or our nights of playing hide and seek in the house far better then the Gosselin 8 will remember the stress filled trips all over the country.

After a nice dinner as a family together...we gave our little ones a bath together...gave them their Tylonol, (not organic I know) Their ear drops and some honey mixed with lemon juice to help with their little coughs. Brushed teeth..Read them stories (like we do everynight) together and put them to bed!

So yes it was a busy weekend...and I felt terrible that my little one felt so "horribly Horrible" But I did enjoy snuggling with them on the couch, rubbing there backs, blowing their red little noses and kissing their fevers away!

Hope you all had a good sunday too!

Anonymous said...

Unemployed teacher---you have very marketable skills. Do not cry. Believe me, people are looking for tutors. I know I am, and I can not find a good one. And not everyone can afford Sylvan learning center, who charges $400. just to give your child an assessment test!

Homeschoolers are looking for tutors. Especially in math and language skills. Also, home economics and music, are always big draws.

I think you could be very busy, and happy.

Hey, maybe even the Gosselins could use a tutor!

chesterctymom said...

This post was perfect because this was the best Sunday ever! I got to watch my son's lacrosse tournament, my daughter's indoor percussion show and my oldest daughter's colorguard unit (which she instructs) perform. All 3 activities were at the high school! I helped with the lax snack bar, fed my son hot dogs and fries (non-organic...but I had to support the league!) and was home with my gang by 7pm! In time for Americas Funniest Videos! My kids are all teenagers and love when we're able to spend the whole day together. No expensive outings or freebies just really really good memories and alot of laughs.

Aunt Chris said...

Glad to hear that there were lots of Sundays enjoyed. Hopefully, we all week next week - and every day until then, too.

Well, I woke up around 7 and lazed around until my husband started to snore, so I got up to feed the dog and read the paper. When the dearly beloved got up, we had breakfast, then I went back to bed! Saturdays are for household stuff, so Sundays can be for relaxing. When I got up for good, I visited with my Dad as I do every Sunday, then picked up my daughter from the school band trip to Boston(7 awards for the 2 bands!) I made some chili and we all ate whenever we felt like it. After spending time on the computer and watching some television, off to bed for me! I did miss my son as he was in NY visiting friends. I will see him tonight when his bus gets in and I'll give him a bowl or two of chili to take back to his apartment where I will be thanked with a big hug and kiss. I'm proud to say my 17 year old and 21 year old always kiss and hug us and let us know that they appreciate us. That goes both ways as they are both good kids. We have been lucky with that, but of course, we put some work into them, too! "you get what you get..." as they say...

Mikemom said...

This topic is so sad in regards to the Gosselin children. All the postings mention immediate family, extended family, and friends. I wonder when they go to school, what they tell their friends, or teachers, when they mention grandparents, cousins. etc. Those are conversations and topics in school all the time. My son had to do a report on ancestors, he had a blast calling everyone in the family. His school had grandparents visiting day. He talks about his cousins all the time, he has 15 of them and 5 great cousins. We love extended family gatherings, we have one once a month, for birthdays, holidays etc.

Galadrial said...

Had a nice day, thank you! Spent the day recovering from having the stomach flu. My hubby, 12 y.o. daughter and I shared the sickness all weekend, and took turns taking care of each other. Hubby and daughter went to church, and and I thanked the Lord from my sick bed.

Sunday was my son's 18th birthday, and while I was resting, I thought long and hard about the past 18 years. Mostly I tried to remember the many great times we had when he was the Gosselin kids age. We were always up for an adventure, whether it was just in our backyard or out and about. Sure, we had many "cultured" experiences, but my fondest memories are those from just exploring the woods behind our house, or walking on the hiking trail near our home, or even just hanging at the park with friends, sharing mom stories and advice while the kids played. Those memories are beginning to fade a bit, and I find myself longing for those wonderful, carefree days when he was preschool age. Now life is complicated, and will only become more so for him.

He spent his birthday driving back from a trip to Virginia, wanting to enjoy a weekend away with friends. We had cake and candles at 10:00 p.m. with him, grateful to have him back home and safe. I only have one more year with him before he goes off to the military and life, and I am determined to savor every minute, even the difficult ones (and there are many at this age). I don't want to have any regrets!

Marcy and Loki said...

Even though I am a day late I am getting in on this wonderful thread.

Sunday the husband and I woke up, had some coffee and got ready for church. I got to cuddle and feed my 6 week old honorary nephew during the service. After Church there was a potluck and we sat around with our church family and had a great afternoon. After the church potluck we went to my husbands brothers house and his hung out with my niece and nephew playing monster trucks and barbies. My sister in law made a wonderful supper and after supper we watched the hockey game. Went home during the second period (as we were getting our butts whopped) and when we got home we were greeted by our cats and relaxed the rest of the evening.

momto5 said...

Had a blessed Sunday...with my children....skipped church, we were tired from an out of town trip on Sat(was having a birhtday party for my 3yr old at Chuck E Cheese on Sat). So we slept in on Sunday. Dh went to work at the firehouse on Sunday, so it was just me and the kiddies. Around 1pm, we went to our friend's little girl's Tinkerbell party!! It was a beautiful party. My kids thought they were at disneyworld. I was able to have some mommy time with other "regular" moms at the party. It was nice. After the party, I picked up my teen from his friend's house and he, I and the 2 little one's headed home for a quite evening. I cooked a nice meal and we watched some movies. As a mother of 2 grown children who already live on their own, I treasure my time with my 3 younger kids still at home. I would not want it any other way. All the fame and money in the world does not REPLACE precious lost time with children, EVER.

TandLMommy28 said...

I am visiting my family that lives 900 miles away, something Kate would never do considering she can't be bothered with family that lives in the same state. I visited my mom's church and then the kids and I took a long and much needed nap - all snuggled up in the same bed!

TandLMommy28 said...

Forgot to add this... In church, the pastor quoted Scripture that made me instantly think of this sad situation:

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Mark 8:36

I ended up sitting there in church thinking about how applicable that is to the Gosselins and how grateful they make me that I do NOT have the whole world at my fingertips because the cost is far too great.

SctJulAmnAlxJck said...

I had an average Sunday. Try to sleep in until 8:30, off to church for band practice until the contemporary service starts, play some keyboard, go home, switch kids (husband had some of the 6 at home), took 3 yo to playdate at McDonald's, trip to Target for baby food, home to dress and shoe the other kids while husband only dresses self, then load family of 8 into car for cousins birthday party with 20 other family members. Home for some mac and cheese dinner and leftovers, bath, books, bedtime, and it starts all over again! (throw a hail storm in there too.)
I too miss the days that I looked up to Kate+Jon in wonderment while imagining how they could manage the tups as infants. Now my days with my 6 don't seem too bad. It's turned into a show about how to have a show. I'm confused.

Anonymous said...

SctJulAmnAlxJck said...

So if there are six -- which one is named for Dad or Mom? I am guessing Jck.

Enjoyed reading about your Sunday. Some folks in Western Ky had hail but we didn't in the East.

MsPeabody said...

Maggie, great post! As I was reading it I thought how sad for Kate, Jon, the kids because I doubt given her self-centeredness that she chose all the good things for herself and family that make warm memories. Kate has chosen a path that I'm sure will leave her totally alone, bitter and regretful and she alone can change the path. Money or things can never sastify or fill a empty soul.
Jealous? NO WAY! I'm content with what I have!

Shari said...

Sunday was our puppy's 6th birthday! Although my husband and I planned a family hike after church, the weather didn't permit. So along with dedicating my facebook page to her that day, we made her a canned-dog-food birthday cake and sang Happy Birthday to her throughout the day.

PS. After a very exciting day, she proceeded to vomit all over one of our stairs and it didn't cross my mind once to ruin the day by screaming threats about getting rid of her.

PPS. None of our 4 children were required to clean up the vomit ...

(By the way, my husband lives in our house with us .... not at his mom's or even in the barn.)

didew said...

I can't thank all you ladies enough for your wonderful words of encouragement and advice, and sharing your experiences too. Your posts reminded me where I need to put my energies. I will stay strong, and I do take time every day to focus on the positive. He may not be the best friend I hoped for in a husband but he is a very hard worker, and a great father. My children are healthy and doing well in school, and my health is still good as well.
I love this blog! I hadn't been to many before this one, but I am so impressed with the intelligence, compassion and humor of everyone who posts here. I read the EW comments on the J&K article and it's so different. Some are almost impossible to read due to the grammar and spelling, and some are downright creepy.
Thank you again, and thankfully, my Tuesday is turning out to be much better than my Sunday!

Monica A said...

I started my Sunday off at 1:00am by going to see my husband at work for his 30 minute lunch break. I know it seems kinda crazy but since he works 2 jobs so I can stay home, we take time however we can get it. We also made plans with a friend for a weekend BBQ.

Came home went to sleep...with my 4 & 6 year old in my bed. Woke up and made breakfast. We cleaned our house and cut the yard. We spent time outside playing and reading and eating popsicles after all our 'hard work' in the yard.

Played a bit on the xbox and my kids were so excited to beat a new level on their spiderman game. Ate a small lunch and played around while we did laundry. Refereed a few fights, dealt with a tantrum or two and ordered pizza for dinner. Watched a Tom & Jerry episode then bathed and put my kids to bed.

cyndi said...

Happy Tuesday to every one. This is a great thread. It's nice to hear about every one's day. Yes, I think this should be an on going thing. We can learn and lean on each other (maybe Kate will pick up some parenting skills).
Every one out there that's going through hard times,please know my thoughts and prayers are with you.
Dudes, keep in mind that every marriage goes through though times. Mine is to, sometimes it helps to think "if I were single, what would I be doing right now?" Try it, it helps me(sometimes).
My Sunday was nice. I've written off outside until the weather gets warmer. We've had a long, hard winter here in Michigan. My daughter was in bed with a cold which left me time to read, get some housework done, fold laundry (dh does it), had leftovers for dinner and went to bed early. Overall a great weekend! Chat with you all soon.

grandee4 said...

Well, I went to bed at 8:30am because I worked Sat night at the hospital. One thing I am happy about while pulling a weekend shift, is the fact that I do not have to sit at the nursing station next to Kate Gosselin! Don't get me wrong, I am in no way judging her nursing experience, but her attitude leaves a lot to be desired. Personalities are a huge think in this profession and every profession including IT tech.
Sunday was a windy, cold day here in SE Louisiana.
Spring has not sprung.Still waiting.
Happy weekday to all!

GrammyPie said...

Posting this on Tuesday, since I just got around to reading all the other posts. So nice most of us had great normal days. My Sunday was spent celebrating my Pops 90th birthday. We had a party for him in Northern Wi, where we are from. We were able to spend time with old friends and relatives. I reconnected with a cousin I hadn't seen in a bazillion years.
We also had an extra bonus, the southern part of our state was blasted with snow, and we only had a trace :). Our nice young neighbor boy had it all cleaned up for us when we returned home.
I'm sure Katie would have found our week-end mundane, but we found it wonderful.

free the Goselin 8 said...

My Sunday...
Woke up at about 9:00 to take my 16 yr old to work at the car wash, came home had coffee and read the paper. Threw some laundry in and went to the hardware store with my husband. Came home, straightened up and threw a roast in the oven. Picked up my daughter from work, helped the other one with a packing list for her trip to England with school next week, consoled the 14 yr old about her boyfriend dumping her, and reminded the 18 yr old she owes me car insurance money. Broke up some fights about clothes (4 teenage daughters, c'mon!) All of a sudden everyone was gone, even husband (he went surfing) so I took a nap!! Woke up, ate, more laundry, watched the amazing race, hung out with daughters in between their showers, homework, etc. Not too exciting, but it's our life and I like it.

A Mom said...

My Sunday was very memorable. You see I work 2 jobs back to back and I get home beat. I just want to put on my jammies and cover uo with my favorite blankie and have some hot tea. But my 3 grown sons are here at my modest apartment (but full of love and warmth)waiting for me. They greet me with huggs and fill me in on the days events. Then we prepare a meal and sit and have family time. Even though I sometime want to have quiet time and be alone. TRUTH BE TOLD......Time with my sons are VERY PRECIOUS! My only daughter passed 2 years ago and I think what is most important it the time we have with loved ones and not getting fakey fakey tans, book signings and speaking at churches. Kate is really really missing the boat....The love boat that is...

Mom in New Mexico said...

This is sure a refreshing post!

Just reading the comments here makes me feel good. I just got my computer back from the computer tech so I as so far behind in my reading.

My Sunday is not as glamorous as most of your post but here goes.

I slept in due to the wonderful drug Ambien CR. I need a sleep aid due to the insomnia that I have because of menopause. I am sure that some of you ladies can relate.

I sat on my couch with my favorite blanket and drank my cup of coffee in the new mug that I bought at the good will. Listened to one of my favorite CD's (Abbey Road) Pretended that I could sing.

Plucked my eyebrows(morning light is best) and painted my toe nails.

Took a lovely shower and avoided looking in the mirror. Damn menopause.

Alas my son Tomas whom I call my Tommy boy stopped by for a visit.
Even though he is 20 years old he still likes to be cuddled. So I hugged him like he was still 5 years old.

I invited him to join me for lunch and we had a bowl of hot chili topped with cheese and a dollop of sour cream along with some jalapeno corn bread.

We then went to a movie and then for a strawberry sundee. After all the calorie intake we went for a small hike and just sat there and said nothing and just enjoyed the view and let the sun soak in.

He then left me for a much younger and pretty female. His girfriend whom he has been with for 2 years. She is a sweetheart.

Came home and waited for the computer tech to come and pick up my computer as it had a virus. Gotta have my computer so that I can read this so enjoyable GWoP site.

Ava2 said...

Mom in New Mexico: I loved reading your post, and New Mexico is my most favorite place. I've been there 3 times and can't wait to go back. Have a fun weekend.

Mom in New Mexico said...

Gracias Ava2,

I hope that you have a very wonderful week-end filled with peace and happiness.

P.S I am not sure if I can ask this question on here but what part(s) of New Mexico have you been to.

cyndi said...

How was every one's Sunday? Mine was good and bad. Had a lazy morning and then I took my daughter to the cemetary to practice driving. She wasn't feeling well so we came home early(puking all the way) she ended up passing a kidney stone, like a trooper I must add. Did some reading, gaming, and spring cleaning. It's finally starting to get nice here in south east Michigan. Oh ya, made plans to go spend Easter with my niece at her collage because she was going to be by herself. Well, this week I will spend my time working, planning for my daughter's 15th birthday (Friday), and getting ready for Easter. Have a great week. Talk with you next week.