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December 15, Giving Back

Jon and Kate express their appreciation for how fortunate they are to have all their needs met, so this holiday season they want to give back to others who are not as fortunate. The whole family visits a children's hospital to give holiday gifts.

60 minutes

Oldies But Were They Goodies

During the hiatus, we plan to bring back to the top of the blog the discussion for the 10 pm epsiode on Monday nights if TLC is showing one as they are this week. If TLC doesn't air a repeat, then perhaps we'll have moderators' or viewers' choice.

How Was Your Sunday?

I bet you all had a fabulous day on Sunday, whether you chose to take your children to the park, visit with friends, cook some meals for the week ahead, try out a new recipe, or decided to be lazy and just chill at home with your family or with your pets.

Soooo....who is jealous of Kate? What was her day?

Was she away from the family on some business deal fighting airport delays and taxis? Was she with the family, perhaps minus Jon, just the kids and a nanny. Did she encourage the kids to finish eating lunch because she was going to play kickball with them out in the backyard when they were done?

Well we know how much she enjoys the children, so was she in bed with a headache, reading through the various blogs to see how much she is disliked? Trying to nap, but the sound of fighting and discontent giving her no peace. Yes, I really envy that. If Jon was there, did they spend a frosty day avoiding each other? What peace would they have after the multi reported rumors and gossip about his recent behavior? Was it a knockdown drag-out, or just not speaking to each other? Does he sleep in the garage apt, or still at his mom's? I am not voting for make-up sex at this point.

Did she feel bad that she didn't go for a walk with the children and the dogs (if they are still there) or did she resent the fact that any of the nuisances are there. If the dogs are still around, did Kate seek them out to give them an affectionate belly rub? Or scratch behind their ears before slipping them a doggy treat or two? Or instead did she dress as lady of the manor for her day on the laptop?

Did her phone ring with Beth and Jodi calling, eager to share some funny stories, or maybe one of her sisters to find out how her week was. More likely she was chewing out Julie May or TLC. Did she check her messages on Facebook or Hotmail and find funny messages from long lost buddies from nursing school or high school, or did she find hateful emails from viewers or idiotic sheeple postings on her lonely 6 Gosselin site.

Did she go to church or even think about updating her long lost scriptures on her site? Did any of those scriptures cross her mind at any point today, or this week? Did she encourage the older girls to help with their siblings, and then did she take Mady and Cara aside, and whisper to them conspiratorially, "Thanks for helping out today. I rented your favorite movie... as soon as your brothers and sisters go to bed, we'll pop some popcorn and you can watch it alone with just me and Dad."? Did she bathe the children, read them a favorite story and tuck them in bed with a kiss. Did she sneak in to watch their angelic faces as they slept? Or did she let the nanny have the chore and take to bed with a glass of wine to finagle, finagle.

Tomorrow morning when she wakes up, will Jon bring her the very difficult to make cup of coffee, or is that the housekeeper's job these days? So, no, I am not jealous of the lonely and difficult Ms. Gosselin. A bigger house must seem a lot emptier.

So tell us readers, how was your Sunday?

Free Discussion 3/28 - 4/3

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Cooking Like Kate

With Kate's cookbook coming out soon, what better time to share your own Kate-like recipes with us! PB&J cut on the diagonal, cold cereal and milk, grapes on a plate.... we want to hear your secret family recipes. No doubt, you all have enough to write our own GWoP cookbook!

Some Jon and Kate Satire

Come and listen to a story about a man named Jon
A poor unemployed, married to a witch named Kon,
Then one day he was shootin out his seed,
And out from Katie's belly came a bunch of banchees.

Kids that is, sextuplets, a whole litter.

Well the first thing you know ol' Jon's a millionaire,
Pennsylvania voted: Kon move away from here!
Said Californy is the place you ought to be
So they loaded up the van and moved to Beverly.

Hills, that is.
Mr. Chows, TMZ.

The Beverly Hillbillies!

Well now its time to say good-bye to Jon and all his kin.
And they would like to thank you folks fer kindly droppin in.
You're all invited back again to watch Kon's vanity
and to have a heapin helpin of their gross insanity.

Hillbilly that is. Set a spell (on our horrendously horrendous love seat.) and "Take your shoes off !!!". Y'all come back now, y'hear?

Submitted as a comment by Shari

Family Outing Recap

Fun and culture are on the docket during the season four finale of Jon & Kate + 8. Will Aaden find he needs an “I”? Will Cara tire of watching her father’s desperate attempts to cling to his youth? Who will be the first to ask “Tom Hanks, who?“ We’ll find out on this episode of Jon & Kate + 8.

Submitted by Three Farmers

B-Ball & More Recap

Tonight on Jon & Kate Plus 8 we see everyone’s favorite all American family with twins and sextuplets live their lives. Just like the rest of us. Tonight’s episode is brought to us by Oprah, Gymboree, Ann Taylor, the Harlem Globetrotters, Allstate, and the number 8. Hey... where are my sponsors? Continue

Family Outing 3/23/09 9:30 pm

The Gosselin clan heads to a unique museum where the kids learn and explore through tactile exhibits designed for touching. It's a day of feel good fun for the whole family!

30 minutes

B-Ball & More 3/23/09 9 pm

The Gosselin family goes to see the Harlem Globetrotters, but there's more in store than just amazing basketball!

30 minutes

Free Discussion 3/21 - 3/27

Please us this spot to discuss the Gosselins where it doesn't fit under another post or thread. Thank you.

Slopes, Sleds, and Sesame Recap

Gulp! I sure am nervous! Since I last watched they've moved into a huge house they deserve, got two puppies they deserve, and Kate has gotten the faux tan she deserves!

Submitted by Moons in Leo

Sleds, Slopes, and Sesame, March 16

The Gosselins had more tears than smiles to share the first time the Gosselin family went skiing together. Jon and Cara head out to Utah to experience some more winter fun on the slopes, while Kate wisely hangs back with the rest of the clan.

30 minutes

Free Discussion 3/14 - 3/20

Please use this area for discussion about the Gosselins that doesn't fit in a better spot. This is where to put all those "I don't know where to put this" comments. Thank you.

GWoP Comment Queue

Over the past month, our comment queue has been receiving a steady stream of links to various articles, blogs, photos, etc., discussing the rumors regarding Jon Gosselin. Those of you who have submitted these may have noticed that we have never published them.

Recently our comment queue has begun to bulge with a new set of links because of the mention of these rumors in Star Magazine. We have declined to publish those as well. We are also not publishing links from Perez Hilton or any other such sites.

We'd be grateful if readers would please give us a break and stop submitting these links or comments regarding them; it's doubtful we'll be changing this policy any time soon.

We changed our policy when Jon spoke to People and acknowledged the situation. Privately we had agreed that if it made it into People, then we'd relax the rules. It does not mean anything goes regarding gossip.

Trip to the Vet Recap

Welcome to another episode of Kate and Kate plus Kate!

The Gosselins have been in their new house for three months. Kate says it is actually starting to look like a house! Well, at least she didn't say home, because we all know that would be a big, fat lie. Now that they're out of their teeny, tiny old house, sometimes this new house actually has moments of quiet! But Kate is still annoyed when the kids want to be around her while she places their snacks-disguised-as-lunch on plates and pretends like she is actually doing things in the kitchen. more

Submitted by JenTru

Trip to the Vet, March 9

The Gosselin German Shepherd puppies, Nala and Shooka, are growing rapidly. Though they hardly resemble puppies anymore, they're still as curious as can be! But too much curiosity causes an unexpected visit to the vet for one of them.

30 minutes

Free Discussion 3/6 - 3/13

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Bye Old House recap

Please remember that K8 Is Gr8 is a character invented for your reading pleasure. Both her K8 love and her financial circumstances are to be taken tongue in cheek.

K8 Is Gr8 is back with another recap. Even K8 Is Gr8 is finding it hard going to watch the recent episodes of Jon and Kate Plus Eight. Even though she loves Kate and identifies with her completely, it is becoming more and more difficult for her as you will see here. We can all understand that, can’t we? continue

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Recap for this week's show

Just a bit longer. The recap is in editing and should be up later today.

The recap is now up, be sure to check it out!

Another Journalist's Thoughts

Another journalist has seen the truth about Jon and Kate. Hopefully more aren't far behind. link

Thank you Christine for the link

Bye Old House, March 2

The Gosselins have settled in their new home, but they head back to the old house to tie up some loose ends. As the family visits the old house for the last time, will they find that absence makes the heart grow fonder?

30 minutes

About the New House

Go here.

These are pictures of the house from the real estate ads before the house was sold.

Pictures of the remodel of the old home are also in the file.