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Lt. Governor of PA about establishing the TAP funds.

Old Berks County newspaper article about Kate and the nurse.

Includes Reading Eagle article about the nurse.

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, May 15, 2005

From the Philadelphia Inquirer May 17, 2005

2005 Reading Eagle blog entries.
May 6, May 20, Aug 9, and Aug 29.

So Long and Farewell Jon and Kate. New
The Ottawa Citizen Commodifying Kids.

MSN about the octuplets and TLC contact/consideration.

Reading Eagle Blog February 3, 2009

Jon enjoying snowboarding.

Letter to The Collegian about Jon speaking.
Look down the right side of the page.

Kate at Indianapolis Home Show

People March 2009 New

US 3-23-09 page 1 and page 2. New

London Ontario New

Baltimore Sun New


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My5blessings said...

To the poster(s) who don't wish for K&J's break-up. Agreed. Noone wants to see a Marriage fail. Not even theirs.

But, you really have to consider the bigger picture. We did not ask her to put her family in a fishbowl. She and Jon decided that. Why? MONEY. It always comes back to money.

She said people were curious and that's why. My ass it's why. If that were the true reason, it would have been a freebie!

As far as them breaking up. I've never been a believer of staying together for the children, ( no you didn't say this) In my opinion, this can cause more damage than they've already inflicted on these children.

If they were really concerned about their marriage, she wouldn't be gone half if not all the time from her family. She would put forth true effort to make things better.

Boot the camera crew out of her house and truly get down to business. Starting first with herself! She's got some serious issues to work on. I foresee years of therapy for her!
Sometimes, sadly........ divorce is the only option.

As far as talk shows. Give me a break. I wouldn't watch her commercials for a talk show, let alone the show itself. Give me Ellen anyday of the week. Well, at least let me tape Ellen.
At least she's grounded.

Anonymous said...

Okay, up to now I've been only mildly irritated by this woman, kind of enjoying the train wreck allure. I got a kick out of reading the Christian, mombie, sheeples attempting to defend her. But now, shes crossed a line, she has the audacity to call herself an "accomplished bestselling author"......really?


Newspapers are closing; columnist and reporters are losing their jobs. Writers all over the country are packing it in, forced to give up a vocation they were born to do. Journalism degrees, years of stringing, thousands of hours of toiling at their craft for nothing..... books lost. Now this woman who is know for nothing more than getting convienently implanted and milking it for everything she can get, then convincing her friend to write a book of her experiences, however altered, goes on a year long junkett to conservative white churches where she knew she could count on few questions and having scores of naive, santa sweatered mombies line up and plop down hubbies hard earned bucks for a book written by someone else, a pic, and the most disengenuos smile since Ted Bundy.

This very woman has the nerve to call herself; not a demonstritive wife and mother, not a publicity whore, not a control freak, not antisocial, not greedy, not delusional and not a liar, no she calls herself an "accomplished, best selling author"

Kate, you reap what you sow"

(yea, I'm pissed, sorry for the bad spelling.)

Anonymous said...

sew, I meant sew..

Anonymous said...

no wait, actually is is sow, sorry.

Anonymous said...

I read the article about Kate's appearance in London, ON. I live in Ontario but no where near London. There is no way I'd go to see her or hear her speak even if I lived next door. She has nothing to say to me on any level. Does anyone know just what it is she spouts at these affairs? From what I understand she says the same thing over and over again at every show and it is basically the same thing that is in the book and what we have heard from the show, so I don't get why people are paying good money to hear this twit speak, I guess they are big losers like her.

Anonymous said...

I will predict that J&K will stay together as long as this media train is still on the rails. Whether it's real or not, the marriage angst is a great new story arc. It's an episode, it's a talk circuit theme, it's a book! They need new material, and I can see the "our marriage was stressed but we prayed for guidance" angle to be a great story. Jon and Kate are becoming the focus of the show now, so marriage woes would be in keeping with the shift. They are us, but with EIGHT.

Anonymous said...

I reside in London Ontario Canada and the article in today's London Free Press is true. This is my first post here, but I was literally seeing "red" when I read this morning's "news"paper!! And this just after I ate breakfast!!

Fay said...

I just read the London Ont article can you beleive she wants her own talk show, Please no,when is this woman ever home,then again when she's not there it must be so peacefull,as she causes so much of the stress in that household.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Kate is hoping Oprah will give her a talk show just like she gave Rachel Ray a talk show. But, Kate could never possibly be a talk show host. She is interested in no one but herself. There is no way she could even feign interest enough in anyone else to carry on an interesting conversation on a talk show. She is a self absorbed idiot. She couldn't even ummmm her way thru a conversation.

Anonymous said...

Can you IMAGINE Kate as a talk show host????

Would she "love tap" her guests?

Would she yell at them?

Would she use all her made up terms? Yummo?

Kate, the world already has a Rachel Ray...and think of her makes me sick enough as it is! ;(

My5blessings said...

Anonymous said:

I reside in London Ontario Canada and the article in today's London Free Press is true. This is my first post here, but I was literally seeing "red" when I read this morning's "news"paper!! And this just after I ate breakfast!!
Now, I know it made you puke. So go get your little blankie and lay on the laundry room floor. Lord knows you wouldn't want to throw up in your comfy bed again!@@
Poor kids..............
Makes you not want to read the paper, eh!!!

Anonymous said...

UGH! She already has a talk show. She sits on the couch and talks. and no one listens. When will she ever understand?????

I love how the nanny is referred to as the "Babysitter" in one article. Poor girl. Wonder if she realized what she was getting in to.

Anonymous said...

I think Keight is getting worse in her delusions - someone please stop this woman and the insanity !

And to the sheeple who stalk, I mean read, this blog:

This is a perfect example of why I, among many others, have a problem with Keight "working" as you call it. Even if she did stop pimping her children on national television, she is "working" by shoveling BS to anyone who is stupid or naive enough to listen/believe.

And for those of you who have questioned when Keight has cried poor, I do not see ANY clarification to the question of how "they make ends meet" , and she did say something about "never having enough money" to Oprah.

Her "faith" is a joke - she is a cafeteria Christian at best, picking and choosing situations when her "faith" will bring the most $.

She's a self proclaimed accomplished best selling author ?!? They got 2 dogs because they never do things in "ones"??
She's excited to speak where her grandmother supposedly was born ? Since when has family been important to her or meant anything to her?

You all feel "sorry" for her because "the constant filming would put any marriage under strain" ? Well, here's an idea for all you Einsteins out there : she can stop the show at any time to relieve that "constant strain".

Katie Irene is deplorable and a sorry excuse for a human being.

Anonymous said...

Huh. Wonder if she'll stop by her house between her time in Atlanta on 3/20 and her time in London on 3/22.

I bet she will, because someone will have screwed something up and need a good "beratering".

laura linger said...

Now this woman who is know for nothing more than getting convienently implanted and milking it for everything she can get, then convincing her friend to write a book of her experiences, however altered, goes on a year long junkett to conservative white churches where she knew she could count on few questions and having scores of naive, santa sweatered mombies line up and plop down hubbies hard earned bucks for a book written by someone else, a pic, and the most disengenuos smile since Ted Bundy.

This very woman has the nerve to call herself; not a demonstritive wife and mother, not a publicity whore, not a control freak, not antisocial, not greedy, not delusional and not a liar, no she calls herself an "accomplished, best selling author"

Absolutely brilliant. "santa sweatered mombies," yep, that is exactly what I was trying to portray with K8 Is Gr8, my recapping character.

Anonymous said...

timetogokon said: She's excited to speak where her grandmother supposedly was born ? Since when has family been important to her or meant anything to her?

This became important to her when people were so critical of her for not relating to her audience last weekend in KY -- so, her PR people have now given her talking points for her local audiences.
Let's see what the comments are about her Ontario speech and whether she was able to relate when on stage. Me? I don't think she can do it.

Anonymous said...

On the London, Ontario article...

Good grief. At least she finally admits to the babysitter and that she helps. Oh, and the article writer actually notes that Kate AND Beth wrote the first book. Fans everywhere are going, "huh - never heard of her."

My favorite lines:

on the TWO dogs - "We never do things in ones." Yeah, have you learned anything from that?

on the future - "I'd love a talk show". Because you are such an amazing speaker and can feign interest on any subject.

on writing - "because it's so much fun being a best selling author" and of course, "it's for the kids".

Anonymous said...

With all of the press J&K have gotten recently and more & more viewers learning that the show is fake I think the network may be running a little bit scared - or at least I'm trying to convince myself of that.

Do any of you know about the show 'Man-vs-Wild' that is on Discovery? It became known that his dangerous situations were many times re-enactments and done with help. If TLC continues with the sham of the show J&K+8, I think they should air a disclaimer that the viewer is seeing scripted material and that not everything shown is unplanned or real. How can they continue to show the family in totally unnatural situations when everyone knows it's fake? The 'rumors' of fake relationships and living situations have been confirmed in major media - are they really THAT deluded thinking we're sooo dumb as to put up with the sham?

I hope that we're getting closer to the demise of this show!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what kind of an audience she's going to draw in London, but a fool and her money are soon parted. I have much better things to do with $50 than go to "Women's Show" and see Kate. Here's some budgeting advice!

$50 CND will buy:
- two or more tanks of gas for my car
- a week's worth of groceries (no coupons, just sales) for two, organic is hit or miss this far north
- a monthly fill-up of household goods at a department store
- a trip to the salon for the "works"
- a vet visit
- electricity
- an outfit of clothes
- monthly gym membership, etc.

Or I could phone up some women friends and we could get together for free. Quite a concept, the only women Kate "chats" with are paying to be there!

Anonymous said...

It is a shame to say but I agree with the other posters that Kate will probably use all this negative articles to her adavntage and write and book and do speeches about how God saved their marriage. She is so full of BS.

And now she wants to do a talk show! Come on, what is she going to do? Sit in a chair and tug at her earrings, her orange glow and white teeth gleaming for the camera as she tries so hard to look like she is interested in what her guests are saying, correcting their grammar, belittles them and act like she is the Queen Bee while wearing her free Ann Taylor.

Kate is such a self centered person. How can she have the NERVE to say she saves money and clips coupons -- she saves money because she doesn't pay for anything!!!

I truly cannot watch the show anymore without feeling sick.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see Kate get a talk show, and then watch it tank in five episodes or less!! Anyone remember when Sharon Osbourne had her own talk show? It didn't last past one season, and at least Sharon is a somewhat interesting person.

However, I doubt she'll get any such thing. The closest might be some radio talk show on a local Christian network or something.

The fact of the matter is that money is tight everywhere these days. I think Kon's gravy train ride isn't going to last much longer -- not when there is so much competition out there. I just watched a one-hour special about a family who had a set of two identical twins, in addition to an older sibling. What struck me was how very real and down to earth this special was. We saw that the house was messy, with toys and dress up clothes on the living room floor, a harried mom who is trying to go to school at night to get her education degree, a young dad who works all day and then comes home and has to jump into duty as caregiver because mom is exhausted from being the caregiver all day long.

It was very real and believable -- no McMansion for this family, no children dressed in matching clothes, no mom sleeping in til 8:30 and having helpers up the ying yang, no emasculating the husband. Wow -- it was just amazing. Watch out Kon -- these families are living in the trenches yet they treat each other and their children with love and respect. Jon & Kate (especially Kate) do not come off well in comparison.

The Duggers, who have values that are quite conservative and not my own necessarily, have my respect in regards to the love they have for their children. Michele and Jim Bob have both expressed time and again that they love doing things as a family. They went to a Christian film festival, and at one point, they let the younger kids run around in a big room to burn off some energy. While they expect their children to behave, they are want to set them up to succeed, i.e., knowing they will need to burn energy and finding a way for them to do so.

I am rambling lol. Kate has delusions of grandeur. If it didn't involve innocent children, it would be funny.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I wonder if the TLC people called the reporters at US and People Magazine "unethical" when asked for a comment about the rumors for a story that was going to be printed. Seems like TLC sucked up to these other magazines and didn't accuse them of things like they did the reporter who wrote the Phillymagazine article. Wonder why the double standard?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, 4girlsoneboy. So Mady doesn't have to listen anymore was really a throwaway comment testing Kate's discipline or really a dig at parent situation?

Unbelievable. It's gonna get interesting to hear what unscripted, cringing things the kids will come out with.

It's just really a sad situation, all around. I'm certain they never expected this oncoming train wreck ...

Anonymous said...

Well she baited and threw out the fishing line.Now all we have to do is sit back to see who bites.
Brace yourself for the Umm Kate Show.Unfortunately.
Tell me again why the Octomom is worse? I just don't see it.

Heidi said...

I totally agree with you Go Home! There are so many other things that you can spend your hard earned $50 on then listening to her.
We all knew the talk show was coming. Who does she think she is? Kelly Ripa? I for one love Kelly. She was acting on soap, the tv show, while doing Regis and Kelly. She has commercials also. She was able to do it with the loving support of her husband. She made sure that her jobs were in her area (NYC) so that she would be close to her children. When Kelly did the appliance commercials, she had actors playing her kids. She did not want her kids in the spotlight.

Kate already has a few strikes against her. I think she should get the tv talk show gig. Then when it tanks (which many many talk shows do) she will get to see what it feels like when someone says NO!
She has got it all planned out, you see. Get the talk show so that they can stop taping on TLC. Then no one can complain about her exploiting her kids. But you KNOW those kids will be dragged out on the show to promote it one way or another.

Anonymous said...

Last night I watch the rerun embarrassing, and memorable moment,(something like that). Every time it was Katezilla's turn to tell something emarassing that she did, she always found a way to turn it around, and somehow it was Jons fault that she acted the way she did.And, of course Jon just ended up looking at the floor and clammed up. She, really thinks she is perfect. I cannot stand her, she is such a B!@#$..

Anonymous said...

Why does the Canadian article call her a TV SHOW HOST? the 4th or 5th paragraph?

Anonymous said...

I live in London, Ontario and over my dead body would I give Kate Gosselin any $$$ to hear her say UMMMM, UMMM.

So many Moms in the city are sooo looking forward to going to see her, I directed them to this site to maybe open up their eyes a little.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was interesting in the PEOPLE article when Kate sums up the "success" of their marriage with the statement, "our strength comes from the knowledge that we have survived alot of valleys".

No mention of "God" as a source of strength; no mention of "love" as a source of strength. They, themselves, do not even mention the kids as a source of their strength. The author throws in a sentence at the very end about "eight great reasons to fight for their love", then Jon puts in his two-cents with the tired, old, usual "our family is our priority".

By reading just the last few sentences of this article, I get the impression that the marriage isn't is as good as it should be. Kate seems to imply that she and Jon are still together primarily because they have alot of "history" between them and the article's author must pick up on some vibe, too, because she uses the the words "fight for their love". You fight for something that you are in danger of losing, not something you have securely.

I am pretty certain that this marriage will never be legally dissolved while the show is still on air, but when the show ends, I think the divorce proceedings may begin, regardless of Jon's past remarks about not being able to afford the child support payments.

It's so sad for them all how this family seems to be coming apart at the seems.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE TLC's new commercial..."You've seen what it's like with 8..."

The party is over, Kate!

Anonymous said...

I have no interest in watching shows about multiples. To me, that's not real life, it's not something I can relate too, and it's certainly not relaxing! I don't get how they're educational or why the "stars" would want their lives lived on cable television. I realise it's all about the money and it's totally disgusting.

Also, I hope that Jon and Kate stay together. They deserve one another. The children, who have the misfortune of not being able to choose their parents, will either distance themselves as they grow up (perhaps with the support of the extended family they've been cut off from), or follow in their footsteps since the old apple never falls far from the tree.

I want an end to the exploitation, but mostly I want an end to the "expert" advice these reality shows are spewing.

Anonymous said...

FYI, you can email the reporter directly in regards to The Sun article.

Anonymous said...

I hope the bottom falls out before she is out promoting the new books so that no one will book her on their shows anymore. YOu know if she goes on these shows they are all going to hound her about the rumors and she will have to answer. Personally, I am getting tired of all these "super" uterus (uteri?) women out there. They need to give it a rest and get a hobby.

Anonymous said...

I think Kate is jealous of Octomom and she is trying to garner as much attention for herself as she can because their show on TLC is on its last legs.

I hope someone does give Kate a talk show so she can fall FLAT on her FACE!!! She has neither the looks nor the talent to pull it off!

Kate reminds me of this Chinese saying:

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt."

Anonymous said...

I've never commented before but I just have to say that the idea that Jon and Kate would make up these marriage problems as a PR move so Kate could later write another book is unrealistic, at best.

The show is already super popular, and the appeal is watching cute kids and a happy family, etc. PR that threatens the "happy family" (especially making Jon a cheater who has a thing for young girls) only destroys the good PR that already exists. It's not worth completely destroying the already existing positive PR to create positive PR later (such as a new book), when you could just ride the positive PR you have now, um, forever.

I might believe that the Jon and Kate people would fabricate a smaller crisis in order to gain a new book (and more money) later, but not tarnishing one of the main properties of the show (Jon). It's not logical. I think what we're seeing is an outbreak of bad press (photos of Jon and stories of drunken cheating) handled very very very carefully by the Jon and Kate PR people and TLC. Their attempts to diffuse the situation (and profit from it by refering to the situation in the promos for next week) is probably what's making the whole thing seem fake.

Anonymous said...

Between TLC and the Gosselin PR machine, those press releases are turned into articles and can make their way into print often without any changes or questions by reporters. I wouldn't put too much stock into any pro-Gosselin propaganda. Hopefully some reporters will tackle the real story here.

Fay said...

I agree with the posters who say Kate uses her religion when she is going to profit from it,I would call her a C and E christian,meaning Christmas and Easter lol.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Jon's alleged cheating was a PR move either. I think it was simply a very bad choice made, in extremely poor taste, by Jon to go out and hang around with younger women.

Whether he actually cheated or not the fact remains that Jon lives in the public eye and his actions are quite revealing-in a negative way.

I think Jon have proven, if nothing else, that there are definitely serious issues in the KON marriage.

I think Kate is LIVID and an ATTENTION PITY SEEKING SHREW!! The only PR spin I see is that the public is finally getting a REAL view of these people (versus the so-called Reality TV view) and the PR team for the KONS are trying to down-play behaviour that they know is inexscusable (which is why they can not outright deny it).

The sheer stupidity and lack of common sense by the fans who continue to support them in so ridiculous it is actually funny!!!
The so-called Christian fans of KON should have been taught that Christians Do Not Worship Idols.

Hypocrites being manipulated and KONNED!

Anonymous said...

I don't believe Jon cheated. He went out, had some drinks, feeling good, had his picture taken with some college girls and it ended up on the internet. I think the problems between Jon and Kate go much deeper than a few nights bar hopping. Having said that, TLC loves the controversy because the show is losing steam.

Roryz said...

I agree with the poster who expressed regret or dismay or disgust over Kate's calling herself a "best selling author". Good Lord, there are writers who struggle for years to put just the right word on the page--not shovel out the drivel inspired by having mutliple births.
The fact that Kate's (ghost-written book is on the New York Times best-seller list doesn't say anything about the book--but it says plenty about our society and its priorities as far as the written word is concerned.

Anonymous said...

CK said... I don't think Jon's pics are a PR stunt, but I bet it gets a lot of sympathy for Kate on her church circuit. She can play the martyr again, having to put up with a wandering husband. Never mind that she treats him like crap.

I doubt Queen Freebie Irene would get much sympathy from anyone except Leona Helmsley, and—too bad for QFI—she's dead.

I think it's possible Jane is a wagstaff wanderer. I remember the episode in which QFI took the girls to the pottery shop so they could make things for her. (It also was the episode in which she threw the shoes out of the van.) QFI was boiling with rage that day, and Jane was very hangdog. QFI told him she would be back at a certain time, and a short while later said, apropos nothing, 'Unlike you, I always keep my word.' I stopped the DVD a couple of times to look at QFI's face, and believe me, that was not pique on her face because he didn't use a coupon for something. I suspected at that time Jane had let his wagstaff go some place it shouldn't.

I thought the People article was interesting in that some how Jane's mother's husband couldn't take care of her. I noticed the picture was an old one, and that QFI's diamond was much smaller than the rock she's now sporting.

I recalled what the orthodontic technician had written about QFI's original orthodontia, ie, that her two front teeth weren't aligned with her nose. Boy, you can really tell it in that picture! Her nose is over one of her front teeth—not centered.

Finally, and apropos nothing: Yes, QFI has new boobage—not enlarged, just lifted. It's actually not that new. If you look back to when she started wearing the tight tops, you'll see the lift.

Anonymous said...

Kate wants her own talk show.

Kate enjoys having become a "best selling author".

Gag gag gag and more gag.

Seriously. The thought of this woman cashing in like this just makes me sick. Her only skills...getting something for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this article:

Mary said...

Ohh can you see Kate on What Not To Wear???? I can't wait to see what they do to her what ever it in on top of her head.

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