Letter Writing and Boycotts

Per this comment by reader beachluvin, we have established a GWOP snail mail address:

P.O. Box 16222
St. Louis, MO 63105

The idea is for GWoP to consolidate all letters written to a particular sponsor into one envelope and send it to the sponsor via registered mail. This may have more of an impact and be less likely to be dismissed as one or two isolated complaints. It also gives each individual the advantage of being able to send multiple letters for the price of one, and to have that letter arrive via registered mail.

If you would like to participate, please take a moment to review these guidelines:

1. No swearing or name calling. Don't use nicknames such as Kon, Keight, Jane, etc.

2. Please use blue or black ink and write legibly or use a printer. Use clean white paper.

3. Include at least your [real] first name and city/state. A last name, street address, and/or phone number would all help with credibility but are not required. No screen names, please.

4. Do not ramble on with various complaints about specific incidents seen on the show or details regarding Jon and Kate. Discuss your concerns about child exploitation and the lack of laws regulating children in reality shows. Stick to points such as the lack of regulated working hours, the lack of regulated working conditions, the lack of protection of the children's income or even guaranteeing that they receive an income, etc.

We can't legislate compassion, patience, or kindness so it's not relevant to complain about Jon and Kate's crappy parenting except in the area of exploiting their children.

5. Be specific about what you are asking the sponsor to do or stop doing, and what type of boycott you will follow if your request is ignored.

6. Be courteous and professional, use a salutation (ex. Dear xxxxxx), and close it with "Sincerely" (for example) and your signature. PROOFREAD!

7. Include the sponsor's name and address on each letter, bundle the letters together in a single envelope, and send it to the address above.

8. Letters which fall out of these guidelines or are otherwise inappropriate will not be forwarded, nor can they be returned to the original author.

9. Any letter received by GWoP may be reproduced here (anonymously unless you give permission to credit you) as examples to be used by others.

Feel free to use this thread to swap information about which sponsors to write, names and addresses to address them to, things to say, etc.


Allison Parker said...

This is a great idea so that when sponsors say that they do not receive a complaint or only a couple of them, we actually have a proof that there are more than I'd say at least a hundred people complaining so they are more convinced that KON are not good for their business.

Monica A said...

Can we start compiling a list of all sponsors here? K-Mart and P&G come to mind but I am sure there are many others.

Its A Good Thing said...

Thats a great idea! I am so happy that somebody (multiple people actually) are willing to spend the time to help the Gosselins. Also I think numerous letters all at once will have a much larger impact than one or two every now and then.

aimee said...

Just a question...is there any point in sending in letters to GWOP if I'm outside of the United States? I'm in Canada and would love to send along a letter or two (or more) as for example P&G products are available in Canada...but would I be better off sending letters to the Canadian distributors?

Anonymous said...

I went to the grocery store and priced all of the P&G products I have used, and figured out how many a year I would use. (ex., 6 bottles of shampoo a year.)

Then I cut out all of the logos of the products from the P&G Brandsaver ad I got in the newspaper, and pasted them next to the prices I found.

Then I calculated how much they're losing from me a year. I haven't quite finished it, but just by eyeballing it I can see it'll be easily over $1,000.

When I'm finished, I'll send it over to GWOP - thanks so much for doing this!

Try Proof-reading said...

2. Please use blue or blank ink and write legibly or use a printer. Use clean white paper.

blank ink? that's interesting.

AllisonSarah7 said...

This is SUCH a good idea and a great way to make things happen effectively. I also agree that it would be help for either a mod or a reader to compile a list of all the sponsors.

You guys rock :)

Wendy Bird said...

I truly hope that the boycott letters help, and I would like to make an additional suggestion. The following information is onlocationeducation.com. I believe that we should also be writing to SAG/AFTRA with our concerns. Not only have they sponsored the Coogan Law, they have sponsored its revisions.

SAG pays thousands to political causes. They employ fulltime lobbyists. Yes, they support certain legislators, but the bulk of their money is spent on runaway production legislation. For kids SAG/AFTRA has sponsored the Coogan Law and its revisions, which a parent may or may not agree with. Union dues pay for those laws.

Christine said...

This is such a great idea! Thank you!

nettey said...

Another guideline would be not to use nicknames, Kon, Jane, etc. I know I see these in posts/comments on other sites and it can be confusing to people who don't read GWOP.

Anonymous said...

Such a good idea. Thank you for doing this.

OverTheMoon said...

Wow! It's about time one of us organized this. Should we include our screen names so Kate knows who's writing? I think she would ((((SHUDDER))) to read a letter signed "Serena." I know I would!

BostonBean said...

Such a wonderful idea....and also Wendy's idea should be utilized.
If everyone sticks together on this, I think there will be results!

Serena said...

Thanks for the helpful input so far -- we're looking forward to the letters! There have been some excellent ideas, early honorable mentions go to Corinne and Wendy Bird. Keep them coming!

The guidelines have been updated. Thanks to nettey, I expanded #1 to include no nicknames.

Thanks to Try Proof-reading, I corrected a typo in #2.

Also, in response to OverTheMoon, I revised #3 to suggest no screen names be used to sign the letter.

Vicki said...

Count me in on this effort! I'm not the best writer but I will follow your guidelines and write my letters. Thank you for doing this.

Wendy Bird said...

I will try to do some research with regard to whom we should direct our letters at SAG/AFTRA.

Although I am in the process of moving (from Chicago to Florida,)I would like to assist in any way that I can.

Thanks, again, to the moderators and to beachluvin for their efforts.

cheryl said...

Wonderful ides, Thanks much.

timetogokon said...

This is so great.


Besides the obvious sponsors (Gap, Crocs, etc) should we send letters to the hotels (Grand Wailea, the hotel in the St Jude epi, the hotel in San Diego, etc) and also television shows (Live with Regis and Kelly, Bonnie Hunt, Dr Phil, etc)

Brittany in MA said...

To whoever is going to send the mass letters, It would be better to send 1,000 individual letters then 1 box with 1,000 letters in it. If you send a giant package it really only counts as "1" in the eyes of the company..they only deal with it once. If there are 1,000 seperate letters, then it gets counted 1,000 times.. I know it costs a lot more in the long run but it's just that much more affective... Thanks

PS you could do a paypal account and QWoP supports could donnate a couple bucks and that would cover postage :-)

Steph said...

What is the time frame for getting the letters to you?

aimee said...

Brittany in MA has made a valid point. While I am totally behind the idea of hitting sponsors of J&K in the butt with a massive collection of letters, I too am worried that they would be counted as 1 letter.

I mean, once they get the "gist" of the complaints etc. they may not give each and every letter the attention it deserves.

I know one way companies/government agencies "validate" a complaint is to look at the postmark on an envelope. That helps to "prove" that the letter is genuine and isn't part of a mass mailing by one individual.

Something to consider.

Perhaps one way around this would be to write individual letters and mail them on your own...BUT REQUEST A REPLY from the company. In fact, even if you're going to include your letter in the mass mailing you should ask in the letter that the company send a reply...that way you KNOW they read it and you have PROOF that you have registered a complaint. It takes time, money and manpower to respond to letters, so if you ask for a reply you're hitting their bottom line.

If you choose to mail letters on your own outside of the GWOP campaign, REQUEST A REPLY and then send that reply to GWOP so that it's "registered" and we have proof that the letter was sent and acknowledged.

Another thing to please consider is to refrain from statements like, "I will NEVER buy ANYTHING from your company EVER again."

This just tells the company they've lost a customer and if they've already lost you, why would they take steps to correct the actions that offend you? They aren't going to take steps to stop whatever it is that you're objecting to if you don't let them know you'd be happy to become a customer again.

By all means, in your letters you should FLATTER the company in question. Rave about how much you like their products and how in the past you've been happy to spend a little bit more on their name-brand products because you practice brand loyalty.

As an example:

"I have been using TIDE for years. I grew up in a household that was loyal to the TIDE brand, and now that I have a home and family of my own I have made TIDE my laundry detergent of choice. I have always appreciated any coupons P&G has offered to offset the purchase of this name brand item but all the coupons in the world will not sway me to purchase your product while you are associated with the Gosselin family. Due to my objection of Kate Gosselin as a spokesperson I will no longer be purchasing TIDE. I will buy another brand of laundry detergent and will continue to do so until you have stopped paying Kate Gosselin to promote your products. When you have stopped using Ms Gosselin to promote your products I will HAPPILY return to buying TIDE as my family's laundry detergent. In the meantime, TIDE and all other P&G brands will have no place in my home. When you have disassociated yourself from Ms Gosselin I will return to the P&G brands that I have known and loved for years."

Let the sponsors know that you LIKE the stuff they sell. Let them know you've been a loyal customer but have to take a stand and boycott their products until they have given up sponsoring J&K. Let them know that once they have STOPPED supporting the Gosselin family you will happily go back to shopping in their stores/buying their products etc...

If it's a store you're writing to, let them know their store is your preferred place to shop, that you are now traveling out of your way to shop at their competitors, but you will be HAPPY to return to their store once they have stopped supporting the Gosselins.

Just some thoughts :)

thegoldstandard said...

i've been thinking on this boycott thing for a while now. i wonder, what good is this really going to do? i'm sorry, help me through this. it is obvious that jon & kate are determined and committed to exploiting their children for financial gain. they are hungry for money. if p & g does not renew the contract with the go$$elins, then the go$$elins will need to do ever more exploiting to make up for the loss, right?? as has been mentioned before, the upkeep, maintenance and taxes on their new homestead will be quite costly. it just feels like i am seeking action so badly that i'm willing to boycott several companies and products without really knowing how my actions will effect the end result.

and then what if P&G already is aware of people's anger and has no plans on renewing the contract with kate? will we then be satisfied and go back to using p&g products?

Janice said...

EXCELLENT idea! I agree, we need to be polite, but firm. State the facts, (Love Corinne's idea...you go girl!)say what you plan to do that will affect the sponsors, and sign off. Thanks sooooo much for getting this going to all involved. I will get going on my letter!

Serena said...

What is the time frame for getting the letters to you?

We don't have a deadline yet; we will wait and see how soon / how many arrive and keep you posted on that. For those that intend to participate please know that the sooner the better.

Momto4 said...


Lane Furniture is another.

Denise said...

thegoldstandard said...

i've been thinking on this boycott thing for a while now. i wonder, what good is this really going to do?

I wondered that at one time but I decided if I truly believe the Gosselin children are being harmed by their parents actions and I do nothing (even little things like writing letters) than I am at fault as well. I can avoid the show, write TLC and contact sponsors. I am disabled or I might be out there carrying signs.

Can you tell I was a teenager in the '60s!!!

Priscilla Leon said...

Thank's for the idea.. i love this blog. Im talking to my friends (latinas) and we want to help with this, it's no about jelousy on Kate, or whatever, it's all about those kids. Thank you so much!

Jennifer said...

After reading the comments in this thread, I wonder if a better idea would be to compile a post with sponsors' names/contact information and then a separate post where people could post in the comments who they wrote to and when. That way there would be a tally of the letters sent, but by sending them personally instead of together, they would still be counted individually.

Letty said...

Dear Sir or Madam (or name)

heading with relevant reference numbers

(Optional, especially if writing to a named person) ask for the person's help, eg "I'd really appreciate your help with this."

State facts of situation, including dates, names, reference numbers, but keep this very concise and brief (append details, history, photocopies if applicable, for example if the situation is very complex and has a long history).

State your suggested solution. If the situation and solution is complex, state also that you'll be as flexible as you can to come to an agreed way forward.

(Optional, and normally worth including) state some positive things about your normal experience with the organization concerned, for example: that you've no wish to go elsewhere and hope that a solution can be found; compliment any of their people who have given good service; compliment their products and say that normally you are very happy with things.

State that you look forward to hearing from them soon and that you appreciate their help.

Yours faithfully (if not sent to a named person) or sincerely (if sent to a named person)

Your signature

kate is a cocky bitch said...

I am a little confused, do we just write general letters to the address explaining why KON should not have sponsors? Or should this letters be made to the attention of the sponsors? If so, would you post a list of their major sponsors so we know who to address the letters to (I know the address goes to GWOP)

Michele said...

What "regulated working hours" do children need if they are running around and playing in their own home?

Beejcctx said...


This is not just about "regulated work hours".

This is about establishing acceptable LIMITS for when and where they are to be filmed. Hollywood adheres to certain time frames for children, which is why they use identical twins for babies, toddlers.

We need to be establishing similar regulations since I run can indeed around my own home with a camera, but NOT with a PROFESSIONAL CAMERA MAN AND SOUND PERSONNEL under STUDIO LIGHTING.

I'm amazed that the garage apartment didn't get turned into an editing bay for Figure8 (heck it might be!).

Also, to ENSURE the kids' assets are protected. The house is not even in their name. They earned it...but if their parents default on something, poof it will be gone.

Plus Hollywood companies are expected to provide counselors and tutors for kids. The Gosselin children could be tutored "on-set" - these are called protections.

This is what I want - financial and psychological protections for the children. Preferably I would like to see the show off the air, but barring that - and TO PROTECT FUTURE CHILDREN, protections need to be in place. NOW.

Serena said...

Beejcctx - I couldn't have said it better myself. Getting one show off the air would be nice but it wouldn't address the root of the larger problem.

There need to be the same protections in place for children in reality shows that are currently in place for their peers in scripted productions. Those protections were won only after long, hard battles by parents and others invested in the welfare of children.

As recently as 2004, new regulations were added to protect child actors from nudity, but unfortunately such regulations do not apply to children in reality TV.

Here is a recent article that might be of interest for those who want to understand these issues better.

Arieslikekate said...

" Hi. I am Kate Gosselin, your Kmart spokesperson. I have recieved no compensation for any of my work, and my family does not receive free goods and services for ANY of the commercials that I star in ".

"Hi I am Kate Gosselin, mother of eight. I think your car needs new tires. Take your car to a Goodyear tire store and see what deals we have spinning around ".

Supreme Court Justice said...

Where is the list of Jon and Kate sponsors? I like a lot of their stuff and a detailed list would be handy for shopping.

Anonymous said...

Where is the list of Jon and Kate sponsors? I like a lot of their stuff and a detailed list would be handy for shopping.

This statement is the perfect example why so many J&K fans are referred to as sheeple.

Blindly going along (in this case, purchasing) with what J&K want you to buy for no better reason than you like J&K.

You are a marketer's dream in that you're making the decision on where your money is spent, not on the quality of the item or company, but buy the popularity of their hired lackey.

The quoted phrase above could be used as copy on a billboard for stupidity.

RuthinVA said...

Supreme Court Justice said...
Where is the list of Jon and Kate sponsors? I like a lot of their stuff and a detailed list would be handy for shopping.


Use your jurisprudence degree to navigate the blog to find them on your own. LOL! Wannabes.

Snerk said...

Start with the Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer. By the time you have the paid off, hopefully the show will be off the air.

2badsosad said...

"Where is the list of Jon and Kate sponsors? I like a lot of their stuff and a detailed list would be handy for shopping."

If you want a detailed list of the J & K sponsors, I suggest you pay closer attention to the scrolling of contributors to CHILD EXPLOITATION credits at the end of their show. In case you didnt catch them the first time, rest assured the contributors to CHILD EXPLOITATION credits appear after every episode , including re runs. J & K thank you for your continued support in the exploitation of their children!

ladylou said...

I e-mailed TLC with regards to how different the Duggars and the Little People shows were last week. How they were helping the less fortunate and giving back some of what they are blessed to have. I made it a point to congratulate TLC on the two shows and then began saying J&K was just a piece of "fluff". I said since their move it seems all about greed and ungratefulness and nothing about giving back anything in any way to the "less fortunate".
I stated the fact that Kate says she is a Christian, but a Christian wife would never belittle her husband the way she does so smugly and shamelessly in front of millions. What does that say about Christians in America? I am a Christian that at least listens patiently while others talk
and let them finish. I may not agree but I never say "HELLO!" like Kate does to be heard over everyone else. I think she is a Christian in name only. I never see them say grace over food or thank our Lord for any blessings as the Duggars & Roloffs do. I stated that J&K are no longer scheduled on my DVR, I need uplifting in these hard times not a show with self serving, ungiving and ungrateful people like J&K. If they don't change the way the show is heading (less about Kate & more about the children) do us all a favor and cancel it. E-mail back was positive. They said they take comments like this very seriously and it will be forwarded onto executives for review and consideration. Maintaining integrity is their primary goal. Our comments contribute to creating change and improving programming. I sent the same letter thru snail mail also. E-mail I used was viewer_relations@discovery.com, One person is just a comment but if we all voice an opinion they have got to hear it.

Tammy said...

I sent this to TLC:

I, as well as numerous other family and friends, have been viewers of the Jon and Kate plus 8 show since it 1st aired. I normally do not send comments but I am absolutely appalled and disgusted at the way this particular program has been as of late. It used to be entertaining and cute to see how they were raising their large family. It has turned into a ridiculous display just to get ratings. Kate's attitude and behavior are shocking to say the least. They are "given" so many perks, it's absurd. Neither one works yet they can purchase a million dollar home? I respected TLC for showing programs with real people dealing with life's in's and out's but this program is far from "real" Real people work for a living. Real people don't get given things on almost a daily basis(appliances, pianos,trips to amusement parks and ski resorts)Most real people treat people with respect and actually have and maintain relationships with family and friends. It's sad to see what has become of this family and the direction the show has taken. We will no longer be tuning in on Mondays. We'll be watching the Duggars instead.